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Author Topic: Ch.3 - The Week After.  (Read 15693 times)
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« on: November 13, 2003, 08:04:52 pm »

After the explosion of the ship, sorrow takes place. Almost the entire Floresca army has been caught in the ship's explosion. People are now realizing the sadness and the pitifulness(is this the right word I'm looking for?) of what is happening.

We flew over 2 cities when we ran away, untill we came across a river. Across that wide river was a tarnished land. Somewhat dark, and I could feel something dark about that place. Apparently Arsyn could as well, I had asked what happened to him. He had disappeared a while ago. Preferrably 2 years before I fell into the wormhole. Apparently... I fell in just after him from this timeline.. I'd say 2 minutes.

"David, I'd suggest setting down near the river on this side. We're far enough from any civilization as it is." I asked him over the radio. The Longsword Interceptor was indeed a genuine fast and powerful machine, nice and maneuverable, but it couldn't take much hits. It had a thin layer of Titanium-B armor, less dense than the A series so it had less weight.

"Miles, I was thinking the same thing. By the way while you were gone, over those 50 years we developed a new ground war machine. I think you'll be quite impressed. We'll be setting down at these coordinates," A blip apeared on the long range radar. It was a suprisingly open area. Lots of grass but no trees for quite a few-hundred meters.

"I want you to land here and wait." Another blip appeared on teh radar. It was a small area, just big enough for me to land. I jammed the throttle to max and flew over, leaving formation with the aerial convoy.

Upon landing, I could hear giant footsteps. David had told me to wait here, so I will follow his orders.... Even though I'm a higher rank...

The footsteps became louder. I could hear trees tumbling, snapping, breaking, the works. Untill it plowed through the last border of trees. It was a walking machine, piloted by David.

"Behold. Project WANZER, it strengthed out ground forces by 42% with this. This is only the beginning of project WANZER, more advanced motors, engines, weapons, equipment, and all that stuff. I can give you a quick lesson on it if you want."

This was an incredible machine. I wouldn't mind taking the most bulkiest version and go crazy with ti's weapons against my foes but... Wouldn't it be hard to control it? "Yea sure, lemme in."

There was a slow transfer between our positions as opening and closing the cockpit was hard. Once in, there were levers, pedals, switches, and a big glass window to see out of. This wouldn't rpovide good protection but still, it's better than nothing.

"Ok Miles," His voice appeared on the radio. He sounded impatient, probably wanted to get back into this thing.
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« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2003, 02:45:48 am »

"F--K! ARGH!!" yelled Nolan at the top of his lungs as the bullet hit him in his left shoulder.
He fell to his knees holding his shoulder tightly, blood running through his fingers and staining his shirt. Amidst the pain Nolan locked his eyes on Miles as he stood there glaring at him with intense hatred.

As Miles and Kane sparred it out in front of him, the fight stopped as what sounded like an intercom voice started talking. It seemed to be eminating from Miles. Soon after the voice stopped, Miles thre something at Kane, and then started running towards an incoming 4X4.

Kane in turn threw the object back at Miles just as he stepped into the vehicle, where the object exploded in a cloud of shrapnal. Unfortunately, Miles was now shielded from danger.

Nolan struggled to rise to his feet, trying to overcome the pain from his wound.
"You're gonna get yours, mate!.. You're gonna get yours!!" he yelled after Miles as he sped off into the distance.

Slowly but surely, Nolan struggled over to Kane, who was staring coldly at the ship in the distance. Nolan looked to Kane. "You alright?" he asked.

Kane was about to answer, but suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere a HUGE explosion envelopped the horizon. Nolan quickly realized it was Miles' ship. He didn't even get the chance to run as he was knocked back by the shockwave almost 20 feet, landing on his back with a loud thud.
Kane managed to stay on his feet, fighting the force of the blast wave as it shattered windows, vases, and porcelin pots. Many locals were running for their lives...

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« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2003, 02:37:38 pm »

"firstly, this area is too small to train. I plowed through some trees to get here. so I guess the first thing I'll teach you is how to move. If you haven't noticed, ther are 4 pedals that can only be pressed down. the ones on the far left and far right rotate the direction of the WANZER. Press either one of these pedals to face the opening I created getting here."

