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Author Topic: Ch.3 - The Week After.  (Read 16406 times)
« Reply #30 on: November 21, 2003, 03:36:26 pm »

"Yeah... I came from Earth. You know of it as- OOF!"

Nolan had barely gotten his reply to Shayla out when Calya wraped her arm around his shoulders from behind and pulled him down onto the grass.
"How are ya, boy? Wan' some wine?" she asked, ruffling his hair and laughing.
Nolan blushed as he forced a smile onto his face, he figured Calya must have been a lil drunk at the moment. It was kinda akward.

"Ah, sure. I'll have a glass" he replied, smirking a little at her flippant demeanor. "Had a little too much yerself mm?" he asked with a wink.
Calya's eyes widened, her cheecks flushing as her temper rose "Wh-Wha!?! Oh you dun know wha'ya talkin 'bout.." she said, looking down at the ground, visibly embaressed.

Watching this from the sidelines Mia tried her best to keep herself from chuckling too loudly. Afura seemed indifferent. But Shayla, Shayla seemed quite surprised at Calya's attitude towards the young Earther. It seemed almost... familiar to her. And somehow it felt... negative?

Meanwhile, Mia and Afura had turned their attention to Hitomi. Afura didnt recognize her, but Mia did. She had  met Hitomi many times in the past. After all, she did frequent the palace on a weekly basis and thus met the Mizuhara family many times.

"Well, and who's that charming girl in your entourage?", Afura asked Allan, obviously referring to Hitomi. "I think we haven't met before yet?"
Still on the ground and still in Calya's grasps, Nolan jumped in to fill things in "Oh yeah, This is Hito-"
Then, Mia interrupted him "Hitomi! Is that you? Gods, its been so long!" she said extatically, smiling broadly.

Nolan looked to Mia curiously. "So you know her too hm?"

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« Reply #31 on: November 21, 2003, 06:19:27 pm »

Hitomi just blinked looking at the drunken mess sweatdropping lightly thinking 'So thats what dad had to go through when he was younger' she shook her head and her thoughts were cut off when .......

"Hitomi! Is that you? Gods, its been so long!" Mia said extatically, smiling broadly.

Nolan looked to Mia curiously. "So you know her too hm?"  

Hitomi walked over to Mia "Mia?.......Wow it's been a really long time, how've you been?" she chuckled "Yeah it's been ages must be around what 4 or 5 years? Heh all grown up now as you can see, my blue hair's nearly all gone" she chuckled then looked to Afura

"Oh I had better intoduce myself right Lady Afura Mann?"  Hitomi walked closer between Mia and Afura.   From her look and name Afura had a pritty good idea of who this girl was but rather than her say she felt it would be best coming from Hitomi herself given as not everyone knew of her

"I'm umm Hitomi.......Mizuhara you know ahh Makoto and Ifurita's girl"

Calya and Kain did stop and take a look as the heard this meanwhile Shayla herself, looked away slightly and her eyebrow twitched some as she narrowed her eyes, a child of a demon god she was not sure how that happaned, then again she hardly saw the 2 in the years this girl has been alive for.

Looking around at the paused look on the 2's face and Shayla Hitomi  paused "Umm was it something I said?"


I didn't do more fo Shayla's responce as I didn't want the 40 year old love triangle to get dug up, So I leave Shayla's main responce to you executor82.  ^^ I thought it would be best since I doubt Shayla would be sore about it now after all the time has passed she is not a bitter person after all

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« Reply #32 on: November 21, 2003, 07:06:59 pm »

Panting, I ran for a while to where the car stopped. When I got close enough to actually hear what they were saying, I jumped, dived, and tumbled behind a building as swiftly and as silently as I could. There was a brief pause once I did. Someone said another thing, and while they did I jumped over to the back of Nolan's car... There was more silence...

I heald my beath and stayed as small as I could behind the car. They started chatting again, and from that point on, I started breathing. I sat down silently behind the car, thinking about what I would do now... What Nolan said... Wait... I wasn't with my men this time... I probably didn't pose a threat to them, they most likely would have ran if I didn't but...  I dunno...

I started to feel tired.. I opened my mouth and made a big yawn -- but halfway there I knew it was a mistake. I covered my mouth and stopped. My andrenalin was rushing now... The talking had stopped, I knew they were on to me... Myabe.. Maybe I can make them not attack me if I say I'm here on negotiational purposes?

