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Title: *OOC* Introduction and Rules
Post by: Spanner on June 20, 2003, 09:21:20 PM
Welcome to the El-Hazard Online Role Playing Game!

The Premise:

Roughly two generations after Makoto reunited with Ifurita on Earth, El-hazard is in a state of uneasy peace. For many years, the Alliance, the Bugrom, and the Shadow Tribe have co-existed, none directly attacking any of the others.

Then, one day, the Eye of God began to exhibit some strange behavior. For the space of a few weeks, every day it opened two or three small dimensional gateways. A number of individuals were drawn through these gateways.

Now El-Hazard is playing host to several new travelers, each wielding a strange new power. Will these newcomers tip the balance, and plunge El-Hazard once again into war? Or will they be the salve that heals the broken world once and for all?

Title: Re: Introduction and Rules
Post by: Spanner on June 20, 2003, 09:41:58 PM
The Rules:

EHOLRPG is a very open game, so there aren't many rules. Most of the rules that exist govern character creation. So, once the mods have authorized your character, you're pretty much free to use El-Hazard as your playground. ;D New rules may be added occasionally, whenever it becomes apparent that we need them.

Character Creation

1. Characters must be approved by one or both mods before they can be used in the game.

2. Players cannot claim series characters (i.e., Makoto, Jinnai, Shayla-Shayla, etc.) as their own. These are all public-domain characters, and anyone may use them if they need them.

3. Player characters must be from Earth, or from El-Hazard. This rule may be waived, if both mods agree to.

4. Player characters from El-Hazard must be human, Bugrom, or Shadow Tribesman. A player may play as another intelligent race (i.e. Armor Cat, Mice-With-Hats, etc.) only with the permission of both mods. A player may also choose to play as a Demon God, but severe restrictions may apply.

5. Player characters from Earth may choose to have their character come from any nation and from any time period. However, it is an Earth much like our own. Magic does not exist, and neither do supernatural beings like fae or spirits. Player characters may choose a special ability for their character. Be careful, though - overpowered characters will be rejected.


1. While you will almost inevitably interact with other players' characters during the game, you may not control those other characters without their owners' permission. This also means that you can't cause your character to do something that another player "can't avoid". (For example, you can write, "My character throws a punch at your character." But you CAN'T write "My character punches your character in the jaw, knocking him off his feet." It's up to the other player to decide whether your attack connects, and what effect it will have if it does.)

2. Except for special powers granted travelers from Earth, the holy abilities of the priestesses, and Shadow Tribe illusions, there is no magic in this game. (Some would argue that those abilities, too, are not magical.) Some ancient El-Hazard technology may have effects that seem magical, of course.


1. Do not post out-of-character posts to game threads. Only post out-of-character in topics labeled *OOC* (and then, only if it's on-topic for that topic); that's what they're there for. Small out-of-character blurbs in a primarily in-character post are fine.