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Author Topic: The Adventure Begins  (Read 35484 times)
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« on: June 18, 2003, 10:48:27 pm »

"So, what's the news?" Administrator Harim Aldazar querried.

"No change," Chief Technician Miriam Dulielle responded grimly. "The Eye is continuing to exhibit its aberrent behavior. The latest experiment failed to have any effect."

Harim stroked his long, pointed beard thoughtfully. "We have discovered so much about the Eye in the past few decades... But there is so much we still do not know. Why is something like this happening now, after all these years? Could it have something to do with the Phantom Tribe's tampering."

"Unlikely, sir," Miriam responded, voicing the answer Harim already knew. "Makoto and Ifurita both verified that the Eye was clean of their sabotage."

"A pity they aren't here now," Harim said sourly. "I would dearly like to know what they would have made of the current situation."

Harim began to pace. "Two weeks ago, for no discernable reason, the Eye of God blinked, and briefly opened a path to another dimension. Since then, it has continued to open gateways at a rate of two or three a day. We have yet to verify whether anything was transmitted through these gateways either way, but I'd guess it's only a matter of time before something DOES slip through."

Still pacing, "And the rest of the time, the Eye is perfectly normal. We've had the Priestesses Seal and Unseal the Eye numerous times. We've attempted to have the princesses shut the Eye down. They've even gone so far as to TEST-FIRE the blasted thing for God's sake. All appears normal. But just when things seem to be back to normal, BAM, another gate opens."

Wearily, Harim sat down. "The only solution I can see is to have the princesses man the Eye continuously, since the Eye has never had one of these... episodes while the princesses have been using it. Which, of course, is an absurd solution. Even if the princesses had the endurance to operate the Eye indefinitely, the Alliance cannot afford to have its leaders so occupied."

"I am at a loss Miriam," Harim confessed. "Our department, the Council for the Continued Study of the Eye of God, has been trying for years to understand its complexity, so that the vile trap the Phantom Tribe set for us can never be repeated. It is at times like these that I wonder if we are any closer to unravelling its secrets than we were when we first began. Now, I must give my report to their royal Highnesses. It is unfortunate that all that I can tell them is that we must wait, and hope for the best."

Miriam wanted to comfort her superior, but was uncertain how to began. It was true; the situation looked hopeless. At least so far, there had been no recorded injuries or deaths as a result of the Eye's antics. But how long would that last?

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« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2003, 09:19:24 am »

(OOC: k here's my starting post. Its long, but necessary. Enjoy!)

"..Coming up next on the weekend roundup, a little Pearl Jam, Filter, Incubus, and the new Finger Eleven track up next!. Stay tuned to 105.5: The Edge!"

Nolan turned up his car stereo as he sped through the the heavy saturday traffic. The sun was shining, and the temperature was a perfect example of a typical Canadian summer day. It was roughly noon on the east coast, and he wanted to get to work as quick as possible. Free lunch is always a good motivation he figured, raising his free hand to adjust the rearview mirror to get a better view of the semi pulling up behind him.

So far, his day had gone fairly well, according to his standards. He managed to leave the house without speaking to anyone, was able to start his car (an old Ford Tempo that had seen better days) on the first try (not a common occurance) and he managed to get onto the freeway offramp in just 15 minutes. All he needed now was a decent MickyD-style feast..

Now working at a McDonalds wasnt the most glamorous job in the world, but it paid okay, and Nolan needed the cash, his car needed insurance payments and gas. And while he did get ridiculed for his occupation occasionally, he paid no heed to those comments. At least he had a job, most of his friends lived off of student loans payments.

As he passed milemarker 32, Nolan put the pedal to the metal and moved the Tempo into the fast lane, passing by a couple of cars and a minivan fairly quickly. As the radio commercials ended, Nolan began to bounce in his seat as the rock music began playing again. Satisfied with the music, he proceeded to remove a CD from the deck, sliding it into a cd binder which he then threw onto the back seat.

"Careful! What you're feeling! On the inside! You should try to remember!" he sang along to the music, cautiously slowing down as the traffic started to slow, a sign of a jam coming up. He shifted down a gear, but kept a steady speed as he drove passed other cars caught in slower lanes. He took a swig of Powerade, tossing the bottle onto the passenger seat, clearly frustrated.

