Hi, I'm Makoto Mizuhara, a normal High School Student from Shinonome High School. I've been working on a special science project for the upcoming annual school festival! It's a device that supposedly can transfer living matter through a dimensional gate... sorry, not that you'd probably understand what that means! I built it based on a theory I read, and I hoped it could move other people through time and space!

"The night before the festival, I completed the machine and took it for a test run. Very excited, I hoped for any kind of sign that the machine was going to perform the experiment correctly (I've tried this three times already). What I got was something I did not expect at all... I saw... a woman?"

-- Excerpt from Makoto's Thesis, March 28, 1996

The Earth People

Makoto Mizuhara


A spaced-out prodigy, capable of anything, but usually never notices a chance. Designing a device to open a small hole in space, he accidently brought his teacher and his friends with him when it overloaded. In control of most of what goes on in the universe, he may or may not get someone at the end. His power from journeying to El-Hazard is the power to operate ancient El-Hazard machinery. EHPC operates from Makoto's perspective.

Nanami Jinnai


A long time childhood friend of Makoto. An exceptional cook and businesswoman, she's never short of a customer for her food. She's also the unfortunate sister of Katsuhiko Jinnai, the religious zealot, which makes for some sibling rivalry between the two. Nanami's power is the ability to see through the illusion of the Phantom Tribe.

Masamichi Fujisawa


A history teacher at Shinonome High, he tries to set good examples, but has his own vices to deal with, particularly a drinking problem. Most of the time, he finds happiness drinking alcohol of any sort. He is also an avid mountain climber, which makes him well-suited for traveling. His power is superhuman strength, but it's on a sliding scale depending on how much he drinks and how long ago he had a drink.

The El-Hazardians

Rune Venus


The Princess of Roshtaria, leader of the greatest country in El-Hazard. She prayed for a savior, and she got Makoto (who was reluctant to take the task at first). She also seems to have a trigger-happy personality and wants to use the Eye of God, and seems to fall for Makoto when she meets him for the first time.

Ishiel Soel


Ishiel is the first one to find Makoto and Fujisawa when they arrived. Normally she is the Priestess of Nature, but about the time the Earth People arrive, her season is over, and she takes to wandering. Her element of Nature allows her to create fissures in the land to send opponents careening into a pit or rupture around the opponenet to bury them.

Alielle Ralielle


Alielle is an assistant to Rune Venus. Though young, she is an expert guide over the lands of El-Hazard. This little seductress also happens to have a liking for other women. A very active young girl, she seems to like being with Makoto (she feels safer around him).

The Priestesses

Miz Mishtal


In her late 20's, Miz is the eldest of the four priestesses. Controlling the element of water, she can create waves to drown her adverstaries. She also falls for Fujisawa when she first meets him, which is cliche in the El-Hazard universe.

Afura Mann


Afura Mann, the youngest of the four priestesses at the age of 18, is also the wisest of the three. Controlling the element of wind, she can practically fly with her element. She is also a complete bitch and won't budge for anyone.

Shayla Shayla


Shayla Shyala, at about the age of 19, is certainly the most eager to fight of the four. With the element of fire, her attacks can usually decimate the forces with her combatitve nature. She also seems to have some problems in her past that she never wants to talk about...

The Palace Residents

Dr. Schtalubaugh


The professor to the royal family, he is the oldest resident. Spending endless amounts of nights in his laboratory, he tends to his own projects, trying to figure out the ancient machinery of El-Hazard.



The Chief Servant of the Royal House, he is also extremely pessimistic about the future of the land. No matter the situation, he always believes that the worst will happen.



The Top Research Assistant to Dr. Schtalabaugh, Galus seems to want to persuade the Royal House to use the Eye of God. He has an ulterior motive that no one seems to know about...

The Bad Guys

Katsuhiko Jinnai


Also known simply as "Jinnai", he's a somewhat insane religious fanatic. The older brother of Nanami, he tends to get into fights with his younger sister. Being able to communicate to the other Bugrom, he controls the army in hope of "purifying" the land. Believing he is the Messiah, he also sees Makoto as a "demon", or, the very least, a possessed spirit.

Diva and the Bugrom


Diva, the Queen of the Bugrom Empire, was looking for a person to control her army and send them to victory on a conquest to take over the Alliance and begin a "new advent" in El-Hazard. She saw this in Jinnai (who decided on doing this for other reasons). The bugrom are, more or less, very well armored and powerful in battle. Difficult to defeat, only the Eye of God is stopping them from total conquest.

Unknown Relic of the Past



The relic that Jinnai gains control over later in the games turns out to be... a young girl? Her power is certainly very hard to match, but her bumbling personality gets in her way of actually succeeding in many of her functions. Running on a very buggy system, her problems range from crashing frequently to shutting down improperly. She does not side with either Makoto or Jinnai; she just considers Jinnai to be "administrator" of her system. Of course, with a few sidesteps, Makoto may become Ifurita's administrator...

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