Wanderers/Episode 18 Guide: Operation: Abduction


The Wanderers: Episode 18 - Operation: Abduction!

Jinnai, the man with the master plan, makes his best scheme yet: Capture Princess Rune.

Titled "Permanent Vacation (as far as the dub goes, because the sub version just says that he is seizing the princess)", he makes a plan that would force the Alliance to give up. Ifurita doesn't know.

Step one of his plan is to get inside before the ceremony at the Barn Kingdom. How to do that… well it is rather convenient, because they are holding interviews for temporary jobs. Jinnai gives Ifurita a good suit to interview in. She didn't need it though, as her own power convinced them. Jinnai pulls his own underhand way of getting a job - paying them off. They were hired.

After receiving a brief debriefing about courtesy, they go out to work. Jinnai gets the weeding job. You figure the bribe would have given him a better job, but that's irony for ya. Before his arguing with the manager turned into all-out war, Makoto came by. In a panic, Jinnai did the job. Makoto talked to the manager as Jinnai's rage built up. In a weak moment, Jinnai tried to kill Makoto with a shovel. But he got back to work before Makoto noticed. Jinnai spied on Makoto from above the archway. Fujisawa and Alielle convince Makoto to come along. Jinnai takes this as a great opportunity. Makoto wanted him to come along but he refused. Makoto felt sorry for him.

Ifurita thought the point of this was to make Rune happy. She tries by offering her a massage, but she refused. Rune was going to turn in for the night (despite the fact that it was still the afternoon), when Makoto offered her to come along. She took the offering and pulled out a dress that one person seemed to disagree on.

Jinnai continues his plot as he researches the area up and down.

Makoto is with Rune and talks about the fireworks (she mistakes it, thinking he was thinking of her). Then, Nanami grabbed Makoto and forced him to help her. Rune was left alone. Ifurita thought Rune would like fireworks, so she stole a whole salvo of them. How that went unnoticed, I don't know.

Jinnai continued to research the area, finding the perfect escape vehicle - a glider - to get out. He quickly subdues the guards with tainted drinks. Then, he brought in the Groucho Crew (a bunch of purple bugrom). Ifurita set up the fireworks. Jinnai thought that she was planning, but then we know that Ifurita is just being Ifurita.

On the day of the ceremony, Jinnai sat there, thinking about his plan over and over again. The boss got him working again, forcing him to carry drinks around. After gravity shifted into another direction, he flew sideways with the drinks. Fujisawa, knowing his alcohol, tries to drink some, but Makoto stopped him. He offered to help clean up, but he quickly refuses again. This gives Jinnai an extra scene, alcohol for Fujisawa.

During the festivities, Fujisawa tries to drink, but Makoto stopped him. Needing something to drink, he goes for fruit punch (or tea for the sub). Since Jinnai served the drink, we can safely assume its alcohol. Rune goes up to address to her fellow nations when Jinnai yelled at her. Someone is not trying to get a promotion. Then, the bugrom turned out the lights. Jinnai takes Rune and runs for it. Ifurita tries to help by lighting the fireworks, but Jinnai was too close. The explosions cause him to lose a lot of sight. He sacked someone and took off to the top of the tower. Makoto went after him. Jinnai could not get inside the glider for some reason and Makoto caught up to him. They get into a quick scuffle and the bag opened up to have… Nanami? Ifurita came in and showed that she had Rune. The guards were ready to come in, and Jinnai told her to break the doors. She blew up the bottom portion instead. The tower started to collapse. Makoto tried to stop Jinnai one more time, but he gets kicked off as Jinnai flew away.

It was apparent that "Operation: Permanent Vacation" was a complete success.


Final Thoughts - Jinnai succeeded in this Wanderers episode. He stole the Princess and took off. How about that, folks?

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