I peered to the left, see if anyone was coming.... SO far they hadn't but they will find me at some point...

« Reply #33 on: November 21, 2003, 11:33:09 pm »

Shayla looked at Hitomi and clenched her right hand to a fist bihind her back. The only two who saw that were Afura and Kane. Both of them knew what it ment, but didn't say a word.

"No it's nothing. Really.", she struggled down all the feelings that were about to rise inside her and shook her head. She hadn't seen Makoto and Ifurita for a long time now and she had burried all knowlege of them both deep inside her, never to come up again. That was the reason why she could fall in love with the man she finally had married. She didn't want to dig up all that memories right now, so she decided just to smile at the girl in front of her and turned to Kane.

"Are you ready now? I'm growing impatient!", she said undesignedly rough.

Kane nodded and walked away a little, preparing to fight Shayla.

Shayla positioned herself about 10 meters away from Kane, Nolans car just a few meters behind in her back..

"Ummm.....You all should better get out of the way! It'll get hot here in a few seconds!", Calya warned and pulled Nolan with her. The others followed them and now there was enough room to fight.

Both of the fighters now eyed each other, concentrating and focusing their energies.

Kane was the first one who unleashed his heat aura, his body was surrounded by a red glow now. A wave of heat hit Shayla and the others, hot, but not unbareably. He clenched his teeth and glared at Shayla, slowly increasing the heat. The spectators were forced to withdraw a little more.

Shayla just stood there and smiled slightly. "Impressive! You almost managed to control fire without the use of a lamp. I'm really impressed. Let's see, if you can match this!"

With that Shayla unleashed her fiery aura. Red flames were dancing in a circle around her wildly. Suddenly the flames formed huge dragons that seemed to be winding around her and roaring at Kane. Shayla stood proudly in the center of the dragons and grinned. Yes, I still got it!

Kane prepared for his first attack as he suddenly spotted Miles cowering behind the car who seemed to be shocked by the spectacle he was faced with.

Shayla senced his moment of inattention, rised her right hand and launched one of the dragons against Kane.

"MILES!", Kane yelled, then he was hit by the full force of Shayla's dragon. It wiped him off his feet and he was carried away by the mighty blow! "UUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Then the dragon exploded in a huge blast and all turned dark again.

Calya, Nolan, Allan, Mia and Afura were staring at the car where Kane had spotted Miles a second ago. Hitomi stared into the direction where Kane had disappeared and Shayla turned around and glared at Miles. It was too late to undo what she had done to Kane so she looked for the reason for what just happened.

"And who are YOU?", she asked with a smirk.

Meanwhile Kane was lying on the floor swearing and struggling to get up again. His chest hurted and burned like hell. He didn't expect this blast to be THAT powerful. Shayla surely kicked his ass with THAT one. It even seemed that the attack had been twice that powerful than any of Calya's attacks. Shayla really knew how to use a lamp of fire!

Kane got to his feet and slowly lurched back to the others, holding his chest in pain. "Curse you Miles! I gonna fry your filthy ass! YOU ARE TOAST!"
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« Reply #34 on: November 22, 2003, 12:41:00 am »

"Oh shit" I muttered to myself behind the car. They were aware of me. TIme to put my little throw-together plan into action.

I stood up from the car, then faced the group. I stood with minimising any guestures of fear that I had. They could easily blast my ass.

"I'm here on... Ne... Negotaition... Purposes..." I took a hard gulp, no response from them. Only a few seconds later I said that in my mind. So I tried projecting them through my vocal cords this time.
"I'm... h-here... On...... Oh F!@# THIS!"

I tried to break and run, but a gust of wind, likely caused by Mia, threw me back.

"It would please us all if you were dead, but there's a reason why you're here, isn't it."

THere was no reason.. I'm too damn confused...

"What"? Mia said angrily. I dunno why but I just said that...

I got up, for some reason that gust of wind knocked more out of me, I was out of breath.

"I'm here on negotia -- Oh hell, I'm lying I'm not sure why I came here. There is noone else here. Long week... Honestly I felt that I had friends here back in the day... Nevermind..."

I studied the 2 new faces. One was an old woman, still suprisingly looks young, but could easily tell she was over 50. THere were also a new young woman I've never seen before.. Her skin was pale, but still, her blue streaks in her hair made her look charming.

"For those who don't know who I am, My name is Miles.... Now for everyone to hear...." I took my time to set up a speach, then I started talking like nothing really mattered...

