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Title: Ch2. Interrogation and Betrayal
Post by: Fujisawa4654 on October 30, 2003, 10:39:15 PM
Lame topic I know, but I have things in mind.

Upon entering the interrogation room, there were glass cylinders with Kane, Yumi, Calya, everyone from El-Hazard in there. I first chose to speak to Kane. The marines prodded Kane into the interrogation room. Iron bracelets had weighed him down somewhat, but his body was muscular, obviously didn't render him from not moving fast.

"So... Kane.. Why did you take Calya onto the ship. I told you not to, I hinted at what would happen... Yet you had brought her on, and the others as well. Lana and Yumi have been taken captive as well. What you have done was NOT a smart move. So, how do you explain this one?"

Ok begin posting. The toehr prisoners can talk to each other, they just can't see each other. I'll try to go through all of them. This is a mini-chapter, lets just try to stay in sync for now. I don't want it to be this restrictive for long.

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First Kane just glared at Miles angrily, bracing his muscles threateningly. The marines behind him got a little nervous about that. Then he calmed down and took a deep breath.

"Well.......after your strange ship has flattened the only clinic in this area and sqashed the greatest doctor and dearest friend I've ever known, there was no other possibility to get the needed medical treatment for Calya and Nolan, but your ship.", Kane replyed with a bitter smirk. "Not to mention that Yumi, Lana and I almost died through this incident, I'd say that your men still owe me one!", Kane continued sarcastically. All the gathered emotiones he had kept inside all the time, cleaved their way out now.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly went freezingly cold as Kane glared at Miles grimly again.

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Post by: Fujisawa4654 on October 31, 2003, 12:38:53 AM
"Even so..." I spoke after he was done. "All I said to do was to find a place for her to rest. A simple bed would have done. That was a mistake on your part..." I signaled the guards to take him back to his holding cell. "Bring out Yumi next."

In no time the guards threw yumi in the room with me. She could barely lift herself up with the thick iron bracelets...

"Yumi... Kane says there was only one Clinic in this city, and the best doctor with it. Is this true?" I spoke to her intensely, but that was a failed attempt.

"Why should I tell you, you bastard!!!"

I sighed. There was only one way I could think of. A threat. "There are some.... 'Persuasion' tools behind me that I rather did not use." I spoke softly to her, hoping that would be good enough, and it worked.

"It's true, There are no hospitals here. There was only the clinic and my father... My father that your men KILLED!"

"They did not intentionally. If you knew how to fly a ship, and it was going down fast and uncontrolled, do you think you could steer clear of the city? I doubt it. Youv'e answered all I needed to know." I signaled the guards again to take Yumi back to her holding cell. "Calya is next. Bring her here." In no time.. Once again, Calya was thrown into the room. She was trembling, she could NOT lift herself up in any way. I was always a sucker for this. The guards were about to leave once more, but before they did, I stopped them.

"Wait a sec... Take off her bracelets." I made a gesture after that signaling for them to get over here. They took off the heavy iron bracelets from her ankles and wrists. From there, the guards left with the bracelets still on the floor. She got off of her stomach, shaking, and sat down on the solid floor. She looked at me worried and asked, "What is going on here Miles..?" She said with somewhat of a faint voice. I took a deep breath and started explaining.

"Kane had brought you onto the ship when I told him not to. You see, you attacked the marines. Anything like that is deemed to be executed on site. If you harm a soldier, you are concidered an enemy and are likely to be attacked. THey were shooting at you weren't they?" I examined her. Her head was down, and she looked as if she was shriveling up. Poor girl must be thristy. I am always a sucker for girls suffering. I pulled out a water-bottle from where the 'persuasion' tools are and agve it to her. It was full of ice-cold water. "Drink this." I gestured an offer to her, she nervously took it and took a gulp. I heard a faight sigh of refreshness come from her. I went back to business after giving her the water.

"I need to know why you attacked the soldiers." I said briefly. She didn't hesitate to respond.

"The clinic was smashed by the ship. I thought Kane, Yumi, and Dr. Jabanijan were dead. I was relieved when Kane and Yumi made it out alive, but I was still saddened when you told me the doctor was dead... I quickly recognised the soldier's uniform as they were nto from this city at least. I thoguth they had done it, then I attacked..." She started to cry. "I.. I'm sorry Miles, I don't mean to cry.. It's just this.. This is sort of.. Of a nightmare. I wish this whole thing would end.... I..." She started crying so much I couldn't understand what she was saying. I put a hand over on her shoulder. That seemed to have calmed ehr down a bit.

"Listen Calya. I don't really want to do this, but I'm stuck in the middle of it. Not only you, Kane, and the others are in trouble, but so am I. I am trying to get through with this as quickly as possible...." I signaled teh guards to come over to me.

"Just put the Iron Bracelets on her ankles. I gave her a waterbottle, I want to make sure she can drink it... Bring in Nolan after you are done.

The guards jerked her arounda  little while they picked her up. Calya looked back at me with a saddened expression, but at the last moment before the doors closed, I could have sworn she had an evil look on her face, or it could ahve just been my imagination. Nolan was thrown into the room next.

"Nolan... I need you to tell me... You seem like the smart one of the group. Why didn't you stop Kane, mroe imporntantly... ... ........ Are you.. Did you come from Earth yourself? I can see your... Your car... That's an old model.. That would sell for.. Actually it would be priceles.."

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Allan was still outside sitten on the nearest boulder-like thing, clueless to what was going on inside the ship. He put his hand on his cheek and elbow on his leg as he sat.

Two soilders came up to him from the Ship. They were armed but didn't seem to show any threat.

"Were you with the others?" asked the first

"What others?" replied Allan

"The El-Hazardians, were you with them?"

