Saturn/Screenshots: Nanami, Galus, and Ifurita, oh my. (11/15/02)



Makoto and Nanami finally find each other again!
Galus is revealed!
And Jinnai has finally gotten a chance to awaken and utilize the great Ifurita. Even though this particular Ifurita sleeps in a tomb not unlike Magnificent World, the Ifurita herself is very much Wanderers. A ditzy, unfocused bot who happens to like Makoto more then Jinnai, as usual.
Even more then last time, the path chosen to get these shots is increasingly personalized. For example, a variety of people can be taken to Ifurita's shrine. We took the liberty of taking along a drunken Fujisawa, who will be pulverised along with the rest of the team by a giant boulder (pictured, then continued after we got yet another game over ;)
Provided the walkthrough is still correct, then supposedly taking Shayla with you will have her be outside fighting Bugrom, and then after the whole Ifurita show, have you come back outside to an injured Diva, who Makoto will take care of... supposedly leading to an interesting sounding "Diva ending"... we didn't try it yet.


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