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Title: Ch.3 - The Week After.
Post by: Fujisawa4654 on November 13, 2003, 08:04:52 PM
After the explosion of the ship, sorrow takes place. Almost the entire Floresca army has been caught in the ship's explosion. People are now realizing the sadness and the pitifulness(is this the right word I'm looking for?) of what is happening.

We flew over 2 cities when we ran away, untill we came across a river. Across that wide river was a tarnished land. Somewhat dark, and I could feel something dark about that place. Apparently Arsyn could as well, I had asked what happened to him. He had disappeared a while ago. Preferrably 2 years before I fell into the wormhole. Apparently... I fell in just after him from this timeline.. I'd say 2 minutes.

"David, I'd suggest setting down near the river on this side. We're far enough from any civilization as it is." I asked him over the radio. The Longsword Interceptor was indeed a genuine fast and powerful machine, nice and maneuverable, but it couldn't take much hits. It had a thin layer of Titanium-B armor, less dense than the A series so it had less weight.

"Miles, I was thinking the same thing. By the way while you were gone, over those 50 years we developed a new ground war machine. I think you'll be quite impressed. We'll be setting down at these coordinates," A blip apeared on the long range radar. It was a suprisingly open area. Lots of grass but no trees for quite a few-hundred meters.

"I want you to land here and wait." Another blip appeared on teh radar. It was a small area, just big enough for me to land. I jammed the throttle to max and flew over, leaving formation with the aerial convoy.

Upon landing, I could hear giant footsteps. David had told me to wait here, so I will follow his orders.... Even though I'm a higher rank...

The footsteps became louder. I could hear trees tumbling, snapping, breaking, the works. Untill it plowed through the last border of trees. It was a walking machine, piloted by David.

"Behold. Project WANZER, it strengthed out ground forces by 42% with this. This is only the beginning of project WANZER, more advanced motors, engines, weapons, equipment, and all that stuff. I can give you a quick lesson on it if you want."

This was an incredible machine. I wouldn't mind taking the most bulkiest version and go crazy with ti's weapons against my foes but... Wouldn't it be hard to control it? "Yea sure, lemme in."

There was a slow transfer between our positions as opening and closing the cockpit was hard. Once in, there were levers, pedals, switches, and a big glass window to see out of. This wouldn't rpovide good protection but still, it's better than nothing.

"Ok Miles," His voice appeared on the radio. He sounded impatient, probably wanted to get back into this thing.

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Post by: theravenisdead on November 15, 2003, 02:45:48 AM
"F--K! ARGH!!" yelled Nolan at the top of his lungs as the bullet hit him in his left shoulder.
He fell to his knees holding his shoulder tightly, blood running through his fingers and staining his shirt. Amidst the pain Nolan locked his eyes on Miles as he stood there glaring at him with intense hatred.

As Miles and Kane sparred it out in front of him, the fight stopped as what sounded like an intercom voice started talking. It seemed to be eminating from Miles. Soon after the voice stopped, Miles thre something at Kane, and then started running towards an incoming 4X4.

Kane in turn threw the object back at Miles just as he stepped into the vehicle, where the object exploded in a cloud of shrapnal. Unfortunately, Miles was now shielded from danger.

Nolan struggled to rise to his feet, trying to overcome the pain from his wound.
"You're gonna get yours, mate!.. You're gonna get yours!!" he yelled after Miles as he sped off into the distance.

Slowly but surely, Nolan struggled over to Kane, who was staring coldly at the ship in the distance. Nolan looked to Kane. "You alright?" he asked.

Kane was about to answer, but suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere a HUGE explosion envelopped the horizon. Nolan quickly realized it was Miles' ship. He didn't even get the chance to run as he was knocked back by the shockwave almost 20 feet, landing on his back with a loud thud.
Kane managed to stay on his feet, fighting the force of the blast wave as it shattered windows, vases, and porcelin pots. Many locals were running for their lives...

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Post by: Fujisawa4654 on November 15, 2003, 02:37:38 PM
"firstly, this area is too small to train. I plowed through some trees to get here. so I guess the first thing I'll teach you is how to move. If you haven't noticed, ther are 4 pedals that can only be pressed down. the ones on the far left and far right rotate the direction of the WANZER. Press either one of these pedals to face the opening I created getting here."

It was somewhat hard to see the pedals as it didn't look like any light had touched them. But I could see the metallic surface of it. I pressed down ont eh far left pedal all the way and the machine jerked a 180 fast.

"That was alright, if you jam the pedal down like that it makes a quick turn. if you don't, like say you push it down half-way, it rotates slowly. You can press ont hat pedal half-way while runing so you can turn while you do run. Now, the other 2 pedals in the center. It's just like a car somewhat. I'll let you figure out how to go forward."

I was about to slam on the 3rd from the left pedal, but I didn't want to make it jerk again. I stepped on the pedal slightly and it slowly walked forward. I pressed the pedal down half-way, I was in a slow jog. And seeing as it was a straightaway, I pressed down ont eh pedal almost as far is it could go. I was running very fast. Then I noticed a cliff. I slowly let go of the pedal as it slowly came to a stop. I didn't know what to do next.

"Good job miles, I suppose you've reached the cliff eh? And if you're thinkign that this is the way I came, you bet it is. Project WANZER has the ability to jump very high. You can jump by jamming down on the forward pedal. the longer you keep it pressed the higher you can jump with it. Give it a try."

I did exactly what he said, I jammed down on the forward pedal and the WANZER jumped vertically as high as it could go. ANd I can tell you, the way how it jumps feels like an amusement park ride, the vertical drop.  I was however, still on the cliff.

"Oops, sorry. I forgot to tell you. There are 2 ways you can jump off the cliff, get a runnign start, or use the joystick. Do you see the thing at the top of your joystick? That thing can go 4 directions. In the air, it uses compressed air to propel you wherever. On the ground, it makes you hover and move, very fast. So take your pick and get off that cliff, just don't run off of it or we'll have to pull you up."

I knew running and jumping would be easy, so I decided to use the propulsion method. I jammed down on the forward pedal again, just for a moment, then let go. That made me jump in the air about half the altitude I was before. then I used the joystick switch to propel me forward. It actually worked quite well for compressed air. I ran forward to teh rest of the convoy. I was waiting for the rest fo the instructions from David but I wasn't egtting any. A minute later I noticed the Longsword interceptor that I flew was flying back. Likely piloted by David.

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Post by: panicpaladin on November 15, 2003, 03:22:36 PM
"I'm going out, Yumi."


Allan opened the door, walked out and closed it behind him. Walking among the Town... Yumi had been given a new house from the Chancellors as her old one had been destroyed. Allan was now living with her as he had nowhere else to go, Yumi took the idea happily, she didn't seem to like the idea of living alone.

He stood in front of the Ruins of the Palace, trying to remember what life was like back then... Three years ago, he lived in one of these rooms, he cleaned the Statues, helped a bit with the cooking, stayed outside on watch and many other things. The Princesses were no longer around and neither was anybody else. It was lonesome now.

"Excuse me, this area is off limits to the Public." said a voice from behind him.

He sighed and walked back towards Yumi's house. Taking another look at the Palace as he walked back.

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Post by: larewen_evenstar on November 16, 2003, 02:11:11 PM
Lan was hiding in the Palace basement. She had been hiding there for roughly four days. She lived off the scraps she found in the kitchen when everyone had gone to bed. She was starved. She smelt funny. She wanted a bath. A good long soak. Sadly, she didn't know the difference between a good long soak and a dip in a lake.

She sighed and threw a stone against the wall opposite. She sighed again. If only she had been able to remain with the others. She found that she couldn't stay with them any longer...she felt like she was betraying them, herself and the Bugrom empire by staying near anyone. When people stopped wandering in and out of the basement, she be out of there like a shot. She would go find her master, and never return to Roshtaria unless she was destroying it.

No one was anywhere nearby. She stood up. She ran. She was gonna get out of here.


By this point, Lan was almost at the gates. "Come on..." She said, running towards the guards. "Please, let me past..." Lan said to herself....

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Post by: theravenisdead on November 17, 2003, 12:26:07 AM

Laying in the back seat of the Tempo, Nolan was fast asleep. He had finally managed to relax a little, his injuries slowly starting to mend themselves.

His car was parked just outside Yumi's new house, having followed her and Allan there days ago, after the huge explosion and destruction of Miles 'ship'.

He was very lucky to have found his vehicle, giving its close proximity to the blast zone. When he did find it, it on its side leaning against the wall of a ruined business establishment. Despite this it was still in working order, even if it was covered with dents and crumples throughout.
He and Kane managed to flip it back onto the wheels and then Nolan drove the two of them away from ground zero.

Kane had left on an errand the night before, and Nolan couldnt find any place to sleep comfortably within Yumi's house the previous evening, so he had decided to rest on the cushioned seats of his Tempo.

As he slept Allan exited the house to take a stroll amongst the ruins. Shortly after, Nolan finally woke up.

"mmm... wonder how long I was out.." he muttered to himself, sitting up. He glanced at the clock on the dashboard. It was just after 5pm. Though in reality his clock wasnt very accurate, given that it was meant for a different timezone. It was actually morning in Floristica. He reminded himself to soon reset it to 'El-Hazard' time.

Exiting the car Nolan headed inside, where he saw Yumi seated eating some breakfast. He smiled at her.

"So whats on the menu today?" asked Nolan as he took a seat across the table.
Yumi smiled. "Some Gannanian figs, bread, and fresh wine. Care to try some?" she asked.
Nolan shrugged "Sure. Can't hurt to try new foods." he replied reaching for a slize of bread.

He had only just met Yumi, though that wasnt saying much as he had only just met practically everyone he currently new in this world. He enjoyed her company alot. She had a cheery and whistful air to her, and Nolan liked that very much.

"How are your injuries?" asked Yumi, a hint of concern in her voice.
Nolan was a little surprised by her apparent concern for his well-being. "Ahh... I guess they're doing okay. My shoulder still kills me though..."
"Later I can clean out the wound, and put some healing potion on it. If you like, of course..."
"Sure... I'd like that." replied Nolan. He smiled.

"Allan went out?" he asked. Yumi nodded.
"I think he has some business to attend to"
"Oh. Alrighty." Nolan took a bite of his bread. "Its good!"
Yumi smiled broadly. "Glad you like it"
And so the two of them sat and enjoyed their breakfast together.

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Post by: Fujisawa4654 on November 17, 2003, 12:44:51 AM
I took a 5-hour long training session, even though that was all I really needed to know. I learned how to aim and how to fire, how to optimize my accuracy, I even tried an experimental jetpack what could make the WANZER fly up in the air and stay there. I did all the normal things afterwords like eat, talk with fellow soldiers, do some maintnenace...

David was talking about setting up a base here, as we likely have enemies on this planet. We already have a harvester collecting food, minerals, water, everything necessary for survival and construction. Another one was underway of course.

It was around 6AM whenever the sun started to set. That could be the correct time or maybe it wasn't but I still had this watch on, which told me the time, always... It never ran out of battery power even though it was an antique Ni-CD battery-operated watch, like it was posessed.

2 hours later after the sun went down, most of the men were asleep, others were on night shift. I decided to sneak project WANZER and head for Floresca... My mind wasn't clear why though, wheither I wante dot say I'm sorry or just end this once and for all.... Would this be enough though?It was fast, very agile, and I could aim it very well...

I made up my mind though, I got in the cockpit,started it up, and ran as fast as I could to Floresca.

I wanted to confront Kane again.. Wait, why Kane? He's gonan go insane and he might kill the this time... Maybe.. Nolan.. Allan.. Calya...... Whatever happened to Lana anyway? I haven't seen much of her around lately....... This is too confusing. EIther way I would see someone I knew there, but I would get a very harsh welcome.

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Post by: larewen_evenstar on November 17, 2003, 01:25:11 PM
Lan threw herself threw the gate, tripped, and fell in front of one of the guards.

"Shit." The guard bent down over her.

"And what do we have here?" The guard eyed her.

"Nothin' special." Lan tried to get up, but the second guard had one foot on her back. "Get off me!" She screamed, throwing the guard off balance.

"She looks like trouble." The first guard said, drawing a sword.

"Darn right I'm trouble! You know how hard it is to get dirt out of this material!?" Lan grabbed her staff, it changed into a sword, and she stabbed the nearest guard. "Don't mess with me!" She stabbed the other guard.

More guards came round the corner. They were moving quickly, no time to run. Stab stab stab.

By now ten more guards were dead.

"I don't like things getting in my way." She wipied th blood off the sword on the nearest body, and walked off.

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As Nolan and Yumi sat and ate together, Yumi began asking Nolan about his home, his family and friends, his world in general. He tried his best and spent a good amount of time describing to her as best he could what his hometown was like. What his favourite passtimes were, various social things, etc. He even tried his hand at explaining what a 'video game' was. She didn't really get it though.

After Nolan finished, he told Yumi that he was going to go out to the ruins and see if there was anything he could do to help with the cleanup. She nodded and smiled, taking the empty dishes to the sink. With that, Nolan exited the house.

Steping into the driver seat of his car Nolan started the engine (after a few failed attempts) and steered the car back towards the ruins. He sped off as fast as he could.

"With any luck I'll run into Allan. Or one of the priestesses." said Nolan out loud as he neared the site.
He stopped the car in front of the ruins of a house. The very house that he and the group had taken refuge during the fighting. He sighed as he remembered the violence associated with that day.

Exiting the vehicle, Nolan took a good look around the street. Noone else was around, he was all alone.
He kneeled down and picked up apiece of torn cloth, most likely from a robe or something similar. It was stained with blood. With a deep breath he tossed it aside and proceeded to circle the remains of the house.

It was as he made his way around the far side towards the backyard area that he noticed something. Laying against a tree stump, amidst some debris was what appeared to be a young girl. She was unconcious.
Curious as well as concerned, Nolan made his way closer to the stranger.

"Hey... you okay?... miss?" he said, positioning himself beside her.
"Hello? Can you hear me?". No response.
With the girl not responding, Nolan decided to take her back to Yumi's. She would more than likely be able to treat whatever injuries she may have. With that, Nolan kneeled down to lift her into his arms as gently as possible.

Suddenly, just ass he placed his arms underneath her, a strange thing happened: Nolan began to see visions flashing in front of his eyes. He felt himself overcome by it, his body shaking.
As he concentrated on them, he saw that the visions were completely random. In some, Nolan could see the girl herself, in others a couple was accompanying her. One of them looked as though they were related. In yet others, he could see people he had met such as Kane, Allan, Mia, Afura, and many others he knew nothing of. It was as if he was seeing this young girl's life flashing before HIS eyes.

Then in a moment of concentration Nolan pulled his hands free of her, which caused the visions to cease. As he did so, he saw that the girl's eyes had darted open.
She then lifted her head, and then jumped to her feet, knocking Nolan onto his back. She bore an angry expression on her face.

Then the girl spoke.
"What the hell do you think you're doing!?!" she spewed angrily.
Still in shock by what had just happened, Nolan didn't know how to respond.

"Ah... I.. Uh.. What?" he replied, visibly confused...

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Kane had been to the palace to meet Calya and Shayla. He was told that the area was off limits now and that he wasn't allowed to enter. But one of the guards told him where to find Calya and the others. So he followed the directions the guard gave him.

A few minutes later he reached the place. It was a small house with a big garden in it's back. The house was dark, but there came light from the garden. He walked towards the garden gate and jumped over it with a 'small jig'. He didn't want to make any noise that would tell the others that he had arrived. He hid himself in the shadows and watched the scene.

They were sitting around a big campfire and having a conversation about the latest events. Calya was playing around with the flames a little forming little figures out of them. Mia was teasing her a little always sending a tiny hurricane to tear them appart. Afura was talking to them both and another woman was sitting just there, staring into the fire and listening. Her tanned skin was shining in a bright orange and the shadows playing around her face were making her look mysterious.

But Kane knew this woman and somehow he feared to face her a little. He hasn't seen her for a long time now and he didn't know what to do and what to say to her.

"By the way, Kane is back in town, granny.", Calya said right in this moment to the woman. "It has been some time since you both have met the last time, about five years or so?"

"I think it was seven years.", she replyed.

"He said that he would come and visit you soon, but I dunno when he will be able to come." Calya sighed and directed one of her tiny figures to attack Mia, which she destroyed with another little wirlwind.

"I think he'll be here soon enough my dear", Shayla said with a confidend smile.

"How can you be so sure about that?" Calya asked rising an eyebrow.

A slight grin appeared on Shaylas face. "He'll be there when he finally steps out of the shadows and stops just watching us all the time."

Calya and Mia stared at Shayla in surprise.

Oh uh! BUSTED!, Kane thought, got up and walked over to the campfire slowly. He just looked from one to the other and nodded and then he locked his eyes with Shaylas for a long time. A smile brightened up the features of the old woman.

"Welcome home."

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Post by: larewen_evenstar on November 17, 2003, 01:52:53 PM
As Lan walked through the almost empty streets of Roshtaria, her mind began to wander, it was filled with all the happy times she could have ahd, and was probably having somewhere in another universe.

She was so caught up in thought, she didn't notice the guy walking straight for her. She didn't hear the shouts of the guards behind her.


Lan walked into the man. She fell and hit the ground with and audible thump.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was...Oh...it's you." She smiled a little, and stood up.

"Long time no see Lana..." The man looked into her eyes.

Lan stared back, she had no love for this man anymore, yet, he still continued to act as if they were still in love.

"Go away Jinnai."

"Why my darling?"

"Go away..."

"I need you, I hope you realise that the invasion of Roshtaria is about to begin, but without you, the plans cannot go ahead."

"Go find yourself a demon god then."

"I only need to find you, and manipulate you enough. You tend to go on a rampage."

Lan heard the guards.

"I need to go." She ran for it.

Jinnai saw the guards. "Wait!" He ran after her.

Jinnai was a wanted criminal in Roshtaria, as was Lan. Both were in deep shit.

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Allan walked around the area of Ruins which he looked back to try and remember what these spots used to be when he was around...

"(Nolan should be awake by now, I think I'll go back home)" thought Allan, he still had to get used to calling that new place his home.

Allan walked through the Market and eventually back to Yumi's house. He walked inside and into the Kitchen. He threw his Bandana on the Chair and moved his hanging front hair behind his ear to not get in his eyes.

"I'm back, Yumi... Where's Nolan?"

"He went out a while ago... Oh, sorry, are you hungry?"

"No thanks, I don't want Breakfast... Anything I can help with?"

"Not really, Nolan helped with the Dishes before leaving."

"Right, I'll go back outside then."

"Goodbye again."

Allan walked back out and took the other way which lead towards the area the House they had fought in was. He hoped to find something... Anything... His life had become so much more boring now that he no was no longer in the Palace.

"(I wish I could see Princess Keora again, she always had a task I could do...)" he thought

He kept walking in the direction he was in.

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Post by: Fujisawa4654 on November 17, 2003, 07:11:36 PM
Plowing through the trees asn't very agriculturally friendly, the experimental jetpack came in handy, infact I was going alot faster. I was traveling in the directing where the sun was rising, so the sun came up fast. I could start seeing the border of the forest, I was coming close ot the city, however an indicator on the dashboard said engine temp critical. There was a flaw with the jetpack is that the exhause was sorta right next to the micro fusion power plant. So I set her down and continued on foot from there.

I finally did reach the edge of the forest, and there was Floresca again, but it looked different.. More disasterous, more deserted, and did not look like a healty place for plants.

I peered over to where the lake -- or where it once was. THe lake was significantly larger, had little water, and had mounds of debris and dead corpses from teh soldiers. The soldiers need a proper burial, letting those rot there... They fought to protect this city I know but, even though they are the enemy, they should still get what any man gets in a tradition.

I looked over at teh palace, it didn't have it's beautiful look to it anymore. Half the wall has collapsed, so has a tower but that's been down a long while, but the paint... There's no pain on one half of it, and something looks like it's teetering over a bit. A collapsed tree fell into the big structure and cracked open a spot... This place looked like a warzone.

This big collosus would likely draw alot of attention... Even so, I was still confused in my mind what I wanted to do. I just started walking around in the WANZER, like I owned this place now....

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She growled once more to him "Well what did you think you were doing just now!" she stamped down her foot ruffling the short cloak she was wearing. "Why were you standing over me like you better not of tried anything funny or..........."  She stumbled back slightly bringing her hand to her face. moveing the hand back she looked at him them looked around  "Why am I here is this your doing? huh?"

All Nolan could was sit there in a state of shock his mind taking in all that he had just seen and experianced through her minds eyes.  "I remember......" she paused "No...... he wouldn't he couldn't of.............arghhhhhhh damn you why!" She was obviously angry about something and clearly had no clu at all where infact she was at all by the look of it.

"I don't know how you um got here..... I just saw you on the floor you looked unconious I tried to pick you up then all this weird stuff hapapned"  Weird it was to someone who had no clue of what she was or what indeed did happan.

The girl sighed and moved her hair from her eyes "I guess ya really don't know then do ya?" she knelt down near him "I can't remember how I got here or where I saw before this all I remember is being in Roshtaria then a place I can't remember for a long time and some how I woke up here with you."  She looked around again looking on the strange enviroment to her.

Nolan finally sat himself up "Well if your umm will I have some friends in a house not to far from here after that exploison we're umm resting there....."

"Explosion what explosion?"  It was clear she was not form that well atleast it rules out one thing

"No.......never mind but well you could come back with me to there, since your all alone it would not be a good place to stay alone for to long would it?" The girl looked around then nodded "Looks like all I can do for now is to, but don't you try anything or your gonna get hurt got me"  Nolan only sweatdropped then slowly nodded as he started to walk back to his car

"Oh by the way my name is Nolan  whats yours?"  The girl followed him slowly moving her arms back under her cloak "Hitomi M........No no just Hitomi"  Strange in a world like this to run into someone with a Japanese sounding name He thought as they came to the car.

( ^^I hope this is a first good post for her and that I played Nolan ok, if I did anything wrong just let me know)

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The darkness. Feared by humans, welcomed by the phantom tribe, source of mysteries and uncountable stories.

Shitia liked the darkness. Or, more precisely, the absolute "darkness" of nothingness. No sound, no light.
A thing she hardly felt. Her senses usually registered even small movements far below in the ground, which, probably, was supposed to enable her to sense incoming digging bugrom. Just one of the things that had lost most of its use. And thus, got very annoying. How could you rest properly when so many things would distract you? The scientists back then certainly had not thought of that. But that was expected. They had not seen demons as things on human level, but instead just weapons that were conveniently formed to be hidden away in the entourage easier.

Currently, she was in the outer rim of the current "home" of the tribe - the main one that is - sitting on a stone, resting her body against the wall. Several phantoms were out there, within shouting range, waiting for her request. She did not mind them - and did not see them as a nuisance either - but she did not need them either. While some were rather protective, she was no old lady, in the conventional sense.

She heard the messenger more than half a minute before he actually came. He was not particularily loud, but sound echoed well in these caverns.
The light came a couple of seconds later - phantom tribe members, too, needed some light to be able to actually see - and she sighed.

There was no point in complaining, though. It was inevitable.

"Mother?" the young phantom asked respectfully, before entering the cavern.

"I take it that Nahato wants to see me, Kitere." Shitia said, judging from the garment of the messenger. He belonged to the inner circle around Nahato, the uncrowned leader of these people. A token of respect, which was fairly cute, especially because Shitia just considered every phantom to be the same - on rank, not on his name. She remembered every phantom clearly, and could name all of them she had ever seen before.

The phantom, though, blushed slightly. For some reason, it always embarassed them when she would remember their names, while usually only having seen them once or twice in their lives. To spare him future embarassment, Shitia stood up. "I was waiting." she said, giving the man a weak smile. "I, too, want to meet this 'traveller'. So do not worry, you did not disturb me."

The rather young phantom nodded, and began leading the way back.
Although technically, it had not been needed. Of course not. Shitia had, after all, helped actually making this place. Being a demon had been advantageous in that subject. But she let him have the illusion. There was no point in showing of, and there was no harm in not knowing everything, especially if it pleased him. Shitia liked if they were pleased because of her. Atleast these people were. Before she met them, people had only known terror or hate upon meeting her. But then, she had not really noticed it. It had been beyond her grasp, just like most thoughts. Clouded, far away.
But that was the past.

"So, what do you think of the traveller?" Shitia asked, looking at the current leader of these - her - people. She belonged to them.

Shitia was quite an oddity for Nahato. She had always been there, and never had submitted to direct commands, not even from Galus. At one time, she had clearly rejected a decision Galus had made - without flinching, she had let him scream at her. Nahato had not forgetten her expression, though. It had been sad. Disappointed. It had been new to him that there was someone who actually was not under Galus direct control. Like a human priestess, this creature did as she pleased. And the people liked her. Some even worshipped her. He still wondered why this creature - a demon - was sticking so hard with his people. Even the real lunatics had not managed to drive her away. There was one historical tale that had her rescuing the very same ruler who had previously banished her for not obeying his wish to kill the Roshtarian Queen. Thus, that man had started one of the worst catastrophys in the history of the tribe on this world, but still, she had saved him, and all that she had managed. Had she not been banished. Nahato had snorted at that - historical fables with a morale were not really his cup of tea. But it still puzzled him. But in the end, it did not matter much. She never openly opposed a ruler, and only stopped helping him or her if she disapproved of his or her practice. Galus had been one of the few rulers she had not helped at all. Maybe he had died because of that, as well. Some more support back then might have saved him. Especially support of -that- kind.
But that was the past. She apparently did not mind his goals - that is why he had not many problems with her. Apparently, it was her goal as well to ensure the permanent safety of the phantom tribe - the reason he tolerated her, despite her being a person of such unclear motive. However, her having a second goal made just no sense - it was ridiculous, and merely a thought spawned by the paranoia of his own planning ability.

"I wished to talk with you about the traveller," he said after a while. Not that she did mind that, she never seemed to mind delays. Nahato assumed that time was, to her, merely a different cup of tea.

Shitia nodded. "Yes...my wish is the same. I guess I will see him later...I have to verify his intentions myself."

Had Nahato not expected such a behaviour, then he would have narrowed his eyes. She never asked on things like that. She just announced it, and expected it to happen. But oh well - there were worse things. And he had wanted this anyway.

"We have made quite a progress with him. He does not even mind the cause of the massacre, and believes us."

"Then he is wise..." Shitia said, and tilted her head slightly. "Most would have been disgusted. I am happy that he was not."

"Just understand that it is essential that he will not turn against us, you understand?" Nahato asked.

"I know. " Shitia answered slowly. "But if he will, then you will not have to worry. I will make him vanish. Regardless how tough the matter. You do not have to worry about this."

"Good" Nahato answered, nodding. As expected. "he is in the guest quarters. As you will have expected already"

Shitia nodded. "Of course" she answered, and turned around. "Do not worry. I know what I am doing. I have the same goal as you."

She paused, and looked down slightly. "I too wish for this situation to end. But not the way Galus wanted it."

She left, after having made her point clear. She usually would remind Nahato every once in a while. It was also due to that that there has not been another attempt to tinker with the eye, not the odd human attempt to stop it. They had no true understanding of the actual technology, and only rudimentairy knowdledge - it were Ifurita and the traveller from earth, Makoto, who knew - and they were gone, for now. Since a while.

Itamar was in his room - probably studing. Shitia smiled softly, as she knocked, waited a modest pause, to give him time to finish any business he had been doing and/or dress properly, and then entered.
"Hello, Itamar from earth" she spoke in a calm, soft voice, as she entered. "I am CTA. I am the demon of the phantom tribe, so to say, their heart of darkness."

Quite an usual introduction indeed, which should suffice. While she had no intention of scaring him away, or something(he had, after all, considered the phantoms to be demons, Shitia had heard, and thus most likely used the word in a negative context), she prefered to lay the facts down. She had no intentions of hiding anything. It would be pointless...

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Whee, an Itimar post! ^_^V I'll write the post regarding the report to Nahato soon. But I'd like to know if there were any other ships that arrived other than the one that crashed and the one that self-destructed.


Itamar was setting his books aside as Shitia entered the room. He had been reading more of the history texts provided to him, his favored activity upon finishing a rigorous round of combat training. He was still sweaty, and hoped that that fact would not offend his visitor.

"Hello," he responded, a bit taken aback by Shitia's peculiar self-introduction. A demon? Heart of darkness? He must have misunderstood her in some way. He noted the woman's pale features and added, "I don't believe we've met, but please be assured that you do not need to disguise yourself for my sake. I'm quite used to the blue skin of your people. In fact, I find it to be quite lovely." One of those people in particular...

"I am as you see me," Shitia responded calmly.

He blinked at this revelation and studied his visitor more carefully. She had a certain feeling of... power about her. An authority, almost. Itamar reconsidered his quick dismissal of the woman's claim to be a demon, and found himself wondering what she might really have meant.

There was one trait, though, that stood out above all others. From her poise, her ancient red eyes, the dark circles beneath them, every aspect of her spoke of... tiredness. She seemed so very, very tired. It was almost making Itamar want to go to sleep, just watching her. "You look tired," he commented, before his brain could catch up with his mouth. Slapping a hand over his mouth, he apologized, "I'm sorry, I had no right to say that. What do you wish of me, Lady Shitia?"

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Allan walked to the direction of the wrecked house which he the fight had once taken place in. Just for the heck of it, he walked inside.

Dead soilders were still there, it was a terrible sight... He moved around to see other things such as the Sword he used, the marks on the walls made by the fighting, the burns on the walls caused by Kane. Then to his suprise...

"My Bracelet!" he shouted

The shining object that Allan always kept with him was lying on the Floor near the Bed. He had no idea since he never took it off his hand. He immediatly put it back on him and left the house as he kept looking at it.

"Queen Roshtaria wouldn't want me losing you like that, you're my only keepsake."

Now he remembered the Palace again and just hated the thought that she and the others were no longer with him, he'd early cry if he couldn't pull himself back together. To him, the Queen was like his Mother, she was the only thing close to a Parent he ever had... As a result, he grew as if Fiore and Keora were his sisters. The Bracelet read "Mother" to him whenever he thought about it's meaning.

Allan shook his head and walked quickly before nearly got to tears again. He no longer had the "family" which he once had, he was living with Yumi which he had only met a week ago. Despite how much he enjoyed being with Yumi, he can never return the life he once had.

"(Where should I go now? Back home?)" he thought

Allan walked up towards an area outside the wrecked house which he saw Nolan and another girl. He made his way towards the two of them.

"'Made a new friend, Nolan?"

He looked over to the girl.

"Sorry, I forgot that I should introduce myself before speaking to new people. My name is Allan, I'm a friend of Nolan."

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Even though I have been stomping around in the WANZER for a bit, noone seemed to have noticed this gian collosus walking around town. This place WAS deserted probably. Where the hell is everyone? I turn the Wanzer's head to the left, so I could see the palace... THere had to be a fwe people in there at least.

All that time.... A week had passed... The traveling, the repetetive training.. Lectures..... I think I had better friends here than I did back with the Marines.. I thought about the natives on this planet... They looked as human as ever, they had to be human.... I wonder... THe interrogation.. The fighting.... They would never be kind to me for as long as I live... I killed many, I hurt some.... I betrayed all of them....

I was starting to get mad at my own thoughts... I shouldn't be thinking this way at all. Possibly... ... ......

"Kane, Nolan.. Calya.. Someone.. You all know me right? Where the hell are you people? Get over here!!" I said into teh mic of the Pilot Helmet's microphone. It was linked to a speaker on the outside of the WANZER that projected at a very high volume. Sadly, I wasn't answered. I was ticked then, they would at least show me some sort of sign, either they were too cowardly to fight or.... Maybe... It's because I'm in this....

I put the WANZER in a kneeling position and opened the cockpit, and jumped out. I was on foot now. Only armed with a high-tech pistol that I was unfamiliar with. It shot out projectiles of energy. There was a green tube attatched to the top. It glowed vigorously, and apparently this handgun never ran out of ammo thanks to it. It had low-recoil, high accuracy, and was a semi-automatic, so I could fire it fast with it's lowe recoil. From there on I started walking towards the palace out in the open... Not looking around, not looking cautious... In hoped that I could find SOMEONE here....

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OOC: Ak. Please forgive the overly amount of angst in this post.
Usually I don't do that ^^'
Gak. I probably shouldn't send that x.X'

Shitia lowered her head slightly. "Do not worry. This is not a problem. It is merely a side effect of what I am. I do not mind you noticing. But that is that." she said with a mild tone in her voice, and then fixed her gaze directly on his.
"What I want is you."

She closed the door, and turned around.
"More precisely, I want to be...sure."

She gave him a rather sad look now. "I have lived many, many years among these people. Much longer than you can imagine. I will not let anyone harm them, do you understand?"

She gave him a weak smile and stepped a little closer. "You are learning more and more about us " she used the 'us' without a pause "every day now. It should be fair, though, to do the same in reverse. I would like to get to know about you. I want to know who you are."

Again, she looked to the side. "Don't mistake me. You do not have to answer me. This is nothing official. I am not a representative of our governement. You could say that I, however, guard this place and its people. I have done a poor job at it, sometimes. You have seen one occassion of that. It was one of my biggest failures..."
For a moment, a shadow crossed her face. She was definitely remembering it, and it was not a happy memory, not at all.
"I still see that scene each time I rest. I do not want to have this ever again."
She sighed. "Thus, I want to know if I can trust you being here. You might see that as unfair, I guess." she sighed again and continued, more to herself than to the human. "But I cannot help it. We have to sacrifice something, in the long run, and if its just sympathy.."

But she quickly caught herself and continued. "Well. Do you mind me so rudely interrupting your affairs to inquire into your personal history?"

Went edifferent than I had thought oO' Again: if it won't work, I'll gladly edit. One PM is enough. I don't want to angst around the entire RPG, so really ^^'''

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"Do not worry, I am not offended," Itamar assured her. "Your people have more than enough reason to worry about me. I hope to earn your trust, but I will not assume it."

Itamar thought about what Shitia had said. He had witnessed one of her greatest failures? He wondered what that could possibly be. That she was referring to the illusiary massacre he'd witnessed did not occur to him. Aereala had explained that that event had occured centuries before, and the woman before him now, however ancient her eyes might seem, could not possibly be more than thirty years of age. And how could such a frail woman possibly "guard" these people?

"As for my own personal history, I do not mind talking about my past, or my people," Itamar said, and then proceeded to describe where he had come from, and the difficulties he had faced living there. He went on to describe the past of the Jewish people as he knew it, the many persecutions they had endured over the centuries, and how he considered it to be a reflection of sorts to the troubles suffered by the Phantom Tribe.

Upon finishing, he added, "On my world, there was little I could do to ease the suffering of my people. We lived more or less at the mercy of our oppressors." He held up a fist, and examined it carefully. "But here, though I do not know why, I have been granted an amazing power, and a people who have need of that power. I feel that God would not look favorably upon me if I did not use it to help them."

He lowered his hand, and looked up at Shitia. "Now that I have told you of myself, would you object if I were to ask about you? I must confess that I am surprised to find another like myself living among the Phantom Tribe. How did you come to live here? Were you adopted, perhaps?"

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Shitia liked what she had heard. It made the possibility more unlikely that it was a traveller sent here on purpose. And if one would, they'd make up a better story. If she hadn't known better, then she'd have thought it to be too fitting. But, of course - that was ridiculous. After all, that would mean the enemy would know about how the tribe saw itself. And that clearly was not the case. For a second she pondered on Itamars question, and then stepped back a step.

"You could say so..." Shitia said, answering"But alas, in actuality, it was the other way round, it was me who adopted them. I am not like you. I am not like anyone in this world anymore, save, probably, a few scattered individual souls, sleeping in ruins of the ancients" she thought for a moment "What am I, then? A demon, like I said."

She paused, and, upon recieving just a puzzled look, she continued. "Oh...I see. They have not told you, yet. Well, I do not mind...to tell you myself. You would have found out soon enough anyway, about just one of the many insane choice of weaponry of that old war"

She leaned against the wall, and closed her eyes.
"Demons. We are, essentially, weapons. Formed like a human, for convenience. After all, that makes the surprise bigger when we start fighting. And, instead of bombs, we can be used over and over again. I was human once, I think. Parts of me certainly are. Other parts are not."

She removed one of her gloves, and showed Itamar what was embedded into her palm. It was some sort of crystal, and something was fluctuating inside it. [OOC: Forgot it in the profile. Thats one of the things that resemble the Gems Shayla has. they are apparently needed for said style =) ]
After he had had enough time to inspect it, she put the glove on again. "It were the same humans that are living on this world that made me - or more precisely, their ancestors. It was far later when I broke free of their control, that I found the people you see here - their ancestors, actually. Ever since then, I have tried to protect them. But.." the tone of her voice got harder "that has not succeeded all the time."

She finally opened her eyes again.
"That is what I am. A weapon, made by a whim. My hands are, most likely, soiled by the blood of more people than the number of people combined that you have met. A fact I cannot forget, for I was made without the ability to forget, at all."

She smiled at him. "This world has brought forth many weapons, some of such power that its creators could only have been insane. Some of us demons were supposed to level entire cities. Of course, the creators are long gone, their empires have crumbled. But still, there are nations who feast upon the weapons of old. You probably remember that all of us moved shortly after you came. This was because they feard that the Roshtarians could discover our hideout, and use said weapon. The weapon is like a moon - and its power is simply to obliterate anything it is aimed at. That is all it is made for."

Now she looked straight at him. "That is why my people are so afraid. Would the ones using that weapon ever discover our position..."
She stopped, and looked down.

Of course, Nahato would most likely not approve of her directness, but she felt that that part of the world had to be told to this stranger as well. And besides - it was not that she had said anything bad about her people, simply because she saw few bad things. Few, not none. However, depending on Itamars code of morale, she herself might pose a problem to him. She would see. In the long run, it was all the same to her. The truth was, in her opinion, the best witness, and so, she would show him her truth.

OOC: He probably might think she's somewhat like a Golam Oo' If I remember that correctly. last post for now.

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Nolan was surprised to see Allan. "Didn't expect to see you so soon." he said. Then Allan asked about the girl.