"Well, I was previously with a few of them but I only just reached the ship now."

"... I see."

The two Soilders seemed to whisper to each other, they seemed to be talking about Allan as he just blankly stared at the two of them. After a while of discussing, they looked back at him.

"... You don't appear to hold a threat right now but we'd like you to come inside anyway."

Allan hopped down from the rock and the two Soilders lead the way, one on each side of him. They entered and passed through a number of places.

"We'll need to ask you a few questions, like everybody else. It might be helpful to us."

Allan's in. He's not chained up as he hasn't really done damage towards the people themselves but he's open for the Interrogation Room (I'll give permission for the Soilders, including Miles, to take Allan anywhere in the Ship).

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Post by: theravenisdead on October 31, 2003, 08:52:23 AM
Nolan bore an angry expression as he listened to Miles talk. He hesitated when the time came to reply, but slowly he did.

"Yes, I am from earth. June 19th, 2003. Saturday. 417 expressway, westbound. Ottawa-Carleton county, city of--ahh hell, you get the idea..." sighing, he continued. "And I sincirely doubt that Anyone from the future would be jumping for joy over the finding of a beat-up Ford Tempo from the late twentieth century. At least, thats my opinion..." Nolan then narrowed his eyes "But don't even think about taking it, I ain't parting with it."

Miles seemed satisfied. Then he repeated his question about Kane.

"Oh c'mon! If I had to choose between a rageddy old bed soimewhere in a city thats in both chaos and now disrepair, and a ship with magnificant medical capabilities, I'd choose the latter as well, Wouldnt you?"

Just before Miles could respond, Nolan interrupted him and continued on his little rant.

"I still can't believe we're all being held captive on this ship, just because we wanted to help a friend get help. Now I may have just met her, but I still want whats best for her. And on top of that, it WOULD have been nice to treat some of these friggin burns."

Miles was starting to get irritated, but Nolan continued. He rose to his feet.

"Except for Calya, NONE of us deserve to even be considered to be locked up. And even she deserves leniency. You DID for all intensive purposes almost kill her brother, and lets not forget that you did kill a friend of hers." Miles anger was growing every second that Nolan continued, but this didnt faze him a bit.

With deep breath and a wipe of his sweaty forehead, Nolan decided to wrap things up. "Anyways, I request that one of us be put with Calya, so that we can help her."
Miles smirked at this, causing Nolan's temper to rise.

"HEY! It's not like she's going anywhere, and besides she needs medical treatment. Not that I don't, but I can manage.." Nolan then hesitated for a second. "Just choose one of us. Its not a big decision, so make it!!"

Breathing heavily, Nolan sat back down on the chair. He let himself relax, then in between his heavy breathing, Nolan stammered out his last question.

"Also... *pant* Do I really ..*pant*.. give the impression.. *pant* ..that I'm.. *pant* the smart.. one? o.O;"

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Post by: Fujisawa4654 on October 31, 2003, 12:11:00 PM
"Possibly... You do seem like it. Calya will survive, if you noticed I gave her a water bottle.. She WAS dying of thirst I could tell. She will be fine. As for if you want to know what's going on, ask Calya yourself. I told her, I dont' feel like repeating myself. Lets just say I am FORCED to do this AGAINST my will. If it was my choice.. Well it was.. The only 2 choices I had were to interrogate all of you. Or you all get shot on the spot, which I could not choose... I believe... I believe I have enough information... This is enough information."

Nolan did have somewhat of a puzzled look.

"By the way, everyone said it was my people's fault. It is not, the ship could not be controlled and I don't really know how it got here." I paused for a moment, thinking about all I have heard... I finally came to a conclusion, and, it was partially my fault that this had happened as well.

I signaled eh guards to take off his iron bracelets and they immediately left with them.

"Nolan, come with me." I spoke intensively.

We walked out the door where the others were.

"Ok.. Listen this is what I have came up with. The only clinic and good doctor native to this city was crushed by the ship. This would seem like the only best place for any medical attention." I looked at Nolan's burns, they weren't to bad, but he owuld never be the same if they healed naturally. "Everyone but Nolan will be kicked out of the ship. The reason why Nolan will still be on is due to his burns. he will receive medical attention then be booted off as well." Faces grew grim at me, I knew something was up, especially Kane's..

"Listen, I'm a soldier first, your buddy second. I stick to the code, don't think I won't blast your ass if you kill any of these marines. Guards, take evryone but nolan off of the ship." They acted rather quickly, the cells opened and 2 guards escorted each prisoner out. "Nolan, follow me to the medical chambers."

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Nolan followed Miles reluctantly down towards the medical bay. He was still surprised at Miles' decision.

"I hate to say it, but thanks.. Though, why treat my wounds?" he asked curiously. Though he got no reply fast enough for him. So he just decided to take all of this in stride.
Still, Nolan wish he was still with his new found friends headin off the ship, and out of this 'Star Trek episode'. He planned to go reunite with them as soon aspossible. That, and he needed to get back to his car. Didnt wanna risk some local trying to steal it or something.
Then he thought of a great idea. Instead of Calya being carried or supported to a doctor, he could transport her in the back seat of his Tempo. It seemed a perfect solution. She would get care, fast at that, and he'd get to make sure she got treated well too.
"I just hope she can deal for now.." Nolan muttered out loud unintentionally. Miles looked back for a second.

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"You haven't been listening at all have you? I said all she needs is SOME REST! SOEM REST DAMNIT! Are we not speaking the same language! A damn bed would work! Now then, Take off your clothes and step into this tube.