It was somewhat hard to see the pedals as it didn't look like any light had touched them. But I could see the metallic surface of it. I pressed down ont eh far left pedal all the way and the machine jerked a 180 fast.

"That was alright, if you jam the pedal down like that it makes a quick turn. if you don't, like say you push it down half-way, it rotates slowly. You can press ont hat pedal half-way while runing so you can turn while you do run. Now, the other 2 pedals in the center. It's just like a car somewhat. I'll let you figure out how to go forward."

I was about to slam on the 3rd from the left pedal, but I didn't want to make it jerk again. I stepped on the pedal slightly and it slowly walked forward. I pressed the pedal down half-way, I was in a slow jog. And seeing as it was a straightaway, I pressed down ont eh pedal almost as far is it could go. I was running very fast. Then I noticed a cliff. I slowly let go of the pedal as it slowly came to a stop. I didn't know what to do next.

"Good job miles, I suppose you've reached the cliff eh? And if you're thinkign that this is the way I came, you bet it is. Project WANZER has the ability to jump very high. You can jump by jamming down on the forward pedal. the longer you keep it pressed the higher you can jump with it. Give it a try."

I did exactly what he said, I jammed down on the forward pedal and the WANZER jumped vertically as high as it could go. ANd I can tell you, the way how it jumps feels like an amusement park ride, the vertical drop.  I was however, still on the cliff.

"Oops, sorry. I forgot to tell you. There are 2 ways you can jump off the cliff, get a runnign start, or use the joystick. Do you see the thing at the top of your joystick? That thing can go 4 directions. In the air, it uses compressed air to propel you wherever. On the ground, it makes you hover and move, very fast. So take your pick and get off that cliff, just don't run off of it or we'll have to pull you up."

I knew running and jumping would be easy, so I decided to use the propulsion method. I jammed down on the forward pedal again, just for a moment, then let go. That made me jump in the air about half the altitude I was before. then I used the joystick switch to propel me forward. It actually worked quite well for compressed air. I ran forward to teh rest of the convoy. I was waiting for the rest fo the instructions from David but I wasn't egtting any. A minute later I noticed the Longsword interceptor that I flew was flying back. Likely piloted by David.

« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2003, 03:22:36 pm »

"I'm going out, Yumi."


Allan opened the door, walked out and closed it behind him. Walking among the Town... Yumi had been given a new house from the Chancellors as her old one had been destroyed. Allan was now living with her as he had nowhere else to go, Yumi took the idea happily, she didn't seem to like the idea of living alone.

He stood in front of the Ruins of the Palace, trying to remember what life was like back then... Three years ago, he lived in one of these rooms, he cleaned the Statues, helped a bit with the cooking, stayed outside on watch and many other things. The Princesses were no longer around and neither was anybody else. It was lonesome now.

"Excuse me, this area is off limits to the Public." said a voice from behind him.

He sighed and walked back towards Yumi's house. Taking another look at the Palace as he walked back.
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« Reply #4 on: November 16, 2003, 02:11:11 pm »

Lan was hiding in the Palace basement. She had been hiding there for roughly four days. She lived off the scraps she found in the kitchen when everyone had gone to bed. She was starved. She smelt funny. She wanted a bath. A good long soak. Sadly, she didn't know the difference between a good long soak and a dip in a lake.

She sighed and threw a stone against the wall opposite. She sighed again. If only she had been able to remain with the others. She found that she couldn't stay with them any longer...she felt like she was betraying them, herself and the Bugrom empire by staying near anyone. When people stopped wandering in and out of the basement, she be out of there like a shot. She would go find her master, and never return to Roshtaria unless she was destroying it.

No one was anywhere nearby. She stood up. She ran. She was gonna get out of here.


By this point, Lan was almost at the gates. "Come on..." She said, running towards the guards. "Please, let me past..." Lan said to herself....

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« Reply #5 on: November 17, 2003, 12:26:07 am »


Laying in the back seat of the Tempo, Nolan was fast asleep. He had finally managed to relax a little, his injuries slowly starting to mend themselves.

His car was parked just outside Yumi's new house, having followed her and Allan there days ago, after the huge explosion and destruction of Miles 'ship'.