"A little mroe than a week ago, a ship had crashlanded. It was from my origins but, I had nothing to do with the crash. It was part of the military from earth, as am I.

The ship, you should have seen, was in a blazing fury, as it was heavily damaged. I had learned a while after that it was attacked by an alien race. When I came here, we were at war with an alien race... The captain of that vessel is my brother. David Herrera, who is my baby.... Well, was my baby brother. For some reason, according to him I went MIA 50 years go. Suprising as it may seem, he's only 57 years old and still has alot of whoop-ass in his late ages... Why am I even getting carried away...

This whole thing was a misunderstanding. We didn't intentionally come here. We didn't mean to kill anyone... I think the most imporntant thing to talk about.. Is how all this hostility came about."

I attempted to recall why the Roshtarian army had attacked us, but it didn't take me long to remember...

"THe roshtarian army had attacked us with full force.. They say it's because we intentionally destroyed structures and killed people.. They also mentioned some earther names Makoto that was also demolished.. But we had no choice they started attacking us and..."

I had stopped because I looked at the young woman's face.. It was hard to tell, she was either tense, sad, angry, excited.. It was all those things..... But one thing I could identify is that she had something to say..

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« Reply #35 on: November 22, 2003, 06:59:24 pm »

Hitomi gave a small nod back to Shayla of course she had heard all about how Shayla was for a time crazy over her father.  He had tolded her it was probbly at the time a crush.  It was proven by looking around as she had her own fmaily now.

Hitomi moved back with the others watching Shayla's display of power over the element of Fire.  It was quite impressive at her age she could produce such a powerful attack.  She recalled her mother could do such from the said skill 'Northen Capital'

It was quite a sight to see hte young Kain blasted back so far only to rise again, but he was also one with the element of fire so it would not be as damageing, still it was unusal that a male could summon such.

Hitomi kept her eyes were Kane and landed and whispered to Nolan "Not bad for a old lady there"

But before Nolan could show any sign Shayla questioned this man who had appeared and they all heard his story  she listen to it and her face change, missing for 50 years? thats impossible

"If you have been missing for 50 years then how come your not older huh? Nothing can twist time or space execpt the Eye of God, you sure you have not been drinking to much wine or something?" Not quite the responce some who knew her mother and father in the past would of expected, the daughter of the two to say.

She looked around at the other "Seems they all don't like yoa very much here" she looked back to the elder Priestess's "You know him?"

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« Reply #36 on: November 22, 2003, 07:23:58 pm »

OOC: Actually I didn't know there was an actual rather good variant. The two versions I know(a little) of are -really- dark and nasty. Frankensteinian indeed oO

Forgive me please if this sucks(badly) ^^'

It took Shitia a while to answer. Now, that had been unexpected. Finally, she showed him a faint smile.
"I thank you for sharing this story with me." She said slowly, head head slightly tilted to the right.
Really, that man was formidable- and not only from her own, naturally limited perception. Although she had to admit, she most likely was giving him a lot of credit for that story. Most likely more than he actually deserved. But it HAD been  the nicest thing a human had said, like, ever. Admittedly, that had not been very hard, but still.

"Forgive me, though, for distrusting you. You seem to be someone who likes to look behind surfaces before making decisions. That I like." she paused for a second.
Then she stepped towards him and pointed at the books, changing the topic. It was not that comfortable for her, it brought memories. And she had other things on her mind.

"You seem to have a healthy interest in our history. You probably realize that you now have the chance to hear of history right from a witness, instead of using written words that might be slightly altered?"she smiled again - which was rare, a thing the young human could not know. "You also might be quite interested in recent history. A thing you will not find in the books, for reasons that are understandable, yet, on the same time might cause distrust. "
Shitia knew that Nahato would not approve of this, however, she had different opinions. For instance, in her opinion, truth was a mightier sword than the best plot could ever be. What good was it if a child spilled the beans? Distrust. And besides - she would be there to gather the shards, should it go the wrong way.

Yes, I usually do better than that. its the best in all the last days x.X


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« Reply #37 on: November 23, 2003, 02:20:57 am »

"I'll hafta agree with that" said Nolan as as Calya dragged him to the side of the street. Everyone except Shayla and Kane followed.
Soon Shayla and Kane began 'duking it out' as it were,  Kane being the first to unleash an attack. Shayla simply smiled, unfazed. The heat radiating from the two fighters was quite uncomfortable, though not intolerable. Nolan didnt notice, he was too caught up in the sheer spectacle of it all.