"I don't need this s--t.." muttered Nolan under his breath. He reached to turn down the radio, only to quickly slam on his brakes as the SUV in front of him stopped abruptly. "Christ!" He yelled out loud, honking his horn in an attempt to vocalize his frustyration.

In submission, he laid back into his seat, and stared out the driver door window, annoyed and bored. He admired the foliage along the roadside, watching a dog and its master walking along a path nearby.

Nolan sighed heavily, about to put his concentration back on the road when suddenly He noticed what looked like lightning up abive the highway. 'Huh...' he thought, visibly perplexed. It wasnt cloudy in the least, and there was no storm warning in effect. Was there?

Even stranger still, the lightning began to take the form of a star. Even more confused and curious, Nolan stared up at it, mezmerized.

Then, inexplicably, the lightning began to intensify, and not only that, but began to lower in altitude. It was almost like it was approaching the highway! Nolan continued to stare at it, and was now joined by many fellow motorists, some of whom had exited their gridlocked cars and were standing, hands over their foreheads, staring up at the sky just as perplexed as he was.

The sound of tires screeching interrupted Nolan's train of thought, as he turned around in his seat just in time to see a small hatchback, its driver distracted by the bizzare phenomenon, crash into the rear of another car about four cars behind his Tempo. Then he heard another crash, this time from the the opposing side of the highway as a delivery truck sideswiped a pickup, flipping it onto its side. He noticed that many motorists had gotten back into their cars attempting to continue driving, if only to avoid an accident.

Nolan was about to exit his vehicle, to head down and check on the driver of the crashed hatchback, when suddenly as he reached for the door handle, a brilliant flash of light blinded his eyes. He covered his eyes, disoriented and confused, as the light became so bright that he couldnt even see inches in front of his own face...

Then, as If someone had simply flicked a switch, all sense of feeling and self awareness ceased....

When the light subsided, the highway had a visible gap in it, where a vehicle should have been and had been mere moments ago...


"Ow..... what happened?" asked Nolan out loud, rather groggily. He tried to stand up, but felt too drained to. He couldnt hear the sound of engines around him, even his own car seemed to be silent. As he sat up in his car seat he slowly opened his eyes, the bright light having long since subsided. He opened them slowly at first, then  literally snapped them open, as he glared out over the dashboard out the front window.

Gone was the traffic, the people, even the highway that he had just been driving on. In its place, desert now stood. Sandy hills, the odd palm tree here and there, and sand. Lots and lots of sand.

Nolan stared out at the desert in front of him, visibly perplexed. "What...the......hell?" He spewed out loud in disbelief. He reached for the door handle, opened the driver door, and climbed out, standing next to his car.

"HELLO?" he yelled out into the empty desert, hoping that someone, ANYONE would hear him. "Anybody There! HELLO!" unfortunately all that Nolan heard in response to his cries was his own echo billowing across the landscape. In submission, he stopped his yelling, and looked at his feet below him, confused.

Unwilling to give up, he raised his head and began eying the horizon for anything, A hitchhiker, another car, hell, a Camel would do at the moment, as long as it was accompanied by a Human being!

He turned around, slowly eying the desert to his south, and was about to redirect his eyes to his east when he noticed something rising up into the sky. At first it looked like a mountain, but after looking harder, its bizzare shape eliminated that possibility. It almost looked like a large tower of some sort.

Thinking it could be a sign of urbanization, Nolan quickly climbed into his car, slamming the door and starting the engine. On the first try, the engine simply lurched and died. "Cmon!! START!" he cried in frustration. After three more attempts, the Tempo finally roared to life and Nolan eagerly shifted it into first gear, make a u-turn and began driving off towards the strange tower-like object on the horizon...

(end of post)
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« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2003, 01:09:17 pm »

Lana was wandering through a forest. She had wondered through a lot of forests in her time, but never had she come across a forest like this.
Blue lights flashed on and off, everytime she went passed one of the larger trees that seemed to mark out the way, a new light went on, and an old one went off.

The place was cold, and unwelcoming. But she was used to this. Everywhere she went, she was thrown out of. If she asked for a job, she got hit over the head by a frying pan or suchlike and kicked out of the door.

The palace had been warm. She could remember that. That was about all she could remember.

