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Author Topic: The Adventure Begins  (Read 21611 times)
« Reply #15 on: June 23, 2003, 01:35:07 pm »

The sun burned without mecy in the desert and the air was flickering from the heat. In  the distance there were huge silver mirrors covering the plains and there was a small black dot on the horizon within the silver sea. But all that didn't concerne him, he even didn't feel the heat. A long journey has passed without any usefull result. He had a bitter taste in his mouth, the taste of failure. Now, two months later, he was on his way back to Roshtaria, following a strange track for about half an hour now: two parallel lines with a strange, rough pattern on them, like the track of a wagon with unusual tires. When he saw that vehicle passing by in the distance leaving a huge cloud of dust behind it, he decided to follow it just to find out whoever might have build such strange thing. If he was lucky he would find that person and ask him if he could build him a device to control the flames. Then his dream would finally be fulfilled. He would finally be stronger than his sister Calya. "Just you wait sis'! The next time we meet, I'll beat you!", he thought to himself. The track was straightly leading to the small dot at the horizon. It might take three more hours to reach that place.

He took a little break and ate the rest of his food he had in the backpack. He took off his sunglases and had a look at the bright and blue sky, when a sudden flash appeared right above him and blinded him for e few seconds, followed by a loud *BANG*! He ducked instinctively but he couldn't decide to cover his eyes or his ears first, it all happend so damned fast and so he could hear a fainting *EAOOOOOWWWW* and saw a thin line of smoke heading right the direction he was following. "HELL! There is a lot of traffic these days!", he said when he got up again, eying the smokeline in the sky. "What the heck was that, anyway?!" What a strange coincidence that all he saw within the last hour was that kind of weird. And on top of it, ALL of THAT was heading towards the city of Roshtaria! He had to find out, what it was all about. So he threw all his belongings into his backpack, shouldered it and started to follow the two tracks towards the city. "Maybe Calya will know more about all this?", he said to himself. He started to jog.
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« Reply #16 on: June 23, 2003, 02:01:35 pm »

Lana looked up as the guard seemed to walk away from her. Something was wrong. Guards didn't usually leave her alone. Her foot hurt, and her back. And her head. She must have hit it off of the front of the vehicle when she had crashed.

"What?" She asked. The recent past caught up with her. "I did, yes. How did you know?" Lana looked at the guy who had landed on the car, "Poor guy. He should watch where he lands."

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« Reply #17 on: June 23, 2003, 04:31:48 pm »

Pain.. Pain.. Pain.. Pain...

I hurt I suffer..

I can't even think right.

Am I even alive?

What's my arm doing?

It's shaking around like crazy.

Why can't I move?

Why is everything so dark?


"Hello..? ah.... Sir?"

I heard a voice, who can that be... I can't speak... Maybe...


After a few moments my eyes started to open, not even remembering what the heck I was thinkong, only knowing that I was thinking something. And who the hell was shaking my arm?

"Why are you shaking my arm... Why is it so bright here."

I could instantly feel the pain kicking in again, my eyes started to close, but before I snapped out again, I let out a word.


« Reply #18 on: June 23, 2003, 04:51:57 pm »

"He'll be okay," Allan replied to the girl

Allan helped lift up the man to his feet and patted him on the back a few times. The man quickly nodded his head as a sign of thanks then ran away as if he didn't want to be nearby any longer. He then turned around to the girl and remembered her question.

"Hmmm? How did I know you? Well, I used to be a Palace Servant myself quite a few years ago and if I clearly remember a girl which had oddly coloured eyes... They kept changing... You have to be her, without a question."

Allan couldn't exactly remember the girl, but he was positive that she was the person he was thinking of. It then struck him that he didn't introduce himself.

"Oh, sorry, my name's Allan by the way, Allan Fairlight... That might ring a bell,"

Allan heard the amazingly loud crash coming from outside not too far away, his mind immediatly spawned with curiosity as if the mysterious girl didn't make him curious enough.