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Post by: theravenisdead on November 01, 2003, 01:31:52 AM
Frowning, Nolan reluctantly removed his pullover, tshirt, shoes, jeans, etc and entered the tube. "Y'know its kinda ironic that my earthling ancestors concluded that stuffing their own kind in glass tubes buck naked was the best form of medicare." he chuckled, then calmned down rather quickly.

Standing there, visibly embaressed, Nolan was really looking forward for this to end as quickly as possible... 'Ugh...' he thought to himself 'It's bloody cold in this thing!'

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Lana looked around.

"I always end up outside. What is it about the outdoors that seems to draw me back, even when I'd rather be inside?" She kicked a stone. "I guess people would rather keep me outside." She shrugged, picked up her staff and began to wander away, in the direction of the partially ruined city.

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"Well then", Mia said when they all stood  outside the ship. "I suppose Calya and I have to return to the palace and report our results about the examination."

"Yeah right! And I could use some sleep, too", Calya added. "What about you?"

Afura concidered what to reply. Then she answered. "I think I'll come with you. I've heared that Shayla is at the palace since yesterday, too. By the way, Nolan is still inside the ship and I don't know when they're letting him go. I'll send a guard to wait here and pick him up."

"Looks like you don't have to......", Kane said staring in the direction of the palace. A group of guards was approaching the crashside.

"Oh, well. So I just have to tell them guarding Nolans vehicle and to escorte him to the palace when he comes out", Afura replied gladly. She wanted to have some rest now and return to the palace as soon as possible.

Calya watched Kane. "And what about you Kane. Are you coming with us? Want to see grandma again?"

Kane still stared at the guards coming towards them. "No. I think I gonna catch up with Lan. It is a little too dangerous for both of us as long as the guards are patroling the area. I'll see you when the situation calms down a bit."

"I'll come with you!!", Yumi said and joined Kane.

"I gonna have a word with the captain of the guards, so you both may come as soon as possible", Calya promised.

Kane was about to dash off and follow Lan, when Calya stopped him once again. "Kane wait!"

He turned to Calya again.

"I haven't given you a proper welcome, yet. I'm glad you're back, little brother. Welcome home!" She smiled warmly at him.

Kane smiled. "Thank you!"

Then he ran off, together with Yumi. Some time later they caught up with Lan.

Mia, Afura and Calya watched at each other. "So, shall we?"


*OOC panicpaladin hurry up posting. I'll modify the post if necessary, so you may join either Kane, Lan and Yumi or the others.

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Lan looked round.

"What are you coming for? I thought after I killed the doctor, you two wouldn't want to come anywhere near me! i'm amazed, I really am!" Lan smiled at them.

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Allan was back on the lifeless rock and saw Kane and Yumi run off after Lan as he tilted his head to the side.

"Uhh?" as he got back up

Allan was intending on sticking with either Nolan or Lana/Kane but since Nolan wasn't here, he'd have to be with those two. He ran up to them and skidded before he almost seemed to slip on a rock.

"... I came back home hoping to end my travels but it looks like I can't do that, I can't end my story with a Happily Ever After, you might say."

He felt somewhat silly saying that and just wanted to get to the point.

"Alright. I'm coming too."


Thanks, Exe. :P

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It hadn't taken long for Nolan to be fully recovered. I opened up the tube, but back on his clothes, and the guards escorted him out of the ship. With that, I felt that all of the people I knew were my enemies. They would ahve been great to have as an allie. Me and everyone on this ship are in distress. We were stuck on a world thet has aliens... Or, possibly... Humans... But It is uncertain.

I talked to David about what happened, he said it's the most reasonable thing to do. It was somewhat of a non-violent resolve. After that 'debriefing', I went to the mess hall and relaxed. I had a nice cup of beer, microbrewed is the newest thing to smoothness, and it preferrably tastes good. There's always that good ol' alchohol in it. I must ahve spent 2 hours in there.. Then, something else happened. The ship suddenly rumbled as if it was hit by an explosive tank shell or something. Before long, David requested me to get up to the observation deck. That area was the closest to the water, and most likely damaged to a lengthful extent. I did as he commanded.

I was right, the Observation deck was pretty much reduced to scrap. I could navigate through the rubble. As I did, I noticed something on the shoreline of the lake. It looked like an organized crowd. As I got furthur, I could recognise several vehicles that look like.. Oddly-shaped tanks. However, once I got all the way out, I stood up, and I saw a whole line of soldiers, vehicles, weapons, everything. They must be the military force in Floresca.

"Are you the one called miles?!" A woman yelled from the other side, her scratchy voice made her sound something like a drill seargant. She was speaking through soem sort of xylophone or whatever they were called. Whatever amplifies your voice.

"I am." I said calmly, but loudly.

"You and your ship and crew are under arrest. Failure to comply with this will result in full military force!" This wasn't my ship, but I had served from it a while back. I was wonderign why they were doing this to me. They couldn't possibly be this mad about me kicking some people native here off the ship... Unless they're talking about how the soldiers fired on Calya. I didn't know why, but I just had to ask...

"On what charges?" I said to myself. Oddly enough they heard me, I was far enough away that probably only a rabbit would hear my wispers.

"For damaging and destroying structures, and mass murduring. You especially killed Makoto! That damn ship went straight through his house, killing him!!!"

"Who the hell is Makoto..." I said to myself again, they heared me as well....

"You don't know who Makoto is! He is an Earther! Someone who had lead us to pease a long time ago! He was a respected citizen of Floresca..."

I could see the woman turn to some man beside her. He looked like a highly decorative soldier, they were talking about something. I turned on my audio implant to listen in on their conversation.

"General...Target..Ship and destroy....signal, no way in hell are you to.... without my permission. After.... ship...gone..start taking prisoners...kill...who resistes"

I couldn't hear enough of the conversation, but I know something was going to happen. They have a mighty force that we don't have. We might have to evacuate the ship. I opened a channel on the radio to David.

