Wanderers/Episode 19 Guide: Hive of Darkness


The Wanderers: Episode 19 - Hive of Darkness

Jinnai got the princess. Now, he needs to get her back.

Jinnai knows that Makoto is somehow still alive. But he is one step ahead of him. He set up traps for the fool. What he should have worried about more was Nanami. She tried to choke him.

Makoto knew that he had to save Rune. So, he prodded along with the horse/camel hybrid. Alielle and Fujisawa (still tanked) came by to help him. Then, one of Jinnai's traps was set off via rope. A big boulder came at them. Another snap came later, and a second boulder came at them. Then… they were saved by dumb luck - the boulders just clanged into each other and rolled off in two separate directions.

Jinnai has the plan; Jinnai has the map. With it, he can dodge any trap. Then, he hits a tree branch. The perfect map is ruined. He didn't want to lose to Mizuhara now! So, they braved the traps. One after another…

Makoto needed to catch up to Jinnai. He traveled towards the noise. Then, some of the bugrom blocked him. Alielle was very worried. What to do now. Makoto demanded them to move aside or fight. Then, some arrows plug the bugrom. Some of the guards came by to give Makoto a hand. He, Alielle and Fujisawa dashed to the edge. It was a cliff. Makoto took a deep breath and went down. Then, Fujsiawa. Then, Alielle. They slide down until they crash into some more bugrom. Jinnai was nearby. He did not want to lose at this stage of the game. He got his cronies to move it. Makoto went for Rune's hand. If he could get that, he could follow her to the Empire. Closer… closer… whoops. Makoto learned that there was a sudden decline in height and tumbled down the hill. Pain was laughing at him. Jinnai still had the princess. He has won. With no way to cross the River of God, the princess is still captured.

Jinnai has received praise across the Empire. The bugs cheered for him as he brought the precious cargo - the princess and his sister. Nanami, somehow, scared the bugrom away. A concept Nanami couldn't grasp is that her brother was treated like a hero. It just doesn't seem right to her.

They were placed into a room, waiting to see the queen, Diva. Diva started to talk to her… but it was all in Bugrom. Rune spoke to her in Japanese (or English), so the words were all mixed up. Jinnai asked her what offense Rune had towards her. Nanami asked why Diva thought she was insulting her. Then, it clicked in both of their brains. They both have the power to speak Bugrom.

In the end, Rune and Diva decide to use the two as communicators. None of the things that were said back and forth were correct. Then, they broke into a huge argument that might have ended with bloodshed, but instead ended with one Jinnai being choked (hint - Not Nanami).

Back in Roshtaira, the Royal Guards are looking over how Jinnai may use the captured princess into his advantage. Makoto can only think about Rune. What a poor sap...


Final Thoughts - Jinnai finally did it! Now, he is praised by all the bugrom… except his sister is with him. And we know that something is bound to go horribly wrong…

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