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31  General / Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Hi guys! Long time no see! on: July 31, 2004, 11:04:07 PM

Hmmm.......yes. Why is that?

Probably because they use names like "ZexxyKitty." ;)

Rowan-- Chances are I'll probably have an account on both. Primarily though I'll probably be some support character, like a Human Paladin or something (though being a Mage is tempting...). I understand they're usually in demand in MMORPGs.
32  General / Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Mr. Saturn Appreciation Day on: July 27, 2004, 04:17:54 AM
Not anime, actually. :] Mr. Saturn represents a race from the SNES RPG Earthbound, who are geniuses, but never really got anywhere due to their lack of hands.

(They're also handy weapons to use in Super Smash Brothers: Melee, when your friend is a bloody turtling Shield freak and you aren't using someone with good throws.... :| )

Sadly I never got around to playing the game... I should really do that sometime (but first, the Megaman Anniversary Collection...). *chuckles*
33  General / Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Hi guys! Long time no see! on: July 18, 2004, 11:04:37 PM
Says another guy with a huge avatar.  ;)

Good to have you back, Aya; even though I barely remember you, heh (apparently I joined a few days after your [now second] most recent post :] ). *chuckles*

I never got into RO, though when the beta was free my brother did (as a Mage who was overly fond of zapping Porings with lightning bolts ;D). It's not really my style, although being an FFT fan I admit a certain affinity for the artwork. Waiting for World of WarCraft, myself-- even though MMORPGs take a lot of time out of the day, heh.
34  Games / El-Hazard Online RPG / Re: *OOC* Post Character Specs! on: July 10, 2004, 05:58:59 AM
As Xan's appearance has now changed slightly (namely the new gun and the lab coat-- black trenchcoats are badly overplayed, but how about the cool guy wearing white? :D), here's a new PhotoShopped picture of him. Any similarities between this and Deus Ex art is entirely coincidental.  -_-
35  Games / El-Hazard Online RPG / Re: Ch.3 - The Week After. on: July 10, 2004, 05:55:32 AM
Ah, is it my turn again? *chuckles* Alrighty... here's a stab at trying to work in a little of the series' patented humor before we get back to the palace drama and the action. :]


Xan had finished with his modifications after nearly three-quarters of an hour, most of it spent converting the light alloy Roshtarian weapons used to a pistol design. Caeus was more skilled than he gave himself credit for, and with less effort than he'd expected the assassin molded the gun's components together.

The finished product was heavier than his needle gun; lighter than the EMP blaster. It contoured nicely to his hand-- the shaping had taken the most work-- and the handle was carefully wrapped in black cloth in lieu of a more elegant grip, which, to his annoyance, the scientists hadn't deemed necessary enough to provide. For now, it was enough... he'd need gloves to further protect himself from the recoil of the power cell's discharge, but that wasn't a major sacrifice. After all, anyone besides the scientists and myself who see that pistol... are probably about to die anyway.

With a mild grin and a click he attached a thin aiming line to the top of the barrel, and nodded. Not his best work, but he didn't have time for that. He twirled the heavy pistol in his hand and fired down the corridor; as he expected, the bolt dissipated rapidly and by the time it struck the distant reinforced wall there was little damage done. He holstered it anyway. I suppose it's only fair; shooting at Bugrom from fifty paces. Any longer and it would seem... unsporting.

He strode back across the lab, toward the stairs. It would be interesting to see what the new day held....


To his surprise, the first thing he saw upon opening the door and stepping into the foyer was Kai... his arm in a sling, standing idly by the door. He'd apparently converted the room into a lab of some kind... the tablecloths were out and the kitchen table had an array of gadgets on it; likewise, the chairs were similarly used. Tulkata and Sena were nowhere to be seen-- even more baffling, as open as the upstairs portion of the safehouse was.

Xan looked over the aging doctor. "...morning, Kai. Sorry about that arm. Weight lifting?"

