Wanderers/Episode 13 Guide: Pure Evil Genius


The Wanderers: Episode 13 - Pure Evil Genius

"Oh, dear! The world is going to end!" That's what Londs said. "Oh, dear! Ifurita likes Makoto!" That's what Rune thought. Rune says that the weapon is dangerous and is warranted enough for a reason to stop, if not destroy Ifurita. Leave it to Makoto to say there is some good in her. Well, duh, or else he's just not Makoto.

Jinnai then just so happens to drop by. He lets down pictures of himself in various poses for people who can't hear him. Demanding them to surrender and become slaves or becoming a smoldering crater, he leaves them with that. "Oh, dear! Why couldn't I be an only child?" That's what Nanami wished for.

When Jinnai's hungry, leave him tea and cookies. He will come. Tea burns he that is one degree hotter (literally what is said in the dub). He asks about Ifurita's awakening and she said it took 1,000 servings of Royal Jelly. Well, duh, she was supposed to use the key staff. Ifurita, being the klutzy, ditzy person she is, didn't believe she blew up the mountain. Diva writes her off as hopeless. Jinnai, the man whose always have the plan says she doesn't have to be used as long as she has the fear factor. Makoto, with his brilliant mind, thinks that the best way to get the message that they will fight to the death against him is to call him a chicken. Jinnai is outraged at the comment, and calls out Ifurita. He demands her to destroy Roshtaria. Ifurita says okay and leaves. Jinnai laughs.

She COULD have destroyed Roshtaria. She COULD have proven herself in one blast. But NO! All she could think about is how she could leave everyone homeless. She figures that the best way to get the message to everyone is to FLY INTO TOWN AND TELL THEM TO LEAVE. No one takes that as strange. In fact, they have a ball watching her get humiliated because of her incompetence (she couldn't blow down the roof). Much like reality television. She wants to warn them, but they won't listen. She accidentally conjures up a storm that destroyed the aforementioned roof. Then, her wind is countered by Afura's wind. She demands her to stop using wind for evil because it should be used for good. Makoto tries to stop Afura, but she didn't listen. Then she makes a tornado that takes Ifurita and blows her away from town. She follows.

Ifurita lands and hurts her head. She is stunned as Afura begins to give her a good whipping via wind. Afura, being very cocky, makes a tornado and sends it towards Ifurita. Due to Ifurita's hidden power of suddenly doing things that she couldn't normally do, she blew Afura away with her own wind.

It finally hit her that Ifurita is, in fact, a demon god. Only now did she realize that running into her like that was a big mistake. At least Shayla has an idea. Tag-teaming with Miz, they will take her on with both forces. Miz agreed because she wanted to have the emergency "Fuji-maneuver". Makoto, being the strange man he is, decides it might be best to remember what the OAV Makoto did. (In a scene not shown, Makoto is watching some old tapes that he brought with him.)

Jinnai is mad at Ifurita. Not only did she not destroy Roshtaria, but also she did not take care of the rest of the priestesses. Ifurita just couldn't do it. He pulls out a small notebook and tells her to take a memo. After writing down some jargon made by himself, Diva and herself, Jinnai decides to do what most teenagers would do - adopt her as his child. It's an awkward kind of sweetness, but I guess you take what you can get. Now she has to destroy some stuff.

And, boy howdy, she does! Wearing some shades, she goes into the park and destroys a tree! How horrible! After seeing a child cry, she couldn't do anymore. Makoto, fresh from watching the tapes, asked her to look deep inside and do what Ifurita wants to do. She, being a klutzy, ditzy type, says exactly what Jinnai said. Then, she leaves.

There was a brief chase across the land. Right before she could pass the falls, Miz blasts her with some water. Then, Shayla conjures up enough fireballs to put Mario to shame (it's a video game joke, in case you didn't know). That didn't work, as Ifurita takes the fireballs and combine them into one huge fireball and throws it back at them. She throws the staff at them and captures them in a strange energy net. Before she could finish them off, Jinnai came by. This broke her concentration. The two were saved, but Jinnai needed to get his clothes mended again.

Everyone is still in despair. Maybe they shouldn't have sent that message to Jinnai.

Jinnai decides that it's time to torture Ifurita for what she has done. She gets... THE FUZZY TICKLER (a q-tip or cotton swab to everyone else)! He tickles her with it. "Oh, dear! What silly punishment!" That's what Diva thought.

Final Thoughts - To cap up this episode:

  • Rune says Ifurita should be destroyed.
  • Jinnai demands surrender or death.
  • They called Jinnai chicken.
  • Ifurita was sent to destroy the town. She screws up.
  • Afura tries to beat her. She screws up.
  • Jinnai is mad at Ifurita. He adopts her.
  • Ifurita tries to destroy Roshtaria again. She screws up.
  • Makoto tries to make Ifurita quit her attacking. It didn't work.
  • Miz and Shayla try to beat her. They screw up, but Jinnai saves them by interfering.
  • Jinnai gives Ifurita the Fuzzy Tickler.

Lesson for this Episode - Adopt a weapon; they want a parent, too.

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