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Title: The Adventure Begins
Post by: Spanner on June 18, 2003, 10:48:27 PM
"So, what's the news?" Administrator Harim Aldazar querried.

"No change," Chief Technician Miriam Dulielle responded grimly. "The Eye is continuing to exhibit its aberrent behavior. The latest experiment failed to have any effect."

Harim stroked his long, pointed beard thoughtfully. "We have discovered so much about the Eye in the past few decades... But there is so much we still do not know. Why is something like this happening now, after all these years? Could it have something to do with the Phantom Tribe's tampering."

"Unlikely, sir," Miriam responded, voicing the answer Harim already knew. "Makoto and Ifurita both verified that the Eye was clean of their sabotage."

"A pity they aren't here now," Harim said sourly. "I would dearly like to know what they would have made of the current situation."

Harim began to pace. "Two weeks ago, for no discernable reason, the Eye of God blinked, and briefly opened a path to another dimension. Since then, it has continued to open gateways at a rate of two or three a day. We have yet to verify whether anything was transmitted through these gateways either way, but I'd guess it's only a matter of time before something DOES slip through."

Still pacing, "And the rest of the time, the Eye is perfectly normal. We've had the Priestesses Seal and Unseal the Eye numerous times. We've attempted to have the princesses shut the Eye down. They've even gone so far as to TEST-FIRE the blasted thing for God's sake. All appears normal. But just when things seem to be back to normal, BAM, another gate opens."

Wearily, Harim sat down. "The only solution I can see is to have the princesses man the Eye continuously, since the Eye has never had one of these... episodes while the princesses have been using it. Which, of course, is an absurd solution. Even if the princesses had the endurance to operate the Eye indefinitely, the Alliance cannot afford to have its leaders so occupied."

"I am at a loss Miriam," Harim confessed. "Our department, the Council for the Continued Study of the Eye of God, has been trying for years to understand its complexity, so that the vile trap the Phantom Tribe set for us can never be repeated. It is at times like these that I wonder if we are any closer to unravelling its secrets than we were when we first began. Now, I must give my report to their royal Highnesses. It is unfortunate that all that I can tell them is that we must wait, and hope for the best."

Miriam wanted to comfort her superior, but was uncertain how to began. It was true; the situation looked hopeless. At least so far, there had been no recorded injuries or deaths as a result of the Eye's antics. But how long would that last?

Title: Re: The Adventure Begins
Post by: theravenisdead on June 19, 2003, 09:19:24 AM
(OOC: k here's my starting post. Its long, but necessary. Enjoy!)

"..Coming up next on the weekend roundup, a little Pearl Jam, Filter, Incubus, and the new Finger Eleven track up next!. Stay tuned to 105.5: The Edge!"

Nolan turned up his car stereo as he sped through the the heavy saturday traffic. The sun was shining, and the temperature was a perfect example of a typical Canadian summer day. It was roughly noon on the east coast, and he wanted to get to work as quick as possible. Free lunch is always a good motivation he figured, raising his free hand to adjust the rearview mirror to get a better view of the semi pulling up behind him.

So far, his day had gone fairly well, according to his standards. He managed to leave the house without speaking to anyone, was able to start his car (an old Ford Tempo that had seen better days) on the first try (not a common occurance) and he managed to get onto the freeway offramp in just 15 minutes. All he needed now was a decent MickyD-style feast..

Now working at a McDonalds wasnt the most glamorous job in the world, but it paid okay, and Nolan needed the cash, his car needed insurance payments and gas. And while he did get ridiculed for his occupation occasionally, he paid no heed to those comments. At least he had a job, most of his friends lived off of student loans payments.

As he passed milemarker 32, Nolan put the pedal to the metal and moved the Tempo into the fast lane, passing by a couple of cars and a minivan fairly quickly. As the radio commercials ended, Nolan began to bounce in his seat as the rock music began playing again. Satisfied with the music, he proceeded to remove a CD from the deck, sliding it into a cd binder which he then threw onto the back seat.

"Careful! What you're feeling! On the inside! You should try to remember!" he sang along to the music, cautiously slowing down as the traffic started to slow, a sign of a jam coming up. He shifted down a gear, but kept a steady speed as he drove passed other cars caught in slower lanes. He took a swig of Powerade, tossing the bottle onto the passenger seat, clearly frustrated.

"I don't need this s--t.." muttered Nolan under his breath. He reached to turn down the radio, only to quickly slam on his brakes as the SUV in front of him stopped abruptly. "Christ!" He yelled out loud, honking his horn in an attempt to vocalize his frustyration.

In submission, he laid back into his seat, and stared out the driver door window, annoyed and bored. He admired the foliage along the roadside, watching a dog and its master walking along a path nearby.

Nolan sighed heavily, about to put his concentration back on the road when suddenly He noticed what looked like lightning up abive the highway. 'Huh...' he thought, visibly perplexed. It wasnt cloudy in the least, and there was no storm warning in effect. Was there?

Even stranger still, the lightning began to take the form of a star. Even more confused and curious, Nolan stared up at it, mezmerized.

Then, inexplicably, the lightning began to intensify, and not only that, but began to lower in altitude. It was almost like it was approaching the highway! Nolan continued to stare at it, and was now joined by many fellow motorists, some of whom had exited their gridlocked cars and were standing, hands over their foreheads, staring up at the sky just as perplexed as he was.

The sound of tires screeching interrupted Nolan's train of thought, as he turned around in his seat just in time to see a small hatchback, its driver distracted by the bizzare phenomenon, crash into the rear of another car about four cars behind his Tempo. Then he heard another crash, this time from the the opposing side of the highway as a delivery truck sideswiped a pickup, flipping it onto its side. He noticed that many motorists had gotten back into their cars attempting to continue driving, if only to avoid an accident.

Nolan was about to exit his vehicle, to head down and check on the driver of the crashed hatchback, when suddenly as he reached for the door handle, a brilliant flash of light blinded his eyes. He covered his eyes, disoriented and confused, as the light became so bright that he couldnt even see inches in front of his own face...

Then, as If someone had simply flicked a switch, all sense of feeling and self awareness ceased....

When the light subsided, the highway had a visible gap in it, where a vehicle should have been and had been mere moments ago...


"Ow..... what happened?" asked Nolan out loud, rather groggily. He tried to stand up, but felt too drained to. He couldnt hear the sound of engines around him, even his own car seemed to be silent. As he sat up in his car seat he slowly opened his eyes, the bright light having long since subsided. He opened them slowly at first, then  literally snapped them open, as he glared out over the dashboard out the front window.

Gone was the traffic, the people, even the highway that he had just been driving on. In its place, desert now stood. Sandy hills, the odd palm tree here and there, and sand. Lots and lots of sand.

Nolan stared out at the desert in front of him, visibly perplexed. "What...the......hell?" He spewed out loud in disbelief. He reached for the door handle, opened the driver door, and climbed out, standing next to his car.

"HELLO?" he yelled out into the empty desert, hoping that someone, ANYONE would hear him. "Anybody There! HELLO!" unfortunately all that Nolan heard in response to his cries was his own echo billowing across the landscape. In submission, he stopped his yelling, and looked at his feet below him, confused.

Unwilling to give up, he raised his head and began eying the horizon for anything, A hitchhiker, another car, hell, a Camel would do at the moment, as long as it was accompanied by a Human being!

He turned around, slowly eying the desert to his south, and was about to redirect his eyes to his east when he noticed something rising up into the sky. At first it looked like a mountain, but after looking harder, its bizzare shape eliminated that possibility. It almost looked like a large tower of some sort.

Thinking it could be a sign of urbanization, Nolan quickly climbed into his car, slamming the door and starting the engine. On the first try, the engine simply lurched and died. "Cmon!! START!" he cried in frustration. After three more attempts, the Tempo finally roared to life and Nolan eagerly shifted it into first gear, make a u-turn and began driving off towards the strange tower-like object on the horizon...

(end of post)

Title: Re: The Adventure Begins
Post by: larewen_evenstar on June 19, 2003, 01:09:17 PM
Lana was wandering through a forest. She had wondered through a lot of forests in her time, but never had she come across a forest like this.
Blue lights flashed on and off, everytime she went passed one of the larger trees that seemed to mark out the way, a new light went on, and an old one went off.

The place was cold, and unwelcoming. But she was used to this. Everywhere she went, she was thrown out of. If she asked for a job, she got hit over the head by a frying pan or suchlike and kicked out of the door.

The palace had been warm. She could remember that. That was about all she could remember.

"When was the last time I saw anyone? Must have been about a month ago." She talked quetly to herself.
She began to sing.
"When the moon on a cloud cast night
Hung above the tree tops' height."
Her voice echoed around the tree tops. She could use this as a meathod of finding things, her voice was a bit like ultrasound. Suddenly, there it was. A tower, right in front of her.

"What the!?"

Title: Re: The Adventure Begins
Post by: Fujisawa4654 on June 19, 2003, 10:11:40 PM
"Rabbit 1, come in Rabbit 1..... Rabbit 1 please respond! Pay attention Rabbit 1!"

"Wha.... OH sorry command, resuming flight course."

"Pay attention next time Rabbit 1.."

Somethign was on my mind this whole time. It distrubed me, the dream I had last night, this weird place, it can not be described.

I'm the commanding officer of the 56th Flying Sovergnity. A Space navy regiment that utilizes fighters.

I could never keep my mind off of anything. I've seen things so, disturbing. Mostly in the military. The people in the official regiments seem, crooked. Others seem like their natural.

There currently is a war with these aliens, they have some sort of ability to disrupt dimentions and create wormholes, and yes they are more technoligicaly advanced than we are.

IT would be 4 hours untill we reach our destination, we don't have any jump or warp systems, although they are currently being developed.

I have a fairly advanced fighter, while my squaddies all have cheap ones, and we're being sent through a high-activity area, which I wonder what the hell is going on. Oh well, If I die, I die, simple.

5 minutes later, we fell under attack, 8 alien fighters. We have 10 in our regiment,, but that doesn't seem to be enough.

The fighting began with both sides breaking off formation and engauging each other. My wingmen were getting shot down 1 by 1 like ducks. That I had expected because noone really had that much flight experience.

It looked hopeless. The pilots were almost gone, all but 2 ships remained, mine and some veteran from the last battle. He escaped in a pod and was barely dragged to safety of a base.

But alas, he did not survive either. After I finished the alien, I turned my ship to face them, but they were just sitting there in formation. I don't know what was happening, or why that was happening.

In a blink of an eye, they disappeared. That left me just sitting there, wondering what the hell just happened. After a few minutes of pondering, my ship gave me an alert.

"Warning:Anomaly forming -50 M."

That meant it was right behind me! I turned the ship 180, then I was sucked in, and blacked out. It all happened so fast...

Title: Re: The Adventure Begins
Post by: Spanner on June 20, 2003, 12:50:15 PM
Itamar Lowe hung close to the shadows, a nervous sweat slicking his brow. He was not one to make a habit of breaking curfew, but today he had lost track of time. He did not want to think of what would happen to him, if the police were to find him wandering the streets so late at night...

As though summoned by his thoughts, a flashlight suddenly highlighted his features, causing the young man to nearly jump out of his skin in fright. "YOU THERE!" A voice growled. "DON'T MOVE!" It was a pair of policemen, on patrol. He was caught!

Itamar's heart raced as he debated what to do. He was innocent of any wrongdoing beyond breaking curfew. As a law-abiding citizen, he should meekly submit himself to the authorities. Unfortunately, it had been made amply clear to Itamar that citizens like himself were not treated the same way as others were. It was his personal opinion that "meek submission" was exactly the kind of attitude that had led to that unfortunate state of affairs in the first place.

Itamar ran.

Ignoring the cursing of the police officers behind him, Itamar ducked into an alleyway. There was a hole in the fence blocking the end of it, nearly hidden from sight. If he could make it through before his pursuers rounded the corner, he just might be able to lose them. Itamar had lived in Prague all of his life, and knew of many such hidden shortcuts and hideaways.

Unfortunately for him, the police pursuing him were also natives of his city, and weren't fooled. No sooner had he scrambled through the fence, then he turned to see one of his pursuers struggling to pull himself through the same opening. He'd bought himself a little time, but nothing more.

At least the darkness was his ally. It was late evening, and the only light was that provided by the streetlamps. The moon would normally have been bright that night, but it was covered by rather ominous stormclouds... Itamar blinked at that. The sky had been clear only minutes earlier. How could such a tumuluous blanket of black have covered the sky so quickly? Lightning crackled across its surface with an almost instant retort of thunder. Grim weather, indeed.

Itamar had nearly reached the end of the alley, when the worst happened. The other of the two policemen had made his way around to the other side, and Itamar was now pinned between the two. He wondered if he might be able to dash around one of them, but the ready stance each had, as well as the drawn club, dispelled that notion.

Once again, a light illuminated his face. "Well, well, I should have guessed," one of the policement drawled. "Don't you know these streets were made for decent citizens?"

The other, the one who had followed Itamar through the fence complained, "The dirty Jew made me rip my uniform following him!"

"I suppose we'll just have to teach him to respect his betters, then, won't we?" The man smiled nastily, tapping his club against his palm as he slowly advanced. The expression on the face of his partner was just as anticipatory.

Suddenly, Itamar found himself hating these two men to the very core of his being. He had never hated anyone in his life. He was almost surprised at his own vehemence. He had always believed that you had to know someone before you could truly hate them. He did not know these men, and they did not know him. Yet his hatred for them was easily as strong as the hatred they obviously bore for him. Their hatred was so strong, that they were willing to beat a total stranger, possibly to death - and RELISHED the opportunity.

If Itamar had possessed a weapon of some kind, he would have turned it on them. He would have gladly taken their lives, even after all he had been taught to value the sanctity of human life, and not felt the slightest shred of guilt. But he had no weapon. All he could do was watch and wait for his painful future to arrive.

Fate, however, had other plans. The maelstrom of clouds above - coincidentally spiraling around a point directly above Itamar himself - disgorged an arc of black lightning that crashed down upon the unfortunate Jew. His assailants swore, and covered their eyes against the bright flash that resulted. When their vision returned, their prey had vanished.

"Did you see that?" the officer with the torn uniform asked shakily.

The other, eyes wide with astonishment nodded dumbly. "I didn't think lightning could... DO that to a man."

"Maybe we should get inside...?"

"I don't think we need to. Look." He pointed up, and the other's eyes followed. The sky was completely clear.

"So... How do you think we should report this?"

"We don't," came the blunt reply.

The one with the torn uniform nodded reluctantly, realizing that he'd need to come up with some other explanation for the state of his uniform. With a nervous glance to the sky, and then another at the spot where Itamar once stood, he noted, "At least that's one less of his kind around."

The other nodded brusquely, and the two of them departed the scene.


Don't worry, my posts won't USUALLY be this long. ;D I just need some exposition to set things up for my character.

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Post by: jewel_of_roshtaria on June 20, 2003, 04:07:34 PM
Keora sat gloomily on the balcony of her decadent bedroom, gazing up at the ominous black sphere that had haunted the skies over El-Hazard for what seemed an eternity. The Eye of God had been a part of her life ever since she was born, but never had it been such a monsterous burden before this time.

"Harim's report weighs heavily on my heart, dear Fio... " Keora said, although she knew perfectly well that her twin sister was not in the room with her. Princess Fiore had the annoying habit of abandoning her royal responsibilities at the worst possible times...

"It is most unfortunate that there is no course of action to be taken... I despise this waiting, while I know that all of Roshtaria may be in great peril! ... And yet, it is my duty to put on a good face, and continue to be a ray of hope to my people... Still, I cannot shake this feeling that all I am abandoning them... As a leader of Roshtaria, my responsibility is deeper than that..."

Meanwhile, in another part of the Palace, Fiore also gazes up at the Eye, however, it fills her with feelings of great resentment rather than sadness. To Fiore, the Eye of God represents all of the burdens of her life, and she has grown to loathe it, as she has grown to loathe many things in her dismal life.

Fiore knew the troubles of Roshtaria. After all, it was her buisness to know. However, she couldn't help feel a little detachment with every new responseability presented to her. And now this...

"I will no longer be a prisioner here..." Fio said to herself. "Princesses should have lives too, right?"

A large bag sat open on the floor. Inside were a few of Fio's possessions, clothes, food, and a few Roshtals. The Princess snapped it shut, then swung it over her shoulder carelessly, fastening it on like a backpack. Then, she lowered herself out of her window with the skill of a veteran, for she had run away from the Palace more times than even the Royal treasurer could count. The branches of the large vine outside her window made an exelent ladder, and soon she was on the ground safely, and scurrying off into the bushes...

On her buereu back in her bedroom, Fio left a short and curteous note adressed to her sister. It read like this:

Dear Sis,
Sorry, but I really don't feel like sitting around and waiting for the Eye of God to blow up or whatever. There's really nothing to do about it anyway, so I may as well take the day off.

PS, Don't worry, I'll probably be back soon, I don't imagine that the Royal gaurds will leave me alone for long, so, in the mean time, I'm sure you'll be just fine!

The note contained many spelling and grammar mistakes.

(OOC, I just though it would be cool if Fio could bump into one of the newbies while she's running around. She has a knack for getting into to trouble anyways, so let's spice it up a bit!  ;D )

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Allan moved through the endless grassy feild in peace, almost as if he was enjoying what he was doing... He looked up into the evening sky wondering how the past few years have given him so much to think about. It was great to be alone, it was a fantastic experiance...

"I wish it were like before, I used to roam the world and discover such amazing things..." said Allan. He then began to look further into the past, before his travels had begun... Being a Palace Servant, it wasn't the best job in the world but he had a fair friendship with a few members of the Royal Family, he had left because he wanted to find out more about himself through travelling on his own. He also remembered how he had received the surname "Fairlight" from a story he had heard at youth.

Allan walked over to the edge of the cliff and stared at the City into the Distance.

"... Welcome back home" he said, staring into the place which he had once belonged to. He slowly began to walk forward for a hilly point where he could begin walking down into the city.

He eventually found somewhere which he could get down in order to reach the City, he got onto the lower ground and began jogging towards it.

As he approached the City Walls, his heart was pounding nervously but then he smiled and remembered that this was his home-town and that he shouldn't be afraid of it... He looked around the outsides and gave a whistle.

"You've changed... Well, So have I..." he thought.

He caught his eyes on the first person and it immediatly struck him what would happen beyond here? Would anyone remember him? It has been a long time... He gathered his breath and a look of peace entered his face.

"Time will tell,"


I figure I won't get into the huge things so soon, I'll have some more character insight and so forth on the next time I write.

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Post by: darmicon on June 20, 2003, 04:20:15 PM
(Currently under lockdown...)

Title: Re: The Adventure Begins
Post by: theravenisdead on June 21, 2003, 06:08:12 AM
Nolan's mind was running a mile a minute. Sitting there, his foot pushed to the floor of the cabin, he barely acknowledged the large tree in front of him, turning the car away mere feet from an inpact. Visibly confused and frustrated, he slammed his free hand against the dashboard, trying to mentally figure out what the hell was going on.