"David listen, the entire Floresca army is outside. They appear to have a squad-full of marines on a raft attempting to board the ship. Ont eh shireline is an amasing force that I am sure can tear the ship apart fast. We have little time. Organize your soldiers for combat and get eveyone else ready to evacuate. That includes the equipment. I don't have much time to speak. Send some soldiers to external platform A-8, they appear to be boarding at that location. I honestly hope we can pull this off. Now hurry." I cut off the channel there, not giving him any time to speak. I ran back inside, the alarms went off, the intercom was ordering everyone except the marines to evacuate.

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Without a word Kane grasped Lans arm and draged her to the nearby houses that have been spared by the impact. Allan, Lan and Yumi where watching him suprised. He looked for a building with a window towards the ship, where he could watch it from. He pushed the door open. There was noone inside. It seemed that the people already evacuaded this part of the city, fearing that something worse could happen.

"What's going on Kane! What are you doing?" Yumi asked carefully.

He walked to the wardrobe and pulled out some males cloths. Fortunately it was almost his size, so that he could wear it without looking stupid or carding it all the time. He put them on. Then Kane opened the window, climbed on the table that was standing in front of it, sat down and watched the ship.

Yumi looked at Lan and Allan a little confused.

Silence. It seemed endless....

Then Kane broke the silence still staring at the huge object just about 200 meters away. "We should wait for Nolan to come out of the ship and then we should bring him here as fast as we can. He can't stay there. Something is about to happen......I can feel it! And I think we'll be needed soon."

He watched the guards standing around Nolan's vehicle guarding it. There were coming more and more of them. It seemed that something serious was going on.

Yumi sat down on a chair quietly watching Kane.

Then Kane caught the sight of Nolan. He jumped to his feet and off the table. "YOU WAIT HERE! I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!", Kane yelled and hasted out of the door and towards the ship!

I have to hurry before they capture him! I don't know if they'll believe him that he isn't from the ship, so better get him out of there fast and bring him to the palace on our own! Better than getting captured and stuck into a cell in the dungeon until they interrogate him again!

He was almost there.....

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"Finally.." muttered Nolan as he made his way down the ship's ramp and onto solid ground.  After standing in that tube full of ice cold water, he felt as if he could literally lay down in a campfire. He shivered as he recalled the whole experience, wishing it'd be something he'd easily forget.

Then Nolan noticed the guards. Lots of guards. Several of which had surrounded his ride. Nervously, he approached them.
"Ah.. excuse me, but-"
"Halt! What are you doing!?" one of the guards interrupted him in an angry tone.

Nolan was taken aback by the question "Ah-I'm going to take the big white machine here and go back to the palace with it, thank you very much. Why you ask?"
"Did you or did you not just come from the inside of that ship?" demanded another guard, his weapon unholstered and pointed at Nolan's chest.

"Ah well.. er... yes... but I'm not part of-"
"He's one of the offenders!" yelled the guard loudly. "SEIZE HIM!"

Now Nolan was really scared. He tried to reason with the advancing guards. "N..No-It's not like that at ALL!"
Unfortunately by now the guards already had him by the wrists, tightly applying rope to them.

He resisted as best he could, but he was no match for a handful of highly trained soldiers. He then noticed one of them opening the door to his car and rummaging around inside.
"HEY! That's my stuff, Get OUT!" yelled Nolan, now struggling more than ever.

Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw what looked like Kane running at a high rate of speed towards him...

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Allan looked at the Window, hopped onto the Table, folded his arms on it and stared outside.

"What's going on out there... Umm... What's your name?" asked Yumi


"So, what's going on out there?"

"Well, Kane's dashing towards the Soilders as if he's going to go all out on them."

Allan got back down, his back on the wall and looked at Yumi.

"Oh, sorry, my name is Yumi." she said

"'Nice to meet you."

"I just saw you come out of nowhere and to the Ship, what were you doing in the City?"

"It's a long story: I was a servant at the Palace who left for a few years to travel El-Hazard. I came back recen-..."

"Oh, you! The Palace Servant! I remember now!"

"You do?"

"You were much younger... Perhaps 12, you catched those things I almost dropped in Town."

"... Oh. That."

"It's nice to know you're Kane's friend."


He got back on the Table to watch what else would happen. Now he seemed to recognise almost everybody with him which was a nice thing.

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Lan looked at Allan and Yumi.

"That's right, leave me out." She sighed, and wandered into what seemed to be the kitchen. "Anyone hungry? I'm hungry! Who wants food?" Anything to get off the topic of what happened in the past, I hate having to think about it. She shook her her, and began poking around, trying to see what food these people had. Obviously they had taken some of the food with the when they had been evacuated.

She pulled out a jar. She looked at the contents, and hastily put it back in the cupboard.

"I wonder if the princess is okay. I haven't seen her for ages." She said to herself, though not very quietly. A tear ran down her cheek...

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I grabbed my weapon and immediately went to External Platform A-8, but I hid behind a wall. a squad of 5 marines stood there.

The Roshtarian army almost had landed but the squad leader of the marines ordered him to shoot at the boat. He shoudl a 3-round burst which made a big hole in the raft and it quickly sank. Closely followed by that were explosions. We were under full attack as they said.

"Marines, set up an ambush point at this platform. Anyone who docks here, shoot them!" I said. "Yes sir!" All od them responded in unison. Another tank shell hit the ship, followed by another, then another.. There was a pause. At that moment I started running up a few decks to the vehicle bay. I planned to get a Phoenix Bomber from the vehicle bay, but when I opened the bay doors, I saw mobile anit-aircraft vehicles. That wouldn't get me far. I hopped out of the jet and took a mobile artillery cannon. It was weak in armor but it's damage and range were very upper-level. There was a downside though, it couldn't float in water, so I would be a sitting duck. Pilots and drivers of other vehicles finally got into their vehicles. They are usually across the ship from here, which is a bad place to be. I let them launch first, then I started firing on the anti-aircraft.