He was very lucky to have found his vehicle, giving its close proximity to the blast zone. When he did find it, it on its side leaning against the wall of a ruined business establishment. Despite this it was still in working order, even if it was covered with dents and crumples throughout.
He and Kane managed to flip it back onto the wheels and then Nolan drove the two of them away from ground zero.

Kane had left on an errand the night before, and Nolan couldnt find any place to sleep comfortably within Yumi's house the previous evening, so he had decided to rest on the cushioned seats of his Tempo.

As he slept Allan exited the house to take a stroll amongst the ruins. Shortly after, Nolan finally woke up.

"mmm... wonder how long I was out.." he muttered to himself, sitting up. He glanced at the clock on the dashboard. It was just after 5pm. Though in reality his clock wasnt very accurate, given that it was meant for a different timezone. It was actually morning in Floristica. He reminded himself to soon reset it to 'El-Hazard' time.

Exiting the car Nolan headed inside, where he saw Yumi seated eating some breakfast. He smiled at her.

"So whats on the menu today?" asked Nolan as he took a seat across the table.
Yumi smiled. "Some Gannanian figs, bread, and fresh wine. Care to try some?" she asked.
Nolan shrugged "Sure. Can't hurt to try new foods." he replied reaching for a slize of bread.

He had only just met Yumi, though that wasnt saying much as he had only just met practically everyone he currently new in this world. He enjoyed her company alot. She had a cheery and whistful air to her, and Nolan liked that very much.

"How are your injuries?" asked Yumi, a hint of concern in her voice.
Nolan was a little surprised by her apparent concern for his well-being. "Ahh... I guess they're doing okay. My shoulder still kills me though..."
"Later I can clean out the wound, and put some healing potion on it. If you like, of course..."
"Sure... I'd like that." replied Nolan. He smiled.

"Allan went out?" he asked. Yumi nodded.
"I think he has some business to attend to"
"Oh. Alrighty." Nolan took a bite of his bread. "Its good!"
Yumi smiled broadly. "Glad you like it"
And so the two of them sat and enjoyed their breakfast together.

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« Reply #6 on: November 17, 2003, 12:44:51 am »

I took a 5-hour long training session, even though that was all I really needed to know. I learned how to aim and how to fire, how to optimize my accuracy, I even tried an experimental jetpack what could make the WANZER fly up in the air and stay there. I did all the normal things afterwords like eat, talk with fellow soldiers, do some maintnenace...

David was talking about setting up a base here, as we likely have enemies on this planet. We already have a harvester collecting food, minerals, water, everything necessary for survival and construction. Another one was underway of course.

It was around 6AM whenever the sun started to set. That could be the correct time or maybe it wasn't but I still had this watch on, which told me the time, always... It never ran out of battery power even though it was an antique Ni-CD battery-operated watch, like it was posessed.

2 hours later after the sun went down, most of the men were asleep, others were on night shift. I decided to sneak project WANZER and head for Floresca... My mind wasn't clear why though, wheither I wante dot say I'm sorry or just end this once and for all.... Would this be enough though?It was fast, very agile, and I could aim it very well...

I made up my mind though, I got in the cockpit,started it up, and ran as fast as I could to Floresca.

I wanted to confront Kane again.. Wait, why Kane? He's gonan go insane and he might kill the this time... Maybe.. Nolan.. Allan.. Calya...... Whatever happened to Lana anyway? I haven't seen much of her around lately....... This is too confusing. EIther way I would see someone I knew there, but I would get a very harsh welcome.
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« Reply #7 on: November 17, 2003, 01:25:11 pm »

Lan threw herself threw the gate, tripped, and fell in front of one of the guards.

"Shit." The guard bent down over her.

"And what do we have here?" The guard eyed her.

"Nothin' special." Lan tried to get up, but the second guard had one foot on her back. "Get off me!" She screamed, throwing the guard off balance.

"She looks like trouble." The first guard said, drawing a sword.

"Darn right I'm trouble! You know how hard it is to get dirt out of this material!?" Lan grabbed her staff, it changed into a sword, and she stabbed the nearest guard. "Don't mess with me!" She stabbed the other guard.

More guards came round the corner. They were moving quickly, no time to run. Stab stab stab.