He shifted up a gear, picking up speed as the tires began to get a better grip on the terrain. Gusts of sand propelled by his tires blew into the air behind him as he sped through the sand, his eyes solely fixed on the tower-like object off in the distance.

As his car got closer, the tower slowly rose higher on the horizon, quickly doubling from its previous size. As he continued onward, he noticed that the sand was beginning to give way to grass, the desert slowly transforming into a grassland with every passing acre.
Soon Nolan found himself surrounded by shrubs and what looked like farm crops.

The going started to get a little rough, the car bumping up and down as it passed over the increasingly hostile terrain. Nolan began to eye the immediate area from some sort of road he could maneuver to. He noticed a small dirt road a little ways off to the right.

As Nolan steered the Tempo towards the road, he noticed what looked like people walking alongside of it. "Finally! Maybe they can help me out. Must be a town around here or something. Or better yet, maybe they can tell me what the hell THAT is" Nolan voiced out loud, slightly guesturing to the tower-like thing off in the distance.

As he got closer, he put his head out of his window, and began waving his arm wildly in the wind. In actuality, his bellowing wasnt needed, for they heard the sound of his engine long before they heard him. As he got closer, the three locals ceased talking to eachother and turned around. As they did this, the looks on their faces almost immediately shifted from one of indifference to one of shock, the three of them staring at the strange object closing in on them. They all bore looks of absolute terror, as well as confusion as Nolan closed on in them.

He pulled off the grass, landing onto the road with a small thud as he began to slow down, coming to a stop mere feet from them. He lowered the passenger side window.

"Excuse me, but could you tell me where I am? I seem to have taken a wrong turn or... something..." asked Nolan in the most polite tone he could muster.

The three oddly dressed men simply stared, two of them with their jaws hanging open, gawking at Nolan's bizzare vehicle.

"Uh... You dudes okay? You look like you've seen a ghost or something..." At this, one of the men regained his composure and looked down at Nolan's face.

"Ah.... I am sorry young sir.. Its just that you, or more specifically, your contraption are not exactly a usual sight" he said matter-of-factly.

Raising an eyebrow, Nolan continued "Contraption? What are referring to?"

"I am refering to the very machine that you are inside of!" he replied, gesturing his arms towards Nolan's car.

Again, Nolan looked perplexed. "What, the car?" he asked, visibly confused "What's so strange about it? I know its an older model, but it doesnt look THAT bad" he spewed.

The man simply didnt know how to respond, something Nolan could see just from the bizzare look on the man's face.

"Ahh.... never mind.. Anyway, could you at least tell me what that tower is?" He said, pointing towards it.

This time the man did have an answer "Why, that is the Roshtarian royal palace!" he replied, as if the question was in jest. Nolan blinked "Uhm.... okay... how do i get there from here?"

With a curious look, the man continued "Ah... you should continue to head down this road. It will soon lead to the outskirts of Floristica." Nolan nodded slowly "Okay" he replied "Thanks for the help... I think.."
The man nodded.

With that, Nolan popped the gearshift out of neutral causing the car to jerk forward. The three strangers jumped back at this, still visibly nervous as Nolan began to slowly head off down the road. They watched him leave, wondering if what they had just seen was indeed real.


Nolan was even more confused now. While he had ultimately found out what the strange tower was, at the same time he found himself asking even more questions than before he had stopped to ask for help.

"What were they talking about? 'Roshtolia', 'Florist-somethingorother', what was that guy referring to?" Nolan asked himself as he continued driving, his car occupying most of the narrow road. "And what was up with their weird wardrobe choices? Its like they're trying out for some sort of play." he muttered "although, what play they could be trying out for is beyond me. Maybe something with a middle-eastern, neo-victorian bhuddist monk plot." he chuckled to himself.

It was at this moment that Nolan realized that his radio had been left in the 'on' position. He also could hear the sound of static coming from the speakers. "Hm.. no Edge? Thats strange.." he muttered. "It worked before... aw f--k it... Maybe I can find a local station or something" he said as he reached for the dial and began turning it, listening for anything resembling a signal in the static.

But, to Nolan's surprise, he couldnt find one. He turned it to the end of the band, then back. he did it again slower, then even slower. He tried the AM band, then again on the FM. Nothing.

"Wonderful. Now my radio is broken. Just what i DON'T need right now." he spewed out, punching the deck in frustration. "I don't even have any cash to get it fixed."

As the car turned around a bend, he could see that the tower appeared to be almost hovering over him, and now he had a good look at it. It was unbelievable.
It looked like something out of Arabian Nights. Or a certain Disney film.The sheer size of it astonished Nolan, as he drove closer and closer to it.

Soon the dirt road gave way to stones, and he began to notice some small dwellings coming up. As he approached, many of the locals came to their windows, or stopped their current tasks and came towards the road. And as Nolan drove passed, he saw that they all had astonished looks on their faces. Some ran away as his car passed, others simply stared in shock, while some of the younger ones began chasing after Nolan, their curiosity getting the better of them.

Nolan stared out the car windows, himself in shock, as he drove past countless buildings, where many locals had gathered roadside to see the stranger in the strange contraption passing by. As he got deeper and deeper into the urban sprawl, he found that the road was becoming crowded with pedestrians, some pulling carts of food, others carying carts of fine linen.

He felt compelled to honk his horn, but didnt know what would happen if he did. Unwilling to find out, Nolan refrained and tried to maneuver the car around.
Instead of having to maneuver, he found that all of the people were avoiding his car, as if in fear, staring at it a if it were some sort of killer animal. The locals simply formed a large crowd around Nolan, most of them gawking in awe at the sight.

Eventually, Nolan had to stop as he found himself on the edge of what appeared to be an outdoor market of some kind. He opened the driver door and stepped out, noticing that the eyes of over a hundred people were placed solely on himself. He felt himself blushing under the glare as he slammed the door shut and took a good look around.

"Okay... So this must be Floristiga... Now, what's wrong with this picture?" he asked out loud to himself as he began to head away from his car, the locals continuing to stare either at him or his white Ford.

"What the hell happened to me?"

(end post. feel free to jump in here)

(OOC: Id love to have someone add to this scene, so feel free. So far, my character is now in Floristica, but he's pretty much a lost kitten ^_^; So any Roshtarians who wanna jump in, go ahead. ^^)

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Post by: panicpaladin on June 22, 2003, 01:43:07 PM
Allan continued walking among the City and breezed down it as if he knew this place like the back of his hand... Sure it changed a little but Floristica was his home, he couldn't wait to find the Palace Guard again, despite him being a fully grown man, Allan still looked up to him as a close friend.

As he walked through the Market closing into the Palace, he noticed a strange white machine which he had never seen before and with a man right next to it... What was this thing? Who was this man?... Allan looked closer at the strange thing and grew a huge smile on his face which then broke into severe laughter.

"*tears of laughter* What in El-Hazard is that?!"


I guess I my story wasn't really going anywhere either and seeing as you wanted to someone to bump into your story (and the fact that you were also on your way towards the Palace), I figure I'd give it a go.

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Post by: larewen_evenstar on June 22, 2003, 03:11:01 PM
The forest was slowely giving way to...
"The Palace! Of course! How could I forget?" She gave a sigh of relief and ran east away from the palace, towards the village.

"Now..." she said to herself, "I need food. There is no food in the wild and I'm starving!" She spotted a familiar figure. A roshtarian guard, on the look out for her. He saw her. She saw the strange white car. She got scared. Then she saw that it seemed to be some sort of vehicle. She ran over to it, the guard following, jumped in, stared at it for a moment, sighed, turned the key-like thing, and hit the first thing she could find. It was the accelarator. Lana, of all people in El Hazard, had learnt how to drive.

She sped away fro mthe guard who had seen some others guards and were all now chasing her. Lana, in her panic, drove the car straight into the wall of a nearby house. The front bumper collided with the wall, then the engine, then the front windscreen. Lana screamed, and jumped out of the car before it killed her. She tripped over someones foot. It was Allan.
"S**T!!!" Lana said as she hit the ground, back first.

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Post by: panicpaladin on June 22, 2003, 04:59:02 PM
Allan felt a person hit his foot, it was Lana... The Palace Guard ran towards them and took Allan almost like a criminial until he had recognised the face.

"... Allan?" he said
"Ah, when was our last seeing of each other?" Allan replied
"You must have been eight years old! You've grown so much..."
"Indeed... Don't worry about the girl, I know her, she's not causing any trouble,"
"You must be mistaking her for someone else, it's okay, I'll take it over from here,"
"Alright, farewell, until fate lets us meet again..."

Allan smiled and nodded him off... But he left a sign of worry on his face.

"And who might you be?... Wait, those eyes, didn't you use to be a Servant at the Palace aswell?" Allan asked her


Erk, sorry Larwen, I thought your character was one of the two Princesses. I corrected my post. =P

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The thing that Alex always hated the most about life was waking up before the sun rose, just so he could catch the public bus that would get him to school in time for his first class.  There was just something impossibly wrong about forcing yourself to wake up when your instincts prefered something slower, something easier.  To make matters worse, aside from that one hour class, all of his other classes were in the afternoon, leaving him with several hours to kill.  He'd considered dropping the class before, but it was one of the few requirements that he still had inbetween him and graduation.

At least it isn't raining this morning, he thought, watching the bus stop five blocks down the street.  Alex opened up his backpack and slid his history book back inside.  He was about to zip it back up when something caught his eye.  It was large, round, black, and most importantly, heading his...

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Nolan took a good look at the faces of the people who were staring back at him, trying as hard as he could to keep his composure intact as he tried to make sense of everything.

"Maybe this is Mecca, I mean.. people there dress sorta like this.. and they have huge mosques too... But even then, what the hell am I doing in Mecca!??" he asked himself softly. He was about to speak to himself again when he heard some laughter to his right.

Turning around, he could see man in the croud, simply laughing and smiling as if he had seen a very funny circus act. 'O.....kay...' he thought 'I fail to see whats funny about this..'

As he began to approach the man, a commotion behind him started to play out, causing him to stop and turn around, along with much of the crowd to see what was up.

"Halt!" yelled a man, as he began to run after what looked like a young girl, herself running towards Nolan. He watches as she dodged her way around people in her way, the guard in hot pursuit.

As she approached him, she suddenly stopped and Nolan noticed she began eyeing something. Then with a shocked look he watched as she climbed into the driver seat of his Tempo. Nolan, visibly stunned by her actions, started back towards his car.

"HEY! What the hell do you-" Nolan didnt get to finish his sentence, as the girl turned the ignition and the car roared to life and then lurched foreward rather quickly, straight towards him. "Crap!" He yelled, jumping to his side, barely missing a near impact on the bumper. He landed with a thud on the stone walkway next to the road.

As he lifted his head, he saw a few other men chasing after the girl, down the road. He had barely gotten back to his feet when he heard what was unmistakenly the sound of his car smashing into something rather blunt and heavy. He made a mad dash towards where the noise had come from, finally coming to a halt in front of a small residence. A look of horror spread across his face as he saw that his vehicle had been smashed right through the wall of the home. The car alarm he had it equiped with was now blaring uncontrolably, startling and scaring many onlookers.

"Oh for f... ARGH!!.. " he said to himself, muttering some french curses under his breath as he made his way through the gathered crowd and made his way inside the home to check the damage to his car. And to see what happened to the girl.

Just as he made his way around to the hole, he heard what sounded like something falling from above. He looked up into the sky, just in time to see a man plummit to the ground, landing on the already cracked windshield of his car, shattering it completely with a loud Crash!

Second later, a loud SMASH was heard as something very large smashed into some buildings a few city blocks to Nolan's left, causing a large one to colapse into the ground. Small flickers of fire were now becoming visible on the horizon.  Nolan simply stared in shock, as well as many of the onlookers. Although by now many had run in a panic, either towards the explosion or away from the area in general.

"Whoa!!... Holy sh--!.." he exclaimed, as he went over slowly eying the sky just incase something ELSE plan to fall from out of nowhere. He made his way toward the man, his body now lying on the dashboard inside and his legs dangling out onto the hood, thousands of glass shards strewn around everywhere. His outfit resembled that of an astronaut, thought Nolan as he got closer.

"Hello..? ah.... Sir?" he asked, gently shaking the man to se if he was indeed alive...

(end post)

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Itamar gradually recovered consciousness, and opened his eyes. He continued to see nothing. He blinked rapidly, but still encountered only darkness. "Am I... blind?" he wondered.

Feeling around, he could tell that he was resting on rough stone. That, and the hollow echo his voice produced led him to believe that he was in a cave of some sort.

"My lord, the Eye of God has blinked!" the blue-skinned scientist chattered frantically to his lord and master, even as he knelt before him.

"Explain," the man replied.

"Roughly fifteen minutes ago, our surveillance equipment detected the Eye of God discharging. Mere seconds later, a dimensional anomaly was detected within a disused sector of the Tribe's residential tunnels!"

The leader of the Phantom Tribe's expression remained calm, but his anxiety was betrayed somewhat by the slightly tighter grip he applied to the arms of his throne. "Then, the Alliance knows where we are? Why are we still alive?" There was little doubt in the leader's mind that the Alliance would be quick to exterminate them all if they were given the slightest chance to do so. As always, the Phantom Tribe's secrecy was the only thing keeping them alive.

"I do not know, my lord," the scientist responded, sounding just as confused as his master. "All that I do know is that the anomaly was much smaller than those normally generated by the Eye. It appeared for a few moments, disgorged a single entity, and then vanished."

"What sort of entity?" his leader asked, eyebrow twitching slightly. Leave it to one of the absentminded scientist caste to leave such an important detail unspoken for so long.

"A human, apparently," the scientist answered. "Male. Medium build. He was unconscious when he arrived, but I commanded the guard to keep an eye on him."

"A Traveller," the leader murmurred, stroking his brow in thought. "This could be very bad..." Memories of the last Travellers to come to El-Hazard filled his mind. Makoto Mizuhara, who had tamed the greatest of Demon Gods. Masamichi Fujisawa, who had been granted the strength of the gods themselves. Katsuhiko Jinnai, who had rallied the Bugrom into a fearsome army of destruction. And Nanami Jinnai... The leader scowled at the memory. The witch whose gifted sight had been instrumental in claiming the life of his predecessor. Four individuals who had been granted abilities that had tipped the balance of power in El-Hazard in ways no one could have predicted.

"On the other hand," he continued, "perhaps we have been given a rare opportunity. This Traveller has been dropped into our lap. If we can use him, perhaps he will be the tool we need to finally have our revenge..."

"Tranquilze him, and bring him to the labs for study."

The scientist nodded. "And the dimensional anomaly?"

"My intuition tells me that it was a fluke of some kind," his leader responded. "If the Alliance truly knew where we were, they would not have launched such an ineffectual strike. Even so, prepare the Tribe to move to Second Home. We have not existed as long as we have by being incautious."

"As you command," the scientist bowed, and moved to fulfill his lord's commands.

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The sun burned without mecy in the desert and the air was flickering from the heat. In  the distance there were huge silver mirrors covering the plains and there was a small black dot on the horizon within the silver sea. But all that didn't concerne him, he even didn't feel the heat. A long journey has passed without any usefull result. He had a bitter taste in his mouth, the taste of failure. Now, two months later, he was on his way back to Roshtaria, following a strange track for about half an hour now: two parallel lines with a strange, rough pattern on them, like the track of a wagon with unusual tires. When he saw that vehicle passing by in the distance leaving a huge cloud of dust behind it, he decided to follow it just to find out whoever might have build such strange thing. If he was lucky he would find that person and ask him if he could build him a device to control the flames. Then his dream would finally be fulfilled. He would finally be stronger than his sister Calya. "Just you wait sis'! The next time we meet, I'll beat you!", he thought to himself. The track was straightly leading to the small dot at the horizon. It might take three more hours to reach that place.

He took a little break and ate the rest of his food he had in the backpack. He took off his sunglases and had a look at the bright and blue sky, when a sudden flash appeared right above him and blinded him for e few seconds, followed by a loud *BANG*! He ducked instinctively but he couldn't decide to cover his eyes or his ears first, it all happend so damned fast and so he could hear a fainting *EAOOOOOWWWW* and saw a thin line of smoke heading right the direction he was following. "HELL! There is a lot of traffic these days!", he said when he got up again, eying the smokeline in the sky. "What the heck was that, anyway?!" What a strange coincidence that all he saw within the last hour was that kind of weird. And on top of it, ALL of THAT was heading towards the city of Roshtaria! He had to find out, what it was all about. So he threw all his belongings into his backpack, shouldered it and started to follow the two tracks towards the city. "Maybe Calya will know more about all this?", he said to himself. He started to jog.

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Lana looked up as the guard seemed to walk away from her. Something was wrong. Guards didn't usually leave her alone. Her foot hurt, and her back. And her head. She must have hit it off of the front of the vehicle when she had crashed.

"What?" She asked. The recent past caught up with her. "I did, yes. How did you know?" Lana looked at the guy who had landed on the car, "Poor guy. He should watch where he lands."

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Pain.. Pain.. Pain.. Pain...

I hurt I suffer..

I can't even think right.

Am I even alive?

What's my arm doing?

It's shaking around like crazy.

Why can't I move?

Why is everything so dark?


"Hello..? ah.... Sir?"

I heard a voice, who can that be... I can't speak... Maybe...


After a few moments my eyes started to open, not even remembering what the heck I was thinkong, only knowing that I was thinking something. And who the hell was shaking my arm?

"Why are you shaking my arm... Why is it so bright here."

I could instantly feel the pain kicking in again, my eyes started to close, but before I snapped out again, I let out a word.


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"He'll be okay," Allan replied to the girl

Allan helped lift up the man to his feet and patted him on the back a few times. The man quickly nodded his head as a sign of thanks then ran away as if he didn't want to be nearby any longer. He then turned around to the girl and remembered her question.

"Hmmm? How did I know you? Well, I used to be a Palace Servant myself quite a few years ago and if I clearly remember a girl which had oddly coloured eyes... They kept changing... You have to be her, without a question."

Allan couldn't exactly remember the girl, but he was positive that she was the person he was thinking of. It then struck him that he didn't introduce himself.

"Oh, sorry, my name's Allan by the way, Allan Fairlight... That might ring a bell,"

Allan heard the amazingly loud crash coming from outside not too far away, his mind immediatly spawned with curiosity as if the mysterious girl didn't make him curious enough.

"Well, it looks like destiny wants me somewhere else... Take care, perhaps we'll meet again!"

Allan immediatly ran towards the site of the crash, abandoning the girl to her own business. Once he caught up there he saw a man lying down where the building used to be, nobody seemed to be hurt except him and the man next to him. The man next to him was the owner of the weird vehicle which had been badly damaged. He fought himself through the fires and came to their exact spot, in the center of all the chaos.

"Who are you people?" he asked the two in a quick yet confused voice.

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"Where are you going?" Lana asked, but by this time, Allan was too far away to hear her.