"When was the last time I saw anyone? Must have been about a month ago." She talked quetly to herself.
She began to sing.
"When the moon on a cloud cast night
Hung above the tree tops' height."
Her voice echoed around the tree tops. She could use this as a meathod of finding things, her voice was a bit like ultrasound. Suddenly, there it was. A tower, right in front of her.

"What the!?"

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« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2003, 10:11:40 pm »

"Rabbit 1, come in Rabbit 1..... Rabbit 1 please respond! Pay attention Rabbit 1!"

"Wha.... OH sorry command, resuming flight course."

"Pay attention next time Rabbit 1.."

Somethign was on my mind this whole time. It distrubed me, the dream I had last night, this weird place, it can not be described.

I'm the commanding officer of the 56th Flying Sovergnity. A Space navy regiment that utilizes fighters.

I could never keep my mind off of anything. I've seen things so, disturbing. Mostly in the military. The people in the official regiments seem, crooked. Others seem like their natural.

There currently is a war with these aliens, they have some sort of ability to disrupt dimentions and create wormholes, and yes they are more technoligicaly advanced than we are.

IT would be 4 hours untill we reach our destination, we don't have any jump or warp systems, although they are currently being developed.

I have a fairly advanced fighter, while my squaddies all have cheap ones, and we're being sent through a high-activity area, which I wonder what the hell is going on. Oh well, If I die, I die, simple.

5 minutes later, we fell under attack, 8 alien fighters. We have 10 in our regiment,, but that doesn't seem to be enough.

The fighting began with both sides breaking off formation and engauging each other. My wingmen were getting shot down 1 by 1 like ducks. That I had expected because noone really had that much flight experience.

It looked hopeless. The pilots were almost gone, all but 2 ships remained, mine and some veteran from the last battle. He escaped in a pod and was barely dragged to safety of a base.

But alas, he did not survive either. After I finished the alien, I turned my ship to face them, but they were just sitting there in formation. I don't know what was happening, or why that was happening.

In a blink of an eye, they disappeared. That left me just sitting there, wondering what the hell just happened. After a few minutes of pondering, my ship gave me an alert.

"Warning:Anomaly forming -50 M."

That meant it was right behind me! I turned the ship 180, then I was sucked in, and blacked out. It all happened so fast...

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« Reply #4 on: June 20, 2003, 12:50:15 pm »

Itamar Lowe hung close to the shadows, a nervous sweat slicking his brow. He was not one to make a habit of breaking curfew, but today he had lost track of time. He did not want to think of what would happen to him, if the police were to find him wandering the streets so late at night...

As though summoned by his thoughts, a flashlight suddenly highlighted his features, causing the young man to nearly jump out of his skin in fright. "YOU THERE!" A voice growled. "DON'T MOVE!" It was a pair of policemen, on patrol. He was caught!

Itamar's heart raced as he debated what to do. He was innocent of any wrongdoing beyond breaking curfew. As a law-abiding citizen, he should meekly submit himself to the authorities. Unfortunately, it had been made amply clear to Itamar that citizens like himself were not treated the same way as others were. It was his personal opinion that "meek submission" was exactly the kind of attitude that had led to that unfortunate state of affairs in the first place.

Itamar ran.

Ignoring the cursing of the police officers behind him, Itamar ducked into an alleyway. There was a hole in the fence blocking the end of it, nearly hidden from sight. If he could make it through before his pursuers rounded the corner, he just might be able to lose them. Itamar had lived in Prague all of his life, and knew of many such hidden shortcuts and hideaways.

Unfortunately for him, the police pursuing him were also natives of his city, and weren't fooled. No sooner had he scrambled through the fence, then he turned to see one of his pursuers struggling to pull himself through the same opening. He'd bought himself a little time, but nothing more.

At least the darkness was his ally. It was late evening, and the only light was that provided by the streetlamps. The moon would normally have been bright that night, but it was covered by rather ominous stormclouds... Itamar blinked at that. The sky had been clear only minutes earlier. How could such a tumuluous blanket of black have covered the sky so quickly? Lightning crackled across its surface with an almost instant retort of thunder. Grim weather, indeed.

Itamar had nearly reached the end of the alley, when the worst happened. The other of the two policemen had made his way around to the other side, and Itamar was now pinned between the two. He wondered if he might be able to dash around one of them, but the ready stance each had, as well as the drawn club, dispelled that notion.

Once again, a light illuminated his face. "Well, well, I should have guessed," one of the policement drawled. "Don't you know these streets were made for decent citizens?"