"Weight training, Agent Xan!" replied the old man gleefully, lunging toward the assassin... at the last moment, Xan raised his arm to block and the cast burst open, revealing a heavy-seeming bracer under it. The blow stung, and Xan flinched, rubbing his forearm. "What do you think?"

"Smashing," replied the 'agent.' "I see your arms are dangerous."

Kai smirked at the lines. "And so are yours, Agent Xan. This bracer is made of the same lightweight alloy your new pistol is... durable, and nonfragmentable, so in the event it does get broken your arms won't!"

"What about that?" asked the assassin, gesturing toward an odd-looking triple-bladed knife. "I don't imagine it's for steak."

"This, Agent Xan, is a rappeling hook." He walked over to the chair, and picked up the odd object. "You can throw it, and if it strikes a solid surface the blades detract, forming an anchor. I've heard you're keen about breaking and entering?"

"You might say I'm hooked on it." cracked Xan, and the old man rolled his eyes. He stepped back over the table, resting his hand near a pair of boots.

"Don't touch that, Agent!" snapped the doctor, and Xan recoiled. "Those haven't been finished yet."

"So I don't get to walk a mile in another man's shoes, K?" joked the assassin, and Kai grimaced.

"I might reconsider if it'd lead to you walking a mile away, Agent." He chuckled. "When we're finished, they'll include a unit that generates a sudden pull of mass on the ground below, acting as a sort of anchor. We'd been experimenting with magnets, which had their limitations, but this...."

"Ah. I certainly understand the gravity of the situation, K... take your time with those boots."

"I don't think you're really the 'down to earth' type anyway, Agent." smirked K. "Ahh... here's something you can use." He picked up a thin, narrow box. "I went ahead and borrowed one of your cases of unaltered needles. Fifty of these are loaded with miniature incendiary charges. They smoke when they're fired to provide an obvious trajectory range, and they'll burn when they strike a rough surface."

"Ah, K, you light up my life."

"Well, thanks to me you might have one after this morning." replied the doctor, grinning. "What else do we have-- blast it, Agent, don't touch anything!"

Xan had gone over to a higher stool, and patted a thick lab coat, much like the one Kai was wearing. It was white primary, but the inside trim and sleeves were both dark violet. He nodded; he liked the unusual design.

"...well, I suppose I was going to get to it anyway." K sighed and walked over across from Xan, carefully stepping over the table. "This is for you, Agent Xan. Miss Sena finished it just now."

"So, she can sew as well as sow. So what?"

K rolled his eyes. "You might have the 'hots' for her, Agent, but she wanted to make sure you don't get burned, like last night... oh, and the coat is flame-retardant, and is loose enough to hide most of your weapons. Of course, even if it won't get singed, you still can. So make sure to shield yourself if you're in danger."

Xan nodded. "If there's one thing I'm skilled at, it's getting under covers."

"Oh, grow up, Agent. Sena is a consummate professional. ...oh, that reminds me. About your sword... I understand you're rather attached to it, and you made it yourself?"

The assassin nodded again. "Indeed. We've forged many an adventure together."

K shook his head, sighed; and went over to a taller kitchen counter. "We did some work on your blade, while you were out. Sharpened it, mostly... you'll notice we narrowed the thrusting edge at the tip, so it's useful for more than slashing."

Xan tapped the tip of the blade. "I get the point." He picked it up, and slid it into the sheath on his back. The handle barely stuck out, and he noted that, realizing that if he needed to he could sling the blade lower and thereby hide it from sight. "I'm very impressed by your craftsmanship, K... for an old scientist, you're certainly on the cutting edge."

"Someone has to be around here." replied Kai stiffly. "...I don't suppose-- Agent!"

"And what might this be?" inquired Xan pointedly, holding up a utensil. "Something for picking up sound waves? A weapon, perhaps?"

K snatched it from his hand. "That would be a fork. And Sena has breakfast ready. I understand you haven't eaten for some time, Agent, and since we're sending you out again so soon...."

"Whose idea was it?" asked Xan. "Yours? Tulkata's?"