The guard, seeing that Allan was no longer anywhere near Lana, ran over to her and grabbed hold of one of her thin pale arms. He put her in an arm lock. Lana struggled, but it was no use, she was tired hungry, and frankly didn't have the effort to fight. Her eyes changed from a deep shade of purple to an almost white grey as she was dragged off to the palace cells again.
She knew that she would go back, but she had never wished for it to happen.

She had no friends. No one was ever there long enough for her to get to know properly.

A few minutes later she found herself being thrown into her once familiar cell, and the door crashing shut behind her.

Nobody. That's what people had called her before she ran away. And that's exactly who she was. A nobody. With no home. No friends. No family. No comfort. And most importantly, no food.

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After the strange man had woken from his uncontiousness, Nolan slowly lifted him off of the car and placed him on a patch of grass to the side of the scene,  then took it upon himself to go and disable the Tempo's car alarm."I'll be back ina sec dude, till then just.... uhm... lay around?" he replied, embaressed. As he turned off the alarm many onlookers removed their hands from their ears, relieved and appearing less frightened than before.

After this Nolan went and took a quick survey of the damage to his car. It didnt look very pretty. The front cab had been crushed about a third of the way in, causing the hood and side panels to  crumple and buckle badly.  The windshield was gone, the front grill was in pieces, and the bumper was hanging from its left side, severely bent out of shape. The engine was off-center, but the only way to see if the car still ran was to test it. Unfortunately he would have to wait, as a man approached him from the crowd of people.

"Who are you people?" he asked.

Nolan appraoched the man slowly, stopping a few feet from him. "Ah... well, I cant speak for him" replied Nolan, guesturing to the 'astronaut' "but, i'm Nolan. Nolan Rhiestler." He paused for a second, then continued, pointing towards his car "Ah... Im sorry about the wall.. though it really wasnt my fault..."

The man raised an eyebrow as Nolan again continued "Uh... This may sound kinda... odd.. but could you tell me where I am? I was told that this place is called Floristogo, or something like that.."

The man hesitated, thinking of how to respond to his question appropriately. Unwilling to just stand there,  Nolan decided not to wait around for a response, running over to the driver's seat of his car and reaching in to turn the ignition. The engine began to hum, made some odd noises, then died. Ditto the second time. Unwilling to give in so easily Nolan tried a third time, then a fourth, and a fifth. Finally, on the sixth attempt, the car came to life, the engine rattling erratically. "YES! Thank you Thank you." he said enthusiastically, kissing the steering wheel in gratitude. He popped the cluctch, then shifted into reverse, and gunned the engine, backing up quickly out of the hole and coming to a stop about 20 feet from it. The front bumper had fallen off, and a few pieces of the frame had cracked off as well, but it still ran and that was all Nolan cared about at the moment.

Satisfied, Nolan climbed out, this time making sure he had removed the keys from the ignition, to prevent a repeat of recent events. "Sorry bout that... hadta check to see if my Tempo could still run." replied Nolan nonchalantly. "So... as I was saying.. Where am I?" he asked.

(end of post)

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"Stop it already!" Lan screamed as the whip came down on her back again. She had never cried, and she wasn't about to learn how to now. "STOP!!!" She yelled. The pain was excrutiating, but she wouldn't grovel beneath them and tell them the bugrom plans.
This was for many reasons.
a. She didn't know them. She had been cut off from them for months.
B. She didn't give into Bastards like this guy.
and c. They still hadn't taken her staff.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" The whip hit, this time slipping one of the discs in her back out of place. She fell, unable to stand up any longer.

"You monster!"

"I wouldn't say that I'm the monster! You are! You and all them Bugrom! I'm not even sure princess Fiore is on the roshtarian side anymore!"

"How dare you!" Lana said, quick to defend the princess.

"I've said it! And I meant it! You don't beg, you get no food. You get no food, you die! One less person in the world to deal with I say, and your one of the most useless ones!!!" He whipped her again.

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Itamar blinked some more, as vague shadows began to come into focus. The cave, it seemed, wasn't completely lightless, though the lighting was very, very dim.


Itamar jerked at the strange sound, and then again at the sensation of some object striking his shoulder. He felt the affected area with one hand, but whatever it was had apparently fallen away. Had someone just thrown something at him? "Hello!" he tried. "Is anyone there?" Silence was his only response.


Another object bounced off of him, this time off of his stomach.


A third object, this time striking his neck. Itamar was getting irritated. "What's going on here?" he demanded.

Aereala was a member of the Hunter caste, and was descended from an ancient line of skilled killers. She and her ilk were trained in the skills necessary to track and kill animals for food for their people, as well as the skills needed to assassinate enemies of the Tribe. It was rare that a Hunter was asked to capture an individual alive, but Aereala considered it no less a matter of pride to carry out this task like any other.

Something was wrong, though. The poisoned quarrels she was using to attempt to tranquilize the boy she had been ordered to capture had no effect. Even more, her keen eyes could clearly see the bolts riccocheting away, not even piercing the flesh. She knew that the points of her quarrels were keen. What could be stopping them?

No self-respecting Hunter would let the impossible phase them for long, however. Silently, she lifted a hand in a signal to her companions. The companions in question, two burly Tribesmen from the Warrior caste immediately rushed into the cavern shouting a warcry, pikes at the ready.

Itamar had just regained his footing, when he was knocked off it once again by a wooden pole striking his face with extreme force. Strangely, neither the pole nor the resulting fall to the ground felt at all painful. On the ground now, his assailants continued to pound at him with their weapons, and kick at him. All quite painlessly; they might as well have been striking him with pillows.

This did not mean that he appreciated the treatment. "Please, just leave me alone!" he begged.

"STOP THIS AT ONCE!" a feminine voice commanded. Instantly, the two attackers backed away, and stood at attention, pikes at the ready.

A silhouette stepped into view. While the lighting was too dim for Itamar to make out any features, he could definitely tell that it was a woman before him. The woman addressed him in a voice laced with concern. "Are you all right?" she asked.

"I... I am fine," Itamar admitted, a little surprised. He would have expected to be at least a little sore after his recent ordeal, but he could not feel even the beginnings of a bruise. What was going on?

The woman sounded very relieved. "Then I arrived in time. I am so very sorry for the behavior of my companions. Our people have many enemies, and when they found you in our home..." She paused, and then sounding somewhat guilty, "I'm afraid that they must have assumed that you were a spy. Please, will you forgive them for their transgression?"

"I suppose," Itamar responded doubtfully. It was a little awkward to so easily forgive people who had just attempted to beat him to death. But if it was all just some kind of misunderstanding... The woman before him sounded very kind, and Itamar found himself wanting to believe her. "Please, can you tell me... Just who are you? And where am I? I am so very confused..."

The woman laughed lightly. It was a very pretty sound, and Itamar found himself blushing slightly. "I have no doubt that you are confused, and have many questions. But all things in their time. My name is Aereala. As for where you are... Would it surprise you to know that you are in another world?"

"Another world...?" Itamar repeated, as though tasting the words. What could she mean?

"Come. I will take you to our leader. He should be able to explain better than I could. Please, take my hand, and I will guide you. Many of the tunnels of our home are quite dark, and your eyes may not be strong enough to easily find your way."

Itamar nodded, and hesitantly took the woman's hand. It felt warm and soft in his grip, and he found his blush once again returning.

In the darkness, Aereala smiled to herself. There were many ways to ensnare prey, and not all of them were violent ones. While it was not precisely what her master had commanded, she had the strong suspicion that it would be of much greater benefit to the Tribe in the long run for them to tame this newcomer though kindness, rather than force.

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So, there are other people from Earth here.  Alex was sitting crosslegged on the rooftop of a building with a view of the scene below.  He was also hovering 3 inches off the roof, but hadn't noticed that part yet.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised that other people were brought to this place... however it happened.

His mind automatically tracked back to his abrupt arrival here, not too long ago.  Darkness had enveloped him, cutting him off from the real world, almost like a sensory deprivation tank.  He had seen images flash by his head, but it was like trying to remember a dream now, they slid out of his grasp like quicksilver.  The world returned without any warning, or any kind of shift that he could feel.  One moment, he'd been sitting at a bus stop, putting away a book, the next, he was several thousand feet over a forest, with gravity just noticing that he was there.

Several seconds of terrified screaming later, Alex blurted out, "STOP!", and then started yelling again as he realized that while he certainly had stopped, the stuff inside of his bag hadn't, and he was now left with an empty bookbag.  After about thirty seconds of irate ranting, something occured to him.  Shouldn't he be falling?

He blinked, returning to the present.  "Damn weird place, if you ask me," he mumbled to himself, thinking about the odd fact that the few people he encountered all spoke English.  The fact that there was a Death Star overhead was simply too weird, and was thus ignored.  Instead, he continued to watch the other newcomers, and wondered why they were all here.

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As Nolan stared at the stranger before him, he found himself growing rather impatient and frustrated. In just the span of less than an hour, he had gone from traveling on a highway, to carving his way through a desert and countryside eventually making his way into a strange and mysterious looking city.

Nolan thought that was bad enough, but to top things off his car had been severly damaged, no thanks to one of the locals, and a man in a space suit had fallen on his windshield. And the day was only getting worse as it went along...

As he stood there, staring at the strange man, he noticed some onlookers heading over to where the other stranger, the man in the space suit was laying.

As they approached the stranger, they began talking amongst themselves, and then one of the older women took it upon herself to gently lift the man with the help of her husband, and together they slowly began carrying him off to a small home nearby. 'I hope he's okay...' Nolan thought to himself. As he gathered himself, he returned his attention back to the man before him. He had yet to give Nolan a reponse to his question. Frustrated, Nolan continued.

"I'll ask you again... Who are you people?" demanded Nolan, his arms outstretched as a gesture.

When it looked like the man was about to reply to his request, someone else spoke out from the crowd.

"I Believe the question that should be asked is, who are YOU?"

As the person walked closer, making their way through the crowd, Nolan watched with genuine curiosity.

"Me? I'm Noone. And yourself?" he asked the stranger.

Nolan took a good look at the stranger as he/she finally made their way to the front of the crowd. It was a female, probably in her late 60s, slightly shorter than Nolan with shoulder-length brown hair. She wore a long green dress, with a symbol of some kind on the front of it.  A long grey cape was draped around her shoulders, and Nolan could see what looked like.. face paint?.

"I believe I was the one who asked the question first." she replied coldly.

Intimidated, Nolan chose his words carefully "Ah... well, I'm Nolan. I came here looking for some help." he paused, glancing over at his car "...and maybe a good mechanic as well." He turned back towards the woman. "And you are?" Nolan asked.

"My name is Afura Mann" she replied indignantly as she continued "I am the former priestess of Wind, and a devoted follower of the Theocracy."

"I see..." responded Nolan, a little perplexed. "Well... would you be able to give me directions to the nearest CAA-approved mechanic? My car needs some... well.. alot of body work.."

Afura raised an eyebrow, obviously confused at his response. "What are you talking about?" she asked curiously.

"Well incase you havn't noticed, my car just smashed into a wall." replied Nolan sarcastically, guesturing to the house behind him. "It could definately use a tuneup. Preferably at a place that doesnt charge the highest prices on Earth or-"

Hearing the word 'Earth', Afura interrupted. "Did.. Did you say 'Earth'?" she asked, a pale look appearing on her face. "Uh... yeah" replied Nolan calmly.

Afura was at a loss for words. It couldnt be true. This man was an Earther? At first she was unwilling to believe it, but as she finally took into consideration his clothes, as well as the strange contraption behind him, it all started to make sense...

"Dear gods.." she replied, visibly shocked. "Is it... can it really be true?"

By this time, Nolan was starting to grow anxious. He stepped closer to Afura and looked her in the eyes.

"What's true? Do you know something I dont?" he asked.....

(end post)

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"W...What?" he shouted out

Allan was distracted, he didn't notice that guy near a Priestess, he was looking more at the guy who came from the sky, so he immediatly dashed towards them.

"... I'm sorry if he's being any sort of trouble, Miss Mann... It's quite a long story to tell," said Allan

"No, it's alright, he's no trouble," she replied

"Are... You sure?" he said

"Yes, it's okay, he's caused no trouble," she replied peacefully

The way she said that made Allan want to go on... But he couldn't, he just lowered his land and took two steps back behind the Stranger. Did she know more about him that he did? Allan knew nothing of this man, but he definatly wasn't from around here, neither was the Stuntman back there. He waited curiously for Afura's awnser and to find out what he was. He gathered it up and then asked the strange man.

"Before we go on, may I ask for your name?... I'm Allan... Allan Fairlight..." he asked the stranger

He wanted to add it on to seem more helpful but it seemed stupid, he did it anyway.

"If you're not familiar with this place, you can ask the Priestess for help, I'm sure she'll awnser any questions you have,"

Great, just what Allan wanted when he came back home, first meeting a bunch of Strangers and now embarassment in front of a Former Priestess...

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The leader of the Phantom Tribe frowned. This latest development had taken an unusual turn. Still, he respected Aereala's judgement in this issue; by obtaining the newcomer's trust and friendship, the benefits could be much greater in the long run than using him as a lab animal would. "Please, show him in," he commanded. His personal guards bowed obediently, and opened the door.

Itamar peered into the chamber before him. It was not nearly as dim as most of the other chambers; in fact, the light was bright enough to be almost painful, given that his eyes had become used to the constant darkness.

"Welcome, Itamar Lowe," a baritone voice uttered. "Please, come in. We have much to talk about."

Itamar hesitated, but Aereala urged him forward, her arm linked comfortingly with his. The walls and ceiling were composed of rough-hewn stone. There were a few rugs here and there on the stone floor, but otherwise the room was featureless. At its far end, a man sat upon a large chair, not quite a throne, but clearly serving the same purpose. The man looked to be in his late-forties to mid-fifties, dressed in blue, grey, and white robes, and possessed a head of brown hair, just starting to grey around the edges. He was lean and muscular. Most striking, though, were his golden eyes, angular and very intense in their gaze.

"Um... Hello," Itamar offered lamely.

The man nodded in acknowledgement. "My name is Nahato. I am the ruler of the Phantom Tribe. Though your arrival here can hardly be said to have been expected, we welcome you within our home."

"It... was not my intention to intrude," Itamar said haltingly.

"I understand. And I apologize for the hostility we initially showed you. We are a people at war, and we have been at war for our entire history upon this world."

"At war?" Itamar asked.

Nahato nodded. "That is correct. But to understand, you must know who we are, and know our history. Please, do not be alarmed at what we intend to show you. Aereala? To my side, please."

Itamar felt his companion pull away from him, and she walked forward to stand beside Nahato. Itamar realized with surprise that this was the first good look he'd gotten of her; previously, it had been much too dark to make out any details. Aereala was just as beautiful as her voice implied, with creamy, pale skin, long, black hair, and flashing green eyes. She smiled at him reassuringly, and he found his face heating once more.

Then, Nahato gestured, and the two of them... changed. The change was not drastic, but it was startling, to say the least. Pale, white skin abruptly deepened to a deep shade of blue, Nahato's a slightly lighter shade than Aereala's. Aereala additionally possessed a slash-like wedge of red on each side of her face, the point of each under each eye, and stretching around her cheeks to disappear into her hair. Whether these red marks were some kind of strange natural pigmentation, or just paint of some kind, Itamar was in no position to guess. He was alarmed enough by the change in skin color. "Are you... demons?" he asked, stepping back in shock. He was somewhat disturbed to find that the doors had be shut behind him.

Nahato was clearly disappointed by Itamar's question, and Aereala looked sadly to the side. "No," Nahato answered gravely. "But you are not the first to draw such a comparison. We are the Phantom Tribe, intelligent beings much like yourself. Unfortunately, we have long been shunned by the others of this world, both for the color of our skin, and for our unique talents."

"Unique talents?" Itamar repeated. He was starting to feel foolish, constantly repeating everything he was told. But this was all so alien... At least he'd managed to calm himself from the initial shock of his companions' transformation.

"We of the Phantom Tribe have the ability to fool the senses. We can make objects appear and disappear at will, and change and warp what is seen into something else. None of it is real. It is all illusion. Observe:" Nahato lifted a hand, and a globe of light appeared above it. Within the globe, a small seedling appeared, sprouted into a sapling, then a tree. The tree flowered, and the flowers produced fruit, one of which dropped from the branches to roll to the ground at Itamar's feet. He cautiously picked it up. It felt solid and heavy in his hand. "You may taste it, if you choose, but I do not expect this of you. If you were, you would find that it tastes as sweet as any real fruit. But it is not real." Nahato snapped his fingers, and the tree and fruit vanished as if they never were.

"Remarkable," Itamar breathed, a little frightened by the event but more impressed than anything.

"Clearly, such an ability could be used for ill ends," Nahato said. "But we were never even given a chance to prove our honest intentions. Less than three generations after our people were banished to this world, they were driven deep underground by its natives. They feared and resented our power; every disaster, every disease, every smallest slight was blamed upon us. We did not always live underground, in the darkness. It is our sanctuary, and our prison."

"Wait - banished to this world? What do you mean?" Itamar asked, confused.

Nahato's eyebrow lifted slightly. "Surely you realize that this is not the world you call home? Tell me - what was the name you gave for the world you come from."

"...Earth?" Itamar offered lamely.

"Earth..." Nahato repeated, as though tasting the world. "Of course. Itamar Lowe, this world is not Earth. It is El-Hazard, a strange, alien world unlike anything you have ever known. Like our people, you have been dragged unwilling from your home. It saddens me to say, you will likely never see it again."

Itamar said nothing, conflicted. His home had brought him nothing but pain and fear in recent years. Even so, the thought of having been taken from everything he ever knew was a difficult one. Not to mention the prospect of never seeing his friends or family again. And what of the Holy Land? If this was a new world, was it forever beyond his reach? "It is... a difficult idea to grasp," Itamar said slowly.

"I do understand," Nahato said soothingly. "We will do what we can to help you adjust. You should know, though, that you are likely to be just as outcast as we ourselves. If merely your association with our people was not enough, your own special abilities will make you subject to the fear and hatred of the natives of this world."

"MY special abilities?" Itamar asked sharply.

"While their actions were regrettable, you were not harmed by the guards that assaulted you, were you?" Itamar shook his head. "Yet, those guards were trained soldiers. They were not holding back for your benefit. Somehow, their blows did not affect you. How do you explain this?"

Itamar just stared blankly, not saying anything.

"I believe that you have become... durable, in a way, making you difficult, if not impossible to harm. It is not surprising that you may have gained such an ability. Others like yourself have visited this world from time to time, and they, too, have gained strange and unpredictable abilities." Nahato's eyes narrowed and looked off to the side as he said this, as though he were recalling an unpleasant memory.

"Then I can't be hurt?" Itamar asked in disbelief. He stepped over next to the wall, and struck it with his fist, lightly at first, but then with more force. While he could feel the hardness of the wall, and the pressure upon his skin, he felt no pain. Examining his knuckles revealed that they were whole, and the skin unblemished.