"Well, it looks like destiny wants me somewhere else... Take care, perhaps we'll meet again!"

Allan immediatly ran towards the site of the crash, abandoning the girl to her own business. Once he caught up there he saw a man lying down where the building used to be, nobody seemed to be hurt except him and the man next to him. The man next to him was the owner of the weird vehicle which had been badly damaged. He fought himself through the fires and came to their exact spot, in the center of all the chaos.

"Who are you people?" he asked the two in a quick yet confused voice.
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« Reply #19 on: June 24, 2003, 02:29:20 pm »

"Where are you going?" Lana asked, but by this time, Allan was too far away to hear her.

The guard, seeing that Allan was no longer anywhere near Lana, ran over to her and grabbed hold of one of her thin pale arms. He put her in an arm lock. Lana struggled, but it was no use, she was tired hungry, and frankly didn't have the effort to fight. Her eyes changed from a deep shade of purple to an almost white grey as she was dragged off to the palace cells again.
She knew that she would go back, but she had never wished for it to happen.

She had no friends. No one was ever there long enough for her to get to know properly.

A few minutes later she found herself being thrown into her once familiar cell, and the door crashing shut behind her.

Nobody. That's what people had called her before she ran away. And that's exactly who she was. A nobody. With no home. No friends. No family. No comfort. And most importantly, no food.
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« Reply #20 on: June 25, 2003, 02:35:37 pm »

After the strange man had woken from his uncontiousness, Nolan slowly lifted him off of the car and placed him on a patch of grass to the side of the scene,  then took it upon himself to go and disable the Tempo's car alarm."I'll be back ina sec dude, till then just.... uhm... lay around?" he replied, embaressed. As he turned off the alarm many onlookers removed their hands from their ears, relieved and appearing less frightened than before.

After this Nolan went and took a quick survey of the damage to his car. It didnt look very pretty. The front cab had been crushed about a third of the way in, causing the hood and side panels to  crumple and buckle badly.  The windshield was gone, the front grill was in pieces, and the bumper was hanging from its left side, severely bent out of shape. The engine was off-center, but the only way to see if the car still ran was to test it. Unfortunately he would have to wait, as a man approached him from the crowd of people.

"Who are you people?" he asked.

Nolan appraoched the man slowly, stopping a few feet from him. "Ah... well, I cant speak for him" replied Nolan, guesturing to the 'astronaut' "but, i'm Nolan. Nolan Rhiestler." He paused for a second, then continued, pointing towards his car "Ah... Im sorry about the wall.. though it really wasnt my fault..."

The man raised an eyebrow as Nolan again continued "Uh... This may sound kinda... odd.. but could you tell me where I am? I was told that this place is called Floristogo, or something like that.."

The man hesitated, thinking of how to respond to his question appropriately. Unwilling to just stand there,  Nolan decided not to wait around for a response, running over to the driver's seat of his car and reaching in to turn the ignition. The engine began to hum, made some odd noises, then died. Ditto the second time. Unwilling to give in so easily Nolan tried a third time, then a fourth, and a fifth. Finally, on the sixth attempt, the car came to life, the engine rattling erratically. "YES! Thank you Thank you." he said enthusiastically, kissing the steering wheel in gratitude. He popped the cluctch, then shifted into reverse, and gunned the engine, backing up quickly out of the hole and coming to a stop about 20 feet from it. The front bumper had fallen off, and a few pieces of the frame had cracked off as well, but it still ran and that was all Nolan cared about at the moment.

Satisfied, Nolan climbed out, this time making sure he had removed the keys from the ignition, to prevent a repeat of recent events. "Sorry bout that... hadta check to see if my Tempo could still run." replied Nolan nonchalantly. "So... as I was saying.. Where am I?" he asked.