"Ah well... It's a little complicated.. I'll explain it all later." he replied. "This is Hitomi. Hitomi, Allan. Allan, Hitomi" he said as the two shook hands.
"We were just about to head back to Yumis. You can catch of a lift if you like." Allan smiled and nodded in gratitude.

As the three approached Nolan's car, Hitomi was a little curious about it. She had a puzzled look on her face.
Nolan noticed this and smiled. "Its a vehicle from my world. It'll be our ride to the house" he said.
This only made Hitomi more curious, specifically when he mentioned it was from 'his world'.

"Just what exactly do you mean by 'your world'?" she asked.
Both he and Allan looked at eachother. She obviously would have to be filled in on the situation.
"We'll explain on the way." relplied Nolan as he opened the pasenger door for her. He made a huge effort to not touch her again. He definately did not want a repeat of what happened before. Hitomi seemed to be doing the same thing as she entered and sat down.

Allan sat in the back, and then Nolan turned the key, which cause the engine to sputter and then die. Nolan sighed as he tried again. This time, the engine roared to life, which scared Hitomi. She was holding tightly to the door handle.
"Okay, here we go..." said Nolan as he stepped on the gass and steered around the piles of rubble. And with that, the three headed out of ground zero, bound for Yumi's.

(end post)

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Hitomi held onto the door some for a good 10 minitues before she left go and adjusted herself to the enviroment of being inside of this thing called 'a vehicle from his world'  It wasn't as fast as the skimmers she had rode on in the past but it sure was noiser than them.  She was cirous though and gazed around the car some nodding to Allen politly as she looked at the back before looking back to Nolan

"Umm you said your world right? your not from EL-Hazard?"  Nolan nodded and tried as best he could do, to explain about how they got here and the world which he came from.

"Earth is your world?..." Hitomi paused for a moment looking out the window "....My father was from there, well thats what he said he got pulled into EL-Hazard when he was young with a couple of others"

Allen and Nolan were quite cirous about how her father could of been from earth so Hitomi finally answered thier question "Who is your father then?"

"My father is.....Makoto Mizuhara" Hitomi stopped then continued "And yes THAT one, the oh so smart and brave one" she groaned  "Thats why I have a umm Japanese name, did I say that right?" she looked between the 2 of them as the car made it's way to Yumi's house

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OOC: He probably might think she's somewhat like a Golam Oo' If I remember that correctly. last post for now.

Actually, that's a marvelous idea! I should have thought of it, given that I named my character Lowe, which was the name of the protagonist from the original Golem folklore.


Itimar stared at Shitia for a long time, digesting what she had said. Finally, he closed his eyes and smiled a gentle smile. "I believe I finally understand. You are not a demon, Lady Shitia," Itimar said calmly.

At Shitia's curious glance, Itimar continued, "Allow me to share with you a very well-known legend among my people in the city where I used to live. It is said that once not so very long ago, our people had been the subject of violence and hatred far greater than even what we face today. A great Rabbi - a holy man - by the name of Lowe prayed to God to tell him how to save his people. God responded to him, instructing him to construct a facsimile of a man from earth and clay. He was then to place a talisman upon which was written the Name of God under the tongue of the clay man. Rabbi Lowe did as he was instructed. When the talisman was placed, God breathed life into the construct. The clay man was called a Golem, and looked exactly like any other man you might meet. He was extraordinarily strong, however, and invulnerable, impossible to harm by sword or arrow. God cautioned Rabbi Lowe that the Golem would need his guidance. As newborn as a baby, the Golem had no concept of morality, and Rabbi Lowe would need to teach it what was right and what was wrong. Fortunately, Rabbi Lowe was a good man. He and the Golem worked together to protect the Jews of Prague from their tormentors, and over time, life improved for them."

Itimar focused on Shitia again. "I believe that your story bears similarities to that legend. You were created as a weapon, much as the Golem was. Sadly, the ones who should have given you guidance were corrupt and evil, and so, too, were your actions. And yet, once given the option to do so, you found a people and chose to protect them. I cannot possibly know what it means to have the blood on my hands that you describe, but I think that you should take comfort in the fact that, in spite of your terrible past, you still made the choice to be a Protector, rather than a Destroyer. A demon, by its very nature, is a creature of evil. By the very fact that you have turned your back on your evil past, you cannot be a demon."


This is only one variation of the Golem legend. It's the one I'm most familiar with, and is, I think, the most positive of them. Many other variations present the Golem as an unnatural, Frankensteinian creation unsanctioned by God, who eventally runs amok and has to be destroyed by Rabbi Lowe. But I prefer this one. Plus, it's the most appropriate version to tell Shitia to make her feel better about herself. ;D

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Constantly I wondered in one direction on the open dirt road. Noone was around....

"Piece of crap locals..." I muttered to myself.... "Wait what about that one house?... Could they still be there? That one house that they hid in." I was shocked at my own self because I used they... In that form.. I'm usually more polite but.. Moh It doesn't matter to me.

I heard a rumbling noise from behind. I turned around, and there was that damn klunker that Nolan had. Apparently he looked distracted, and didn't notice me. He started to speed up, then for some reason the car jerked. It was gonna hit me, I jumped to the side and tumbled back to a standing position. Nolan just kept on going.....

"You dumbass! We're still friends... uhh... right?"

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Lan was hiding in an alleyway. "If he follows me in here..." Jinnai appeared round the corner. "Damn."

"I thought I'd lost you for a minute." He said, huffing.

"I wish I'd lost you. Who knew you could find your way round Roshtaria Jinnai."

"When you're an evil villian, you have to know where you're going."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever."

"I have a favour to ask of you."

"What is it?" Lan gave a huge sigh. It usually involved a bedroom.

"I would like you...no...I am telling you that you are going to go back and work in the palace again. Take up a false Identity, change your look a little."

"You're kidding me."

"Maybe even dye your hair."

"I'm going to kill you."

"And change your clothes."

"If you don't stop it..." Lan stared at him.

"I'll stop if you do as you're told."

"FINE!" Lan stomped out of the alleyway, but her arm was grabbed by Jinnai. "What?!" She snapped.

"Those guards are still looking for us. He looked her in the eyes. "Maybe you should change before you go back out."

"I hate you."

Jinnai pulled his backpack off, and produced several items of clothing.

"Time for a makeover!" Jinnai said happily.

"If you weren't so much like a woman..." Lan growled.

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After a long talk with Shayla about what he had done all the time he was travelling, Kane just sat there enjoying some wine and listened to the others. Everyone had to tell him a lot and the evening got really pleasing and snug. He was laying in the grass near the fire and sipping on his glas of wine. Finally he felt really at home and all the troubles seemed to be wiped away for the moment.

Calya and Mia had expanded their little show and had started a cute theater of tiny fire and wind creatures teasing and chasing each other. There was a lot of laughing and cheering. Shayla was very amused with all this and she was laughing from all her heart. Then she suddenly went silent and stared at Kane.

Kane was pretty confused about that glance and rised an eyebrow. "What is it grandma?"

"Oi! Calya!", she spoke with a slur. "Could you lent your ol' granny your lamp?"

Calya spat out her wine. "What? Why do you want to have it?"

"Ya told me that Kane's skills improved pretty well. Now, I'd like to see for myself. Hand me over the lamp dear.", Shayla slowly got to her feet.

Afura stared at Shayla in disbelieve. "You are sure about this Shayla? C'mon you don't really want to fight Kane, do you? Admit it, you're drunk again!"

Mia just sat there and sweatdropped.

Calya got up and walked over to Shayla. "Granny you can't be serious. I don't want to offend you, but don't you think that you're a little too old for this? Even I have a hard time fighting Kane. He could hurt you really bad accidentally." Hearing that Shayla peered at Calya in anger.

Kane took another gulp of his wine and got up. "Umm.....Granny....."

"Don't dare to tell me that I am too old and fragile to fight you as well! In fact I was the one who was the great priestress of fire loooong before Calya! Don't tell me that I am weak! Now gimme that damn lamp of yours!", Shayla narrowed her eyes and glared at Calya.

Calya sweatdropped and took off her lamp of fire. "Well, I suppose it's useless trying to change your mind right now so go ahead and try then. But be aware that the lamps have been improved since the time you used them. They're a little hard to handle now....."

"Could you just gimme that thing and stop giving me a speech about it? I KNOW how to use a lamp!", Shayla grabed the lamp of fire and equiped it. "C'mon boy, let's get to the point! Follow me!"

Kane shrugged and followed Shayla. She's still a priestress, I guess. She'll never change.

Afura followed Kane and Shayla out of the garden with a sceptic look at her. "Aww, she's always sooo stubborn!", Afura sighed. Sure Shayla was old, but also still well trained. Shayla still was spending a lot of time training her body although Afura always told her that it would break her sooner or later if she goes on like that.

The two young priestresses attached to the others silently.

A moment later all of them were standing on the street.
Nobody cared about the white car that was heading towards them.......

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"I think so.. I do know a little Japanese, though it mostly came from watching anime.. er.. n/m" replied Nolan as he kept his eyes on the road.
As they made their way down the makeshift route Nolan saw someone familiar wandering ahead of them. It only took him a few seconds to realize who it was: Miles.

"Hey, Allan, Get a load of this.." he said pointing foreward. As they passed him it looked as if he had jumped out of the way. Allan looked and realized who it was too. Hitomi on the other hand hadn't a clue.
Miles yelled something in anger back to them. "You dumbass!" he had said more, but they couldn't hear the rest.

Visibly annoyed, Nolan poked his head out the driver window and yelled back. "Yeah?! Well Ditto!! And Don't think I've forgotten about that bullet!!!" Satisfied he closed the window and continued driving. Hitomi looked rather shocked.

"Who is that? Do you two know him?" she asked quizically.
Nolan simply nodded. "It's yet another long story. Lets just say that guy isnt on our good side right now." he replied.

Nolan made a left onto a narrower street and soon the trio found themselves driving alongside a pristine park, complete with ponds, fountains, and lots of various flora and fauna scattered about the grounds.

Up ahead Nolan noticed a group of people on the street. They seemed to have come from the garden of a large house on the left hand side, across the street from the park.

As they grew closer Nolan recognized Kane, and then Mia, Afura, and Calya. There was also another red-headed female as well. She looked much older than the others, save for Afura.

Nolan slowed down, and stopped the car mere feet short of the group. A smile crept across Kane's face as he recognized his two newfound friends. The mysterious woman however was visibly shocked by the apperance of this strange vehicle.

Opening the doors Nolan, Allan and Hitomi stepped out to greet the others. Of course They would have to explain about Hitomi of coure. But then again from what she had told them it was likely that they knew her already...

Nolan smiled. "What up, K-man? What's with the entourage?" he asked sarcastically.

(end post)

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Allan had never been inside these Car things, they weren't as fast as most things on El-Hazard but it wasn't an uncomfortable drive.

He saw Miles outside as Nolan called out. He looked the same as ever, Allan didn't really care. He didn't have his precious Soilders around to help him. He shrugged it off and looked forward again. Nolan drove on.

They reached a sort of house where Kane and three women were, Allan recognized all of them. Allan, Nolan and the girl all stepped out of the Car and Nolan said a hello to Kane.

"Hi, Kane... And hello, Miss Shayla." said Allan

"Hello, boy." she replied

Allan looked over to Kane, waiting for him to say something.

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Kane grined and looked at Nolan. "Hi there, pal! Hi Allan! Nice to see ya! I gonna have a little fight against my granny. Let me introduce you. Nolan, this is Shayla-Shayla, my grandma and former priestress of fire. Grandma this is Nolan, a good friend of mine, he is from earth and arrived here about a week ago."

Nolan looked at Shayla. He seemed to reveal the similarities to Kane and especially Calya in the old woman.

"Hello Nolan, pleased to meet you.", Shayla said eying Nolan from head to toe. "So you came from earth?", her expression changed slightly as she mentioned the word earth. She seemed to remember some old memories at that moment.

"And you may know Allan already. We just met lately, too.", Kane went on introducing.

Shayla looked at Allan and smiled. "We've already met. How are you? I haven't seen you since you've been that tall", she lifted her hand and measured the distance from the ground to the hight of Allans chin.

Afura greeted Allan and Nolan with a kind smile.

Mia waved her hand with a cheerful "Hello guys!"

Calya took another gulp from the bottle of wine, she had taken with her, walked over to Nolan, slung her arm around his shoulders, pulled him down and ruffled his hair laughting. "How are ya, boy? Wan' some wine?"

"Well, and who's that charming girl in your entourage?", Afura asked. "I think we haven't met before yet?"

All of them now looked at Hitomi.....

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"Yeah... I came from Earth. You know of it as- OOF!"

Nolan had barely gotten his reply to Shayla out when Calya wraped her arm around his shoulders from behind and pulled him down onto the grass.
"How are ya, boy? Wan' some wine?" she asked, ruffling his hair and laughing.
Nolan blushed as he forced a smile onto his face, he figured Calya must have been a lil drunk at the moment. It was kinda akward.

"Ah, sure. I'll have a glass" he replied, smirking a little at her flippant demeanor. "Had a little too much yerself mm?" he asked with a wink.
Calya's eyes widened, her cheecks flushing as her temper rose "Wh-Wha!?! Oh you dun know wha'ya talkin 'bout.." she said, looking down at the ground, visibly embaressed.

Watching this from the sidelines Mia tried her best to keep herself from chuckling too loudly. Afura seemed indifferent. But Shayla, Shayla seemed quite surprised at Calya's attitude towards the young Earther. It seemed almost... familiar to her. And somehow it felt... negative?

Meanwhile, Mia and Afura had turned their attention to Hitomi. Afura didnt recognize her, but Mia did. She had  met Hitomi many times in the past. After all, she did frequent the palace on a weekly basis and thus met the Mizuhara family many times.

"Well, and who's that charming girl in your entourage?", Afura asked Allan, obviously referring to Hitomi. "I think we haven't met before yet?"
Still on the ground and still in Calya's grasps, Nolan jumped in to fill things in "Oh yeah, This is Hito-"
Then, Mia interrupted him "Hitomi! Is that you? Gods, its been so long!" she said extatically, smiling broadly.

Nolan looked to Mia curiously. "So you know her too hm?"

(end post)

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Hitomi just blinked looking at the drunken mess sweatdropping lightly thinking 'So thats what dad had to go through when he was younger' she shook her head and her thoughts were cut off when .......

"Hitomi! Is that you? Gods, its been so long!" Mia said extatically, smiling broadly.

Nolan looked to Mia curiously. "So you know her too hm?"  

Hitomi walked over to Mia "Mia?.......Wow it's been a really long time, how've you been?" she chuckled "Yeah it's been ages must be around what 4 or 5 years? Heh all grown up now as you can see, my blue hair's nearly all gone" she chuckled then looked to Afura

"Oh I had better intoduce myself right Lady Afura Mann?"  Hitomi walked closer between Mia and Afura.   From her look and name Afura had a pritty good idea of who this girl was but rather than her say she felt it would be best coming from Hitomi herself given as not everyone knew of her

"I'm umm Hitomi.......Mizuhara you know ahh Makoto and Ifurita's girl"

Calya and Kain did stop and take a look as the heard this meanwhile Shayla herself, looked away slightly and her eyebrow twitched some as she narrowed her eyes, a child of a demon god she was not sure how that happaned, then again she hardly saw the 2 in the years this girl has been alive for.

Looking around at the paused look on the 2's face and Shayla Hitomi  paused "Umm was it something I said?"


I didn't do more fo Shayla's responce as I didn't want the 40 year old love triangle to get dug up, So I leave Shayla's main responce to you executor82.  ^^ I thought it would be best since I doubt Shayla would be sore about it now after all the time has passed she is not a bitter person after all

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Panting, I ran for a while to where the car stopped. When I got close enough to actually hear what they were saying, I jumped, dived, and tumbled behind a building as swiftly and as silently as I could. There was a brief pause once I did. Someone said another thing, and while they did I jumped over to the back of Nolan's car... There was more silence...

I heald my beath and stayed as small as I could behind the car. They started chatting again, and from that point on, I started breathing. I sat down silently behind the car, thinking about what I would do now... What Nolan said... Wait... I wasn't with my men this time... I probably didn't pose a threat to them, they most likely would have ran if I didn't but...  I dunno...

I started to feel tired.. I opened my mouth and made a big yawn -- but halfway there I knew it was a mistake. I covered my mouth and stopped. My andrenalin was rushing now... The talking had stopped, I knew they were on to me... Myabe.. Maybe I can make them not attack me if I say I'm here on negotiational purposes?

I peered to the left, see if anyone was coming.... SO far they hadn't but they will find me at some point...

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Shayla looked at Hitomi and clenched her right hand to a fist bihind her back. The only two who saw that were Afura and Kane. Both of them knew what it ment, but didn't say a word.

"No it's nothing. Really.", she struggled down all the feelings that were about to rise inside her and shook her head. She hadn't seen Makoto and Ifurita for a long time now and she had burried all knowlege of them both deep inside her, never to come up again. That was the reason why she could fall in love with the man she finally had married. She didn't want to dig up all that memories right now, so she decided just to smile at the girl in front of her and turned to Kane.

"Are you ready now? I'm growing impatient!", she said undesignedly rough.

Kane nodded and walked away a little, preparing to fight Shayla.

Shayla positioned herself about 10 meters away from Kane, Nolans car just a few meters behind in her back..

"Ummm.....You all should better get out of the way! It'll get hot here in a few seconds!", Calya warned and pulled Nolan with her. The others followed them and now there was enough room to fight.

Both of the fighters now eyed each other, concentrating and focusing their energies.

Kane was the first one who unleashed his heat aura, his body was surrounded by a red glow now. A wave of heat hit Shayla and the others, hot, but not unbareably. He clenched his teeth and glared at Shayla, slowly increasing the heat. The spectators were forced to withdraw a little more.

Shayla just stood there and smiled slightly. "Impressive! You almost managed to control fire without the use of a lamp. I'm really impressed. Let's see, if you can match this!"

With that Shayla unleashed her fiery aura. Red flames were dancing in a circle around her wildly. Suddenly the flames formed huge dragons that seemed to be winding around her and roaring at Kane. Shayla stood proudly in the center of the dragons and grinned. Yes, I still got it!

Kane prepared for his first attack as he suddenly spotted Miles cowering behind the car who seemed to be shocked by the spectacle he was faced with.

Shayla senced his moment of inattention, rised her right hand and launched one of the dragons against Kane.

"MILES!", Kane yelled, then he was hit by the full force of Shayla's dragon. It wiped him off his feet and he was carried away by the mighty blow! "UUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Then the dragon exploded in a huge blast and all turned dark again.

Calya, Nolan, Allan, Mia and Afura were staring at the car where Kane had spotted Miles a second ago. Hitomi stared into the direction where Kane had disappeared and Shayla turned around and glared at Miles. It was too late to undo what she had done to Kane so she looked for the reason for what just happened.

"And who are YOU?", she asked with a smirk.

Meanwhile Kane was lying on the floor swearing and struggling to get up again. His chest hurted and burned like hell. He didn't expect this blast to be THAT powerful. Shayla surely kicked his ass with THAT one. It even seemed that the attack had been twice that powerful than any of Calya's attacks. Shayla really knew how to use a lamp of fire!

Kane got to his feet and slowly lurched back to the others, holding his chest in pain. "Curse you Miles! I gonna fry your filthy ass! YOU ARE TOAST!"

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"Oh shit" I muttered to myself behind the car. They were aware of me. TIme to put my little throw-together plan into action.

I stood up from the car, then faced the group. I stood with minimising any guestures of fear that I had. They could easily blast my ass.

"I'm here on... Ne... Negotaition... Purposes..." I took a hard gulp, no response from them. Only a few seconds later I said that in my mind. So I tried projecting them through my vocal cords this time.
"I'm... h-here... On...... Oh F!@# THIS!"

I tried to break and run, but a gust of wind, likely caused by Mia, threw me back.

"It would please us all if you were dead, but there's a reason why you're here, isn't it."

THere was no reason.. I'm too damn confused...

"What"? Mia said angrily. I dunno why but I just said that...

I got up, for some reason that gust of wind knocked more out of me, I was out of breath.

"I'm here on negotia -- Oh hell, I'm lying I'm not sure why I came here. There is noone else here. Long week... Honestly I felt that I had friends here back in the day... Nevermind..."

I studied the 2 new faces. One was an old woman, still suprisingly looks young, but could easily tell she was over 50. THere were also a new young woman I've never seen before.. Her skin was pale, but still, her blue streaks in her hair made her look charming.

"For those who don't know who I am, My name is Miles.... Now for everyone to hear...." I took my time to set up a speach, then I started talking like nothing really mattered...

"A little mroe than a week ago, a ship had crashlanded. It was from my origins but, I had nothing to do with the crash. It was part of the military from earth, as am I.

The ship, you should have seen, was in a blazing fury, as it was heavily damaged. I had learned a while after that it was attacked by an alien race. When I came here, we were at war with an alien race... The captain of that vessel is my brother. David Herrera, who is my baby.... Well, was my baby brother. For some reason, according to him I went MIA 50 years go. Suprising as it may seem, he's only 57 years old and still has alot of whoop-ass in his late ages... Why am I even getting carried away...

This whole thing was a misunderstanding. We didn't intentionally come here. We didn't mean to kill anyone... I think the most imporntant thing to talk about.. Is how all this hostility came about."

I attempted to recall why the Roshtarian army had attacked us, but it didn't take me long to remember...

"THe roshtarian army had attacked us with full force.. They say it's because we intentionally destroyed structures and killed people.. They also mentioned some earther names Makoto that was also demolished.. But we had no choice they started attacking us and..."

I had stopped because I looked at the young woman's face.. It was hard to tell, she was either tense, sad, angry, excited.. It was all those things..... But one thing I could identify is that she had something to say..

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Hitomi gave a small nod back to Shayla of course she had heard all about how Shayla was for a time crazy over her father.  He had tolded her it was probbly at the time a crush.  It was proven by looking around as she had her own fmaily now.

Hitomi moved back with the others watching Shayla's display of power over the element of Fire.  It was quite impressive at her age she could produce such a powerful attack.  She recalled her mother could do such from the said skill 'Northen Capital'

It was quite a sight to see hte young Kain blasted back so far only to rise again, but he was also one with the element of fire so it would not be as damageing, still it was unusal that a male could summon such.

Hitomi kept her eyes were Kane and landed and whispered to Nolan "Not bad for a old lady there"

But before Nolan could show any sign Shayla questioned this man who had appeared and they all heard his story  she listen to it and her face change, missing for 50 years? thats impossible

"If you have been missing for 50 years then how come your not older huh? Nothing can twist time or space execpt the Eye of God, you sure you have not been drinking to much wine or something?" Not quite the responce some who knew her mother and father in the past would of expected, the daughter of the two to say.

She looked around at the other "Seems they all don't like yoa very much here" she looked back to the elder Priestess's "You know him?"

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OOC: Actually I didn't know there was an actual rather good variant. The two versions I know(a little) of are -really- dark and nasty. Frankensteinian indeed oO

Forgive me please if this sucks(badly) ^^'

It took Shitia a while to answer. Now, that had been unexpected. Finally, she showed him a faint smile.
"I thank you for sharing this story with me." She said slowly, head head slightly tilted to the right.
Really, that man was formidable- and not only from her own, naturally limited perception. Although she had to admit, she most likely was giving him a lot of credit for that story. Most likely more than he actually deserved. But it HAD been  the nicest thing a human had said, like, ever. Admittedly, that had not been very hard, but still.

"Forgive me, though, for distrusting you. You seem to be someone who likes to look behind surfaces before making decisions. That I like." she paused for a second.
Then she stepped towards him and pointed at the books, changing the topic. It was not that comfortable for her, it brought memories. And she had other things on her mind.

"You seem to have a healthy interest in our history. You probably realize that you now have the chance to hear of history right from a witness, instead of using written words that might be slightly altered?"she smiled again - which was rare, a thing the young human could not know. "You also might be quite interested in recent history. A thing you will not find in the books, for reasons that are understandable, yet, on the same time might cause distrust. "
Shitia knew that Nahato would not approve of this, however, she had different opinions. For instance, in her opinion, truth was a mightier sword than the best plot could ever be. What good was it if a child spilled the beans? Distrust. And besides - she would be there to gather the shards, should it go the wrong way.

Yes, I usually do better than that. its the best in all the last days x.X

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"I'll hafta agree with that" said Nolan as as Calya dragged him to the side of the street. Everyone except Shayla and Kane followed.
Soon Shayla and Kane began 'duking it out' as it were,  Kane being the first to unleash an attack. Shayla simply smiled, unfazed. The heat radiating from the two fighters was quite uncomfortable, though not intolerable. Nolan didnt notice, he was too caught up in the sheer spectacle of it all.

"Impressive! You almost managed to control fire without the use of a lamp. I'm really impressed. Let's see, if you can match this!"  said Shayla with a smirk.
With that Shayla gathered her energy. To Nolan's shock and awe she managed to form what were unmistakenly dragons of flame, which swirled around her roaring loudly.

For some reason Kane seemed a little distracted. Nolan took note and began looking towards Shayla for any obvious distractions. As he noticed a figure by his car Shayla released one of the dragons from its embrace of her, sending it flying at Kane. The blast was so powerful it knocked Kane off his feet and threw him back quite a bit where he landed on the ground.
Nolan blinked several times.

"That hadta hurt" he muttered to himself. Then he turned his attention towards his car, as did everyone else. The familiar figure emerged from behind the Tempo.
Nolan sighed. "Hello Miles.." he muttered in his best Jerry Seinfeld impression. Miles raised an eyebrow.

Shayla glared at Miles. "And who are YOU?" she said with a smirk.
Before he got a chance to explain himself, Kane had finally gottne back on his feet. In obvious pain, he clenched his chest. ""Curse you Miles! I gonna fry your filthy ass! YOU ARE TOAST!"

With a gulp, Miles tried to explain why he was here. Though he found himself unable to form words properly.

In frustration Miles surprised everyone by trying to run away. But Mia kept him from suceeding with a gust of wind, without much effort.

"It would please us all if you were dead, but there's a reason why you're here, isn't it." asked Mia angrily.
When Miles didnt answer, Mia demanded again. This time he finally spoke.

He finally tried his best to explain his current situation, how he was brought here, his side of the story pertaining to the death and destruction caused by his comrades. Hitomi jumped in and contradicted him, citing how it was possible for him to be missing from his world for over half a century, yet not to have aged at all.

"I don't have no idea what you're all talkin 'bout" muttered Calya in frustration. "But its obvious tha' most here don' like you" she said. Oddly, Calya was still grabbing hold of Nolan's arm.

"Let's not forget that he's the speciman who gave me this bad injury of mine." spewed Nolan, motioning to his bandaged shoulder.

Then seemingly out of nowhere, Afura interrupted the group.
"Perhaps, he is telling the truth." she said.
Mia looked over as well as Hitomi. "But... You don't mean that he is-"
Afura bow a serious look. "Yes. It is clear that he is without a doubt travaler from another world. Very much like our friend Nolan. Perhaps while he came from one time peroid in his world, the rest of his 'comrades' are from a future time in his world."

Mia put a hand to her chin and though about it. It did seem to make sense. At least, when you concidered the Eye of God into the equation.

"I think he's from Earth as well." Nolan added. "He was talking to me about Earth back when we were being held in that ship" He walked towards Miles, leaving Calya's grip and stopped in front of him. Miles simply looked up at him. Nolan looked back.

"I'll admit it: I don't really like you. You may have helped us escape from the ship, but you still did alot of bad. You took captive of my friends and you injured many of us, especially me and Calya." he said, motioning to Calya behind him as he continued. "Though.... I can tell that you're probably just as bewhildered and anxious about all 'this' as I am..."
Nolan turned back to the group. "Should we let him into the fold?"

Afura nodded. "He may have done much harm, but I believe that we should help him. After all, it is not his fault that he arrived in our world."

Kane rolled his eyes in frustration. He clearly was not convinced, neither was Calya. He had injured both of them as well as Nolan. This wasnt something the two siblings could easily forgive.

But Mia seemed to warm up a little. "I guess you're right, miss Afura."
Clearly, Miles looked relieved at the turn of events.

Nolan turned back to him. "I gues that means you're welcome again. Don't screw things up." he said in a serious tone. Then he turned and began to walk back to the group. He stopped next to the driver door of his car, looking inside at something that caught his eye. He quickly realized what it was.

"Pringles!" Nolan yelled happily. Obviously at a loss, everyone including Miles looked at Nolan, visibly confused
"I actually have a thing of Pringles in here!" he repeated as he swung opened the door and grabbed the unopened canister from underneath the passenger seat. He read the label, Sour Cream n' Onion. Satisfied, he sighed happily.

Calya and Mia looked to eachother. "What's a 'Pringle' ?" asked Mia to her fellow priestess...

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"A snack," I answered promptly "it's potato chips, although... They aren't as greasy..."

Everyone but Nolan had still looked puzzled. At least I told them it was food. I snatched the can of Pringles, opened it up, took one and ate it whole. It tasted like every other prongle except.. It was somewhat different it had a moldy taste to it.... THen it hit me.

"God sakes man! THESE ARE EXPIRED!"

I spat out the foul-tasting chips. I got an impression on how Nolan keeps track of things... He truly isn't the 'smart one'....

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"Uhh, Miles, I don't think we've spoken much... Okay, so we've never spoken... But what do you think the others would think of you leaving them to be with us?" asked Allan

He stared a Miles for a while before thinking he should say something else.

"... What would that Arsyn guy think?"


I thought someone had to bring up what Miles would do about his troops sooner or later. Otherwise, there's not much for me to say.

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"I can't believe it how easy you're all  forgiving him for what he had done!", Shayla said, crossing her arms and staring at Miles. She was flanked by the two siblings. It was somehow an impressive view seeing them three standing all together. They truely looked like a family at that moment.

Kane and Calya were staring grimly at Miles.

"I'd say we should fry his ass.", Kane said.

"Yeah, payback time!", Calya agreed.

All three didn't seem to be very convinced of Miles little story. And all of them had still to pick a bone with him. When Shayla heared about Makotos death something deep inside her quietly demanded revenge, but the feeling of beating up Miles for hurting and betraying her grandchildren was even stronger. After her only daughter had disappeared and her husband died, she had only them both. She'd never forgive it, if one of them was injured badly or even killed.

Calya and Kane couldn't stand it that Miles had betrayed them all and that he even tried to kill them all. On top of that Kane wanted revenge for Yumi. Miles had threatened her and Kane had promised to protect her with his life. The two siblings mistrusted him to the bone.

"How can you believe him after he betrayed us all and even fought against us in purpose to kill us. It might not be their fault killing all the people when the ship had crashed, but they even killed the military when they blew it up! Lots of people died and it almost did kill us! If they had been smart they'd have surrendered and explained the whole thing! Isn't it so? I'm sure the royals whould have understood it pretty well, after they had heared this toughing story and even had offered their help! It all didn't have to escalate like that. I'm pretty sure of it! Damned military idiots! Just use your brains once instead of waving your guns around!", Kane remarked. His lungs were burning like hell after this rant. The injury caused him a lot of pain now, but he struggled not to show it to obviously.

He walked over to Miles narrowing his eyes and glaring at him. "Maybe the others are making up with you now, but I still don't trust you. If I only scent you backstabbing us once again.......I'll kill you!"

Calya smiled slightly, crossed her arms and nodded slightly. She felt the same like Kane and she'd gladly assist in that.

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"Uhh wait wait wait..." I said, backing up from Kane. He didn't move forward, I'd much rather keep my distance as he's likely to pull some stunt...

"Allan, to answer yoru question, I snuck out... Wadn't easy whenever I snuck out with project WANZER. Oops.. Wasn't supposed to say that. Well anywho... Kane I have a pain-reliever stim, but.. You're not likely to take it. However I do have something to say... Something very imporntant.."

Some looked like they started to actually listen, whole others like Kane just looked aggravated even more.

"I had a dream.. Whenever the cap ship crashed. It was strange.. Me and a patrol of Marines were out at night in a forest. We were ambushed by some giant bug-like creatures..."

"Likely a Bugrom patrol" Mia interrupted.

"Bugrom? That's what they are called? huh... Well anyway, they had spears... Some soldiers died but in my dream, I died too. Now here's the spooky part... 2 days after the conflict between us, I went out on that patrol. I remembered the dream as clear as day, and right whenevr I was about to get shafted, I stopped myself from being killed..."

"Bullshit." Shalya said, she sounded very aggravated. Hostility must run in that family...

"So it may seem. However, I had another dream... The city... The city was being invaded I don't know by what, I just know it was, I remember seeing were the lake once was with the mounds of dead corpses.. And me piloting Project WANZER.... Fighting them off.. They were all black figures though, that's why I couldn't identify them."

"Bullshit." Shayla said again. Same tone, same pace as before.

"It might not seem that way Shayla." Mia was staring at me. Like she was closely observing me. "He's from Earth right? He must have a special ability.... His must be able to see into the future in a subconscious state of mind"

"English please.." Calya looked a little less tense... Probably starting to forgive me..

"Like when he's sleeping." Now Mia sounded aggravated...

"Just one thing concerns me Miles.." She asked.


"Why haven't any people on the ship have shown their powers?"

"I'm.. Uncertain.. There's a special layer of material that shields all types of radiation... However.. I fell out of my ship whenever I entered the atmosphere... THat would answer that I think."

Mia nodded in suspicion... Then Calya started to approach me.... "Do... Do you want to hurt us? DId you ever want to hurt us...?"

That was a highly unusual question, I was stunned at the thought of it for a while but.. I answered as best as I could.

"No... I don't want to hurt anyone, if I can avoid it... I don't like seeing anyone in pain, I don't like seeing blood, or gore.. Limbs.. Whatever... I don't want to fight humans, I joined the Military to fight those damn aliens... I have a harsh history if you want to know what I've went through... The only time whenevr I am forced to hurt someone... Well.. To answer your question.. No and yes... I wanted to hurt Kane whenevr we were fighting... And... I meant to use a stun round on Noland.. Not a lethal, eheheheh..."

After that, I looked at Kane, he was still in pain. After that speech, I didn't want him to suffer like that. I took one of the pain-reliever stims from my pocket, and tossed it to him. "Hey Kane, catch!"


The dream I talked about.. Floresca can be invaded by either the Bugrom, Shadow Tribe, or the Humans but.. I want to avoid the Humans invading. If Lan and Itamar decide it's a no for them, Then the humans invading, it shall be...

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Itimar was about to respond in the positive. After all, he relished the idea of hearing the stories in the history books as told by an actual witness, this remarkable living weapon who had forsworn her dark past. Before he could open his mouth, though, the door to his home swung open.

"Good evening, Itimar," Aereala said cheerfully. "I brought dinner, if you would like to - oh!" The Hunter nearly dropped the meals she was carrying. She hadn't expected Itimar to have company. Let alone this particular company. "Lady Shitia! It is an honor." Aereala bowed as best she could, given her burden, but a flash of suspicion and fear passed across her eyes for a moment. It was well-known that, in spite of her loyalty to the Phantom Tribe, Shitia did not always obey its rulers. This made her an unpleasantly random variable at times.

"Aereala! It is good to see you once again!" Itimar smiled broadly, a touch of a blush coloring his cheeks. "Lady Shitia and I were just now discussing the histories of your people and mine."

"How... wonderful!" Aereala managed to say, a not-entirely-genuine smile plastered across her face. Inwardly she was quite worried. While Nahato wished for Itimar to be told the entire story of the Tribe as truthfully as possible, it was also his wish to share that story with him gradually, sharing the worst blemishes on their past only when they were certain Itimar would be able to accept them. If Shitia shared too much too quickly, Itimar might turn from them. Aereala did not wish to see that happen, both because of his value to the Tribe, and also because she had found herself growing rather fond of him.

"Please, join us," Itimar encouraged, starting to get the feeling that Aereala was nervous. He was not sure why Aereala would feel nervous, but hoped to calm her anyway.

Aereala took a seat, and handed one of the two meals to Itimar. "I apologize, my Lady. If I had realized you would be here, I would have brought more food. If you like, you may have my meal." No one in the Tribe knew for certain whether Shitia required food to survive. She had been seen eating from time to time, so it was well-known that she COULD eat. Respect for the Tribe's millennia-old Protector demanded that she make the offer.

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"God Sakes Man! THESE ARE EXPIRED!" exclaimed Miles as he spat out the chips in disgust.

"What? That can't be.." said Nolan as he grabbed the canister from Miles' hands and anaylized it, looking for the expiry date. Sure enough, it was true: 06/06/03. June 6th. Which meant that they had expired over 2 months ago..

"Hmm... must've been from a trip to the grocery. Guess it fell out of the bag" he told himself. Still the fact remained that if what he was told was true, these might very well be the last bit of chips he'd ever eat. He wasn't about  to let a little staleness get between him and his last Earth snack. With that he stuffed some chips in his mouth. They did taste stale, but still tasted okay.

"I can't believe it how easy you're all  forgiving him for what he had done!" spouted an annoyed Shayla. She was backed up by her fellow family.

"I'd say we should fry his ass." said Kane.
"Yeah, payback time!" agreed Calya.

Kane then went into a rant at Miles, about the actions of his fellow comrades, as well as himself. Nolan couldn't help but feel for Kane's statements. Miles was definately not in a good position with anyone present here, much less the rest of the population.

It was starting to look as though the three of them we'rent gonna accept Miles' 'apologies'. At first. But then Kane approached Miles up close and spoke.
"Maybe the others are making up with you now, but I still don't trust you. If I only scent you backstabbing us once again.......I'll kill you!"

Calya crossed her arms and nodded in affirmation of Kane's statement. Smiling, she approached Kane, Miles and Nolan.
"So ah Nolan.." she said shyly "What's with this contraption the three of you arrived in?" she asked, referring to Hitomi, Allan and himself.

Nolan took a bite out of another chip and smiled "This thing is, at the moment, my pride and joy." He opened the driver door, passing Miles who unknowingly to him had rolled his eyes at his previous statement. He didn't take too kindly to the sight of Nolan eating 2 month old chips either.

"Unfortunately, it took a pretty good beating over the past few days, since I arrived here.." he said, a hint of sadness apparent in his voice. "But it still drives!"