"I do not know. Perhaps there is some force capable of harming you. There is no way of knowing without experimentation - and we would certainly do nothing of the sort without your consent. You are certainly far tougher than any of my people, however, and likely tougher than you yourself have ever been before, am I correct?"

"It would seem so," Itamar asked, looking at his hands as though they were alien objects.

Nahato spoke again. "I feel that we have talked enough, for the time being. You've likely had a tiring day, and quarters have been prepared for your stay. Aereala will show you the way. Please, feel free to ask her any questions that you might have. You are free to stay with us as long as you like, and you may leave at any time. Please, wait outside a moment. There are matters that I wish to discuss with Aereala privately."

Itamar nodded, and walked toward the door. As though signalled somehow, the guards outside opened the door at his approach and allowed him through.

Once Itamar was out of sight, Nahato spoke to Aereala. "It would seem that your judgement was correct, Aereala. I appears to be quite receptive to our needs."

"I live only to serve the Tribe, my lord," Aereala bowed modestly.

"Indeed," Nahato grinned. "But let it not be said that I am blind to the acchievements of our people. You will be well rewarded, should this endevour bear fruit." Nahato stared off into the distance, and tapped his lip with one finger. "He appears to have been quite taken with you, as well - at least, before you revealed your true colors."

"It is so, my lord."

"I wish for you to exploit this, if you can. If he is still receptive to you, earn his friendship. Win his love, if you can. This would help to further bind him to the tribe."

"As you command, my lord."

"There are many things that could still go wrong at this juncture. If he decides to leave our embrace we will have no alternative but to retain him by force. I believe that he is more useful to us as a cooperative ally. However, we must make certain that he does not fall into the hands of the Alliance OR the Bugrom."

Nahato smiled in a friendly fashion. "But, hopefully, it will not come to that. Go, guide him, and answer any questions he desires. Use discretion, of course. He is not to know of the more... shady dealings of the Phantom Tribe in the past. Particularly the actions of my predecessor. Do you understand?"

"I do, my lord, and I obey." Aereala bowed again, and then departed.

Alone, now, Nahato leaned back in his chair and folded his fingers. "What a very... interesting development this is. I believe that there is going to be much to do in the near future..."

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Some time later he passed the border of Roshtalia and entered the forest of Floristica. It wouldn't take long now then he would stand in front of the main gate of the city. As he walked through the woods and tasted the smell of his home country suddenly a melancolic feeling started to overwhelm his mind and for the first time he truly felt home again. He remembered when he and his sister were playing around in this forest, hiding and fighting since he can remember. She always has been the stronger one as she took grandma and mother for her model and that was the reason why she would become a priestress later. Time passed by and both grew older. When the message arrived that mother disappeared, both of them swore to find her or the reason why she disappeared. Shayla-Shayla took care of them that time and educated and trained them as she did with their mother before. They have always been in competition to each other, neither of them wanted to give up to surpass the other...

Something moved! He saw it in the trees, fast and swift, too big to be some kind of animal! Bugrom? He moved on just as he did all the time, but always having an exe on the treetops around him. Somebody was there. He saw a shadow on the left side, hiding behind a tree. It wasn't Bugrom, it was humanoid. He slowed down his steps and watched the reaction of the shadow.

He seems to be aware that I saw him. Well let's give him a warm welcome, whoever it might be...,he thought to himself with an nasty grin on his face. Slowly he lifted his hand and grabbed one of the bottles he had sticked to his belt. When he saw that the Shadow was moving again, silently jumping from one tree to the other, he suddenly turned around, threw the bottle at the tree were the shadow stood, dropped his backpack and ran towards the tree where he expected the shadow to jump to. And as the shadow jumped onto the tree, HE jumped as well. He tripped on the trunk with one foot to run up the tree and started to twist his body, preparing a spin-kick. The shadow reacted fast, lifting both arms to block it, but when the leg hit him, he was almost instandly strug down by the brunt and landed backwards on the ground. When the humanoid got up he saw the person in front of him that strug him down.

"Ouch! That hurts you know!?!", she began the conversation.
"Long time no see! And calculable as always. You haven't improved that well as I expected you to do.", he answered without any emotion. "You haven't either! I was following you for about 20 Minutes now and you haven't noticed it until now! I could have blown you up anytime I wanted.", she rubed her cheek where the foot hit her although she blocked the kick. "Ok, I admit it, it really hurts! You got stronger since the last time we met." Footsteps came closer and after some time there appeared some roshtalian guards between the trunks.
"That means 1:0 for me sis. You are sloppy.", he answered having a deep look into her eyes with a smile on his face.

"Are you allright your highness Calya? Who is that man?", one of the guards asked eying the person in front of him. She answered without stoping to stare into the eyes in front of her. "I'm fine. As the high priestress of flame I command you to arrest this man for attacking a priestress. Not that I couldn't have handled this, but see it pro forma!"
"Yes, your highness", the guard said. The others started to surround the person they were talking of. "I'm arrested? Hah! Nice welcome you are giving me, Calya!" "So were you, Kane! Let's just call it a draw, ok? In fact you don't have to think about, how to spend your first night in Floristica, without money as usual. See it as a gift!", she responded grinning. "Just you wait! Next time....", Kane glared at her while the guards were guiding him through the forest. "Welcome home brother!", Calya said with a warm smile on her face.

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Lana lay, unable to move on the cold, hard stone floor of her cell. Her back was in so much pain it was unbelievable. She watched the guard come in out of the corner of her eye, then he brought out the whip again. She wanted to run, but she couldn't.

"I knew we would see each other again!" The guard said,

"Yeah, whatever. Lovely to see you." The guard whipped her across the back, the blood streamed through her clothes.

"This is for Roshtaria!" He hit her, " This is for the preistesses!" And again, " And this is just for the sake of it!" He kept whipping her out of spite, Lana was beginning to wonder if he was just really bored, or was just whipping her out of spite.

"You know, this is just becoming old now."

"I don't care, I'm enjoying it."

"How lovely." About ten minutes later, the guard left. As he was leaving, three sturdy guards wandered in dragging a boy who looked about 18, 19, and bared a similarity to the current preistess or fire. Lana had never been very good at names. They threw him in a cell and left.

" What you in for?" Lana asked, she was greatful for the company.

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When the cell door closed Kane just stood in the middle of the small room having a look around.

"Hmmm...not very confortable, but better than any stinking cow-shed", he said calmly to himself. He just was about to lay down and take a nap, when he heared a voice outside the cell door.

" What you in for?", a female voice asked.

"Huh?", Kane turned to the door and peeked out into the corridor. There was nobody. So the voice had to come from one of the cells.

"Umm...well. No reason! It was my sister who dumped me in here." he returned to the plank bed and layed down. "It was some kind of welcome gift. She gave me revenge because I've hit her for welcome." As there was no reply he continued. "She is allways so beastly and malicious when she gets beaten up by me! She can't have it, when I'm better than her. Ach d*mn it! I get melancolic again! But say, why are you in here??" He looked at the cailing of the cell and waited for an answer.

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On a moment's notice I woke up. Wondering what happened. I immediately stood up and looked around. The first thing I noticed was that I was in a bed, tucked in perfectly. A nice twin bed, the warmth and comfort of it almost made me fall asleep again, but I was too nervous about what was going on, so I stayed awake. I continued looking around the room. It was a confined room, with only 2 doors, and wallpaper with pink and white stripes, with some flowers. There was also a table right beside the bed, with a nice lamp and a piece of parchment with something written on it. Of course, as I was being conspicuous, nervous, and cautious, I looked around the room one more time, all seemed clear. I picked up the note and read it.

"Dear Stranger,

  I am not sure if you are councious about what had happened. You were not responding to whatever I did, and you were pretty much 'dead' on the ground there. I'm suprised you survived that long fall too.

  If I'm not mistakened either, you are an Earther. You came from a dimentional portal, and most of them come from the so-called planet Earth.

  If you're wondering who I am, my name is Eri Loneheart. If you're wanting to meet me, I'm afraid you're too late. I know it seems suspicious but please don't take me like this. I'm away and I won't be back for a week, however, I'm letting you use my house as shelter. If you do take food out of the cabinet, please make sure you buy something back.

One other thing, Most of my valuables are in a safe, so don't bother trying to loot anything. I know it seems strange that I'm doing this, but the other Earthers who came well before you, they were incredibly helpful, but I can't tell you what they did, because I'm running out of room on this.

                                                                                         -Eri Loneheart"

I set down the letter and got out of bed. Lots of questions were streaming through my head, ones that I had no idea to answer. I quickly checked out all the rooms and then went outside, wondering what it would be like.

It was night time out here. The streets were lit not by lights, but bright candles. It looked incredible, it was so beautiful. Not many people were walking around outside either. It might be like.. What 4:00AM? It was unknown to me, as I had no idea of their time here.

I started to walk outside of teh house, closing the door, but as soon as I did that, a set of keys fell out of my pockets. They looked like normal house keys. Eri must have stuffed them in my pocket when she left. So, as seeing the most reasonable thing to do, I picked up the keys, locked the house, and went out. Not much longer, however, that I saw fire out in teh distance.

The fire had glown green, just like the color of the friendly ships explosion. When they blew up, their gas caused green fire. That must be my ship out there! (or must have been. That is my ship, and I know that I have some stuff in there. I need them out too. Seeing as the most likely thing to do, I started to walk towards the destination.

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"Powerful is she? I wouldn't be surprised. Everyone these days seems to be more powerful than the last generation." Lana didn't move, she was still in too much pain. "I was a servent at the palace years ago. I was a spy for the Bugroms. They found out and threw me in prison. I was rescued, then they found me again about a day ago, and threw me back in." Lana sighed. "They whip me any chance they get. And I think I've slipped a disc in my back. I can't actually move." Lan looked around, the boy had been put in the cell next to her.

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Nolan stood facing Afura, an anxious look on his face as well as a confused one. She seemed to know something about him, as if his predicament was a familiar occurance. He didnt even notice the question of the man close to both of them, he was too distracted to notice. He looked at her, and spoke.

"Tell me" he said softly.

Her composure regained, Afura took a deep breath and looked at Nolan, a serious look on her face.

"I.. I mean we have encountered people like you before... many, many years in the past. They all claimed to be from a world called Earth.." She paused momentarily, then continued. "They arrived here unexpectedly almost half a century ago..."

Nolan could only stare, not understanding what he was being told to any real degree. "I... Don't understand what this has to do with me." he replied.

Afura moved closer to Nolan, stopping directly in front of him before she spoke again. "It became apparent soonafter that they were brought here in order to help our world in its darkest hour.." she replied, continuing. "They had been brought here to this dimension by an artifact called The Eye Of God. Recently, bizzare occurances have been taking place in the Eye, causing unexpected activations of the Eye."

"I still don't see how this has anything to do with me"

"It is my belief that the Eye opened a link to your world, which in turn brought you to ours.." she said softly, in an attempt to break it to the stranger gently.

Hearing this, Nolan's immediate response was to burst out laughing. "Hah!" he blurted, getting down on one knee as he continued chuckling to himself. After he had cleared it out of his system, he looked back up to Afura, a genuine look of pity across her face.

"Cmon, seriously that was a good laugh lady. But in all honesty, where am I?" Nolan replied.

Afura shook her head "What I have told you is the truth... You are in the city of Floristica, in the Nation of Roshtaria, in the land of El Hazard..."

Nolan let out a small chuckle, then he started to contemplate his situation. Nothing that had happened in the past hour or so really made any sense. Then there was the strange city he  himself was standing in, its buildings resembling some bizzare crossover architecture he had never seen before.The locals were very strange, their clothing unusual... Slowly, Nolan started to unwillingly ponder if what he was told was indeed fact. 'This...can't be true..' he thought. 'This isnt even Possible in the slightest.... is it?'

A bewildered look spread across Nolan's face, he looked into the woman's eyes. She looked so sincere.

"This.... I mean... How...?" he sputtered out.

Afura lowered herself on one knee and placed a hand on Nolan's shoulder. "I do not know for sure how... but I promise to you I will find out.." she smiled slightly, to which Nolan simply sighed, his mind exausted. "For your own safety, you must come with me to the palace, your arrival must be made known to the Roshtarian royal family.."

"Huh..?" Nolan replied. "They are the rulers of Roshtaria. They are very kind and wise, and will understand your situation quite well. All will be explained to you when we arrive." she nodded reassuringly.

"O..Okay.. but... What about my stuff?" he asked, looking over his shoulder at the damaged Tempo.

Afura eyed the strange contraption and pondered for a second. "Does it still function?" she asked curiously. "Yeah... luckily it wasn't fatally damaged." said Nolan, his voice slowly becoming more upbeat as things started to come together.

"Well, we cannot leave it here.. Would you be able to use it to bring me and you to the Palace?"

"Yeah.. I think so.. But you will have to guide me there.."

"Of course" Afura said, rising to her feet. Nolan followed.

"Alrighty then.. well, lets get this thing moving!" Nolan walked over to his car, Afura by his side as he opened the passenger door for her "You can sit here k?" he said. Nodding, Afura took a seat in the strange contraption, and while she wouldnt admit it, she did feel fairly nervous about this. After all, this was to be completely new and foreign to her.

The crowd of people moved in closer as the two of them got ready to depart. As Nolan made his way around to the driver seat, he stopped by the driver door and looked towards the man he had spoken to before. "Oh... Iim sorry for being rude.. Allan is it? I'm Nolan.. I apologize if I was being hostile to you... Its just... well... its been a long day.." he trailed off. To seal his apology, he smiled at him.

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Allan simply stared at him while he was wandering off but then another thought hit him which seemed more urgent.

"Ack! I'm supposed to be at the Palace!"

Allan ran into another road and speeded off towards the Palace, he didn't want to take the same route as Nolan and Afura. It'd seem like butting into another's business. He then stopped to think...


The thing that Afura had said to Nolan, people from another world who had reached El-Hazard by the powers of the Eye of God.

"... Nolan and that guy couldn't have been the only ones. There must be others, but where are they? If Nolan and that guy landed near Roshtaria then the others shouldn't be too far away,"

While Allan's mind was thinking of these strange events, another hit his mind...

"That strange girl I saw earlier?"

Allan continued onwards, except he was now walking as there were many questions he had to ask himself. He slowly progressed towards the Palace, he was now close enough to it to begin walking anyway,

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Lan stared at the ceiling as she waited for an answer, then the gaurd came back in.

" Well, well. Looks like you have a new friend."

"Hmm." Lan wanted to run or at least try to punch the guard, but she still couldn't mave, without medical attention, the disc could be dangerous to her being.

"And it doesn't look like you moved either." The gaurd said smugly. "And its all because of your back. You know, the last person who slipped a disc in here died after a couple of days, maybe you'll be just as lucky as him."

"Yeah," Lan laughed, "Lucky, sure." She was struggling to breathe now, but she didn't want to show that anything was wrong.

The guard left again after a couple of shots at beating Lan with a cane this time. Once he was out the room, the first sentance was spoken.

"Bloddy Hell! That was sore! Ow!"

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As the guard left, Kane stood up and went to his cell door. "Hell! They're beating the crap out of you! May be that you are a spy for the Bugrom, but that treatment seems a little cruel to me! Are you all right?"

He listened carefully, but the only thing he heared was the hard breathing of the girl in her cell. Hmmm....she seens to be beaten up pretty badly. He lifted an eyebrow and stared at the celldoor in front of him. He started to think what to do when suddenly he heared noise in the corridor again. D**n, didn't he have enough yet? ,he thought while footsteps came towards their cells. Supprisingly it wasn't the guard again, but his sister. She stood in front of his cell, having a warm smile on her face.

"How are you doing? I hope you like it in here?"

"Well, nice! Except of the lot of traffic in here. And the people are quite a little noisy", he grined.

His sister lifted an eyebrow, just in the way he did before. That wouldn't be the only thing they had in common. She looked at him slightly confused and turned around when he pointed into the direction of the other cell. "Noise? What noise? I don't hear anything." She peeked into the other cell trough the small opening in the door. "What's about her?", she asked as she turned to him again.

"They're beating her up all the time! I dunno in what shape she is, but it seems that the next time when the guard comes back, he may beat her to death or something." He was really concerned about what happened just a moment ago. "Her voice sound pretty young you know. And such a treatment for a young girl? Well....I' dunno...", he had a serious look in his eyes when he looked at his sister.

"I don't know if I can do anything about it. This is non of my business.", was the dry response of her.

Kane got angry. "Couldn't you get a healer for her?? And if the guard comes back once again I'll let him taste some of his own medicine!"

Calya smiled. "Woooo....I would like to see that. But do you know this girl and the reason why she's in here?"

"Yes, she told me that already. But I still can't welcome such treatment, even for her. She's a young girl after all!"

"Well then you have to deal with it. In my opinion she deserves to be treaten like that. But I can have a little word with the guard to beat her up quietly next time, so you won't be desturbed again.", she loughted.

"Sometimes I really hate you! When will I be released again?", he asked, trying hard to keep his voice calm.


"Well, then. We'll talk later. I want to get some sleep now. See you tomorrow."

"Fine. Good night then. And sleep well", she threw a wink at him, smiled, turned around and left.

Kane sat down on the floor and stared at the door, sunken in thoughts. Some time passed till he found his voice back. "Still awake there? You're ok? Don't worry, I'll work something out to help you. By the way, my name is Kane. Who are you?"

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Lan coughed, "Ow." Lan coughed again. The dust from the floor kept getting up her nose and into her eyes. "I'm still awake. I'm not to sure I'm still alive though." Lan smiled to herself. "My names Lana, called me Lan though." Lan thought for a moment. "Was that your sister?"

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Allan approached the Palace at last, it seems he got there before Nolan and Afura did. He noticed a familiar face in the Palace Entrance.

"You've returned so soon?" asked the Guard to Allan

"Yeah, I guess, the outside world has offered me it's all... It's great to be back home again," Allan replied

"So, how long do you plan on staying?"

"Oh, who knows, perhaps forever?"

"What? Where will you live?"

"I'll think of something, perhaps I'll be treated kindly enough to my old Room again,"

"Hmmm, I think they removed that place now..."

"Oh well, I could always buy a house,"

"With what money?"

He got him there, Allan didn't have a job, he did small tasks during his time away to earn money for meals and Inns.

"I... Erm... I guess I'll have to find a job then, won't I?" said Allan

Allan noticed a whip in the Guard's hand.

"What are you doing with that whip?" asked Allan

"N-None of your business," he replied and immediatly hid it behind his back

"You must be using it for a reason..."

"No, it's nothing, it's a Royal Issue,"

"A Royal Issue that involves using a whip?"

"Now, please, just ignore it... In fact, I have to go,"


Allan knew something was going on, he watched the Guard as he left and then looked the other way. A whip... Such a thing would only be used to torture people, right? What kind of people would be locked up in this era of peace? Nobody nowadays ever commited a crime SO bad that they deserved to be locked up. Of course he could be wrong but it was the most likely thing.

"Well, curiosity only leads to one thing..."