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« Reply #21 on: June 25, 2003, 02:44:58 pm »

"Stop it already!" Lan screamed as the whip came down on her back again. She had never cried, and she wasn't about to learn how to now. "STOP!!!" She yelled. The pain was excrutiating, but she wouldn't grovel beneath them and tell them the bugrom plans.
This was for many reasons.
a. She didn't know them. She had been cut off from them for months.
B. She didn't give into Bastards like this guy.
and c. They still hadn't taken her staff.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" The whip hit, this time slipping one of the discs in her back out of place. She fell, unable to stand up any longer.

"You monster!"

"I wouldn't say that I'm the monster! You are! You and all them Bugrom! I'm not even sure princess Fiore is on the roshtarian side anymore!"

"How dare you!" Lana said, quick to defend the princess.

"I've said it! And I meant it! You don't beg, you get no food. You get no food, you die! One less person in the world to deal with I say, and your one of the most useless ones!!!" He whipped her again.

You said that last time when the poor martyr ended up at the infirmary because the gates of heaven refused to open. -- Vallier
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« Reply #22 on: June 25, 2003, 04:26:46 pm »

Itamar blinked some more, as vague shadows began to come into focus. The cave, it seemed, wasn't completely lightless, though the lighting was very, very dim.


Itamar jerked at the strange sound, and then again at the sensation of some object striking his shoulder. He felt the affected area with one hand, but whatever it was had apparently fallen away. Had someone just thrown something at him? "Hello!" he tried. "Is anyone there?" Silence was his only response.


Another object bounced off of him, this time off of his stomach.


A third object, this time striking his neck. Itamar was getting irritated. "What's going on here?" he demanded.

Aereala was a member of the Hunter caste, and was descended from an ancient line of skilled killers. She and her ilk were trained in the skills necessary to track and kill animals for food for their people, as well as the skills needed to assassinate enemies of the Tribe. It was rare that a Hunter was asked to capture an individual alive, but Aereala considered it no less a matter of pride to carry out this task like any other.

Something was wrong, though. The poisoned quarrels she was using to attempt to tranquilize the boy she had been ordered to capture had no effect. Even more, her keen eyes could clearly see the bolts riccocheting away, not even piercing the flesh. She knew that the points of her quarrels were keen. What could be stopping them?

No self-respecting Hunter would let the impossible phase them for long, however. Silently, she lifted a hand in a signal to her companions. The companions in question, two burly Tribesmen from the Warrior caste immediately rushed into the cavern shouting a warcry, pikes at the ready.

Itamar had just regained his footing, when he was knocked off it once again by a wooden pole striking his face with extreme force. Strangely, neither the pole nor the resulting fall to the ground felt at all painful. On the ground now, his assailants continued to pound at him with their weapons, and kick at him. All quite painlessly; they might as well have been striking him with pillows.

This did not mean that he appreciated the treatment. "Please, just leave me alone!" he begged.

"STOP THIS AT ONCE!" a feminine voice commanded. Instantly, the two attackers backed away, and stood at attention, pikes at the ready.

A silhouette stepped into view. While the lighting was too dim for Itamar to make out any features, he could definitely tell that it was a woman before him. The woman addressed him in a voice laced with concern. "Are you all right?" she asked.

"I... I am fine," Itamar admitted, a little surprised. He would have expected to be at least a little sore after his recent ordeal, but he could not feel even the beginnings of a bruise. What was going on?

The woman sounded very relieved. "Then I arrived in time. I am so very sorry for the behavior of my companions. Our people have many enemies, and when they found you in our home..." She paused, and then sounding somewhat guilty, "I'm afraid that they must have assumed that you were a spy. Please, will you forgive them for their transgression?"

"I suppose," Itamar responded doubtfully. It was a little awkward to so easily forgive people who had just attempted to beat him to death. But if it was all just some kind of misunderstanding... The woman before him sounded very kind, and Itamar found himself wanting to believe her. "Please, can you tell me... Just who are you? And where am I? I am so very confused..."

The woman laughed lightly. It was a very pretty sound, and Itamar found himself blushing slightly. "I have no doubt that you are confused, and have many questions. But all things in their time. My name is Aereala. As for where you are... Would it surprise you to know that you are in another world?"