As he sat down in the driver seat, leaving the door opened, he decided to give his newfound friends a slight scare. He glanced at the CD-stereo in the dash and couldn't help but smirk at the idea in his head.

He looked up at Calya and Kane, noticing Shayla and the others coming over as well. Reaching for the dash he cranked the volume knob all the way up, pressed the button marked 'play' and then held his breath.

Almost out of nowhere, the sound of riffing guitars and electronics filled the air. Both Kane and Calya jumped back, while Shayla stopped dead in her tracks, visibly startled. The other Roshtarians were confused as well.
Miles, however quickly realized what it was.
Nolan couldn't help but laugh at their reactions. He just sat there, munching on his chips, bobbing his head a little to the currently playing X-ecutioners/Linkin Park song from the mix cd he had in the player.

"Hahahahahaa..!! It's alright guys. It's just a little Earth music."

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"That wasn't neccessary." I sapid. The loud roar of classic -- ancient rock did suprise me for a second.. That is one crappy sound system.

I looked up in the sky. The sun was straight up, the time was probably noon. My stomach growled from hunger. I had nothing to eat today...

"Ok folks, how about lunch? I can cook just about anything!" I said, facing myself to most of the crowd. Calya looked interested, but Kane and Shayla still had their offensive looks..

"The main question.." Calya started speaking I could tell she was hungry as well. "Is where are we going to eat?"

What WAS here on the planet? There had to be fish.. Possibly a cow? I love steak... pigs means ham.... Mmmmm... Pork... I need some real food...

"I say a seafood restauraunt!... If there are any.. left..." I remember that the buildings were crushed... I don't think there are any places left, looks like the ship went right through the marketplace...

"There's one on the other side of town." Shayla said, a little lense tense, probably finally being able to cut me some slack.

"I presume you know how to get there but..." I walked over to the driver's side of Nolan's car. He eyed me with suspicion. "Ya mind getting out real quick?" I said ina  friendly manner. He took his keys out of the car and got out. Once he did I got in and closed the door. He asked me what I was doing. I knew what I was doing at least.

"I'm gonna drive." I said looking out the window. "You can't, you don't have the keys to the ignition!" "I don't need the keys, I learned how to hotwire one of these back in 5th grade!" With that I went under the dashboard. There was the wires, fusebox.. Fuses are outdated... Either way I took one wire that had some current flowing through it, and then with one of the starter fuses, I took out about half-way, stuck the wire on the fuse, and the engine roared to life.

"What did I tell you? I can commandeer this thing any time I want to... But I won't do it again. Hop in, I need to get to Project WANZER first." I only said that to nolan as I wan't as little people to know about it. He had gotten into the car and I started driving for it.

The handling and the comfort.. and the power really was crappy as hell, but I didn't let Nolan know that.

There was a small crowd of folk around my WANZER llooking at it, I stepped out of the car however, and they all ran away screaming.... I don't blame them... I stepped into my WANZER and turned on the microphone. "Nolan! Thanks for the ride. This is Project WANZER, you're not supposed to know but, what the heck, might as well show the others now. It was my fault of leaving it here anyway. Lets go!"

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"Alrighty then!" With that Nolan got back into the drivers seat of his car and sped back as fast as he could to the group. Miles was close behind in his WANZER.

Soon they had arrived back, and everyone took a double take at Miles' contraption. It sure was a sight.

Nolan stopped the car and went to turn the ignition, when he realized that the keys were in his pocket. He frowned. "Next time he drives my ride, he's gonna use the keys." he spewed as he took the keys and put them in the ignition to turn off the car. He also shut off the stereo as he stepped out.

"We're back. Now what?" he asked. Though everyone was still watching Miles' in his WANZER as he climbed out to greet everyone again. Nolan watched as well.

"It's... like a monster.." commented Mia, visibly confused. And ever-so-slightly scared...

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As Kane watched Nolan and Miles leave he stared after them and clenched his fist where the stim was he caught. He crushed the stim within his hand and droped it on the floor. He didn't want any help of this traitor.

Then he turned to the others and watched them. Calya walked over to him laying her hand on his shoulder. "I know how you feel right now, Kane. I feel quite the same. But I think we should give him a chance. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't have an eye on him, but we shouldn't be cruel to him as well."

"Giving in that easy, sister? What happened to you? You feeling sympathy for that traitor?", he still stared at the car shrinking in the distance.

Calya looked down and didn't knew what to respond. Then she looked at Kane again. "I just think we shouldn't be that coldhearted, that's all."

"Fine. If you think so, I do not! You may make up with him, after all what happened, but I still don't trust him and I won't! Your weakness, disgusts me, sis.", with that he turned to Calya and glared at her. Then he turned to the others and joined them.

As Kane turned his back on her she had a sad look in her eyes. She rose her hand and wanted to stop him. "Kane I.......", she broke off and lowered her hand again. It was useless. She felt like she'd betray Kane by trying to convince him.

Shayla stepped behind Calya and layed her hands on the young priestress' shoulders. "It's okay, let him be. He knows what he's doing. I can understand you both. You're the type who is a little more used to be around with people. Kane is not. He's a maverick. He always was since I sent him to his journey."

Calya nodded. "Yeah, you're right. But What about you?"

"About me?", Shayla asked taking off the lamp of fire and handing it to Calya. "Well, I don't trust that guy either. I never met him before. And the fact of fighting you both and trying to kill you is reason enough for me to distrust him till the day I die!"

"I see.", Calya replied, quietly equiping the lamp again.

They both returned to the group and waited for Nolan and miles to return. During this time Kane didn't speak a word to Calya. He didn't say a word to anyone in fact. He just sat down under a nearby tree and suffered alone in his pain. It didn't hurt that much anymore, but now it started itching, what was driving him insane.

After some time he saw the two guys returning. He spotted Nolan's car in the distance followed by a huge......thing! He slowly got to his feet again, watching them getting closer. Shayla and Calya walked over to him, eying the two vehicles approaching. "What the hell is this?", Calya asked slightly concerned. Kane just shook his head. "I dunno."

The three returned to the group, who also had already spotted the incoming robot. Then the car and the 'steel monster' reached them. It looked impressive and seemed to be equipped with loads weapons. Then the giant bowed down and something opened. Miles jumped out and greeted them all again.

"It's... like a monster.." commented Mia, visibly confused. And ever-so-slightly scared...

"This new toy of that lil' wimp is surely quite impressive.", Kane mumbled quietly as he stared at that 'monster'.

Shayla was also impressed. "Woah! It will definitely cause a sensation, if that 'thing' will be standing near the Shinonome diner, don't you think?"

Afura, who was standing next to Shayla, just nodded. "And it'll scare Nanami to death for sure....."

"I think that's worth seeing.....shall we go?", Shayla responded with a slight smirk.

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Lan tugged at her hair, and gave Jinnai the evil eye.

"Green." She said, "You dyed my hair green. I'm never going to speak to you agian once this is all over."

"You love me really."

"No," Lan said, plainly, "I don't."

"What about the clothes, what do you think of them?" He beamed at her.

"Truthfully, if I wasn't doing this, I would never wear them." Lan felt like hitting Jinnai. "Now, I need a name."

"Hmm..." Jinnai thought, "We could call you Diva."

"No! I'm not getting named after your grandfathers wife! Anyway, it would be too obvious."

"I suppose."

"What about...Kyra?"

"It'll do."

"What do you mean, 'It'll do' ?! I always wanted to be called that!"

"Okay, it's a lovely day, darling..."

"Call me that again...and I will kill you."


Lan looked down at her dress. "I can't believe you're making me wear this."

"It suits you darling."

"That's it..." Lan ran at Jinnai, it wasn't easy because she was in a dress.

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Allan stared at the giant machine that was in front of him... He saw it was quite a sight but he wasn't sure if he hadn't seen stronger on El-Hazard before.

"Nice toy, Miles!" he shouted

As soon as Afura said they were go to the Diner, Allan remembered Yumi as he thought of the people who'd be going.

"Uhh... I think I'll just stay with Yumi. She seems to dislike being alone anyway."

The car would be full with all the people, Allan didn't feel like asking Miles to take him there in that massive thing. He had no other option.

"... Yeah. I'm gonna walk."

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"Hey Allan! Are you sure you don't want a ride? this thing may be bumpy, but there's room for another!"

Alas he still walked off. I'm not sure if he trists me or not. Either way I shouldn't force him. I have enough problems with people as it is.

I observed how many people there were.. Nolan... Calya, Shayla, Kane, and the young girl who was oddly silent thorugh this whole point. Nolan's car was a 4-seater... It will be cramped in the back and as far as I can tell, those seats were uncomfortable....

"Anyone want a ride in this? It's gonna be cramped in the back of Nolan's car!" I asked eyeing every one of the people that I could see at first.

Nobody respoded for a while, but then Calya spurted her had up and sayd "I will!", and it's only like Kane to start babbling on about not trusting me, but I wouldn't interfere. At some peoint she won the dispute, nothing sad but Kane just pretty much gave up at some point.

"I really want to know what it's like, from where they are from, their technology.." She said this walking forawrd, looking at Project WANZER.

"Calya!" Shayla shouted. She looked like she lost a fight and was still mad about it, same look as Kane. Calya turned her head around. "Be careful, I don't trust him and neither should you. I swear, if you had some sense, you would be going in Nolan's car."

Calya clentched her fists then slowly released them. "Shalya.... I don't... I'll be fine, I've got the lamp of fire with me, if he does anything I'll fry him and the machine!" Shalya had a slight nod, then signaled everyoen to get into Nolan's car.

Shayla turned her head back around to me and said "What now?" I turned my head back around to the WANZER. "First we get into the cockpit in there." I started walking towards the left leg of the WANZER, and climbed up onto it. As soon as I got up, I noticed Calya flying up to it. "Oh yea, you can fly.. That's right.. Be there in a sec!" She stood on the edge of the clockpit entrance wating for me. I had one last jump to make, and it was the farthest. I leaped, but couldn't make it on my feet, I stretched out my arms and grabbed onto the edges, and climbed up.

"Ok, there's some room behind the seat, can you get back there?" She nodded, then looked into the cockpit, She was somewhat stunned, but then worked her way to the back. I hopped into the seat, closed the clockpit entrance, and started up the reactor. It was a loud roar however, which Calya probably got scared of, I could tell she wasn't used to this.

"Don't worry, this thing is similar to Nolan's car. It makes a loud sound when it starts up. Now then, I'm gong to move this thing to a standing position. Might wanna hang onto something."

First thing I moved was the torso. I moved that to an upright position, then I jammed the reverse pedal all the way to make the WANZER stand up. She was hanging onto the chair, there was nothing to hold on to back there anyway. I could hear her sit down in the back.

"Is there any lights than you can turn on?" Suprisingly she asked in a calm manner.

"Mmmm... Nope sorry. I don't suggest sitting down either. It's somewhat of a bumpy ride."

"That's ok, I'll stand."

She grabbed onto the seat and pulled herself up, from there she was peering over my shoulder. The only light that came from anywhere was through the windows.

"Say..." She turned her face towards me. "What does this thing do?"

I turned my head towards her. "Well, not much. This is a war machine and somewhat meant to be mass-produced in the future. It has a gun on the right had that fires solid metal cylinders at a fast rate. If anyone got hit by one, it wouldn't be tretty, if you get hit directly all your limbs could just be blasted off."

She started to look worried. I knew why.

"Then again, I don't have it on because there's nothing to shoot at, so it's not on. Want to see something neat?"

After telling her the gun was off, she relaxed a little. "Yea, but what?" She still acted like she was worred.

I flicked a few switches that were close to a circular glass screen. It turned on. I adjusted with a knob.

"This is what is called a radar. It's fairly sophisticated. The dot at the center is us. The oval blip just ahead of us is Nolan's car," I spun the knob to zoom out a little, just enough to see outlines of certain things.

"and this, is the buildings. And the bar that keeps on going around the dot is a sensor. I think that's pretty much it. If you want to, you can watch and see how this thing is driven."

"I... Suppose..." That was her response. I couldn't tell the way she acted, if she was scared or embarrassed...

"Hey Calya... Does your brother always act over-protective?"

She smirked, then responded. "Yea. For half of his life, he was sent on a journey someplace. He didn't meet or see anyone for a long time. It was to assassinate the bu.. Er... Someone..."

"I see.. That's alright. Might wanna hold on to something because Nolan's car si starting to move. Here we go."

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Lan looked up at the palace. Her resume had already been read, and Jinnai, in disguise, had got her the job.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. If i get caught I'll be killed..." Lan hitched up her skirts, and headed towards the kitchen entrance. She knew her way around well, but if she was to show that she did, people would begin to suspect...

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Nolan looked back at Miles' WANZER, which undoubtably had everyone's attention by now. He sighed and sweatdropped as he walked up to everyone. He looked at the mecha with everyone else, and then spoke.
"Bah. It's been done." he muttered sarcastically.

"Woah! It will definitely cause a sensation, if that 'thing' will be standing near the Shinonome diner, don't you think?" asked Shayla.

Afura, who was standing next to Shayla, just nodded. "And it'll scare Nanami to death for sure....."

This jogged Nolan's memory: Nanami, the caretaker of that restaurant he and Afura had passed by days ago during his first trip to the palace.
"We're going to Nanami's?" he asked Afura. She smiled and nodded.
"She would no doubt be happy to welcome newcomers, especially fellow Earthers."
"Yeah!" interrupted Shayla enthusiastically " She'll love to provide us with some of her trademark food."
"For a good price, no doubt.." said Mia matter-of-factly.

"Eh?" quizzed Nolan.
"Oh nothing!" replied Shayla. "Let's just get going!"

"Anyone want a ride in this? It's gonna be cramped in the back of Nolan's car!" asked Miles' from up in his mecha.

To Nolan's surprise, Calya volunteered. "I Will!"
This led to both Kane and Shayla pestering and nagging Calya to reconsider. Since the two of them were taking Nolan's car, it seemed only natural that Calya would accompany her. But she didnt relent.

With that, Kane and Shayla sat in the back, while Hitomi and Nolan sat up front. They had managed to squeeze in Afura between Kane and Shayla. While cramped, it was tolerable. At least that's what Afura kept telling everyone..

Hitomi was enthusiastic as well over heading to the Shinonome diner, if only to eat something. She couldn't recall when she had her last meal, and her stomach kept reminding her that it was probably a great deal of time ago.

"I'm so hungry..!" she sighed, rubbing her stomach in anticipation of the goodies to come.
"I could really go for a Big Mac right about now.." muttered Nolan.
"A what?" asked Shayla.
"Oh its just a type of hamburger." replied Nolan. This didn't invoke the response Nolan had thought.
"What's a hamburger?" she asked again.
"Ahh..... I'll explain later." he replied as he turned the key to the ignition. Once again the Roshtarians tensed up as the car rumbled to life. To liven thigs up Nolan turned on the CD deck again, this time popping in a more 'soothing' style of rock. Nolan's Roshtarian passengers bore looks of tolerant bemusement as A Perfect Circle played through the speakers in the back and front.

"Okay... Let's go stuff our faces!" said Nolan enthusiastically, to which he was greeted by equally enthusiastic cheers. With that, and a little directional help from his 'guests' Nolan's Tempo made its way back towards the inner part of Floristica, and to the infamous Shinonome diner.

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Allan had been running for quite some time now.

"(... Argh, it didn't seem so long in Nolan's car and that thing wasn't moving so fast.)"

He was tired, thirsty and felt like falling down for a second or so. He then fell to his knees and tried to catch his breath again.

"... I wish I had gone with Nolan after all."

He got back on his feet and began his run again which looked more like a jog, he was also panting insanely. He went quite a while until he reached the house which there had been a fight in. He struck his hand at the wall and held on for a while, facing the ground.

"(I know there's exercise but this is a bit extreme... What I make myself put up with is incredible.)"

He got back up and now just walked towards the Castle. Slowly, slowling walking. Hopefully, at the Palace, he'd find something to drink in there. There'd be some people who'd recognise him, it seemed good.

He kept on walking, sweating stupidly and still trying to catch his breath.


This is quite a long walk he's gone through, I might to have to skip a few posts for a while just to make sense timeline-wise.

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"Stuff our faces, sounds good to me but umm, we're gonna have to pay right?" Hitomi paused and he stomuch growled quite loudly  "I've not really got any money on me.........in fact all I have is the clothes on my back" she said

"Oh don't worry I am sure once Nanami hears who you are she will do nothing but feed you" Afura added to the of this with a small chuckle.  It was ture Nanami was more happier when she found out about Makoto and Ifurita's child and treated her much like a neice

Hitomi nodded back to her then looked to Mia "I hope Roshtaria's not changed much, I've not been there in ages you know, all the old places still there?"

(Not much of a long post ^^ just getting Hitomi back into the main group again from me being away next few will go back to normal length)

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They were driving through the streets towards the diner, followed by the huge robot cleaving his way between the houses. Miles mastered navigating the robot although some passages were dangerously narrowing.

Kane felt unpleasent. It was really crowded in the back of Nolan's car, he barely could breath. He tried to calm himself by watching the houses passing by outside, but he felt the unease rising inside him and so did his pulse. The ride seemed to be endless, while they just had been sitting back here for about 10 minutes. His breath went faster and he slowly felt hot.

Shayla peered at him from time to time in a slight concern. She had a hunch about what could happen, but as long as it didn't happen, she didn't want to harass the others.

Kane began to sweat and his breath turned into a hushed wheeze. He heared his puls whirring in his ears.

Afura looked at Kane. "Are you allright, boy?"
Suddenly she could feel the temperature rising beside her. "Is anything wrong with you Kane?"

Kane's breath turned into an obvious wheezing now, sweatdrops were forming on his forehead. It's poky in here! I can't breathe! Danmed, get me out of here!!!

Shayla looked at Kane concerned. "Nolan? Would you mind to stop for a moment?"

Panic rose inside Kane he tried to move, but there was no room for any movement. "Get...*pant*.....get me...*pant, pant*........out of here.....", his eyes widened and he stared into Shayla's face, he went pale. "Please....*pant*....let.....me......pant*....out!"

The temperature was perceptibly rising in the entire car now.

"Nolan! HURRY! It's getting serious now!", Shayla said and was already opening the door while the car hadn't stopped, yet. And dashed around the car. I knew it! It's happening again!

Kane grasped the doorknob and started pulling it in panic. "LET ME OUT DAMNED!", he yelled.

Shayla reached the door and pulled it open, grabed Kane and pulled him out of Nolan's car.

He stumbled a few steps forward and screamed, stroke out and punched a big hole into the wall in front of him. Then he fell to his knees and hung his head, gasping like a maniac.

Shayla kneeled down beside him and laid her arm around his shoulder. "It's ok, it's ok! You're outside again! Calm down now and catch your breath, boy! It's ok!"

Kane tried to calm down. He concentrated in breathing regularely and to slow down his pulse again.After some time. He was able to think clearly again, his breath calmed down.

"Still your old problem, Kane? You haven't gained fully control over it, have you?", Shayla asked.

Kane shook his head. "No.........not yet. In most situations I can handle it.......but not in all.......I......still keep up the practice.....But I guess that our little secret is out now, huh?"

Shayla smiled and nodded. "Yeah, it seems so..."


*OOC: Now Kane's weakness is known. He tried to keep it secret even from Calya. Only Shayla and Kane knew about the fact, that he suffers from claustrophobia. He has been practicing to get the control over it for years, but sometimes it still cleaves it's way.  ;D

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"What the hell?" I noticed a door opening from the car as it was moving. The car stopped and everyone got out. Shayla was pulling Kane out, his body has a glossy shine to it, he was sweating like crazy.

"What's happening to Kane!?" Calya yelled as she stuck her head more forward so she could see. I stopped the WANZER and pitched teh torse down a little. He punched the brick wall right in front of him and made a hole in front of him and he collapsed to the floor, panting like mad...

"Is it Insanity?" I said, but he soon calmed down. He rose to his feet afterwards and started talking to Shayla...

"He doesn't look insane Miles." Calya had a worried tone. If he calmed down like that it wasn't insanity. If anything I've noticed that most things in El-Hazard have a lot of room, Nolan's car didn't have much in the way of space...

"No Calya, I think he's Claustrophobic.." I said, releasing the grip on the joystick. "He's Claustrophobic? Why didn't he tell me?" She stood back and looked at me. I thought it was common sense but, guess not. "If I was Claustrophobic, I'd keep it to myself." I tapped in some commands and opened the door, got up, and peered out the door.

"Hey Kane! Want a ride in this? It's got alot more space!"


Hey, someone's gotta make a post :/

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Lan had managed to enter the place, without anyone recognising her. She now stood in front of an oldish looking man, who was apparetly in charge of hiring servants.

"So," The man said, "You have never previously worked in  a job like this, have you?"

"No sir, the only thing even remotely similar to this job was when I cleaned the house everyday for my mother. She was ill, and the house had to be kept spotless."

"I see." He looked puzzled, only slightly though. "And why are you asking for this job?"

"Well, I have brothers and sisters too look after, and because my mother just died, I have to look after them. My elder brother worked for a while, but suffered an injury, so he now stays at home looking after our siblings. I have to work."

"Ah, right." The man made a note on a small peice of paper.

Kar spent the next half an hour, making up a life for herself, and telling the man why she needed the job, and what her qualifications were.

The only thing that worried her, was the other servants finding out who she was.

"Well, Kiara, I can see that, although not much experience is in your hand, you are capable of taking this job. You start in an hour. Go meet the others, and get your clothes changed, there is no way you can work in those, you'll melt."

"Thank you, sir!" Lan bowed, and lef the room quickly. "One down..."

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Nolan watched as Kane punched the wall with a ferocity he hadn't seen from him before. It was totally unexpected.

"It's ok, it's ok! You're outside again! Calm down now and catch your breath, boy! It's ok!" said Shayla in a calming voice. Nolan raised an eyebrow.

Nolan stepped out, leaving Afura and Hitomi in the car.
"Kane...?" muttered Nolan quietly "What was that about?" he asked puzzled.
Shayla simply turned to face Nolan. "He's had this for most of his life. He is claustraphobic."
"OH!" exclaimed Nolan loudly. He then quickly calmed down and simply said "oh...". Kane was still panting quite a bit.

Meanwhile Hitomi was curious as well. She thought she knew what was wrong with Kane, but she kept dismissing the idea, given the guy was a fierce warrior. Afura simply sighed and shook her head.

"Only we know about this. Not even his sister is aware." said Shayla. Nolan nodded. "It must have been alot of work to hide such a.. fear.."
"Actually.. the situation never really arose." she replied matter-of-factly. "It is rare for him to feel this way."
"Guess the car was too tight fer 'em". replied Nolan. "Will he still come to the diner with us? Or would it be best for him to walk.."
"I think it would befor the best." replied Shayla, helping Kane to his feet. He seemed to be recovering quite well.

"Okay.. I guess.. I'll meet you two at the diner?" said Nolan. Shayla nodded and smiled. Kane simply grunted.
Now that everything was sorted out, Nolan climbed back into the Tempo and slammed the door shut.
Hitomi bore a look that said 'Well? What the heck is going on?'. Afura simply smiled nonchalantly.
"Kane and Shayla are going to walk the rest of the way. Kane is... ah... not accustomed to riding around in a car." stated Nolan. Hitomi raised an eyebrow, clearly still curious but remained silent.

With a press on the gas pedal, the car made its way down the road, off to its intended destination..

"Say..  What kinds of food can I expect to see and taste at this Shinonome diner anyway?"
Afura and Hitomi, enthused by the question, began filling Nolan in on all sorts of El-Hazardian dishes, as well as many 'Earth' ones they had tried as well. Nolan did have to correct them on the pronounciation of Pizza, which made him smirk.
Nolan grinned brightly when Afura mentioned that Nanami could make a so-called 'Canadian' style pizza. She obviously had remembered his nationality from when they met, and knew that he would definately love to be able to eat something from his homeland. Though Nolan didn't know how it would be possible, given that Canadian bacon wasn't exactly a tradeable commodity here.

Hitomi was clearly getting very hungry, what with all the talk of food. Afura was as well, though she was much more reserved about it...

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Kane watched them when the car continued it's way to the diner. He'd definitely prefere to walk now. He didn't want it to happen again.

"Hey Kane! Want a ride in this? It's got alot more space!", Miles yelled from his robot.

Kane turned to him and stared at the huge machine grimmly. Damn! That wasn't supposed to happen, especially not in HIS presence!

"I'd prefere to walk, if you don't mind. You better move it to keep up with them!", he said scornfully. With this he turned to Shayla and nodded to her. She nodded back, understanding what he ment and both of them leaped up a wall and on the next roof. They would take the 'expressway' over the rooftops. So they both made their way over the flat houses of the city, jumping across the streets beneath them.

Kane was wondering how agile and swift Shayla still was. It seemed to him like she'd do her daily dozen. But he enjoyed it. It has been a while since he had trained with his grandmother. Kane was leading the way having a slight smile on his face. Above the streets he felt free and hilarious and although it has been a while sine he had been to Shinonome diner, he could find his way blindly.

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A scornful response... At least it's better than all of his other vengeful replies.

I got back in and closed the door. Calya was pestering me about Kane like I knew about his problem this whole time. I never knew he had it but I knew either 1, a temporary treatment was an anesthetic stim, very mild dose, or 2, a permanent treatment that involves mental excercise, which is very hard....

Project WANZER went back into motion, catching up fast to the car. Kane and Shayla were jumping from roof to roof, not to mention those tall structures...

"Hey Calya, want to give them a little scare?"

"Is it wise?"

"No, I'm not gonna do anything bad, just fly over them a bit."

"This thing can fly!?"

"Oh yea!"

I activated the experimental jumpjets and maneuvered myself straight over Kane and Shayla, I couldn't see what they were doing but apparently they didn't stop because the radar showed no tiny dots.

"Must be loud for them." I ginned in an evil way. "Watch this."

I tilted the torse of the machine forward, the angle made the jetpack propel me forward, from there I could turn it, it was sorta like maneuvering a sluggish jet fighter. I zoomed passed them, turned around and went as low as I could go over their heads. Calya was hanging on for dear life, I wasn't suprised. I set Project WANZER down about a mile away from the car, which wasn't a long ways because the machine ran as fast as it could back to the car. Now I was back, going slow behind the car, pretending like nothing happend.

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Meanwhile Hitomi was curious as well. She thought she knew what was wrong with Kane, but she kept dismissing the idea, given the guy was a fierce warrior. Afura simply sighed and shook her head.  

Hitomi turned back to Afura "I wonder whats wrong with him? You think he doesn't like confind spaces much?"  Hitomi questions Afura since she was wise well wiser than many save someone.  "I belive the term for it is claustraphobia, and it does look that way, but then here no EL-Hazard there are very few places like inside of this contraption".

Now that everything was sorted out, Nolan climbed back into the Tempo and slammed the door shut.  Hitomi bore a look that said 'Well? What the heck is going on?'. Afura simply smiled nonchalantly.
"Kane and Shayla are going to walk the rest of the way. Kane is... ah... not accustomed to riding around in a car." stated Nolan. Hitomi raised an eyebrow, clearly still curious but remained silent.

'I guess Afura is right about him having such a fear, I should of said something I remember being like that when I was smaller, this things not so bad any smaller and I'd probbly done the same thing heh they sure, wouldn't of liked to seen me mad thats for sure.'  Hitomi smirked  as she turned to look out the window leaving the others to only wonder why she had done so.


Hitomi was clearly getting very hungry, what with all the talk of food. Afura was as well, though she was much more reserved about it...

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"I hope we get there soon I've not had a good meal in.......... I can't even remember when" she sighed placeing her elbow down resting her cheek on her hand  "Be honest I can't remember alot about some things" she shook her head "Ahhh who care, I'm hungry, and right now just want to eat something" Hitomi chucckled "Heh I hope Nanami doesn't mind me paying I've not no money and all, then again it'll be surprizing if she'll even remember me" Hitomi smiled "Heh not many have only Mia did, god knows how" Afura chuckled lightly

"Well you did once look alot like your mother when you were smaller, everyone who had seen you thought so, but seems you have grown into your own person now"
Hitomi nodded back to her

"Yeah well my brown hair started to grown in a little after we left Floresteica, no idea why but I don't mind"  she then turned to Nolan "How fast are you going? this thing as fast as a skimmer?"

She was cut off when the strange machine of Miles jumped as it did running back to the car, she frowned one of those easy to tell annoied faces Afura could of sworn she'd seen on Shayla before

"That guy sure love to show off in that damned thing"

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Allan walked the rest sluggishly, very sluggishly. He was walking like a rock trying to move a mile using the wind to push it.

He came to the Palace but fell on the floor again, his legs failed to carry him on. He panted insanely.

"Where did you come from?" said a Palace Guard who came out of the blue

"Uhh? I dunno, it's probably been a few miles."

"You poor guy, let me give y-... Oh my god!"

He took Allan's hand trying to pull him on his feet but he dropped him back down as soon as he noticed the face.

"Allan, it's you! I thought you'd never come back to Floristica!"

"I've been here for about two weeks now..."

"Everyone had been making bets three years ago if you had lived or not."

"And I suppose the old guy won?"

"Took our money, more like."

"Well, I'm back home now."

"Come, you've got to come back to the Palace!"

"I did go back, y'know. For about a hour or so before that thing came from the sky and reduced half of the place to rubble."

"Either way, come on, I'm sure there are still some people who didn't see you!"

They walked on the rest of the way which wasn't so long, Allan's legs were still burning though. After the walk, they went inside and the guard stopped at the entrance to talk to another about Allan returning. They then went on to the guy in charge of hiring servants who also seemed suprised... Behind him, a young girl with green hair appeared to be walking down.

"... I don't remember her." said Allan

"She's new, I just hired her." replied the old man

"I see..."

Allan saw the girl's face as she turned her head around for a few seconds and then looked at her eyes. One blue, one violet.

"(Lana?!)" echoed his mind

"So, how were your travels, young one?" asked the old man

"Oh, erm, well, I did a lot of things, one was in Fa-..."

Allan kept on talking, he was sure that he saw a girl whose eyes were of two colours, there was only one girl he ever knew that had eyes like those...

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Lan say Allan. She triped slightly but retained her balance.

What the hell is he doing back here?! If he blows my cover, I'm dead!

She bowed as they passed, refrained from glaring at Allan, and went back to the kitchens.

"That was too close..."

"What was close?"


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When suddenly Miles' WANZER flew past their heads Kane and Shayla winced in surprise. Both of them yelled a full triade of swearing at Miles covering their ears. Fortunately Miles was leaving again. Then suddenly Shayla slipped, fell backwards and off the edge of the roof they were on with a surprised "WOAH!"

"Shit!" Kane jumped backwards and droped after Shayla. He reached out his hand and grasped her forearm. His other hand grabed the edge. Now both of them were hanging at the flank of the building. "Curse you, Miles! If I'll ever see you in your stupid toy again, I'll stick it up your ass!", Kane gasped while pulling Shayla up again. Shayla smiled at him in relief and grasped the edge. A moment later both of them were on the roof again. "That was close! Thank you." Shayla said while they continued their way over the rooftops.

A few minutes later they leaped down on the roof of the Shinonome diner. They had reached it before the others. The place hadn't changed much since Kane had been there last time. And the first person he saw was Quawoor sweeping the sidewalk in front of the diner. After she had retiered as a priestress, she decided to run the business together with Nanami as waitress and associate.

Kane grinned slightly, leaped right behind her silently, hugged and lifted her to spin around with her shouting a cheerful "Quawoor!"

"Eeeeeeek! Let go!", she screamed flouncing. She didn't know that it was Kane, but then she recognized him. Shayla watched the spectacle from the roof of the diner and giggled amused. Kane put Quawoor down again laughing, both of them were a little giddy now. Quawoor turned to him and punched him on the chest playfully. "You can't scare an old lady like that! I could have died from a heart attack, stupid!", she said smiling. "Aww, c'mon! You aren't that old, yet.", Kane replyed with a pout.

"Nice to see you again! When did you come back to Floristica?", Quawoor asked.

"About a week ago.", Kane replyed.

"A week ago? And you dare to visit me THAT late? How could you?", she crossed her arms and pouted playfully. Kane knew that she waited for an excuse now. She really liked him. She had played with him a lot when he was a child and they always had a lot of fun together. Also she was the one who introduced Yumi to him the first time.

"Sorry, there had been a lot of troubles since that strange ship came from the sky, so I couldn't visit you earlier.", Kane said.

Quawoor turned to him again. "It's ok! Are you hungry? Come in, Nanami is cooking one of her 'Shinonome specials'. There will be a big dish of it, just for you!"

Shayla leaped down the roof and joined them. "Hello there Quawoor. Don't coddle him too much or he'll get used to it", she said with a wink.

In the distance there could be heared the sound of Nolans car and Miles WANZER getting closer.

Kane and Shayla looked into the direction they'd come from. "So they finally arrived.", Shayla mentioned.

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"I hate showoffs..." muttered Nolan to himself. "Ahh,, as fer your question Hitomi, I dunno... Ive never riden in a skimmer before." Hitomi nodded and turned her attention back to the WANZER behind them.

"There it is!" said Afura, pointing at the small group outside of the diner. Nolan steered the car to a stop and shut off the engine. Quawool had taken a few steps back, visibly startled by the arrival of Nolan's bizzare contraption. Then she saw the WANZER down the road...
In a scared panic she ran inside screaming, hiding behind the countertop in the diner. From there she peered out.

Nolan smiled as he slammed the door shut "Alrighty, bring on the substance!" he exclaimed. Hitomi and Afura made up the rear.
As they approached, two figures emerged from inside. Both were female, one appeared to be just as old as Afura and Shayla, while the other looked to be almost his own age.
"Alright!! How many times have I told you llittle punks to leave miss Quawool alo-Oh!"
Both bore startled expressions as they looked over the new arrivals.

"Afura! Shayla! This IS a surprise!" exclaimed the elder woman. Afura smiled at her enthusiasm, while Shayla simply rolled her eyes. Kane just smirked.
"Lady Afura, Lady Shayla. Welcome to our humble establishment." said the younger lady with a bow.
"Oh Satomi, you don't have to be so foreward." said the elder woman to the younger.
"So.... You must be Nanami?" asked Nolan to the elder lady. Nanami looked at him quizically.
"And you are?" she asked.
"Ah... Nolan. Fellow Earther." he replied. This has gotten Nanami's attention.
"You're from Earth?!?" she exclaimed, wide eyed.
"Yup. That's my car." replied Nolan, motioning to his Tempo. Nanami looked behind Nolan to see what he was referring to, as if he meant something other than an actual car. Instead, she saw a white 2 door coupe. Beaten up a bit, but still, it 'was' a car. She felt her mouth hanging open. Meanwhile inside, Quawool stared in awe at the contraption as well, speechless.

"You... You brought a car here? to El-Hazard?" she stammered.
"Unintentionally, of course..." replied Nolan.
"Grandma, what's a car?" asked Satomi.
Nanami regained her composure and turned to Satomi "Oh, its just a vehicle from His-I mean my-I mean 'Our' homeworld." she said. Then she turned back to Nolan
"Oh! How rude of me, this is my granddaughter Satomi." she said. Nolan nodded, and smiled at Satomi, who simply looked away embaressed at the attention.
"I hate to interrupt this thrilling conversation, but I'm starving!" interruped Shayla. She glared at Nanami, to which she glared back. Hitomi stepped in as well.
"Me too" Hitomi exclaimed. "I havn't eaten in so long.." she murmured...

But before things could move inside, Miles' WANZER caught the attention of Nanami and her granddaughter...

"KYA!!!" screamed Satomi as she ran inside, hiding behind the countertop. She noticed Quawool there as well, but didnt say a word. She was too scared to anyway.
Nanami, however, was frozen in fear. As the WANZER stopped next to Nolan's car, all she could think of was "What next?"

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Calya was yelling at me for what I'd done. It was ouder than usual, probably because I'm in a cramped room.

"You're right it was a reckless move but they still made it to the place ahead of us."

"You are hard-headed! Do you even CARE that Kane will kick your ass!"

"He wont' do it," Then again maybe he will.

"You'll be lucky that Yumi's house is near the diner then."

"Ok listen, you think after my fight with Kane, that I'd be so careless to come back here? I'm prepared fir a fight. I can be stronger than kane now.."

"WHAT!? Impossible, look at your arms! They're pathetic!"

"Muscle-fiber replacements. Work like a charm, besides I need this strength to command any high-tech unit here... I shouldn't have said that."

Calya was so quiet, she probably stopped breathing for a bit.

"If Kane decides to fight me, I'm ready for him. You, that's a different story. You're alot faster than Kane."

Calya was still very quiet.

"With all these powers and magics, I'm suprised noone here has developed telepathy."

"Would you stop bragging," She said grimly. She wasn't very happy obviously. She pointed out the windo to an odd-shaped building, it's structure stood out from all the other buildings around. "C'mon, go there, that's the diner."

I sighed and still followed Nolan's vehicle, looks like he knew the shortest way. I kneeled the WANZER and put the cockpit down as low to the ground as possible and opened the door. "Ladies first."

A rejectful look came from Calya as she sat there.

"Uhh... Ok fine, Gentlemen first." I got out of Project WANZER first, followed by Calya. She was exhibiting some strange behavior.

Kane and Shayla were there, along was some other person, somewhat short, could be mistakened for a boy but definitely was a woman, her age was showing slightly. She glared at me with a fearful look. THen she spoke loud...

She picked up a nearby broom and held it like a weapon with the brush part of it facing towards me. I stepped back with one foot but not the other. Something happened, probably because of the outbreak my soldiers... The soldiers had caused.

"It's them! Get out of here! You're not welcomed! Shoo! That uniform, you KILLED so many people!"

When she yelled I put my other foot a step back. Finally it fell silent. I sighed and turned around. "I know what's going on, I'll just leave." And I walked away. My stomach grumbling, I climbed up to the top of my Wanzer and just sat there. Noone's gonna bring me any food I'm sure, they all hate me...

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After Shayla, Afura and Kane made some explanations, the group soon was sitting inside the diner. Everybody ordered and Kane got his promised dish of 'Shinonome Special' from Quawool. All were eating and talking, Quawool almost forgot about the other customers. Satomi served one meal after the other and had a small talk with everyone. Then Calya wispered something into her ear and she disappeared. When she came back she had a dish of 'Shinonome Special' which she gave to Kane. "For the gentleman outside in that huge thing!", she said to him and went back to the kitchen.

