Wanderers/Episode 12 Guide: Tomb of the Demon God


The Wanderers: Episode 12 - The Tomb of Ifurita

It's a hot day in the palace. Some of the animals and humans are in unrest for the heat. Makoto, being the science geek he is, finds the place where the wind is blowing best. He also finds Rune. They both blush when Nanami comes upstairs. Too bad, Makoto could have scored, but the childhood friend comes up from behind and ruins him! Good grief! Then, Ura comes upstairs

Fujisawa walks down the halls, past the creature, to Schtalabaugh. He's looking through the telescope. Who is he looking at? Alielle bathing! Fujisawa scolds him for looking at the child. Schtalabaugh, in rare form, makes Fujisawa scream something as he fell to the floor. He states that it will cause the Tomb of Ifurita to appear in the sky. Just then, something happens. Everything is going coo-coo and the Tomb appears in the sky. What a lucky man, he was trying to cover his ass it came true. Londs says they need to stop Ifurita's awakening. He pulls out a key/sword hybrid. They try to solve the mystery to Ifurita when Nanami makes a face that is just weird. Then, she takes Makoto to make lunches.

Jinnai, the man with the perfect plan, gives Diva the finger and tells her they should get Ifurita.

They get ready to leave. Everyone gets packed, including Rune. Londs cries as she shows signs of maturity. Actually, when she gets a decent wardrobe (or any form of one) is when she is mature to me. Rune asks Londs if she could change her name to Runami. Yeah, I'd give the same look too.

Uh, oh! Jinnai comes in and slams them in the side! Good grief! Nanami and Jinnai exchange some good ol' fashioned rivalry! Then they leave them! What a devious man! Well, except the direction they are heading is causing the Tomb to disappear in front of them.

The whole sky thing was a mirage. The Makoto Team takes another way and, surely enough, finds their way to the Tomb. How did they know where to go? How did Makoto figure out the wind direction? Jinnai slams them in the side again. Can't he come up with anything else? The sword/key hybrid falls off the vehicle. Rune jumps, Makoto jumps, Rune gets key, Ura screams bloody murder as she slides down the mountain. After landing at the bottom, they get back into the transport they go inside. Tick, tick, tick goes the very interesting looking clock. When Rune and Makoto insert the key/sword into a mechanism, the clock stops and Ifurita is awaken. Like 99% of the women population in El-Hazard, she attracts to Makoto and she falls on him.

Jinnai comes in. Good grief! He scolds Makoto, takes the key staff, and winds up Ifurita. She wakes up not unlike someone who drank too much at last New Year's Party and calls Makoto master. Like usual, she stays to Makoto her "almost master". Jinnai tells her that he screwed her and demands her to come to him. She did just that. Makoto tries his hardest to convince Jinnai by telling him to think about it. Great job! And Jinnai left via the ceiling.

Outside, Jinnai asks her to show him her power. She blasts a mountain apart with one shot. Good grief! Jinnai laughs out loud and, in the dub, calls himself the man.

Ifurita has now been awakened. Rune is very upset. Ura cops a look. The world's future now seems grim.

Final Thoughts - Back to the story line, it just proves that Makoto will never do this right the first time.

Lesson for this Episode - If Ifurita is to be revived, don't bring Makoto along.

* If I have offended you by saying that Jinnai screwed Ifurita, then… well, he did via key staff.

Stop looking at me like that.

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