"Another world...?" Itamar repeated, as though tasting the words. What could she mean?

"Come. I will take you to our leader. He should be able to explain better than I could. Please, take my hand, and I will guide you. Many of the tunnels of our home are quite dark, and your eyes may not be strong enough to easily find your way."

Itamar nodded, and hesitantly took the woman's hand. It felt warm and soft in his grip, and he found his blush once again returning.

In the darkness, Aereala smiled to herself. There were many ways to ensnare prey, and not all of them were violent ones. While it was not precisely what her master had commanded, she had the strong suspicion that it would be of much greater benefit to the Tribe in the long run for them to tame this newcomer though kindness, rather than force.

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« Reply #23 on: June 25, 2003, 04:33:49 pm »

So, there are other people from Earth here.  Alex was sitting crosslegged on the rooftop of a building with a view of the scene below.  He was also hovering 3 inches off the roof, but hadn't noticed that part yet.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised that other people were brought to this place... however it happened.

His mind automatically tracked back to his abrupt arrival here, not too long ago.  Darkness had enveloped him, cutting him off from the real world, almost like a sensory deprivation tank.  He had seen images flash by his head, but it was like trying to remember a dream now, they slid out of his grasp like quicksilver.  The world returned without any warning, or any kind of shift that he could feel.  One moment, he'd been sitting at a bus stop, putting away a book, the next, he was several thousand feet over a forest, with gravity just noticing that he was there.

Several seconds of terrified screaming later, Alex blurted out, "STOP!", and then started yelling again as he realized that while he certainly had stopped, the stuff inside of his bag hadn't, and he was now left with an empty bookbag.  After about thirty seconds of irate ranting, something occured to him.  Shouldn't he be falling?

He blinked, returning to the present.  "Damn weird place, if you ask me," he mumbled to himself, thinking about the odd fact that the few people he encountered all spoke English.  The fact that there was a Death Star overhead was simply too weird, and was thus ignored.  Instead, he continued to watch the other newcomers, and wondered why they were all here.

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« Reply #24 on: June 27, 2003, 07:19:12 pm »

As Nolan stared at the stranger before him, he found himself growing rather impatient and frustrated. In just the span of less than an hour, he had gone from traveling on a highway, to carving his way through a desert and countryside eventually making his way into a strange and mysterious looking city.

Nolan thought that was bad enough, but to top things off his car had been severly damaged, no thanks to one of the locals, and a man in a space suit had fallen on his windshield. And the day was only getting worse as it went along...

As he stood there, staring at the strange man, he noticed some onlookers heading over to where the other stranger, the man in the space suit was laying.

As they approached the stranger, they began talking amongst themselves, and then one of the older women took it upon herself to gently lift the man with the help of her husband, and together they slowly began carrying him off to a small home nearby. 'I hope he's okay...' Nolan thought to himself. As he gathered himself, he returned his attention back to the man before him. He had yet to give Nolan a reponse to his question. Frustrated, Nolan continued.

"I'll ask you again... Who are you people?" demanded Nolan, his arms outstretched as a gesture.

When it looked like the man was about to reply to his request, someone else spoke out from the crowd.

"I Believe the question that should be asked is, who are YOU?"

As the person walked closer, making their way through the crowd, Nolan watched with genuine curiosity.

"Me? I'm Noone. And yourself?" he asked the stranger.

Nolan took a good look at the stranger as he/she finally made their way to the front of the crowd. It was a female, probably in her late 60s, slightly shorter than Nolan with shoulder-length brown hair. She wore a long green dress, with a symbol of some kind on the front of it.  A long grey cape was draped around her shoulders, and Nolan could see what looked like.. face paint?.

"I believe I was the one who asked the question first." she replied coldly.

Intimidated, Nolan chose his words carefully "Ah... well, I'm Nolan. I came here looking for some help." he paused, glancing over at his car "...and maybe a good mechanic as well." He turned back towards the woman. "And you are?" Nolan asked.