Allan walked off towards to the direction of the Palace Dungeon, there seemed to be no guards, Allan wasn't suprised, there were hardly ever any Guards this far into the Palace. Along the way, he noticed a Red Haired Girl which was walking out of the Dungeon.

"Excuse me, erm... You were just inside the Dungeon, right?" Allan asked the girl

"... Yeah." she replied

"Is anyone down there? It seems weird since there hasn't been anybody in the Dungeons for quite a long time,"

"Well, it's nothing weird, my brother is down there,"

"Your Brother? Did he do something bad?"

"Not really... Oh by the way, there's also a weird girl down there,"


"Yeah, she had eyes of a strange colour..."

"What?! Are the Dungeons open to visiters?"

"Apparantly so..."

"Alright, thanks whoever-you-are."

"The name's Cayla-Cayla," she said as she walked away

Girl with strange eyes, there is only one person Allan knew that had such a detail. What was she doing there? Did the guard eventually catch her after he left? Does this mean she really is a bad person? He immediatly ran down the flight of steps and got to the Cell he was looking for... There she was, lying down hurt, blood marked all over her. Allan walked close to the Cell, eyes wide open.

"Oh my God... What did they do to you?" he asked

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Well, here I am, at the Prison. I know it happened all so soon but I guess there wasn't much else to do at the Palace anyway.

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*OOC- God! Everyone must love me so much! Everyones coming to visit me! ^_^*

Lan stared up at Allan. " Oh, it's you. Nice to see you again." She smiled. Lan never cried, and she tried not to show that she was in pain, in fact, other than lying on the floor, covered in blood and not being able to move, her face didn't show that there was anything wrong.

"People around here don't seem to like me much." She smiled again. "What's happening in your life?" Oh, and by the way, the guy in the cell over there, his name's Kane. He seems like a pretty decent guy. Say hi!"

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"They think that this is the right treatment for a young girl.", Kane said as he got up and walked to his celldoor to have a closer look at the new visitor.

The man turned around as he heard the voice in his back. Kane grabbed the bars in the small window of the door with both hands and glared at the man with flaming eyes. "But just lemme out and I gonna show that bastard how to use that whip on HIS back! I hate it when such jerks are bullying the weak."

The man stared at him as he suddenly had the expression of realizing something on his face.

"Quite a lot of traffic these days in the dungeon, just like it was a maketplace.", Kane calmed down again and eyed the man from the head to the toe. He lifted an eyebrow and looked the man straight in the face again.

"And who are YOU this time? The healer? Could you take care of that girl over there? She seems to be in a bad shape! And she really needs some medical attention.", Kane asked the man in frond of him. Hmmm maybe Calya took care of it and send him here?

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Lan, tried to sit up, but the pain was unbearable.

"I'm not weak. I just didn't have any way of getting away from the guard. I would have kicked his ass if I'd had the chance, At least he hasn't taken my staff. If he takes that I'm probably dead meat." Lan realised that she had just said that all out loud. What if Allan was on the Roshtarian side, and he was trying to find stuuf out about the bugroms. "Oops."

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Just a short post, this time. Soon, I'll have Itamar ready to do his part as a villian. ^_^V


Itamar laid upon his bed, hands clasped behind his head, and stared up into the darkness. His hosts had offered him a lamp to use to light the darkness, but he had declined, choosing instead to allow his eyes to adjust to the perpetual darkness. He doubted he would ever be able to see as clearly as the people of the Phantom Tribe, but as long as he was their guest it would be best to attempt to live as they did.

His mind was whirling with the things that he had learned. His own people back home were well-used to oppression. They had been downtrodden for nearly all of their known history. While not all that time had been actively at war, it could not be denied that they had always been hated, and sometimes feared.

Itamar imagined, for a moment, how the Hebrew people would have fared if they had possessed blue skin and magical powers, and physically shuddered. They would have been fortunate indeed to have been able to flee underground before the other peoples of the world cut them down like dogs. The injustice made Itamar's blood boil.

His thoughts were interrupted by a gentle tapping against his door. "Come in," he invited. A figure entered the room, and Itamar was pleased to note that he was able to recognize her as Aereala. He smiled. "Hello, Aereala. What can I do for you."

Aereala merely looked sad. "I'm afraid that we must leave, now."

"Leave?" Itamar asked, standing. "Where are we going?"

"The entire Tribe is moving to a new home," she answered.

The boy was baffled. "A new home? But why?"

"Well, to tell the truth, because of you," Aereala replied. Before he could protest she held up a hand. "Please, hear me out. The tool that brought you to our world is a weapon. The fact that you appeared in our home means that it is possible that our enemies now know where we live. The chance seems small, but we cannot afford the risk." She smiled reassuringly. "Trust me when I say that no one here blames you."

"And so, once again your oppressors force you to run and hide." Aereala was pleased to hear the anger and frustration in Itamar's voice.

"Yes," Aereala sighed sadly. "It is a burden we have become accustomed to. But it has kept us alive for all these centuries."

"I..." Itamar began, unsure of just what he should say. "I... don't like it. Not at all."

Aereala chuckled. "Good. We don't like it either. Now, come, let's go."

Itamar stepped out of the chamber, and found that a long line of shadowy figures were shuffling sadly down the cooridor. His heart clenched at the sight of small children, elderly, and infirm all forced to endure the exodus. Exodus. Exile. These, too, were things that the Hebrew people had known.

With a sour feeling in his gut, Itamar joined the line.

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"Oops? You think I'm trying to retrieve some sort of information from you?"

Allan looked around to Kane.

"My name's Allan, Allan Fairlight... And I suppose you must be Cayla's brother? No, I don't know her, I only just met her as she was leaving the Dungeon... As for the Healer thing, I have very little knowledge in Medicine and such, I wouldn't be able to heal serious wounds like those,"

Allan sighed a little.

"I used to work at this Palace, that's how I know just about everyone from here. I have spent most of my life here, after all... I even used to live here..."

Allan returned to the girl.

"I understand that you seem to have some sort of affiliation with some people that aren't from Roshtaria and that you were trying to stop yourself from being arrested by that Guard... But I know that you're not a bad person from the moment when I first saw you,"

Allan felt weird, he was getting himself involved in such big things... First Nolan and now her.

"I don't believe I know your name yet." Allan asked her

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"Hmm? You can call me Lan. And I'm not a bad person really. It's not my fault that I work for the bugroms. It's sort of a family tradition, in a way. Every second woman works for the bugroms, and the others all work for Roshtaria. Don't ask me why, they just do." lan thought for a moment, "Can you get me out of here? And him too," She moved her eyes in the general direction of Kane's cell. "If you can do something about my back, I could probably get us out myself." Lan thought again, "I'm not going to kill you." She winked, kindly.

She looked at Allan, sadly. He didn't have to worry about getting caught by guards, he didn't have to put his whole life at stake everytime he went round a corner. She envied him, but she wouldn't kill him. If she killed another person, then she'd be in serious trouble. Probably condemned to death or something. As if the state she was in right now wasn't bad enough.

And the boy Kane. He felt powerful, he was older than her, she could tell, and his sister didn't seem like to nice a person. Although he did seem like a nice one.

Her mind sauntered a bit. She began thinking of the princess Fiore. She hated thinking about the fact that, many years ago, when they were both thirteen, Lan's job had been to assasinate the Princesses. That was when she was caught. She had been holding the knife over Fiore's throat, poised for attack and then...then she had seen her face in the moonlight and began crying.
Thinking of this now, a tear formed in the corner of her eye, and fell onto the floor.

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Allan felt complete pity for her, he couldn't say no to her, it was something that he couldn't do. He took something out of his bag.

"Here, take his."

Allan rolled over a rolled-up linen bandage near her hand, it should cover her back to stop the blood from pouring. He didn't know if this would help a lot but it was the least he could do.

"I know you're in a bad state, I'd help put it on you but the Cell's Bars won't let me go that far, you'll have to put it on yourself... With a little bit of rest, you should be in perfect shape again... Oh, don't worry about the Guard, I'll take care of that."

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"I hope so. If he comes back to give her a beating again, I'll be forced to hurt him. And then there would be some reason to keep me here.", Kane replyed. He walked back to his plank bed, took off his boots and layed down, his hands clasped behind his head.

"Well, it's time to get some rest, I had a long journey and I hope that I finally may get some sleep here. If anyone of you has any questions or something else to say, do it now. Once I fall asleep there will be nothing to wake me up again for the next eight hours or so.", He looked at the door where he could see Allans face through the bars in the window.

"By the way to answer your question Lan:
Yes, the red haired girl was my sister, she is named Calya and she is powerful, indeed. After all she has to be powerful to fulfill her duty as a priestress.", he grined. "But I gonna beat her anyway, you'll see..."

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"I thought she was. I don't know much about the roshtarian side as you can tell. I should really know more, but I don't." Lan tried to move her arm. "Thanks for the bandage Allan, but I can't even move enough to pick it up." Lan thought for a second,
"HEY! Kane! Wake up! You have some powers don't you? You could get up out of here! If you get us out of here then I can find someone to help me. Well, I could try anyway. And if I get healed, then I won't have to annoy you two any more. Not that I don't enjoy the conpany. I love having people to talk to!"

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"Hmmm....you really mean it? But if I get us out of here there would be some serious damage, and I cannot afford to pay it. Not that I would care, but my sister would get very angry that she has to pay something her brother has caused again....hmm not that I would care either....but where would I sleep then? Hmmm....ah, who cares! Well, ok!"

He got up, jawned, equipped his boots again and began to warm himself up with a little stratching. "Would you please step aside my friend? Just for your own good.", Kane asked Allen, who still stood between the two cell doors.

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"You sure 'bout this? I don't want you to get into any trouble or anything." Lan felt a warm blast of air. Nothing had happened. "Please tell me that was just a warm up? And Allan, please stop standing on my toe." Although Allan had not been in the cell, Lan was relitivley close the the door.

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Allan remembered that Nolan and Afura should be arriving at the Palace soon, if not, then right now.

"The Guards will be arriving soon after they realize what happened down here, so I'd best be leaving... Goodbye Kane and goodbye Lan, if you're going back to the Bugrom Realms then I'm sure we won't be meeting again,"

Allan went up the stairs and left Lana and Kane to whatever they were going to do next, he wanted to stay with them but he knew that he would be caught if he was seen with them. He continued through the the Hall and then saw the Guard running up to him.

"Great news, you can stay here in the Palace, you're greeted to one of the Lower Rooms," he told Allan

"What's the catch?" Allan replied

"No catch, the Palace is full of rooms and you also used to work for the Palace so it'd be more than an honour to offer you to one of the smaller rooms,"

"Great, now the problem of where I'm going to live has been solved..."

"3rd Floor, Room 14, by the way."

"Okay, 'got it."

Allan walked towards the Palace Gates.

"Aren't you going up to your room?"

"Hmm... No, I want to wait for someone who's coming here,"

The Guard spoke no longer, Allan moved towards the entrance and began to wait for Nolan and Afura to arrive.

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After warming up Kane stood in front of his cell door. He stood staight and moved the palms of his hands close to each other so that there was just a small gap between them. He closed his eyes and began concentrating. He fixed his mind on his inner flame and bundled the energy within. The feeling of floating heat came up and he directed it into his hands. The air around him heatened up and began to flicker like an aura around him. Then his palms started to glow in a light redish color. He opened his eyes and stared at the upper hinge of the cell door. With a straight punch of his palm he broke the first hinge, the upper one, then he ducked, whirled around and hit the other hinge with his other palm. As finish of his combo he broke the lock of the door with his fist. The door crashed on the floor.

"Ha! Too easy. I thought this doors were stronger. It was harder to break out of the Phantom Tribes dungeon. Uh, well. And the next one...take cover...or better just lay down there ok?", this time Kane didn't prepare that long. With a direct blow of his palm he broke the lock of the cell. The heat had melted the metal a bit. He opened the door slowly and peeked inside the cell. This was first time he saw that girl, laying there on the floor with bruces and wounds all over her body. And it was the first time their eyes met.

Strange eyes. Really strange. But somehow...

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I've been walking for almost an hour, following the green fire that was set ablaze because of the ship. But now, now I have found it! I have found the ship I was looking for. THe fire didn't look as vicious as it first did, which meant that I could start searching, which I immediately did.

The first thing I looked for was weapons. Didn't take long for me to find them either. I knew where to look. The small cargo near the back of the fighter. It was still intact, at least... I opened it up, and I found just what I needed.

One CSXR-2 Bretonia Pulse Rifle, with an illegal coupler in it.

Plus 7 clips of ammo, each containing about 40 shots. In total, 280 shots, more than enough.

There was something else in the cargo hold, something I didn't put in there. I couldn't see because the cargo pod was jsut too dark to see in, I tried pulling out out, but the twisted wreckage pinned it in there pretty tight.

Finally, after pulling it over and over, I just realize that I couldn't get it out. It would have to be removed some other time. I looked over to the front of the fighter, anything that was beyond the half-way point from teh ship to the nose was totaled. I sighed and decided to head back.

Retracing my steps was not easy, but eventually I got back to Floresca (spelling). But I wasn't exactly greeted.

2 guards were standing doing night watch, they didn't look very friendly either. I just decided to act cool and started to just walk in. But that didn't work.

"Halt!" one of the guards said, putting his spear in the way of the entrance. "What is that device on your back?" He said grimly.

"Oh this? Well, it's a... uhh... Well it's a weapon." I said

The guard took a close examination on my back. Then, after a while he started to whisper in the other guard's ear. The only 2 things I was able to hear were 'Bugrom' and 'trigger'.

"Are you with the Bugrom?" The 2nd guard asked me.

Just then my mind streamed with more questions, Who are the Bugrom, What is their status with this city, or country, or whatever. But I was too enthralled in my thoughts that the 2nd guard ushered me for an answer.

"Well are you?"

"Well... Uhmm I do--" My speach was cut short..

"Seize him!" The 2nd guard said, and they both started after me. I turned aroudn and was just about to run, but the end of the first guard's spear hit me in the head, those damn sticks are though. Once again, I am unconcious.

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Lan looked up at Kane, "He, you look slightly different than I thought you would. Haven't seen much of you." She smiled at him, "Now," She said, "You'd better be strong! You're gonna have to lift me. I still can't move. But hand me my staff, and we can get out of here." She pointed to the long wooden staff, about thirty centimetres taller than she was, leaning against the far away wall.

Guards weren't really smart enough to take things like staffs. I mean, come on! They don't look very dangerous, do they?

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Kane got down on one knee and lifted Lan, in his arms she was light as a feather. He shoved her on his back to take her pick-a-back. "If you don't mind I'll take care of it my way.", he said kindly but strictly. "You don't want to strain yourself, do you?". He got up and walked to the wooden staff leaning at the wall and picked it up. Then he went back to his own cell and picked up his own belongings, his backpack and his staff. He carried it all in his left hand while he went into the corridor and held Lan with his right.

Hmm...not too good. If I had to fight a guard now, I would be pretty handicaped., he thought, while he followed the corridor and walked up the stairway.
Maybe they would be reasonable if I told them that I'm heading to the healers to get her some aid.

As he reached the top of the stairway he looked straight into the faces of two guards which were obviously surprised to see him coming up the stairs with the girl on his back.

"Woop! Speak of the devil..."

"Freeze! What are you doing here? How did you get out of there?", the first guard shouted.

Kane lifted an eyebrow. "Ummm....I was just on my way to get her some medical attention. By the way, you should change the way you treat your prisoners generally or you would get into trouble with this some day.", then he saw the whip in the hand of the guard. "Hey Lan! Was this the guy who had handled you roughly?"

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"Mhmm! That's the guy!" Lan tried to move her arm enough to get the staff from Kane, but she still wasn't strong enough. "Give me the staff!"

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It wasn't long untill I woke up. A loud explosion triggered my andrenalyn in my body, causing me to jump to my feet. I looked around.. The guards weren' thtere, and I was still at the entrance to Floresca. Which was rather... Odd, but I'm still free.

My first order of buisness was to check on the explosion. It wasn't long untill I ran into town to find something smoldering near the castle. "Jeeze," I thought to myself. "El-Hazard is definitely having a bad time... Sorta like a damsel in distress 2 times in one hour."

I ran towards the area, heading through the front door fo where the smoke was coming from. Once I walked in, a guard asked me "Can I help you, sir?" He waid, looking relaxed at his sea, reading a magazine. I took some time to think. It must be a prison breakout, wonder why he doesn't even know, or act like he doesn't know.

"Where are the cells?" I asked in a casual manner, glaring at his eyes. "First door to my right." He responded. "However, I can't let you go alone." I just blew off what he said and just walked right through the door. Sure he said stuff like "Hey! Get back here!" or "You can't go there!" but he never got out of his chair.

A few moments of walking and I could hear a conversation going on... It sounded hostile, to say teh elast, I couldn't hear what words, but as I got closer, I could understand more. I kept on walking forward untill I saw some people in guard uniforms, 1 person in casual clothing, and another, laying on the floor. I immediately hid in the shadows, in hope I don't get caught.

They raddled on for a little while, I could definitely understand that she broke out for a reason, to give the girl lying on the floor some medical attention. They must have been treating them bad. But as soon one attemted to reach for a staff, I knew something would go on, maybe the guards could handle it, maybe not, but I decided to step in.

I drew the rifle from my back and stepped forth from the shadows. "Get back in your cell. You wouldn't want to die trying to escape." I said "Well go on" I waid again, waiting for them to budge. "Who are you?" one guard said. "I'm just helping out."

I had no idea what smart move they migh tbe planning. Either the smart move of staying alive or the smart-alleck move of attempting to escape.

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"And who are YOU, mister?", Kane asked the man who appeared behind the two guards.

Hmmm...this looks even worse. Whoever that guy is, he might mean trouble

Kane looked at Lan. She still tried to reach her staff. "You alright? Can you get up?", he droped her staff into her hand while he eyed the strange guy who interrupted his pleasent conversation with the guards. Then he looked at the guards again. "Ok, you guys, listen. This girl..." he pointed at Lan. "needs some medical attention! So we have two ways to handle this: You let me pass and I take her to the healer....or I have to beat you up first and then take her to the healer. It's your decision.",he smiled kindly. He glared at the strange guy with that strange device in his hands aiming at him. "And YOU! This is NONE of YOUR business. Who are you anyway?" Kane looked at the device. "Are you trying to scare me with that thing? Get lost before you get hurt!"

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"I can't get up, but I can still fight!" Lan said, her eyes went into a burning red colour. She closed her eyes and concentrated her power into the staff. It slowly transformed into a long sword. The balde was a pale blue, but yet transparent, so that, from certian angles, you couldn't actually see it.

One of the guards lunged forward towards Kane,

"NO! Leave him ALONE!!!" Lan drew the sword back and stabbed it straight into the stomach of the first guard, she drew it out again, and before the pain surged through her arms again, stabbed it into the stomach of the second guard. "No one hurts my friends! I wont let them!"

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Kane stared at Lan shocked and surprised! He couldn't say a word, seeing her that way. Her eyes turned to red and she was holding that bloody sword in her hands.