"No. Actually, Sena felt bad about her outburst, even if she still thinks you're-- and I quote-- a 'sexist pig.'"

"We can't all by perfect." retorted the assassin, and Kai chuckled.

"No. But we can play nicely with our friends."


Xan and Sena said little to each other; neither did they eat much. The assassin paid a passing complement about the quality of the sausages she'd bought at the market, then, after a nudge from Kai, her cooking; her thoughts seemed elsewhere.

Tulkata gave Xan some last-minute advice, as he'd only rarely dealt with Bugrom before-- but the young man paid little attention; even a child knew that dueling with someone bigger and stronger than him was just stupid if there was a better alternative-- and bid the older doctor and the girl good-bye.


Converted energy pistol, needle gun, EMP gun... check. Fireproof lab coat... heh... check. Sword, check. Grappling hook, check. Knives... of course. The assassin jumped onto a window ledge of the safehouse and swung himself up onto the rooftop.

"Floristica Palace..." he whispered, "...here I come."


Yes! Finally done with this segment! Hope it was at least mildly entertaining. >_> As filler goes, anyway, heh.
36  Games / El-Hazard Online RPG / Re: *OOC* Comments and Questions on: June 25, 2004, 11:02:27 PM
Y'know, I was just going over the old threads here, and noticed that the RP started on June 18th (or so) of last year. Kinda neat that it's still going on (albeit with fewer writers left) after that long. :]

Um... yeah, just wanted to mention that. It's like a one-year anniversary or something. ;D
37  Games / El-Hazard Online RPG / Re: *OOC* Comments and Questions on: June 19, 2004, 12:21:56 AM
Well, there's something, at least. I was just browsing EHOL and noticed my last RP post was from about four months ago... oops.  -_-

Anyway, I'm not sure who's doing what (is this building up to the Priestesses attempting a rescue? Most of the "PCs" are captives, heh), but Xan at least has reasons for going after either side, so I could help out there if need be.

For reference, the use of Roshtarian "pulse rifles" comes from OAV 7, where troopers and their cannon emplacements fire what looks like reddish pulses of electricity. I didn't think they used energy weapons until I started to think about "Just how are those humans supposed to fight the Bugrom anyway, when they're smarter, stronger, and in an era before machine guns?" and lo and behold, they have laser guns. *chuckles* I guess it's tradition, though-- ever since Star Wars it's been proven that, despite being much higher-tech, blasters usually miss, and swords and guns still kill people. ;D Oh well.
38  Games / El-Hazard Online RPG / Re: Ch.3 - The Week After. on: June 18, 2004, 11:45:51 PM
*casts Raise Thread* :D (Gee, I haven't posted since... February?! Filler just to get the thread active again, but hopefully this'll lead into resuming the main arc soon.)


Several hours passed. Xan forced himself to meditate, focusing his mind on anything other than the constant prickling sensations throughout his body while the healing device did its work. He wasn't angry-- no more than usual, anyway; knowing, as he did, that his opponent 'Kane' was no doubt in much worse condition and with no similar way to regenerate-- but he was frustrated. One of his elders had locked him in a glass coffin-- or so the cylinder appeared and felt-- for a quarter of a day. He rarely slept that long.

Time slowly passed by, and the assassin's thoughts focused mostly on the humans he'd seen-- and one he'd sparred with-- that night. The was a reason they were outside, especially as a group; he doubted it was for a walk. Although the crisp Roshtarian nights are much more pleasant than their days....

He had nearly fallen asleep, having finally adjusted to the steady, dull ache of technological healing... when with a click and a hiss the lid slowly rose, and the machine quietly hummed as it powered down. The assassin gave a deep sigh and swung his legs over the side, then dropped to the ground.