"Impressive! You almost managed to control fire without the use of a lamp. I'm really impressed. Let's see, if you can match this!"  said Shayla with a smirk.
With that Shayla gathered her energy. To Nolan's shock and awe she managed to form what were unmistakenly dragons of flame, which swirled around her roaring loudly.

For some reason Kane seemed a little distracted. Nolan took note and began looking towards Shayla for any obvious distractions. As he noticed a figure by his car Shayla released one of the dragons from its embrace of her, sending it flying at Kane. The blast was so powerful it knocked Kane off his feet and threw him back quite a bit where he landed on the ground.
Nolan blinked several times.

"That hadta hurt" he muttered to himself. Then he turned his attention towards his car, as did everyone else. The familiar figure emerged from behind the Tempo.
Nolan sighed. "Hello Miles.." he muttered in his best Jerry Seinfeld impression. Miles raised an eyebrow.

Shayla glared at Miles. "And who are YOU?" she said with a smirk.
Before he got a chance to explain himself, Kane had finally gottne back on his feet. In obvious pain, he clenched his chest. ""Curse you Miles! I gonna fry your filthy ass! YOU ARE TOAST!"

With a gulp, Miles tried to explain why he was here. Though he found himself unable to form words properly.

In frustration Miles surprised everyone by trying to run away. But Mia kept him from suceeding with a gust of wind, without much effort.

"It would please us all if you were dead, but there's a reason why you're here, isn't it." asked Mia angrily.
When Miles didnt answer, Mia demanded again. This time he finally spoke.

He finally tried his best to explain his current situation, how he was brought here, his side of the story pertaining to the death and destruction caused by his comrades. Hitomi jumped in and contradicted him, citing how it was possible for him to be missing from his world for over half a century, yet not to have aged at all.

"I don't have no idea what you're all talkin 'bout" muttered Calya in frustration. "But its obvious tha' most here don' like you" she said. Oddly, Calya was still grabbing hold of Nolan's arm.

"Let's not forget that he's the speciman who gave me this bad injury of mine." spewed Nolan, motioning to his bandaged shoulder.

Then seemingly out of nowhere, Afura interrupted the group.
"Perhaps, he is telling the truth." she said.
Mia looked over as well as Hitomi. "But... You don't mean that he is-"
Afura bow a serious look. "Yes. It is clear that he is without a doubt travaler from another world. Very much like our friend Nolan. Perhaps while he came from one time peroid in his world, the rest of his 'comrades' are from a future time in his world."

Mia put a hand to her chin and though about it. It did seem to make sense. At least, when you concidered the Eye of God into the equation.

"I think he's from Earth as well." Nolan added. "He was talking to me about Earth back when we were being held in that ship" He walked towards Miles, leaving Calya's grip and stopped in front of him. Miles simply looked up at him. Nolan looked back.

"I'll admit it: I don't really like you. You may have helped us escape from the ship, but you still did alot of bad. You took captive of my friends and you injured many of us, especially me and Calya." he said, motioning to Calya behind him as he continued. "Though.... I can tell that you're probably just as bewhildered and anxious about all 'this' as I am..."
Nolan turned back to the group. "Should we let him into the fold?"

Afura nodded. "He may have done much harm, but I believe that we should help him. After all, it is not his fault that he arrived in our world."

Kane rolled his eyes in frustration. He clearly was not convinced, neither was Calya. He had injured both of them as well as Nolan. This wasnt something the two siblings could easily forgive.

But Mia seemed to warm up a little. "I guess you're right, miss Afura."
Clearly, Miles looked relieved at the turn of events.

Nolan turned back to him. "I gues that means you're welcome again. Don't screw things up." he said in a serious tone. Then he turned and began to walk back to the group. He stopped next to the driver door of his car, looking inside at something that caught his eye. He quickly realized what it was.

"Pringles!" Nolan yelled happily. Obviously at a loss, everyone including Miles looked at Nolan, visibly confused
"I actually have a thing of Pringles in here!" he repeated as he swung opened the door and grabbed the unopened canister from underneath the passenger seat. He read the label, Sour Cream n' Onion. Satisfied, he sighed happily.

Calya and Mia looked to eachother. "What's a 'Pringle' ?" asked Mia to her fellow priestess...