"My name is Afura Mann" she replied indignantly as she continued "I am the former priestess of Wind, and a devoted follower of the Theocracy."

"I see..." responded Nolan, a little perplexed. "Well... would you be able to give me directions to the nearest CAA-approved mechanic? My car needs some... well.. alot of body work.."

Afura raised an eyebrow, obviously confused at his response. "What are you talking about?" she asked curiously.

"Well incase you havn't noticed, my car just smashed into a wall." replied Nolan sarcastically, guesturing to the house behind him. "It could definately use a tuneup. Preferably at a place that doesnt charge the highest prices on Earth or-"

Hearing the word 'Earth', Afura interrupted. "Did.. Did you say 'Earth'?" she asked, a pale look appearing on her face. "Uh... yeah" replied Nolan calmly.

Afura was at a loss for words. It couldnt be true. This man was an Earther? At first she was unwilling to believe it, but as she finally took into consideration his clothes, as well as the strange contraption behind him, it all started to make sense...

"Dear gods.." she replied, visibly shocked. "Is it... can it really be true?"

By this time, Nolan was starting to grow anxious. He stepped closer to Afura and looked her in the eyes.

"What's true? Do you know something I dont?" he asked.....

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« Reply #25 on: June 29, 2003, 10:51:11 am »

"W...What?" he shouted out

Allan was distracted, he didn't notice that guy near a Priestess, he was looking more at the guy who came from the sky, so he immediatly dashed towards them.

"... I'm sorry if he's being any sort of trouble, Miss Mann... It's quite a long story to tell," said Allan

"No, it's alright, he's no trouble," she replied

"Are... You sure?" he said

"Yes, it's okay, he's caused no trouble," she replied peacefully

The way she said that made Allan want to go on... But he couldn't, he just lowered his land and took two steps back behind the Stranger. Did she know more about him that he did? Allan knew nothing of this man, but he definatly wasn't from around here, neither was the Stuntman back there. He waited curiously for Afura's awnser and to find out what he was. He gathered it up and then asked the strange man.

"Before we go on, may I ask for your name?... I'm Allan... Allan Fairlight..." he asked the stranger

He wanted to add it on to seem more helpful but it seemed stupid, he did it anyway.

"If you're not familiar with this place, you can ask the Priestess for help, I'm sure she'll awnser any questions you have,"

Great, just what Allan wanted when he came back home, first meeting a bunch of Strangers and now embarassment in front of a Former Priestess...
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« Reply #26 on: June 30, 2003, 04:48:01 pm »

The leader of the Phantom Tribe frowned. This latest development had taken an unusual turn. Still, he respected Aereala's judgement in this issue; by obtaining the newcomer's trust and friendship, the benefits could be much greater in the long run than using him as a lab animal would. "Please, show him in," he commanded. His personal guards bowed obediently, and opened the door.

Itamar peered into the chamber before him. It was not nearly as dim as most of the other chambers; in fact, the light was bright enough to be almost painful, given that his eyes had become used to the constant darkness.

"Welcome, Itamar Lowe," a baritone voice uttered. "Please, come in. We have much to talk about."

Itamar hesitated, but Aereala urged him forward, her arm linked comfortingly with his. The walls and ceiling were composed of rough-hewn stone. There were a few rugs here and there on the stone floor, but otherwise the room was featureless. At its far end, a man sat upon a large chair, not quite a throne, but clearly serving the same purpose. The man looked to be in his late-forties to mid-fifties, dressed in blue, grey, and white robes, and possessed a head of brown hair, just starting to grey around the edges. He was lean and muscular. Most striking, though, were his golden eyes, angular and very intense in their gaze.

"Um... Hello," Itamar offered lamely.

The man nodded in acknowledgement. "My name is Nahato. I am the ruler of the Phantom Tribe. Though your arrival here can hardly be said to have been expected, we welcome you within our home."

"It... was not my intention to intrude," Itamar said haltingly.

"I understand. And I apologize for the hostility we initially showed you. We are a people at war, and we have been at war for our entire history upon this world."