"I knew it." he muttered, clenching a fist. Those scientists-- they're certainly not 'doctors'-- planned it. Yes, lock the tired assassin in a bottle... make it so he can't sleep... and set it to end just when he finally adjusts to it. "I hate science." he said, walking over to a desk where-- he'd been too injured to notice at the time-- his sword had been placed. "I'd kill those senile old men, but I owe them for helping me out. ...well, perhaps some 'severe lacerations' would be enough, and then they could sample that bloody regenerator--"

"You must be Xan." called out a woman's voice from the gloom, and the assassin abruptly stopped.

"I... apologize." he said after a moment. "My... frustrations were with the scientists."

"Yes, they can be like that, can't they?" she replied, stepping into the harsh glow of a ceiling light, voice higher than her original sarcastic tone. "My name is Senali... though I would prefer if you called me 'Sena.'"

"Xanas Antares, although 'Xan' is sufficient." He half-smiled. "One of the madmen mentioned you... you're a huntress?"

She nodded. "And a skilled one... or so I would like to think, at least."

The assassin looked her over after a short nod. She looked the role, at least... attractive, with an impressive figure that her outfit, a low-cut green vest and slightly darker leggings, only accentuated. She was more muscular than many female Tribesmen he'd met, and as she was roughly his height, and, he estimated, slightly older; they would be more evenly matched in a fight than most.

"Do you like what you see?" Sena quipped, and Xan averted his eyes elsewhere in the lab. "Do you know how badly you stare? I wasn't sure if you were checking me out or trying to figure out a way to kill me."

"A little of both, actually." he replied dryly, and she laughed. "I was curious... I haven't met many women combatants... not in the past years, at least."

"You'd rather I be in the kitchen?"

"I'm not sure. How well do you cook?"

Sena laughed again, and Xan made a thin smile. "Well enough, but only because I can't stand the taste of rations. And I enjoy hunting, so I sort of had to learn." She nodded toward Xan. "How about you?"

"No. I tend to live on rations or foraging. Actual cooking is a woman's job."

The huntress began to laugh again, but Xan's tone indicated he wasn't joking, and she crossed her arms, frowning. "I'm sorry you think that way, Lord Antares. Shall I get your jacket for you as we go upstairs? Or should I stay down here and sweep the floor?"

Xan likewise crossed his arms. "I meant no insult to you, Miss Sena. In fact, I'm certain you're a fine warrior, for a woman."

"For a woman!?" she repeated, nearly yelling now. "I bet I could gut you, you chauvanist pig! We have centuries of history of women fighting just as well as men in the Tribe and you think you can come along and--"

"If your offer to take my coat still stands, Sena, I think I will be going up to speak with the doctors now."

The woman halted in mid-sentence. She stared at Xan, shock and disgust crossing her face, then slammed her hand into a nearby shelf. "Get your own bloody coat!" She stormed through the door, slamming it shut behind her; and to add insult to injury switched off the laboratory's main lights as she left.

"Women." Xan murmured, shaking his head as he took the door handle, noting where it was earlier. "Never controlling their emotions properly. One might think I had unfairly insulted her or something." He shook his head and slowly ascended the stairs after her.


"...something tells me you two didn't hit it off." said Kai mildly, looking over a Roshtarian light energy rifle in his lap.

Xan shrugged. "Women are strange and unpredictable. How was I to know she'd react like that?"

Tulkata stared askance at the young man, then shook his head, putting his hand on top of his white hair as part of the gesture. "I... well, I suppose I can't blame you. You're... what, exactly, twenty?"

"Nineteen, but nearly that, yes. I don't see what that has to--"

"I think that's enough." chuckled the old scientist, who stood, rifle still in hand. "We do have more important matters to concern ourselves with, and Sena will get over it."

"Assuming Mr. Antares doesn't treat her as a maid." retorted Tulkata. "Senali is among the most skilled and well-trained Hunters I personally have ever seen. She is dedicated and cunning--"

"You left out her charming smile and hot body." joked Caeus, and the younger doctor rolled his eyes.

"...and she has seniority over you, Xan. I suggest that, if you're going to remain here, you put aside your outdated prejudices and try to get along."