(end of post)

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« Reply #38 on: November 23, 2003, 03:22:22 pm »

"A snack," I answered promptly "it's potato chips, although... They aren't as greasy..."

Everyone but Nolan had still looked puzzled. At least I told them it was food. I snatched the can of Pringles, opened it up, took one and ate it whole. It tasted like every other prongle except.. It was somewhat different it had a moldy taste to it.... THen it hit me.

"God sakes man! THESE ARE EXPIRED!"

I spat out the foul-tasting chips. I got an impression on how Nolan keeps track of things... He truly isn't the 'smart one'....

« Reply #39 on: November 23, 2003, 05:21:37 pm »

"Uhh, Miles, I don't think we've spoken much... Okay, so we've never spoken... But what do you think the others would think of you leaving them to be with us?" asked Allan

He stared a Miles for a while before thinking he should say something else.

"... What would that Arsyn guy think?"


I thought someone had to bring up what Miles would do about his troops sooner or later. Otherwise, there's not much for me to say.
« Reply #40 on: November 23, 2003, 06:07:48 pm »

"I can't believe it how easy you're all  forgiving him for what he had done!", Shayla said, crossing her arms and staring at Miles. She was flanked by the two siblings. It was somehow an impressive view seeing them three standing all together. They truely looked like a family at that moment.

Kane and Calya were staring grimly at Miles.

"I'd say we should fry his ass.", Kane said.

"Yeah, payback time!", Calya agreed.

All three didn't seem to be very convinced of Miles little story. And all of them had still to pick a bone with him. When Shayla heared about Makotos death something deep inside her quietly demanded revenge, but the feeling of beating up Miles for hurting and betraying her grandchildren was even stronger. After her only daughter had disappeared and her husband died, she had only them both. She'd never forgive it, if one of them was injured badly or even killed.

Calya and Kane couldn't stand it that Miles had betrayed them all and that he even tried to kill them all. On top of that Kane wanted revenge for Yumi. Miles had threatened her and Kane had promised to protect her with his life. The two siblings mistrusted him to the bone.

"How can you believe him after he betrayed us all and even fought against us in purpose to kill us. It might not be their fault killing all the people when the ship had crashed, but they even killed the military when they blew it up! Lots of people died and it almost did kill us! If they had been smart they'd have surrendered and explained the whole thing! Isn't it so? I'm sure the royals whould have understood it pretty well, after they had heared this toughing story and even had offered their help! It all didn't have to escalate like that. I'm pretty sure of it! Damned military idiots! Just use your brains once instead of waving your guns around!", Kane remarked. His lungs were burning like hell after this rant. The injury caused him a lot of pain now, but he struggled not to show it to obviously.

He walked over to Miles narrowing his eyes and glaring at him. "Maybe the others are making up with you now, but I still don't trust you. If I only scent you backstabbing us once again.......I'll kill you!"

Calya smiled slightly, crossed her arms and nodded slightly. She felt the same like Kane and she'd gladly assist in that.
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« Reply #41 on: November 23, 2003, 07:33:41 pm »

"Uhh wait wait wait..." I said, backing up from Kane. He didn't move forward, I'd much rather keep my distance as he's likely to pull some stunt...

"Allan, to answer yoru question, I snuck out... Wadn't easy whenever I snuck out with project WANZER. Oops.. Wasn't supposed to say that. Well anywho... Kane I have a pain-reliever stim, but.. You're not likely to take it. However I do have something to say... Something very imporntant.."

Some looked like they started to actually listen, whole others like Kane just looked aggravated even more.

"I had a dream.. Whenever the cap ship crashed. It was strange.. Me and a patrol of Marines were out at night in a forest. We were ambushed by some giant bug-like creatures..."

"Likely a Bugrom patrol" Mia interrupted.

"Bugrom? That's what they are called? huh... Well anyway, they had spears... Some soldiers died but in my dream, I died too. Now here's the spooky part... 2 days after the conflict between us, I went out on that patrol. I remembered the dream as clear as day, and right whenevr I was about to get shafted, I stopped myself from being killed..."

"Bullshit." Shalya said, she sounded very aggravated. Hostility must run in that family...

"So it may seem. However, I had another dream... The city... The city was being invaded I don't know by what, I just know it was, I remember seeing were the lake once was with the mounds of dead corpses.. And me piloting Project WANZER.... Fighting them off.. They were all black figures though, that's why I couldn't identify them."

"Bullshit." Shayla said again. Same tone, same pace as before.

