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31  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: Site layout on: June 17, 2003, 05:49:46 PM
You'll get no arguments from me.  I'm a "journeyman" web-designer at best (and that's only because I've dabbled in it for the last 5 or so years).  

You've got a much bigger and broader grasp on the actual code than I do.  As for me, I subscribe to the K.I.S.S. school of web-design. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
Though, if I ever get more spare time, i woudl love to learn some new languages, espepcially for when i decide to do verison 3.0 *g*

Ultimately, a pretty page don't mean anything if you have no content.   ;D Luckily, you've got enough of both so you're sitting pretty.
32  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: Site layout on: June 17, 2003, 10:49:35 AM
I can only really give my input when it refers to frames.  I've descovered that frames can either be your friends or your foes, depending on the webmaster.

Some people go nuts with frames and it ultimately makes the whole page unbrowsable.

I live by this simple rule:

"Frames: two's company, three's a crowd, more than four is inviting a savage beating from your visitors. "

I tend to either limit my pages to no frames, or only 2 (A menu bar on top or side and the main window with a no greater than a 33/77 ratio for the two)

Also, If I do use frames, I try to make make the page also accessable to non-frame users (do not neglect the <noframes> tag) by adding my menu options to the main page, if only for that small percentage of web-browers unable to view frames.

Ultimately, the decision of how you design your page is up to you.  You can't appease everyone and if you start trying, you'll drive yourself nuts (this is spoken from personal experience.)

Overall, I like the redesign you did.  It's much more web-friendly, IMO.  I must admit that it's giving me some ideas on my own redesign when I start on version 2 of my own little heaven on the web.

33  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: alielle on: June 02, 2003, 01:37:44 AM
14,400 screenshots featuring every conceivable moment of El-Hazard and I was quickly defeated by Spanner.  ;p

That's why I snatched him up, cause he's the man *G*

Where would I be without him? And who would I lightheartedly fight to the death over the pale hand of Afura Mann...

BTW Aaron, did you ever get that file I sent?  I'm not sure if your mail service thingie just hates it when i try to send files, or if it just randomly decides to hate me...

34  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: 14 - "The Legendary Snowfields" - RETROSPECTIV on: May 17, 2003, 11:13:11 AM
Her latest food product, "Bean Jam Rice Cakes", don't sound very appetizing either. I'm still pondering if it's entirely possible to make jam from beans. I'm sure that beans are not fruit, and are vegetables. Oh well, this is screwball animé. Things are allowed not to make sense.

Actually, that's a real food product, though the name is slightly mistranslated.  It's not so much a "jam" but rather a paste.  

Asian cooking uses beans (Especially the large variety of soy beans) quite a bit in their cooking.  

Most likely the beans she were referring to were Adzaki Beans (or the closest thing to them on El-Hazard)


And as for the "Bean Jam Rice Cakes" from the way they were drawn, they were most likely Sweet Bean Paste Buns like these:


They're similar to steamed dumplings if you've ever had those at a Chinese Restaurant.  

Of course for something for "interesting" you may wanna consider this culinary treat: Shaved Iced and Beans.

But consider this, One of America's most common desserts has its basis of flavor in a bean - Vanilla Ice Cream.
35  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: El-Hazard 2 on: March 03, 2003, 02:37:23 AM
Nonii?! There's an El Hazard radio drama?!  ???

Yep.  There are more audio dramas than you can shake a zenmai at.  

Though the one that Rob is referring to is the series of dramas that aired on late night Japanese Radio in 1996.

The series takes place after the Magnificent World and the story contains several scenes that were later recycled into scenes in OVA 2.  

<cheappluggage>I got synopses of all things El-Hazard audio right here:


36  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: El-Hazard 2 on: February 11, 2003, 10:59:07 AM
I also know that "Makoto" of the infamous Geocities site likes to use these [loosely] as a grounds that all further series after OAV1 are a seperate existance.  I don't believe in that, I see it as just the laziness and/or money issues that it is. ;) Personally, I think he's just a little crazy about his El-Hazard.  But then... so am I.

Um "Rob", I do have a real name...

