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Author Topic: The Adventure Begins  (Read 39058 times)
« Reply #180 on: October 27, 2003, 07:49:42 pm »

Kane watched Miles leaving, then he looked at the others. Calya was still sobbing quietly, but she struggled to regain the control over her emotions again. Mia was watching her with a concerned expression in her face. Allan appeared out of nowhere now looking at the whole situation a little confused. Afura was kneeling in front of a man just watching the scene. And that man was still sitting on the floor.

Kane, still holding his sister, eyed the man. "Whoever you are, I apologize for what my sister did to you. But it was very careless of you to attack her like that, except if you really WANTED to kill yerself!"

"It's all right, Kane....", Calya interrupted. "I can apologize for myself." Then she turned to Nolan "Sorry 'bout attacking you. I didn't mean it, Mr....."

« Reply #181 on: October 27, 2003, 08:35:37 pm »

"Ah.. Nolan.. My name's Nolan. And I'm sorry too, miss.." replied Nolan apologetically. "Heh, on a side note, you did solve any tanning issues I had in one quick move" he smiled and laughed a little. This cheered Calya up a bit. Though she still felt a little guilty for the burns scattered across Nolan's arms and his upper body.

"I dun think i've seen you before.. Though you look eerily like her" said Nolan, motioning to Calya. "In fact, I dun know either of your names."

Calya decided to begin the introducing. "I'm Calya-Calya, priestess of-"
Nolan jumped in "Don't tell me: Fire, right?"
She nodded "Yes... and this man is my brother, Kane."
Nolan nodded to Kane "Pleased to meet you guys." Kane nodded as well, and Calya smiled slightly.

Meanwhile, watching the three exchange greetings Mia seemed a little indignant. She didn't like being left out of the conversation, and not one to let things irritate her, she decided to jump in.
"Ahm what about Calya's injuries? Shouldnt we treat them?"

"I suppose we could take up Miles' offer..." replied Kane. "The strange doctors they have in this ship are very skilled."
Calya raised an eyebrow "How would you know, lugnut?"
"Hey, if it wasnt for them I'd probably still be unconcious and dying!" he replied, slightly annoyed.
"Oh.. Sorry.." replied Calya in a low tone.
"Dun worry 'bout it sis" Kane smiled. she smiled as well.

"But, how are we supposed to find our way around this... well, this!" asked Mia, staring blatantly at the ship.
"Didn't Kane come from inside of it? He could probably lead us to the doctors, considering he was being treated by them, right?" asked Nolan. Kane nodded in agreement.

"Someone is going to have to carry Calya though" said Mia matter-of-factly. "Can't have her hurting herself any more than she already is"

Calya huffed indignantly "Oh I can manage just fine thank you very much!" Putting her words into actions, she attempted to rise to her feet.

Unfortunately, she found that her legs were just too weak to stand on. No sooner had she risen, she began to tip backwards. Seeing her dillema, Nolan stepped up to catch her in his arms, which he did.

Calya looked up, visibly embaressed "Ahh... ehm.."
Nolan flushed slightly "Eh... I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I'd hafta say that you're gonna need help."
Calya, admitting defeat, sighed and nodded slightly, her cheeks slightly red.

Mia looked rather annoyed. "I think we should go now! Lets get a move on!" she stammered. Afura rolled her eyes, and proceeded towards the ship entrance. Nolan nodded to Mia, and with him supporting her, Calya followed Kane, Mia, Afura, and a handfull of soldiers as they entered the ship, into the strange unknown...

(end of post)


OOC: Kane's lines were shown to executor first before I posted them, so dun worry about me speaking for other people's characters. Id never do that without permission ^_^
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« Reply #182 on: October 29, 2003, 11:30:17 pm »


CH1 is FAR overdue, we need to move on to the next chapter. This friday, I would say around 5PM -8HRS GMT that this trhead shall be locked and a new chapter will unfold. We all did primarily what we were supposed to do. Round everyone up, all the player characters anyway. So then. Just a notice. This thread will be locked after the time I designated above, and a new thread with the designated chapter will begin. More characters are allowed to join in now if they please.. :P

GJ so far guys!
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« Reply #183 on: October 30, 2003, 09:56:27 pm »

Kane led the group to the loading bay. It was still opened. They passed the huge hall with its vehicles and entered the corridors of the ship. Kane had some problems to find his way through the ship so that he had to stop sometimes at the crossings to get his bearings.