By now ten more guards were dead.

"I don't like things getting in my way." She wipied th blood off the sword on the nearest body, and walked off.

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« Reply #8 on: November 17, 2003, 01:26:41 pm »

As Nolan and Yumi sat and ate together, Yumi began asking Nolan about his home, his family and friends, his world in general. He tried his best and spent a good amount of time describing to her as best he could what his hometown was like. What his favourite passtimes were, various social things, etc. He even tried his hand at explaining what a 'video game' was. She didn't really get it though.

After Nolan finished, he told Yumi that he was going to go out to the ruins and see if there was anything he could do to help with the cleanup. She nodded and smiled, taking the empty dishes to the sink. With that, Nolan exited the house.

Steping into the driver seat of his car Nolan started the engine (after a few failed attempts) and steered the car back towards the ruins. He sped off as fast as he could.

"With any luck I'll run into Allan. Or one of the priestesses." said Nolan out loud as he neared the site.
He stopped the car in front of the ruins of a house. The very house that he and the group had taken refuge during the fighting. He sighed as he remembered the violence associated with that day.

Exiting the vehicle, Nolan took a good look around the street. Noone else was around, he was all alone.
He kneeled down and picked up apiece of torn cloth, most likely from a robe or something similar. It was stained with blood. With a deep breath he tossed it aside and proceeded to circle the remains of the house.

It was as he made his way around the far side towards the backyard area that he noticed something. Laying against a tree stump, amidst some debris was what appeared to be a young girl. She was unconcious.
Curious as well as concerned, Nolan made his way closer to the stranger.

"Hey... you okay?... miss?" he said, positioning himself beside her.
"Hello? Can you hear me?". No response.
With the girl not responding, Nolan decided to take her back to Yumi's. She would more than likely be able to treat whatever injuries she may have. With that, Nolan kneeled down to lift her into his arms as gently as possible.

Suddenly, just ass he placed his arms underneath her, a strange thing happened: Nolan began to see visions flashing in front of his eyes. He felt himself overcome by it, his body shaking.
As he concentrated on them, he saw that the visions were completely random. In some, Nolan could see the girl herself, in others a couple was accompanying her. One of them looked as though they were related. In yet others, he could see people he had met such as Kane, Allan, Mia, Afura, and many others he knew nothing of. It was as if he was seeing this young girl's life flashing before HIS eyes.

Then in a moment of concentration Nolan pulled his hands free of her, which caused the visions to cease. As he did so, he saw that the girl's eyes had darted open.
She then lifted her head, and then jumped to her feet, knocking Nolan onto his back. She bore an angry expression on her face.

Then the girl spoke.
"What the hell do you think you're doing!?!" she spewed angrily.
Still in shock by what had just happened, Nolan didn't know how to respond.

"Ah... I.. Uh.. What?" he replied, visibly confused...

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OOC: Hope ya didnt mind that one line being spoken for Hitomi, Nik. Just needed ta establish the scene. Gomen!  ^^;
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« Reply #9 on: November 17, 2003, 01:27:26 pm »

Kane had been to the palace to meet Calya and Shayla. He was told that the area was off limits now and that he wasn't allowed to enter. But one of the guards told him where to find Calya and the others. So he followed the directions the guard gave him.

A few minutes later he reached the place. It was a small house with a big garden in it's back. The house was dark, but there came light from the garden. He walked towards the garden gate and jumped over it with a 'small jig'. He didn't want to make any noise that would tell the others that he had arrived. He hid himself in the shadows and watched the scene.

They were sitting around a big campfire and having a conversation about the latest events. Calya was playing around with the flames a little forming little figures out of them. Mia was teasing her a little always sending a tiny hurricane to tear them appart. Afura was talking to them both and another woman was sitting just there, staring into the fire and listening. Her tanned skin was shining in a bright orange and the shadows playing around her face were making her look mysterious.

But Kane knew this woman and somehow he feared to face her a little. He hasn't seen her for a long time now and he didn't know what to do and what to say to her.

"By the way, Kane is back in town, granny.", Calya said right in this moment to the woman. "It has been some time since you both have met the last time, about five years or so?"

"I think it was seven years.", she replyed.