Kane starred at the dish, then at Calya. "And what do I have to do with THAT?"

Calya held her head in her hands and grinned at him.

"You don't expect me to bring this to Miles, do you?", Kane narrowed his eyes.

She just nodded.

"And why me?", he asked.

"You can't be always that cruel to him. C'mon, be a man and get this plate to Miles, would ya?"

"So you're pushing me to make up with him, huh? Great!", Kane grabed the plate and starred at it again.

"Don't be that stubborn, Kane and give him another chance. Can't you try to see the good things in a person. He's trying to make friends with us again. C'mon, give it a try.", Calya winked at him.

Kane got up and peered at Shayla. She looked at him and shrugged, although her eyes told another story. She'd rather kick Miles' ass than bring him that dish, but she didn't want to say anything to offend Calya. So Kane left the diner with the dish grumbling. Outside he walked towards the WANZER that was still standing there.

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5 minutes of waiting felt like 30 minutes. My stomach was growling even more. I really don't want to forage for food. Then again, I could always return back to the installation.

"Hey! Miles!" I heard kanes voice from behind.

I turned around, he was on teh ground just outisde the dinner, I tensed my legs to turn farther but instead it pushed me off a little, causing me to lose balance. I swing my arms around to see if I can regain it but I just fell off. "Oh shi-----------------------------t! KUHHRRR." The plummet to the ground was long, the 'soft' dirt felt more like a rock. I got back up with somewhat of an ease and dusted myself off.

"That was dumb." Kane said as plain as could be. He didn't think my fall was funny, hillarious, or overall stupid by his tone of voice.

I noticed the plate he was holding, and he noticed that I was looking at it.

"Take it." Once again he said it plainly.

"Huh? You're offering ME food? That's highly unlikely."

"I'm only giving it to you because Calya told me to."

"Calya? Hah, intersting," I took the plate from Kane's hand "She seems very persuasive." I looked at what was on the plate. THe meat part of it looked good but everything else wasn't very appetising.

"What do you know? She's my sister I've known her longer than you have!" Finally Kane's voice was starting to change, he sounded a bit more angered, but I didn't know if it was good or bad.

"I've had a girlfriend like her once, except... She died, she was murdured during the war where I was from... Seems like a movie doesn't it? She said she liked everything about me, evertying good and bad about me she liked, that was 2 months ago. I was in the service... We seemed like the perfect couple, I could definitely tell she wanted to get married...

One month after that, a colony fell under attack... It happened around 5PM... I was assigned to patrol the area at 2PM... 2 Capital ships, the California and Berzea, were patrolling the planet on the opposite sides of it. 4PM the attack started. The Aliens brought a massive force of fighters, even more massive were their frigates, and 1 capital ship. As oddly as it seemed, it turned out to be fighter vs fighter, frigate vs frigate, and cap ships were all behind giving orders and picking off targets. THankfully our fighter squad had taken out all other enemy fighters... Frigates were another problem, half had large purple beams, codenamed 'Nova Cannon' And the other half were anti-fighter crafts...

The alien's Nova Cannon ships were attacking the cap ship, luckily the rest of the fighters were able to take them out. We couldn't get close to the AA frigates so our Ion Cannon ships took them out. Finally all there was, was just the cap ship. Finally a torpedo squad got out... It looked like we would win, however, they had harnessed our nuke technology... 500 Megaton nuke sprang out from the cap ship, many tried to intercept it, but they failed, it hit the planet, the capital of the planet where she lived...... The mission was a failure despite their heavy losses...

The commander of the California had given me leave, 2 months worth. I needed that... If I had gotten that before this I would be with her, but she's just a scar on my memory... Not a blossom..."

I realized that I had been walking around, I had no idea how I moved 2 steps backwards and faced the other way... I turned around and Kane had been sitting down, he actually listened... I must have sounded pathetic..

I stared at Kane, waiting for a response, but his response was getting up and going back in.

I sighed, and noticed I didn't have the plate in my hand. I looked around for it, I set it down without knowing. So I sat down and ate... I needed something to get my mind off of her...

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"Me too" Hitomi exclaimed. "I havn't eaten in so long.." she murmured...

Nanami turned around to this unknown girl, there was something about her that was indeed familair but she could not place her finger on it.  Afura took charge of the to say "Nanami you remember Hitomi don't you? Makoto's  little girl"

Nanami indeed looekd quite stunned that the little girl she once new with the long blue hair had changed this much "Hito-Chan that is you?" Hitomi tilted her head, that name was not used in a very long time for her

"Umm hi.....antie...Nanami" she paused "it's just Hitomi now though"

Nanami just laughed, then smiled before Hitomi knew it she was hugged by the old women "Now now Hito-Chan you will always be Hito-Chan to me just like your father Makoto-Chan" Nanami let go of her after awhile and smiled "Well I think we should get you all feed now"

After Shayla, Afura and Kane made some explanations, the group soon was sitting inside the diner. Everybody ordered and Kane got his promised dish of 'Shinonome Special' from Quawool. All were eating and talking, Quawool almost forgot about the other customers. Satomi served one meal after the other and had a small talk with everyone. Then Calya wispered something into her ear and she disappeared. When she came back she had a dish of 'Shinonome Special' which she gave to Kane. "For the gentleman outside in that huge thing!", she said to him and went back to the kitchen.

Hitomi ordered her favourite meal the Shinnonome meal A with extra Mon Mon steak on it char grilled and she wasted in no time at all eating the food, she was hungry and right now just wanted to stuff her face till she couldn't eat anymore.

Meanwhile Nanami was cooking more food while telling the staff aswell as Qwoor and Satomi who was back in Florestica again, her return was bound to soon mean questions asked to her of which she would not be able to answer.......

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Relaxed and enjoying his impromptu lunch, Nolan relaxed in his seat at the wooden table. To his left sat Afura, to his right Hitomi, and Shayla was directly accross from him. Mia sat in between Afura and Shayla. Afura was nearby at the neighbouring table with Calya, Kane, and Quawool.

Eager to join the conversation Nanami pulled up a cushion in between the two tables, while her granddaughter took over the diner.

As he ate his Pizza, which interestingly enough did taste Canadian-style, Nolan noticed Kane carrying a meal outside, obviously for Miles who had yet to vacate from his WANZER's cockpit. He was a little surprised that Kane was doing it, given he was the biggest opponent of allowing Miles into the group.

With a shrug he turned his attention back to his meal. Hitomi was literally inhaling the contents of her dishes. Nolan raised an eyebrow.
"Dun eat it too fast, you'll end up choking.." he said. Hitomi looked up from her meal and was about to say something when started coughing heavily. 'So much for warnings..' thought Nolan as he offered Hitomi a tissue. She accepted the tissue, visibly embaressed. Nolan simply smiled.
"Next time go slower, mkay?" said Nolan with a chuckle.
Afura couldnt help but smirk herself. Shayla was less subtle than Afura, simply laughing heartily.

At that moment Kane reemerged from outside. He sat down in his seat and didnt say a word.
"Well? Did it go well?" pestered Calya curiously. Kane simply sighed, picked up some of his food and ate silently. Calya raised an eyebrow.

Meanwhile at the other table Nolan was sharing some experiences from home with his newfound friends.
"And there are literally millions of these 'computers' all over Earth. In people's homes, businesses, everywhere. And most of them are all connected through what we call a 'global network'" said Nolan. "Ahhh.." said Shayla, trying to hide her confusion and slight disinterest. Mia looked very interested, but was slightly distracted by her meal. Hitomi was only a little more interested than Shayla was. Afura on the other hand, she was literally on the edge of her seat.

"Facinating! And what does this 'global network' do?" asked Afura, clearly wanting to know more about this apparent technological wonder.
Nolan smiled. "It allows people from all over the planet to communicate with one another, as well as share information with literally billions of people. You can look up information about literally anything you want, and within seconds you can find what you're looking for. Why, you and Shayla here could be on opposite sides of Earth, and using computers you could talk to eachother through text messages, as if you were right in front of eachother. In real-time!"
Afura could barely contain her enthusiasm over what she was hearing. Shayla simply rolled her eyes at her 'sister's lack of composure.

"You're world sounds like a very intellectual place!" said Afura, visibly amazed. "I only wish I could see all of those thinking machines linked together on this 'global network' firsthand!"
Nolan blushed a little. He wasnt used to all this attention. However, their curiosity as well as amazement was understandable. Taking another large bite out of his pizza slice Nolan smiled.

"I have a really nice computer at home in my room. Built it myself from parts!" he said proudly. "I also have a laptop I bought off of a friend about a year ago. It's not very fast or robust, but it nice to be able to bring a fully functional PC with me when I leave the house." said Nolan.
Afura titled her head slightly. "'PC'?" she asked visibly puzzled. Nolan chuckled slightly. "Oh, PC is just short for Personal Computer." he said. "Ahhhh.." nodded Afura.

Nolan continued. "I also have a cool computer. Its really small, fits right in my hand. I bought it a month ago with some spare cash... Come to think of it... ACK!" He suddenly remembered something. Out of nowhere Nolan stood up abruptly from the table, startling everyone at his table. He had a pale look on his face.

Afura was the first to speak. "Ah.. Nolan.. are you okay?"
"What's with him?" spewed Shayla, chewing on some meat.
Instead of answering, Nolan literally ran out of the diner leaving a shocked group of females behind.

Unbeknowest to them, Nolan had realized something about his 'handheld computer': he had last seen it IN his car. He ran to his car, threw open the driver door and started rummaging through the glove compartment. it was jammed full of loose paper, pens, markers, floppy disks, loose change, etc. But after a short peroid of tossing stuff aside, Nolan had found it.
At the bottom of the glove compartment was what he was looking for. He pulled out the handheld pc and stared at blankley. A smile crept upon his face as he began to laugh to himself.
Nolan then pulled the AC adapter out as well and finally shut the door to his car, locking it behind him.

Nolan slowly walked back inside, past his still staring friends as he sat downin his seat. He looked ecstatic.
"I found it.." he said with a broad smile. Shayla and Mia looked puzzled. Hitomi noticed the small object in his hand, as well as did Afura who quickly realized what he was talking about....

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With a shrug he turned his attention back to his meal. Hitomi was literally inhaling the contents of her dishes. Nolan raised an eyebrow.
"Dun eat it too fast, you'll end up choking.." he said. Hitomi looked up from her meal and was about to say something when started coughing heavily. 'So much for warnings..' thought Nolan as he offered Hitomi a tissue. She accepted the tissue, visibly embaressed. Nolan simply smiled.
"Next time go slower, mkay?" said Nolan with a chuckle.
Afura couldnt help but smirk herself. Shayla was less subtle than Afura, simply laughing heartily.

Hitomi was slightly embarassed by this and nodded lightly "Alright.........." she gave the peopel laughing a evil look "You try not eating for a couple of  days and see how you feel when a plate of food it put infront of you

Nolan slowly walked back inside, past his still staring friends as he sat downin his seat. He looked ecstatic.

"I found it.." he said with a broad smile. Shayla and Mia looked puzzled. Hitomi noticed the small object in his hand, as well as did Afura who quickly realized what he was talking about....

(end of post)

"It that this little PC thing of yours there?" Hitomi questioned looking down closer at it "Doesn't look like it could alot it's really small" She sta back taking a drink from a cup coughing a little as she recovered from earlier "I remember my father telling me all about things like that from earth he said some called him a nerd back there" Shaking her head and smirked "I agree with them to thats all he'd do look at the latest gadget he could find so annoiying, I'm glad I am not like that all at, would rather just break it myself"

Hitomi returned to her eating the words she spoke giving all who once knew her and how she was with her father had now changed, before they were very close indeed but now it seemed as if Hitomi had a reason to dislike her father and she was not afriad to let it be known she did not like the 'Oh holy Makoto Mizuhara'

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I finished my meal really fast, as my mind was off of bad things. Great meal that involved soy sauce, very scarce, only produced on Earth, someone probably has a farm for this.

In any case, I was done, and I thought it'd be proper to at least bring the plate in.

I walked in through the main door, it had a nice glossy sight, the grooves carved in it looked great too. The inside was remarkable as well, awfly crowded though, that would explain why it seems 75% of the volume of the building is filled with tables.

I scanned around looking for the group, I saw that one lady that threatened me with a broom, the thought of that sorta made me laugh, not much though. They don't have much to defend themselves with anymore.

I walked over and greeted them, Nolan had another antique in his hand, and that looked like it could actually do something, but I didn't pay attention to it. Likely something that was micro-sized could do the same performance, possibly better than that.

"Tsk tsk, Nolan, THAT bad of a PDA? Got that at the dollar store?" I said with a slight grin.

Nolan looked alienated as the conversation stopped, and apparently everyone else did.

I took a deep breath as I remembered that he came from a different time. "Sorry, sorta forgot our timezones."

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Lana sat in the kitchens. She was bored. Being a servent was boring. And if she was caughting like she was the last time, she was in deep trouble. Not only would they stick her in jail, they'd probably execute her on the spot. She gave a deep sigh, and headed for the main hall, a few plates balanced about her person. This had to be one of the most exciting jobs in the history of El-Hazard.

She walked into the main hall, placed the plates on the table, bowed, then retreated the the far corner of the room. She would probably have to stay tehre unti lafter the meal, or until someone wanted wine.

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Allan looked all the around the Palace for the girl but his search didn't go anywhere. He ran down the steps into the kitchens... There were people at work.

He looked around the lot trying to see which one it could be, there were too many. He found a green haired girl and span her over.

"Lan, is tha-..."

"Get away from me!" she screamed

The girl slapped him and turned back, it wasn't her. Allan thought he should leave and he went into the hall instead... There she was, serving food. He quickly ran up to her.

"Lan, I know it's you. Now isn't a good time to talk but drop by Yumi's, we can speak there."

He turned around and took a few steps.

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Lan glared at Allan out of the corner of her eye.

"I'm not speaking to you anymore, please, just leave me alone." She growled, and walked over the table. "Is there anything I can you you, sir?"

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He stopped for a second to hear her...

"*sigh* Suit yourself, we're the only allies you really have right now."

Allan walked out of the Palace and made his way towards Yumi's. He didn't stare back at it, just kept walking. Houses past houses.

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Nolan chuckled a little at Hitomi's remarks. It was becoming clear that she wasn't the kind of person that would be able to appreciate his 'artifacts' from home.
Luckily Afura was just as interested now as before he left. And now Mia was immersing herself as well.

"This-" remarked Nolan "-Is my handheld computer. A small little device that I use to plan my day, write down notes, play some games, listen to music, etc."
"It can do all of that? On its own?" asked Mia, clearly curious.
Nolan nodded. "And then some. Its like a close friend." he said with a smirk. Shayla raised an eyebrow at that last remark.

At that moment, Miles walked over to see what the fuss was about. He scoffed at the small device.
"Tsk tsk, Nolan, THAT bad of a PDA? Got that at the dollar store?" he said with a smirk.
Nolan looked alienated after Miles' remark, as did the rest of the table (save Shayla). Miles took a deep breath and sighed.
"Sorry. Sorta forgot our timezones." he muttered.

"Eheh..." replied Nolan. Afura then jumped in.
"Can I see it? Your device?" she asked hopefully.
"Sure. Just whatever you do, don't drop it." said Nolan. She nodded.
With a slight reluctance Nolan handed the Pocket PC to Afura. She began to look it over curiously. It was clearly very small. And it looked and felt so modern. It had a sleekness to it that gave it its own aesthetic style.
Unfortunately, she hadn't the slightest clue how to operate it.
"Afura, what are you waiting for?" said Mia anxiously.
Afura felt her cheeks flush as she tried to find a way to 'activate' the device. Mia grew more frustrated
"Argh! You're so slow! Give it to me!" she spewed as she tried to grab the computer from Afura's grip.
Not one to be insulted public Afura shot Mia a deathly glare, which cut her down to size. Mia blushed slightly and quieted down, resigned to just watch the moment.

Slightly embaressed Afura decided to look to Nolan for help.
"Okay, first press the grey button in the bottom right corner." With a nod Afura pressed the oddly shaped button. And to her surprise the smooth glass-like indent began to glow, as if it had come to life. She then began to see text on it, as well as other strange patterns.

"Its wonderful!" stammered Mia, visibly impressed. Afura simply nodded with a smile.
Nolan chuckled. "Yeah, but you guys have only just turned it on. Watch this!" With that, Afura and Mia watched bemusedly as Nolan pulled a small pointer out of the side of the handheld, and then began to tap the glowing screen with it. As he did this, the two priestesses could see things changing, as if he was commanding the device through a series of simple taps.

Then as Nolan ceased tapping the device, Afura and Mia were astonished at what they saw on the screen.
On the screen, they saw what was unmistakenly their own faces: They were looking at themselves! It was as if they were looking into a mirror.

"Gods." said Mia, still staring at her 'reflection'.
Afura went to touch the screen with her finger, but as it grew closer the it, she noticed that when her finger was hovering over the circular 'hole' at the bottom of the handheld, the reflection seemed to dissapear underneath it.

"Neat huh?" said Nolan. "I paid extra to get it with a digital camera. Comes in really handy at times." He smiled.
"Digital.. Camera?" asked Mia curiously. "What does that-"
"It's like an artifical eye" interruped Nolan. "It looks at whatever is in front of it, and displays what it sees on the screen of the Pocket PC. It can even take pictures, and record moving pictures."
"Ahh.." replied Mia, lost in thought. Afura smiled broadly.
"Its a wonderful device." she said as she handed it back to Nolan.

With a smirk, Nolan held the pocket pc facing Shayla. "Hey Shayla!" he said with a smirk.
Looking up, Shayla had a surprised look on her face. "Whaa? What is it?"
With a tap on the screen, Nolan took a picture of Shayla with that funny expression on her face. "Oh nothing! Just taking a picture. hehe.." he replied as he showed Shayla what the picture looked like.
Her eyes went wide and her cheeks flushed as she realized how dumb she looked. Mia and Afura couldnt help but laugh at Shayla's goofy appearance in the picture. This only made her fume more.

Soon Nanami and Quawool had wandered over, curious as to what was so funny. It wasnt long before they too were chuckling at Shayla's expense.

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"I want a picture, too! I wanna have one, too!", Calya yelled excited and joined the others.

Kane quietly finished his meal. He was sunken in thoughts while the others were playing around with Nolan's small device. His mind was at the incident inside the car again. It was concerning him that it happened and he wanted to do anything about it.The worst thing to him was, that Calya and Miles knew about it now. He decided to work on it immediately. He'd take care about another training unit. But he could use some help, in case that he went berserk or something. But he couldn't ask anyone of them to help him, they all wouldn't be able to stop him and would get injured accidentally. He would have to ask someone he never ever would hurt, no matter what happened. Then someone came to his mind...

Kane got up and left the diner without a word or looking at the others, they were too busy to realize that he had left anyway. The only one who could have noticed it was Miles.

He turned left outside and made his way towards the marketplace in the center of the city. Yumi's new clinic was there. He'd ask her for help. And now that his secret was out already, it really didn't matter, if she knew, anyway...

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I stood silent, Nolan's little gizmo was really stirring up the crowd. There was a digital camera at the base of it as well. Apparently it wasn't as low-tech as I thought. In something that thin, I'm sure it was pricy for Nolan.

Starting to be disgusted by his technology impressing others, I was thinking about my time's technological advancements, just for some reason I couldn't think of anything. I looked around the table more than I did to see everyone's reaction, but... Kane was missing. He must have left. Now that I have thought about it, Kane must have been annoyed by what Nolan is doing, and so was I.

"Ok I'm gone." I said fast and stammered out the room, leg cramps are no fun. I just noticed I had a leg cramp too, I must have been caught up in my thoughts. What now.. There isn't much to do now, and I'd rather not go back to the installation. I don't wanna be left alone here either...

I went back inside the restaurant, once I got in I got their attention, which was strange. It didn't matter though. Nolan and Calya were in the process of picture-taking, so they didn't notice me though.

"We aren't gonna be amused by Nolan's gizmo all day, are we?" I said across the room.

Everyone but Nolan had seemed to lose interest in the PDA, likely because they need to get their life back on track.

"About damn time." I muttered to myself.

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Things having calmned down, Nolan and Calya sat down at a table and continued eating their meals together. Nolan had taken about ten photos including several of Calya, at her request of course. She beamed as she saw the results of the photos on the small screen of Nolan's handheld.

In all honesty, Nolan wouldn't even think of deleteing any of the pictures he had taken. They had become mementos, as well as evidence just incase he did ever manage to get back to his own world.

As he tapped his way through the menus on his handheld he browsed through his pictures. First of Afura and Mia, then Shayla, then a group shot of them as well as Hitomi, Nanami and Quawool. Satomi had opted out stating that she was too shy, although in actuality she found herself slightly unnerved about having a 'picture' being taken of her by a strange alien machine.

Nolan then came across the shots of Calya. They included a shot of Calya with her arms around his shoulders from behind. He felt flattered, what with Calya's enthusiasm and outgoingness about the photos. And he had to admit, she was a very attractive lady.

Calya noticed that he was lost in thought. "Nolan? Hellooooo?" she asked as she pokes him rather hard. "You alright?"
"Ooof!" stammered Nolan with an embaressed laugh "Ahahahah Of course I'm okay! Heheh!.." he replied as he turned off the Pocket PC and set it down next to his plate.

Calya eyed him curiously for a few moments, then smiled. "So boy, Do ya want some wine or not?" she asked holding a bottle in her hand.
"Sure. It'll help get all this food down." replied Nolan happily.
Smiling back, Calya poured them each some fine wine. As the lifted their wine goblets, they made a toast and then downed the drink in unison. To both their surprised they finished their wine at exactly the same time, like they were syncronized drinkers. Realizing this, they burst out laughing...

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Even though I said that, mostly everyone got over the PDA, except Nolan and Calya. They were done taking the pictures but they were still hooked on it.

Soon after they drank some wine, and they seemed to be having a good time at it. I was angry for some reason. He is just a lesser person, and she likes him???

Wait what am I thinking... This isn't very... She seemed so interested in Project WANZER though. I have a strong urge to shoot him in the head right now, I'll accomplish one thing, but it wouldn't be good...

"Little shit..." I muttered loudly as I walked out the door.

Now what.. If I alienate anyone here I wouldn't be able to show my face here again.. Unless I conquered the place.

"Nolan I swear I'm gonna kill you at some point." I muttered to myself. I couldn't figure out why I was so mad at him...

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"Little shit..."

Hitomi's hands were on either side of her face as she was watching Cayla and Nolan having thier fun shaking her head as she heard the comment muttering out, in a scarcastic tone "Well arn't you a friendly guy then" she said directing the comment to Miles as he left.  

Slowing leaving the table she gave Nolan and Cayla a nod "Have fun you two, I'll be back in a moment" she said placing the chair under the table again.  Walking to the exit Hitomi stood outside leaning on the wall of the resturant.

Letting out a sigh she gazed around the once familair streets of Florestica that now, in some way seemed strangly unfamliar, Hitomi just shurged it off due to her not being 'home' in so long.  Letting her eyes travel to shops that lead to memories of the past fill her thoughts, like the store her mother always  took her to as a child for her clothes, even the store she used when she didn't want to wear those type of clothes anymore.  Smiling lightly at those good memories she shut her eyes, again the bad feeling her parents done somthing to her without her premission entering her mind.  Her head did buzz with questions she didn't know, like why was she just dumped there, and what  reason could they of had doing such to thier only daughter.

Hearing the talking and laughter from inside Hitomi pushed off the wall with a light sigh slowly walking back into the building again she took her seat once more looking around

"All been having fun?"

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Allan walked along the Marketplace to see Nolan and the others... They obviously already finished eating. Sure they were having fun but he didn't really feel like joining in now. He kept on walking.

He reached Yumi's and opened the door. 'removed his bandana and let the hair that was held drop down. He sat by the table that Yumi was sitting in aswell.

"So, what happened?" she asked

"We met Shayla, Cayla, Kane, Miles and a load of others and stuff, they went to have Lunch but I left them."


"Relax, he's on our side now... And he has a some giant machine with him too."

"... I don't know."

"Trust me, he's completely switched."

"Alright, I'll believe you."

"How was your day?"

"Same as always, I've been sat at this table for such a long time."

"Why don't you go outside or something? Have some fun?"

"... Not sure, what would I do out there?"

"Take a look, look at the sky, see what's going on at the Market..."

"I haven't done that in so long... Working at a clinic made me have a lot of limits. I didn't have time for anything."

"Why don't we both go out, then?"

"You're a bit young for me."

Allan laughed and kept speaking "no no, not like that. Just for you to take a walk or something."

"I don't know, I feel a bit tired..."

"I think 'bored' is the word you're looking for."

"Maybe I'll go outside later."

"Suit yourself, want to play a card game or something?"

"Sure, as long as I have something to do... I wonder how long Nolan will be."

"I doubt he'll be long."

The two kept on talking.

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It was late at night, the moon was full, and there was a chill breeze in the air.

Lana wandered through the almost empty streets. She couldn't sleep. Something was stopping her. She continued walking. then...sudenly...she stopped.

She stared at the house she had stopped at. She knocked on the door.

Lana shivered, the breeze was obviously turning into a storm.

"Come on. Someone...please be awake..." She shivered again. "Yumi...allan...anyone at all."

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(I wasn't going to post but I realized I'm the only one who can control what happens at Yumi's right now, heck knows where Nolan wants to be right now. :P)

Allan stayed at the table all night, just moving the cards of the previous game about pointlessly. He didn't feel like going to bed just yet even though it was really late.

He folded his arms and dropped his head on the table... Just then, a knock came from the door.

"(Who could be knccking at this hour...?)" he thought

He got up, walked slowly to the door and opened it. It was Lana.


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"Jeeze.. How long are thtey gonna take?" I was talking to myself out of boredom. They've been in there for about 5 hours. How long could it take to have lunch?... Then again it must be some sort of happy reunion.

The sun is already setting. Shouldn't we find a place to stay for the night?

My back was killing me from resting on the brick pillar near the entrance to the restaurant. I was feeling sleepy and I've been literally standing for 5 hours. Then Calya came out. She looked like she needed a break from the crowd.

"Hey Calya," I said, she never noticed me outside untill now. "Something wrong?"

"Oh no, just need a break. It gets kinda routy in there at times. What are you doing out here?"

"Just admiring the scenery." I said as I turned my head back forward. She giggled at that remark.

"Come on, that's not the real reason is it?"

"Well uhh... I came out here because I uh.. Wanted to relax." She giggled at that remark as well.

"Jeeze Miles, you're a horrible liar. Come on, tell me! What's the real reason?"

I sighed. She'd likely pester me for a long while untill I told her. "I just don't think I fit in." She stood silent for a while.

"I don't really understand..."

"You do remember the conflict here right? My uniform strikes fear into the population here. I killed many soldiers. I ruined pieces of Roshtaria. This place is practically left defenseless. I should be back at Earth, fighting for my girlfriend.. You know, she's sorta like y... Forget it she's dead. She was killed in the war. I fought now not just for the human survival, but for her. Now that I'm here, I just don't have anything to live for here.

There's a strong difference between just living, and living for something. Earth is probably long dead by now. The solar system has been glassed by their lead ship, so full of destructive capabilities. Once I arrived here, my goal was to get back to Earth but little clues told me that if I did, It wouldn't be itself. So what is my purpose here?"

After that long speech, I was ready to hit the hay, but I still didn't..

"Try to make a living here I guess.. It sounds like you're stuck here. You'll make a living somehow. Every other Earther did."

"Yea but I already alienated the side that seemes to have the most freedom."

"There's always some way, there will always be someone looking for some just like you. You will be successful in this life no matter how it works. I can tell."

I stared at her with curiosity, she had a cheerful smile that made me feel less depressed.


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The sun had already set and the moon was rising into the sky. A cold breeze came up and wiped the streets clean from people. Kane had been wandering around for a long time sunken in thoughts, not really watching where he was going. He had walked from one edge of the city to the other and had been watching the sunset. It was all to calm him down, before he'd attempt to get control of his claustrophobia again. Now Kane finally decided to face Yumi and ask her for help, he felt relaxed and confident. Some time later he reached the marketplace and walked straightly towards Yumi's new clinic. Then he noticed a small person standing at the door and knocking. It was a girl in the cloths of a palace servant.

What would a palace servant want from Yumi?, Kane thought to himself, while he walked to the entrance silently but remained in the shadows. Then the door opened and Allan stood there. Kane was visibly displeased about that.

Oh, great! Why does the place have to get crowded right now!!!, Kane thought.

"Lan...?", Allan asked the girl in surprise.

Kane stood still for a moment, hidden in the shadows near the entrance. Then he decided to leap up on the roof quickly before he got caught. From up there he watched the door again.

Lan? That's now getting interesting. Where has she been all the time? Probably in the palace, I guess., Kane laid down on the roof and listened to what they were talking about. And if they would close the door again, what they probably would, he would jump off at the other side, right next to the window and keep listening. He'd wait until they they decided either to leave or to go to sleep or whatever. He just waited for an opportunity to enter unnoticed.

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"Allan...I thought you'd be here." She smiled slightly, then sneezed. "You mind if I come in? It's freezing out here." Allan signalled to her, and she took a step forward. Before she entered the house she gave a brief smile.

"By the way, Kane's hiding on your roof." She had heard him jumping onto it. She wasn't stupid.

She walked into the house. "You said you wanted to talk to me?"

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"All been having fun?" said Hitomi. Calya nodded and smiled, as well as Mia and Afura. Nolan out of curtosy helped Hitomi into her chair, trying to be as 'gentlemanly' as possible around all these females.
Calya had excused herself a little while later to go outside for some fresh air. Noone thought twice about it.

After a good long while of talking and eating and just plain ejoying the time spent amongst new friends, Nolan stood up from his table, taking the last bite of his pizza slice with a look of satisfaction.
"Well, that was one hell of a pizza!" He exclaimed. "Miss Nanami, you're truly an excellent chef"
Nanami beamed "Why thank you! it was my pleasure."

Turning to face Afura, Mia, Hitomi and the now slightly drunk Shayla he bowed deeply. "I guess I should head back to Yumi's place. She's let me and Miles stay there as well as Allan." Nolan yawned a little "That, and I'm kinda tired as well." Afura smiled and nodded while Shayla smirked for no apparent reason.

Before Nolan could walk to his car, he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Mias. She then addressed he fellow 'sisters'.
"Afura, Shayla, what about him and Miles?" she asked slightly concerned. "Something must be done to aid them and accomodate them, correct?"
Afura had a thoughtful look as she contemplated the question. "Ahh... Well, you are right." she replied. "The royal family is very busy at the moment, what with the massive task of rebuilding the damaged areas of the city and the palace, as well as dealing with the 'threat' of the outsiders and their army."

Placing a finger to her chin, Afura continued. "Perhaps, given the circumstances, they could be brought before the Great Priestess in the morning. She will know what to do and how to handle the situation." she said assuringly.
Mia nodded. Shayla sighed a little.
"You know, Afura.." said Shayla "I doubt she'll be very avccepting of bringing men into the temple."
"Oh, I'm sure she'll understand!" interrupted Mia. "Things have changed a little since your day, sister Shayla. Mother Moram wouldnt turn her back on them, not with their situations."
Shayla huffed indignantly "Alright then, but let it be known that I was the voice of doubt here." she said.

"So... its settled then?" asked Nolan curiously. "Tomorrow me and Miles will accompany you to your temple?"
Mia and Afura nodded. "Yes. We shall come to pick you up tomorrow morning."
Nolan smiled "Alright. Well, untill then take care!" he said as he turned and walked to his car. "You too!" replied Mia.
"Well, seeya!" said Nolan with a wave, to which everyone waved back. Entering the car and shutting the door he started the engine (after one failed attempt) and began to drive the car down the street.

Nolan saw Miles and Calya by the diner's exterior wall. "Hey! Miles! I'm heading back to Yumi's. I'll see ya there!" he yelled from the car window. "Oh! Thanks for spending time with me Calya! I had fun!" he said happily. Calya seemed to beam at hearing this.

Meanwhile, as Nolan began to drive off, Hitomi suddenly realized she had a problem: she had no place to stay!

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"... Yeah, just give me a second." said Allan

He walked out of the house and looked up at the roof, hands on his sides.

"It's pretty cold, Kane. Y'sure you want to be up there?" he shouted

With that, he walked back into the house and up to the table, he held out a chair for Lana if she wanted to sit down.

"Well, the makeup explains itself... Well, since we're on your side and all, I just wanted to make sure you weren't uncomfortable with how you're living right now. Like... Well... I doubt you have any place to sleep right now or even anywhere to live at all."

He walked over to the table, took a chair and sat down.

"Floristica can be a dangerous place, it's always good to have a few people to help you out and in your situation, you're going to need it... You're a tough person and have been through some tough times but when there's help that can be taken, it's always best to take it."

He looked back up and got off the chair. Feeling like he had dozed off.

"Uh, right, sorry. I always lose myself in talks like these. We're running a bit short on beds but you've got three options: The basement, the living room seat or that small room beside Nolan's upstairs."

He paused for a while before going on.

"You don't have to stay with us, it's your choice."

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Meanwhile, as Nolan began to drive off, Hitomi suddenly realized she had a problem: she had no place to stay!

(end of post)

Hitomi looked to Mia "Ummm Mia, where will I stay? I mean Nolan has that place to goto and well I have none at all, I don't even know why I am here at all" Hitomi said sounding slightly sad.  Afura thought from a moment "Well prehaps taking you along with Nolan and Miles before the Great Priestess would be a good idea, surely if some were to to find out the news  that the daughter of Ifurita had returned without it being known would not be, happy"

"Ture we don't want you blowing your top or getting a master and him telling you to blow us up"  Shayla added which of course caused Hitomi to look up and narrow her eyes to the old Priestess "I am nothing like that! My mother maybe a demon god but I am not and will never have a master" she huffed "And most know I am more human and lack a staff and the means for it to charge me"  Folding her arms over her chest lightly Hitomi coudl tell the old priestess on some level must still have a slight part of bad blood for her mother on some level.

"Well, it's better to figure out what to do and tomorrow infront of the Great Priestess you can explain your posistion to us all" Afura added in her comment clearing the air from Shayla and Hitomi's words.  "Well she can stay with me tonight I have some space for Hitomi to" Mia smiled at her old friend "We've not  slept over since you left Hitomi" Mia giggled lightly.  Hitomi shurgged "Sure thanks Mia, heh without that I'd probbly be on the street tonight and I don't like the sound of that one bit at all"  Mia nodded lightly and chuckles "Well I'd not want me friend out there"  Afura smiled, it was good to see after the time apart Mia was still jsut as friendly to Hitomi as she had been before she left "Well then, in the morning the two of you can meet Nolan at Yumis then when you arrive back here we shall all goto the Great Priestess for her council"

With that the plans for the evening and next morning where desided and set

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Post by: Fujisawa4654 on December 24, 2003, 06:36:05 PM
The car started up and was about to speed off. Before they did though, I had a small tracking beacon in my arsenal. I threw it at the car and it landed on the bumber and stuck there, then the car was on it's way.

"Well we don't have to worry about Nolan getting too far ahead of us." I said

"Shouldn't we just follow them?"

"Well I thought you might want to try to pilot the WANZER, I'd give you a quick lesson on how to control it."

"Really!?.. Well not tonight, it's late."

"Yea I'm tired as well. Might as well get going... Uhh... Can you give me a lift up?"

"Not a problem."

She walked over to me, put her armo around my stomach, which honestly hurt, and flew up to the cockpit.

"Sheesh you're strong."

We set on our way, eventually catching up to Nolan's vehicle.

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Post by: executor82 on December 24, 2003, 10:52:40 PM
So, she caught me anyway. Hmm....what the heck!, Kane thought shrugging. Then he jumped off the roof and entered the house. There were Allan and Lana in the room, Yumi seemed to be somewhere else, probably sleeping already. Kane just nodded to them and walked to the door of Yumi's room. He opened it silently and entered the room. It was dark inside and there was only the sound of quiet breathing. After his eyes got used to the dark again, he had a look around. There was a wardrobe, a small table, a chair, a chest and a bed right under the window. The few belongings of Yumi that had survived the crash were spread around the table and inside the wardrobe and chest.

Yumi was lying  on the bed and sleeping. The moonlight shone right in her face, what made her look like a sleeping angel. She sure looked beautyful like this. Kane walked over to the bed and leaned over her, watching her sleep. She moved her lips in her sleep wispering something. Kane leaned to her lips and listened carefully.

".........Kane.......don't leave me.....Kane.....please......I have noone else......."

Kane rised an eyebrow for a moment then smiled. He was just about to kiss her on the forehead, when she suddenly moved. Kane stood still, not daring to move a muscle. He looked at her and asked himself, if she just woke up, but she still was in deep sleep.

I think I shouldn't wake her up now, I should ask her tomorrow., Kane thought with a smile. He had one last look at Yumi and was just deciding to go, when he suddenly realized something. Yumi was naked under that sheet!!! He starred at her bare breasts terrified. The sheet must have uncovered them when she had moved!

Kane blushed and grasped the sheed carefully with shivering hands to cover her up again. Then he turned arround and sneaked back to the door. He left the room silently, closed the door, turned around and starred into the curious faces of Allan and Lana, what made him blush even more.

Ok, boy. Calm down! It is just Yumi lying there! Nothing to be nervous about! You have covered her up again and nothing did happen! By the way you already had seen Yumi naked when you were younger, right?, Kane tried to calm himself.

Allan and Lana looked at each other and then at Kane again.

Kane looked from one to the other slightly annoyed. "What??"

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Post by: theravenisdead on December 26, 2003, 07:18:56 AM
Nolan parked his car just outside of Yumi's house as he shut off the engine and stepped out. He wiped his eyes tiredly and proceeded to the front door.

As he stepped inside He saw Allan and what looked to be Lan turning their heads to see who had just arrived. Kane did so as well.
"Hey guys.. Oh, Lan. Nice ta see ya again. Wondered where ya.. went... off...ah..." Nolan paused as he saw Kane's nervous expression, himself blocking the doorway to the room behind him.