Xan glared at Tulkata. "Then I shall not remain here long, Doctor."

"Are you both finished?" cut in Kai, voice firm. "Because if you are, we have payment to discuss, Xan."

The assassin arched an eyebrow. "Really? After your treatment of me, I had been considering charging you. Taking an assassin prisoner--"

"You weren't going to earn any blood money in your condition." snapped the older Tribesman, his tone unusually cold. "We did you a favor, and now, young man, you owe us."

Xan crossed his arms, and turned his gaze toward Kai... but the old scientist didn't flinch. He sighed. "...very well. What do you want from me?"

"It's simple enough." answered Tulkata, sitting down, and picking up a note in Sena's careful handwriting. "Senali was at the Palace of Floristica this morning. She reports there was a Bugrom invasion on the premises, and while the Royal Family is reportedly secure... there are a large number of casualties. A group of humans attempted to restore order but with, so far, no success." He removed his thin-framed reading glasses. "Kai personally investigated, and apparently two of the three Great Priestesses-- Water and Fire, fortunately for us they enjoy being color-coded-- are in the city."

"That is convenient," Xan replied, "...given that it would be too great a distance for help to be summoned and then provided in so short a time."

"Isn't luck always with whomever fights the Bugrom?" Kai joked, and the younger scientist chuckled.

"I suppose so. ...in any event, Xan... our request is simple. We want you to eliminate the Bugrom in the palace and, if possible, their leader... Sena reported that it was a young human male, so there are no unforeseen complications."

"There are always complications." Xan countered, but he nodded. "That's acceptable. Further... if I remember correctly, the man I fought earlier is probably related to the Fire Priestess."

"Business first." cautioned Caeus, wagging a finger comically at the assassin. "No killing anybody else until the palace is secured."

Xan half-smiled. "Fine. ...two things, however. First, why do you-- since I know you haven't received any orders from the enclave-- want the palace saved? And second... do you happen to have any chemicals that kill Bugrom? Poison doesn't work effectively on them and I would rather not melee them in numbers."

"Well, we want to preserve the status quo. If the Bugrom take over Roshtaria that easily, it'll topple the balance of power across the entire continent." Kai shook his head. "And if the Bugrom win...."

"...we lose." finished Tulkata. "To that end... we do have toxins designed against the Bugrom, but most are air-dispersal and designed to work in contained spaces, like rooms in a hive. The palace is, largely, open to the air... and, well, it wouldn't help. Not sufficiently enough to weaken the big ones, anyway."

Xan opened his mouth to speak, but this time Kai cut him off. "Have no fear, young man. Your 'senile' elder has an idea." And saying that he held out the Roshtarian rifle with both hands.

"...an RPG3X?" said Xan, unimpressed, looking at the weapon. "A Roshtarian pulse gun would be remarkable if it gave a Bugrom second-degree burns. Even their cannon batteries don't help much against them." He raised both eyebrows, another thought coming to him. "...if you want me to die on this mission, you could have at least come up with a better joke. You never know... with this I could conceivably hit one with the butt and break its anten--"

"No, but you're tempting me." growled Kai, and he took back the rifle. "...I picked up two. One of them I've already taken apart... examined its power cells, blast coiling, and so on. Apparently, the humans that adapted this technology didn't know proper ways of focusing an energy beam... hence the weakened pulses and slow rate of fire. But the power they generate is potentially lethal...."

"...if it were properly adapted." Xan supplied, his turn to finish the old man's thoughts. "I suppose so, and weapon and gun design is one of my non-combat skills...."

"Yes," said Tulkata, half-joking, "...you didn't seem to be the sort who was into pottery or dance."

"Or oratory... but then, talking a man to death is the domain of a scientist, not an assassin." Xan quipped, and Kai grinned.

"Well said. Now, let's see if you're as skilled in gunsmithing as you are at repartee, young man. I've done most of the hard work already, but actually converting the rifle to a short-range high-power pistol... well, it's something I wouldn't want to mess up."

