Wanderers/Episode 17 Guide: The Eye of God


The Wanderers: Episode 17 - The Eye of God

What do you do if you are desperate to get home? That's right: go to library!

Makoto continues his research at night. Schtalabaugh says, "even the library needs rest sometime," (meaning he was not going to stay up all night with Makoto again). Makoto looks at a certain passage in a book and asked what it said. Schtalabaugh read it and Makoto believes he knows how it works.

After a brief interlude of little Rune in the room with her mother and father, the episode begins. Shayla wanted to ask Makoto for a game of Pettan (the perfect way to start your day), only to realize he's not there.

Shanoir has become much too big to keep inside the palace. So, Schtalabaugh, Makoto, Fujisawa, and some guards help build a new home for it. Fujisawa carried a huge bundle down with relative ease, while Makoto could barely carry three. He was better off because the big lug cuddles Makoto as he squirms around. After the thing falls asleep, Makoto saw Rune. Instinctively, he walks over to Rune. Nanami was looking for Makoto (to give him a discount on his food, no doubt) and he was not where Shanoir is. Alielle plenty knew where they were, because she was hiding in the bushes.

Rune and Makoto leave the palace to a golden forest. After walking for a while, they found a door. After Makoto freaked out from the fact that he could be killed, they go inside via activating a device. Nanami, Shayla and little Alielle go after them. During their trek, Rune and Makoto saw statues which (my guess) is a depiction of the war that was taken place. At the end of the hall, Rune activates one of the devices on the roof, like in the beginning. Shayla can't make the thing activate, though, and gets real mad.

While inside the room, Makoto gets excited. He starts reading the wall, that states the "Testament of Two Souls" (or for the dub watchers, the Holy Contract). After somehow going through the door (betting that involved Shayla), the girls go down the hall. They wonder where Makoto and the princess went.

After more walking down halls, the evil hallway separates Makoto and Rune. Makoto, being one that does fear death, yells out for anyone that could hear him. Nanami heard him. Rune continues down the path that leads into the Stairway to Heaven. Makoto gets really mad and "Mizu-punch" the orb. It works. Makoto figures out that his power is that he can interact with El-Hazard machinery. Whoop-de-freakin'-do! He gets to the room as well and called out for Rune. She got up there and they both touch the orb. Rune finally learned what her dreams meant. Then, the universe exploded around them.

Makoto woke up. He looked around and Rune wasn't in the room. He left and found Rune standing outside… about 50,000 feet in the air. They were on the Eye of God.


Final Thoughts - We now continue on the series with the fact that Makoto and Rune indeed love each other by sealing a contract. Oh, and the Eye of God can get them home. Hurrah?

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