Nolan raised an eyebrow. "Did I miss something?..." he asked curiously. Kane seemed to be shaking his head in denial. Even more curious Nolan peered inside the room to see Yumi sleeping silently, haphazardly covered in a thin bedsheet. He quickly realized some possible scenarios...

Unwilling to go any farther with this, he held his hands up in the air. "Never mind, you can fill me in on the details tomorrow. Right now I have a date with a soft bed."
With that, Nolan walked up the short staircase and entered his room, leaving an embaressed Kane and a surprised Allan and Lan behind. The room lacked an actual door and had linen sheets instead, arranged like a curtain over the doorway.
He literally fell onto the cuhions and quietly sighed as he waited for sleep to claim him.

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Lan was relitively confused. She had had no idea so many people were living in this house. She just smiled at everything that went on, but all the while she had a deep nagging feeling in the back of her mind.

"You have a mission, Lana, if you fail, I wont be able to help you again..."

Jinnai's voice rang through her head. It was giving her a headache.

She screamed. Really loudly.

She fell to her knees, pain suddenly surged through every vein in her body.

She clutched her head as the pain seered into her brain.

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"Lan!" shouted Allan as he tried to help her get back up.

She seemed like she was in intense pain. Mentally or physically, it was hard to tell.

"What's wrong?!" he said

He looked over to Kane who was still standing in the same place.

"How long are you going to stay standing there...?"

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Post by: executor82 on December 26, 2003, 05:57:56 PM
Kane snapped back to reality after Nolan had left the room and Lana suddenly collapsed right in front of him.

"How long are you going to stay standing there...?", Allan yelled at him.

Kane quickly walked over to Lana, kneeled down and examinated her. She didn't seem to have any physical injuries, but she seemed to be in serious pain.

"Hey, Lan! Are you alright? Can you hear me?", he asked, but Lana didn't respond.

Ok, seems like I have to wake up Yumi in the end!, he thought. He grasped Lana gently and lifted her, to carry her upstairs and laid her on the bed. After a concerned look, he dashed down and ran into Yumi's room. He walked over to her bed and woke her up gently.

"Yumi, we've got trouble! Lana seems to be in serious pain, please have a look at her."

Yumi wiped the sleep out of her eyes an looked at Kane. "What's wrong?

"Just put on some clothes and be quick about it, would ya?" Kane replied. With that he left Yumi's room again and hurried back to Lana, leaving a blushing Yumi behind, after she realized that Kane had to see her naked right now. She quickly put on her clothes and followed Kane.

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Lan struggled in Kane's arms, but allowed him to carry her. She didn't know that it had been Kane. She couldn't see a thing. Her surrounding were a blood red mass, and all she could think about was the pain.

She tried to reach out for something. She grasped at thin air until she felt a hand. It was freezing cold. She tried to pull away from it...it pulled her closer...she screamed for help...but nothing came...her eye's flickered icey blue...then faded...

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Calya smuggled some... Alot of wine, we were plastered to a great extent, we were laughing and whatnot, my ead was spinning but I could easily pilot the WANZER for a time. We got out and went into the house.

All my mind was focused on was my head spinning, Calya's horrible jokes that somewho made me laugh, and what looked like Kane carrying Lana. THe rest was just a tannish blur.

"Hey what's wrong with that lady? You didn't pick up another one did you?" I said, me and Calya laughed in a drunken fasion, while everyone else was yelling at me because I was drunk or what I said.

"Ok wait wait, I know what's wrong with her I think." "She needs to have some... uhh... Pie!" Me and Calya broke out laughing again, but she soon passed out.

"Oh my... Fig Newton! She's dead! Oh well not my concern eheheheh. I think what's wrong with her is that she's got some guy's voice in her head, probably her lover eheheheheh. Someone named Jenny?... No Jinnai, he pesters her about some job, possibly talking about a sexual intercourse or something eheheheheh. I think her getup is what he wan... uhh... ... ... ......... Hi kids!"

After that I passed out.

*OOC: If you find this post offensive, lemme know, I don't want to make something like this again if you are offended by it.

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Not much longer than 10 minutes after colapsing onto his bed Nolan was awakened by the sound of yelling from downstairs, followed by odd drunken ramblings.
Curious Nolan slowly got up and headed downstairs.

When he got down he saw a incapacitated Lan in the arms of Kane. Off to the side was a passed out Calya and Miles. And Yumi, now dressed, was attending to Lan. Allan tried his best to help too.

"What the hell's going on?" asked Nolan dumbfoundedly.

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Post by: larewen_evenstar on January 02, 2004, 05:01:32 PM
Lan gave another scream and kicked Yumi in the face, thinking she was Jinnai. She was scratching at the air, occasionally hitting Kane. She wasn't loosing any of her energy, but all she could see was Jinnai. All she could hear was his voice. Nothing else...

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"LAN! CALM DOWN!" shouted Allan

Lana gave Yumi a kick in the face and kept fighting off Kane. He went up to Nolan to tell him what was going on.

"Lana's going a bit crazy, yeah, that's her now. If you've got any ideas, put them into use now."

Allan thought a little... Then something struck him.

"You've been with her longer, right? Isn't there something about her that can restore her sanity? Like remembering someone important to her?"


I'm hinting towards something, think about it. :P

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Nolan just shrugged. "I thought Kane knew her better?" he asked pointing to Kane. He bore a surprised look as he did his best to hold Lana back from scratching his face to ribbons.
Nolan decided he would try to restrain Lana as well. Though not as strong as Kane or Allan, he did manage to restrain Calya for a time (albeit for a short time) and Lana didnt look like she'd be as hard to hold back.
At least, thats what he thought.

Nolan grabbed Lana from behind and pulled her off Kane, holding as tightly as possible. Almost immediately Lana went into overdrive, trying to break free from his grasp.
By now Yumi had risen to her feet, rubbing her face from the swift kick it had recieved. She eyed the two of them with a scared look, worrying very much for the well-being of both of them as well as everyone else.

"Please Lana, control yourself!" she yelled as Lana rotated herself so that she was now facing Nolan in his grasp. Nolan couldnt keep this up and he knew it.
Without warning Lana punched Nolan in his shoulder wound, causing immense pain. Nolan yelled loudly and grabbed his shoulder with one hand, holding Lana in the other as he tried to control the pain. Kane had now joined in again and was grasping Lana from behind her. Now Nolan and Kane were holding Lana from both sides, trying to subdue her.

In a last ditch effort Nolan let himself fall onto his back, dragging Lana and unintentionally Kane as well. She landed with a soft thus onto Nolan's torso, while Kane managed to land to the side, saving lana from being squishe dbetween the two of them.

"LANA! It's okay! Calm down..!" Nolan was now yelling at Lana, trying his best to get her to relax. She didnt seem to be listening.
"What ever has you freaked out, you don't have to worry. You're safe here! Christ, you're practically impenetrable yourself!" he yelled, shaking her as hard as he could in an effort to 'wake her up'.
Almost unexpectedly, Nolan could sense that Lana was beginning to struggle less and less. Slowly she seemed to be relenting.

"Cmon! SNAP OUT OF IT!" he yelled, shaking her lightly.
Slowly Lana seemed to begin to breathe less and less heavily. She started to relax, her eyes flickered for an instant and to Nolan surprise he found himself staring into two bright blue eyes which were staring back into his. She looked a little disoriented.

"Ahh... Lana?" spoke Nolan cautiously as he released his grip on her. "Are you back to normal yet?"

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Post by: larewen_evenstar on January 06, 2004, 03:24:40 PM
Lana breated sharply. A pain had seezed through her heart.

"What..." She breathed, "Did I just do?" She could remember everything she had seen, Jinnai still flickered through her mind.

Suddenly she remembered. "He's gonna kill me if I don't get back!" She tried to stand, but all the struggling that she'd done had weakened her muscles. "Fuck." She said, falling back the the ground.

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"Seems like you've had enough for the day. It's late and you should catch some sleep, like the rest of us", Kane said to Lana kneeling down and helping her to get up. He supported her standing and looked at her.

Yumi supported her too, so that both of them had Lana between them. "She doesn't seem to be injured, just pretty exhausted", she said analytically. "You're lucky that you aren't injured, raving around like insane! You'll feel stiff and aching tomorrow, for sure", she looked at Lana with a mix of anger and concern. She still got tears in her eyes and a red cheek from that kick she had received.

Kane looked around, then turned to Nolan. "Thanks for the help. Could you do me a favour and take care about those two drunkards with Allan, please? They shouldn't  lounge around like that. We've to put Lan to bed and I want to have a word with Yumi in private."
Kane nodded into the direction where Miles and Calya had collapsed on the floor.

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Post by: theravenisdead on January 10, 2004, 05:15:00 AM
Nolan raised an eyebrow as he glanced over to the two rocks in the corner. "Exactly what would you have me do with them, haul them to a bed?" he asked in jest.
Allan simply smiled. Rolling his eyes Nolan lowered his head in surrender and went to pick up Calya. Lifting her into his arms, Nolan slowly made his way up the flight of stairs.

Nolan had quickly realized that there wasnt close to enough beds for everybody. With a frustrated sigh, Nolan decided to 'donate' his bed to the young fire priestess.
He placed her gently down and threw some covers over her. Finished Nolan stopped to watch Calya laying there, seemingly at peace. He smiled inwardly as he left the room and slowly shut the door behind him.

He went back downstairs and picked up Miles and walked into the kitchen. Positioning some chairs with his feet, Nolan made a small makeshift 'bed' for Miles to lay on. He dropped him into the chairs and promptly left the soldier to his slumber.

As Nolan exited the kitchen he heard a loud grunt from behind him. He shook his head and went back into the living area. He approached Allan, who seemed to be wondering what he was supposed to do.
"Dont worry bout it Allan, All taken care of here." He said.

Looking around, Nolan asked the inevitable question.
"Now what? Should I head bak to bed?" he asked.

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"Right..." said Allan

He walked over to Lana who was on the floor, Yumi was still there feeling tired.

"Yumi, you can go back to bed, I'll take care of it."

She nodded, wiping her eye and slowly made her way back to her room. Lana was still on the floor.

"Lan, you can take my bed tonight. The one beside Yumi's on the left."

Allan turned back to Nolan.

"Well, time to get some shut eye..."

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"But..." Lan looked at Allan in dismay, but he was already talking to Nolan.

She pulled herself to her feet.

"I can't stay here." Lan stated, heading for the front door. "I need to go back to the palace. You know you can find me there if you need me." She opened the door and began to leave. "Bye."

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Allan wasn't paying attention to Lana and only caught her saying bye. He was shocked that she was leaving.

"... There she goes... Well, she's a tough girl, she'll make it fine. Life must be tough for her."

He then grasped reality and faced Nolan again.

"Oh, uh, I'm going to bed now."

Allan ran up the stairs and into his room, threw his band on the bed and just lept on it without covering himself. He dozed off.

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Post by: larewen_evenstar on January 13, 2004, 02:54:49 PM
Lan arrived back at the palace gates in under twenty minutes. She had been walking quite quickly.
Standing at the gates was Jinnai. He was cloaked, but she knew it was him.

"What do you want?"

"You aren't doing your job."

"Yes I am. I'm just being secretive about it."

"No, you're not. I gave you a job to do. If you don't complete it...You know what comes next." Jinnai's eyes seemed to flash.

"You know what? I can't do it! I love the princess, so I ain't gonna kill her, I have so many friends now, that I don't want to do anything to upset them. So screw you! Screw you! I don't wanna be part of your little family any more!" She said, opening the gates.

As she stepped through, Jinnai ran for her, grabbing her throat and placing a knife to it. "You are a stupid girl." He said, drawing the knife almost gently along her neck. "You just let me in." Lan screamed, Jinnai threw her to the ground outside the gates, "See you later."

He closed the gates behind him, and headed for the palace.

"Oh no..." Lan stared for a moment, then turned and ran for the house.


She arrived there in a few minutes, panting. Everyone had gone to bed. Damn.

She ran to Allan's room, and shook him awake.


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Allan was dozing a little but not quite asleep, many thoughts came through his mind; it was about the palace again, he couldn't shake off his past very well. Fiore and Keora were on the balcony, that guard was outside, the palace servants were cooking... It was like a dream but it ended as soon as he was nudged. It was Lana.


"L-... Lan? You came back...?"

He got out of bed and put the bandana on his head once more, throwing his hair aside. Rubbing his eyes a little.

"Right, what's going on?"

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Post by: Fujisawa4654 on January 13, 2004, 06:18:49 PM
There was talk going on at first, I could hear them in my dream. That sooned stopped as my dream's sound had stopped.

After a while of that, I heard someone open teh door, it didn't close and the cool breeze came in.. It was freakin' cold, then someone was running up the stairs which snapped me out of my sleep.

"God Damnit who keeps on making the--" The chairs were in good condition, but not in placement, as they tipped over and made me collapse.

"AAAGH God damnit! I swear to god!" I kicked the chair out of my way so I could get up, and I stomped up the stairs, following the noise. I just now realized my head was hurting. I remember getting drunk and passing out if anything.

I walked into the room where the noice was coming from. "Who teh hell is making all the noise and keeping me up!? I got a hangover and I want to sleep it off!"

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After Lana had left again, Kane just stood there watching everybody going to sleep. Yumi seemed really tired, just like all the others. She looked at him rubbing her left eye and yawned. "Aren't you going to sleep as well?", she asked.

Kane shook his head. "Actually I had to talk with you, but you seem to be very tired right now."

"What is it, Kane? Anything serious?", she asked snuggling against his chest.

"Actually I had a favour to ask, but it can wait till tomorrow. Just go catch some sleep now", Kane said, not knowing if he should do something in this situation like hugging her or anything. He looked at her and got a little nervous. She was standing right next to him, just covered by her nightdress, with slightly ruffled hair and a really cute sleepy expression in her face, snuggling.

"A favour? What for a favour? Are you sure I couldn't fulfill it tonight as well?", she smiled and began to draw small circles on his chest with her finger. Her body pressed a little more against his, so that Kane could feel every single curve of her female body.

Kane swallowed hard and blushed as he watched down at her. He caught a glimpse of her cleavage and immediately looked into another direction shyly. "Erm.............you........you're mistaking me a little Yu....Yumi! I actually wanted to.........ask you......if......if....."

"Shhhhh!", Yumi put her finger on Kanes lips. "I understand.......coy boy!" She giggled and kissed him on his cheek. Then she smiled at him warmly and slowly edged away from him walking backwards and looking deeply into his eyes. Her hand softly stroke along his chin. "You could shave again, you're itching."

"Erm.........yeah!", Kane was absolutely stunned.

Yumi giggled once again, turned around and walked into her room. Before she closed the door entirely, she stuck her head out again. "'Night!", then she shut it.

"...........'night......", Kane still was stunned and stared at the closed door for a long time. Then he snapped back to reality and walked out of the house. He jumped on the roof once again and laid down to cool off in the cold breeze of the night, watching the stars.

Meanwhile Yumi was leaning her back against the closed door in her room. Her heart was beating rapidly and she was breathing hard to catch her breath again. She was totally nervous. Did she do anything wrong? She could hardly believe that she actually had done what she did just a moment ago. What was Kane thinking of her now? First he had seen her sleeping naked and now this. She just hoped that Kane would feel something for her, show his feelings to her. Did he feel the same way? All these questions rushed within her head now and she wished, that she'd have the answers to them........she knew that she wouldn't catch any sleep tonight.


Some time later Kane was still on the roof and watching the stars. He had been sunken in thoughts for some time. Thoughts of Yumi and surprisingly Lana were crossing his mind.

Suddenly he heared someone running in the dark. He crawled to the edge and watched the street. Someone ran straightly towards the house. Then Kane recognized Lana. She reached the house, dashed inside and screamed for help. Noise was heared from inside.

Kane leaped down the roof and hurried inside the house. He almost bumped into Miles standing at the door of Allan's room, yelling something about a hangover. Kane pushed Miles aside and entered the room. He saw Lana shaking Allan.

"What the hell happened Lana? Why the panic?", Kane asked.

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Nolan lay on the floor in his room, his bed currently occupied. He tried his best to stay comfortable on the rough and hard surface, but was having little luck.

He could have gone to bed in his car, but he decided against it in favour of being close to everyone else.
'At what cost, my sleep?' Nolan wondered as he lay there. He sighed, It was going to be a long night.

It was then that he heard someone frantically running up the stairs and literally shoving open the door to the other bedroom. Allan's impromptu abode.

No sooner had that happened but Miles, who had apparently awaken, as well as Kane were running upstairs. With an even deeper sigh than before Nolan rose to his feet and proceeded outside his room.

As he entered the doorway to Allan's room he noticed Lan shaking Allan frantically. Meanwhile Kane and Miles were equally perplexed. Miles was still not sober yet, and as such wasnt 'fully upstairs'.

"Is sleep a luxury in El-Hazard or what?" asked Nolan slightly frustrated. He approached the bed. "What's happening, Lan?"

By this time Yumi had come up as well. She looked slightly embaressed, unable to look at Kane directly. Kane seemed to be the same way. Nolan noticed this and couldnt help but smirk.
"Lady troubles hm?" He whispered into Kane's ear, chuckling quietly...

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Lan pulled away from Allan.

"You know Jinnai? The guy who's been terrorising El hazard for years?" She didn't wait for the reply. "He's an almost friend of mine, don't ask any questions, I'll explain it some other time. Anyway, he was waiting for me when I got back to the palace...he managed to get past the gates...he's going to kill the royal family. I can't stop him on my own, I need your help....Please...?"

Lan was poised to run, as soon as they gave her an answer, she was outta there.

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Post by: executor82 on January 14, 2004, 03:58:53 PM
"Explanations later, pal!", Kane wispered back to Nolan and then his attention was at Lana. After she finished explaning the situation, she seemed ready to dash off again.

"Jinnai? Here in Floristica? We have to warn the Royals! Yumi, wake up Calya, Nolan, come with me and Lana to the palace! Miles, if you're sober enough, come with us. We could use every hand we can get! Who knows if there aren't any bugrom as well! Allan! Are you feeling strong enough to fight some bugrom in any case of emergency? They're tougher than the marines we fought last time."

Yumi nodded and hurried to wake up Calya, what was a real hard piece of work! She wouldn't make it in time if the others would leave now, but Calya could catch up with them as soon as she was awake again.

Kane was now also waiting for the response of the others, ready to follow Lana if she left.

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Post by: Fujisawa4654 on January 14, 2004, 05:45:07 PM
Kane's shove was only a slight shove, but I stil lost my balance, and I fell over. I was half-asleep so I couldn't get up for the time being.

I looked up in my direction, I could see Nolan come up the stairs and whatnot.

"What the hell... Is there a midnight party or what? I'm already drunk for god sakes.." I murmured to myself.

Lana was talking about what happened recently. Jinnai had breached the castle gates. "But I don't wanna run around.." I murmured to myself again. And it was right after Kane said "They're tougher than the marines we fought last time", I snapped out of my laziness and got up. I was furiou sabout Kane's comment.

"YOU THINK THE MARINES SUCK AT COMBAT!? You wanna know how well themarines fight? I'lll show you! I'll do this alone!"

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Post by: Wayne on January 14, 2004, 08:20:47 PM
Enter the Shadow[/i]

*gets bricked for lame title*


Xanas Antares had been told many things about Floristica, capital of Roshtaria and essentially the epicenter of contemporary El-Hazard civilization; but he had never yet been there.

And, he thought, looking over the damaged city from his vantage point atop a nearby hill, ...neither have my mentors, apparently. If Roshtaria's capital was halfway levelled in war, one would think the bloody Tribe would know about it.

He took a pair of binoculars and looked around the city gates. They still stood, indicating the worst of the damage came from... inside? Above? The palace seemed more or less intact, although one of the towers had been levelled... the path of destruction seemed to trail from there outward in one direction... causing massive damage to outlying housing, but fortunately not most of the city.

So what was this? A bomb? A shot from the sky? The assassin looked up, but there was nothing above him; and certainly not the enroaching Eye of God he was half-expecting to suddenly appear.

The gates were unguarded, however, and that was all Xan needed to know. He put his binoculars away, drew his needle gun, checked for perhaps the twentieth time that his nonlethal stun darts were loaded, and holstered it.

And began walking down toward the devastated center of the city.


Xan reached the gate without incident and walked through. Floristica was big, and in traditional El-Hazard style laid out concentrically. He could see the palace from where he was; but getting there quietly....

"Hey, mister!" called a girl's voice from inside the wall, and the disguised Shadow Tribesman paused.


A young girl of perhaps thirteen stepped from the shadows, and bowed. She was dressed like a typical Roshtarian-- tight vest, with puffed-out pants; and light blue hair. "Do you need a guide, mister? My house was knocked down by the ship, an--"

Xan raised an eyebrow. "Ship, you say? So my guess was wrong. Tell me, my dear... can you take me to the palace? I need to, ah... meet someone, and I would like a back way in."

She nodded, grinning. "Sure, I can do that." Then she put her hands on her hips as Xan resumed walking forward. "...um, I'm not guiding you for free, you know. This is my job."

"Heh, of course, of course." The young man turned around. "And how much do you charge, my dear?"

"Fifty Roshtals!" she exclaimed cheerfully, and Xan's face twitched.


"Hee hee, right. Ten Roshtals. ...and that's my final offer!"

The Shadow Tribesman couldn't help chuckling quietly, and reached inside his jacket, took a few coins, and pressed them in the girl's hand.

"...thanks. Well, let's go. And my name's Jeane... what's yours?" she inquired, cheerfully.

Xan paused. "...this is going to sound like a cliche. But call me 'X.'"

"Ecks," she repeated dutifully. "Then let's go, X. I'll take you along this ring... normally there's not too many people here, but I saw some huge robot running around that way. So...."

Xan patted his shoulder holster, under the pretense of stretching his arm. "I think I can handle that. Lead on, then. I've been looking forward to this appointment for... a long time."


And there's the intro. Xan is following a random NPC (*wonders if anyone caught the joke between allieles and "Jeanes"* :]) toward the palace, which will (of course!) take them by Yumi's house.

PS - How is this, by the way? I want to save the action for the next post or two; this is just like an intro of sorts. No major issues, I trust; and my writing's not too strange? :)

Title: Ch.3 - The Week After.
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Kane turned to Miles. "Aww, c'mon, don't be ridiculous! You haven't met the Bugrom yet! The marines haven't been too convincing in melee combat just waving their guns around, but the Bugrom sure are! Although they're not technologically advanced like your marines, they are still pretty skilled in hand-to-hand combat, you'll see! I'm not saying that the marines weren't skilled, but a Bugrom still is stronger than human! Besides we have no time to put up that kind of discussion right now, we've got more important things to do now! If you really want to show me what a marine is made of, get your head clear and join us, for god's sake! Maybe I'd trust you again, if you perform well!", with that Kane walked out of the room and left the house. He waited for the others outside.

Thoughts crossed his mind. The Marines actually were a bunch of weaklings without their guns! And Miles had never fought him without that stupid rifle, so what the hell should he else think about marines!?! Although it seemed that Miles actually was different to the others. Kane thought of the incident at the clinic, when Miles punched the wall......

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"Is it usual for the city to be so... deserted?" Xan asked, glancing down at his much shorter guide.

"...well, it is late," Jeane explained. "And most people are still taking refuge in the shelters... but my family couldn't affo--"

"Yes," he interrupted, curtly; then sighed as the girl suddenly stopped, looking away angrily. "...I apologize. However I can't help you, and listening to your problems is... discomforting."

Jeane slowly nodded, and brushed under her eyes. "Y-yeah, I understand. It's OK."

She led him in uncomfortable silence for another couple blocks, occasionally pointing out this tourist spot or that landmark-- such as a large, forbidding mausoleum, alabaster dome and ornate detailing suggesting it was used by nobility-- and after some time had passed she paused, stepped into the shadow of a taller two-story tenament house, and waved for Xan to follow her.

"Yes, what is it?" he asked, falling into step beside her; and she waved ahead, pointing into the dim light.

"Somebody's out there," she whispered, and Xan followed her gesture. His eyes took longer to adjust than hers, but quickly he could make out the figure of a young man, estimated at about his height; and with red hair.

"Someone you know?" Xan replied, voice low; and Jeane shook her head, pulling back her blue tresses to avoid risking her long hair being spotted.

"No, I've never seen him before. ...mm, he looks cute, though, doesn't he?"

The Shadow Tribesman looked down at her, surprised. "...odd. I had the strangest feeling you..."

"Went the other way? I dunno, X, I get that a lot...."

Xan stopped for a moment, thinking; then nodded. "Jeane, I want you to do me a favor."

"Now?" she asked, voice rising. "Well, if you insist, but that'll cost more--"

He scowled, waving his hand dismissively. "No, not like that. I'm going to ask him something, then I'm going to give a gesture... right, I'll put my hand behind my back to my sword sheath."

"With you so far," the girl replied, tone not matching the confusion evident in her face.

"Good. When I do that, you come from this position, and call for me. I'll explain that I need to go, and there won't be any suspicion."

"Ooh, smart one!" she said, grinning.

"Yes, thank you. Now pay attention. This will be quick, if he is who I think he is."

Xan straightened up and took a breath, then walked as nonchalantly as possible toward the man he'd seen, all weapons carefully hidden under his illusion besides his sword.

The red-haired youth noticed him quickly and turned to face him, but said nothing at first.

The "blonde" stopped a few meters short, giving a short bow. "Good evening. I was, ah, wondering about something?"

The man nodded. "Make it quick."

Xan smiled. "Of course. I, ah, came on this long pilgrimmage to meet with the esteemed heroes of El Hazard... in particular the retired Fire Priestess, Shayla," he lied, not wanting to arouse suspicion with the lesser-known Earthlings. "You have the look of an elementalist yourself... and from the pictures I've seen, you seem to favor her. I'd like to meet her, if that's possible."

The tanned youth relented, half-smiling. "Good guess. I'm her grandson--"

For an instant a shadow crossed Xan's face; his guess was correct, this was the fiery child who'd come to one of the Shadow Tribe enclaves when he was younger.

"...Kane. But, eh, you can't meet her now. Needs her beauty sleep and all...."

Xan smiled again. "Of course; and it is late. Ah-- what was that?" he asked, hearing voices from inside the house Kane had egressed from. As he and Kane both looked toward the door Xan surreptiously tapped the back of his sword.

The red-haired man's eyes narrowed. "...we're sorting out some problems. ...man, I'm sorry, but there's something I have to do. Uh, why don't you come back here tomorrow?"

"Of course, it'd be an--"

"X!" Jeane called, as though on cue; running up to him, then devoting her full attention to Kane.

"Ahh, and this is my sister." Xan patted her head. "It looks like I need to go as well. Thanks for your assistance, Kane."

Both men nodded; Kane waiting impatiently just outside the house, but he shortly heard footsteps from within, as several were getting prepared to join him, perhaps; and as soon as Xan and Jeane were out of sight the Shadow Tribesman grabbed her hand and darted inside the two-floor inn, cloaking both he and the girl as he ran upstairs.

"Hey, didn't you listen!?" she snapped. "If you want 'guides with benefits,' you gotta--"

Her voice suddenly stopped as Xan, unseen by Jeane, had taken his needle gun and fired a tranquilizer into the girl's arm at point-blank range. She mumbled several more words, then fell to her knees, and tipped forward, in seconds sleeping peacefully.

Xan wasted no time in getting to the window, and sure enough Kane was there-- and he could see the door of the house opening; soon he wouldn't be alone.

Just as well. he thought as he quickly switched the case of tranquilizers for his lethal poisoned needles, snapping it into place; then fitted a sniping barrel extension to the gun. He glanced back down, taking the time to steady his arm in the dark.

Shayla herself wasn't present, but her grandson was... and that was enough for the assassin. The side of Kane's head came into view, red crosshairs indiscernable against his hair. He pressed the trigger....


Alright, here you go. :] There's several reasons the first shot would miss, and after that (maybe the second, if he didn't see it coming) it wouldn't be hard to find out where Xan was hiding (he's not invisible now, although his appearance illusion is still up).

Apologies for borrowing Kane for some dialogue, but it wouldn't make sense without it, y'know? I can alter if I got his personality wrong or something. :)

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Lana burst out of the room, Kane and Miles were speaking but soon left. Allan pulled the cavalry saber from underneath his bed, which he saved from the last fight.

He burst out of his room and downstairs, threw the door open and ran his way towards the castle. Kane was talking to a man, a strange man. Allan didn't delay his run.

Lana was at the Palace gates, ready to go. Allan ran by her side to speak.

"... The princesses were like sisters to me... I'm going with you."

He looked over to Lana's hand.

"Where's your staff?"

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"This is pointless." I murmured to myself, and stammered down the stairs. "I'm tired AND I'M STILL DRUNK! Jeeze!" I said out loud in an isolated place, noone could here me yell.

I walked outside where Kane was. He was looking away from the house so I could suprise him a lil', but lucky enough for me, I was sober enough to know that would be a stupid idea.

"Hey Kane! I think Allan and Lana went ahead of us." I said, I drew my attention over to the left, where at somewhat of a distance, I could barely see someone awake at this time, peering out the window.

"Who the hell would be up this late at night?" I asked myself. Luckily I was a man with many gadgets. I pulled out a pair of night vision lenses and peered over to the house. His skin was very bright to the lenses, which blinded me. Poor guy must be very pale, either that or he has a blueish skin.

More imporntantly what was he holding? He seemed awfly still unless.... Nah that isn't it.

"Kane, we should get going."

But sure enough, something happened...

Ok... Your time to shine Wayne

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Alrighty, thanks. Heh, my first fight scene in... two weeks? I hope I still remember how. :D Thanks again, guys; for working with me (and for the future, of course). :]


Xan steadied his aim with the needle gun. Wait, wait... alright, there... and....

But even as he was pulling down on the trigger he heard the door shut near Kane, and adjusted the scope a few inches to the right... and in the crosshairs were the discolored lenses of night-vision goggles.

There was a pause, as both men took a second to register that they were, indeed, seeing someone through a lens that was looking at him the same way.

Bloody-- Xan cursed mentally, instantly shifting the scope back over Kane.

At the same time Miles lowered his lens, and turned back to his friend. "Kane, we should get go--"


"--ing." Kane wordlessly took a step forward-- and felt a sudden gust as something shot through the air, whizzing less than a centimeter behind his head, and his eyes followed the projectile-- a needle, smashed against the side of Yumi's house.

Xan snarled and aimed again, but the other man had already spotted him, and pointed toward his window. Kane looked up, nodded, and broke into a run toward the house Xan was in; his second shot going wide as Kane moved.

"What are you doing?!" called Miles, looking up at the window warily, readying his own weapon.

"What does it look like?!" the redhead snapped in reply. "I'm gonna kill him before he kills me!"

The Shadow Tribesman looked around, rapidly cloaking himself. The second level of the tenement was basically a loft; the stairs led up to the middle of a plain, large wooden room with four beds in the middle, and six windows; one each on the north and south walls, and two equidistant on the left and right... Xan had shot from the one window north, just several yards in front of the stairs... and Jeane was still lying there.

The man grinned and pulled Jeane close to the window, and put his needle gun in her hand, quickly detaching and putting away the sniper extension-- already he heard footsteps from below. He grinned, and stepped back from the stairwell-- he didn't expect the ruse to fool Kane, who got a decent look at him; but the delay was all he needed.

Kane nearly flew up the stairs, muscles tensed, mentally prepared for a fight... a stopped short, as he saw a young girl with what was clearly a needle gun in her hand... but she was still, and snoring quietly....

"Oh no, you're not fooling me." he said quietly, walking up behind her. In one rapid motion he flipped her over, grabbing the gun away at the same time-- but to his shock she was, in fact; sleeping soundly.

"What the hell--" he began.

He heard a floorboard creak behind him, just in time. Kane cursed and sidestepped, ducking quickly as a man about his size suddenly appeared now in front of him, sword in hand; slashing at his neck. The gleaming steel passed inches above his head; but the assailant recovered from his own surprise just as quickly, giving Kane a swift kick to his left shoulder, forcing him back-- but it wasn't a bad hit, though it did knock the needle gun free; it landed several feet away from Jeane; and as he brought the sword down for another slash Kane dropped low and kicked at Xan, connecting at his waist and knocking him back.

The 'blonde' attacker frowned, unwilling to give up his advantage that quickly, and lunged again, extending the blade as though to skewer Kane; but the youth twisted aside with remarkable speed. Kane grinned, and began summoning fire into his hand... and so enhanced he struck forward, countering with a rapid punch; but Xan seemed to fall back to the ground, catching himself on his free right hand, and scissored Kane's legs as he charged; and the surprised redhead barely managed to call off his flame before he struck the wooden floor.

He had taken far worse in his experiences, though; and while any normal man would've been stunned from a fall like that Kane jumped back to his feet, Xan likewise skipping back a few steps, holding his blade at the ready.

Both men narrowed their eyes, waiting for the other to make the next move-- verbal, physical, or otherwise.


Yes, flammable, and no one else to get hurt besides an Alliele-clone. ;D I figure a lot of fights don't really take terrain into account-- so why not start off in a furnished (beds and dressers, mostly) room and play around with that for a post or two before we get back to the [literal] street fight? *grins*

Edit: Thank all that is holy I Copied before hitting post. I got some strange error (cache?) and would've lost this entry otherwise. I sincerely hope everyone else is doing that for posts you'd rather not lose after typing once, heh.

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Lana blinked for a minute. "Hmm...I think I left it in the palace...give me a minute." Lan closed her eyes, calling for her staff, it took quite a bit of energy, but she needed the staff. she held out a hand, palm upturned, the staff slowly materialised in her hand. "There we go. You ready to fight? Could be dangerous you know." she smiled. I know you aren't going to turn back now, so be careful...

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Kane eyed the man in front of him. Looking for any sign of further action, but the man remained still, so it seemed. He surely was a skilled fighter and he was masking his movement perfectly, so that Kane couldn't foresee his next move. He is a skilled fighter, I can tell! Well, finally some real challenge. Let's see how good he really is....., Kane thought with a slight smirk.

He dashed forward and attacked his opponent with a sequence of different placed punches and kicks, but the "blonde" dodged every blow with an amused grin. Then he came to action again, attacking Kane with his sword with a cascade of horizintal and vertical strikes, combined with a few well placed kicks. This time Kane doged the sword and the opponents leg, getting impelled until he almost reached the wall in his back. The "blonde" twisted around and tried to place a spinkick, but this time Kane didn't dodge, but grabed the leg and twisted it around. His opponent gave a suppressed sound of pain, got whirled horizontally in midair and hit the ground hard, not without placing another hit at Kanes neck with the other leg. Kane quickly was above him and punched a fiery fist down, aimed on the enemys chest, but the man evaded the blow rolling sidewards and jumped on his feet again.

Kane, now kneeling, spinned around and placed an upwards pointing kick right on the others jaw. The man reeled backwards. Meanwhile Kane got up again and positioned himself a few feet away from him. They where back to sqare one......

Both starred at each other for a moment, then a slight grin appeared on their faces. Each one of them scored a hit, so that they where equal. Kane cracked with his neck while the "blonde" massaged his jaw, still focusing each other with a grin.

"Not bad, my firend........not bad!", Kane commented. "But can you evade this one?"
With that Kane started to unleash a extremely hot aura, setting every inflammable object on fire around them. Fortunately the sleeping girl was at the other side of the room......

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Xan backpedaled as his enemy summoned a whirling sheet of flame around him, radiating outward; nearly instantly igniting the floor and ceiling below and above him, and the fire began to spread.

The Shadow Tribesman narrowed his eyes, unable to approach through the heat; and his needle gun was still across the room, where it'd landed. In one motion he bent down to his boot, withdrew a throwing knife, and hurled it Kane... using his powers to obscure the weapon until it left his hand.

Kane's eyes widened as a dagger suddenly appeared in the air, hurtling at him; and jerked his head to the right-- wincing as the sharpened metal, heated by his own flames, left a shallow cut on his cheek just below his eye; and the dagger stuck into the as-yet unburning wall behind him.

Xan charged forward, leaping over the spreading blaze on the floor, and kicking at Kane's chest as he left the ground; but the redhead raised both arms to block, stopping Xan's boot; and with a grunt Kane pushed back, forcing his enemy away.

Xan landed gracefully and lunged at Kane with his sword, but the young man had seen it before and evaded to the side, charging forward to counter. He projected a blast of fire at Xan, who nimbly jumped sideways, pivoting as he landed, circling even closer to Kane, who, grinning, pulled his arm to the right, and the torrent of fire followed.

The Tribesman was unprepared for the continuous attack and hissed in pain as he fell back, the heat alone causing him pain; but he fell to the ground as the fire spread shot over him. Xan rolled the opposite direction as the fiery attack faded, grabbing his second dagger from his boot, and again hiding it.

Kane advanced, kicking low as Xan rose; but the Shadow Tribesman blocked it with his arm. But Kane knew he had the advantage and gathered another ball of fire into his hand, cocking back his hand to fire... then Xan dexterously flipped to his feet, slashing at an upward angle, and Kane wrenched himself back to dodge, which he did easily; the sword blade passing cleanly beyond his neck-- but that was a feint. Xan twisted with the momentum of the slash, bringing up his other hand-- and though it looked empty, Kane suddenly felt the stab of pain of heated metal on skin; and he then saw the dagger in Xan's hand cut his upper arm, near his left shoulder.

It wasn't a deep wound, nor a permanent one-- but it was painful. And the fire still in Kane's hand burned brighter as the pangs he felt gave him another surge of strength. He kicked at Xan, who checked it with his own leg-- but for a second the Tribesman could not evade as he stopped the attack, and Kane had his opening.

He swung down with a fiery right cross-punch, catching Xan cleanly in the chest; the force of the blow coupled with his elemental strength behind it catapulted his enemy backward. Xan flew through the railing around the stairwell, the shattered wood barely slowing his fall, and landed roughly on his back on the opposite end of the room from Kane.

