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106  Games / El-Hazard Online RPG / Re: *OOC* Post Character Specs! on: January 14, 2004, 05:56:25 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome. :) And sorry about taking so much time getting started; I just want to make sure I've got a handle on things before I jump right in.

Here's the graphic of Xan I did. The fact that he looks very much like a Knights of the Old Republic 3D model is entirely coincidental.  ^^; The upper-right picture is a close-up of the EMP gun (the higher, wider barrel is the EM discharger; the narrower, longer barrel underneath is the alternate-fire, heh; and it has a grip if he ever needs to aim properly with it). The needle gun is pretty easy to see, although I made the primary color red so it stands out more.

A few addendums to the previous description (a few things I forgot to clarify, heh):

-Like all Shadow Tribesmen, Xan can alter his physical appearance to anything humanoid of roughly his size. He could make himself look like, say; Ifurita, but not Shaq (too tall) or a cat (too small, not humanoid). Naturally, he rarely walks around civilized areas in his true form (his 'normal' alternate form is basically himself with normal-colored skin, blonde hair, and green eyes).
-The needle gun is primarily loaded with poison needles, as above; but he also carries tranquilizers. Someone reminded me that gunfights are boring if one hit will kill you and missing all the time is boring and unrealistic. The tranquilizer works, as normal, by slowing down bodily functions until the victim is knocked out, which means shooting someone at rest works very quickly, but shooting someone active can take longer to work (and might take multiple hits).
Xan can make more needles if he access to metal and tools, but he doesn't know how to make Shadow Tribe poison (although he is trying to learn-- Shadow Tribe University, Poison Crafting 101 :D). Any others he makes would be unpoisoned needles (and basically be a lot like bullets).
-For those unaware EMP works by overloading the usually delicate and fine-tuned amounts of electricity machines run on. Needless to say this draws an inordinate amount of power and the cell would have to recharge after just a half-dozen or so shots. EMP won't noticeably hurt a human, but someone if shot would probably feel a tingle, and twitch a bit.
The particle beam uses a concentrated stream of subatomic particles (much like proton rays and torpedos you hear about in science fiction, which may or may not be possible in real life :P). Primarily it's for disrupting steady energy sources (like shields). If a human is shot with it they would probably get knocked back or down and show a light bruise or burn on the impact point. It's not lethal (or even particularly dangerous).
-The sword and knives are, as the eloquent saying goes, putting pointy things into fleshy things.

And I think that's it. (Finally, eh? :])
107  Games / El-Hazard Online RPG / Re: *OOC* Comments and Questions on: January 14, 2004, 05:13:44 PM
Apologies for the double-post, but when you edit frequently nobody notices. *chuckles*

OK... I read chapters 2 and 3, and I think I'm caught up; and ready to pitch in. Before I do, though; I want to make sure this is right:

-A spaceship crashed on Floristica (?), doing all sorts of property damage. Most of the PC cast were captured, but got away.
-Miles (Fujisawa) helped in that and seems to be with the "good guys" now (with a WANZER!, no less ;D).
-Kane (Exe, as he likes being called, apparently :]) still doesn't trust him (must be the Shayla genes, heh). Cayla does (and she's an NPC, right?).
-Itamar (Spanner) and Shitia (TVIfurita) are involved in a sideplot, and neither's active right now (?).
-Lan/Lana (Larewan) was with Jinnai, left after his "request" (heh) to spy on the main PC group at Nanami's Diner (that's almost a catchy restaurant name :D), but she was recognized.
-The main group drove (via WANZER! or car) back to Floristica, ate and caught up at above diner, then went to Yumi's house, where currently nobody is actually sleeping, because:
-Lan went into some sort of fit, was helped, then ran back off to Jinnai (who went off on his own after the royal family (which currently consists of...?)).

Anything in the above with question marks would be helpful to know, but I think I can get by. Also, do I need to know anything more about Yumi besides that she's a good-looking NPC female doctor who flirts with Kane? I guess I missed when she was introduced, heh.

