Wanderers/Episode 16 Guide: Whirlwind


The Wanderers: Episode 16 - Whirlwind

A giant whirlwind threatens Roshtaria!

Depending on whether you are watching the dub or sub, it changes why Ifurita is doing this. In the sub, she is doing it simply because it was part of Jinnai's plan. But in the dub, it's because it's practice.

Whatever the case, Schtalabaugh states that the powerful winds could tear up the palace. Makoto, Fujisawa and Nanami go out.

Afura goes out as well. She tries to stop the tornado with simple and complex wind attacks. Then, a piece of a tree flies at her. Shayla burns it up promptly. Afura states that she must stop the wind "at any cost". With that, she goes inside.

Schtalabaugh has a hard time understanding the wind. It is completely erratic in its path and has no true following.

Afura is inside the whirlwind and sees Ifurita inside. Ifurita, wanting to stop this, begs for her help. Afura considers this mocking and goes after her. Then, the fish sign from Episode 7 comes in to whack her.

She lay in bed for who knows how long. Nanami was there to take care of her. Then, she woke up with a loud gasp and an obvious headache. She also wanted to charge back out… no, she decided to lie down for a while after all. Nanami, trying to cheer her up said that Shayla was going to avenge her death. She gets mad, then realizes what she should have remembered - she should listen to the wind.

Fujisawa, Makoto and Shayla look on to see what they could do. Schtalabaugh looked on and said that Roshtaria was doomed (you can practically hear Londs yelling that those were his lines).

Nanami tries to encourage Afura that she could do it. Afura says that it was basic training for her that she forgot. She was supposed to talk and listen, not just talk to the wind.

Makoto blurted out an idea about using fire against the whirlwind to dispel it, and Shayla jumped to action. But, the fireballs came back at them. The fireballs hit the wall, and the rock falls… over to the side. Afura is back. She goes back in.

Afura is about to attack Ifurita when she starts to beg for help. This takes Afura. They decide to join up to stop the tornado. After applying heat to the "disturbance", the whirlwind is dispersed.

The kingdom is saved Jinnai is enraged.

Final Thoughts - Another filler episode. This episode shows that sometimes Afura is not particularly the smartest of her types. She doesn't seem to think as clearly, especially when she gets thwacked with a fish board.

Lesson for this Episode - Bring a helmet, those fish boards can nail you on the noggin. Sometimes enemies can be friends in times of need.

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