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1  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: El Hazard, Year 10 on: November 11, 2005, 05:34:15 AM
Now that is dedication, Daguru. The armor, the banner, now a Jack-O-Lantern. I wish I had your dedication and drive to accomplish tasks.
2  General / Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Missed this place ;_; on: November 07, 2005, 03:14:32 AM
That's pretty awesome. I like it.
3  General / Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Missed this place ;_; on: November 07, 2005, 02:03:57 AM
Yeah, sometimes...but in this case it reminds me of those "haunted" paintings that always seem to be looking at you. Scary.
4  General / Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Writers, critics, roleplayers... on: October 30, 2005, 02:45:35 AM
I realize this isn't the most active forum on the internet, and I also realize that having not been here very long myself, it's probably not a wise idea to be posting a thread like this - but I figure, it's worth a try.

I've been working on a little project for a while, and it has just now come to fruition.


Don't be put off by the Invisionfree location. We're moving in a while, I hope.

I suppose I ought to explain. The Writers' Guild is a place where writers, critics, and freestyle roleplayers can gather and discuss things like favorite authors, the best way to write horror, or pretty much anything else that involves the written arts.

There aren't that many members, and barely any activity as of yet, but that's mostly the reason why I'm posting this thread.

If anybody here has any interest in writing - fiction, fan-fiction, non-fiction, roleplaying, whatever - go ahead and sign up. It's not going to cost anything. My co-administrator and I will do my best to accomodate for whatever issues may arise.
5  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: Enter The Weasel (goodies inside) on: October 25, 2005, 01:38:17 PM
Ah, awesome. Thank you.
6  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: Enter The Weasel (goodies inside) on: October 24, 2005, 11:54:01 AM
Ignoring AW is really only because I haven't seen it, and I can't find a decent plot summary anywhere (or biographies of the new characters). Not even Wikipedia helps with this stuff...

Besides, I figure with it being a fanfiction, it'd help to be as original as possible, and not rely on the original storyline as a crutch to convey my own characters. From my experience, just putting the original characters and having them go through the same stuff as before is not only unoriginal, but also quite pointless since it's already been done.

...and I just realized that I'm arguing with myself. I guess I went overboard there.
7  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: Enter The Weasel (goodies inside) on: October 24, 2005, 01:57:29 AM
Well, I'm working on an El-Hazard fanfiction at the moment (taking into account the events of MW1 and 2, but completely ignoring AW) - would such a thing be accepted on the website?

I also intend to remake the El-Hazard card deck - the way I did it before was just a straight image-cropping session. I could easily remake it into a better version that scales down better (by seperating the pips, numbers, and portraits and implementing them as individual elements instead of just one large image). Not sure when I'll get to this - my fanfiction takes priority.

Since I do intend to share the fanfiction with you guys, here's the basic idea.

A year after the events of MW2 (the Trigger For Destruction incident, and Mr. Fujisawa's wedding), Makoto turns up missing from the palace. Everybody starts getting worried about it, particularly Rune Venus, who sets out on her own to look for him. She is never heard from again. Meanwhile, instead of sending out a search party for both of them, Fatora takes control of Roshtaria for herself.

A man named Rafael Parker is just driving to his mother's house when a storm comes out of nowhere. A few rogue lightning blasts send several cars off the road, and eventually one strikes his car, triggering a reaction that sends him to El-Hazard. He meets up with a caravan headed for Roshtaria, and ultimately ends up at the palace right before Nanami and the three Priestesses (Shayla, Afura, and...whoever the third one will be, I haven't decided) set out to find the two missing people.

I've got the prologue and the first chapter finished already, and I'm working on Chapter 2 (in which a member of the caravan explains to Rafael about the legend surrounding Makoto's appearance). I intend to upload the results to my webspace for all to enjoy.
8  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: Enter The Weasel (goodies inside) on: October 21, 2005, 10:38:32 PM
Heh, thanks! I'm amazed that more people haven't heard of El-Hazard at this point...every time I see a "what's your favorite anime" thread on any other message board, I always mention El-Hazard, but everybody else is too busy debating over which version of Gundam is better (or how anime sucks and we should all die because our tastes have been completely shot - true story).
9  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: Who's your fave El Hazard Character? on: October 21, 2005, 09:41:43 PM
Fujisawa, bar none. I enjoyed his appearance in the PC/GBA game (even though that was, essentially, just a big fanfiction; it was my first introduction to the universe), and it only got better when I saw Magnificent World.

On a couple of other forums I go to, I have a PHP-randomized avatar containing 20 different Fujisawas that are selected on page-load.

But as for the runners-up, I've always been a fan of Ishiel and Shayla (MW1 - didn't really like her costume in MW2).