All seemed to be going well, I was startign to take tank hits, but they were way off. There seemed to be no artillery in that army, just tanks. An infantry dropship soon launched from overhead. It hotdropped right behind the enemy. There were no anti-aircrafts present after they landed. They were being shot at but the dropship's shields stood up against the blasts. The roshtarina infantry finally ahd a way of getting over to the ship. Armored boats that couldn't be easily sunk. They each surrounded teh ship, only 2 were sunk, the 2 that were sunk were my kills.  The intercom suddenly said "Intruder alert" several times over, then it finally listed the locations.

A new weapon was brought in from the Roshtarian army-homing missles. They were slow moving, but they curved around and they had dead-on accuracy. FIrst shot was fired at me, I jumped out of teh artillery and ran away before it exploded. I ran for a Longsword bomber again, I got in and started up the engines. The intercom came on with David's voice. "All Navy personnel, load up the transports with equipment and troops. We will be evacuating the ship in 10 minutes."

A minute later I launched from the ship. The bomber was a 1-seater, so the pilot could bomb too, and it wasn't hard at all. I forst bombed all the tanks to prevent furthur damage to the ship. Once I got done with that bombing run, 2 homing-missles were on me. Like I said they were slow, but they just wouldn't stop following me. I turned around and evaded the missles and took out more homing-missle vehicles.

After that there was nothing for them to fight me back with. Air-superiority was indeed ours. I decided to take out the countless soldiers at the shoreline. THey were firing on our soldiers that had dropped. I headed for them, but someone... A woman was floating up in the air far away. I could recognise her, she was Mia, the wind priestess, she didn't look very happy either, which I knew what that meant.... She put out her arms and looked like she did a shoving gesture, but soon after a strong hurricane of wind was blowing against the bomber. I couldn't control it at all. And so I was forced down, the ship was tearing apart due to the severe wind, once one wing was lost, I ejected immediately, and landed right where the marines were.

Lucky for me, I still have my rifle with me. I could fight back, I want to get back to the ship. I still have that radio, I could call in for evac but not now. It's too risky. I dasked and took cover behind a wooden crate. Thankfully it was full of stones. I opened fire ont he Roshtarin soldiers, this would indeed take a while...

(I need someone to fight.. Some play character if possible)

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Kane reached Nolan right before they dragged him away. One of the guards got aware of him.

"Citizen! Get out of here immediately! This area has been evacuaded and barred!", the guard yelled at Kane.

"Excuse me, but I have to take that man with me!", Kane zoomed past the guards grasped Nolans wrist to get him out of there.

"Hey! What do you  think you're doing, man??", one of the guards wanted to know. He approached Kane, while two other guards grasped Nolans arms. The rest of them surrounded Kane and Nolan.

"I've got no time for explanations or playing around with you guys, just hand him over, ok?", Kane sighed. He prepared himself to fight them back if necessary. He only had to take out two or three of them and dash away with Nolan.

"Are you trying to mess around with us? Just what the hell you think you're doing? He's a.....", *zzzzzzzt, TONK* suddenly something fell from the sky and landed right next to them interrupting the guard. "WHAT THE....?", another guard screamed. All of them, including Kane and Nolan looked up to the sky.

A strange looking aircraft tumbled down towards them. It seemed to be heavyly damaged and already falling appart. "OH SHIT!", the first guard shouted. "Take cover!", another yelled. Everyone started to run, not taking care about the whole situation anymore. Everyone was about to save his own life.

Kane grasped and pulled Nolan with him. They were running as fast as they could, back to the house. *BOOOOM!* They just left a few meters behind them when they heared the impact and the blast trew them off their feet. They hit the ground hard, but fortunately they were far enough so that nothing serious happened to them except of a few scratches. Kane jumped to his feet again, grabed Nolan to pull him on his feet again and hasted towards the house again. Then they reached it. "Everybody prepare yourself! Everybody who's able to fight get ready for combat! The others should leave the place towards the palace immediately! Lan! Cut Nolans bonds with your sword. MOVE IT!" Kane yelled as he crashed the door open.

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Post by: panicpaladin on November 06, 2003, 12:42:51 PM
Allan wasn't really the fighting type, he never had any need for it anywhere. But a memory struck him and he picked up a CavalrySaber-like Sword from the Wall of the House, there were three of them put together, obviously as decoration.

"Well, let's see if I remember what that old guy taught me a year ago."

He looked over his shoulder to face Yumi.

"Yumi, take cover."

She nodded and quickly went over to the other Door into another Room and shut it.

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Post by: larewen_evenstar on November 06, 2003, 02:40:55 PM
"Right." Lan grabbed her staff, concentrated, and drew the sword down on the bonds holding nolan. "You happy now?" The staff changed back.

She looked out of the door. "What's going on out there? I don't mind fighting, but why?"

She looked at Kane, waiting for some answers.

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Post by: executor82 on November 08, 2003, 10:12:37 AM
Kane looked at Lan seriously. "It seems that the Floristican army is mobilizing their troops to capture the intruders. There are more and more guards and soldiers gathering around the ship. Also it seems that the attack already started. That strange aircraft that fell from the sky and almost hit us is a piece of circumstantial evidence for my suspicion." He walked to his backpack while speaking and looked for his bracers and greaves to equip them for combat. He found some hardy boots in the wardrobe and put them on too. "It's my duty as a fighter to aid in combat. By the way I've got a bone to pick with Miles!", he grasped his staff and weighed it in his hands.