"At war?" Itamar asked.

Nahato nodded. "That is correct. But to understand, you must know who we are, and know our history. Please, do not be alarmed at what we intend to show you. Aereala? To my side, please."

Itamar felt his companion pull away from him, and she walked forward to stand beside Nahato. Itamar realized with surprise that this was the first good look he'd gotten of her; previously, it had been much too dark to make out any details. Aereala was just as beautiful as her voice implied, with creamy, pale skin, long, black hair, and flashing green eyes. She smiled at him reassuringly, and he found his face heating once more.

Then, Nahato gestured, and the two of them... changed. The change was not drastic, but it was startling, to say the least. Pale, white skin abruptly deepened to a deep shade of blue, Nahato's a slightly lighter shade than Aereala's. Aereala additionally possessed a slash-like wedge of red on each side of her face, the point of each under each eye, and stretching around her cheeks to disappear into her hair. Whether these red marks were some kind of strange natural pigmentation, or just paint of some kind, Itamar was in no position to guess. He was alarmed enough by the change in skin color. "Are you... demons?" he asked, stepping back in shock. He was somewhat disturbed to find that the doors had be shut behind him.

Nahato was clearly disappointed by Itamar's question, and Aereala looked sadly to the side. "No," Nahato answered gravely. "But you are not the first to draw such a comparison. We are the Phantom Tribe, intelligent beings much like yourself. Unfortunately, we have long been shunned by the others of this world, both for the color of our skin, and for our unique talents."

"Unique talents?" Itamar repeated. He was starting to feel foolish, constantly repeating everything he was told. But this was all so alien... At least he'd managed to calm himself from the initial shock of his companions' transformation.

"We of the Phantom Tribe have the ability to fool the senses. We can make objects appear and disappear at will, and change and warp what is seen into something else. None of it is real. It is all illusion. Observe:" Nahato lifted a hand, and a globe of light appeared above it. Within the globe, a small seedling appeared, sprouted into a sapling, then a tree. The tree flowered, and the flowers produced fruit, one of which dropped from the branches to roll to the ground at Itamar's feet. He cautiously picked it up. It felt solid and heavy in his hand. "You may taste it, if you choose, but I do not expect this of you. If you were, you would find that it tastes as sweet as any real fruit. But it is not real." Nahato snapped his fingers, and the tree and fruit vanished as if they never were.

"Remarkable," Itamar breathed, a little frightened by the event but more impressed than anything.

"Clearly, such an ability could be used for ill ends," Nahato said. "But we were never even given a chance to prove our honest intentions. Less than three generations after our people were banished to this world, they were driven deep underground by its natives. They feared and resented our power; every disaster, every disease, every smallest slight was blamed upon us. We did not always live underground, in the darkness. It is our sanctuary, and our prison."

"Wait - banished to this world? What do you mean?" Itamar asked, confused.

Nahato's eyebrow lifted slightly. "Surely you realize that this is not the world you call home? Tell me - what was the name you gave for the world you come from."

"...Earth?" Itamar offered lamely.

"Earth..." Nahato repeated, as though tasting the world. "Of course. Itamar Lowe, this world is not Earth. It is El-Hazard, a strange, alien world unlike anything you have ever known. Like our people, you have been dragged unwilling from your home. It saddens me to say, you will likely never see it again."

Itamar said nothing, conflicted. His home had brought him nothing but pain and fear in recent years. Even so, the thought of having been taken from everything he ever knew was a difficult one. Not to mention the prospect of never seeing his friends or family again. And what of the Holy Land? If this was a new world, was it forever beyond his reach? "It is... a difficult idea to grasp," Itamar said slowly.

"I do understand," Nahato said soothingly. "We will do what we can to help you adjust. You should know, though, that you are likely to be just as outcast as we ourselves. If merely your association with our people was not enough, your own special abilities will make you subject to the fear and hatred of the natives of this world."

"MY special abilities?" Itamar asked sharply.