Then finally he found his voice back. "What the hell have you done?" Then all went very quick. Kane grabbed Lan and his belongings and dashed forward, leaving that guy with the device behind. "You want to get us into more trouble? I could take care of them! I didn't want to kill somebody!!"

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"Hehe," Lan laughed quietly, "I didn't mean to do that. I shouldn't have. But he was gonna hurt you. I don't like that." Her voice was quiet, and distant.

Lan closed her eyes and lay her head on Kane's shoulder. He had a warm, comforting smell. She fell asleep. When she was the weak, she shouldn't use her power, but she didn't like any one she knew, that was nice to her, getting hurt.

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Satisfied with the exchange between him and Allan, Nolan returned his concentration back to Afura. He opened the driver door and climbed into the car, shutting the door behind him. Afura watched intensely, clearly curious.

Taking his keys from his pocket, Nolan inserted them into the ignition and turned it. A low rumble was audible from the engine, then nothing. "Ahh... just a second.." said Nolan embarassingly. He turned it again, same as before.

"Do you need any help?" Afura inquired. "Nah...  It does this sometimes." Nolan replied, a hint of frustration in his voice. After two more attempts, the car finally started, the engine emitting a constant humming sound.

As the engine started, Afura tensed up quite a bit, but succeeded in calming herself down. After all, Nolan didnt look that nervous, so there shouldnt be anything to worry about. At least, thats what she hoped.

"Okay... Where to?" he asked. "The palace is not far. Just head down this road, the guards will clear a path for you." she replied. Afura then motioned to the guard closest to her to begin clearing the way of onlookers.

The guards snapped into action, clearing the way of the people who had decended on the neighbourhood to see the bizarre white thingamajig and its odd owner.
Soon the path was clear, and Afura smiled to the guards to show her appreciation.

"All is ready" she said to Nolan "You may now move freely."
"Alright" replied Nolan. Grabbing the gearshift, he shifted into first gear, and then gently pressed on the gas pedal, the car lurching foreward slowly.
Afura tried to resist the impulse to hold onto something tightly as the Tempo moved foreward.

And slowly but surely, the car and its two occupants headed towards the Royal Palace.


After only a few minutes, they had closed in on the Palace walls, where Nolan slowed to a stop and gawked at the sheer size of the structure before him.
'I dont even wanna KNOW how long this place took to build" he thought. He eyed the shops and homes around him, and then he caught something that looked familiar. At least familiar for an Earther.

Above the entrance to one of the shops was a sign written in what appeared to be Japanese Kanji. Nolan didnt know what it meant, but at the very least it looked familiar.

"Afura, who owns that shop?" he asked her curiously.
"Mmm?" Afura turned her head to where he was looking. "Oh! That is the Shinonome Diner. Its a well known and highly respected eatery. Actually, its founder was from Earth as well. Her daughter is the current manager and head chef."

"Interesting" Nolan replied. After thinking for a few moments, he moved the car foreward, and as they approached the gates, the Palace guards were motioned to open them by Afura, to which they bowed in respect and then slowly opened the gates.

The car proceeded to enter the Palace grounds, and Afura directed Nolan where to park, motioning to a small hanger off to the side of the main grounds. Pulling into it, he put the vehicle intp park and let out a sigh of relief.

After turning off the ingition Nolan reached for the doorhandle and opened his door, stepping out. He made his way around to Afura and opened the door for her as well.  To this she smiled as she stepped out.

Grabbing his bottle of Powerade from under Afura's seat, he shut the door and turned back to Afura. "So... Now what?" asked Nolan as he stared at the large structure before him.

"We must head inside." she said. "Come, I will bring you before the royal family, and you may get a chance to see the fellow travelers from Earth."

(end post)

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They zoomed passed me before I even got the chance to aim. I couldn't fire back because they went into the shadows of where I came. The last guard standing looks at me with a bad look. "Thanks alot." he said sarcasticaly. "And where is your escort?" Well he pretty much had me, I disobeyed the law there....

He lunged at me, but I quickly countered by bashing his head to the side with the stock of my rifle, knocking him unconsious. "Finally, payback."

I immediately ran to the exit, out of the corridor, and out of the front room. From there, I did not know what to do, except go back home... Not exactly my home but someone left it for me.

I walked back home in a bit of a speedwalk, a little nervous from what had happened. The home wasn't very far away, which meant I was there around 1 minute. I unlocked the door and went inside. I didn't know what to do at that time.. Except maybe get something to eat.

I went to the pantry, got a little something, cooked it, and then sat down to eat it. During this time though... I couldn't help bu thtink about that just happened earlier.

The girl on the floor, and the desperation of the one trying to get her to someplace... Now I regret doing such a thing. I was acting before I knew everything about it. I soon finished up my meal and then decided to go to the nearest medical ward, wherever that could be. I still don't know most of the parts here...

I stepped outside and locked the door and once again, started wondering around.

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As Kane dashed trough the main portal he almost ran over an elder lady which he recognized as Afura Man.

"Oh, excuse me Miss Afura, but I'm in a hurry! Long time no see! If you meet grandma, say hallo to her from me!!", while he spoke the last sentence, he was allready running again, still having Lan on his hands.

The only thing Afura could do was looking at him surprised and following him with her eyes until he disappeared in the mass of people who were walking the street again. "I know him from somewere. Wasn't that.....KANE?? Haven't seen him quite a while now..." She looked at the man at her side. "Wasn't he carrying a girl?"

Kane ran through the streets, well knowing the way he had to go. Since he was small he had walked the way to the healer several times. He couldn't count the times he has taken this way before, but it felt good going this route again. The healer has been a nice old fella, friendly and kind and always having a bunch of jokes. Now his daughter runs the clinic. She was a beauty and as kind and funny as her father. Kane looked at the girl in his arms. She fell asleep and it seened that nothing could wake her up now.

Poor thing! I should hurry to get her some aid, food and a warm clean bed!

A few minutes later he reached the place. It was a small house painted in a dirty yellow color with a red door. Above the door there was a sign, saying 'Dr. Yumi Jabanijan'. He kicked the door open and entered the clinic.

"Hey Yumi! Would you have a look at that girl here?"

The woman in that room was reading some papers as Kane entered. As the door crashed open, she stared at the entrence. "What the.....! Kane! What are you doing here. What a wonderful surprise! But you shouldn't rush in here like that! You almost scared me to death!"

Kane walked to one of the beds and layed Lan on it gently.

"And what do we have here?", Yumi asked as she walked around the table and leaned over the bed. Then she looked at Kane. "Your girlfriend?

Kane looked into her eyes. "Could you take care of her wounds? She is in a bad shape!"

"Just let the healer judge about it, ok?": Yumi said with a warm smile. Then she had an eye at Lan. "Father is in his room. I guess he would be pleased to see you again. Go, see him. I'll handle this!"

Kane noded, and went to the door at the back of the room. He knocked and opened it.

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A long wander around started to get my legs shaking. Guards were on patrol more than often, possibly because of the breakouts... Or me. Taking this thought into mind I made sure I hid someplace everytime a guard came somewhat close. Finally, a small clinic, that could be a possible place.

That clinic was rather big, I didn't really feel like searching all that time. Plus I didn't think it would be worth it to barge in and say I was sorry. So I just waited by the front door.

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As Kane entered the room it was dark. The only light came from a big candle plased in the middle of a huge table where tons of paper were laying around. An old man was sitting behind the table and was writing something on another piece of paper. He even didn't look up when the door opened. Kane looked at the man and waited for any reaction, but the man was still writing.

"Dr. Jabanijan?", he said to get the attention of the man.

"Just a moment.", Jabanijan replyed and finished his writing. then he layed down his pencil and looked at Kane. "Oh! It's you! Umm...Kane, wasn't it?" He stood up and walked over to his visitor. He eyed him from the head to the toe and than he suddenly huged him for welcome. "Kane! It has been a while! You have grown up! I'm glad to see you strong and healthy!"

"I'm glad to see you, too doctor Jabanijan! It really has been a while! How are you?", Kane asked.

"Uh....not too good! I'm old and weak and I'm trying to keep myself alive somehow. But tell me how was your journey? Exciting? I'm sure it was! Tell me everything!", Jabanijan walked back to his chair and sat down. "C'mon have a drink with me!"

"Umm maybe later. There is still something I have to do and...."

"Not having a drink with me....hmmm I see. Well, seems that you don't like me anymore huh?", the old man pulled out a pipe and lighted it up.

"Well it isn't that! I still like you doctor, you have been my doctor since I was small, but there are a fwe things I have to do until I can have a drink with you...", Kane answered and noded into the direction of the door behind him.

"I see, but maybe later? Umm by the way could you do me a favour?", the doctor began to smoke his pipe.

"Gladly. What is it?"

"I ran out of my tobacco, if you could get me some I would be very thankful. I'm not very good on foot anymore. Could you do that for me?" The old Man leaned back and pointed at his feet with his pipe.

"Sure, I'll be right back!", Kane walked to the table and the doctor gave him some money for the tobacco. Then he left the room.

As he left the room Yumi just finished bandaging Lan. "How is she doing?", Kane asked her.

"She'll be fine. Nothing serious. She'll be in top condition in a few days, but she has to keep it down a little. No straining action, good food and much sleep!"

"That's good to hear! Is she awake?", Kane walked to the bed and leaned over Lan. She was still sleeping.

"It seems that the marks on her back came from a whip! What happaned to her anyway?", Yumi asked with a concerend voice.

"That's a story I'll tell you some time later, Yumi.", Kane touched Lans cheek gantly with his hand to wake her up. "Hey, Lan. Hey, wake up."

"Wooo! Kane! How sweet!", Yumi loughed.

"STOP THAT YUMI! That's none of your business! By the way grandma told me to be nice to girls, so I am! There is nothing about it!", Kane yelled! He turned his head away from Yumi so she couldn't see that he was blushing.

Curse you Yumi! You know that I don't have any experience with women! Stop teasing me, damn it!

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Lan opened her eyes quickly, "What? Where? Who? What? Oh, it's you." Lan relaxed a little, "Where am I Kane? And who the hell is this?" lan sat up suddenly, making all the blood go straight to her head. She clutched at it until the pain went away.

"Kane," She asked quietly, "Why are you helping me? For all you know I could kill you, I am your enemy after all." Lan smiled a kind smile, which showed, that, even if she had to, she wouldn't kill him.

She began thinking of the princess. she couldn't get her out of her mind recently. For years she hadn't even thought about her, or even mentioned her, but now...now something was making her think about her. It pained Lan to think of what she had nearly done, and it pained her to think about the princess in general. Why was she haunted by this. What was this thing trying to tell her?

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The short encounter with 'Kane' had caught Nolan off guard, as well as Afura who had to pause for a second to recognize him.

"Wasnt he carrying a girl"? asked Afura.
"Ah.. Yeah. One with blueish hair." Nolan replied. "You know that guy?"

"He is the brother of the current Priestess of Fire."

Nolan raised an eyebrow "Exactly how many priestesses are there?" he asked curiously.

Unwilling to waste any more time, she decided to switch the topic. "It will all be explained soon. For now, we should head inside."

"Okay.." Glancing back at his car, Nolan began to wonder about its security. "Is my car safe here?" he asked.

"Oh yes. Nothing to worry about" she replied flippantly as she lead him through a passageway and into the halls of the palace. Nolan wasn't sure what to expect, but at the very least he could see that he wasn't in harm's way. At least so far.

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Kane smiled, "Well, it's because I couldn't tolerate the treatment. A girl like you shouldn't be treaten like that. You deserve to get a chance of betterment and a normal life. Even if you are my enemy. As you said before, it's not your fault." He sat down on the bed and looked her straight in the face. "And I knew you wouldn't harm me as I looked into your eyes. I just knew it. Don't ask me why."

"Ehm...", Yumi interrupted the conversation.

"Oh Yes! Lan, this is Yumi, the healeress and a good friend of mine.", Kane scratched the back of his head and blushed again.

Suddenly Yumi grabbed his arm and nuzzled him. "Yes we almost became a couple *giggle*! He is sooo cute!"

"Please Yumi! Could you stop that!? Don't tease me! I was young back then and I didn't know what I was thinking when...erm...forget it ok?"

"Awww, c'mon!", Yumi eyed Lan. "Well I think you should rest now. Are you hungry? I'll cook something if you are.", she smiled kindly. She stood up and walked over to the small kitchen.

"Oh, thank god!", Kane sighned. "Umm...well, if you don't mind. I have something to do and I'll leave you here for a moment. Wait for me, I'll be back soon. And don't worry, you're save here and Yumi is a really nice person, you'll see!", Kane stood up and walked to the door. As he opened it he turned around again. "And don't take her stories too serious! Most of them are untrue. There wasn't anything between us!" Then he left the clinic.

In fact I wish there was. She is still really something! Damn it! Why have I been so stupid back then?? Awww...hell!

Kane headed to the marketplace sunken in thoughts, not realizing the man who came towards him.

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"So..." Lan looked around, she could move again. That was an upside. "How did you two meet?"

"Well, it all started one romantic..." Lan cut her off,

"Don't answer that, I'll get Kane to answer it. You mentioned something about food. You know, I'm really starving. Could I have something please?"

"What? Uh, sure!" Yumi walked off, with a sort of spring in her step, towards the kitchen.

"You know," Lan stood up, her cloak waving around in the air as she did, "Kane is a pretty nice guy. He's helped even though he knows what the consequences may be." Lan walked towards the kitchen, "I respect him, I really do. It's hard not to respect someone who is as kind as that."

"I've known him nearly all my life," Yumi said, pouring something into a cup, "He's always helped people. I think the only one he hasn't helped is his sister." She smiled, then giggled. "He's also really cute."

"If you say so." Lan sat down on one of the chairs. "Why is it everyone is content with falling in love these days? It's not like everyone will. I never have. I don't think I ever will. I mean," Lan smiled to herself, "Who would go out with a criminal like me?"

"Hey, I'm a healer, not a love-counsiler! Why'd you tell me this stuff?"

"I don't know. I just feel like I need to say something, and then proove myself wrong some day." She laughed, "I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding someone." She stood up again, "I'd say Kane could get pretty attached to you!" She winked at Yumi.

"You really think so?" She said hopefully,

"That's for you to find out." Lan picked up a cup.

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Allan was on part of the Palace Structures near the Entrance, he had climbed up this since childhood... Allan was waiting there and just noticed that Lana and Kane had left the Palace, he didn't want to meet them again, he had already given a Goodbye. Then he waited a while, a minute or so, then he noticed Nolan was already here.

"Nolan!" shouted Allan, as he jumped off from where he was

"I was waiting for you, I don't have much else to do so I figure I'd stick you for a while,"

Allan also noticed the Priestess was still with Nolan.

"Oh... Hello again to you too, Afura." he added on

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"Hey, remember me?" I said, with a slight smirk. "Hey listen, I just want to appologise for... That whole prison incident. I just wasn't exactly thinking right uhh... Well listen they're gonna come after me as soon as this one guard regains concious, I'm sure of it, but I'm not sure about what your current state is... And the girl of course."

After that one long speech, I could tell that he was just waiting somewhat impatiently for me to finish talking. So I stopped and waited for a response.

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No sooner had Nolan and Afura begun their walk through the decadent hallways of the palace that they had run into a familiar face. "Allan?" Nolan blurted.

"Nolan!" He replied. "I was waiting for you, I dont have much else to do so i figure I'd stick around you for a while."

"That was fast" responded Nolan, to which he nodded.

Allan then turned to Afura "Hello again to you too, Afura"
She smiled "Welcome back, Sir Fairlight. It has been a long while, hasnt it?" To this, he simply nodded.

"Im sorry bout earlier mate, If i had offended you in anyway." said Nolan in an anxious tone as he took Allan's hand and shook it. "So, I guess I'll leave the directions to you two" Said Nolan, turning to face Afura again.

"Yes. Of course you are welcome to join us, Allan." said Afura, turning to face both him and Nolan.

Nolan popped the top of his bottle of Powerade and took a swig of it, before reseailing it. "Ahh... much better."

"By the way Nolan, what exactly is that you are drinking?" replied Afura curiously.

"Oh, nothing, Its just a sports drink. I had bought it earlier, well, back on Earth of course.." replied Nolan tentatively.

And with that, the Three began down a hallway, which lead them into a large open area, a grand ballroom of some kind figured Nolan as he admired the decor around them...

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"Well...never mind! You haven't seen the whole story so you decided automaticly as you saw that two suspicious people were facing some guards. But this time the guards were wrong! You haven't seen how they treated that poor girl! It was absolutely cruel and inhuman. So I decided to get her out of there and brought her here. But now it seems that I'am in big trouble, too. I never ment to injure that guards or even kill them. But as that happened it was already too late. I just can hope that they're not dead!", Kane replyed.

Then he pointed at the door behind him with his thumb. "If you have to hide too, I'd suggest you to get in there. There is another person you should apologize to. I have something to do now and will be back soon. By the way, my name is Kane.", he lifted his hand for shaking hands. A sure sign that he accepted the mans apologie....

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"Great, I'm Miles, I... Well I'm new here. Someone said something about me being an Earther, I'm guessing that means I came from Earth because I'm very sure this isn't earth. I can already tell that you need to go someplace, but I need to know what's here." I looked back at the medical clinic and I thought about who ever it was that I was supposed to appologise.

"If you can, meet me back in the medical clinic, I definitely need to get used to this place." I turned around and started to walk through the door, leaving Kane behind as he went away. Now to find the right room.

It wasn't hard to find the right room, there was one door that had broken hinges. I walked up to that door and on the placard next to the door, said "Dr. Jabanijan". I took a quick peek inside, there were 2 women, 1 was apparently the doctor, by the way she dressed, the other one.... The other one was the injured prisoner.

"Uhh, excuse me, Dr.Jabanijan?" I said, walking through the door. "Yes?" She replied back. She had shown her face to me and it was one of the most beautiful faces iv'e ever seen. I couldn't help but stare at her. "I just need to see this lady for a second." The girl started to turn her face, but once she caught eye of my face, she had a half-worried look.

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Kane headed towards the markedplace. When he reached the place he saw that it was full of guards who were obviousely looking for someone. He hid in the shadows and watched the guards. They were looking for him and Lan. He couldn't read lips but the gestures of the guards seem to describe him carrying Lan on his hands. And then he saw someone else.....Calya!

Damn! Why is she here!? And she looks pretty grim! Well it looks like she had to pay the damages., he grined. But the fact that I helped a criminal to escape and two guards have been injured has to drive her mad! I better get out of here!

He sneaked away. Suddenly a little boy crossed his way and looked at him with big blue eyes. Kane stared at him and stoped moving. He put his finger on the lips to signalize the boy to keep quiet, but suddenly the boy started to  scream. "HERE! HERE I FOUND HIM! MOM! DAD! THAT'S THE MAN THE GUARDS ARE LOOKING FOR!!"

Kane started running! It was too late to do anything about the boy, but he could try to get away from there. He ran into an alley, jumped towards a wall and bounced to the other. This way he climbed up between the two walls until he reached the rooftop! The guards wouldn't be able to follow him this way but there was still one person who....

