Wanderers/Episode 11 Guide: A Child's Heart


The Wanderers: Episode 11 - A Child's Heart

Jinnai is at it again! He designs the perfect plan to implement. This plan, though, is to infiltrate from the underneath. How? By digging of course.

While taking a break from all the adventuring, they help out at a local daycare. You would think Fujisawa would be a natural, but one kid, Missy, makes him really upset. After whipping him, Fujisawa wants to punish her, but she puts a spin on it and makes him seem to be the aggressor. Despite this, they help out. They made an obligation to the princess. Helping out the children isn't easy, they learn. He plucks a flower that he seems to have an interest of. During sunset, Makoto and Rune talk about the children. After that, Missy shot Makoto with an arrow. Then, a gang of children shot Makoto with arrows.

Continuing his trip under the land, Jinnai curses at the Bugrom because they aren't digging fast enough. After being kicked by a Bugrom (actually, Makoto, but he didn't know), he kicked back and demanded them to dig, which they got right to.

Alielle walks into Makoto's room to see what he is doing. He gave her the flower and he turns a crank. The flower glowed and Alielle got excited. It turns out the flower is used like a filament. So Missy takes Makoto's device and runs into the forest with it. Makoto gets up and hears news that Missy is gone.

She ran into a house where an old picture of her family is. Apparently, her family was gone. She thought Makoto was her brother, but then runs off again. After being stinked off by a creature, they get Missy and curses Makoto and runs off again (do we get a pattern of consistency here?). Makoto decides on a brilliant plan to get Missy back. Taking all of the flowers she likes, he decorates the tree with them. Fujisawa is forced to do the generator work on a bicycle (where did they get that?). She comes back and everyone is happy. Well…

A creature was following her. He fell into a hole that Jinnai was. Thinking he made it to the palace, he gets the creature instead. He screams his lungs out.

She does not like Fujisawa. That's a given.

Volia! Enjoy the kids who are obviously not playing the music (despite what the background music is trying to persuade you…)!

Final Thoughts - Another "side episode". It's hard to believe how many there are in the Wanderers… This one was supposed to have a sad side it, but it lacks just that - sadness.

Lesson for this Episode - If you can fake it, do it.

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