The fires in the room were spreading faster now, and Kane knew to try to hurry the duel-- his own fire might not burn him, but the smoke and debris from the collapsing room certainly would. He darted forward, quickly clearing the distance; and when Xan didn't immediately counter as he neared he threw a weaker, faster shot of flame at him-- which the fallen assassin didn't seem to dodge.

Kane began to relax as the body caught fire, and turned back toward the north window; the girl was still asleep by it, but the fire was nearing her. Kane took a step toward her.

Then abruptly fell, face-first, on the heated wooden floor. He sprang back up to his feet, only to see Xan already up, though his sword was tucked into his belt on the right side instead of in his hand.

Kane opened his mouth in surprise, but before he could speak a now-angry Xan punched forward, catching him in the face, pushing Kane back. The redhead whipped his right arm around in a powerful backhand, but Xan leaned back and out of the way. He kicked at Kane's torso-- his enemy raised his cut but not badly hurt left arm to block-- and when his right leg was stopped against Kane's arm he tensed. He quickly lowered his right leg and then, as Kane began to counter, flipped upward, swinging his left up. It connected against Kane's jaw and lifted him off the ground; and as both landed Xan twirled around with a potent spinkick which flung Kane back against the wall-- and into the sheet of fire which had since wreathed that window.

Xan gave a mocking salute toward his seemingly-immolated opponent and ran back toward the north window, turning to the right to pick up his needle gun. He swooped down and grabbed and holstered it, and reached for his sword, intent on slicing out the window so as to avoid the shards of glass from breaking through it.

But as he drew back his sword-arm there was a defeaning roar of fire and Kane, fazed more from the impact than the flames, gestured forcefully toward Xan's back. The swath of fire knocked Xan down-- but Kane was prepared this time. He was carefully watching his enemy, eyes so used to the blinding heat and light of the fire he summoned; and he did not see Xan's sword fall from his hand as it should have.

Another illusion, Kane mused. "You're not fooling me this time." he said firmly, hand raised; ready for another attack. He was getting wearied from the exertion of using so much energy, not to mention the hits he'd taken-- but his enemy was in similar condition.

There was a shimmer of light in front of him, distinct from the refraction caused by the growing conflagration, and Xan appeared before him, in his stance.

"Heh," Kane said simply. Xan hadn't escaped the sudden blast after all. The right side of his face was reddened, and he could see singe marks on his jacket and clothing; and his trained eyes could see that Xan was favoring his wounded arm; it rested limp at his side instead of in a ready position, as before.

Both men attacked at the same time. Xan, having reach, struck first, slashing twice, at Kane's head and then low to his knees, but the redhead cleanly evaded both, countering with a high crescent kick, but the illusionist ducked under it. Xan fell to one hand and sweeped forward, which Kane lightly jumped over, making sure he didn't hit the low ceiling; and as Kane landed he punched downward with fire, and Xan barely rolled out of the way.

Xan stepped back toward the window, and Kane followed, punching once toward Xan's head-- blocked-- then a followup to his gut, which his enemy couldn't stop with his wounded arm, and the blonde doubled over. Kane smirked and lifted his arm into an uppercut to finish the attack, but Xan had impaled his sword into the wall by the window for leverage, and yanked himself back; Kane barely missed. The redhead prepared a final fiery attack....

But Xan, gripping the blade tightly with his hand, used it to remain steady as he jumped off the ground. Kane's eyes widened as Xan swung his leg around in a powerful kick, connecting to the side of Kane's head. The force he'd generated with the spin, using the embedded sword as an anchor, was such that Kane was shot through the window, shattering it; and he landed roughly on the ground below, groaning as he pulled himself back up to his feet.

Xan pulled his sword from the wall even as the fire had finally finished consuming the room. He bent down and scooped up Jeane, sheathing his sword on his back at the same time, and lept from the same window even as the sheet of fire reached it; tongues of flame licked at the Shadow Tribesman as he fell to the ground, sticking his landing below; and he gently put Jeane down.

"Why'd you... rescue her?" Kane asked, panting; incredulous.

Xan took a breath. "...I'm... ruthless. Not heartless." He half-smiled and reached for his sword.

Both men, battered and wearied, but with enough strength and resolve to continue; stared at each other, both knowing that the fight had moved to its final chapter.

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Nolan watched Lana and Allan leave, hearing them exit the house downstairs as they headed to the palacde to warn the royal family. Meanwhile Kane was downstairs too, and Miles had followed him.

Nolan sighed deeply. "Alright.. Time to go again." muttered Nolan as he proceeded downstairs.
He exited the house behind Miles and Kane, who were more or less loitering outside in the street.

As he joined them Miles looked up at the window of a nearby building. He looked puzzled.
"Who the hell would be up this late at night" he asked himself out loud. Nolan glanced up and sure enough, a silhouette was visible in the darkened room above.
"In all likelyhood we may have very well woken him or her up, what with all of Lana's outbursts" replied Nolan.

"We should get going" muttered Miles. As he said this, a projectile struk the side of Yumi's house, barely missing Nolan's head by inches. He felt his hair rustle from its close proximity.
"Gah!" he exclaimed, pacing a hand on his head. He looked around frantically for what had just passed him, but then Miles pointed up to the window the two had just been observing.

"Sniper!" Yelled Nolan.
Quickly Kane began to run towards the house the sniper was in.
"What are you doing?!" yelled Miles to Kane as he eyed the window.
"What does it look like?! I'm gonna kill him before he kills me!" he replied.

As Kane ran inside the Inn, Nolan joined up with Miles.
"Miles, I think we need to help.." said Nolan matter-of-factly as he eyed the upstairs of the Inn. "Got a weapon I could use, I seem to be... heh.. Unarmed." Nolan laughed nervously.

(end of post)

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"Hmm.. Perhaps.." I said to Nolan, but looking at my arms, moving them around. The implants made my arms feel lighter, and as well as more powerful. I grabbed my sidearm and tossed it over to Nolan, which he caught it with ease.

"It's an energy pistol. Don't worry about reloading it. The grip contains a Quantum anti-matter charge. It basically has a crapload of ammo.

"You've still got a weapon in store, right?" Nolan asked me.

I looked at my arms again. "I don't know if you would call these weapons."


I got permission from Shayla's Raven for the little bit of godmod, and for those who don't know why i'm looking at my arms, It's because there are implants in them.. I said it before in a different post

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"I see......", Kane gasped. ".........who are you........anyway.....? You're no ordinary man, you're working with illusions, right?..........I have the feeling......that we have met before......you are from.....the Shadowtribe......aren't ya?", it was more a ascertainment than a question. He looked at his opponent, who was grabbing his sword firmly. It slightly quivered in his hands, so it seemed that he was weakening.

Kane felt how he was growing weaker as well. Meanwhile he had lost quite a mentionable amount of blood, running down his arm and dripping from his fingers. But he would keep it up for some time, the wound wasn't too deep.

The man in front of him just stood there starring at him and catching his breath. It seemed like he was thinking about an answer, but then he moved into a get-ready-position. Kane sighed and rolled his eyes. Well ok. No answers yet. Seems that I have to beat the crap out of him first....

The man dashed forward and slashed at Kane again with various angled strikes, which the redhead dodged quickly ducking, jumping and evading to the one or other side. Kane barely saw any chance to strike back so he just let his enemy impel him a little to let him think himself safe for now. While dodging he had a quick look over his shoulder and saw that they were getting closer to the house again. Kane waited for the perfect moment....

The "blonde" stroke out with his sword over and over again. He managed to hit Kane twice and injured him lightly at his chest and left thigh. There was still no counter attack. Then suddenly, when they almost had reached the wall of the house Kane made a backward flick-flack to the wall, pushed off and jumped over the sword swinging man. In midair he took aim and fired a fast fireball into the man's back. The "blonde" reacted fast, leaped up the wall and jumped off to avoid getting injured through the impact of the fireball. That was the moment Kane was waiting for.....he landed, whirled around and hit the man right in midair with a spinkick, smashing him to the ground.

Lying on the ground, the man gasped hard and suddenly changed his appearence. His skin changed into a blue colour and his hair turned dark, he was no longer the "blonde". Kane watched him getting to his feet again. Both of them were out of breath again and Kane could feel the wounds burning as his sweat ran into them. The tribesman grabbed the left side of his body where the kidney was and where Kane's leg had hit him. He was trying to ignore the pain, but it was too hard. After some time that the men just stood there gasping and dealing with their pain, finally Kane gave a slight grin. "Well, I knew it! You are from the shadowtribe......who are you? Is it possible that we have met before? And why are you trying to kill me?"

For someone who had passed them by randomly it would surely be a funny sight. Two men standing there, both slightly bent forward, battered and gasping. One holding his waist and leaning against his sword, the other grabbing his bleeding arm and talking to the blue skinned one.

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Xan slowly straightened up, painfully sheathing his sword as he rose, feeling pinpricks all along his arm from where it'd earlier lost feeling. It had been years since he had felt that much pain; and never had it been at the hands of one of the "inferiors"-- normal El-Hazard folk.

Of course, thought Xan; meeting his enemy's steady gaze, though he could see spots of light, ...the grandchild of a Great Priestess is far from 'normal.'

Kane gave a slight grin. "Well, I knew it!" he exclaimed, panting. "You are from the Shadow Tribe...." He took another breath, steadying himself against the nearby wall. "...who are you? Is it possible that we have met before? And why are you trying to kill me?"

Xan chuckled softly, shaking his head; although the gesture caused him to sway uneasily; it was hard for him to even keep his balance after the crushing strikes he'd received from Kane. Then the Tribesman coughed, and replied, "...you... you really don't understand, do you?"

The redhead shrugged. "I guess not. But since you tried to kill me, I'm pretty sure you have a reason for it!"

Xan started to laugh, but he broke into coughing again, and shook his head. "N-no, no real reason. It's nothing that you have done, in any event."

"Then... why?" He paused. "...before... that was you in disguise. You asked about Grandma Shayla. Why?"

The blue-haired man coughed again. "I'm afraid I can't--"

"Why." It was no longer a question.

Xan narrowed his eyes. "You wouldn't understand. Nor would I expect you to." He sighed as he saw Kane clench his left hand into a fist. "'Blood follows blood, and the price is paid in measure.' ...that's why."

Kane growled. "What are you tryin' so say? I don't--"

"You don't understand." Xan hissed. "It is as I said. You can't--"

"No," the young man said fiercely, and the air around him began to heat. "I get it. You want to kill me... OK. I have a problem with that, but OK. But what did Grandma ever do to you? You can't be much older than me."

"Less than a year, as I recall." Xan said evenly. "...Shayla never did anything to me, at least not directly. But she took part in an event a long time ago that, upon its completion, led to tragedy amongst my people. I'm no longer part of the 'real' Shadow Tribe-- I wasn't trained to kill to serve the whims of a delusional relic from the past."

"Who's that?" Kane breathed, still worn.

"Your 'grandma' tried to kill him. Ask her." Xan retorted. Then his voice resumed its usual edge, and he continued in his softly accented Roshtarian, "...so I have my own mission. Shayla is incidental, but I came upon her grandchild on my way to my main objective, and so I decided to make the most of it. ...of course, things did not go as planned."

Kane eyed the crushed needle still on the ground near Yumi's house, and half-smiled. "Lucky for me."

Then they both heard footsteps approaching, and Xan frowned; two of Kane's friends, one he didn't know and the other the one from before who'd spotted him, were approaching.

The Shadow Tribesman turned back to his rival. "You'll understand if I don't want to remain here to be beset by three of you. So... I know you have questions. And for besting me this time honor demands I answer you before I return to kill you." He sighed. "For now... I will listen."


However you want to arrange that (you can probably fill in the blanks via our PMs if you want to write it yourself) is fine; or we can just go back-and-forth. Keep in mind that Xan will not reveal that he's there to kill Nanami (and Makato and Ifurita; he still thinks they're at the palace).

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"Well, ok. I'll get my answers soon enough! And you have to leave anyway, I won't stop you........for now. I'm sure we'll meet again and THEN you won't get away THAT easy! Before you'll leave, just answer me one question: What's your name? I'd like to know the name of such a skilled fighter who intents to kill me. Maybe I won't have the oppotunity to ask for that again.", Kane said with a smirk.

"The name is Xan.", Xan replied simply.

"Honored to meet you, Xan.", Kanes smirk turned into a smile. "Well, then I wish you better luck next time!"

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Xanas Antares shook his head slightly. "No, Kane, I don't think 'luck' has any place. You're quite good... far better than I would have expected. But I will be prepared for you next time."

Xan gradually turned, and took a few steps away before Kane offered his last, confident reply. "...well, then I'm looking forward to it."

The Shadow Tribesman glanced back over his shoulder. "Indubitably. Well, for what comfort it offers you needn't watch the shadows. When I return to deal with you... it will be as a hunter, not an assassin. You have earned that honor."

He cloaked himself and vanished just as Miles and Nolan came up from the other direction. Both looked around, seeing only Kane; and Miles blinked. "...what happened?"


We now return you to your regularly-scheduled RP. :D

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Kane stood there and watched the spot where Xan had disappeared, still holding his wounded arm. "Well met, Xan the Shadowtribe assassin....you've been a worthy opponent....and I'll be prepared for our next meeting as well.....", he said with a smile. He wasn't sure if Xan had heard what he said, but for now he somehow felt satisfied. Finally he met someone who really challenged his skills, except of Calya. And the most exciting part about it was, that this opponent wanted more than just being better than him......

Then Kane turned to Miles and Nolan, who looked at him in surprise. "Shall we get going? We're running late....", although still exhausted he felt new confidence and resolve. A quick bandage from Yumi and he'd be ready for more.....

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Lan ran silently through the corriders, Allan not far behind.

"Do you remember where the bedchambers are?"

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Lana went inside, she wanted to act quickly, very quickly. Allan followed but never tried to stay in front. When they reached the hall splitting with stairs...

"Do you remember where the bedchambers are?" she asked

"Guest chambers taking the left stairs, all of the doors are those. Princess chambers on the right to the room with that balcony thing."

Still acting quickly, she ran towards the stairs. Allan kept up a bit fast this time, running beside her.

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"Thanks." Lan continued to run, as Allan caught up with her. "So, do we have any idea what we're gonna do?" She said, turning a sharp corner, and nocking over an antique vase. "Oops." She didn't stop. No one was going to hurt Fiore.

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"Huh.. And I didnt even get ta use this... thingamajig" grunted Nolan, tossing Miles back his toy. He barely caught it in time. "Guess you can keep this." said Nolan. Miles wasn't amused.

"Shall we get going? We're running late..." said Kane.
Nolan raised an eyebrow, seemingly forgetting the task they had originally left the house for "Oh! Righto, well... Let's get out of this place and head to the palace." spewed Nolan as he lead the way down and outside.

"Hold it!" yelled Nolan suddenly. His two comrades stopped and looked on curiously.
"Why exactly are we running, when we could be driving?" he said as he ran to his car and climbed in.

He started the engine (on the first try for once) and drove it up next to them. He threw open the passenger door for them.
"Let's roll." Nolan said "No time to lose."

(end of post)

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"The antique car, it looks totalled and it can still run... That thing's gonna run out of fuel one of these days."

I hopped in the back and shut the door... Suprisingly the seats cushining was very comfortable, as I soon fell asleep.


*OOC* Lame post I know.. I'm out of brain juice.. I know that you guys dont' want me to use the idiot fuel for the brain  ^^;

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Just a wee bit more filler while I'm waiting to see what happens.... :]


"He took it pretty well, I think," Xan said to no one in particular, limping back toward the southern sector of the capital. "...considering I had tried to kill him and all."

He coughed again, but the pain was subisiding; he simply felt the dull ache that was left over after so much exertion; but he knew-- physiology and anatomy being key studies in an assassin's training regimen-- that the damage he had taken was severe, and he knew he needed medical attention; and he also knew that he had only one place to turn, as the brief firefight happened just outside the door of the palace doctor's house.

He concentrated, focusing on the pictures he'd seen long before. Phantom Tribesmen, as a rule; could detect others' illusions-- the ability to see through them or not varied on the individual, but absolute deception between illusionists was impossible. As a result they had made several plans governing problems in hostile territory... and the one most pertitent to a wounded Xan was the illusion they traditionally adopted to find one another while still appearing normal to those around them.

When the young man relaxed, his form had changed-- he now resembled a handsome nobleman in his twenties, in rich Roshtarian dress with a circlet and long silver hair.

How the original Galus maintained this farce, I would never know. Xan complained to himself, and sighed. As long as the other Tribesmen in the city were active-- it was late-- they wouldn't have any trouble finding him now.

He continued walking south, crossing another street, nodding stiffly toward an outdoor merchant, who simply stared. He had no idea where the Floristican enclave was-- the more people that knew about it in the capital of Roshtaria, the less likely it would stay hidden-- but he assumed it'd be toward the poorer sector, so as to remain more easily hidden.


"Excuse me... Sir?" came a voice from behind him perhaps twenty minutes later; and Xan tensed. The pain had returned with interest, and he moved slowly around, mentally trying to keep his focus on his illusion; something he very rarely needed to do.

"Can I help you?" he replied quietly.

"Ahh... no, but I believe I can help you." A young man clad in brown stepped closer toward Xan; and as he moved there was a swirling of light, and his skin changed to blue-- his conservative outfit remaining unchanged.

The assassin gave an audible sigh of relief and dropped his own illusion, staggering forward and taking the older man's hand. "I thank you. I wasn't certain where the facility is...."

The other man chuckled and waved his hand vaguely. "No, not a concern. I have to admit, I was surprised when I saw you walking this way... even with the old disguise. Do you realize you were going in exactly the opposite direction?" He grinned as the embarassed assassin shook his head. "Well, you have good instincts, even if you don't pay as much attention as you should. Come with me, then... there's only three of us stationed here currently... half returned to the Center to directly report to Nahato..." he paused as Xan frowned at the name; "...regarding the recent... changes." He smiled again, but there was no mirth behind it. "Funny how things work out."

"I'd like to hurry, if it's all the same to you," murmured Xan, hand clutched to his side. "I'd like to get--"

"To a doctor? That would be me, actually... well, a scientist, to be precise; but I can treat battlefield injuries. Why, even that useless Huntress probably could, with the supplies we have."

"Lead on, then." replied Xan, accepting the other man's hand, steadying himself.

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Kane watched Nolan's car sceptically. Should he really get inside that thing again? What if it would happen again? He wasn't sure if anyone of them could hold him back if he'd freak out again. He still was thinking about the consequences of climbing into the car while the others slowly grew impatient.

A few moments later Kane decided and opened the door of the car and took his seat at the back of the car. He should manage it to remain calm, it wasn't that crowded inside like the time before. When Nolan started to drive, Kane had a last desperate look at Yumi's clinic. If everything would have been according to his plan, then he'd be training to get rid of this damned phobia right now, together with Yumi. He sighed, took off his shirt and started to tear it into strait stripes to bandage his wounds. He felt them still burning and this wouldn't help that much, but after all it would stop the bleedings. Kane clenched his teeth and began treating his left arm.


Meanwhile Yumi was still busy waking up Calya.

"C'mon Calya! Wake up! They're needing your help! The palace is in danger", Yumi yelled while she was shaking Calya rapidly.

".........mwaah? Aww, c'mon. Just a little more, I'm soooo tired, Mia!", Calya replied muttering.

"I already told you, I am NOT Mia!!! And this is emergency!", Yumi yelled and slapped Calya across the face. "WAKE UP!"

"...*snore*......I want some ham and eggs for breakfast......", Calya didn't even notice that Yumi slapped her.

"GODDAMNIT! I'd serve you Jinnai's ass on a silver plate, if you'd just wake up! He's in the palace right now and obviously he's planning something! but you have to fry him yourself!", Yumi answered shaking the girl again.

"....*munch*.....I'd rather eat Nolan's.......it's much cuter than Jinnai's.", Calya giggled.

"What the hell are you talking about!?! JINNAI IS IN FLORISTICA AND CAUSING TROUBLE IN THE PALACE! You have to help Kane and the others!", Yumi was tired shaking Calya and now was just yelling into her ear.

Finally Calya opened her eyes and stared at Yumi. ".....did you say Jinnai is in the city? And the others are about to kick his ass? GREAT! Finally some action again! And I hope he has brought plenty of bugrom!", with that Calya  pushed Yumi aside, jumped on her feet...........reeled and fell to her bottom again. "Erm.....I could use a coffee first", she said sweatdropping.

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Nolan steered the car foreward as fast as he could through the narrow stone streets towards the palace. He glances back at Kane, who was bandaging his wounds.

"You gonna be okay?" asked Nolan curiously, his eyes back on the road.
"I'll live." Kane replied. Miles, now completely dozed off, had resorted to using Kane as a pillow, much to Kane's annoyance.
Unbeknowest to his friends, Nolan was beginning to feel exausted. He had been up now for over 24 hours straight, and his attempts at sleep had been in vain. He felt himself struggling to keep his eyes open as he drove...

Soon the palace was in view.
"There it is, straight ahead!" said Kane, pointing to the gate in front of them. They we're getting closer and closer, and Kane was expecting Nolan to slow the car anytime now.
But much to his surprise, the car wasnt slowing down. It seemed to be on a collision course with the gate.
"Nolan, What are you doing?!" yelled Kane as he grabbed the wheel and swerved it to the right. The car jerked to the right, tossing Kane on top of Miles. It came to a stop as Nolan's foot came off the gas pedal and fell on the brake.

Nolan, now awaken once again, groggily looked out, noticing the car had stopped.
"Mnmmm.... we're here.." he said, stretching and yawning as he opened his door. He looked behind him before he stepped out. "Hey guys...?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at Kane sitting on top of Miles, who was now starting to wake up himself. Kane was breathing heavily.

"Ahh.... never mind..." muttered Nolan, shaking his head. He yawned as he stepped out, leaving a shocked Kane behind.

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I slowly started to awake as I could feel pain on my chest. It made me remember whenever that one time.. I fell onto something and it punctured me.

However, when I did finally come to, my chest was in pain, felt like I gto stabbed with a blunt weapon, but I found that Kane's elbow was practically in my face for an amount of time.

"Well, that was a relaxing 2 minutes... Or I thought. Can the canny stuff, lets get to work."

I Got up and out. I took a good long look at the castle, and peered over to the left where the ship had crushed the tower. "Big place at night... Sorta Reminds me of Resident Evil XXVIII, I wonder..." My mind began to stray off. Jinnai might be a tricky one and if anything I wouldnt' even be able to identify him, at least not yet.

I set foot in before the others, I was the first one of the party to go inside, and suprisingly they did not follow. I didn't even acknowledge if Lana and Allan were there or not, they were likely ahead of me.Did they even notice me go in? It doesn't matter. I have the ability to do this on my own.. It's not the first time I had to creep around a building.

The palace foyer.. The classic entrance in Resident Evil. I was startign to wonder if there were any zombies wandering around, but that was just silly. THe first thing I did notice, however, was a dead body... The neck had been cut halfway.

"Holy jeebus, this guy should be put into an asylum." I mumbled ot myself, and proceeded forward. I went upstairs using the main stairs, but once I did, there was several ways to choose from.

"I'm gonna get lost... If i were of high royalty, where would I stay?... Maybe someplace up top, there must be a good view someplace there."  I mumbled to myself again. I could hear myself easily as it was suprisingly very quiet. I looked forward and found a set of spiral staircases. It looked like it would go a ways up, so why not give it a try?

I started on my long journey up the stairs, which honestly seemed neverending. I soon heard the pattering of running feet. It came close by, then it was silent again. I couldn't pinpoint where it was, the big halls echoed it's annoying sound. I blew it off for now and went upstairs.

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Heh, cool. *wants to see how this palace thread ends*

More filler for now, I guess. Oh; and Fuji gets major points for the Resident Evil 28 joke-- although knowing Capcom, they'd probably spin it off into Resident Evil X (then with a full series), and then another spinoff series.... :D


At Xan's slowed pace it took the pair nearly half an hour to circle back through Floristica, to the safehouse of sorts the other Shadow Tribe members had been using. It was surprisingly close to the palace; perhaps six blocks northwest, although as broad and long as Roshtarian streets were, it was still quite a walk.

"Here?" asked Xan, surprised; as his ally had stopped in front of a run-down older house. It was inconspicuous enough; typical off-white colored stone walls, and a flat ceiling that bespoke primitive, at least by his peoples' standards, brickwork.

"It's bigger inside than it looks. Trust me. We couldn't have anything too ostentatious."


"Can you make a big house invisible?" said the scientist in way of reply, and Xan shook his head.

"No, of course not."

"Neither can we. So there. ...now, after you... ah, watch that step up... there." He followed the younger man inside and closed the door behind him; as he did a third Tribesman, sitting so still as to be nearly invisible in the dark; switched on a lamp on the table, and stood.

"I'm surprised you found him, Tulkata." This man, who appeared even older than Xan's benefactor; had the light wrinkles around his eyes and mouth that suggested early middle age, and he wore a plain, long black coat with many pockets-- Another scientist, the assassin mused.

"Doctor Tulkatia," the other scientist snapped; although it had the patient refrain which suggested he did so out of habit, rather than irritation; and the older man laughed.

"Don't mind him, young man," he said, walking in an unusually proud manner for a researcher, toward Xan; and offered his hand. "Doctor Caeus Silrani... and yes, I picked out this name." he explained, grinning. "This fossil--"

"Four years younger than you, Kai," he replied without missing a beat.

"--is Doctor Mato Tulkatia. And he would be the current lead operative for this cell." His smile broadened as Xan glanced quickly toward the man next to him, and then back. "And you are...?"

"Xanas Antares. Assassin." He gave a quick nod, then shrugged off Mato's hand and shook Kai's-- the dimunitive form of "Caeus's"-- hand. "And I would like to be taken to the lab for healing."

"Before you have to use it for an autopsy, eh?" said the old man; but his smile faded. "Come with me, then... and we'll get you looked at."

"Thank you." Xan stepped back, respectfully giving Kai room as he went toward the back wall-- opening the wooden door there to reveal an unsurprising set of stairs down.

It led to a very large underground facility. The original area of a basement was still clearly defined-- the passageway was a little narrower, and the supports above his head weaker-- but it had been widened out far in excess of that. The hallway loomed many meters back into the darkness; a series of rooms on either side in a sort of underground suite, leading to the traditional Phantom Tribe laboratory. There were two operating tables set up with a dizzying array of equipment and machines around them, and the old man led Xan to the first one.

"You'll probably want a tour later, but... first things first. Take off your jacket and lie down, and the automata should tend to your major wounds. ...what do you think you have, so I can make the scan faster?"

"Probable broken rib, ruptured blood vessels on the lateral right, possible organ damage; severe burns to the back with multiple lighter abrasions and bruises." the assassin replied promptly, and Caeus chuckled.

"I see you didn't sleep through class, boy. ...assassin, you said earlier? Do you mean Hunter?"

"No," he replied evenly, grimacing as the tingle of the first scanning waves washed over him. "...I meant Assassin."

"...ah. Well, you might be interested to meet Senalyia when she gets back from reconnoitering the palace... she just left a few hours ago. Tulkata went out about an hour and fifteen minutes ago... just after the fire broke out. You were lucky he's so thorough... Xanas, wasn't it?"

"Just Xan." he replied, giving a single cough. "...how did you know so quickly?"

"I see you prefer using a nickname too. Must be something about you young people... Sena insisted we call her that, and after a few months everyone was using a shortened name. At least around her--"

"The fire?" Xan repeated, although he was more interested than he let on about his comrades.

"Ah, right. Well, it's a simple thing, really... when you have instruments that can analyze, measure, duplicate, and recombine genetic material... it'd be rather silly to look out a window and not see the light and smoke, wouldn't you think?" His rough voice betrayed humor underneath, though; and Xan smiled.

"I see. ...Doctor, how long will this healing take?"

Kai sighed. "You'll be under direct regeneration for at least six hours. There's no organ damage, but you were otherwise right-- two ribs will need knitted, and you had major hemorrghing on that side. Most of the regeneration time will be for skin and blood... you lost a few layers of the former and far too much of the latter. What'd you get into a fight with, anyway? A group of armor Bugrom?"

Xan closed his eyes, and tried to relax. "...no, doctor. One human."

He whistled. "Must've been one hell of a fighter."

"He was... good." the assassin managed.

"No doubt. Well, once you heal we do have some training areas down here... when the full group is in we usually have several Hunters; they requested it. You're free to peruse what we have, of course... just be careful. Sena will be back soon... she's close to your age anyhow, so I'll probably have her fill you in."

"Sounds good."

"And of course, we'll discuss your options for repaying this service we're done."

"My what?" Xan protested; but Kai was already lowering the shielded shell of the regeneration device over Xan, and locked it into place.

"Couldn't that have waited?" Mato said wryly as his senior came back to the stairwell. "Do you expect him to relax now?"

"I was nice enough before that to balance it out, Tulkata. Besides, better that he get the time to simmer over it rather than get mad after he's already gotten what he needs."

"Point." the doctor conceded, and started back up the stairs. "I merely hope that Sena comes back with no news. We can't send anyone else back to the Shadow Nation until Aerun's group gets back... and that could take weeks."

"Knowledge enough to almost crack the Eye of God," Kai said, bemused; "...and we can't make a bloody wireless phone."

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"Are you feeling better now?", Yumi asked Calya who was sitting at the table and sipping her coffee. It seemed that she had a terrible hangover, but nodded.

"You should now drink a lot of water and don't strain yourself until the headache is gone.", Yumi adviced. She got up and left the room towards the kitchen. Some time later she returned with a flagon of water and put it on the table, just to go back into the kitchen and prepare a quick meal for both. A little food would help Calya to get sober again.

Calya barely noticed all that, she was busy struggling down the pain inside her head. "When did the others leave?", she asked with clenched teeth and now holding her head in her hands.

"About 20 minutes ago or something! It was a tough job to wake you up, you must know!", Yumi yelled from the kitchen. She was warming up the rest of the food she had made for dinner before the others had arrived. In fact there was plenty left, because noone of them had eaten a bite of it, except of Yumi. Then something came to her mind. An old family recipe against hangover that her father used to brew. Father........... A single tear rolled down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away as she heared Calya entering the kitchen.

"Smells good! A pitty that I didn't even have a chunk of it.", Calya commented sniffing. She walked up behind Yumi and peered over her shoulder.

"It'll be ready in a minute. Take your seat Calya, I'll get you a plate....Ack!", suddenly Calya hugged her gently and Yumi winced in surprise.

Calya leaned her head on Yumi's shoulder and wispered into her ear. "You like Kane, do you? And you're trying to make your moves on him ain't I'm right? You liked him since the day you met him. Be honest Yumi-chan."

Yumi blushed and almost dropped the wooden spoon she was holding in her hand. "Wha.....what are you talking about, Calya? This is not the time to......"

"C'mon, Yumi-chan. I already know about it. And I noticed your conversation at your bedroom, I wasn't asleep at that time. I was awake for a short time after someone had carried me into the room upstairs and I heared every single word through the open door. I was lucky to wake up just at this moment!", Calya giggled.

"Well......uh.....", Yumi wasn't able to think of any response and so she started to stir the food nervously. She could feel her heart beating rapidly and she was sure about Calya feeling it to. Her breath went faster and she tried to calm herself.

Calya grinned. She noticed the obvious signs of Yumi's nervousness and she now definitely knew that she was right. "Awww, you're sooo cute Yumi-chan! Kane really is lucky to have someone like you! But we both know how shy Kane is, he doesn't have too much experience about women, he's just like grandma Shayla. But I as his big sister know how to help you, Yumi-chan."

Yumi remained silent.

Calya let go of her with a smile. "The food is ready, let's eat", she wispered before she turned around and walked back into the other room to take her seat at the table. Yumi followed her a minute later with two plates. Both of them ate the meal silently. Calya peered at Yumi from time to time with a slight smile, while Yumi had her meal slightly confused and still with flushed cheeks. She wasn't able to look at Calya once. After finishing her meal, Yumi took her plate back into the kitchen and started to mix the cocktail for Calya that would make her sober again. When Calya entered the kitchen with her plate, she just finished the brew, turned to Calya and handed her the glass with the strange looking drink.

"Drink this!", she said.

Calya stared at the glas in her hand and swallowed hard. "What....What is that? Looks.......unappetizing."

"Just do it, ok?", Yumi demanded.

Calya had a mistrustful look at Yumi, but when she saw her expression she quickly drank up the strange cocktail. Then she suddenly began choking like a maniac. "BUAAAAAAH! What's that for an ugly brew!?! Tastes awful!!!"

"It'll help you getting sober again. They still need you as fast as possible, you know", Yumi replied with a grin.

A few minutes later Calya was on her way to the palace. Yumi had given her some equipment before leaving. Among other things she was carrying Kane's staff.

Damn it! That Yumi! Forcing that brew-of-hell on me!!! Did I say CUTE?? Pah!


Kane climbed out of the car and watched Miles going ahead and entering the palace. After that hell of a ride he felt even more beaten up than before, but he didn't show it. He turned to Nolan rising his eyebrows.

"Well, shall we go too?"

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Upon another 5 minutes of walking, my legs were already starting to shake. Going up the stairs was NO EASY TASK! Especially since I still haven't gotten off of it yet.

A few more levels and I came across another dead body. It's right arm was severed, he died of massive blood loss. "Jinnai, you're a god damn psycho." I said to myself. I got off the stairwell, all I saw was more mutilated corpses. I analyzed one in particular, which had alot of groves in it's body. He had no blade damage, he looked like he had been impaled by several blows of something blunt. No human could do this, unless he had a weapon, but that weapon would be ineffective as it is... Then it hit me..

"The Bugrom are here." I said to myself again.

I looked around the room, the palace guards had all been slaughtered, they all had weapons, but why are there no bugrom corpses? They had to take some of them down... This isn't adding up.

I proceeded forward, following the trail of blood. It led me up a few more levels, but eventually I saw a dead bugrom corpse. I was right about the bugrom, but where the hell is Jinnai?

I proceeded furthur, I had to be close to the top. The enxt room I was in looks.. Different than the others, not sure how I could describe it. I couldn't go in the room much farther, otherwise I would be trapped in infinite darkness. I did proceed however, but I sprung a trap.

By tripping on a rope I made a pre-set axe fall from teh roof, luckily it did not hit me as it was poorly placed.

"This is too damn creepy... Maybe I should wait for the others" I said to myself again.

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Lan stopped, she had heard a crash. "Someone else is here..." She remained silent for a moment, hoping to hear something else, but she heard nothing.

"Lets keep going, Allan, I'm worried." Lan wanted to get to the princesses ASAP.

"Please be okay." She whispered to herself. Then, with forced strength, speeded up.


She and Allan arrived in the hallway of the royal bedchambers.

"I'll kill anyone who has layed a hand on Fiore, I swear it." She growled. "Let's go." She threw open the door of the first bedroom. No blood, nothing. No people or anything. "Damn."

She tried the next room. Nothing. She went along the corridor, opening doors. Something wasn't right here. It was too quiet.

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"Lead the way..." said Nolan with a yawn as he slammed the driver door shut as well as the passenger door, Kane having forgotten to do so.

Nolan looked up at the towers that made up the palace grounds, and while it may very well have just been his exaustion, he felt very tiny at that moment in time.
He then noticed that Miles wasnt there.
"Where did G.I Joe go?" Nolan muttered curiously to Kane. "He doesn't even know where to go..oy."

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Lan stood in front of Fiore's door. She didn't want to go in now that she stood here. She whispered uietly to herself, "I'm frightened, please, protect me from whatever evil may lie behind that door."

She pushed open the door...


Someone else appear now, I don't wanna go in alone! *cries*

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"Forget it, they're never going to find me here." I said to myself. The night vision lenses will definitely guide me throughout this darkened area.

I took them out oof my belt and put them on. There was little light even for the goggles, but I could still see. I preceeded forward silently. Looking around I could see no windows around this area.

I was quickly startled when I heard a grunt coming from up ahead. It echoed throughout the hallway. I took out my pistol, just to be safe, and proceeded forward, silently, hiding in areas of practically no light at all.

Around the corner, however, there it was, the thing that made the noise. A member of the Bugrom.

I hid behind a piece of furnature, but whist I did, I made noises. I alerted the solo bug and he turned around and started looking, but somehow, it wasn't long untill he had found me.

He charged after me, knocking over the piece of furnature. I had my gun in my hand, so I aimed at the chest and shot once, it took only a second to figure that he was still standing and shot again. Finally he dropped to the ground, but the noise of the 2 gunshots were loud and stayed loud throughout the echoes... Someone must have heard the shots..

I holstered the weapon and proceeded forward.

There wasn't much afterwards. I finally got out of the dark area, but decided to keep the goggles on, as they would help me see even in moderately lighted areas.

All of the sudden however, I heard grumbles from all over the place. Similar to the bugrom's... I didn't like which position I was in...

"You fool." Is all I heard, then, 2 bugrom came, and shoved me out of the palace window..

I fell from almost the very top, I bounced off a palace tower's roof and crashed into another window in the palace which was somewhere near the top.

After the fall, I heard screaming, the lights turned on, and there was a girl.. in the bed... The same bed that cushined my fall.

"Who are you? Explain this!" She said. "Wait wait calm down!" I said, but my efforts were futile. "That uniform.. You're one of them!" "Wait wait I can explain that too"

Just then the main door to this room had opened fast, I quickly drew out my sidearm and shot. It looked like it would hit the targets head, but somehow it just suddenly disappeared... I soon after recognised it was Lana..

"Eeuh.. Sorry Lana."

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Kane enterd the palace and stood in the main hall, followed by Nolan. Except the time when he escaped from the dungeon, Kane has been only once in the palace in his entire life. At this time he was 5 years old and has seen almost all of the palace. But now his memories of that time where few and he only could guess where to go.

The main hall was empty and quiet, there was nobody around. Kane had a look around and finally noticed a dead body lying in the corner with a cut throat. Kane narrowed his eyes and walked over to the body. The eyes of the dead man were widened and he had a surprised expression in his face. He obviously didn't see the attack coming. The first thought that came to Kane's mind was Xan, but then he doubted it. Xan wasn't in the condition to do this right now and the cut didn't seem to be done by a professional like Xan was. Then he noticed a few other vestiges that were indicating the work of someone else....