"It might not seem that way Shayla." Mia was staring at me. Like she was closely observing me. "He's from Earth right? He must have a special ability.... His must be able to see into the future in a subconscious state of mind"

"English please.." Calya looked a little less tense... Probably starting to forgive me..

"Like when he's sleeping." Now Mia sounded aggravated...

"Just one thing concerns me Miles.." She asked.


"Why haven't any people on the ship have shown their powers?"

"I'm.. Uncertain.. There's a special layer of material that shields all types of radiation... However.. I fell out of my ship whenever I entered the atmosphere... THat would answer that I think."

Mia nodded in suspicion... Then Calya started to approach me.... "Do... Do you want to hurt us? DId you ever want to hurt us...?"

That was a highly unusual question, I was stunned at the thought of it for a while but.. I answered as best as I could.

"No... I don't want to hurt anyone, if I can avoid it... I don't like seeing anyone in pain, I don't like seeing blood, or gore.. Limbs.. Whatever... I don't want to fight humans, I joined the Military to fight those damn aliens... I have a harsh history if you want to know what I've went through... The only time whenevr I am forced to hurt someone... Well.. To answer your question.. No and yes... I wanted to hurt Kane whenevr we were fighting... And... I meant to use a stun round on Noland.. Not a lethal, eheheheh..."

After that, I looked at Kane, he was still in pain. After that speech, I didn't want him to suffer like that. I took one of the pain-reliever stims from my pocket, and tossed it to him. "Hey Kane, catch!"


The dream I talked about.. Floresca can be invaded by either the Bugrom, Shadow Tribe, or the Humans but.. I want to avoid the Humans invading. If Lan and Itamar decide it's a no for them, Then the humans invading, it shall be...

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« Reply #42 on: November 24, 2003, 09:44:52 am »

Itimar was about to respond in the positive. After all, he relished the idea of hearing the stories in the history books as told by an actual witness, this remarkable living weapon who had forsworn her dark past. Before he could open his mouth, though, the door to his home swung open.

"Good evening, Itimar," Aereala said cheerfully. "I brought dinner, if you would like to - oh!" The Hunter nearly dropped the meals she was carrying. She hadn't expected Itimar to have company. Let alone this particular company. "Lady Shitia! It is an honor." Aereala bowed as best she could, given her burden, but a flash of suspicion and fear passed across her eyes for a moment. It was well-known that, in spite of her loyalty to the Phantom Tribe, Shitia did not always obey its rulers. This made her an unpleasantly random variable at times.

"Aereala! It is good to see you once again!" Itimar smiled broadly, a touch of a blush coloring his cheeks. "Lady Shitia and I were just now discussing the histories of your people and mine."

"How... wonderful!" Aereala managed to say, a not-entirely-genuine smile plastered across her face. Inwardly she was quite worried. While Nahato wished for Itimar to be told the entire story of the Tribe as truthfully as possible, it was also his wish to share that story with him gradually, sharing the worst blemishes on their past only when they were certain Itimar would be able to accept them. If Shitia shared too much too quickly, Itimar might turn from them. Aereala did not wish to see that happen, both because of his value to the Tribe, and also because she had found herself growing rather fond of him.

"Please, join us," Itimar encouraged, starting to get the feeling that Aereala was nervous. He was not sure why Aereala would feel nervous, but hoped to calm her anyway.

Aereala took a seat, and handed one of the two meals to Itimar. "I apologize, my Lady. If I had realized you would be here, I would have brought more food. If you like, you may have my meal." No one in the Tribe knew for certain whether Shitia required food to survive. She had been seen eating from time to time, so it was well-known that she COULD eat. Respect for the Tribe's millennia-old Protector demanded that she make the offer.

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"God Sakes Man! THESE ARE EXPIRED!" exclaimed Miles as he spat out the chips in disgust.

"What? That can't be.." said Nolan as he grabbed the canister from Miles' hands and anaylized it, looking for the expiry date. Sure enough, it was true: 06/06/03. June 6th. Which meant that they had expired over 2 months ago..

"Hmm... must've been from a trip to the grocery. Guess it fell out of the bag" he told himself. Still the fact remained that if what he was told was true, these might very well be the last bit of chips he'd ever eat. He wasn't about  to let a little staleness get between him and his last Earth snack. With that he stuffed some chips in his mouth. They did taste stale, but still tasted okay.