*Tries to think of reasons why his page is "Infamous" *

As for the OVA 2 argument, I never said that the different character designs were the reason why that OVA 2 was a seperate continuity.  I cannot see any reason why people cannot change their hairstyles/outfits.  

One of  real argument was this, and I only mentioned it because some people could nitpick this point, so I pointed it out, and that involves the Muldoon Artifacts.  It's noticeable that they changed (something you would not expect to happen to "Holy Artifacts") so I made the argument (Playing "Devil's Advocate," if you will.)

The biggest argument that could made that OVA 2 is a seperate entity is the fact that there was a sequel to the OVA made BEFORE OVA 2, which was the original Radio Program from late night Japanese Radio.

I know that you don't much care for original Japanese sources, which is fine.  I prefer to have a choice in what I percieve to be the El-Hazard Timeline.  


Personally, I think he's just a little crazy about his El-Hazard.  But then... so am I.

That may be true, but at least "MY" El-Hazard has never been subjugated to the horror that is Qawool Towles...

... Plus I get a Cool Ifurita and a Cute Ifurina...

... So which of us is really crazy?  

- Jason
37  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: Song difference on: February 10, 2003, 12:46:28 PM
I wouldn't worry too much about comparing which is better between "Back in Love" and "BOYS BE FREE."  

I prefer to think of them as two seperate songs, which is, in essence, what they are, lyrically speaking.

"Back in Love" really can't be considered a "loose" translation of "BOYS BE FREE." The ideas behind the individual songs vary too much.

"Back in Love" is a generic love song about falling back in love with a former lover from one's past.  

"BOYS BE FREE" is something else.  Unfortunately, I lost my copy of a translation of "BOYS BE FREE," but from what I remember the opening stanza went something like:

"Even if a witch were to turn you into a girl
It wouldn't matter to me
We'll share the ribbons to put in our hair
and walk hand in hand together." (Please forgive, this is from memories of a lost file, so it's not exact)

Then, the refrain goes something like:

"You don't have to be strong
You don't have to be brave
Something something
I'll love you anyway, etc..."

The "point" behind the song seems to be that guys shouldn't be obsessed with maintaining a stereotypical image of masculinity and should rather be themselves, because it doesn't matter to girls.  In essence, boys should be free to be themselves.

Of all the "character songs" in the El-Hazard library, this stands out since it almost seems to be OOC for Alielle.  She seems to be singing to a guys, or guys in general, which she shows no interest in at all in the OVA timeline.

There could be two reasons for this.

1. Since the first soundtrack came out some 2 months before the first OVA debuted, the character of Alielle wasn't completely developed yet into what she was in the actual series.

2.  The song actually offers some insight into Alielle that we may not have considered.  Perhaps, this may expalin why she is orientated toward the female sex.  Perhaps she was frustrated in dealing with boys who were more concerned with maintaining a macho image instead of being open with her and thus she decided to give her love to girls instead because they weren't obsessed with such things.

That's just my little theory.  

As for why there were such drastic difference between the English and Japanese versions of the song.  THat just appears to be a product of anime releases from that time period in America.  

Pioneer did this, especially.  Often for their dub releases, they would comission English versions of the opening and ending songs (Tenchi, El-Hazard, Phantom Quest Corps., etc.)  

Since, oftetimes, translating a song from one language to another and making it tell the same thing in the same beat and melody structure is REALLY hard.  

To be honest, literal translations sound horrible.  If you want proof of this, listen to the English version of the Kenshin opening theme or the English Version of the Slayers Next opener.

The fact that most companies don't bother to create English versions of the songs anymore (Opting for subtitles in the credits) should tell you how appreciated the effort of creating new songs for a series was.  
38  General / El-Hazard Online / Shameless Advertising... on: November 20, 2002, 11:23:41 PM
Hello there,

Well, I wanted to make sure this was kosher with the main man in charge before I went plastering this here.

Since he says it's cool...  here it goes...

Wanna see what an El-Hazard fan can do with 6 months of his free time?  Then why not visit...

This is a message brought to you by the m.W.o.

[Rob: Geocities doesn't allow off-site linking; the majority of us can only see a red x-box by default unless we explicity load your banner from the site or from an empty window.]
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