Wanderers/Episode 5 Guide: The Shrine of Wind


English Title: El-Hazard: The Wanderers
Episode 5 - "The Shrine of Wind"

US Age Rating: 13 and up.


After finding out that the Water Shrine was a bust, the trio decided to travel to the mountains to find the Shrine of Wind.

They start by climbing a huge mountain. Up the winding paths (which are shown in 30 seconds), they find some windmills. Fujisawa goes off on how the breeze feels good. He further states that windmills create energy without pollution. He taught Makoto about windmills. Allielle finds the shrine.

The Shrine of Wind is found. It’s supposed to have a good-sized library. Maybe they could find what they are looking for… except no one is home. They go around in the back. Makoto assumes that it is closed for construction. When they met the priestess, she assumes they are the contractors who were going to finish the expansion. Oops.

She later learns that they were not the ones sent to finish the job. They want to access her library, but she won’t let them. The rules about people not associated with the shrine cannot use the stuff within is brought up again. Besides, the mess that is lying around isn’t useful for anything as long as it is in such an array. Help is so hard to find… especially free help. Makoto makes a deal that if they build the expansion they could use the library. She was caught off guard. Will they be able to do such a task?

They get to work right away. Afura Mann decides to curl up to a good book. While Makoto and Fujisawa get to work as fast as possible, Allielle decides to be a servant to Afura Mann and deliver her drinks. Fujisawa delivers some large logs into the ground. He’s building a cabin, but that wasn’t part of the plan. He figures she’ll like it anyway. Fujisawa isn’t much of help after he… finds a cabin full of booze. He’s plastered throughout the rest of the episode.

Afura Mann did not like it. Okay, that’s an understatement. She’s in a state of shock. It’s a Canadian Log House. It’s not even near what she needed. She wanted "majestic, not rustic". But Fujisawa is too sauced to care. She demands that Makoto and Allielle leaves when Fujisawa wakes up from his drunken slumber. Makoto begs for another chance and she gives it to him.

Makoto tries his hardest to do a good job, but he’s not nearly as strong as Fujisawa. He’s never built a building in his life. Afura Mann can’t believe he’s making so much noise. While he’s trying his hardest to make some cement, Afura Mann comes in and makes a random comment about how priestesses aren’t allowed to work "menial tasks", calls them weird and leaves. She ponders on how strange people from another dimensions are. Yes, it is odd to have inter-dimensional people who will do your bidding for free. Just strange…

Fujisawa is sleeping… with more bottles of booze. Afura Mann walks in as he states something about mountain cabins. She might need to write a book about these people (and their diversity of interests).

Makoto is doing a good job building the place. He manages to build some of the foundation for the building. At night, he’s working hard to try to improve the building plans. In the morning he lays some cement in some trenches. Fujisawa is still sleeping with some more drinks. Makoto is working hard through the night to get the foundation set up. Fujisawa… just keeps drinking and drinking, numbering in double digits now.

Afura Mann does not like what she was seeing. It’s not like her plans at all. They must be wrong. She must be right. It’s going to look awful. Makoto tries to convince her that his modifications will make the library better than before. Making changes like…

- Moving the staircase inside…

- Putting the windows on the West Side…

- Placing the bathrooms on each floor, vertically over each other.

She hates him so much. Using "holy plans" as an excuse, she continues to insult Makoto for trying to change her ideas. Makoto says he’s like a dog (to do what’s right for the master). She gives up. It’s Makoto’s time to shine.

To skip all the boring details on how to build a modified library, they decide to skip to when the library was almost complete. All it needs are some of the final touches. To do that, they need to walk into town. What happened to the horses?

Afura Mann comes out and hears Makoto and Allielle hoping that she likes it. She gives off the most intelligent "whatever" you will hear.

Makoto and Allielle gather all the supplies they need to build the finishing touches. Everything seems to be going well… until three thugs go after them. The maid shows some concern, but Nanami tells how she would like to "remove" the dirt. The maid also hints that the kid looked like a foreigner. Nanami makes the second comment on how if they killed everyone she wouldn’t need to clean all those dishes. Then, the manager says that if she doesn’t clean all of the dishes, he would kill her. Nice manager…

They traveled to about halfway to the Wind Shrine when Makoto says they should take a break. The three thieves decide to approach Makoto now. They want his possessions for "everything has secret value". Makoto fools them into thinking about a UFO being behind them. That worked.

Afura Mann checked out the place. It looks real good. She sees all of the work he has done and saw that he was struggling. Finally, she gives him the praise he deserved. Fujisawa is still… Ah you figured it out! He’s drunk with over 20 bottles.

Makoto and Allielle can’t outrun them. What now? Makoto takes her stuff and tells her to get Afura Mann. He led off the men and Allielle knew what to do. She took off… only to slide down the mountain. Makoto keeps climbing the mountain… only to hear that it was a dead end from the thieves. There is a windmill, though… Maybe if he could get to the top…

Allielle slid down the mountainside… only to get a root caught on her hood. She’s lucky, for the fall would not have been pleasant.

Makoto was ready to try his idea. He is trying to detach the blade from the base. His idea is kind of far-fetched, but it might work. The three thieves managed to get to the top. The leader demanded him to face them. Saying no, he flew off. Makoto has managed to make it into a hang glider.

The thieves tried to catch up to him, but Afura Mann stopped them. The big man charged first, and he missed. The leader thinks that, because she was a girl, they can take her down. She removed them in one shot. She caught up with Makoto in the hang glider. They make it back. Fujisawa finally stops the drinking.

They researched the now completed and organized library. All night long, they tried to find anything good. Unfortunately, they didn’t. They walk away from the place, tired and upset.

The new library was great. She liked it a lot. Then, something weird happened. The top of the roof flew off. In the end, she wondered what people would call it.


Final Thoughts – Afura Mann is a big bother, and Makoto was trying his best to appease her. Fujisawa gets drunk. Not just drunk, but drunk-until-the-last-minute drunk. At least Makoto survived the ordeal with his own tricks.



"You could have told us this in the first place!" "Too bad!"

Allielle – Well, I heard that Afura Mann was the most scholarly of the three priestesses, and I also heard that she has one of the largest book collections in the whole world! The Shrine of Wind is also supposed to be some kind of ancient library.

Translation: "It wouldn’t be much of an episode if I LET you guys read the books."

Afura – The library lies upon holy ground. Only those who are in service of the shrine can have the privilege to seek the knowledge here. I’m sorry, but those are the sacred rules here to which I am strictly bound. (closes her eyes) And I regret that this knowledge can’t be for everyone.

Rule 48 in understanding Fujisawa: Don’t bother if he’s drunk.

Fujisawa – Yeah, it’s great! It looks like a Canadian Log House I’ve always dreamed of staying in. A-A-Alielle plan is making me proud of saying I built a house like this.

That’s different…

This episode does not feature Jinnai, though Nanami is in it. I guess you couldn’t write Bugrom in a story about building libraries.

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