"I don't like that.....I really don't like that", Mia got a little nervous.

"What do you mean by that?", Calya asked.

Afura looked around distrustfully. "She's right!"

Calya looked from one to the other, slightly confused, then she understood what they ment.

"Kane!", Calya said to Kane, who was busy pathfinding all the time. "Kaaaaane!"

"Huh?", Kane turned to Calya. "What is it?

"Have you noticed that we haven't met any other person since we entered the ship?", Calya said.

"This ship is that huge there have to be at least about hundered people around here or maybe more....", Afura mentioned.

"Now that you mention it. It has been pretty crowded when I tried to get out of here......!", Kane looked around. "Hmmm......."

The group reached the mess hall. Kane activated the switch to open the door...........and stood still.

The room was filled with soldiers aiming at the door. Suddenly Kane and the others heared footsteps from behind. Mia, still supporting Calya with Nolan, turned her head to look what was there and got aware of another group of soldiers that have cut off their way back.

"I think we've got trouble over here", Mia said.

"Same here", Kane replyed.

"It seems that you have been right about it, Sarge", one of the Marines in the mess hall said to the man in a strange unform next to him.

"Corridor secured, Sergant!", one of the Soldiers yelled from the corridor.

The man in uniform just grined. "Yeah! Like the rats in the pot."

Kane glared at him angrily. "What's the meaning of all this?"


Meanwhile, two decks above, another squard of marines secured the area around crew quater No. 303.....

Yumi stopped in motion and turned around. "Huh? Did you hear that, Lana?"........
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« Reply #184 on: October 30, 2003, 10:31:42 pm »

Drving around teh forest, barely averting the trees, I was thinking about all of this. I wonder how Calya is doing. She must have... Hmm... The temptation of the technology, it must seem like another form of magic.. Addicting magic to them. I just hope they are wise enough to do SOMETHING about it....

My thoughts were cut short at the sound of the radio. I STILL haven't returned it yet. "Miles, return to the ship immediately. We have something to discuss. Don't bother contacting me through the radio. Out."

To my ears, that sounded like David's voice. He didn't sound very happy either... I bet it was Kane. I muffled a bit more, then turned around and headed for the ship.

upon arrival to the vehicle bay, a small squad of marine soldiers were leveling their guns at me. David was in the middle of the group. I dismounted off of my ATV and went to speak with him. "Miles," he said with a grim face. "you have been committing an act of treason. A member of this planet's inhabitants, who I should say harmed several soldiers, has entered this ship, likely by your help. You are the only one who hame communicated with the EL-Hazardians, therefore you are held responsible." He had stopped there, He cocked an eyebrow, I remember when he did that, he always wanted an excuse or a response.. Or at least waited for one.

"Calya... The woman did not come onboard with my assistance. By any chance was there a group of individuals with him?" I asked, thinking about Nolan, Mia, and especially Kane.

"Yes. They have been placed in teh detention center of the ship, restrained. We have no idea what powers they hold, other than the fire-woman." The 'fire-woman' description sounded lousy, and somewhat offensive for some reason. I corrected him with her actual name.

"Knowing her name... Listen, the soldiers say that when you went to take out Calya, you had incapacitated her with a stun round. She has presumably made somewhat of a recovery, but the soldiers noticed that you were conversing with them. This points to the fact that you told them how to get into the ship." I thought for an excuse, a legit excuse...

"There was one that had been on the ship before... He has not committed any offenses." David suddenly tensed up. He was obviously thinking hard, but then relaxed. He then game me an option.

"You can either investigate them, one by one, or... We execute them. They are not to be trusted by us. We have no idea what secrets they keep from us." He walked away without a word, the marines had followed him. He disappeared into the darkness of the enxt door. I went the other way, the way towards the bottom of the ship, the brig."

Chapter complete!
Great job, new chapter will be available shortly. Post there.

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