Input (either answers or corrections) is very welcome. :) And I'll go ahead and write something in the meantime.
108  Games / El-Hazard Online RPG / Re: *OOC* Post Character Specs! on: January 13, 2004, 10:41:02 PM
Looks like I'm first new entrant in awhile. *bows* Nice to meet you all; I hope we can get along with only a modicum of senseless outbursts of violence. ;D

I PMed this character info to Fujisawa and it was approved, so here we are (with some slight modifications following our discussion). Look forward to writing with everyone. :)


Name: Xanas Antares
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthdate: September 9th
Affiliation: Shadow Tribe (Rogue) (explained below)
Occupation: Assassin
Height: 5' 7''  
Weight: 159 (pretty fit for a Shadow Tribesman, but they have a slight build)
Hair Color: Dark blue
Eye Color: Amber
Skin Color: Light blue (of course)
Blood Type: O- (do they even have the typical Rheusus types?)

Xanas (or "Xan") was something of a rarity among the Shadow Tribe when he grew up-- someone who really didn't care about going back "home." The Shadows, he reasoned; had lived in El Hazard so long they had might as well accept it... although those who insisted on resisting their inevitable dominance of the world should be "dealt with" anyway.

Xan never had the widespread illusory powers that senior Tribesmen like Galus and Najato possessed; nor the ruthless genius that characterized their scientists. Xan was treated well enough, but he knew he had no useful role as he was; nothing to help the Tribe with [to him] the more important of their goals-- purging El-Hazard.

So he did what any good teenager would do. He left.

Xan went to a remote enclave some of his friends and relatives resided at, far from the Tribe's main grounds; and began training there as a "warrior of stealth"-- an assassin, using the two most formidabe traits of the Shadow Tribe (technology and illusion). While there he learned the full story of what had happened to the Tribe's once-grand dreams of conquest and destruction-- they'd been ended by the actions of a few off-world meddlers and their pet Demon goddess.

When Xan left again, his primary mission was still "removing" the most troublesome obstacles to Shadow dominance. But now the rogue hit man had another item on his agenda-- killing off Mizuhara Makoto, Ifurita, Nanami, and all those directly related to them.


Weapons: Xan carries two pistols, one on his right side (he's left-handed) and the other slung over his left shoulder. The primary weapon is a needle-gun that fires bullet-like poisoned darts at high velocity (deadly, but with less mass than a bullet more likely to miss over long range due to wind resistance). The poison fits his style-- long-lasting and extremely painful; it takes roughly 15-30 excruciating minutes before death (this sounds bad, but what it means is that someone can get to an antidote or heal them in time ).

The shoulder-slung pistol is energy-based, firing pulses of electromagnetic energy-- the ideal weapon for shutting down a machine like a demon god. Beneath the main barrel is a tracking beam that can also fire a destabilizing particle ray (in case the target has some sort of shield, like Kalia).

He also has a sheathed sword on his back. Just because some opponents demand an honorable duel (heh), or in case they're too close to use the guns. For style purposes this sword is much like the one Jinnai uses in The Wanderers (which is a poor design, but it looks cool). He has two throwing daggers, one inside each boot (one of which doubles as his suicide tool if he's ever captured with no chance of escape).

Appearance: He doesn't wear armor, just a dark-blue jacket (cloaks are easier to see) over traditional Shadow Tribe garments (again, like Najato's).

My art skill is measured in imaginary numbers (just like the term in mathematics, you can estimate it, but it ain't real :D), but fortunately I can do alright with image editing. I'll probably PhotoShop something together soon.

Illusory powers: As said, nothing like the grandiose powers of deception the more powerful Tribesmen have. Xan can make himself appear invisible (although he can still be heard, smelled, touched, etc.) or displace his true location (while he's invisible, there's an illusionary double between a few feet to about ten meters away from his true location to trick people). ...and that's really about it. His powers are personal-range; he has nothing that can affect the minds of others.