The other, the one who had followed Itamar through the fence complained, "The dirty Jew made me rip my uniform following him!"

"I suppose we'll just have to teach him to respect his betters, then, won't we?" The man smiled nastily, tapping his club against his palm as he slowly advanced. The expression on the face of his partner was just as anticipatory.

Suddenly, Itamar found himself hating these two men to the very core of his being. He had never hated anyone in his life. He was almost surprised at his own vehemence. He had always believed that you had to know someone before you could truly hate them. He did not know these men, and they did not know him. Yet his hatred for them was easily as strong as the hatred they obviously bore for him. Their hatred was so strong, that they were willing to beat a total stranger, possibly to death - and RELISHED the opportunity.

If Itamar had possessed a weapon of some kind, he would have turned it on them. He would have gladly taken their lives, even after all he had been taught to value the sanctity of human life, and not felt the slightest shred of guilt. But he had no weapon. All he could do was watch and wait for his painful future to arrive.

Fate, however, had other plans. The maelstrom of clouds above - coincidentally spiraling around a point directly above Itamar himself - disgorged an arc of black lightning that crashed down upon the unfortunate Jew. His assailants swore, and covered their eyes against the bright flash that resulted. When their vision returned, their prey had vanished.

"Did you see that?" the officer with the torn uniform asked shakily.

The other, eyes wide with astonishment nodded dumbly. "I didn't think lightning could... DO that to a man."

"Maybe we should get inside...?"

"I don't think we need to. Look." He pointed up, and the other's eyes followed. The sky was completely clear.

"So... How do you think we should report this?"

"We don't," came the blunt reply.

The one with the torn uniform nodded reluctantly, realizing that he'd need to come up with some other explanation for the state of his uniform. With a nervous glance to the sky, and then another at the spot where Itamar once stood, he noted, "At least that's one less of his kind around."

The other nodded brusquely, and the two of them departed the scene.


Don't worry, my posts won't USUALLY be this long. ;D I just need some exposition to set things up for my character.

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« Reply #5 on: June 20, 2003, 04:07:34 pm »

Keora sat gloomily on the balcony of her decadent bedroom, gazing up at the ominous black sphere that had haunted the skies over El-Hazard for what seemed an eternity. The Eye of God had been a part of her life ever since she was born, but never had it been such a monsterous burden before this time.

"Harim's report weighs heavily on my heart, dear Fio... " Keora said, although she knew perfectly well that her twin sister was not in the room with her. Princess Fiore had the annoying habit of abandoning her royal responsibilities at the worst possible times...

"It is most unfortunate that there is no course of action to be taken... I despise this waiting, while I know that all of Roshtaria may be in great peril! ... And yet, it is my duty to put on a good face, and continue to be a ray of hope to my people... Still, I cannot shake this feeling that all I am abandoning them... As a leader of Roshtaria, my responsibility is deeper than that..."

Meanwhile, in another part of the Palace, Fiore also gazes up at the Eye, however, it fills her with feelings of great resentment rather than sadness. To Fiore, the Eye of God represents all of the burdens of her life, and she has grown to loathe it, as she has grown to loathe many things in her dismal life.

Fiore knew the troubles of Roshtaria. After all, it was her buisness to know. However, she couldn't help feel a little detachment with every new responseability presented to her. And now this...

"I will no longer be a prisioner here..." Fio said to herself. "Princesses should have lives too, right?"

A large bag sat open on the floor. Inside were a few of Fio's possessions, clothes, food, and a few Roshtals. The Princess snapped it shut, then swung it over her shoulder carelessly, fastening it on like a backpack. Then, she lowered herself out of her window with the skill of a veteran, for she had run away from the Palace more times than even the Royal treasurer could count. The branches of the large vine outside her window made an exelent ladder, and soon she was on the ground safely, and scurrying off into the bushes...

On her buereu back in her bedroom, Fio left a short and curteous note adressed to her sister. It read like this:

Dear Sis,
Sorry, but I really don't feel like sitting around and waiting for the Eye of God to blow up or whatever. There's really nothing to do about it anyway, so I may as well take the day off.

PS, Don't worry, I'll probably be back soon, I don't imagine that the Royal gaurds will leave me alone for long, so, in the mean time, I'm sure you'll be just fine!