"While their actions were regrettable, you were not harmed by the guards that assaulted you, were you?" Itamar shook his head. "Yet, those guards were trained soldiers. They were not holding back for your benefit. Somehow, their blows did not affect you. How do you explain this?"

Itamar just stared blankly, not saying anything.

"I believe that you have become... durable, in a way, making you difficult, if not impossible to harm. It is not surprising that you may have gained such an ability. Others like yourself have visited this world from time to time, and they, too, have gained strange and unpredictable abilities." Nahato's eyes narrowed and looked off to the side as he said this, as though he were recalling an unpleasant memory.

"Then I can't be hurt?" Itamar asked in disbelief. He stepped over next to the wall, and struck it with his fist, lightly at first, but then with more force. While he could feel the hardness of the wall, and the pressure upon his skin, he felt no pain. Examining his knuckles revealed that they were whole, and the skin unblemished.

"I do not know. Perhaps there is some force capable of harming you. There is no way of knowing without experimentation - and we would certainly do nothing of the sort without your consent. You are certainly far tougher than any of my people, however, and likely tougher than you yourself have ever been before, am I correct?"

"It would seem so," Itamar asked, looking at his hands as though they were alien objects.

Nahato spoke again. "I feel that we have talked enough, for the time being. You've likely had a tiring day, and quarters have been prepared for your stay. Aereala will show you the way. Please, feel free to ask her any questions that you might have. You are free to stay with us as long as you like, and you may leave at any time. Please, wait outside a moment. There are matters that I wish to discuss with Aereala privately."

Itamar nodded, and walked toward the door. As though signalled somehow, the guards outside opened the door at his approach and allowed him through.

Once Itamar was out of sight, Nahato spoke to Aereala. "It would seem that your judgement was correct, Aereala. I appears to be quite receptive to our needs."

"I live only to serve the Tribe, my lord," Aereala bowed modestly.

"Indeed," Nahato grinned. "But let it not be said that I am blind to the acchievements of our people. You will be well rewarded, should this endevour bear fruit." Nahato stared off into the distance, and tapped his lip with one finger. "He appears to have been quite taken with you, as well - at least, before you revealed your true colors."

"It is so, my lord."

"I wish for you to exploit this, if you can. If he is still receptive to you, earn his friendship. Win his love, if you can. This would help to further bind him to the tribe."

"As you command, my lord."

"There are many things that could still go wrong at this juncture. If he decides to leave our embrace we will have no alternative but to retain him by force. I believe that he is more useful to us as a cooperative ally. However, we must make certain that he does not fall into the hands of the Alliance OR the Bugrom."

Nahato smiled in a friendly fashion. "But, hopefully, it will not come to that. Go, guide him, and answer any questions he desires. Use discretion, of course. He is not to know of the more... shady dealings of the Phantom Tribe in the past. Particularly the actions of my predecessor. Do you understand?"

"I do, my lord, and I obey." Aereala bowed again, and then departed.

Alone, now, Nahato leaned back in his chair and folded his fingers. "What a very... interesting development this is. I believe that there is going to be much to do in the near future..."

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Some time later he passed the border of Roshtalia and entered the forest of Floristica. It wouldn't take long now then he would stand in front of the main gate of the city. As he walked through the woods and tasted the smell of his home country suddenly a melancolic feeling started to overwhelm his mind and for the first time he truly felt home again. He remembered when he and his sister were playing around in this forest, hiding and fighting since he can remember. She always has been the stronger one as she took grandma and mother for her model and that was the reason why she would become a priestress later. Time passed by and both grew older. When the message arrived that mother disappeared, both of them swore to find her or the reason why she disappeared. Shayla-Shayla took care of them that time and educated and trained them as she did with their mother before. They have always been in competition to each other, neither of them wanted to give up to surpass the other...

Something moved! He saw it in the trees, fast and swift, too big to be some kind of animal! Bugrom? He moved on just as he did all the time, but always having an exe on the treetops around him. Somebody was there. He saw a shadow on the left side, hiding behind a tree. It wasn't Bugrom, it was humanoid. He slowed down his steps and watched the reaction of the shadow.