Suddenly a blow of fire hit his back and he was smashed down on the roof!

Ouch! Speak of the devil!, he thought as he slowly got up again.

"Are you completely nuts!? What's the great idea, breaking out, helping a criminal to escape and almost killing two guards! What the hell are you thinking??", Calya looked at him with a wild expression on her face. "And now I even have to pay the damages you have done!! You will pay for this!!"

"Calya! Let me explain...", but Calya cut of his words!

"No explainations! Get ready for payback!", Calya fired a bolt of fire at him.

Kane dodged the bolt by jumping up! "Ok! If you don't want to listen, I have to teach you a lesson first!!" The bolt exploded right below him.

Calya jumped up too and followed him!

Soo, Kane you want to have midair combat, huh? Well I know that's one of your best points, but this time you won't get me that easy, she smiled as she prepared
her following attack......

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"I didn't think you still recognised this face, Afura." said Allan to her

"I remember many things, it wasn't all that long ago. 'Still have that Bracelet?"" she replied

"I would never throw it away, my heart and soul goes into it. I haven't taken this thing off for quite a while,"

"It's amazing how you put so much into that one little thing, it's not even important..."

"It is for me, you wouldn't understand..."

It ended there and all three of them began to walk into the Palace. The triosoon reached the Grand Hall after walking inside. Nolan had a suprised look on his face.

"Amazed at something, Nolan?" Allan asked to him


I remembered that in an earlier post, I said that Allan had received his surname from a story he heard at youth. So I've decided to add some background information into him, it's more of an attempt to further the story in the RPG.

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Lan drank the contents of the cup quickly. And then felt her legs give way beneath her.

"Aw, S**T!" She grabbed onto the table, "What did you put in this thing?"

"It's just water," Yumi replied, "You're still weak, It'll take a while for your body to regain full strength. You're lucky to be alive at all." Yumi smiled at her, and helped Lan to a seat. "If Kane hadn't got you here when he did, you'd probably be dead. He's a nice guy."

"You would say that, wouldn't you?"

"No, but he is, really. If you two keep travelling together then take care of him. I don't want anything to happen to him."

"I understand. You really do love him, don't you?"

"Yeah. He doesn't have much experience with girls, but he's really good at coping with them when he has to."

"Well, if he decides to stay, take care of him." Lan walked out of the kitchen and lifted her staff from next to the bed. She took the pack Yumi had made up for her, and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" Yumi asked desperately,

"I have to leave. I need to find someone. Don't tell Kane what I'm doing, he'll look for me. I don't want him to get into any more toruble than he already is."

"But...Good luck, Lana. I hope you get...Hey! Now hold on a minute! Yo're still ill! I can't let you leave until I'm absolutely positive that you're gonna be okay!" Yumi snapped, "You just lie right back down on that bed Missy!"

"I'm fine, look!" Lan did a quick dance on the floor and headed for the door again. As she did, a sudden pain shot through her spine. "Ahhh!" She grabbed hold of the door frame.

"See, I' told you that you weren't okay! Now come over here and lie down. I'm going to look for Kane. He's been away quite a while, I don't want any harm coming to him." She grabbed her shawl and a basket, walked out of the door, turned round and said, "And no sneaking away while I'm gone. I'll get in serious trouble if you disappear!" She walked away from the house, down the path, around the corner, and away towards the market.

"Damn all Roshtaria! They don't let you do a single thing round here!"

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Erg, it's been way too long since I did an Itamar post. :P At least I'm not holding anyone up!


"Are you certain about this, Mr. Lowe?" one of the two scientists asked cautiously.

"Yes. I am ready," Itamar responded, a little nervously. He had a right to be nervous; he could see his arm before him, resting between two metal clamps, one around his wrist, the other around his elbow. Soon, the scientists would begin the experiment.

"Remember, Mr. Lowe. Please inform us if you begin to feel discomfort. We will stop the experiment at once. You are a valuable guest here, and we do not wish to injure you."

"I want to find out," Itamar responded. His heart was thumping wildly. "Please begin." Then, thinking to himself, "Before I lose my nerve..."

The scientists nodded, happy to oblige. Actually, this was a novel experience for them, and one that they weren't entirely comfortable with.

From the day that they had been inducted into the Scientist Caste, Siegurne and Malchiel had been schooled in the art of complete impartiality. Whatever was brought before them, whether it be a chunk of ore, a preserved penguin-bear, or a sobbing child was to be treated as nothing more than a specimen. To treat the specimen as anything other than an object of scientific research was to risk applying emotional attachment. Emotional attachment invariably stood in the way of scientific advancement, and was to be avoided at any cost. Siegurne was personally glad that he'd never been presented with a sobbing child to work with, but he had been present for experiments involving adult humans, and even adult Shadow Tribesmen, in experiments which eventually resulted in their deaths. These specimens, he had dutifully treated with complete impartiality, even if he could still sometimes hear their screams in his nightmares.

This latest specimen - no, Siegurne corrected himself, this Itamar Lowe - was to be treated differently. He and his companion had received orders from Lord Nahato himself to treat Itamar personably, and with respect. It was somewhat uncomforable, as Siegurne had little experience in behaving sociably, even with other members of the Phantom Tribe, and he couldn't shake the feeling that he was betraying the precepts of his Caste. Certainly, he'd already began to apply certain emotions to the subject, irritation primary among them, though he did his best not to show this. The sooner he was gone from his laboratory, the better.

"I will start the pressure now, Mr. Lowe," Malchiel said calmly, "lightly at first, but increasing over time." He pressed a few controls on the console, and the two of them watched a number on the readout slowly begin to climb.

Itamar sweated as he watched his forearm. He had felt the clamps move slightly, and they were now applying a consistent pressure against his arm. It was not uncomfortable, but it was still worrying to know that the machine his arm was trapped in was making a concerted effort to break his arm.

Time passed, and Itamar listened as the two scientists began to chatter excitedly to one another. He only caught bits and pieces of what they were saying. "...astounding! With this much pressure..." "...sillicon alloy would have splintered under half..." "...what is he MADE of? If an armor could be produced..."

After a time, the scientists quit talking, and just stared as one at the readout. "Are you quite certain you are not feeling any pain?" one of them asked.

"Yes, I am fine," Itamar answered.

"Incredible..." the scientist answered.

Then, with a shriek of metal, the pressure on Itamar's arm abruptly ceased, as did the hum of the equipment. "He... broke it!" one of the scientists exclaimed in disbelief.

"I-I'm sorry!" Itamar exclaimed, pulling his arm free of the now intert device.

"Please, no need to apologize," the other scientist reassured him. "The mistake was mine - I should have realized that the machine was reaching its tolerance." The scientist smiled at Itamar in a way that Itamar couldn't help but feel showed that smiling was not something the man commonly did. "It would seem that you are certainly a very sturdy young man, Mr. Lowe."

The first scientist then dismissed him. "Well, I'd say we're through for today. Please, return tomorrow, and we should have the high-energy tests ready for you."

"Very well. Thank you both," Itamar answered politely before excusing himself from the room.

Once the specimen had departed, Malchiel turned a longing look on the space he'd occupied. "If only we could obtain a genetic sample..."

Siegurne snorted. "I rather doubt we've any equipment capable of extracting a decent sample. You'll have to make due with dead skin and hair cells."

"Hardly ideal," Malchiel responded mournfully. Then he brightened. "Perhaps we will have better luck with the high-energy tests."

"Perhaps," Siegurne agreed neutrally. "Come, we must present our results to Lord Nahato."

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Kane was now right above Calya as she fired a few smaller fireballs at him. He  crossed his elbows and concentrated his energy  in them until he established a heat shield in front of him and blocked them away. Then he dashed downwards and fired a heatstream at her. She dodged it and flipped around to give him an uppercut. Kane spinned around and placed a spinkick on her right shoulder. She fell down and crashed on the roof of the house below. She jumped on her feet again and dodged another heat stream that left a big hole in the roof with a flick-flack.

"Not bad little brother! But watch this!", she charged up and lifted her fist above her head. Flames danced around it.

Kane landed on the roof again and dashed towards Calya.

She punshed her fist into the roof, leaving a flaming bow behind that hit Kane hard and threw him back.

Kane hit the roof and slided backwards until he stopped right at the edge of the roof. "Danm!....too slow!"

"YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!", Kane twisted around as he heared that cry and saw Calya flying towards him. He rised his elbows and blocked the kick, but the blow threw him off the roof and knocked him into the next wall followed by one of Calyas 'Fire Dragons'. *BOOOM* The explosion was heavy and the wall bursted right over Kane. As the dust lifted there was a hill of stones left behind that had burried Kane.

Calya just stood at the edge of the roof and glared at the small hill.

People were watching the scene from the distance with a mix of shocked and excited expressions on their faces.

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As they travelled farther into the Grand Hall, Nolan couldnt help but feel his breath being taken from him as he stared in awe at the sheer size of it. He barely acknowledged Allan's voice next to him as his eyes moved around the room.

His concentration broken, he replied to Allan's question.

"Amazed? I dont think that word even begins to do justice. This is incredible!" he replied enthusiastically.

He did a full circle to take in everything around him. "I can't even begin to imagine how long this place took to build."

Afura smiled. "It is quite impressive isn't it?"
Even after seing it so many countless times in her life, Afura would admit that the sight of the Grand Hall always impressed her each time she entered it.

Nolan couldnt believe how ultra-royal the whole place was! The long waveless rectangular pond in the center even had living fish in it, and the pond itself was surrounded by seating cushions for people, although Nolan could only guess who would be invited to such a majestic place.

At the far end of the hall, where the pond ended, there were two seats separated from the rest of the pack, obviously for the royal princesses he figured, but he wasnt sure completely.

"So where do we head now?" he asked Allan and Afura.

(ends post, tags Allan, anyone?)

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"Well, is there even anything to do for us to head somewhere?" asked Allan

"Nolan is a traveller from Earth and if the past stores were right, nobody can go back unless the Eye of God creates another portal... Which it won't, it only sends people from another place to El-Hazard," replied Afura

"So, you're saying... Nolan might be stranded here forever?"

"Yes, unfortunatly for him,"

"... I see,"

"Now for the most important thing. As you should know, Allan, all the wanderers gained a unique ability upon entering El-Hazard... Nolan has a special ability of some sort, but we don't know what exactly."

"Ack, that's gonna be hard to find out..."

Allan remembered that guy that fell down from the sky next to Nolan and had to say it, there were others with these special powers.

"Afura! There was also that guy next to Nolan, near the flames! The one that was taken away!"

"...  *gasp* I hope his powers don't do any harm to anyone, we're sure that Nolan won't as he is on our side... This looks bad and there must have been other wanderers all over El-Hazard too."

"I don't like the looks of this... What can we do?"


The special powers thing had to be brought up some time...

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When Yumi heard the explosion she had a bad feeling about it and began to run. Other people were heading the same direction to see what has happened. As she reached the market she saw a huge crowd that had gathered around a certain building.

What has happened here?, she thought and forced her way through the crowd. Then she bumped into a guard that was holding back the people.

"Stay where you are lady, it's too dangerous to get any closer." She looked over the shoulder of the guard and spotted Calya standing at the edge of the roof. Then she looked into the direction where Calya was staring at and saw the small hill of bricks and stones where there had to be a wall before.

And she suddenly realized what was happening here.......

Calya grined as she still glared at the small hill. Awww....C'mon Kane, you don't want to disappoint me, do you?

Suddenly a redish glow appeared within the hill and the air around started to flicker. Then a 'Heat Dragon', similar to Calyas 'Fire Dragon' broke through the hill and hit Calya straight into her chest. She was thrown on her back, now lying on the rooftop. A sudden blast of heat blew up the entire hill and Kane appeared again. His shirt was torn apart and he had bruises and scratches all over his body, but he seemed to be fine. He ran towards the wall in front of him, jumped and leaped to the other wall behind him doing a backflip, the part that hadn't bursted yet now bursted and fell down. He leaped again and was now above the roof where Calya was about to get up. He fired a burst of heat streams at her, but she jumped on her feet and dodged them with a flick-flack. Then it was her turn to fire another 'Dragon' at him. He established his heat shield and redirected the 'Dragon' back to Calya. She dodged it, jumped and launched the next Dragon. This time Kane dodged it with a flick-flack and jumped to start a counter attack! Both met in midair and started to fight in close combat. Both of them had to endure series of different combos.  This time Kane was knocked on the rooftop and Calya followed to finish him with a flaming punch. Kane rolled to the side and Calya crashed right through the roof and left a big black hole behind.

Kane looked into the hole grining, "HEY SIS! YOU LIKE DIGGING HOLES DON'T YOU!?"

Suddenly a blaze shot out of the hole and missed Kanes head in a distance of an inch. Then Calya zoomed passed him and placed a high kick right on his cheek. Kane spined around and countered with a low kick that sweeped her off her feet. She crashed on the roof and lied on her back, gasping....

Kane staggered backwards and sat down. "How about calling it a draw, huh?"

Shayla sat up and glared at Kane. "NEVER! You still gonna pay for what you have done! You owe me a lot of money! You deserve to get beaten up." She fighted hard to get on her feet again but finally she stood in front of him with shivering knees.

Kane looked at her and shook his head. "You are incredibly stubborn, you know this?"

"Stop the blubbering and get on your feet already!", Calya yelled!

Kane got up slowly with a painful expression on his face. "And here we go again...."

"Enough!!", suddenly a female voice shouted. Kane looked down at the crowd where a woman steped out of it. Calya took her chance and knock him down with an amazing blow.

Kane passed out.

"NOW we are even!", Calya said, kneading the knuckles of her hand.

(Ok, would anyone let Yumi drag me back to the healers, please?  ;) )

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Yumi ran over to Kane, "Kane! Kane, please wake up!" She screamed, tears falling down her cheeks. "Kane, come on! Please! Wake up! Tell me you're okay!" She shook him gently. Kane showed no sign of movement, so she put his arm around her shoulders and began to drag him back towards the healers.

"Lana! Get off the bed!" Yumi screamed as she came in through the door, dragging Kane with her.

"What happened?" Lan quickly got off the bed and walked quickly over to help Yumi, "What's going on?"

"Kane and Cayla were fighting..." She panted, "And Cayla knocked him unconcious," Yumi watched as Lan hauled him onto the bed, "Be careful!"

"I am!" Lan turned him onto his front, so that his back was facing her.

"What can I do?!" Yumi was panicing,

"You're one of the bloody healers arent you?!"

"I don't know what to do!" Yumi screamed, in the panic, she'd forgotten what to do.

"Snap out of it!!!" Lan slapped her hard across the face.

"What?" Yumi looked puzzled,

"Are you going to help him or not?!" Lan screamed,

"I'm confused!" She said, "I can't remember anything!"

"Jeeze!" Lan took her cape off and threw it to the ground. "I guess I'll have to do something then. You know Yumi, I'm not to good at this healing stuff." Lana went into the kitchen and returned with a cloth, and some ice cold water.

"What are you doing?"

"What you probably would have done if you weren't going crazy." Lan put the cloth into the water, took it back out, and started washing Kanes back with it, carefully. "Be some help Yumi, and go find him some clothes. He can't stay in these."

"Eh...Okay!" Yumi got up and ran into the back room,

"What are you doing in here?"

"It's Kane father, he was fighting with Cayla! And I'm so scared that I can't remember anything! I can't remember what to do! Lana's looking after him, but she says she not to good at healing, and..."

"I'll come through and look at him." He stood up, and walked towards the door, then to Kane.

"Step aside, girl. I can handle this."

"Yes sir." Lan politely stood to the side, which was unusual for her.

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Nolan could only speculate about what the two of them were discussing,  their voices were too low to really hear anything. At least at first. Then he heard the words 'stranded' and 'forever' in the same sentence. soon followed by the words 'special ability'

Unwilling to be a sideliner anymore he interrupted the conversation "Okay timeout, what is this I'm hearing about being stranded, and 'special abilities'?" he asked sternly.

Afura sighed "I'm affraid you have very little chances of seeing your home again." she replied, a hint of sadness in her voice.

Nolan simply just stared at her. "Y..you mean, I cant leave this place,  I'm stuck here for good?"

"Yes... It is true"

This was turning into a semi-nightmare. Here he was, standing in a grand hall in a palace beyond anything he could ever concieve, in a world he didnt know, with people he didnt know. He was the outsider. And now the knowledge that he more than likely could never leave was leading him to the verge of breaking.

He let out a heavy sigh, then looked back at Afura "...what..am I supposed to do now?" he asked, his voice void of any emotion.

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"Well, you'll have to run a life here in El-Hazard or something... Trying to find your way home will be near impossible," replied Allan

"It's true, the only way is to find a portal which will lead you back to Earth, something only the Eye of God can do..." added Afura

"Afura, he doesn't know what the Eye of God is."

"Oh, I'm sorry, look. Over there. In the Sky."

Afura pointed to the large object circling around the Palace from a Window in the room they were in. It had just made it's way out of the clouds to be seen.

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Turning his head towards the window, he sighed slightly, then a look of shock replaced his depressed look. In the sky, floating far above them, was a moon-shaped sphere, looking very much like a moon, but... it also looked artificial. Then a similar image flooded into his head

"the Death Star? Here?" he stammered in an attempt to make the sight look somewhat familar to him.

"Death Star? What is that?" asked Afura.

"Oh... n.. nothing... just a cultural reference..." Staring at the object, he continued. "It reminds me of a weapon from a movie back on Earth... its uncanny how similar they are..."

Afura still had a puzzled look on her face "I see.."

"So.. that thing is the Eye of God... Well, it lives up to the name" he said, with a small hint of humor. "But.. if that thing is responsible for my being here, is there someone that controls it? Like a guard or soldier?"

"I'm affraid that is not the case." Afura replied matter-of-factly. Nolan sighed.

Turning to face Allan, he decided to sit down on one of the cushioned seats that were lined along the edge of the indoor pond. "It seems so quiet in here..."

Moments after Nolan had spoken, a large group of guards came rusihing through the hall, heading down the passage that the three of them had just emerged from minutes ago. Some were carrying empty buckets "Whats going on with them?" he asked curiously. Then he remembered: the crashed ship. "Firemen?"

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(( I'M BAAACK!!! Sorry about that everyone, but being grounded sucks. I promise that when school starts again, my posts will become regular. In the meantime, I'll do what I can. Anyways, I didn't read all 6 (!!!) pages of stuff, I just read the last one, so forgive me if I miss a few details. If anyone wants to give me a summary, I'd greatly appreciate it!  ;D ))

Almost as soon as the firemen had vanished, another great door opened. A young woman in expensive looking garments walked into the Great Hall, followed by a few statley looking men, all of whom seemed to be trying to talk to her at once. This seemed to be a bit of a distraction for the young woman, for she did not notice Allan, Afura and Nolan until she had reached the seats on the far end of the hall.

Princess Keora stopped so suddenly that her group of chatty followers tripped over each other to avoid treading on her long, trailing dress.

