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El-Hazard Online / Re: So How Successful Was El Hazard Back In The Day?
« on: October 02, 2015, 04:00:55 am »
sadly, El Hazard is all but forgotten about here, naturally.

That would be a good thing, but I think you mean it has been forgotten due to the huge variety of new Anime that comes out, right? Also I would imagine that the popular Anime genres and styles changed in the last decade, and El-Hazard doesn't fit those anymore.

I actually saw a bunch of laserdiscs of the 2nd series for sale for just a couple of hundred yen (something like £5.00), and I was tempted to by them for the nostalgia factor, but I don't even have a laserdisc player, nor the room to have held onto it.

You should buy them. I have them just for the artwork. They are beautiful.

I'm going to watch the entire first series again now, the first time in years. Really excited to see how it holds up.

I still think it's a very original story with an art style different from what is done currently.

Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Hello from 2014
« on: April 20, 2014, 03:35:14 am »
Well well well, it looks like the goddesses have heard my call. Blu-Ray set is back on track for release July 30th.

Hah, this is the spark of life El-Hazard is needing. ;D  However, let's see the price and if it gets released elsewhere.

Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Hello from 2014
« on: March 28, 2014, 05:56:41 am »
It was really unusual to see how little of an online presence this series has. I guess it is the cost of having come out before the internet had really taken off. Even the facebook pages were woefully inactive.

I think one of the biggest problems with El-Hazard is the fact that no one ever really published affordable DVD's for this series. Geneon started doing that for OVA 1 and 2, but it went kaput.
The Geocities demise also took down most of the El-Hazard fansites. We were able to merge one of the best, because the creators were old members of this forum, as explained here.

Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Hello from 2014
« on: March 26, 2014, 07:53:40 am »
After 10,000 minutes of searching, I've finally found you all!  Fellow El-Hazard fans!  :)

It seems I have stumbled upon the remains of a once-great society.  Is this a lost civilization?

We can only hope some old guard are sitting around somewhere. I'm sure it'll be quite a surprise to see a blip of activity on the radar.

Welcome both! It's always nice to see posts around here.  :)

Yeah, you can probably say this is a lost civilization, in a way, hoping to come back to life somehow.

this series isn't "old" it's aged like a fine wine, and by gum young folk as well as the "aged"  ;) should know about it. 

I could have said better myself!  ;) That's why I keep looking for new activity.

El-Hazard Online / Re: El-Hazard OVA 2 Ending Song
« on: September 17, 2013, 03:19:10 pm »
Nowadays, the best way to get this song is to look for the El-Hazard 6CD Boxset on eBay. It does show up once in a while and as far as I'm aware, its price is coming down over the years.
It may take a while to appear, but patience is very rewarding on this kind of stuff.  :)

El-Hazard Online / Re: Took me some time to find fellow El-Hazard Fans
« on: August 16, 2012, 05:03:23 am »
Should have looked online far earlier than this, still, got here in the end.

El-Hazard was actually the First ANIME I bought on video and collected, since then my collection has passed many hundreads of videos and DVDs, but El-Hazard is still my fav.

Glad you made it here, this site is still open for the fans and to avoid that El-Hazard gets forgotten in the depths of archive.org.
It's nice to see there's still someone out there.  ;)

My feeling towards El-Hazard is exactly the same as yours: it'll always be special, no matter what gets newly published there days.

Thought I would share the cel's I have of El-Hazard, and still looking to buy more, so if anyone has any to sell, let me know;


I have only ever found and own one El-Hazard model, this is of Ifirita, and now I have seen one of Alielle, anyone know of any more? they seem extremly rare and hard to find if there is.
Very nice collection of cels, it's really big.  :)

The only place to buy El-Hazard merchandise (including cels and models) these days is eBay, since it's an anime with almost vintage status, and without any re-edition.
Regarding cels, there are collectors at http://www.rubberslug.com/ that may want to trade/sell. IMO that's a great place to host a cel collection.

El-Hazard Online / Re: El-Hazard OVA 2 Ending Song
« on: February 02, 2011, 02:40:17 pm »
Ah, I'm glad Makoto is around, as I didn't notice that the OVA2 episodes had different endings.  ^^;

I'm still learning stuff about El-Hazard, even today!  ^_^V

El-Hazard Online / Re: El-Hazard OVA 2 Ending Song
« on: January 24, 2011, 05:37:45 am »
Hi! At least to me the forum isn't dead, it's just that El-Hazard isn't that popular anymore, so EHOL won't be as visited... However, I have the RSS subscribed, so I see when new posts are up.  ;D

I think the song you're looking for is Nemurenai yoru niha (The Night we have trouble to go to Sleep). Is the last track of the OVA2 OST (track n. 25) and is also in the first CD of the El-Hazard 6CD Boxset, track n. 3.
I'd have to confirm it by actually listen to the song and the DVD, but please note that the song is 5 mins long, so the music used in the ending may the a shortened version.