Kane looked at Lan again. "What about you? Are you with me?"

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Post by: larewen_evenstar on November 08, 2003, 10:56:16 AM
Lan walked over to Kane, lay a hand on his shoulder and said, "All the way." She smiled. The kind of smile people use when they mean business. "I'll fight until the death if need be."

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Post by: panicpaladin on November 08, 2003, 01:35:06 PM
"I'd hate to break the Speech but I think they're coming in." said Allan

"Okay, the rest of the House is empty, they're somewhere in here... Get ready to suprise them..." came a whisper from the Door

"Who wants to welcome our Guests?"

Allan kicked the Door open, it swang into one Guard, some others weren't near it and others fell back to avoid it.

"Move in!" shouted one of them as he tried to get up.

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Post by: Fujisawa4654 on November 08, 2003, 04:54:30 PM
"Corporal, there's noone in this house. Why are you raiding it?" I asked him as he got up. "One of ours is in there, he looks like he was kept captive by some native to this world. She had long hair." Once he said that, I could instinctively figure out it was Lana. Lana is with Kane.. And Calya.. Nolan.. 5 soldiers in the house, they wont' stand a chance!

"Corporal! Call Your troops out! NOW!!!" I had feared it was too late, I was right..

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Post by: larewen_evenstar on November 09, 2003, 07:04:59 AM
Lana concentrated, her staff changed to a bow this time, she loaded it and fired. It hit one guard square in the chest.

"It's years since I've done that." She smiled to herself, and shot another arrow.

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Post by: theravenisdead on November 09, 2003, 08:33:14 AM
"It's my duty as a fighter to aid in combat. By the way I've got a bone to pick with Miles!" spoke Kane.

"What about you? Are you with me? he asked Lan. She in return placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled. "All the way!"


Startled, everyone turned around and faced the door. Soldiers were clearly inside the house, and had arrived at the room they were hiding in.

"I'd hate to break the Speech but I think they're coming in." said Allan.

Whispers could be heard on the other side of the door. Nolan knew that they were going to enter. He could feel his nerves on edge as the doorknob began to creak slowly.

"Hey, what about me? What do I do?" he whispered curiously.
Almost in shock, everyone turned to face Nolan, eyebrows raised.
Cheeks flushing, Nolan clued himself in "Eheh, Right. Kick some ass. Roger."

With that, the four of them prepared themselves as Allan kicked the door forewrd, right into the face of the guard opening it, knocking him and some others down.
"Move In!" shouted another soldier as they pushed their way into the room. The fight was on...

(end of post)

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Kane dashes forward and dropped his staff. There wasn't enough room to use it  properly. On the other hand he was just in the mood to fight with bare hands right now. After the first marine was shot by Lan another tried to enter the room. He aimed with his rifle at Kane and fired. Fortunately Kane moved fast so that it was hard to take aim of him. The burst missed him, but one bullet scuffed his shoulder. He grabed the soldier and threw him over his shoulder into the room, where he crashed against the wardrobe hard. Then he concentrated his energies within his palms and shot a heatblast at him. The soldier lay unconscious immediately.

Then he turned around, hit another soldier with a spinkick, disarmed him and jumped back from the door to let Lan and the others do something. He didn't want to keep the fun of beating up soldiers all to himself.

One of the soldiers aimed at Nolan. Kane quickly picked up his staff with his foot, flipped it up, caught it midair  and threw it at the rifle of the soldier.It hit the gun right in time and changed the direction it was firing in. The bullets hit the wall behind Nolan.....

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"My turn." said Allan.

One man fired at him with the Gun but Allan jumped forward and to his side, then at the man and striked. The front of the Gun was cut off. Allan finished it with a swift kick in the face.

Another Soilder came running as if to shove him but Allan jumped aside and hit his face with the butt of the Sword, then tripping him up.

Another from the right came shooting, Allan threw the Sword at him. The Soilder dropped his gun and ran off before it hit him in the Chest, the Sword stuck in the wall. Allan slowly grabbed another from the Case as he was near it.

"I haven't done this in a year... I'm enjoying it."

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Post by: larewen_evenstar on November 10, 2003, 02:34:10 PM
Lan's bow changed back to a staff, then to a sword.

"I'm for some close combat!" She stabbed it through the stomach of the next guard that came towards her.

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Post by: Fujisawa4654 on November 10, 2003, 05:54:36 PM
All 5 of the soldiers were downed effectively. They did know how to fight suprisingly, especially Nolan.... He doesn't seem like the fighter type but...

I stopped my thoughts hsort as I grabbed a frag grenade and threw it in with the pin pulled. By instincts after that, I ducked behind a big clot of sand. That wouldn't stop the shards of the grenade from hitting me, but ti would slow'em down.

(Need someone to fight... Kane, Why dont' you take me on.... Or someone.. Sheesh...)

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Post by: panicpaladin on November 11, 2003, 11:49:09 AM
*tink* *tink*

The Grenade dropped into the Room. Allan became confused but stepped away from it.

"... Did someone drop this?"

"GET OUT OF HERE!" shouted a Soilder.

The Soilders ran out of the Room, it clearly wasn't a good thing. Allan didn't want to ask what it was but he clearly had the idea that it wasn't a good thing. A memory struck him. Allan ran into the other room, opening the door furiously.

"Yumi! Where are you?!"

"What's going on?" she asked quietly

"No time! Quickly, get out!"

"Umm... Okay..."

She still acted a bit confused about the whole thing so Allan grabbed her arm and ran towards the other Door in the Room which looked like an alternate way out. They managed to get out.

"What about the others?" asked Yumi


Yumi's safe, feel free to go for Miles anybody.