He seems to be aware that I saw him. Well let's give him a warm welcome, whoever it might be...,he thought to himself with an nasty grin on his face. Slowly he lifted his hand and grabbed one of the bottles he had sticked to his belt. When he saw that the Shadow was moving again, silently jumping from one tree to the other, he suddenly turned around, threw the bottle at the tree were the shadow stood, dropped his backpack and ran towards the tree where he expected the shadow to jump to. And as the shadow jumped onto the tree, HE jumped as well. He tripped on the trunk with one foot to run up the tree and started to twist his body, preparing a spin-kick. The shadow reacted fast, lifting both arms to block it, but when the leg hit him, he was almost instandly strug down by the brunt and landed backwards on the ground. When the humanoid got up he saw the person in front of him that strug him down.

"Ouch! That hurts you know!?!", she began the conversation.
"Long time no see! And calculable as always. You haven't improved that well as I expected you to do.", he answered without any emotion. "You haven't either! I was following you for about 20 Minutes now and you haven't noticed it until now! I could have blown you up anytime I wanted.", she rubed her cheek where the foot hit her although she blocked the kick. "Ok, I admit it, it really hurts! You got stronger since the last time we met." Footsteps came closer and after some time there appeared some roshtalian guards between the trunks.
"That means 1:0 for me sis. You are sloppy.", he answered having a deep look into her eyes with a smile on his face.

"Are you allright your highness Calya? Who is that man?", one of the guards asked eying the person in front of him. She answered without stoping to stare into the eyes in front of her. "I'm fine. As the high priestress of flame I command you to arrest this man for attacking a priestress. Not that I couldn't have handled this, but see it pro forma!"
"Yes, your highness", the guard said. The others started to surround the person they were talking of. "I'm arrested? Hah! Nice welcome you are giving me, Calya!" "So were you, Kane! Let's just call it a draw, ok? In fact you don't have to think about, how to spend your first night in Floristica, without money as usual. See it as a gift!", she responded grinning. "Just you wait! Next time....", Kane glared at her while the guards were guiding him through the forest. "Welcome home brother!", Calya said with a warm smile on her face.
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Lana lay, unable to move on the cold, hard stone floor of her cell. Her back was in so much pain it was unbelievable. She watched the guard come in out of the corner of her eye, then he brought out the whip again. She wanted to run, but she couldn't.

"I knew we would see each other again!" The guard said,

"Yeah, whatever. Lovely to see you." The guard whipped her across the back, the blood streamed through her clothes.

"This is for Roshtaria!" He hit her, " This is for the preistesses!" And again, " And this is just for the sake of it!" He kept whipping her out of spite, Lana was beginning to wonder if he was just really bored, or was just whipping her out of spite.

"You know, this is just becoming old now."

"I don't care, I'm enjoying it."

"How lovely." About ten minutes later, the guard left. As he was leaving, three sturdy guards wandered in dragging a boy who looked about 18, 19, and bared a similarity to the current preistess or fire. Lana had never been very good at names. They threw him in a cell and left.

" What you in for?" Lana asked, she was greatful for the company.

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When the cell door closed Kane just stood in the middle of the small room having a look around.

"Hmmm...not very confortable, but better than any stinking cow-shed", he said calmly to himself. He just was about to lay down and take a nap, when he heared a voice outside the cell door.

" What you in for?", a female voice asked.

"Huh?", Kane turned to the door and peeked out into the corridor. There was nobody. So the voice had to come from one of the cells.

"Umm...well. No reason! It was my sister who dumped me in here." he returned to the plank bed and layed down. "It was some kind of welcome gift. She gave me revenge because I've hit her for welcome." As there was no reply he continued. "She is allways so beastly and malicious when she gets beaten up by me! She can't have it, when I'm better than her. Ach d*mn it! I get melancolic again! But say, why are you in here??" He looked at the cailing of the cell and waited for an answer.
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