OVA/Fourth Night: The World of the Demon God


Japanese title: Shinpi no Sekai El-Hazard ("The Magnificent World of El-Hazard")
English title: El-Hazard: The Magnificent World
Episode 4 - "Forth Night - The World of the Demon God"

UK BBFC rating: PG


Hearing the news that Jinnai is after the legendary demon god, the priestesses, accompanied by Makoto, Alielle, Fujisawa and Nanami, set out to travel to the Forbidden Island, the holding place of the demon. However, when they arrive, they discover that Jinnai has been tailing them since they left and the whole thing was a giant ploy to show the Bugrom the way to the island. Infuriated, Afura and Miz start to kick up a storm and beat the living day lights out of the Bugrom Marine Corp., while Shayla Shayla and the others venture into the labyrinth of the island.

After walking around the maze a few times, Jinnai is fed up. As he is displaying his distaste, Shayla suddenly corners him. Just as everything seems to be going the way of the Alliance again, Jinnai and his Bugrom pals seem to disappear into thin air, and are replaced by a very large amount of water. After they learn this is just an illusion, Nahato, of the Phantom Tribe, steps forward. Shayla, angry that she was deceived, charges at Nahato and accidentally causes quakes in the ground. The quakes make the floor give way and Makoto plummets down into a secret El-Hazard underground chamber.

Exploring this cavern a bit further, Makoto learns that this is place where Ifurita has been set to rest for all these years. What is more alarming is that Ifurita looks exactly like the girl who sent him to El-Hazard in the first place! Just as Makoto is about to ask her about who she is, Jinnai finally catches up with Makoto and sets to work on Ifurita himself. After a few turns of her Power Key Staff, Ifurita awakens and notices Jinnai as her master. After Makoto asks a few questions, she protests that she's never seen the student before in her life. Jinnai then orders Ifurita to kill Makoto.

Shayla, Nanami, Fujisawa and Alielle arrive just in time and a fierce battles commence between the demon and the fire priestess leading to Shayla's ultimate downfall. Ifurita gets ready to blow away Shayla, but impulsively, Makoto launches himself onto the demon god. They both experience a strange vision, showing the damage that Ifurita did in the great wars, all those years ago. Both come out of the trance disorientated, but Ifurita quickly attacks Makoto in a fit of rage.

Fortunately, Fujisawa had recovered from his alcoholic stupor and was at hand to rescue Makoto, Alielle, Shayla and Nanami and quickly take them out into the open. As Jinnai celebrates the effectiveness of his latest weapon, Ifurita launches herself into the sky; destroying many towns and villages to test her power...

Overall: Ah, so at last we see that the girl in Episode 1 is the legendary demon god, Ifurita. I liked a lot of the score used on this episode, highlights being the cathedral like music as Jinnai winds up Ifurita (available in our mp3 section, under El-Hazard OST 2, "BGM 1"), and the techno bliss that is "Shimpi no power - Ifurita" (also available in our Alternative World mp3 section). The cliff hanger involving Galus and our first look at Fatora is also worth a mention. Overall, a good episode, but the best stuff is yet to come.


The world according to Katsuhiko Jinnai: Another "simple but effective plan" at the beginning of this episode. Jinnai takes the "cunning" route to the Forbidden Island and follows everyone else (much to the dismay of the priestesses). Later on, he also asks his Bugrom pals to "kick [Shayla's] ass" and remarks that he "didn't teach them cowardise", when they shrink away.

In terms of success, Jinnai fares well in this episode. He sets out to release the demon god, and he does just that. Now, if only he wasn't so easily baited by his sister...

Makoto - The Drag Queen: Thankfully, he lost his wig in the last episode, so he can be taken seriously from the neck up at least. He also wonders about his super power and Nanami claims her theory that you have to be at least somewhat interesting to gain a super power. I like the way the dubbers handled this seemingly boring Japanese line and made into something quite amusing (Makoto's icy response made me chuckle).

His vision with Ifurita seemed to disprove this theory though, as by the next night it is revealed that Makoto can active and interface with all sorts of El-Hazard technology. Ho hum.

Nanami's eatery - you buy it, she bags it!: Nanami and her brother exchange some good old fashioned sibling rivalry. Calling him a "crazy weirdo freak" for being able to talk to "some icky bugs", is a little unfair. I mean, did Dr. Dolittle's sister call Dr. Dolittle a crazy weirdo freak for talking to animals?

More shy references to Makoto exchange between her and Shayla Shayla, but Fujisawa manages to point out that it's not "a damn recess". She also exchanges glaring looks with Shayla after she goes mushy about Makoto saving her life.

Best quote of the episode:

Jinnai just hasn't got the physical power against Shayla.

Jinnai: Go! Go on and kick her ass! Did you hear what I said Harpo? Kick her ass!
Harpo: (mumbles) No way.
Jinnai: Come on Cheeko, you can do it!
Cheeko: Excuse m'oi! (mumbles and nudges Jinnai forward)
Jinnai: I didn't teach you cowardice!

Afura cracks on Shayla's musings.

Shayla: How could the Bugrom have found out?
Afura: Stop with the stupid monologue already. Nobody knows the answer. And you're certainly not smart enough to figure it out on your own.

Shayla gets her revenge on Afura.

Shayla: Yeah! You knocked 'em dead with your big "Sucker Dash Slash"!
Afura: Uurgh! I hate that name! It's my move, I wanna name it!

Vengence for Phantom Tribe: Nahato's first apperance in this episode. He's seen given orders by his lord Galus to help the Bugrom. More disturbingly Galus leans to kiss(?) Nahato before the fade out into the opening. Galus is also seen again at the end of the episode, glowering over the fragile Fatora. Doesn't she look nice? Make the most of it, because you'll never look at her like that again after Episode 7...


Ura's gender is apparently reversed in this episode! (Or revealed if you're watching El-Hazard subtitled) As he rocks and jumps about from Ifurita's attack, we can plainly see a ball sac and rectum as he rolls.

During Ifurita and Makoto's vision, you can see some great paintings of the Eye of God with all sorts of technology around it and other firey images.

Essential Information: His new weapon is excellent!

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