And... I think that's it. I've plenty of story to catch up on, but once that's done I'll go ahead and jump in. Fujisawa was kind enough to give me a few ideas to work with, so I'll be hunting for trying to meet up with some of you soon.

PS - Anyone object to my using Times? Or should I use the normal font during story posts? I find Serif fonts easier to read, but I know some people on other forums I regular don't like it.
109  Games / El-Hazard Online RPG / Re: *OOC* Comments and Questions on: January 12, 2004, 07:00:47 PM
It's my pleasure; and thanks for the reply. Yeah, I've got AIM; I'll go ahead and add you (and I'm "holyknightwayne"-- long story; I used to be a Tactics geek :D). And I'm looking forward to it; I have a few ideas, of course, but I'm pretty flexible; and I have plenty of time right now to write with.
110  Games / El-Hazard Online RPG / Re: *OOC* Comments and Questions on: January 12, 2004, 02:41:32 AM
I'll assume this is the right place for a question, then.  ;D

This looks interesting... I'm a fan of El Hazard (naturally... else why would I be here? *chuckles*) and also writing/roleplaying (I'm sure nobody cares about resumes; but I DM a D&D game and have participated in a few online writing projects, most anime/RPG-game based). Most online RPs tend to die off pretty quickly, but this one's been going for awhile (and I see chapter 3 has quite a few pages in just roughly two months, which is pretty rare)... so it might just be the real deal, eh? :]

Anyway; I was just wondering if y'all were still taking applicants, and if so how much of the backstory should I read to "catch up" (I've been skimming most of chapter 3, although it's not exactly making sense on its own, heh)? Also, and I've already looked at the character guidelines (and they're quite good; I'm glad to see the mods are concerned about potential powergaming)... but how useful (or disruptive) would it be to play an antagonist of sorts? From what I've read it seems like there's not a whole lot of conflict, and while that's definitely good at times, it tends to stagnate faster (plus-- and maybe this is too many years of playing evil NPCs :D-- I just like writing as bad guys).

Probably someone from the Shadow Tribe (no surprise, being a Kagato fan, eh?), if that's alright. And if not, that's fine, too-- I just like doing some writing in my off time, and I'd like to chip in to help keep an online RP going (since they are pretty rare, let alone one for an anime I like, like El Hazard).

Sorry for being so long-winded (and also if this was, indeed, the wrong place for a question like that).
111  General / El-Hazard Online / Re: Who's your fave El Hazard Character? on: January 12, 2004, 01:55:17 AM
After the little Kenshin diversion, I hope nobody minds me chiming in about El Hazard.  ^^;

My favorite's been Ifurita pretty much from the start... to this day I can't really put my finger on it; she's probably the least expressive among a bunch of really offbeat characters, and she's the default superbeing (and being a writer of a sort I tend to dislike that). But... her whole story with Makato was done so well in the OAVs, especially for as short as it was.

Very close runner-up is Shayla-Shayla (she's about the exact opposite of me, so of course I like her :D), and then I'm not sure where the others fit in. El Hazard has so many good characters it's tough to play favorites, heh.

Samurai X was the English name for the Kenshin prequel OAVs (which despite the inclusion of X, the most overused letter of the modern generation; is better than the [for me] complex Japanese titles)... which I didn't like quite as much as the Rurouni Kenshin TV series. It was quite a bit gorier and with none of the humor and fewer likeable characters-- that was probably the point, I mean; a dramatic story about a killer who eventually had to overcome that-- but I just didn't like it as much. It's still good, though.

I like being a new member with an opinion. *laughs* First time it's happened in awhile.
112  General / Non-El-Hazard Topical Discussions / Re: Dreamcast, not dead! on: January 12, 2004, 01:44:38 AM
The Dreamcast was always a pretty good system... if some of the folks at Sega had half a clue about marketing, it might still be with us. *chuckles*

This is good news, though-- even if it means I might lose a bet (the last game I said I would buy was Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike... and now it looks like that might not be it :D ).
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