"...alright." said Xan, loading the rifle, parts, and his gear onto a tray and heading for the laboratory again. "...I estimate an hour or two, with these tools. It's not difficult work, for one who knows how... as long as nothing goes wrong."

"Then for your sake, I hope nothing does." said Tulkata, soberly. "The regenerator will need several hours to recharge."

Xan nodded as he went back down. There was nothing quite like the threat of death to focus one's mind intently on the task at hand.


OK... I should be ready to go [with new and improved Bugrom blasting ;D] whenever someone involved with the main plot posts again. Apologies for the length; but I wanted to get all the extraneous stuff out of the way. :]
39  General / Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Weird reviews on: June 07, 2004, 11:36:14 PM
Back when I used to write, I posted a Final Fantasy Tactics story to FFN (at the time about 15 chapters long, with the average length of 4000 words-- so it wasn't exactly a one-shot short piece to get lost in the woodwork). I got some... rather bizarre reviews (the real prize was somebody saying I was "ripping off from the game and has no creativity," when, of course, The Brave Story was a novelized rewrite :P ), and ended up taking the entire thing down. I visit the site on rare occasion-- mostly to read stuff by people I know, like Mr. What over there-- but that's really it. It has some good members of the online writing community there, sure, but it has all the bad ones.

As for that member, Dooky; don't pay too much attention to it. I'm no fan of homosexuality myself (quite the opposite, actually, being a religious man and a Conservative), but I certainly wouldn't bash it in a review that wasn't itself political, and certainly wouldn't take pride in it in my biography.

Speaking of which, I think what sums it all up is that in addition to being a "small, wiry, et al." he's also a "fanatical free thinker." Uh huh.
40  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: Who's your fave El Hazard Character? on: May 30, 2004, 01:36:49 AM
I remember this one. :D I think I had my first post here, actually....

Afura-- Heh, I figured you were going to surprise us and pick Rune or Miz or someone just for the irony. *chuckles* I liked Afura as well, it's just that she'll always be compared to the other two Priestesses, and they're some of the most interesting characters in anime (Shayla in particular is a favorite, she's done so well-- Miz is pretty funny and has her moments as well). Meanwhile, Afura gets to be centered, unflappable character, which just isn't the same.

Speaking of Shayla, after watching some more of El Hazard since the last time I posted, I think I'll switch the order a bit (Shayla's now #1, and Jinnai's quite a bit higher... he gets funnier each time I watch the series, while Ifurita's... still Ifurita, heh).
41  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: the magnificent love-triangle world on: May 30, 2004, 01:31:55 AM
Wow, this is an old thread. I actually skimmed for awhile after I joined and still didn't see this one. *chuckles*

Interesting topic, though... especially some of the earlier discussion. I always figured Makoto and Ifurita were (in TMW, of course) some sort of "destined couple"... going back in time to wait ten millenia for someone is about the closest thing to love and devotion you're going to get. On the other hand... their feelings and "romance" blossomed during roughly two hours of actual time together, heh, so it's hard to say.

If there was going to be another El Hazard series (which is very unlikely, considering how unsuccessful the most recent ones were-- which is a shame, as the series had so much potential), I'd like it to feature a different romance (besides Ifurita and Rune, anyway). If it has Qawoor, then it'll probably be her (as much as I hate the character)-- Nanami, being the "childhood sweetheart," is automatically destined to lose unless the new El Hazard would be a dedicated shoujo series; Alielle doesn't lean that way, Afura never really seemed interested, and Shayla's mine. :D

Anyway, the whole reason I posted was that one of my favorite things about the original OAV series was the "love triangle"-- even though Ifurita winning was a foregone conclusion, it was cool to see a web of romantic interests going that was actually paced well and pretty realistic (especially compared to, say, Tenchi Muyo! or Love Hina's manga). And the fact that none of the other series played on that nearly as well-- despite having so many more episodes to work with-- was a travesty.

