Wanderers/Episode 14 Guide: The Legendary Snowfields


The Wanderers: Episode 14 - The Legendary Snowfields

One episode you will only find in Wanderers, and for good reason!

So, Little Rune-y and her Mom went out to the fields to check out the snow. After it started snowing, Rune called out to her mom that it was snowing. But her mom was not there. She started to cry…

And the old Rune wakes up.

Nanami heard about the snowfall and decided to profit from it. She had snow shovels, boots… any accessories available for snow she made. She even made a pile of rice balls. She even gave Makoto a discount for them. What a nice girl…

Schtalabaugh led the expedition to find the legendary Snowfields (one of the seven wonders of El-Hazard no doubt). He was being dramatic about the whole trip, but little Alielle demanded that they started to move. Schtalabaugh opened up a small map and showed his theory of how the snowfall happened. Mostly dealing with cross winds creating a cooler climate. Rune decided to come along as well. What a surprise…

Jinnai received the news about the snowfall from the Bugrom spy. Being the great genius, he figures its more magic. Great deduction, Lord God Jinnai! This was one more thing that he was going to try to steal from Makoto. He didn't bother to laugh, though…

During their travel, they cross much terrain including desert, forest and mountain ranges. They finally made it to another forest area. While going downstream, Schtalabaugh examine some of the creatures that live out there. Then, they hit the rapids. Fujisawa cheats death by punching through the rock. Then, they go over the falls. They survived, like usual.

The night before the supposed snowfall… they wonder if it will come. Schtalabaugh is prepared. He brought every kind of research equipment he could bring along. The problem… is the weather is much too warm for snow. Makoto makes that point blatant. Jinnai comes by and demands for the power. When Makoto couldn't give him anything, Jinnai tells Ifurita to blast them. She missed, causing a tidal wave. Rune was the only person swept away from the wave.

After a brief dream, which involved the snowfields, Rune wakes up on the grass. Then, the Bugrom chases her. Before you could say, "Where is Makoto" Ura slashes the Bugrom's face off. He fell into the water. How did he find her? Ura smelled her out. Must be because she smelled like fish. Jinnai finds them again. He wants the power that Makoto doesn't have. After readying his troops, they… do nothing. The snow started to fall… well, more like Mayflies. Where did they come from? No one knows… Jinnai is upset. They leave. Ifurita smiled at Makoto and Rune. Rune and Makoto are together. They eat a rice ball. The end.

Final thoughts - There are very few words that could describe this episode. I think this is a throw together to emphasize the Makoto-Rune relationship. That's it.

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