"He said that he would come and visit you soon, but I dunno when he will be able to come." Calya sighed and directed one of her tiny figures to attack Mia, which she destroyed with another little wirlwind.

"I think he'll be here soon enough my dear", Shayla said with a confidend smile.

"How can you be so sure about that?" Calya asked rising an eyebrow.

A slight grin appeared on Shaylas face. "He'll be there when he finally steps out of the shadows and stops just watching us all the time."

Calya and Mia stared at Shayla in surprise.

Oh uh! BUSTED!, Kane thought, got up and walked over to the campfire slowly. He just looked from one to the other and nodded and then he locked his eyes with Shaylas for a long time. A smile brightened up the features of the old woman.

"Welcome home."
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« Reply #10 on: November 17, 2003, 01:52:53 pm »

As Lan walked through the almost empty streets of Roshtaria, her mind began to wander, it was filled with all the happy times she could have ahd, and was probably having somewhere in another universe.

She was so caught up in thought, she didn't notice the guy walking straight for her. She didn't hear the shouts of the guards behind her.


Lan walked into the man. She fell and hit the ground with and audible thump.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was...Oh...it's you." She smiled a little, and stood up.

"Long time no see Lana..." The man looked into her eyes.

Lan stared back, she had no love for this man anymore, yet, he still continued to act as if they were still in love.

"Go away Jinnai."

"Why my darling?"

"Go away..."

"I need you, I hope you realise that the invasion of Roshtaria is about to begin, but without you, the plans cannot go ahead."

"Go find yourself a demon god then."

"I only need to find you, and manipulate you enough. You tend to go on a rampage."

Lan heard the guards.

"I need to go." She ran for it.

Jinnai saw the guards. "Wait!" He ran after her.

Jinnai was a wanted criminal in Roshtaria, as was Lan. Both were in deep shit.

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« Reply #11 on: November 17, 2003, 02:57:57 pm »

Allan walked around the area of Ruins which he looked back to try and remember what these spots used to be when he was around...

"(Nolan should be awake by now, I think I'll go back home)" thought Allan, he still had to get used to calling that new place his home.

Allan walked through the Market and eventually back to Yumi's house. He walked inside and into the Kitchen. He threw his Bandana on the Chair and moved his hanging front hair behind his ear to not get in his eyes.

"I'm back, Yumi... Where's Nolan?"

"He went out a while ago... Oh, sorry, are you hungry?"

"No thanks, I don't want Breakfast... Anything I can help with?"

"Not really, Nolan helped with the Dishes before leaving."

"Right, I'll go back outside then."

"Goodbye again."

Allan walked back out and took the other way which lead towards the area the House they had fought in was. He hoped to find something... Anything... His life had become so much more boring now that he no was no longer in the Palace.

"(I wish I could see Princess Keora again, she always had a task I could do...)" he thought

He kept walking in the direction he was in.
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« Reply #12 on: November 17, 2003, 07:11:36 pm »

Plowing through the trees asn't very agriculturally friendly, the experimental jetpack came in handy, infact I was going alot faster. I was traveling in the directing where the sun was rising, so the sun came up fast. I could start seeing the border of the forest, I was coming close ot the city, however an indicator on the dashboard said engine temp critical. There was a flaw with the jetpack is that the exhause was sorta right next to the micro fusion power plant. So I set her down and continued on foot from there.

I finally did reach the edge of the forest, and there was Floresca again, but it looked different.. More disasterous, more deserted, and did not look like a healty place for plants.

I peered over to where the lake -- or where it once was. THe lake was significantly larger, had little water, and had mounds of debris and dead corpses from teh soldiers. The soldiers need a proper burial, letting those rot there... They fought to protect this city I know but, even though they are the enemy, they should still get what any man gets in a tradition.

I looked over at teh palace, it didn't have it's beautiful look to it anymore. Half the wall has collapsed, so has a tower but that's been down a long while, but the paint... There's no pain on one half of it, and something looks like it's teetering over a bit. A collapsed tree fell into the big structure and cracked open a spot... This place looked like a warzone.

This big collosus would likely draw alot of attention... Even so, I was still confused in my mind what I wanted to do. I just started walking around in the WANZER, like I owned this place now....