And, finally (yes, rant almost over ;D), that's a good point about Ifurita, and reminds me about something I discussed with some of my D&D players (using Humans and Elves rather than superpowered killer androids-- relationships wouldn't develop between them for the very pertinent and serious reason that their time together would be about a lunch hour in the immortal creature's lifespan... and why make a 'promise for forever' with someone who's just going to die?).
42  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: Fujisawa's Final Exam: EHAT Final Prototype on: May 29, 2004, 02:52:18 PM
Well, it'll help if you copy/paste any offending questions, particularly with typos, since there's over 400 of them and I don't feel like letting my vision become bleary trying to check each word.  ;D

Here's a few I saw by Refreshing through randomly generated tests....

In The Wanderers, why did Makoto search out the twelth tower of the Floristica palace? (twelfth)

In OVA2, what is Miz' advice for women who want to get married? (Miz's-- the apostrophe after an S doesn't apply to Z sounds, and not for proper names anyway, unless they're plural; but this is a quibble)

In OVA2, what happens when Princess Fatora sets out to conquer a foreign tongue?' (apostrophe at the end-- but that's a terrible question anyway, even though the "It's foreign tongue Fatora gets!" is still funny)

In Alt World, what caught Qawoor's eye, in the Fujisawa's house? (Fujisawas', since you're using the plural... but again that's not that big a deal)

That's all that jump out... I didn't see the "Nanamni" one again (and I don't remember what question that was from) and I forgot the other typo I was thinking of. :/ I'll let you know if I do; I actually feel bad for bringing it up now, since most of the other questions (I refreshed about ten times) have very few errors, which is pretty impressive for the number involved.

Also, "The Magnificent World" is loosely applied to OAV2, the Wanderers, and the Sega Saturn game... (The Wanderers being one of the biggest worries.)  

Good point; I just don't care too much for the "OAV(X)" references, I guess. Even more annoying as the "Alt. World" abbreviation... that could probably stand to be spelled out (since The Wanderers is).

Boy, I'm just in a nitpicky mood this morning. Sorry about that....

Thus you're doomed.  :P

Noooo! Must I fail and continue to use Direct Connect for my mp3 needs?! Say it's not so~!
43  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: Fujisawa's Final Exam: EHAT Final Prototype on: May 29, 2004, 04:41:20 AM
Guess whose name is one higher than Jinnai's?  

You scored 90%

Total: 18 / 20 answered correctly.


20 questions feels about right, sure; and since they seem to be pooled more or less fairly from all four series the only way to get a large number right is to know them all (or have handy access to Google... but that goes for any online test).

My only concern is that the questions weren't always specific enough (I remember one about Nanamni (might want to fix that ;)) pulling Makoto away from Shayla, and thinking that happened more than once...), and using, for example, "The Magnificent World" might be better than "OAV1" (it just seems less professional this way-- but then, that probably doesn't matter).

I assume the joke answers ("What did Ifurita tell Afura to do inside the tornado?" "B. Take off her clothes." ...and somehow I'm thinking that'd have made that filler episode a lot more interesting, though... :D) are there to make the quiz easier? If so, that's fine (I just wanted to point that out).

And... can't think of much else. Maybe write out the names of the series and fix some of the typoes. Neat quiz, except for the Alternative World questions... I'm still trying to forget that series, and getting a bunch of trivia about it isn't helping! ;)
44  General / Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: The big Map on: May 23, 2004, 10:25:57 PM
I live in Fulton, Missouri (home of Westminster College, which ruined their reputation as Churchill's Memorial by giving Cheney and Kerry a forum for making fools of themselves :[ ), which is actually pretty close to the middle of the US.

You live in Scotland, Lar? That's awesome... most of my ancestors were Scottish; and I've always wanted to visit.
45  General / Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Happy Birthday Administrator-sama on: May 20, 2004, 11:37:52 PM
Happy Birthday, Bob-- heh, in Central Time it's still the 20th. *chuckles* Happy 21st; I'm glad you had a good birthday and I wish you a great year. :]
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