And I'll also mention Londs (PC/GBA version)...just for his sarcasm and obvious intentions to get himself fired.
10  Games / El-Hazard Online RPG / Re: *OOC* Post Character Specs! on: October 21, 2005, 09:36:36 PM
Well, if not, then I could try and use Reed in an EH fanfiction or something...
11  Games / El-Hazard Online RPG / Re: *OOC* Post Character Specs! on: October 20, 2005, 01:25:50 PM
Hey, first entrant in nearly two years. I'm not entirely sure if I'll be doing major participation, but I've been told I'm pretty good at this stuff, so here goes.

-Name: Reed Warner
-Age: 24
-Birthdate: July 14th
-Location: Desert caravan near Roshtaria (origin: Earth)
-Occupation: Caravan scout - runs ahead of the pack to ensure there aren't any Bugrom waiting for them
-Previous Occupation: Horror novelist
-Height: 6'
-Hair Color: Brown - short, and just a little messy
-Eye Color: Blue - almost appear to be glowing, in the right lighting
-Blood Type: O
-Ability: Modified vision. His eyes can now sense thermal activity, see in the dark better than most, and zoom in up to 4x. Unfortunately, this does not enable him to see Phantoms, and he doesn't have as much an eye for detail as Nanami did.
-Outfit: A baggy white T-shirt bearing "Mr. Yuk" on the front in black and white, loose-fitting blue jeans, white headband
-Earthly background:

Reed was just a novelist looking for inspiration for his latest book, The Deserted Ones. During a road trip to his mother's house in Vermont, a vicious storm broke out while he was driving on the interstate. A bolt of lightning struck his car, causing the portal to El-Hazard to appear.

Both Reed and his car ended up in the desert. The lightning's strike shorted out the electrical systems, however, and the engine had stalled - so he was unable to start the engine again. He was forced to walk on through the desert, leaving his car behind for whoever needed it.

Eventually, Reed happened upon a caravan. He noticed many in-depth details about its inhabitants, despite the fact that he was nearly five hundred meters away. He thought he saw a campfire going, even though it would have been obscured by all the tents. And perhaps strangest of all, it appeared to be daylight, but judging from the fact that there was no sun to be found, it really wasn't.

Having nowhere else to go, Reed decided to join the caravan. Once he mastered his new powers of vision, he became their chief scout, ready to warn the drivers of something called Bugrom if it ever happened to appear in their path.

At this moment, Reed's caravan has announced that they are coming up on Floristica. He has no idea where that is (probably someplace in Saudi Arabia, for all he knows) but he's darn well going to find out.
12  General / Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: EHOL's "Greatest Anime"... 1 Year Later on: October 20, 2005, 01:01:31 PM
I obviously wasn't here for the original thread, and add to this the fact that I haven't seen enough anime to make a top ten list...but I suppose I could make a list anyway...just not as large of one.

1. El-Hazard (MW1 and Wanderers - didn't like MW2 that much, haven't seen AW)
2. Macross Plus
3. Ghost in the Shell
4. NGE

...um, crud. Looks like I'm all out, heh...

I need to buy more anime.
13  General / El-Hazard Online / Enter The Weasel (goodies inside) on: October 20, 2005, 12:56:41 PM
Don't let the topic name fool you - I'm neither a Bruce Lee wannabe, nor do I have the intention of just letting this be an "OMGOMG HI IM NEWB" topic.

I'm actually a pretty big fan of El-Hazard (what I've seen of it - which is the first two OAV's and the first three episodes of The Wanderers, plus the GBA port of the Saturn game). I found this website when I was trying to find the GBA game again, and discovered the Goodies section, plus scans of the deck of playing cards.

Now, I also happen to have a copy of Silver Creek Entertainment's Hardwood Solitaire 3, which has a deck creator function in it. How is this relevant, though, you might ask?

Well, I digitized the cards into the game. There are quite a few bugs with them (a few seams, the cards don't scale down very well, the cards aren't perfectly aligned, and I couldn't remove the number font, so there are redundant markings on them), but I must say that I'm proud of this accomplishment.

Heck, I even did the jokers.

For those interested (and those that have Hardwood Solitaire 3, which can be downloaded here), I've uploaded the deck installer to RapidShare until I can get someone to host it (perhaps link it from the EHO main page?).

Download the deck: http://rapidshare.de/files/6531208/El-Hazard__Magnificent_World.hwdck.html

And a screenshot of it in action:

<edit> Oh dear, I guess this should have been in the El-Hazard topical discussion forum, shouldn't it? If a moderator could kindly fix that for me please... ^_^
14  General / Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Enter The Weasel (goodies inside) on: October 20, 2005, 12:56:41 PM
This topic has been moved to [link=/cgi-bin/ehol/YaBB.pl?board=ehol;action=display;num=1129950920;start=0]El-Hazard Online[/link] by Saucer.
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