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Post by: larewen_evenstar on November 11, 2003, 02:09:17 PM
Lan saw the grenade. She tried not to panic. She wrapped her arm round Miles' waist from behind, and began to drag him out the room.

"Don't you have any will power of your own? Do I have to do everything for you?!"

Title: Re: Ch2. Interrogation and Betrayal
Post by: Fujisawa4654 on November 11, 2003, 02:44:26 PM
"Duhh... What?" I had no idea what she was talking about. Still, she was dragging em out the room.. I suppose that was a good thing but... The grenade didn't go off.. Was it a dud?

Either way i was out of the house and I didn't want to be forced out of the room... So I took the butt of my rifle and slammed it into the back of Lan's head.

Ok a few things

1. Lan I forced you to change your post at one point, I  don't wanna change mine... but anyway, I was outside hiding behind a sand "bunker" But i'll chaneg that anyway, no worries  ;D

Yumi's safe, feel free to go for Miles anybody.


What do you think i'm gonna do to her? rape her? (sarcasm)

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"Thanks Kane!"said Nolan in gratitude as he realized just how close he came to seeing the afterlife just then.

Nolan was surprised at how well he was doing, given the fact that this was only one of a handful of occasions where he had to actually fight somebody. He grabbed one of the soldiers and rammed him into a chair, knocking him against the wall painfully. Once he was down, Nolan punched him as hard as he could.

He was about to punch again when he felt some arms wrap around his waist and grab tightly hold of him. Without warning Nolan was pulled off the fallen soldier and tossed into some furniture, where he fell onto the floor. After a few seconds of lying aming the debris, slowly and painfully Nolan tried to regain his fighting composure.

"eugh... Whoever did that is gonna PAY.." he spewed as he rose to his feet. He noticed the soldier who had tossed him, but instead of continuing the altercation, to his surprise the soldier ran out of the room leaving Nolan with a puzzled expression.

It was then that he saw the small ball being tossed into the room. Only one word came to Nolan's mind: grenade
"Ho' boy..." he said as he tried to find somewhere to take cover.

"FIRE IN THE HOLE!" yelled Nolan as he dived behind the furniture and covered himself with a broken table. With his makeshift cover Nolan waited for the inevitable BOOM. but strangely, it never came. After about a minute, Nolan reemerged from under the debris.

"Hmm.. Dud. Go figure.." he muttered. He noticed that Lan was no longer in the room, as well as Allan.
Then he noticed the soldiers rushing back into the room.

Now was a good time to panic. "Ahh guys? You can come back in now... eheh.." yelled Nolan. It was just him and Kane in the small living room now, with about 10 or so soldiers.

"I really hope you have some good ideas, Kane.." said Nolan nervously.

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"Agh..." Lan collapsed to the ground, as soon as the the rifle hit her. She was unconcious. And vulnerable to any attacks...

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Post by: theravenisdead on November 12, 2003, 03:04:29 PM
As the soldiers slowly closed in on our two heroes, Nolan decided to make a mad dash at them.

"RHAAAHH!!!" he yelled as he charged at the two guarding the door, knocking them down and causing him to fall to the ground outside the house.
Kane simply rolled his eyes and chuckled as he prepared to continue fighting..

As Nolan sat up, he noticed Lan lying on the ground to his left, Miles standing over her holding a gun in his hands. This didnt look good, he noted.

"Hey! What the heck did you do to her?!" snapped Nolan angrily as he rose to his feet...

(end post)

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Post by: Fujisawa4654 on November 12, 2003, 06:09:15 PM
After hitting Lana on the back of the head, she was still consious, suprisingly. That blow should have killed her, or at least any normal person.

Nolan rose to his feet from inside the house. He asked what I did. Wans't it obvious? She's incapacitated. After that query i noted in my mind that he wasn't a 'smart one'. I aimed my gun at him.

"Figure it out!" I said, as I shot a lethal round at him.

(It doesn't ahve to hit.. or even kill you.. Think of it as a normal bullet, if it hit your leg, would you die?)

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Kane walked to his staff lying on the floor and picked it up. With two swift kicks he knocked out the two marines lying on the floor Nolan had knocked down before. Then he steped out of the house. He saw Lan and Nolan on the ground. Nolan seemed to be hit by one of that strange rifle bullets, he was lying there holding his shoulder in pain, blood was running through his fingers, but he was still alive. At last Kane focused Miles standing there with one of those named rifles staring at Nolan.

Slowly Kane walked towards Miles grasping his staff firmly. "Sooooooooo............It seems that it's just you and me now. You have caused enough trouble now, get ready for payback!", Kane glared at Miles grimmly.

The air began to flicker around Kane and suddenly an incredible heat came up as Kane unleashed his aura. His muscles braced and became hard as steel. He really was furious. Seing the others like that really got him angry. He wasn't a killer or murderer, but he was sure about it, that he would break every single bone in Miles body just to make sure he wouldn't betray them ever again. Miles was no match for him and he knew that. Kane had just to get rid of that stupid rifle Miles was carrying around.

Now there were just a few meters separating them. The heat slowly became unbearable for the people around Kane.Then he lowered his aura a little, relaxed his muscles a little and prepated himself for the fight against Miles. He had to be swift to dodge the rifle, if Miles decided to fire at him. He grabed his staff with both hands and grined at his opponent. "Let's get it on!"

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Lan groaned. She had a sore head, she noted as she tried to sit up. A hot blaze flew over her head as she did so.

"WATCH IT!" She screamed, ducking. "Jeez! Kane! What are you trying to do? Kill me?!" She looked at him...then Miles. She looked at the situation.

"Oh shit."

