Saturn/Screenshots: Here we go again... (11/14/02)



Well, things are certainly getting more interesting. Note that, even more then last time, these screenshots are becoming increasingly based on how we play, not so much a guarenteed order. Especially once you get in and out of the palace, there's a world map, and from there, you're free to go just about everywhere at your leisure. Note one important thing; on the map is a symbol of Jinnai on the opposite side of the infamous river. There is also a symbol of a bugrom. As time passes, the bugrom multiplies to indicate Jinnai's conquering.

If you take too long, Jinnai wins. There's a nice shot of Jinnai's image among a red-with-fire type world floating over the former palace of Roshtaria. Simple, but to the point awesome.  ;)


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