The note contained many spelling and grammar mistakes.

(OOC, I just though it would be cool if Fio could bump into one of the newbies while she's running around. She has a knack for getting into to trouble anyways, so let's spice it up a bit!  ;D )
« Reply #6 on: June 20, 2003, 04:09:10 pm »

Allan moved through the endless grassy feild in peace, almost as if he was enjoying what he was doing... He looked up into the evening sky wondering how the past few years have given him so much to think about. It was great to be alone, it was a fantastic experiance...

"I wish it were like before, I used to roam the world and discover such amazing things..." said Allan. He then began to look further into the past, before his travels had begun... Being a Palace Servant, it wasn't the best job in the world but he had a fair friendship with a few members of the Royal Family, he had left because he wanted to find out more about himself through travelling on his own. He also remembered how he had received the surname "Fairlight" from a story he had heard at youth.

Allan walked over to the edge of the cliff and stared at the City into the Distance.

"... Welcome back home" he said, staring into the place which he had once belonged to. He slowly began to walk forward for a hilly point where he could begin walking down into the city.

He eventually found somewhere which he could get down in order to reach the City, he got onto the lower ground and began jogging towards it.

As he approached the City Walls, his heart was pounding nervously but then he smiled and remembered that this was his home-town and that he shouldn't be afraid of it... He looked around the outsides and gave a whistle.

"You've changed... Well, So have I..." he thought.

He caught his eyes on the first person and it immediatly struck him what would happen beyond here? Would anyone remember him? It has been a long time... He gathered his breath and a look of peace entered his face.

"Time will tell,"


I figure I won't get into the huge things so soon, I'll have some more character insight and so forth on the next time I write.
« Reply #7 on: June 20, 2003, 04:20:15 pm »

(Currently under lockdown...)
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Nolan's mind was running a mile a minute. Sitting there, his foot pushed to the floor of the cabin, he barely acknowledged the large tree in front of him, turning the car away mere feet from an inpact. Visibly confused and frustrated, he slammed his free hand against the dashboard, trying to mentally figure out what the hell was going on.

He shifted up a gear, picking up speed as the tires began to get a better grip on the terrain. Gusts of sand propelled by his tires blew into the air behind him as he sped through the sand, his eyes solely fixed on the tower-like object off in the distance.

As his car got closer, the tower slowly rose higher on the horizon, quickly doubling from its previous size. As he continued onward, he noticed that the sand was beginning to give way to grass, the desert slowly transforming into a grassland with every passing acre.
Soon Nolan found himself surrounded by shrubs and what looked like farm crops.

The going started to get a little rough, the car bumping up and down as it passed over the increasingly hostile terrain. Nolan began to eye the immediate area from some sort of road he could maneuver to. He noticed a small dirt road a little ways off to the right.

As Nolan steered the Tempo towards the road, he noticed what looked like people walking alongside of it. "Finally! Maybe they can help me out. Must be a town around here or something. Or better yet, maybe they can tell me what the hell THAT is" Nolan voiced out loud, slightly guesturing to the tower-like thing off in the distance.

As he got closer, he put his head out of his window, and began waving his arm wildly in the wind. In actuality, his bellowing wasnt needed, for they heard the sound of his engine long before they heard him. As he got closer, the three locals ceased talking to eachother and turned around. As they did this, the looks on their faces almost immediately shifted from one of indifference to one of shock, the three of them staring at the strange object closing in on them. They all bore looks of absolute terror, as well as confusion as Nolan closed on in them.

He pulled off the grass, landing onto the road with a small thud as he began to slow down, coming to a stop mere feet from them. He lowered the passenger side window.

"Excuse me, but could you tell me where I am? I seem to have taken a wrong turn or... something..." asked Nolan in the most polite tone he could muster.

The three oddly dressed men simply stared, two of them with their jaws hanging open, gawking at Nolan's bizzare vehicle.

"Uh... You dudes okay? You look like you've seen a ghost or something..." At this, one of the men regained his composure and looked down at Nolan's face.

"Ah.... I am sorry young sir.. Its just that you, or more specifically, your contraption are not exactly a usual sight" he said matter-of-factly.

Raising an eyebrow, Nolan continued "Contraption? What are referring to?"

"I am refering to the very machine that you are inside of!" he replied, gesturing his arms towards Nolan's car.