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"... I feel heat coming from in there." said Allan

Three soilders came from a corner of the building. They were shocked to see Allan and Yumi standing there. They all held their guns up.

"Drop your weapons!" shouted a Soilder

Allan felt like fighting them but he remembered that Yumi was behind him, if she was caught in gunfire, Kane wouldn't forgive him for it. He dropped the Sword obidiently.

"... What are we supposed to do them now?" asked a Soilder

"Do what Miles would do, I guess."

"No! They can't come back on Board! Miles'd kill us!"

"Lower your arms, Men." came a voice out of nowhere

A man, obviously another from the Soilders but he was dressed well. Had a sharp look, short white hair, a Gun and Sword by his sides held by his belt.

"So, you must be one of the people from here who came onto the Ship. It wasn't wise to play with fire." he said

"And who are you to tell me?" Allan replied snappingly

"'Arsyn Reaves. Deputy head of the 56th Flying Soverignity."


"You should think twice before doing things like these."

"I had nothing to do with it! I'm just friends to them! I arrived AFTER Cayla had done what she did!"

"But you still fought against us... Well, it seems like a misunderstanding either way... Say, how does this Cayla use power like that?"

"She's the El-Hazard Priestess of Fire, she is granted those powers once gaining her title."

"Ah... This interests me... Is there any greater power?"

Allan had to think about this, he didn't have to know about the Demon Gods, he wasn't on his side anyway.

"... No."

"I'll remember this, child. Me and my men seem to have caused you enough trouble, we'll be off."

"The name's Allan."

"Indeed. Let's go men."

"But what about Miles, Sir?" asked a Soilder

"He can help himself. He's the Commanding Officer after all." Arsyn replied

The group of four walked away, Allan picked ip his Sword again and turned back to face Yumi.

"What can I say? I like his attitude." said Allan

"Hey! He's not on our side!" shouted Yumi


Arsyn could add a bit more to the storyline in later chapters or just remain a background character. Anybody can decide his actions/speech like the other NPCs. (He's the Deputy Head, not a higher rank than Miles. Miles can still give him orders. Just to make that clear.)

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This is the finale of this chapter. Please read as a few major events take place.

The firery rage of Kane was quite magnificent as it was also dangerously powerful.

He also did a familiar move that Calya did. Somehow he also knew how to fight using fire. A stream of fire came at be, but I jumped and rolled out of the way of the blast. Still lying on the ground I shot a stun-round at him. It did hit, but he was still standing, then again the red glow around his body had disappeared. I stood up, but he came after me with his staff. He used a weapon, so I will. I held my rifle in front of me, defensively, as if it was a staff, and blocked the first blow if Kane's furious vertical swing. I took a swing at kane with the stock of my rifle, but I missed, and he quickly countered it. He took a horizontal swing from low and knocked me off my feet and literally made me fly back.

I landed on my stomach with the rifle landeing in front of me. That blow hurt like hell, but I could still fight. I got up to my knees and looked back. Kane's fiery glow was coming back. If the first stun round made it stop, I was sure that another could. I took teh rifle, stood up, and fired another stun round but thsi time, it missed.

The lightning-fast bold was somehow dodged but a faster move. His glow obviously made him stronger. That was his source of power. I fired another, it missed, I fired one last time at point-blank range, and missed... He came at me with hsi staff, and took another swing at me. He hti my on my collar bone, breaking his staff, and possibly breaking my bone, but I still had the strength to fight, and so we did. I started swinging furiously, untill Kane grabbed it and took it away. He pointed the gun at me, pulled the trigger, but nothing fired.

"Heh, Can't fire it can you? I know why." I did a right hook into Kane's face, normally that would make them fall over but that hardly made him fall back at all. I was stunned at this, but Kane, recovered very fast, and kicked me in the stomach... Hard... I bellowed over, and he put me in ana arm-lock. I couldn't fight him at all. He was very strong, I couldnt' break free at all. Then... He took one of my arms, twisted it, and broke it... It hurt like a bitch, it was an immense amount of pain. I screamed in pain, and fell to the ground...

Kane towered over my body. He said something but I couldn't understand. I was too focused on the pain of my arm. Then someone spoke over my radio...

"Miles, this is Arsyn, 'member me? Listen we're going to evac from the ship soon. I'm in an APC heading to your area. get ready." The line cut dead in there. I looked to my left, the APC was already coming. Infact it was close. I looked up at Kane, he seemed to be distracted by it. This was perfect. My left arm had been broken, so I picked up a frag grenade from my right pocket. Once it was about to come to a stop, I set the fuse for 10 seconds, pulled the pin, dropped it, got up, and ran like hell.

with 5 secodns before the grenade would explode, I got in the APC. Kane went after me for at least 2 steps, then he turned around, picke dup the grenade, and tossed it back. Thankfully by that time it was too late. I was inside the APC, the grenade hit it, but didn't go through the think armor. I had gotten away.

By the time I reached the ship, I contacted david from the radio.

"David, can you calculate how much percent the fusion power plant will need to create a big enough explosion to cover this lake?" I said. "Give me a second." I could hear the tapping of keypads s he calculated how much.
"15 percent." "Good, set the generator to 17 percent and set the self-destruct sequence for 10 minutes. We don't want toe Roshtarians salvaging our technology." With that I had no response. Once I did get in however, the intercom was shouting the time left before self-destruct. I hurried my ass to one of the Longsword Interceptors in the Vehicle bay. We immediately dispatched afterwards. Everyone still alive was away from the ship. And soon after, it exploded. Taking almost every person of the Roshtarian army with the ship... Into oblivion....

This concludes this chapter. I say it was good and now I will make another that is less restrictive. Great job to all of you so far.

Oh yea I also got permission from executor82 to godmod him for this.