"Bugrom. They are actually in the palace", Kane mentioned and turned to Nolan. "We have to be careful now. We don't know how many are there and they're really tough opponents."

They continued their way through the hall and reached the two stairways that were leading out of the main hall. Kane couldn't figure out which way to take to the royal chambers and so he had to guess. He decided for the left stairway and climbed the stairs. his only hope was, that they wouldn't meet any Bugrom too soon, he wasn't in the physical condition to fight too many of them. Maybe he was able to take out two or three of them, but then he'd be finished for sure. They reached the top of the stairway and now had to follow the corridor. There were doors to both sides of the corridor and it seemed that a few of them had been broken. There were two other dead bodies lying  at the first pair of doors, obviously guards. It seemed that they had been killed by Bugrom.

The left door of the third pair of doors was broken and there was something or someone inside. Quiet whimpering could be heard. Kane and Nolan sneaked up to the door and peered inside. There was a female hunched up in a corner of a totally messed up room. She was in some kind of shock. Kane looked at Nolan and nodded into the direction of the young woman. He decided to stand guard, while Nolan was dealing with her......

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Lan blinked for a moment.

"What are you doing here? And why did you follow me in?" Lan blinked back a few tears. Someone had already been killed...

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Complying with Kane, Nolan kneeled down to the whimpering young lady. She was visibly shaken.
"Hey... shhh.. It's alright lady." whispered Nolan quietly. "Yer safe now.. I think."

The young lady looked up into Nolan's eyes. It was clear that she had been crying, her eyes were red and she was shivering. She had shoulder-length black hair which complemented her outfit quite well. She wore a long black dress with a slit down one leg, and a red flower in her hair. Nolan couldnt help but admit that she was indeed very beautiful. Then again, he remembered that virtually all the females he had met in this world so far had been rather attractive as it is.

The young lady took Nolan's hand into hers and sniffled a little.
"th...thank you, m'lord." she said softly.
With a smile Nolan picked the young lady up in his arms and slowly made his way around the debris in the ramsacked room back out to the hall.

Kane looked at Nolan and smirked. Nolan gave a curious expression in response.
"What?" asked Nolan.
Kane simply shook his head and smiled "Nothing!" he replied. The young lady was blushing slightly.
Nolan sighed. It seems he was becoming the defacto savior of all damsels in distress that came along...

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(I'll find a way through your last post, Lan)

Allan saw Lana blink away her tears which were visible from where he was standing- Next to her.

"It's terrible but we're fighting for a reason, Lan... We'll get Jinnai, I promise."

Allan noticed a girl was sleeping where Miles had crashed on, she wasn't easy to see, the candle only showed half of her face and brown hair... Angry confused eyes. Allan took a few steps towards the bed but stopped at a point where the candlelight made him visible.

"I'm sorry I didn't come back to see you, Fiore."

"... Allan... Is that you?"

Allan pulled his sleeve down a bit to reveal the bracelet on his wrist.

"It's me."

"... You came back!"

Fiore got off the bed and stood near him, now her face was completely visible. Lana took some steps forward but looked as if she didn't want to see her.

"... Lana..." she spoke in a soft voice, trying to hold her hand up slowly before Allan interupted

"Ignore the guy in the suit. He's with us." said Allan

Allan turned to face Lana.

"We've got to get her to safety... Lan, do you want to? Or should I?... I'm not as great a fighter as you and Miles but if you'd rather take her..." Allan asked


I'm not quite sure on the complete going-ons but I'm assuming that by entering Fiore's Chamber, that's going to be her on the bed. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, I'll edit or remove this if so.

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*OOC* Hey, It worked for me! ;D

Lan swallowed. "Erm...I think two of us should go. I'm not sure though. I want to deal with Jinnai myself, but..." Lan looked longingly at Fiore, "I don't know if that's a good idea. I...." Lan was confused. Her mind was swarming with so many different emotions, she didn't know what to do anymore. "You and Miles should take her. I'll go after Jinnai. I should be okay alone, but I want her to be safe. If you find Keora, get her out too. be careful..."

Lan turned and headed for the door. All she had to do was follow the silence.

"Have fun." She said, waving them goodbye. She paused in the doorway, then turned down the corrider, and ran swiftly and silently into the darkened halls.

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Lana said her goodbyes and left, Allan turned back to face Fiore and Miles. Miles didn't look happy but Fiore looked confused.

"Right, we've got to get to a safe place... But first, we need to find Keora." said Allan

"You still remember where her chamber is, right?" asked Fiore

"Of course... The room opposte this side of the tower."

"You remember a lot for someone who hasn't been here in a few years."

"And I've lived here longer... This way, Fiore."

Fiore followed behind Allan never taking the lead, he opened the door a bit but then faced back, Miles was still there.

"Miles..." said Fiore softly

"Miles, aren't you coming?" asked Allan


Take it from there, Fuji.

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"Have fun... HAVE FUN!?" I shouted. That lady sure did know how to bring the bore on me.

"I'm not following. Nothing personal but I would be more helpful just driving out the bugrom. Oh and.. uhh.. On a side note, The rest of your army is dead. I didn't cause this though, Jinnai and his bugrom did." An expression of shock overcame her face at first, but sadness and worryness took it over. I wasn't suprised at that fact.

"Miles... Go kill Jinnai for me... I hate him more than anything." She said in a quiet voice.

"Will do ma'am.. I still haven't seen his face though.... Allan take her someplace safe. Keep her close, the bugrom are very sneaky. I never saw them coming."

With that I left the room and proceeded in the opposite direction of Allan and Fiore.

I proceeded once again up the spiral staircase in hopes of finding the bugrom and Jinnai. I proceeded all the way to the top. From there, the rooftop was bare. I leaned over a guard railing. The view was magnificent from here. Almost too good, but the view did not last.

At the last moment I realized there was someone behind me, I had no time to turn around and I got shoved off the edge of the roof, but I wasn't gonna plummet again. I grabbed onto the ledge with my left hand and drawed my pistol in the right hand. The thing bent over the ledge. Once he did, I put a bullet through his head, causing him to silently fall motionless onto the rail, which gave me the chance to climb up.

I was half-way done with the palace after a logn while, but still no Jinnai. Just alot of Bugrom.. And where the hell is Keora!?

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Lana made her way along the corridor. He was this way. His stench drifted in the back of her mind. She kept following her senses. She knew he would be nearby...

She stopped in front of a room.

He was in here.

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Kane watched Nolan carrying the yound woman out of the room and smirked.

"What?", asked Nolan with a curious look.

Kane shook his head and smiled. "Nothing!"

The young woman blushed and Nolan sighed while they walked a few steps along the corridor. Kane followed them with a slight grin. They left the corridor behind and stood in the hall again. The girl was looking down on the floor shyly while Nolan still carried her. Then she turned to Nolan with a shy look. "Erm........excuse me m'lord...."

Nolan looked at her. "What is it, lady? Something wrong?"

She looked to the side and her face flushed again. "Would....would you mind to put me down again m'lord? I think I can walk again." She definitely seemed to be embarrassed about this.

"Erm......sure!", Nolan put her down gently and she looked reliefed as her feet touched the ground again. She took a deep breath and her red face turned back to normal slowly. She tightened herself and had a look at the men in front of her. "I'm thankfull that you have gotten me out of there, I thought that I would die if I stayed there any longer! My name is Ryanne, ambassador of Alania. I have stayed at the palace since we heard about the incident with the alien aircraft that destroyed a greater area of Floristica. Our country immediately proposed all the aid we can give to help. Now the next danger is approaching Floristica! Now, like there wouldn't be enough trouble, the bugrom invaded the palace! It seems like they are looking for something or somebody! We have to do something!"

"We already know about the situation and we are about to warn the princess. We have to get to her as soon as possible!", Kane replyed.

"If you want to get to the princesses chambers you were heading into the wrong direction! It is up the other stairway!", Ryanne said and was about to dash down the stairs. "Follow me!"

Kane looked at Nolan, then followed her frowning. They ran down the stairs and crossed the hall to the other stairway. They climbed half way up when suddenly they heard some noise. They stopped immediately and watched the area, listening carefully. There was the noise again, closer this time. It seemed to come from everywhere. Kane narrowed his eyes and stared into the dark regions of the main hall. He saw some movement.

Nolan and Ryanne were looking around too, while Ryanne took a step closer to Nolan. "What is this?", Nolan asked.

The noise was still getting closer and closer and Kane noticed more movement. Now the other two noticed it as well. Ryanne hugged Nolan in fear as her eyes followed one of the shadows crawling down a wall from the ceiling. "Please, get me out of here!"

Kane prepared himself. All his senses were sharpened. Then he just said one word.


This situation was getting serious.......

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"Gah!" exclaimed Nolan as Ryanne hugged him in fear.
"Please, get me out of here!" she yelled.
"Ahrrm.. I will if ya loosen yer grip lady" Nolan said matter-of-factly. She reluctantly did, blushing slightly.

Kane quickly realized who they had encountered.
No sooner had Kane spoken a bugrom caming charging down the hallway towards the trio.
"I guess this qualifies as 'go-time'" muttered Nolan as he got into his 'fighting stance'. Kane nodded and grinned. He seemed to be almost enjoying this turn of events.
"Please be careful, m'lord.." cautioned Ryanne as she took several steps back, a worried look on her face.
"Nolan. The name is Nolan." said Nolan with a small smile. She nodded, and quickly took some cover behind a mangled chair.

Within mere seconds the bugrom had closed in and was now engaging the two young men, while Ryanne watched helplessly...

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Kane watched the Bugrom approaching and just stood there with a grim smile. As long as they wouldn't attack them in a group, Kane and Nolan would manage to fight the bugrom, but Kane was aware of the other four Bugrom waiting above them in the dark. There was no way fighting all of them at once with his wounded arm. He tried to overact his qualms with a confident smile and prepared himself for the Bugrom's attack.

"At my signal better dodge the first attack.", Kane said to Nolan calmly. Nolan nodded. The Bugrom jumped towards the men and tried to hit them with his claws. "NOW!", Kane yelled and both men jumped to the side, the Bugrom missed them both for just a few inches. Kane twisted around and launched a heatdragon at the huge insect-creature. It hit the enemy hard and the blast threw him far away, but it seemed that there wasn't too much damage caused by it. The Bugrom jumped to his feet again and dashed towards Kane and Nolan again. Kane leaped to his feet as well and ran towards the opponent, jumped and kicked the Bugrom right in the head. The giant bug fell backwards and was knocked out for a few seconds. Kane used the oppotunity, jumped up and launched a volley of heatdragons at him. Every blast hit the target and rammed it deeper into the stairway so that there was a big hole left after Kane stopped firing. One down, four to go!

Suddenly another Bugrom grabbed Kane in midair and crushed down with him on the ground. Kane gasped hard and felt a stabbing pain in his wounded arm. He struggled to get up again and got to his knees again, lifting the heavy bug on his back. Adrenaline was rushing through his veins and helped him to ignore the pain. "AAAARRRRRRH!....This is just like my exercise at the bugrom realms......piece.....of.....cake!", he gasped.

One more Bugrom landed on the stairway facing Nolan......

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I've been through these floors before... I recognise the corpses...


"Ya know, why the HELL do they have to build something so big!?" I thought in my mind. This place was getting very boring. It was time consuming to check out the whole place.

I heard pattering of rock-solid feet that sounded like someone very strong running in small cement shoes.. It wasn't human whatever it was. I ducked behind a wall and let it pass. Waiting there for a little while longer I heard many more come.. More Bugrom.. Where could they be headed?

I stepped out into the corridor that I heard the pattering from. The sound they were coming from indicated they went downstairs...

I heard a grunt from behind me. I knew the sound, what it was from, but I did not believe it was there. Event though, I turned around, and there it stood. I was defenseless, I wasn't ready to draw out my weapon. In a split second, it yelled and stabbed his weapon, a spear, into the joint of my shoulder. I could feel it grinding against the bone... I drew out my sidearm and shot him in the head, making him silently fall over. All of this happened in one second. After that I finally screamed by the pain, but quickly regained myself. I pulled out the spear, which eased the pain, but life was slipping away from me.. The red giver gushed from me... The only thing I could think of at this point was "I would rather be knocked over the head." and I fell over.. Unconsious (NOT DEAD)

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((  ^^;First off a apolgy all I shoudl of really kept up with the posting more on here, due to some life stuff and trying to save another RPG I got distracted but I am back now and ready to repost with this to get back into the story once again  ^_^V))


The sounds of the Bugrom and fighting going on within the palacegrounds were more than enough to wake up anyone there with warning.  Though the alarm and shouting of "BUGROM!" Did also help add to this.  The noise causeing Hitomi to return from her dreams of her peaceful pasted back in Rostaria, with a shattering image as if  brought on by the screams a Bugrom.

Waking with  start it took Hitomi a few sceonds to remember where she was, atfirst she was half expecting to see the familiar sight of her room, where ever that maybe now with her memory as it is.  At first she wondered what all the noise was out there, reaching for the clothes she had left on the floor designing herself quickly she slowly went sleeply towards the door of the room assigned to her.

Opening it at first expecting to find a quiet dark hall Hitomi was greeted with peopel running screaming out about a Bugrom attack on the place ground.  This did wake up Hitomi quite well, she did not have found memories of the Bugrom at all, all of them would bring pain into someones like or hurt someone.

She didn't have long to dewell on this as a Bugrom came through the roof several feet infront of her knocking down servel peopel with it's arms and the rubble.  It screamed out heading stright for her, a big mistake on it's part in Hitomi's mind that was as she ran stright for the purple bug, jumping lightly she kicked the bug in it's armoured face forcing it to the ground.  Was times like this she was glad to be the daughter of a demon god.  

Stamping on the bugs head once she looked around hearing more shouts and sounds of a battle from infront, Hitomi left the bug to that direction of the sound wanting to know why they were attacking.  'Not a good idea to wake me up you stupid bugs I am not in a good mood if I get woken up like this!  Piss me off and you will get hurt!'  Hitomi thought as she ran down the corrior.

A yellow type fist appear from out of now where hitting Hitomi on the cheek sending her crashing to the floor.  The fist in question that of a large orange type Bugrom standing in a door way where it was clear a couple of people mostly likely male from the sounds were holding off a bugrom attack as best they could.

Opening her eyes after a few moments Hitomi rubbed her cheek that would probbly develop a very noticable brush she narrowed her eyes jumping upto hit the Bugrom in the stmouch with a punch.  Though it did more damage to her than it did to it, the bug just laughing as she pulled back her hand rubbing it some "Oh very funny bug boy" she said looking up and it's face with a grin "I still have some tricks up my selvee myself........." Again she was hit the side of her head this time and gotten the impact.  the force nearly knocked her off her feet, steadying herself she growled looking back at the bug.  Moving her hand away from the patch on her head it hit Hitomi's hand was covered with a small amount of blood from the hard impact.

Looking at her hand she then looked back at the bug, she was angry very infact, from getting hit like her head was slightly spinning from it shaking her head and shutting her eyes she then opened them.  Her eyes with thier blue where now completely blue like she had no iris to speck of.  Darting forward towards the Bug she held her hand out a small blue orb appearing just infront of her plam  the bug had no idea what this was.

Hitomi's head looked up at the bugs as she moved the orb against it's stomuch "Target......locked"  Her voice sounds much colder than it once was more like her mother back when she was a contorlable demon.  The bug only had seconds to think but they were not enough the orb shot forward through it in a small line, like a blast sending the Bugrom back into the room breaking some of the door way.  The bug itself landing beteen Kane and Nolan as they fought the Bugs in the room off themself, the crash causeing smoke to fill the room slightly before clearing.

All in the room where paused at this moment even the bug.  Laying between  Nolan and Kane was a large bugrom it's stomuch very badly burt with no signs of it moving.  The faint sound of static heard as Hitomi moved through the door way, the two noticing who it was instantly of course though seeing stattic coming off of her aswell as her eyes was a consirn.

Hitomi gasped falling to one knee blasts like that take a tole on her human side it took alot of engery from her, her body had stored for a reason she did not know.   Looking up her eyes where normal again, the bugs started thier attack again on the humans within the room.

One ran for Hitomi now she tried to stand but fell back to her kneeling postion again looking up she braced herself for whatever the bug would do to her............

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Lan walked towards the chair, aware of the bugrom watching her.

"Don't even think about touching me." She smiled, devilishly. "Don't even think about touching me."

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More... stuff. Yeah. Good to see a few people starting to come back again. :) Introducing Sena, since so far I think there's exactly one other female Phantom Tribe NPC. *chuckles*


Senali carefully watched the human girl in her mid-teens follow the remaining Bugrom and their leader into a guest room at the end of the royal hallway. She frowned and self-assuringly patted the handle of her dagger in her belt, quickly studying the situation. She knew that humans-- even aggressive, self-confident ones, like this girl seemed to be-- were not usually competent fighters; and even a lower-class Bugrom was dangerous by sheer virtue of its size and power. But she knew she knew that... and was advancing anyway.

As a Huntress, Sena had no real love for humans; but she had a sense of honor higher than that of most of her race. She steeled herself and then silently swung down to the floor from her perch above the mantle of the door, drawing both her knives as she reached the ground. The pale-skinned human that was watching this girl with a sort of practiced distaste couldn't see all of his followers in the wan moonlight that alone illuminated the room, and she knew that so far from the Hive any link the Bugrom might've had with each other would be ineffective.

And of course none could see her. Senali was adept in her powers, being older than the typical headstrong Phantom Tribe warrior; and was known for making very few mistakes-- although that didn't mean as much in a caste where major mistakes were often fatal.

She stealthily crept behind one Bugrom guarding the door-- a purple-colored giant towering nearly two feet above her-- and in one rapid motion jumped up to catch her feet on the wall beside it, and spun upward, driving both daggers into the vulnerable exoskeletal joints around the creature's neck. It collapsed with only the quietest click of chitin striking the floor.

The Bugrom on the other side of the door quickly glanced over, seeing his comrade on the ground-- but the way he was keeled over and, with no blood visible through Sena's second illusion, misunderstood. The red-plated insect dutifully scuttled over to check on him-- and also fell without a sound. Senali knew that the legs of a Bugrom were its easiest point of attack-- they were essentially unarmored cords of muscle, as they had to be to be so thin and yet support their titanic upper bodies-- and had sliced through both with her razor-sharp daggers. As it fell forward she impaled it in the neck, and, still invisible, sheathed both blades and dragged the two Bugrom, with to her painful slowness from their weight; out of the room and into the hall.

She had thought of helping the girl further, but decided against it; knowing that she needed to report back in and having already learned what she came to investigate-- the Palace was in danger, its staff heavily depleted, but the Royal Family was out of direct danger through the timely intervention of, to her; random do-gooders.

Sena moved with haste back through the Great Hall and out the window of a lower tower, and began crossing the rooftops back toward the Floristican Enclave. She began to relax; the mild breeze through her hair and loose green vest was soothing, and she had always enjoyed the quiet hours of the morning.

Good luck to you, human girl... I hope you survive... I admire your courage. We're not so different, I think... doing what we must, no matter how difficult... because that's the path we've ended up walking. ...even for one trained to fight and kill. May God protect you and your friends.

Her rapid series of rooftop jumps came to an abrupt halt and she landed easily on the ground in front of the safehouse she had, for months now, finally accepted as "home." She took a minute to catch her breath, noticing, somewhat surprised, that there was still some light in the front room; meaning that either Kai or Mato were still awake, for some reason. She went for the door, stopped, and grinned; and opened the window and jumped through it instead.

There was a pause, of course. And then almost on cue a shout of "D---it, Sena, don't you ever bloody knock?!" from Kai, and a frantic shuffling (and hiding) of papers.

Just like home, she thought, and grinned again.


Xan was still furious, but he couldn't deny that he felt much better-- and although it went against his principles he grudgingly accepted that he did owe the scientists for the use of their no-doubt expensive regenerative apparatus.

His hands were still clenched into fists. Why didn't they just ask? Assassins like me are used to making deals and negotiations. And they actually enjoy it, as well, as long as the other party doesn't make the mistake of trying to cheat....

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(I've been away for a while, I know, I'll try to catch up)

Allan shrugged, as much as it would be great to have Miles along, he didn't seem to want to come but there wasn't any time to waste either way. He had to get Keora and get out.

"Right, it's just us then... Come on, Fiore."

Allan pushed the door open a little but there were noises coming from the ceiling. Fiore jumped a bit and immediatly looked up. Allan turned to see it aswell, his hand still on the door.

"What is that...?" she shouted

Allan kept silent, eyebrow raised, then he noticed that something was trying to break open the ceiling. Allan went in front of Fiore and forced her back, drawing his sword out... The noises were still being made.

"Allan, we should leave! Whatever it is, we shouldn't stay here to see it!"

A bugrom broke into the room from the top, making a loud sound as it fell. It was purple enough to remain unseen but the eyes and yellow parts showed it clearly. Step by step, it walked forward.

"Grrr! Leave us!" shouted Allan as he charged with the sword and stabbed the creature... It was still standing.

"KRIIIII!" it screeched as it smacked Allan to the ground, dropping the sword.

"Allan!" shouted Fiore

"Run! We can't hurt it!"

Allan got up, grabbed his sword and grabbed Fiore by the hand. He tugged her out of the room and began running. The bugrom broke the door as it persued them.

"What about Keora, Allan?!"

"As soon as we lose this freak, we'll go after her..."

Allan grabbed a rock near a smashed wall during the fighting and threw it down the hallway. The bugrom looked confused and began chasing in the direction of the noise.

"Haha. Idiot. Still falls for that one?" said Allan quietly


"Oh right, come on, let's go"

Allan grabbed Fiore by the hand again and began running to Keora's room, trying to make as little noise with their footsteps as possible. After crossing to the other side and a few halls, they reached Keora's chamber. Allan pushed it open to find an empty room. There was nothing inside apart from a few beds.

"... Don't tell me she ran somewhere el-..."


The Bugrom smashed the door to the room again and was inside, this room wasn't as dark as the other, the moonlight shined inside clearly. It began taking steps towards the two.


I think that's far enough, I'll continue when there's been more time added into the story. :p

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Lana made her way to Jinnai's "Throne".

"Why are you doing this?" She asked. Her voice striaght and unwavering. "Why would you hurt so many people, just because you are angry with me?"

"You want to know why, little girl?"

"Don't call me that." Lana glared.

"I'll call you what I like, because, as you can see, I have the upper hand here.

Lana glanced around. She hadn't noticed just how many Bugrom were in the room. Well over fifty. "Maybe so, but you know that they wont hurt me."

"Are you sure?" Jinnai laughed, "Just take a lil' check here, who's the one without a weapon?" Lan looked down at her hand. Shit. She must have left it in Fiore's room. If she could call it too her then...

"Lana, dearest," Jinnai stood up and took a couple of steps towards her. "Not only are you unarmed, but this room, thanks to a little spell I found out about, if magic proof. There is no way for you to get a hold of your precious staff." He put a hand on Lana's cheek pulling her slightly towards him. "And I have an army of over fifty bugrom at my expense. Honey, you're gonna die."

"You were always the nice one. Weren't you?"

"Of course I was."

"But still, you haven't answered my question. Why are you killing everyone because you're annoyed with me?"

Jinni clicked his fingers, a couple of bugrom stepped forward and took hold of Lana's arm, holding her back.

"I'm not killing everyone. Just the people you care about." He smiled at her and turned his back. He knew Lana wouldn't try anything yet. "All your friends, like Allan, Kane, Yumi, Nolan etc. Keora, the queen, the servents here. Have you seen anyone cleaning recently?"

Lana thought back. Come to think of it, the halls had been empty when she and Allan had been heading for Fiore's room. "You bastard."

"Now, now, Lana, mind your language." He tutted. "Oh, I almost forgot one." Jinnai turned back to face her, "Your darling Princess Fiore."

"You leave her alone!" Lana growled, trying to pull herself from the bugroms arms, they held her tight, so she couldn't escape, but none the less she tried to attack Jinnai. She tried to run forward, and succeeded, dragging the bugroms with her. "You lay so much as a finger on her and I swear I'll..."

"What? Kill me?" He laughed again. "Lana, you always had a reckless streak. And I always knew you hd a thing for the Princess, but this much? I'm thinking about leaving everyone else alone, and just killing Fiore, now."

"Jinnai..." Lana choked back a couple of tears, "Don't hurt her...please...I'm the one you're angry with. Just punish me and leave the others alone."

"But I am punishing you. If I kill the princess, it'll be like torturing you with hardly any effort envolved." He grinned cheesily at her. "I'll set a couple of my warriors on her now." He clicked his fingers again. A few of the bugrom near the back shuffled out of the room.

"Meanwhile, you can go to the dungeon. Bye, bye, Lana. I'll be speaking to you later." He waved as the bugrom holding Lan dragged her down to the dungeons.


Jeez, that has to be my longest post so far. *slumps down on her bed and falls asleep*

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A few moments later, I had regained consiousness. My left shoulder was hurting like hell. The room was dark around, I oculdn't see much, I was on the floor. As soon as my brain started functioning correctly again, my first thought was "How the hell am I still alive?" My second thought was "Better yet, how the hell am I still awake!?"

I sighed out of exhaustion, giving me some strength to lift up my shoulder. In the process my left hand started tingling as blood started to circulate through it again. My hand was drenched in my own blood, but that's what caused me to stay alive. "Talk about dumb luck." I thought to myself. I pulled out a piece of cloth from my pocket and wrapped it aroudn my shoulder. That had stopped the bleeding, and I was able to get up onto my feet.

Now that that was over, I could keep moving, but it wasn't much longer untill I heard the cement-shoe pattering again. I ducked behind a corner, to find 2 bugrom carrying someone... I couldn't recognise her, she was sort fo struglling but when she wasn't, she was limp and being dragged. "Jinnai you are a world class SOB" I said quietly, then proceeded to draw out my pistol and shot them both in the head. It was after this that I could Identify who it was they were dragging.

"Lana! What happened!?" I asked as I ran up to her.

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Kane struggled to get rid of the Bugrom on his back. He Finally managed to get to his feet again, grabbed the arm of the Bugrom and threw him over his shoulder. Then he stomped his left foot on it's neck and twisted it. A loud crack could be heard and the huge insect remained silent on the floor. The second was down, three to go! (so Kane expected!)

He let go of the Bugrom's arm and turned to face the next one. Then he got aware of Hitomi kneeling on the floor and a Bugrom advancing towards her. Shit!, he dashed towards the attacking Bug and tackled it with his shoulder. He felt an unbearable pain and the bone of his wounded arm shattered, he screamed out loud in pain and fell to the ground with the Bugrom. He landed on his back and rolled to the side......right to the feet of another Bugrom. It kicked him hard into his stomach and he bowed forwards gasping hard. The Bugrom grabbed his  face with it's claws and lifted him above the ground. With a triumphing cry the Bugrom smashed his head on the ground again. Kane was knocked out for a few seconds. Suddenly he felt himself lifted again and got thrown down the stairs. His body crashed on the ground and rolled down the stairway hitting it several times. When he reached the lower level, he felt pain all over his body and he wasn't able to move a muscle. His vision was blured and he could only see silluettes of the creatures comming towards him.

Kane closed his eyes and tried to focus his mind again. There was only one option left to him. He'd use the rest of his power to do his final despaired attack. He felt the energy running through his veins and gathering within the center of his body. "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!", suddenly he jumped to his feet again and unleashed his maximum aura! Flames exploded around him in a circle and wiped the Bugrom around him off their feet.

"NOLAN! HITOMI! RYANNE! RUUUUUUUUN!", Kane yelled while the flames rushed through the hall. Bugrom all around and dropping down from the ceilling where hit by the blast and thrown through the hall. Then Kane fell to his knees. He overestimated his condition a little too much. The fight against Xan and the blood loss had been too grueling and now he was totally exhausted. The hall around him began spinning and he got giddy. Slowly his vision got darker and darker and he fell over. "All of you..........run!", he gasped and with this Kane passed out.

Nolan and the others now had a little time to escape the situation. He didn't notice anymore that several Bugrom now where walking towards him again......


Meanwhile Calya almost had reached the palace and could see flashing red light through the windows of the great hall. It seemed that someone was fighting in there.

I have a bad feeling about this!, she thought and hurried to get there in time.....



Kane now is supposed to get captured by the Bugrom while the others may escape now, so better use this opportunity and run like hell! There shouldn't be a way to rescue Kane at the moment (please!) ;)

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Hitomi sturggled to her feet her head lightly spinning as her sense return to see Kane falling down the stairs, she tried to go after him but was cut off by 2 of the bugrom on the stairs  movign back slowly she knew she could not take both on in the state she was in.  She had used up to much of the little power her body absorbed from somewhere to litterally blow a hole through the bug laying right infront of Nolan now.

Hitomi would not give into the need to rest she knew the bugs had to be stopped by anyone who could mange to hold atleast 1 of them off.  Picking the smaller one she ran into it pushing the round bug down the stairs it rolling taking out a couple of other bugs as it rolled.  She huffed and looked up at the bigger bug, it turn back to here when the stairs themselfs shook.

Looking past the bug Hitomi saw a number of flames raising the stairs gluping she heard the shouts of Kane turning to run back up as fast as she could the bug behind her panic for it's life also as it ran tripping over the last step.  The flames caught the bug engulfing it Hitomi looking back saw this the bug then getting pushed forward by the force of the flames.   Hitomi race to the door as fast as she could to escape this but the bug hitting the now uneasy ground casued her to stagged the flames touching her upper arm.  Hitomi yelled in pain feeling this jumping foward as far as she could.

Landing serval metes to the left of Nolan she whinced from the pain of her arms burn shakly getting to her feet the flames now slowed to enter the room

"We... have to get out of here now...........Kane is down..........there is nothing we can do for him...." she gasped holding her burnt arm sure it was not the smartess idea but she could keep it still that way.

Looking to Nolan then to Ryanneshe gritted her teeth slightly wubbly ajsut back to after her second fall.  "If........we don't get out of here either more bugs will get us or........Kane aptempt to buy us some time will"

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The bugrom dropped Lana harshly into one of the cells. Jinnai wasn't bothered baut the other powers that could take advantage here. He was only blocking Lana's. And if anyone tried to get her out...the consequences were not pretty.

Lana pulled herself up, so at least now she was sitting up.

"Miles..."She coughed a little, wiping her hand on the clothes to hide the blood that she had spluttered out. "Hey..." She coughed again. "Jinnai's not a ince guy. If you can, get the others out of here ASAP. He'll kill you all...this place is protected by a spell. I can't get out...but..." She coughed once more. "You guys can." She smiled a little before breaking into a coughing fit. This time it was too bad for her to hide the blood...


Internal injures. Oh joy.

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OOC: I think its time to introduce a priestess of water. We havnt had one introduced yet, so here she is! (near the end of the post)

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Nolan and Ryanne looked at eachother, then Nolan moved towards Hitomi.
"We'll Let's get the hell out of here!" he said as he carefully lifted Hitomi into his arms, taking great care not to irritate her wounds in the process.

As he did this, he felt a flash of energy invade his mind, as if he was watching a movie on fast-forward in his mind. A girl playing in an ocean. A family eating a meal together. A young lady crying desperately in pain...
It took Nolana  few seconds to realize that the girl in most of these images was Hitomi!

He almost dropped Hitomi, but quickly regained his composure. Almost as suddenly as they appeared, the vissions stopped. Bewhildered, Nolan shook his head and continued with the task of raising Hitomi into his arms.
"Thank you.." she said weakly, taking the opportunity to essentially pass out.

Nolan turned back to Ryanne. "We have to get out of here!" he said with a serious look.
"I know.. and I think I know the best way to go!" replied Ryanne with a sudden bit of enthusiasm. "Follow me!"

Nolan and Ryanne fled the carnage, leaving Kane to fend for himself. Nolan couldn't help but look over his shoulder as they ran, wondering what would happen to his friend..
"This isn't right.." he said out loud. Ryanne gave a solem look.
"There's nothing we could have done.. We aren't strong like he is." she said in an attempt to reassure him of their actions.
Nolan sighed deeply as they slowly ran down a flight of stairs. They continued to run for a while, finally coming to a long passageway. It ended in a large open foyer, devoid of anybody, human or bugrom alike.

"I need to stop." Nolan said as he and Ryanne slowed down. Ryanne nodded. They both stopped by a fountain in the far right corner of the foyer.
"I can help her a little. Her wounds, I mean.." said Ryanne.
"Do what you can alright?" Nolan replied.
Nolan gingrly lowered the injured Hitomi onto the floor and Ryanne began to look over her wounds. Nolan meanwhile sat down on the fountain edge exausted.

As Ryanne worked on Hitomi, Nolan pulled his pocket pc from his pocket to inspect it for damage. He had forgotten to leave it back at Yumi's place the night before. He turned it on and fiddled with it for a few seconds. Seeing everything was okay, he gave a sigh of relief.
Nolan then looked back towards the passageway they had come from. As he did he began to think about the chaos they had just fled from. He found himself transfixed on the mental images he had of Hitomi fighting the bugrom. Nolan couldn't believe how powerful she actually was! He knew Kane was apparently trained in various fire-magic, but Hitomi..
'She must have been trained in some elemental magic too.. I think' Nolan thought. 'And yet..'
As he though this, images flooded into his head of the thoughts and visions he had experienced when he had touched Hitomi, both the first time they met and just now.
'Why am I seeing these things.... what does this mean..?!" he struggled to find a logical reason in his head, but failed.

Suddenly, Nolan heard a female voice call from across foyer.
"Hey Nolan!"
Nolan turned to look, and say it was Calya. She must had heard of the chaos an had came as fast as she could to help. Mia was with her as well. The two ran to the fountain.

Mia gasped as she looked at the battered Hitomi. "Dear gods, what happened to her?"
"Bugrom happened to her.." Nolan interjected.
"Looks like she put up quite a fight." said Calya.
"I'll say! You should have seen her! And Kane-"
"Kane!? Where is he??" interruped Calya anxiously.
Nolan looked down. "He's...well.."
"Well!? What!!" Calya yelled, shaking Nolan by the collar of his shirt. "Where the hell is he!!"
Seeing Nolan's plight, Ryanne took the opportunity to make her presence known.
"He's with the bugrom.. He risked his life to give us the opportunity to run to safety.." she said in a sad voice.
"And just who the hell are you?!" asked Calya angrily.
Visibly shocked, Ryanne spoke. "I am Ryanne Jhanar, ambassador of Alania, and you will NOT speak to me in that tone of voice!" she replied indignantly.
This only made Calya angrier "What!? Why you.."

Unbeknowest to the group, another young lady was approaching them from the far side of the foyer. Nolan noticed her first.
She had short bright blonde hair, and wore a long blue dress with a fancy looking crest across the waist. She was running at a fast pace.
"Who's that?" asked Nolan, pointing to the girl.
Calya and Mia turned their attention to her. Mia, realizing who it was, smiled and waved to her.
Calya on the other hand had the opposite reaction.
"It's about time you showed up!" she yelled to the girl as she slowed to a stop in front of the group.
The girl bowed deeply. "I'm so sorry! I must apologize for my tardyness." she said.
"Yeah well you should be!" replied Calya angrily.
Mia shook her head. "That's the 4th time in two weeks. You need to work on that."

The girl nodded and then looked over the others, visibly curious. She looked at Nolan, noticing his odd clothing and the unusual object in his hand.
"I don't believe we have met. Who may I ask are you?" the girl asked.
"Ah.. I'm Nolan." Nolan replied. "You?"
"I am Cerin Meyahn, priestess of water and servent to the theocracy." she replied, bowing honorably as she spoke...

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"Jinnai... I ran outta lines.." I said. "Lana, I don't know what to do, I dont' have any medical supplies with me, I'm also no surgeon... Just rest here and hold on tight. I'll be back, but just hope someone else will be before me, It's gonna be a long night..." After that I ran off to find Jinnai. I ran back up the stairs, and it was shortly after, I finally found him.

"What the?" He said, turning around. "You fell from the top of the palace! How could you survive!?" He said with an engered expression, holding up his fist. "It wasn't easy." Is all of what I said. He had snapped his fingers to order the bugrom to attack, but they were all easy targets for my sidearm. One nice hole in each of their heads.

"Too easy." I said. "Of course it was, now for the hard part." He clapped his hands, and out of the shadow came an odd Bugrom, I took a shot at it, but the bullet ricachaed off his head. "Try getting passed this one" And he let out  alaugh that I could not stand. "Well Shit.."

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Lana grunted and coughed into her hand. "It's okay, you go have fun." She forced a small smile, then passed out just after he had left.

She didn't dream.

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"I'm out of ideas... You?" asked Allan

The Bugrom continued to take its steps, the kind of thing you'd expect to see in a horror movie... As if it wasn't already, if this was the power of a single Bugrom, several would be much stronger. Allan realized why Jinnai's army was well-feared.

Fiore grabbed for something she had with her and readied a pose. The Bugrom gave a confused face and Allan was trying to work out what as going on... Then a "FWA-SHING" noise came and Fiore slashed at the Bugrom with her newly found blade. The insect creature fell dead and Allan fell suprised.

"I forgot you were a swordf-... Where did you get THAT?!"

Fiore was holding Lana's staff, converted into a sword.

"This? I found it when Lana left the room... It's as if Lana just left it behind."

"Lana NEEDS that! We've got to deliver it right away!"

"What about Keora...?"

"She's a tough girl, she'll be fine."

Allan grabbed Fiore by the hand again and ran out of the room with her, slamming doors and running through dark hallways. She was after Jinnai so Allan assumed she would be in the throne room. Fiore and Allan didn't get far before ending up somewhere in the hallways.

"Lana!! Lana!!" the two shouted

"ALLAN!!" came a loud male voice from the distance.

"Huh?" said Allan as he turned around to see a man emerge from the darkness.

Arsyn Reaves, the man in Miles's force came into the hall. Alone. His clothes look heavily torn but he was standing and walking better than ever. He had a lot of weaponry on him.

"Arsyn...?" Allan sighed "Don't you look in top shape today?"

"Where is Miles? Where is he!? He's been gone for a long time! Apparantly, he's allied with you!"

"Is that my fault that he chose not to hurt people?"

"... The truth is, I don't want any of it either."

"You what?"

"I don't want a war, I don't want power... I just want to go back home."