Again, Nolan looked perplexed. "What, the car?" he asked, visibly confused "What's so strange about it? I know its an older model, but it doesnt look THAT bad" he spewed.

The man simply didnt know how to respond, something Nolan could see just from the bizzare look on the man's face.

"Ahh.... never mind.. Anyway, could you at least tell me what that tower is?" He said, pointing towards it.

This time the man did have an answer "Why, that is the Roshtarian royal palace!" he replied, as if the question was in jest. Nolan blinked "Uhm.... okay... how do i get there from here?"

With a curious look, the man continued "Ah... you should continue to head down this road. It will soon lead to the outskirts of Floristica." Nolan nodded slowly "Okay" he replied "Thanks for the help... I think.."
The man nodded.

With that, Nolan popped the gearshift out of neutral causing the car to jerk forward. The three strangers jumped back at this, still visibly nervous as Nolan began to slowly head off down the road. They watched him leave, wondering if what they had just seen was indeed real.


Nolan was even more confused now. While he had ultimately found out what the strange tower was, at the same time he found himself asking even more questions than before he had stopped to ask for help.

"What were they talking about? 'Roshtolia', 'Florist-somethingorother', what was that guy referring to?" Nolan asked himself as he continued driving, his car occupying most of the narrow road. "And what was up with their weird wardrobe choices? Its like they're trying out for some sort of play." he muttered "although, what play they could be trying out for is beyond me. Maybe something with a middle-eastern, neo-victorian bhuddist monk plot." he chuckled to himself.

It was at this moment that Nolan realized that his radio had been left in the 'on' position. He also could hear the sound of static coming from the speakers. "Hm.. no Edge? Thats strange.." he muttered. "It worked before... aw f--k it... Maybe I can find a local station or something" he said as he reached for the dial and began turning it, listening for anything resembling a signal in the static.

But, to Nolan's surprise, he couldnt find one. He turned it to the end of the band, then back. he did it again slower, then even slower. He tried the AM band, then again on the FM. Nothing.

"Wonderful. Now my radio is broken. Just what i DON'T need right now." he spewed out, punching the deck in frustration. "I don't even have any cash to get it fixed."

As the car turned around a bend, he could see that the tower appeared to be almost hovering over him, and now he had a good look at it. It was unbelievable.
It looked like something out of Arabian Nights. Or a certain Disney film.The sheer size of it astonished Nolan, as he drove closer and closer to it.

Soon the dirt road gave way to stones, and he began to notice some small dwellings coming up. As he approached, many of the locals came to their windows, or stopped their current tasks and came towards the road. And as Nolan drove passed, he saw that they all had astonished looks on their faces. Some ran away as his car passed, others simply stared in shock, while some of the younger ones began chasing after Nolan, their curiosity getting the better of them.

Nolan stared out the car windows, himself in shock, as he drove past countless buildings, where many locals had gathered roadside to see the stranger in the strange contraption passing by. As he got deeper and deeper into the urban sprawl, he found that the road was becoming crowded with pedestrians, some pulling carts of food, others carying carts of fine linen.

He felt compelled to honk his horn, but didnt know what would happen if he did. Unwilling to find out, Nolan refrained and tried to maneuver the car around.
Instead of having to maneuver, he found that all of the people were avoiding his car, as if in fear, staring at it a if it were some sort of killer animal. The locals simply formed a large crowd around Nolan, most of them gawking in awe at the sight.

Eventually, Nolan had to stop as he found himself on the edge of what appeared to be an outdoor market of some kind. He opened the driver door and stepped out, noticing that the eyes of over a hundred people were placed solely on himself. He felt himself blushing under the glare as he slammed the door shut and took a good look around.

"Okay... So this must be Floristiga... Now, what's wrong with this picture?" he asked out loud to himself as he began to head away from his car, the locals continuing to stare either at him or his white Ford.

"What the hell happened to me?"

(end post. feel free to jump in here)

(OOC: Id love to have someone add to this scene, so feel free. So far, my character is now in Floristica, but he's pretty much a lost kitten ^_^; So any Roshtarians who wanna jump in, go ahead. ^^)

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« Reply #9 on: June 22, 2003, 01:43:07 pm »

Allan continued walking among the City and breezed down it as if he knew this place like the back of his hand... Sure it changed a little but Floristica was his home, he couldn't wait to find the Palace Guard again, despite him being a fully grown man, Allan still looked up to him as a close friend.