"I can't believe it how easy you're all  forgiving him for what he had done!" spouted an annoyed Shayla. She was backed up by her fellow family.

"I'd say we should fry his ass." said Kane.
"Yeah, payback time!" agreed Calya.

Kane then went into a rant at Miles, about the actions of his fellow comrades, as well as himself. Nolan couldn't help but feel for Kane's statements. Miles was definately not in a good position with anyone present here, much less the rest of the population.

It was starting to look as though the three of them we'rent gonna accept Miles' 'apologies'. At first. But then Kane approached Miles up close and spoke.
"Maybe the others are making up with you now, but I still don't trust you. If I only scent you backstabbing us once again.......I'll kill you!"

Calya crossed her arms and nodded in affirmation of Kane's statement. Smiling, she approached Kane, Miles and Nolan.
"So ah Nolan.." she said shyly "What's with this contraption the three of you arrived in?" she asked, referring to Hitomi, Allan and himself.

Nolan took a bite out of another chip and smiled "This thing is, at the moment, my pride and joy." He opened the driver door, passing Miles who unknowingly to him had rolled his eyes at his previous statement. He didn't take too kindly to the sight of Nolan eating 2 month old chips either.

"Unfortunately, it took a pretty good beating over the past few days, since I arrived here.." he said, a hint of sadness apparent in his voice. "But it still drives!"

As he sat down in the driver seat, leaving the door opened, he decided to give his newfound friends a slight scare. He glanced at the CD-stereo in the dash and couldn't help but smirk at the idea in his head.

He looked up at Calya and Kane, noticing Shayla and the others coming over as well. Reaching for the dash he cranked the volume knob all the way up, pressed the button marked 'play' and then held his breath.

Almost out of nowhere, the sound of riffing guitars and electronics filled the air. Both Kane and Calya jumped back, while Shayla stopped dead in her tracks, visibly startled. The other Roshtarians were confused as well.
Miles, however quickly realized what it was.
Nolan couldn't help but laugh at their reactions. He just sat there, munching on his chips, bobbing his head a little to the currently playing X-ecutioners/Linkin Park song from the mix cd he had in the player.

"Hahahahahaa..!! It's alright guys. It's just a little Earth music."

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"That wasn't neccessary." I sapid. The loud roar of classic -- ancient rock did suprise me for a second.. That is one crappy sound system.

I looked up in the sky. The sun was straight up, the time was probably noon. My stomach growled from hunger. I had nothing to eat today...

"Ok folks, how about lunch? I can cook just about anything!" I said, facing myself to most of the crowd. Calya looked interested, but Kane and Shayla still had their offensive looks..

"The main question.." Calya started speaking I could tell she was hungry as well. "Is where are we going to eat?"

What WAS here on the planet? There had to be fish.. Possibly a cow? I love steak... pigs means ham.... Mmmmm... Pork... I need some real food...

"I say a seafood restauraunt!... If there are any.. left..." I remember that the buildings were crushed... I don't think there are any places left, looks like the ship went right through the marketplace...

"There's one on the other side of town." Shayla said, a little lense tense, probably finally being able to cut me some slack.

"I presume you know how to get there but..." I walked over to the driver's side of Nolan's car. He eyed me with suspicion. "Ya mind getting out real quick?" I said ina  friendly manner. He took his keys out of the car and got out. Once he did I got in and closed the door. He asked me what I was doing. I knew what I was doing at least.

"I'm gonna drive." I said looking out the window. "You can't, you don't have the keys to the ignition!" "I don't need the keys, I learned how to hotwire one of these back in 5th grade!" With that I went under the dashboard. There was the wires, fusebox.. Fuses are outdated... Either way I took one wire that had some current flowing through it, and then with one of the starter fuses, I took out about half-way, stuck the wire on the fuse, and the engine roared to life.

"What did I tell you? I can commandeer this thing any time I want to... But I won't do it again. Hop in, I need to get to Project WANZER first." I only said that to nolan as I wan't as little people to know about it. He had gotten into the car and I started driving for it.

The handling and the comfort.. and the power really was crappy as hell, but I didn't let Nolan know that.

There was a small crowd of folk around my WANZER llooking at it, I stepped out of the car however, and they all ran away screaming.... I don't blame them... I stepped into my WANZER and turned on the microphone. "Nolan! Thanks for the ride. This is Project WANZER, you're not supposed to know but, what the heck, might as well show the others now. It was my fault of leaving it here anyway. Lets go!"

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