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« Reply #13 on: November 17, 2003, 07:34:00 pm »

She growled once more to him "Well what did you think you were doing just now!" she stamped down her foot ruffling the short cloak she was wearing. "Why were you standing over me like you better not of tried anything funny or..........."  She stumbled back slightly bringing her hand to her face. moveing the hand back she looked at him them looked around  "Why am I here is this your doing? huh?"

All Nolan could was sit there in a state of shock his mind taking in all that he had just seen and experianced through her minds eyes.  "I remember......" she paused "No...... he wouldn't he couldn't of.............arghhhhhhh damn you why!" She was obviously angry about something and clearly had no clu at all where infact she was at all by the look of it.

"I don't know how you um got here..... I just saw you on the floor you looked unconious I tried to pick you up then all this weird stuff hapapned"  Weird it was to someone who had no clue of what she was or what indeed did happan.

The girl sighed and moved her hair from her eyes "I guess ya really don't know then do ya?" she knelt down near him "I can't remember how I got here or where I saw before this all I remember is being in Roshtaria then a place I can't remember for a long time and some how I woke up here with you."  She looked around again looking on the strange enviroment to her.

Nolan finally sat himself up "Well if your umm will I have some friends in a house not to far from here after that exploison we're umm resting there....."

"Explosion what explosion?"  It was clear she was not form that well atleast it rules out one thing

"No.......never mind but well you could come back with me to there, since your all alone it would not be a good place to stay alone for to long would it?" The girl looked around then nodded "Looks like all I can do for now is to, but don't you try anything or your gonna get hurt got me"  Nolan only sweatdropped then slowly nodded as he started to walk back to his car

"Oh by the way my name is Nolan  whats yours?"  The girl followed him slowly moving her arms back under her cloak "Hitomi M........No no just Hitomi"  Strange in a world like this to run into someone with a Japanese sounding name He thought as they came to the car.

( ^^I hope this is a first good post for her and that I played Nolan ok, if I did anything wrong just let me know)

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« Reply #14 on: November 18, 2003, 01:25:11 pm »

OOC: I hope this is okay ^^'
Can rewrite can rewrite, daijobu^^
The darkness. Feared by humans, welcomed by the phantom tribe, source of mysteries and uncountable stories.

Shitia liked the darkness. Or, more precisely, the absolute "darkness" of nothingness. No sound, no light.
A thing she hardly felt. Her senses usually registered even small movements far below in the ground, which, probably, was supposed to enable her to sense incoming digging bugrom. Just one of the things that had lost most of its use. And thus, got very annoying. How could you rest properly when so many things would distract you? The scientists back then certainly had not thought of that. But that was expected. They had not seen demons as things on human level, but instead just weapons that were conveniently formed to be hidden away in the entourage easier.

Currently, she was in the outer rim of the current "home" of the tribe - the main one that is - sitting on a stone, resting her body against the wall. Several phantoms were out there, within shouting range, waiting for her request. She did not mind them - and did not see them as a nuisance either - but she did not need them either. While some were rather protective, she was no old lady, in the conventional sense.

She heard the messenger more than half a minute before he actually came. He was not particularily loud, but sound echoed well in these caverns.
The light came a couple of seconds later - phantom tribe members, too, needed some light to be able to actually see - and she sighed.

There was no point in complaining, though. It was inevitable.

"Mother?" the young phantom asked respectfully, before entering the cavern.

"I take it that Nahato wants to see me, Kitere." Shitia said, judging from the garment of the messenger. He belonged to the inner circle around Nahato, the uncrowned leader of these people. A token of respect, which was fairly cute, especially because Shitia just considered every phantom to be the same - on rank, not on his name. She remembered every phantom clearly, and could name all of them she had ever seen before.

The phantom, though, blushed slightly. For some reason, it always embarassed them when she would remember their names, while usually only having seen them once or twice in their lives. To spare him future embarassment, Shitia stood up. "I was waiting." she said, giving the man a weak smile. "I, too, want to meet this 'traveller'. So do not worry, you did not disturb me."