As he walked through the Market closing into the Palace, he noticed a strange white machine which he had never seen before and with a man right next to it... What was this thing? Who was this man?... Allan looked closer at the strange thing and grew a huge smile on his face which then broke into severe laughter.

"*tears of laughter* What in El-Hazard is that?!"


I guess I my story wasn't really going anywhere either and seeing as you wanted to someone to bump into your story (and the fact that you were also on your way towards the Palace), I figure I'd give it a go.
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« Reply #10 on: June 22, 2003, 03:11:01 pm »

The forest was slowely giving way to...
"The Palace! Of course! How could I forget?" She gave a sigh of relief and ran east away from the palace, towards the village.

"Now..." she said to herself, "I need food. There is no food in the wild and I'm starving!" She spotted a familiar figure. A roshtarian guard, on the look out for her. He saw her. She saw the strange white car. She got scared. Then she saw that it seemed to be some sort of vehicle. She ran over to it, the guard following, jumped in, stared at it for a moment, sighed, turned the key-like thing, and hit the first thing she could find. It was the accelarator. Lana, of all people in El Hazard, had learnt how to drive.

She sped away fro mthe guard who had seen some others guards and were all now chasing her. Lana, in her panic, drove the car straight into the wall of a nearby house. The front bumper collided with the wall, then the engine, then the front windscreen. Lana screamed, and jumped out of the car before it killed her. She tripped over someones foot. It was Allan.
"S**T!!!" Lana said as she hit the ground, back first.

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Allan felt a person hit his foot, it was Lana... The Palace Guard ran towards them and took Allan almost like a criminial until he had recognised the face.

"... Allan?" he said
"Ah, when was our last seeing of each other?" Allan replied
"You must have been eight years old! You've grown so much..."
"Indeed... Don't worry about the girl, I know her, she's not causing any trouble,"
"You must be mistaking her for someone else, it's okay, I'll take it over from here,"
"Alright, farewell, until fate lets us meet again..."

Allan smiled and nodded him off... But he left a sign of worry on his face.

"And who might you be?... Wait, those eyes, didn't you use to be a Servant at the Palace aswell?" Allan asked her


Erk, sorry Larwen, I thought your character was one of the two Princesses. I corrected my post. =P
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The thing that Alex always hated the most about life was waking up before the sun rose, just so he could catch the public bus that would get him to school in time for his first class.  There was just something impossibly wrong about forcing yourself to wake up when your instincts prefered something slower, something easier.  To make matters worse, aside from that one hour class, all of his other classes were in the afternoon, leaving him with several hours to kill.  He'd considered dropping the class before, but it was one of the few requirements that he still had inbetween him and graduation.

At least it isn't raining this morning, he thought, watching the bus stop five blocks down the street.  Alex opened up his backpack and slid his history book back inside.  He was about to zip it back up when something caught his eye.  It was large, round, black, and most importantly, heading his...

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Nolan took a good look at the faces of the people who were staring back at him, trying as hard as he could to keep his composure intact as he tried to make sense of everything.

"Maybe this is Mecca, I mean.. people there dress sorta like this.. and they have huge mosques too... But even then, what the hell am I doing in Mecca!??" he asked himself softly. He was about to speak to himself again when he heard some laughter to his right.

Turning around, he could see man in the croud, simply laughing and smiling as if he had seen a very funny circus act. 'O.....kay...' he thought 'I fail to see whats funny about this..'

As he began to approach the man, a commotion behind him started to play out, causing him to stop and turn around, along with much of the crowd to see what was up.

"Halt!" yelled a man, as he began to run after what looked like a young girl, herself running towards Nolan. He watches as she dodged her way around people in her way, the guard in hot pursuit.

As she approached him, she suddenly stopped and Nolan noticed she began eyeing something. Then with a shocked look he watched as she climbed into the driver seat of his Tempo. Nolan, visibly stunned by her actions, started back towards his car.

"HEY! What the hell do you-" Nolan didnt get to finish his sentence, as the girl turned the ignition and the car roared to life and then lurched foreward rather quickly, straight towards him. "Crap!" He yelled, jumping to his side, barely missing a near impact on the bumper. He landed with a thud on the stone walkway next to the road.

