OVA/Second Night: The World of Beautiful Girls


Japanese title: Shinpi no Sekai El-Hazard ("The Magnificent World of El-Hazard")
English title: El-Hazard: The Magnificent World
Episode 2 - "Second Night: THE WORLD OF BEAUTIFUL GIRLS"

UK Age Rating by the BBFC: 15 and up.

Contains: swearing ("bitch", "bastard"), groping or reference to sex (Alielle's introduction ;D)


After Alielle and Makoto have their "interesting" first meeting, Alielle explains how she went off to see her parents while the princess was kidnapped. Eager to help Makoto and Fujisawa on their journey to see the Priestesses of Mount Muldoon, Makoto is given Ura, Fatora's pet cat who also doubles up for armour.

However Jinnai has gotten wind of their journey and follows them as they climb Muldoon. Not fooled by Makoto's disguise, Jinnai's persistance is upped and he and his Bugrom friends set traps for him up and down the mountain.

After ice winds and pit falls, Jinnai confronts Makoto and in the confusion, Kiriya, a phantom tribe member, gets out a sniper rifle and aims at Makoto. But before she can fire, one of the preistesses, Shayla Shayla saves Makoto and company from Jinnai's lackies.

Back at the headquaters of the priestesses, Makoto asks Shayla and Afura Mann, another priestess, about the Eye of God. But before he can finish, they set off for the Springs of Arliman, leaving them atop Mount Muldoon...


Coming Soon...

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