Wanderers/Episode 10 Guide: The Jungle Beast


The Wanderers: Episode 10 - The Jungle Beast

Makoto, Fujisawa, Nanami, Alielle and Rune are traveling the landscape looking for possible clues to get home.

They pass through one town where they are having a problem with a beast. It has been eating all of the chickens. Being the brave travelers they are, they go out to find the creature. After a squad of caterpillars attacked Alielle and Nanami, they got caught in the web. After taking a short break, they proceed inside the cave. Something makes an ominous rowr and they took off faster than a speeding bullet. It turned out to be a cat, a wounded cat at that. They finally see the creature, a creepy… half-wolf half-hound thing. It attacks the cat and charges for her again. Fujisawa says that he has a fear of dogs and can't really help. Makoto takes the cat and runs like the wind back to town.

Taking care of the wounded animal, it recovered quickly. The animal was dubbed "Ura" instead of a more common cat name. Deciding to use Ura as bait, Makoto and the cat was locked in a cage. When the creature came out, Makoto stabbed it with a spear… and it splintered in a second. That's a sorry spear. Makoto runs for it and the creature dodges all of the "traps" and Makoto was cornered. Ura becomes living armor and climbs the wall. Incidently, the rocks come down on the creature, crushing it.

The town was saved. They have gotten a new member, Ura, who actually started talking at the end of the episode. Besides that, nothing much happened in the episode.

Final Thoughts - This is a short summary because that's the entire episode. It's just not long.

Lesson of the Episode - Make sure you get quality spears. Don't get scared by little cats.

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