As he lifted his head, he saw a few other men chasing after the girl, down the road. He had barely gotten back to his feet when he heard what was unmistakenly the sound of his car smashing into something rather blunt and heavy. He made a mad dash towards where the noise had come from, finally coming to a halt in front of a small residence. A look of horror spread across his face as he saw that his vehicle had been smashed right through the wall of the home. The car alarm he had it equiped with was now blaring uncontrolably, startling and scaring many onlookers.

"Oh for f... ARGH!!.. " he said to himself, muttering some french curses under his breath as he made his way through the gathered crowd and made his way inside the home to check the damage to his car. And to see what happened to the girl.

Just as he made his way around to the hole, he heard what sounded like something falling from above. He looked up into the sky, just in time to see a man plummit to the ground, landing on the already cracked windshield of his car, shattering it completely with a loud Crash!

Second later, a loud SMASH was heard as something very large smashed into some buildings a few city blocks to Nolan's left, causing a large one to colapse into the ground. Small flickers of fire were now becoming visible on the horizon.  Nolan simply stared in shock, as well as many of the onlookers. Although by now many had run in a panic, either towards the explosion or away from the area in general.

"Whoa!!... Holy sh--!.." he exclaimed, as he went over slowly eying the sky just incase something ELSE plan to fall from out of nowhere. He made his way toward the man, his body now lying on the dashboard inside and his legs dangling out onto the hood, thousands of glass shards strewn around everywhere. His outfit resembled that of an astronaut, thought Nolan as he got closer.

"Hello..? ah.... Sir?" he asked, gently shaking the man to se if he was indeed alive...

(end post)

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Itamar gradually recovered consciousness, and opened his eyes. He continued to see nothing. He blinked rapidly, but still encountered only darkness. "Am I... blind?" he wondered.

Feeling around, he could tell that he was resting on rough stone. That, and the hollow echo his voice produced led him to believe that he was in a cave of some sort.

"My lord, the Eye of God has blinked!" the blue-skinned scientist chattered frantically to his lord and master, even as he knelt before him.

"Explain," the man replied.

"Roughly fifteen minutes ago, our surveillance equipment detected the Eye of God discharging. Mere seconds later, a dimensional anomaly was detected within a disused sector of the Tribe's residential tunnels!"

The leader of the Phantom Tribe's expression remained calm, but his anxiety was betrayed somewhat by the slightly tighter grip he applied to the arms of his throne. "Then, the Alliance knows where we are? Why are we still alive?" There was little doubt in the leader's mind that the Alliance would be quick to exterminate them all if they were given the slightest chance to do so. As always, the Phantom Tribe's secrecy was the only thing keeping them alive.

"I do not know, my lord," the scientist responded, sounding just as confused as his master. "All that I do know is that the anomaly was much smaller than those normally generated by the Eye. It appeared for a few moments, disgorged a single entity, and then vanished."

"What sort of entity?" his leader asked, eyebrow twitching slightly. Leave it to one of the absentminded scientist caste to leave such an important detail unspoken for so long.

"A human, apparently," the scientist answered. "Male. Medium build. He was unconscious when he arrived, but I commanded the guard to keep an eye on him."

"A Traveller," the leader murmurred, stroking his brow in thought. "This could be very bad..." Memories of the last Travellers to come to El-Hazard filled his mind. Makoto Mizuhara, who had tamed the greatest of Demon Gods. Masamichi Fujisawa, who had been granted the strength of the gods themselves. Katsuhiko Jinnai, who had rallied the Bugrom into a fearsome army of destruction. And Nanami Jinnai... The leader scowled at the memory. The witch whose gifted sight had been instrumental in claiming the life of his predecessor. Four individuals who had been granted abilities that had tipped the balance of power in El-Hazard in ways no one could have predicted.

"On the other hand," he continued, "perhaps we have been given a rare opportunity. This Traveller has been dropped into our lap. If we can use him, perhaps he will be the tool we need to finally have our revenge..."

"Tranquilze him, and bring him to the labs for study."

The scientist nodded. "And the dimensional anomaly?"

"My intuition tells me that it was a fluke of some kind," his leader responded. "If the Alliance truly knew where we were, they would not have launched such an ineffectual strike. Even so, prepare the Tribe to move to Second Home. We have not existed as long as we have by being incautious."

"As you command," the scientist bowed, and moved to fulfill his lord's commands.

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