"Once on El-Hazard, I don't think that will be happening any time soon... At all. Until the Eye of God blinks again, your chances of going home are minimal."

"Well, if you El-Hazard guys know a lot more about how to go back than we do... So I'm fighting with you this time. And I don't mean against you.... So, what's the recap so far?"

"Jinnai has taken over the palace with his insect army. Miles is taking them out. Lana, the lethal one, is missing her staff, we have it but she doesn't, we're trying to return it... Hell knows what Kane's doing... Oh, and I'm trying to keep the princess out of harm's way."

"Let me take over. I can act as a better guard."

"... Are you sure I can trust you?"


"Okay, another thing- Try to find another Princess, Fiore should recognise her. Protect them both."


Fiore walked over to Arsyn, she seemed to like his attitude. She tailed behind him as he walked on obidently... At least he didn't have to grab her by the arm everywhere he wanted to go. Allan watched them as they left.

"(As for me, I've got a staff to deliver.)"


I've been away for a few weeks. Forgive me if I messed up on the story at all. :P

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*you didn't ruin it at all to my knowledge. I needed some company! ^_^*

*Jeez, what happened to you guys? Why isn't anyone posting anymore?!*

Lana continued to coughed, her lungs hurt, she could hardly breathe and someone had just used her power. It was hers! Not anyone elses! And when other people used it...it probably wasn't a good thing.

She felt weak. But tried to pull herself to her knees at least. But to no avail.

"This is..." She coughed violently. "Crap..."

She slumped into a heap on the floor and continued to cough.

She wanted free of the invisible chains holding her down. But there was no way to get out her without her staff...

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"I am Cerin Meyahn, priestess of water and servent to the theocracy." she replied, bowing honorably as she spoke.
"She's also tardy." added Calya sarcastically. Mia frowned disapprovingly.
"Ahah" replied Nolan. "Wel its nice to meet 'ya, Cerin."
"The pleasure is all mine!" said Cerin in a perky voice, smiling brightly. Nolan couldnt help but smile as well.

Though the moment wasnt to last "Can we skip the pleasantries here? We need to get to Kane!" interrupted Calya. She grabbed Nolan by the shoulder and pulled him with her as she started towards the nearby hallway.
Mia and Cerin rolled their eyes as they watched their fellow priestess drag the poor earther along. They then tended to Hitomi with Ryanne.

"H-Hey!" moaned Nolan as he was dragged along "What about Hitomi? We can't just leave her here!"
Reluctantly, Calya stopped. She gave an irritated look to him.

"Oh, Mia and Cerin can handle that! Or is there some 'other' reason?.." she asked, glaring curiously.
Nolan was taken aback. "Bwha? What are you talking about, Red? I'm just worried for her safety!"
"Oh, and what about 'me'? You would make me go after Kane alone!?" Calya snapped angrily.
"N-No!" Nolan snapped back quickly.
"Well?! Lets go then!" she said, grabbing him by the wrist and dragging him along, her cheeks slightly flushed. Nolan simply gave up protesting and resigned himself to his fate...

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(Alright, time to get this back on track)

The bugrom dashed towards me with a staff in his hand, It had great speed, I didn't have a chance to move.. So I tried blocking it with my arms... It worked, sort of.. The bugrom was not only fast, but very strong as well, it broke my arms. I let out a scream due to the pain and hunched up, still standing. Oddly enough I was still holding onto my sidearm.

Jinai was laughing this whole time, which made me very aggravated, wanting to bash his head into the ground and send pieces of his brain flying in all directions...

I got myself too distracted, and a furious kick came from that bugrom landing on my skull and flinging me backwards... THe pain was so damn harsh, I just finally gave out and passed out...

(Get Arsyn's ass up here, he has heavier weapons than I do)

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*OOC* It's been so long...I think I've forgotten who I am.  :-[*

Lan stared up at the stone roof. It was cold in here. And she couldn't feel her legs.

She decided to stare in the direction of her legs and will them to move.

"Move! Damn you!" Lan screamed at them. One of them twitched. "That's better."

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*casts Raise Thread* :D (Gee, I haven't posted since... February?! Filler just to get the thread active again, but hopefully this'll lead into resuming the main arc soon.)


Several hours passed. Xan forced himself to meditate, focusing his mind on anything other than the constant prickling sensations throughout his body while the healing device did its work. He wasn't angry-- no more than usual, anyway; knowing, as he did, that his opponent 'Kane' was no doubt in much worse condition and with no similar way to regenerate-- but he was frustrated. One of his elders had locked him in a glass coffin-- or so the cylinder appeared and felt-- for a quarter of a day. He rarely slept that long.

Time slowly passed by, and the assassin's thoughts focused mostly on the humans he'd seen-- and one he'd sparred with-- that night. The was a reason they were outside, especially as a group; he doubted it was for a walk. Although the crisp Roshtarian nights are much more pleasant than their days....

He had nearly fallen asleep, having finally adjusted to the steady, dull ache of technological healing... when with a click and a hiss the lid slowly rose, and the machine quietly hummed as it powered down. The assassin gave a deep sigh and swung his legs over the side, then dropped to the ground.

"I knew it." he muttered, clenching a fist. Those scientists-- they're certainly not 'doctors'-- planned it. Yes, lock the tired assassin in a bottle... make it so he can't sleep... and set it to end just when he finally adjusts to it. "I hate science." he said, walking over to a desk where-- he'd been too injured to notice at the time-- his sword had been placed. "I'd kill those senile old men, but I owe them for helping me out. ...well, perhaps some 'severe lacerations' would be enough, and then they could sample that bloody regenerator--"

"You must be Xan." called out a woman's voice from the gloom, and the assassin abruptly stopped.

"I... apologize." he said after a moment. "My... frustrations were with the scientists."

"Yes, they can be like that, can't they?" she replied, stepping into the harsh glow of a ceiling light, voice higher than her original sarcastic tone. "My name is Senali... though I would prefer if you called me 'Sena.'"

"Xanas Antares, although 'Xan' is sufficient." He half-smiled. "One of the madmen mentioned you... you're a huntress?"

She nodded. "And a skilled one... or so I would like to think, at least."

The assassin looked her over after a short nod. She looked the role, at least... attractive, with an impressive figure that her outfit, a low-cut green vest and slightly darker leggings, only accentuated. She was more muscular than many female Tribesmen he'd met, and as she was roughly his height, and, he estimated, slightly older; they would be more evenly matched in a fight than most.

"Do you like what you see?" Sena quipped, and Xan averted his eyes elsewhere in the lab. "Do you know how badly you stare? I wasn't sure if you were checking me out or trying to figure out a way to kill me."

"A little of both, actually." he replied dryly, and she laughed. "I was curious... I haven't met many women combatants... not in the past years, at least."

"You'd rather I be in the kitchen?"

"I'm not sure. How well do you cook?"

Sena laughed again, and Xan made a thin smile. "Well enough, but only because I can't stand the taste of rations. And I enjoy hunting, so I sort of had to learn." She nodded toward Xan. "How about you?"

"No. I tend to live on rations or foraging. Actual cooking is a woman's job."

The huntress began to laugh again, but Xan's tone indicated he wasn't joking, and she crossed her arms, frowning. "I'm sorry you think that way, Lord Antares. Shall I get your jacket for you as we go upstairs? Or should I stay down here and sweep the floor?"

Xan likewise crossed his arms. "I meant no insult to you, Miss Sena. In fact, I'm certain you're a fine warrior, for a woman."

"For a woman!?" she repeated, nearly yelling now. "I bet I could gut you, you chauvanist pig! We have centuries of history of women fighting just as well as men in the Tribe and you think you can come along and--"

"If your offer to take my coat still stands, Sena, I think I will be going up to speak with the doctors now."

The woman halted in mid-sentence. She stared at Xan, shock and disgust crossing her face, then slammed her hand into a nearby shelf. "Get your own bloody coat!" She stormed through the door, slamming it shut behind her; and to add insult to injury switched off the laboratory's main lights as she left.

"Women." Xan murmured, shaking his head as he took the door handle, noting where it was earlier. "Never controlling their emotions properly. One might think I had unfairly insulted her or something." He shook his head and slowly ascended the stairs after her.


"...something tells me you two didn't hit it off." said Kai mildly, looking over a Roshtarian light energy rifle in his lap.

Xan shrugged. "Women are strange and unpredictable. How was I to know she'd react like that?"

Tulkata stared askance at the young man, then shook his head, putting his hand on top of his white hair as part of the gesture. "I... well, I suppose I can't blame you. You're... what, exactly, twenty?"

"Nineteen, but nearly that, yes. I don't see what that has to--"

"I think that's enough." chuckled the old scientist, who stood, rifle still in hand. "We do have more important matters to concern ourselves with, and Sena will get over it."

"Assuming Mr. Antares doesn't treat her as a maid." retorted Tulkata. "Senali is among the most skilled and well-trained Hunters I personally have ever seen. She is dedicated and cunning--"

"You left out her charming smile and hot body." joked Caeus, and the younger doctor rolled his eyes.

"...and she has seniority over you, Xan. I suggest that, if you're going to remain here, you put aside your outdated prejudices and try to get along."

Xan glared at Tulkata. "Then I shall not remain here long, Doctor."

"Are you both finished?" cut in Kai, voice firm. "Because if you are, we have payment to discuss, Xan."

The assassin arched an eyebrow. "Really? After your treatment of me, I had been considering charging you. Taking an assassin prisoner--"

"You weren't going to earn any blood money in your condition." snapped the older Tribesman, his tone unusually cold. "We did you a favor, and now, young man, you owe us."

Xan crossed his arms, and turned his gaze toward Kai... but the old scientist didn't flinch. He sighed. "...very well. What do you want from me?"

"It's simple enough." answered Tulkata, sitting down, and picking up a note in Sena's careful handwriting. "Senali was at the Palace of Floristica this morning. She reports there was a Bugrom invasion on the premises, and while the Royal Family is reportedly secure... there are a large number of casualties. A group of humans attempted to restore order but with, so far, no success." He removed his thin-framed reading glasses. "Kai personally investigated, and apparently two of the three Great Priestesses-- Water and Fire, fortunately for us they enjoy being color-coded-- are in the city."

"That is convenient," Xan replied, "...given that it would be too great a distance for help to be summoned and then provided in so short a time."

"Isn't luck always with whomever fights the Bugrom?" Kai joked, and the younger scientist chuckled.

"I suppose so. ...in any event, Xan... our request is simple. We want you to eliminate the Bugrom in the palace and, if possible, their leader... Sena reported that it was a young human male, so there are no unforeseen complications."

"There are always complications." Xan countered, but he nodded. "That's acceptable. Further... if I remember correctly, the man I fought earlier is probably related to the Fire Priestess."

"Business first." cautioned Caeus, wagging a finger comically at the assassin. "No killing anybody else until the palace is secured."

Xan half-smiled. "Fine. ...two things, however. First, why do you-- since I know you haven't received any orders from the enclave-- want the palace saved? And second... do you happen to have any chemicals that kill Bugrom? Poison doesn't work effectively on them and I would rather not melee them in numbers."

"Well, we want to preserve the status quo. If the Bugrom take over Roshtaria that easily, it'll topple the balance of power across the entire continent." Kai shook his head. "And if the Bugrom win...."

"...we lose." finished Tulkata. "To that end... we do have toxins designed against the Bugrom, but most are air-dispersal and designed to work in contained spaces, like rooms in a hive. The palace is, largely, open to the air... and, well, it wouldn't help. Not sufficiently enough to weaken the big ones, anyway."

Xan opened his mouth to speak, but this time Kai cut him off. "Have no fear, young man. Your 'senile' elder has an idea." And saying that he held out the Roshtarian rifle with both hands.

"...an RPG3X?" said Xan, unimpressed, looking at the weapon. "A Roshtarian pulse gun would be remarkable if it gave a Bugrom second-degree burns. Even their cannon batteries don't help much against them." He raised both eyebrows, another thought coming to him. "...if you want me to die on this mission, you could have at least come up with a better joke. You never know... with this I could conceivably hit one with the butt and break its anten--"

"No, but you're tempting me." growled Kai, and he took back the rifle. "...I picked up two. One of them I've already taken apart... examined its power cells, blast coiling, and so on. Apparently, the humans that adapted this technology didn't know proper ways of focusing an energy beam... hence the weakened pulses and slow rate of fire. But the power they generate is potentially lethal...."

"...if it were properly adapted." Xan supplied, his turn to finish the old man's thoughts. "I suppose so, and weapon and gun design is one of my non-combat skills...."

"Yes," said Tulkata, half-joking, "...you didn't seem to be the sort who was into pottery or dance."

"Or oratory... but then, talking a man to death is the domain of a scientist, not an assassin." Xan quipped, and Kai grinned.

"Well said. Now, let's see if you're as skilled in gunsmithing as you are at repartee, young man. I've done most of the hard work already, but actually converting the rifle to a short-range high-power pistol... well, it's something I wouldn't want to mess up."

"...alright." said Xan, loading the rifle, parts, and his gear onto a tray and heading for the laboratory again. "...I estimate an hour or two, with these tools. It's not difficult work, for one who knows how... as long as nothing goes wrong."

"Then for your sake, I hope nothing does." said Tulkata, soberly. "The regenerator will need several hours to recharge."

Xan nodded as he went back down. There was nothing quite like the threat of death to focus one's mind intently on the task at hand.


OK... I should be ready to go [with new and improved Bugrom blasting ;D] whenever someone involved with the main plot posts again. Apologies for the length; but I wanted to get all the extraneous stuff out of the way. :]

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Lan was slowly regaining strength. At the rate she was going, she'd be out of here in an hour or so.

For some reason all her strength was returning. She didn't know how, or why. It just was. probably somethingt o do with Jinnai.


An just under an hour later Lan had managed to pull herself to her feet, and was holding herself up by help of the cell bars.

"I'll kill him..." She coughed violently again.


There was an explosion.

Lan walked easily out of the cell.

"Jeez, what lously metal. They really should try harder."
The guard who had been outside her cell now lay dead.
She shrugged and headed out of her room.

Her first goal was to get hold of her staff.


She wandered the long corridors alone. It was quiet, so she kept silent so as not to attract anyones attention. She had to hide and cough every now and then.

She thought she had heard someone round teh corner. She looked for something to fight with. She grabbed an ancient stone vase. It was better than nothing.

The voices came closer.

She got ready to throw the vase.

The people rounded the corner.

"Jeez." Lana sighed. "You two really shouldn't do that. You'll give someone a heart attack."

She put the vase back on its stand.


*OOC* This is a cue for Fiore and Allan. Please post or I'm stuck forever! And I would quite like my staff back too.

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It was quiet in the palace hallways, noted Nolan as he and Calya made their way through the palace. They were both sprinting to where Kane had previously been in hopes that he was still there.

After rounding a patch of broken furnituire and torn cushions, the two stopped.

"We're here.." said Nolan, hanging his head ".. but Kane isnt.
Indeed, the hall was devoid of any life. There was blood scattered around on the stone floors, and several large chunks of rock had fallen from the walls and high ceilings. But Kane was nowhere to be found. Nolan checked each of the rooms along the hallway, as did Calya, but both came up empty-handed.
In defeat, the two slumped against the hallway wall.

"Shit!" yelled Calya, smashing her fist into the wall, cracking it. "If only I.. was here.."
Nolan placed a hand on yer shoulder "C'mon red, Kane's tough enough to handle things. Have a little more faith eh?"

Calya looked up at Nolan "But.. what if he.. I mean.. if the bugrom managed to.."
Nolan frowned. "Gotta be positive. I just know he's alright.. Besides, we have other stuff to think about."
Calya gave a cold look in response, but that quickly faded and a look of resignation took its place.

"What now..?" she asked sadly.
Nolan sighed "Well, Hitomi is gonna need help with her injuries. I dun know how good a healer that Ryanne is, but I doubt she can treat all-" Nolan paused in mid sentence.
Calya bore a look of annoyance, as well as a hint of jealousy.

"...of her wounds..." he finished. "ah.. What is it?"
"You seem pretty... concerned for her well-being.." she replied, her eyes down at the floor.
"Eh? What's that supposed to mean?" He asked matter-of factly.
Turning to face Nolan, Calya opened her mouth to speak but stopped herself before saying anything. She looked back at the floor, her cheeks slightly flushed.
"Nothing.. It's nothing.." she replied quickly.

"Ah... if.. ya say so, red." Nolan replied, slightly confused.
The two just sat there for a mkinute to gather their thoughts. Nolan was the first to speak again.

"I think we should get going.. We need to find the others. Maybe Lan somewhere here. or Miles?"
Slowly Nolan stood up. Calya followed suit.
"Cmon, lets try down this way!" he said, running down the hall.
Calya paused for a second, watching him run away from her. She was feeling very confused at that moment. Her emotions were a whirl in her head, interfering with her actions.
It took Nolan's calling for her to hurry up to wake her from her daze.
"Hurry up, Red!" yelled Nolan from down the hall.

Shaking herself back to reality, Calya nodded inwardly to herself, as if she had made a decision, and ran after Nolan....

(end of post)

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I awoke again... In the same palace in the same spot in the same form...

Many parts of my body were aching, but it didn't stop me from getting back up. I took a quick observasion of the room... It was empty, the bugrom I had seen was gone, and so was Jinnai. On closer inspection, there was a blood trail on the floor... A splatter and a flying trail leading to me... Realizing I got hit on the head I ran my hand through my hair, blood all over it.

"That explains the headache." I said to myself "But... I don't remember where I am.. Sheesh..." I started walking down the narrow hall, continuing on from where I was at, it seemed endless.. I go up these stairs, then down these stairs, then down more stairs, but thankfully, my wandering was about to end. I heard something explode, like a rocket down the other end of the corridor I was standing at.

I immediately ran down the corridor, and what I found at the end, was my good buddy Arsyn, armed with weapons that I always thought he didn't need.

"MILES!! Jeeze man you look like you got your ass kicked, You alright?" Arsyn had noticed me coming. I was exhausted. I felt like going to sleep, god how could I have used so much energy?... I took a survey around this room, and I found the bugrom that had knocked me out before, except with a nice big smoldering hole in him.

"Oh.. I'm fine..." I exaggerated. Blood was starting to drizzle down my face, and I was feeling more and more dizzy by the second.

"I see you also have princess Keora, that's good to know." I walked slowly down the hall, slowly approaching them, but I unconsiously went towards the wall.

"Ya know what?.." I sat down and leaned my back and head against the wall. "I need to rest, just... give me a moment.."

With that I closed my eyes and fell fast asleep...

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When Kane woke up, he was lying on the floor in a dark room. Only a bright light from above was shining straight down on Kane and blinded him, so that he couldn't see what was around him. He blinked several times, but it didn't help. Then he tried to rise his hand to screen his eyes, as he realized that he wasn't able to move a muscle. Suddenly a big silhouette appeared to the left of him and a heavy foot stomped hard on his chest, so that his breath was taken away. Pain shot through his entire body, the most into his broken arm. He gritted his teeth not to scream.

Now there appeared a smaller silhouette to the right and it spoke in a calm voice to him. First he wasn't able to understand a single word but slowly he could hear something different to the loud pulsing in his head.

"......Kane, the fighter. Brother of the great priestress of Flame, Calya and grandson of Shayla Shayla. I'm pleased to pick up with you."

Kane struggled to bring out the name of the person above him as he wasn't even able to take a deeper breath with that foot pinning him down. "J-Jin........nai....!"

"Indeed. I'm glad that we finally could meet in person. And excuse the circumstances of my hospitality, but I can't take the risk of getting into trouble with you. I know that you would love to get your hands on me and even could break my neck with one hand, so that I had  to take precautions."

By the tone of Jinnais voice, Kane could imagine him grinning in the dark. "What......", Kane gasped.

"Well, I'm not here to torture or interrogate you. In fact I have a generous offer to you. I want you to be my guest at the Bugrom hive. There's also someone else who wants to get known to you. And as a token of my good will, we will also treat your wounds and offer you your own habitation. Well, what do you say?", Jinnai ended his speech by crossing his arms in a bossy gesture.

The Bugrom took the pressure from Kanes chest a little to let him speak.

Kane took a few deep breaths before he answered. "In other words I will not be your prisoner? I can't believe that! Whatta ya up to, Jinnai? You don't expect me to forgive you all your crimes and shake hands for the great hospitality, do you? Forget it Jinnai!!!", Kane glared at Jinnais silhouette.

"I expected that kind of answer form you, my friend. Well, that's enough smalltalk for now. We have no time to waste. Treat his wounds, enchain him and get him to the Hive on the quickest way!" with a wave of his hand, Jinnai disappeared in the dark again, while the Bugrom followed his order and picked up Kane roughly.

"We'll meet again soon, my friend, but first I have some other important affairs  to take care of.", Jinnais voice could be heared somewhere in the darkness around.

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Lan stared at the too of them for a moment. They looked a little worried.

"What?" She looked down. "Shit. I'm naked again aren't I?" Lan sighed. "Great. I finally escape, yet I manage to escape naked. I have all the luck. Either of you have any clothes I can borrow? No? Damn." She turned her back on them. "Good thing I have no provacy." She smiled. "Guys, I'm going naked, have fun." She turned back to them.

"Okay, enough joking around, Fiore, can I have my staff please? It gets upset when other people start fighting with it. I'm surprised it hasn't tried to burn your hand off yet."

Lan went round behind both of them, they seemed sort of blank, as neither of them had said anything yet. "You guys go first!" She shoved the two of them forward. They both stumbled a little, but kept walking.

Lan smiled again, this time to herself. She needed to find someone with clothes. She knew how picky the princess were with their clothes.

Lan had taken her staff back by now, and she could feel the power from it surging through her again. The light from the staff surrounded her for a moment, recapturing her soul.

She held it in her left hand, and followed Allan and Fiore down the hallways. Apparently untainted by the fact she was naked.

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Ah, is it my turn again? *chuckles* Alrighty... here's a stab at trying to work in a little of the series' patented humor before we get back to the palace drama and the action. :]


Xan had finished with his modifications after nearly three-quarters of an hour, most of it spent converting the light alloy Roshtarian weapons used to a pistol design. Caeus was more skilled than he gave himself credit for, and with less effort than he'd expected the assassin molded the gun's components together.

The finished product was heavier than his needle gun; lighter than the EMP blaster. It contoured nicely to his hand-- the shaping had taken the most work-- and the handle was carefully wrapped in black cloth in lieu of a more elegant grip, which, to his annoyance, the scientists hadn't deemed necessary enough to provide. For now, it was enough... he'd need gloves to further protect himself from the recoil of the power cell's discharge, but that wasn't a major sacrifice. After all, anyone besides the scientists and myself who see that pistol... are probably about to die anyway.

With a mild grin and a click he attached a thin aiming line to the top of the barrel, and nodded. Not his best work, but he didn't have time for that. He twirled the heavy pistol in his hand and fired down the corridor; as he expected, the bolt dissipated rapidly and by the time it struck the distant reinforced wall there was little damage done. He holstered it anyway. I suppose it's only fair; shooting at Bugrom from fifty paces. Any longer and it would seem... unsporting.

He strode back across the lab, toward the stairs. It would be interesting to see what the new day held....


To his surprise, the first thing he saw upon opening the door and stepping into the foyer was Kai... his arm in a sling, standing idly by the door. He'd apparently converted the room into a lab of some kind... the tablecloths were out and the kitchen table had an array of gadgets on it; likewise, the chairs were similarly used. Tulkata and Sena were nowhere to be seen-- even more baffling, as open as the upstairs portion of the safehouse was.

Xan looked over the aging doctor. "...morning, Kai. Sorry about that arm. Weight lifting?"

"Weight training, Agent Xan!" replied the old man gleefully, lunging toward the assassin... at the last moment, Xan raised his arm to block and the cast burst open, revealing a heavy-seeming bracer under it. The blow stung, and Xan flinched, rubbing his forearm. "What do you think?"

"Smashing," replied the 'agent.' "I see your arms are dangerous."

Kai smirked at the lines. "And so are yours, Agent Xan. This bracer is made of the same lightweight alloy your new pistol is... durable, and nonfragmentable, so in the event it does get broken your arms won't!"

"What about that?" asked the assassin, gesturing toward an odd-looking triple-bladed knife. "I don't imagine it's for steak."

"This, Agent Xan, is a rappeling hook." He walked over to the chair, and picked up the odd object. "You can throw it, and if it strikes a solid surface the blades detract, forming an anchor. I've heard you're keen about breaking and entering?"

"You might say I'm hooked on it." cracked Xan, and the old man rolled his eyes. He stepped back over the table, resting his hand near a pair of boots.

"Don't touch that, Agent!" snapped the doctor, and Xan recoiled. "Those haven't been finished yet."

"So I don't get to walk a mile in another man's shoes, K?" joked the assassin, and Kai grimaced.

"I might reconsider if it'd lead to you walking a mile away, Agent." He chuckled. "When we're finished, they'll include a unit that generates a sudden pull of mass on the ground below, acting as a sort of anchor. We'd been experimenting with magnets, which had their limitations, but this...."

"Ah. I certainly understand the gravity of the situation, K... take your time with those boots."

"I don't think you're really the 'down to earth' type anyway, Agent." smirked K. "Ahh... here's something you can use." He picked up a thin, narrow box. "I went ahead and borrowed one of your cases of unaltered needles. Fifty of these are loaded with miniature incendiary charges. They smoke when they're fired to provide an obvious trajectory range, and they'll burn when they strike a rough surface."

"Ah, K, you light up my life."

"Well, thanks to me you might have one after this morning." replied the doctor, grinning. "What else do we have-- blast it, Agent, don't touch anything!"

Xan had gone over to a higher stool, and patted a thick lab coat, much like the one Kai was wearing. It was white primary, but the inside trim and sleeves were both dark violet. He nodded; he liked the unusual design.

"...well, I suppose I was going to get to it anyway." K sighed and walked over across from Xan, carefully stepping over the table. "This is for you, Agent Xan. Miss Sena finished it just now."

"So, she can sew as well as sow. So what?"

K rolled his eyes. "You might have the 'hots' for her, Agent, but she wanted to make sure you don't get burned, like last night... oh, and the coat is flame-retardant, and is loose enough to hide most of your weapons. Of course, even if it won't get singed, you still can. So make sure to shield yourself if you're in danger."

Xan nodded. "If there's one thing I'm skilled at, it's getting under covers."

"Oh, grow up, Agent. Sena is a consummate professional. ...oh, that reminds me. About your sword... I understand you're rather attached to it, and you made it yourself?"

The assassin nodded again. "Indeed. We've forged many an adventure together."

K shook his head, sighed; and went over to a taller kitchen counter. "We did some work on your blade, while you were out. Sharpened it, mostly... you'll notice we narrowed the thrusting edge at the tip, so it's useful for more than slashing."

Xan tapped the tip of the blade. "I get the point." He picked it up, and slid it into the sheath on his back. The handle barely stuck out, and he noted that, realizing that if he needed to he could sling the blade lower and thereby hide it from sight. "I'm very impressed by your craftsmanship, K... for an old scientist, you're certainly on the cutting edge."

"Someone has to be around here." replied Kai stiffly. "...I don't suppose-- Agent!"

"And what might this be?" inquired Xan pointedly, holding up a utensil. "Something for picking up sound waves? A weapon, perhaps?"

K snatched it from his hand. "That would be a fork. And Sena has breakfast ready. I understand you haven't eaten for some time, Agent, and since we're sending you out again so soon...."

"Whose idea was it?" asked Xan. "Yours? Tulkata's?"

"No. Actually, Sena felt bad about her outburst, even if she still thinks you're-- and I quote-- a 'sexist pig.'"

"We can't all by perfect." retorted the assassin, and Kai chuckled.

"No. But we can play nicely with our friends."


Xan and Sena said little to each other; neither did they eat much. The assassin paid a passing complement about the quality of the sausages she'd bought at the market, then, after a nudge from Kai, her cooking; her thoughts seemed elsewhere.

Tulkata gave Xan some last-minute advice, as he'd only rarely dealt with Bugrom before-- but the young man paid little attention; even a child knew that dueling with someone bigger and stronger than him was just stupid if there was a better alternative-- and bid the older doctor and the girl good-bye.


Converted energy pistol, needle gun, EMP gun... check. Fireproof lab coat... heh... check. Sword, check. Grappling hook, check. Knives... of course. The assassin jumped onto a window ledge of the safehouse and swung himself up onto the rooftop.

"Floristica Palace..." he whispered, "...here I come."


Yes! Finally done with this segment! Hope it was at least mildly entertaining. >_> As filler goes, anyway, heh.

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(YES!! I hope to combat you wayne!... Yea..)

I woke up from the utterly short rest that I had taken. Even after all this excitement and it was so late, I couldn't get much shut eye, it was still dark as night outside, should be dusk soon. I surveyed the area as I got up, finding no trace of Arsyn or the person he had with her, but one thing left behind, the rocket launcher he carried.

Where the hell do these guys get off to?.... Maybe... Arsyn most likely thinking of what I'm thinking so he shouldn't have kidnapped (forshadowing, anyone?) her... Wonder what happened to them...

Just then I heard a strange noise, then the thought of the Rocket Launcher came to mind, I quickly picked it up and put the strap over my shoulder, carrying it, as I continued walking down the hall. I pondered on what I should do, or what I was doing.... and... I can't remember. Only thing on my mind was to get out of here.

Soon after I found some stairs... Well.. Used to be stairs.. The patch was ended by a ditch, too far to jump down and not break a few bones or two, which immediately told my subconcious mind to find a different way down, the only thing is, I don't remember any other way down, which led me back to the same stairs...

"I'm gonna hafta jump down somehow.... Hmm.." Nothing came to mind, just seems like the good ol'way of jump and try not to break anything. "Oh well, here goes nothing."

I jumped, I jumped off the ledge and attempted to stay upright, I was in the air for 3 seconds before I fell front-side, with immense amount of pain. I slowly stood up from that fall, nothing seemed broken except... I reached for my nose which had taken the worst of the impact, my nose was broken, suprisingly my jaw was fine from the fall.

"OUCH!!.. Damn things hurts to touch..." It was hard not to touch my nose, every time I feel pain, I instinctively place my had on it, and that doesn't help it.

"Ok.. Should be a cakewalk out of here.. I've had it with this place and.." He thought about the wold, it's pros and cons, shortly after, the people he met on this world... "AND I HATE THEM!!" (more forshadowing?) My place is with the people of earth, the people of my time.. I don't belong here, I don't belong with them... If we're going to get out of here, we need to salvage some technology.."

I walked down the stairs, thinking about this world's technology. "Technology here seems to revolve around magic... Roshtarians have interesting weapons and assets, not good enough. What about the Bugrom?..." I started to think too hard "What about that person Kane was fighting?.. If he wasn't insane... Seems to hide in the shadows... Maybe they have what we need to get off this planet... I've got it..." I Let out an evil laugh, like Jinnai's except a deeper tone.

"We'll take control of this place first since it's defenseless, then we brainwash the Bugrom, then we go against the Shadow people!.. err.. If that's what they are called.. This is perfect! Bahhhahahahahaa!!"

(BTW Allan (panicpaladin's character) has informed me that he can no longer participate in the RPG, so he is now an NPC character.)

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Nolan kept running down the hall as Calya ran in tow trying to catch up. Winding their way through the elaborately decorated passages, they found themselves out in the palace gardens, mere yards from the main gates out into the city.

Both looked around frantically, for any signs of life in the apparently vacant expanse of exotic flora and fauna. Nolan finally stopped to take deep breaths.

"Are you alright?" asked Calya, putting a hand on his back to support him.
"Y..yeah, I'm fine.. Im just not used to running this much." Nolan replied with a smile.
Regaining his composure, Nolan wipes some sweat from his forehead and slowly started walking towards the gates. Calya followed.

"I've got an idea." said Nolan as the two exited the palace and approached Nolan's parked car.

"This would take less time" Nolan stated as he opened the passenger door for Calya. She climbed in and sat down. Shutting the door Nolan climbed into the driver seat and started the car.

As he was about to throw it into reverse, Calya put a hand on his shoulder. Surprised, Nolan looked over. "Ah, What.. is it?" he asked.
Calya smirked "Just dont go too fast." she said with a smile.
Now it was Nolan's time to smirk "Right." he replied as he, not surprisngly, defiantly slammed the pedal to the floor, propelling the car backwards with a jerk. Calya glared at him.
"Eheheh. Ahh, lets go!" said Nolan as he steered the car through the garden pathway and down the wide hallways.

"I guess the first place we should go is back to meet the others." Nolan said as he steered the car down a sharp turn.
Calya nodded nervously, gripping the seat for dear life.
As they turned around the corner, Nolan gasped as he saw what was unmistakenly a person in the way of the car.
"Fuck!" he yelled as he slammed the brakes, jolting both of them forward.  The person in the hall shrieked in horror as the car literally came to within a foot of impaling him/her.

Nolan opened his eyes again and looked out over the hood. A lone figure slowly rose from the floor, visibly startled.As he looked the figure over, he realized somethign was wrong with this picture.
The figure was a female, and she was naked.

Nolan's eyes widened as the woman looks towards the two of them. Calya realized what she was looking at, and glared at Nolan.

"Don't stare at her, you pervert!" Calya yelled, slammin Nolan's head down so as to prevent him from seeing. She was blushing slightly.

The girl, however, seemed to be unfazed now as she approached. Calya quickly realized who it was: Lan.

From behind a entryway to the side, two more figures emerged. Allan and another young lady....

(end of post)

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( ^^' sorry I have not been posting much I have been behind a little here i will plan to post more once the group is met up again and Hitomi can wake up)

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Lan looked at the car, the headlights were on full, and it was sure as hell huting her eyes. She couldn't see the people in the car, and was slightly worried, then her eyes adjusted.

She wandered over to the car and lent over Nolans side.

"So," Lan began, "Who's side are you on, and do you have to kill me, and would you please stop staring at me I am perfectly aware I am bollock naked, it's not my fault, I don't know how it happened. If I had the choice, I'd be wearing clothes because it's extremely cold, but I guess I got what Jinnai's deserves."

She stopped for a second.

"Did I just say all that in one breath?"

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Sorry; I was waiting on the folks who didn't post in that last "cycle." So here we go.

Fuji-- Sounds good, but I hope you can get Miles to a medic or something. Xan would be a tough guy to take down for a soldier in good condition; your guy's been getting beaten down, smacked around, wounded, and now his nose broken. He really doesn't stand a chance in his current condition-- large amounts of pain are a big handicap in gunfights. *chuckles*


The Roshtarian sun rose slowly, and although Xan had enough light to see by he took his time jumping from rooftop to rooftop. His agility was exceptional; as typical for his race what he lacked in sheer physical strength he made up for in speed, and had little trouble clearing gaps that would challenge all but the best-trained humans.

Of course, a decade of learning to fight and kill had such dividends. And unlike some Xan relished his training, spending much of his days constantly improving himself and his capabilities... all for the purpose of assassinating their hated enemies in El-Hazard. He'd been so effective the sheer thrill of life-or-death struggle had been lost on him, and he never particularly enjoyed hand-to-hand combat... so he had taken to using guns, and developed his own code of sportsmanship to ensure the "prey" had a fair chance at survival. It was not out of compassion, but rather the dark knowledge that those who were engaged in combat, and lived long enough to realize they were the hunted and would inevitably die and their resistance only prolonged the end... that was what he lived for. The humans deserved no better.

Most weren't worthy of his attention, or had done nothing specifically "wrong" against him or his people. But forty-one years prior one human, his friend, and his pet demon goddess put an end to last grand plan of the Phantom Tribe and its leaders. Makoto and Ifurita might be out of reach, if the rumors were true... but other rumors said they had left behind a daughter, and his old friends-- and their family, increased through the years-- were still alive.

But not for much longer.

Such thoughts consumed him as he ran and leaped across the tops of the city, bound for the palace. He thought about facing Kane and his friends again, and paying him back for what he did... a fine hunt, a grand fight... and the end of another human related to those he was sworn to kill. And he grinned.


Xan's route soon ended on a guardhouse near the palace proper, and to his surprise in the distance he saw a pair of humans leave back through the doors, enter a vehicle of some kind... and then drive back into the palace. He shook his head-- he couldn't be sure at that range, around a hundred feet; but one seemed to be a woman and the other didn't look like Kane-- though the girl did, oddly-- and put the incident out of mind. Sena had said that the youngest Jinnai was in the throne room when she had identified him, and that was where he would begin.


And that's also where I end. :D Fuji, your post makes it sound like he fell all the way down to the ground outside the palace (which would really hurt if he dropped from the throne room or anywhere near there, heh). If that's the case you can start the duel, since Xan's likewise on the grounds. If not (and he's still in the palace) then let me know; and if you want to do anything special for the duel or delay it a bit you can PM me or post it (since, again, Miles doesn't have much of a chance in his present condition, heh).

I also went ahead and advanced the clock a bit towards a little into dawn. This is because we have normal humans running around a really big castle in the dark-- which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. *chuckles* Plus it sort of helps provide a reasonable timetable, since nobody really knows just how much time has passed, and somebody needs to put their foot down, darn it. :D

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After five uncomfortable months had passed, Xan sighed. He shot Miles in the face, then hooked up with Lan, since she was cute and naked and attracted to other people with serious problems. Kane, who first had a whirlwind (heh) romance with the new priestess, eventually ended up with Yumi. He worked out his differences with Xan, and the two of them double-dated with their chicks and killed like freakin' all the bad guys.

Then they lived happily ever after.

The End! (?)

Yeah, heh, if this thread is going to die with my name on it, then I want it to at least be funny! ;D)

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Yey! *claps*

Pity it died though. :P

Oh well! It was great while it last! Rock on!

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lol now we all wait till the next one appears if there is one

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Not Likely. This one didn't last very well...if anyone gets what I mean...

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Yeah, by the end of it, we lost both mods and all but a handful of the active posters (where did Exe go, anyway? :-/). The RP was a fun little exercise, yeah, but I don't see it working with so few participants left.

(Unless we were going to do something like the "Round Robin," but that was a little too wacky even for me, heh!)

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Its too bad it died though.. It was fun >_<

We 'could' try to revive it, if you like. I'm game for it.