The rather young phantom nodded, and began leading the way back.
Although technically, it had not been needed. Of course not. Shitia had, after all, helped actually making this place. Being a demon had been advantageous in that subject. But she let him have the illusion. There was no point in showing of, and there was no harm in not knowing everything, especially if it pleased him. Shitia liked if they were pleased because of her. Atleast these people were. Before she met them, people had only known terror or hate upon meeting her. But then, she had not really noticed it. It had been beyond her grasp, just like most thoughts. Clouded, far away.
But that was the past.

"So, what do you think of the traveller?" Shitia asked, looking at the current leader of these - her - people. She belonged to them.

Shitia was quite an oddity for Nahato. She had always been there, and never had submitted to direct commands, not even from Galus. At one time, she had clearly rejected a decision Galus had made - without flinching, she had let him scream at her. Nahato had not forgetten her expression, though. It had been sad. Disappointed. It had been new to him that there was someone who actually was not under Galus direct control. Like a human priestess, this creature did as she pleased. And the people liked her. Some even worshipped her. He still wondered why this creature - a demon - was sticking so hard with his people. Even the real lunatics had not managed to drive her away. There was one historical tale that had her rescuing the very same ruler who had previously banished her for not obeying his wish to kill the Roshtarian Queen. Thus, that man had started one of the worst catastrophys in the history of the tribe on this world, but still, she had saved him, and all that she had managed. Had she not been banished. Nahato had snorted at that - historical fables with a morale were not really his cup of tea. But it still puzzled him. But in the end, it did not matter much. She never openly opposed a ruler, and only stopped helping him or her if she disapproved of his or her practice. Galus had been one of the few rulers she had not helped at all. Maybe he had died because of that, as well. Some more support back then might have saved him. Especially support of -that- kind.
But that was the past. She apparently did not mind his goals - that is why he had not many problems with her. Apparently, it was her goal as well to ensure the permanent safety of the phantom tribe - the reason he tolerated her, despite her being a person of such unclear motive. However, her having a second goal made just no sense - it was ridiculous, and merely a thought spawned by the paranoia of his own planning ability.

"I wished to talk with you about the traveller," he said after a while. Not that she did mind that, she never seemed to mind delays. Nahato assumed that time was, to her, merely a different cup of tea.

Shitia nodded. "Yes...my wish is the same. I guess I will see him later...I have to verify his intentions myself."

Had Nahato not expected such a behaviour, then he would have narrowed his eyes. She never asked on things like that. She just announced it, and expected it to happen. But oh well - there were worse things. And he had wanted this anyway.

"We have made quite a progress with him. He does not even mind the cause of the massacre, and believes us."

"Then he is wise..." Shitia said, and tilted her head slightly. "Most would have been disgusted. I am happy that he was not."

"Just understand that it is essential that he will not turn against us, you understand?" Nahato asked.

"I know. " Shitia answered slowly. "But if he will, then you will not have to worry. I will make him vanish. Regardless how tough the matter. You do not have to worry about this."

"Good" Nahato answered, nodding. As expected. "he is in the guest quarters. As you will have expected already"

Shitia nodded. "Of course" she answered, and turned around. "Do not worry. I know what I am doing. I have the same goal as you."

She paused, and looked down slightly. "I too wish for this situation to end. But not the way Galus wanted it."

She left, after having made her point clear. She usually would remind Nahato every once in a while. It was also due to that that there has not been another attempt to tinker with the eye, not the odd human attempt to stop it. They had no true understanding of the actual technology, and only rudimentairy knowdledge - it were Ifurita and the traveller from earth, Makoto, who knew - and they were gone, for now. Since a while.

Itamar was in his room - probably studing. Shitia smiled softly, as she knocked, waited a modest pause, to give him time to finish any business he had been doing and/or dress properly, and then entered.
"Hello, Itamar from earth" she spoke in a calm, soft voice, as she entered. "I am CTA. I am the demon of the phantom tribe, so to say, their heart of darkness."

Quite an usual introduction indeed, which should suffice. While she had no intention of scaring him away, or something(he had, after all, considered the phantoms to be demons, Shitia had heard, and thus most likely used the word in a negative context), she prefered to lay the facts down. She had no intentions of hiding anything. It would be pointless...

Evil is about being nice!

Cleaning Cleaning! Fix Fix! Cleaning Cleaning!
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