13th Month Revolution Single


CD Title: 13 Gatsu no Kakumei
CD Identification Number: PODH-1393
Original Price: 971 Yen
Original Release Date: 2-11-1998
CD Type: CD Single
Composed by: Nagaoka Seikou



Apparently, this single was edited in two different versions with different covers (see image above).
However, we only have detailed packaging on one of them.

Single Cover Front
Single Cover Back
Single Inside Flap Top
Single Inside w/ CD


This is just a minidisc single of Alternative World's theme "13th Month Revolution", both full Japanese and original karaoke. The second track is another song by Fence of Defense, I believe from the band's next upcoming release.

CD Tracks

1. 13 Gatsu No Kakumei [5:08]

2. TRUE FACE [4:56] (Not El-Hazard related, Fence of Defense)

3. 13 Gatsu No Kakumei (Original Karaoke) [5:07]

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