El-Hazard Online / Re: Pic request and more questions
« on: July 28, 2010, 07:37:18 am »
First off, has anyone ever gotten a hold of a bigger version of this pic:
I'm also looking for a bigger version of the Makoto/Ifurita picture on the 6 CD Boxset:
I have both of them, and I want to upload them to EHOL in a near future, but at this point I really don't have time to do it...  ^^;
I'm also interested to know what the El Hazard novels contain. Judging by the pictures, some seem to be retellings of the two OVA series, but some, like the one I asked for above, don't fit either series.

Has anyone ever found out more about what's in them?

Yes, they are japanese novels that seem to be non-cannon. I have all of them, but they are very hard to find. There's a guy selling some of them on eBay, but they are a bit expensive:

The EHOL page dedicated to the novels also has some details, but I'll complete it in a near future with images and additional descriptions.

The one you ask in particular is the eighth on the list. If you click on the ISBN, you'll be able to find some additional information on library databases, but in this case I don't think it'll help (no additional pictures).

If so, you might get a bit of a chuckle out of my little anime theory relating to it and El Hazard. ;)
My funny theory is that School Days is actually wrote by El Hazard villain Katsuhiko Jinnai.
So, what do people think of my little funny anime theory here? :)

I had to look it up, and for what I see it actually makes sense: a guy named Makoto (who looks like EH's Makoto) in a harem scenario, a girl named Nanami (that for what I read is the opposite of Jinnai Nanami in terms of personality), and an ending.... that seems to have been written by a villain.

It's probably a coincidence (have you checked the visual novel's/anime's production staff?), but quite amusing indeed.  :)

Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Hello, I am new in the forum
« on: July 09, 2010, 10:17:40 am »
You're welcome!  ;)
Well, the DVD's are getting a bit expensive because they aren't made anymore, so let's hope you're lucky.

And more chapters I see more I like the series ^_^V I am very satisfied!
It's good to see that El-Hazard made another fan!  :D

El-Hazard Online / Re: Newbie and also a little help...?
« on: June 15, 2010, 03:31:56 pm »
Yeah, that choice is pretty illogical since it was one of the earliest El Hazard tracks. I would have never figured it out that they put it on the Alternaitve World OST...

My guess is that they forgot about it when they made the 6 CD boxset:P

Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Hello, I am new in the forum
« on: June 15, 2010, 01:42:29 pm »
Speaking about "el hazard" in Spain... Very few persons know the serie; It has not gone out in television, not neither in DVD... It is very difficult to find chapters for Internet in spanish or other languages that I could understand. I be grateful if you help me to searching of  the chapters :) Thank you very much to all!!

Well in Portugal, they only showed the Wanderers on TV... The only chance you have is to buy the Spanish VHSs second hand or... learn a bit of English. :)
As a matter of fact I believe knowing English makes the life of an Anime fan a lot easier, as a lot of it is only released in English (I don't say learning Japanese, as it's a lot harder for us "westerners").

El-Hazard Online / Re: Newbie and also a little help...?
« on: June 15, 2010, 01:33:53 pm »
Ah! Funny that you mention this one, because it's in the Alternative World OST!
I know... I was really surprised when I listened to the CD for the first time...  :)
It's the 13th song:  Honoo No Action - Shayla's Theme

I never figured out why it wasn't part of the Daizenshuu collection in the first place...

Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Hello, I am new in the forum
« on: June 07, 2010, 03:48:35 pm »
Indeed. The lack of EHOLís activity reflects El-Hazardís popularity, at least in my opinion. And this is pretty much helped by the lack of re-editions of the series. Geneon was the last one to edit itÖ
However, a bit of activity in EHOL means El-Hazard will live one a bit more as well, so thatís why I donít give up.  ;) And thanks to Rob, we can keep track of the forums activity with the RSS feeds, so nowadays itís less likely that a topic will be left unanswered.

I live in Spain and I am a fan of the series The Hazard
So youíre Spanish! That means weíre neighbours (Iím Portuguese).  ;D This reminds me that back in the day we used to import anime VHS tapes from Spain, if they were released there. They were much easier to get than USA ones and we didnít have to have a multi-system VCR. I know some people that bought the Spanish El-Hazard tapes and got to enjoy it before anyone else.  8)

I wonder if Spain got a DVD release for El-Hazard...

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