Wanderers/Episode 15 Guide: Tale of the Priestesses


The Wanderers: Episode 15 - Tale of the Priestesses

This episode depicts the early lives of Shayla-Shayla and Afura Mann.

It begins with Shayla as a young girl struggling to make a living. She is also hot-tempered and delivers the punches when she wants to. Then, she met Crayna. Watching her practice the element of fire made Shayla make up her mind and decide to become a Fire Priestess.

After getting inside, she met Afura Mann. Shayla tries to be friends with her (with a nice, wide grin), but Afura snubs her. Then, Shayla gets whacked. Shayla is not one to stand still. She seems to sleep a lot…

She eats lunch with Afura, who, once again, snubs her. Shayla gets hungry. She goes into town, and, lo and behold, Afura is there. Shayla gets so mad that she challenges Afura to a fight. They didn't tell who won.

The second part of the story involves the later years with Shayla and Afura Mann's training. They both practice their specific elements. They also go into many dares with each other, like sitting under the rushing waterfalls. Shayla still wasn't able to stay up in the classes. Then, she met Crayna again. Greatly admiring her, she has no words to say. Crayna recognized Shayla, and said a few things that encourage her. Then, she works hard in her classes.

Afura went on to the advanced training hall for Wind Priestesses. She proved her skills and is deemed worthy among her peers. Finally, she takes her place in the Great Priestesses position. But… there are two lamps there. Who else is elected? Shayla-Shayla. And now, the whole "rivalry" thing becomes stronger.

Final Thoughts - I really can't say much about the episode. It gives you an interesting perspective in the training to become a priestess, but the rivalry seems to be a spontaneous write-in. It is overall, though, a good episode.

Lesson for this Episode - * Place in any kind of "Stay in school" or an equivalent statement here. *

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