"Afura Mann! What a pleasant suprise!" She said, beaming at the priestess. The throng of crabby old men must have taken this as a sign to leave, for they promptly bowed thier way out of the room. "I'm so glad you are here! There have been some reports of numerous unusual strangers causing chaos here in Floristica..." She paused for a moment, her pretty blue eyes lingering on Allan and Nolan.

"And, who might your friends be?"


Meanwhile, in another part of Roshtaria, Princess Fiore was having a grand time enjoying a spectacular display of "Fireworks". She made a great audiance. She Oohed and Aahed when the great fire dragon had torn through the building, and marveled at the superb fighting skills of the two warriors. As the fighting ended, the young man was drug away by a young woman.

Feeling a little curious and bold, Fiore decided to follow the strangers. After all, fighting techniques like that were what the Princess Fio lived for.

She followed the two all the way to a small house, presumably where a healer lived, and watched as they dissapeared inside. Then she pulled her mask over her nose and mouth, and slid her hood over her head. Finally, after her disguise was in place, she entered the house.

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Lan stood in the corner of the room, watching as Jabanijan worked on Kane. She sighed, and looked up, a person had just entered the house.

"Who are you?" Lan knew the answer, even with the diguise, she could tell. She had a sense for these things, especially if it envolved the princess. "Don't answer that, I know who you are." Lan stepped forward, she knew it was Fiore, but the thought of seeing her again, made her want to cry. She took a couple more steps forward, felt the tears welling up in her eyes, turned, and fled into the kitchen, where Yumi was sitting, trying to come to her senses.

"What's wrong?"

"I...I can't take it! I don't want to see her again! I nealry killed her the last time! Why am I suffering for this?!?!" Lana screamed,

"Woah! Slow down! Make more sense, who are you talking about?"

"The Princess! Fiore! I tried to kill her! I didn't want reminded of that! Not now! I'm in enough pain as it is, without her being here."

"What do you mean? The princesses rarely visit us. Why would one of them be here now?"

"I don't know!" Yumi stood up, and walked into the living room, where her father was still working on Kane,

"How is he?"

"It is hard to tell, but he should be okay."

"And who are you?" Yumi asked, staring at Fiore.

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As expected, Nolan saw that the princess was indeed gorgeous. Her clothes, her figure, her looks were all genuinely beautiful. Embaressed for staring so blatantly at her, he tried to regain his composure.

"Ah... Hello miss-I mean, your highness,. I'm Nolan..." he stammered. Allan nudged him a little "Ah... and this is Allan. I think he's part of the royal entourage... heh"

Afura interruped "I'm afraid that this young man-" she said, motioning to Nolan "-is one of those 'unusual strangers'. I believe he, like the travelers from long ago, is from Earth."

Nolan smiled as best he could and waved slowly to her. 'Well Nolan, you've succeeded in embaressing yourself in front of royalty. Congrats..' he thought, mentally kicking himself numerous times...

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((Woops, forgot that Keora would know Allan. *beats self with the Obvious Stick*))

Princess Keora smiled hesitantly, as if not quite sure weather to engage the newcomer in conversation or run screaming from the room. Then, she blushed, as she realized she had been staring avidly at him for at least a good few moments.

"Oh? A traveler you say...? By the Gods! This is unusual!" Then, seeming to get a grip on herself, she regained her usual statley composure. "Ah, yes, Allan, I didn't recognise you, welcome back to Roshtaria!" She smiled warmly at him, and then a look of shock crossed her face.

"My goodness! How rude of me, I've forgotten to introduce myself! My name is Keora, and I'm the youngest Princess of Roshtaria..." she said to Nolan. "I wish that I could introduce you to my sister, I'm sure she would be very pleased to meet you, but I'm afraid she has taken a... leave of absence..." The Princess looked slightly imbarrassed at this, and it was no suprise that she soon changed the subject.

"So, Sir Nolan, I would be very pleased to hear of your world! The little I know of it comes from previous travelers to our world, and that was many years ago, before I was born..."

(( Sorry, I guess I really rooted you out of my post Allan. Feel free to tag me!  ;D ))


Fiore stopped dead in her tracks as she recognized Lana. It seemed like a long time since she had seen the palace servant who had turned traitor. She made a move to follow Lana out of the room, but then decided against it.

"Hm? Who am I? Oh! Right! The disguise! I'm, er, Salami! Er, no, Sansuke! Sansuke Salami! Pleestameetcha!" She shook Yumi's hand jovially, feeling quite certain that now would not be a good time to be recignized as a Princess. "And who might you be? And, more improtaintly, what is that girl Lana doing here?!?"

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"Lana?" Yumi said, "Well, she was...she was caught by your guards, oh, I know that you're the princess, she told me who you were. Anyway, the guards whipped her so badly that she slipped one of the discs in her back. That and all the blood she was loosing from the whipping was causing her damage in itself." Then she looked at Kane, "He brought her here...he left the house for some reason, and the next thing I knew, there were loads of explosions, and Kane got knocked out. I brought him back here as well." Yumi was nearly in tears.

Lan mad an appearence from the kitchen, "I'm sorry about that." She said, wiping away invisible tears from her face. "I didn't mean to..." Lan stuttered, it was still really difficult for her to face the princess.

"Hey, why don't we all sit down?" Yumi said hurridly, "I'll go make some tea." She rushed into the kitchen, came back with a couple of chairs, and then rushed off again.

"Eh...Why don't you sit down, Fiore. I guess that you've probably been walking a long time." Lan pointed to on of the chairs.

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(hehe, don't worry about it. I'll clear it up. :P)

Allan had the time to say something, he wanted to suprise the Princess but he couldn't think of a way to make it sound smart in front of everyone.

"So, Princess, you don't recognize this face?"

That wasn't an good enough hint, he had to add on.

"Maybe this'll give you a clue..."

Allan drew down his sleeve to show the Bracelet that was on his wrist.


Read up to my second previous post if you don't know a thing about the Bracelet. It's just an item Allan had since the last time he served in the Palace, it seems special to him (hasn't been explained yet, I'm hoping it can be used as a trigger when the story needs something of the such.)

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(( Thanks Allan! Seriously, I'll try and catch-up  ;) ))

Keora's eyes wandered down to the glimmering bracelet on Allan's arm. It looked so familiar, and for a second she couldn't place it, then she remembered.

"OOH! Yes!" she said, her eyes growing wide with recolection. "I remember now! You served us in the Royal Palace years ago!"

It seemed strange to be looking at Allan again. It had been so long since Keora had last seen him. Undoubtably they had both changed a lot, but what really amazed the Princess was how very attractive Allan had become. She smiled to herself and decided she would keep that to herself, knowing very well that it was much too early in the morning to be a flirt.

The Princess coughed and straightened her crown.

"So, Allan, what brings you back to Roshtaria?"


Fio was still a little uneasy, but she sat obediantly, and without further ado.

"Er, tea sounds great..." she said, not able to take her eyes off of Lana. She had always imagined that the young girl before her would be off somewhere in the Bugrom lands, wreaking havoc and striking terror into the hearts of her foes. She had never in her wildest dreams thought she might actually be sorry for what she had done, and the thought made Fiore feel a little ashamed of herself. Furthermore, she had actually begun to feel sorry for her.

"Um, there there, it's okay," Fiore said, making an effort to sound symphathetic. "It was a long time ago and all, and I really don't blame you or anything... I mean, er..." It was clear that Princess Fiore was unnacustomed to being compassionate, and was clearly not the sort of person to "Forgive and forget". However, she really hated to see young women cry, especially pretty young women like Lana.

"So, I forgive you and all... You know, as long as you promise not to do it again," she added with a smile.

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Lana looked sadly at the princess.

"Fiore...no matter what you say to me, I'll never forgive myself for what I nearly did to you." Lan blinked back her tears. "Looking at you now causes me more pain than I could ever have thought it would." A tear fell, "I was thinking about you...and when I did...it stopped me, it made me feel...I'm not sure really...but I know that it was a great feeling, that I've never had before." She smiled, then it came to her, "I..." She couldn't say it, the tears overwhelmed her, and she threw herself at the princess, her face buiried in Fiore's clothes.

"Lan..." Yumi stepped forward, but she was stopped by her father. Kane opened his eyes, slowly.

"Fiore, I'm so sorry!" Lan sobbed, "I... can't tell you how..." Lan couldn't say anything else, she had never cried so much in her life, and it was hard for her to accept that she was as weak as everyone else.

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Kane opened his eyes and looked around. Everything was spining around. He grabbed his head with both hands until it slowly wore off. He sat up, ignoring the pain that rushed through his entire body and looked around again. He was back at the healers. There were Yumi, Dr. Jabanijan, Lan and Miles, who had an an displeased expression on his face. It was obvious that he felt a bit redundrant here. And there was another person he didn't know. And for some reason Lan was crying at her shoulder. He got up silently and steped next to Yumi.

"And who is that girl?", he wispered into her ear.

Yumi winced as she heared his voice and quickly put a hand on her lips before a squeaking sound could escape from her mouth. She looked at him from the side. "You dummy! This is princess Fiore. Don't tell me you haven't seen her before!?", she wispered to him.

"She is what??",he asked a bit too loud, so that he had now the attention of the princess. At least the attention of everyone in the room.

"Ummm...I didn't want to interrupt in whatever you were doing. Just go on and don't mind me!", Kane pointed into Miles' direction who sat at the table, eying the situation with a tense look. "I'll just go and sit next to that guy over there", he was about to go when Yumi grabbed his arm and pulled him back to her side.

Oh, great! A princess! Did she find out about the incident? The dungeon and the two guards? Is she here to demant reparation? Jeeze, I hope I don't have to cry for mercy or something..


Meanwhile back in the palace a specific red haired person hobbled through the main hall swearing arround in pain, ignoring a specific group of people she was passing by.  ;D

(greetings from me to the other princess and all the people at the palace  ;) )

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Lan lifted her head quickly when she heard Kane scream.

"Oh good," She sniffed, "You're awake. Glad to have you with us again Kane. How are you feeling?"

Lana looked up at the princess. Something inside was...Even thought the mask was still in place, Lan knew that she had changed more than she had expected. She knew that she was more beautiful than anyone. She had been dreading, yet longing the moment when she would see Fiore again, she wanted to...

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"Well, when I said I was going to leave to wonder into the outside world, beyond Roshtaria... I said I'd be away for a long time but I promised that some day I would come back, now's the day,"

Allan could being on a massive story, much had to be caught up on but it wasn't the time.

"I did so much while I was out there but it's great to be home again, I don't intend on leaving again, I'm back for good."

Allan turned back to Afura.

"Sorry about the little reunion, so, what were we talking about doing with Nolan?"

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Fiore wasn't quite sure what to do. She had never gotten herself into a situaton quite like this one. Here she was, in an unfamiliar house, with a girl she hadn't seen in years hugging her around the waist. This was turning out to be a very interesting evening indeed.

Finally, Fiore decided that actions spoke louder than words, and she tentativley wrapped her arms around the girl's small frame. A feeling came over her, making her feel warm and slightly dizzy, like she had been spinning in a circle for a while. She had no idea what it was, or why her insides felt so jittery, but she decided it was from shock.

"She is what??" From the other side of the room. With a jump, Fiore realized she was being talked about. She came out of her trance, blushing, to look at the man on the other side of the room.

"Um, nice to meet you Kane," said the Princess in a weak voice. For some reason, she couldn't focus. Her mind kept wandering back to the brown-haired girl next to her...

((Er, end of post, cuz I couldn't think of anything for the Princess to say to Allan in response to that last post.  :P ))

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Realizing that the topic of conversation had rerverted back to himself, Nolan stopped gazing around the hall with his eyes and snapped to attention.

"Ah yes. I mean, I havnt a clue what to do, or where to stay, or... well... anything really." With a small chuckle, he continued. "Im sorry if I'm troubling anyone by being here.." he said, staring down at his baggy blue jeans and his adidas runners.

Afura stepped in "Do not worry. Everyone will fully understand your situation and will be more than welcoming. Im sure there is a guest room he may stay in?"

Nolan smiled. "Thank you Afura. I really mean it, you've been beyond nice to me and I appreciate that alot." Smiling, she nodded "The pleasure is all mine"

Still smiling he turned back to face Princess Keora "I guess I'm in your hands now, your highness."

Then Nolan rememberd something "Oh! By the way, I left most of my stuff back at one of the hanger-like buildings outside... Should i bring them inside..?" he inquired.

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Lan buiried her head in Fiore clothes again. She was warm, and had a comforting smell to her.

"Fiore..." Lan said, her voice was muffled by Fiores clothes, "I don't want to let you go." Lan was still totally aware that there were several other people in the room, but right now she didn't care, she just wanted to be with the princess. Forever. Lan looked up, she couldn't do it. Not yet. "I..." Lan broke off. She pulled away from Fiores warm embrace and ran into the back room.

"Something is haunting me for a reason. I wish it would leave me alone." Lan sat, and wished. For two things. To stop being haunted, and to have Fiore say what she wanted her to say. But there was no chance of that. Not here.

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"Well, I'm going to take my stay at the Palace for a while, I'll have to give my thanks and goodbyes to you all now. I wish I could come with you but I've had enough action for quite a long time now..."

Allan looked over to Nolan.

"I pray we'll see each other again, Nolan. It was nice meeting you."

Allan slung his back over his back and began walking up to his room.


Okay, I'll cover it up, this is an excuse because I'm going on Holiday for around 5 or so weeks. So I'm putting myself in a safe place which won't harm anyone else in the story. A goodbye to the Forum as well then, you'll won't be seeing me again till September 5th. I hope I took effect on the RPG, y'know, it seems quite dead now. :P

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"Ok I've had it" I got up from the seat. "I can't stand this anymore, I'm just going to wait outside." I started to walk outside, I took a quick look back and only Kane looked at me, possibly because he was the closest too me at the time, and everyone else was concerned about Lana and Fiore.

I waited outside, there was a nice cool breeze, steadily blowing gently. Reminded me of the old-fashioned A.C.s back in the 21st century I learned in school.

Y'know, the war back where I am did suck. I hated it. I was afraid.. Afraid that the aliens would win, which it sure seemed like they would have. I was also one of the best pilots in the military, and I was going to beat Klaus in teh # of kills... I dont' think Earth will win. I'm also CLUEless on what is going on in this world of El-Hazard. God DAMN why am I here!

I was starting to bang on the walls. More thoughs were streaming through my head. WHY did they run off when that wormhole sucked me in? Could they have created that? If they didn't, why did they sense it? WHY DID I EVEN HAVE TO GO ON THAT STUPID SORTIE ANYWAY!
I banged on teh wall with all of my might, and it collapsed. The wall collapsed right into the room Lana and the others were in, stunning them. When the dust died down, I could see their eyes glaring at me, that 'Why the heck did you do that' kind of look.

I was speechless at what I had done, but I managed to say something out of the back of my head, "I'm broke, so I won't be able to pay for this."


(I am on the verge of disconvering my new power...)

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After the wall collapsed and everybody starred at Miles stunned, Kane was the first one who found his voice back. "Did you do that?", he looked Miles straight in the face and saw in his eyes, that he was surprised himself about what happened a moment ago.

"Hmmm...I see!", Kane grined viciously. "Let's see how good you really are!"

Before Yumi could hold him back or anyone else could do anything Kane dashed towards Miles, ignoring that his body still was sore from the fight with Calya. His first blow hit Miles' stomach hard, so that he bowed and lurched backwards with a surprised expression on his face.

Kane just stood there, glared at him and waited. "C'mon! Show me how good you really are!", he said with a defying smile.

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Lan looked up, what was going on now? First the princess, now the person she had only noticed a few seconds before had destroyed the wall. What next?

She watched as Kane took a blow from Miles.

"Stop it!" She screamed, getting up from where she had been sitting in the back room. "I don't want either of you to get hurt!" Lan ran in front of Kane, and turned to face him. "You aren't well enough to fight mister! Get back in there right now!" She shouted.

Lan had an amazing ability to be in charge when she wanted to. And right now, she did.

((sorry, I had to say something, it's my duty to get into trouble  :P ))

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"Oh. Well, cya later Allan" responded Nolan as Allan made his way out of the Hall and headed off somewhere else.

Turning his attention back to the Princess, he blushed "I guess it's just me now. Heh....... Ah.. on second thought instead of me going alone, if you like, I could show you my stuff, since you asked about my world n' all." he asked, embaressment apparent in his voice.

As to display a sign of friendship, Nolan offered Keora his hand and smiled.

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"Obviously I cause too much trouble here. Kane I dont' know what the hell you were thinking." I said, eyeing Kane with a distinctive look. "I don't know what happened, how I took down a wall." I looked down at the rubble, and I saw pieces of bricks that I had broken. "Uhh, brick wall I mean."

I took a good look around the room. Everyone was looking at me, Fiore with a hostile look. I think that was my incentive to leave. Before I left, however, I said one more thing. "If you need me to work to pay off for the damage i've done, I'll just be wandering around the city." Then, I just walked off.

During my wanderings around Floresca, I was wondering what happened there. I have no muscle-fiber implants. Could it be that this place has different properties than what our earth does? Whatever was happening, I had no clue.

(I'll be wandering around the city for a while untill someone finds me and gets my attention)

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"Wait! I didn't want to scare you away like this!", Kane yelled after Miles. But either he didn't hear him or he didn't want to. Kane looked after Miles until he got out of his sight. He felt a hand on his shoulder. Yumi was now standing next to him.

"Don't worry. He'll come back. He just has to get to grips with this situation.", she said.

Kane looked at her. "Maybe you are right about this." He looked at the remainings of the collapsed wall. "There is something special about him. I can feel it. He seems to be different. Not only his appearence or that he seems to be a complete stranger around here. I gonna find out what's all about him..."

He looked at Lan who was still standing in front of him. Then he turned around and eyed the princess, Dr. Jabanjian and then Yumi.

"Well, what next?", he asked.

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Lan suddenly felt small, with Yumi and Kane standing side by side, her in front, she felt like a little kid again. It had been so long since she had felt safe. And yet, even now, with a princess, a preistesses brother, two medicals, and a guy walking ogg into the distance, she didn't feel safe at all. She knew something or someone was watching, and she wanted to get away from it.

She wanted to scream, but that would cause attention, and that's exactly what she didn't want right now. She wanted away from what it was that was following her. That haunting feeling inside that was...

"No!" She threw her arms round the nearest thing...Poor Kane.

She didn't cry, or make any noise after that, she just held on to him. She felt the slightest bit more safe than she had before, but something was missing...

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Kane shrugged when Lan suddenly hugged him. He looked at her slightly confused, then he had a look at Yumi who smiled to herself as she saw that.

"Erm.... umm.....", he didn't know what to say in this kind of situation, so he just stroked Lans head.

Yumi giggled and huddled against Kane. "Doesn't that feel like we would be a family? Couldn't you imagine to be a family man Kane? A father of a beautiful daughter and husband of a loving wife?"

"Just what are you talking about? I'am a fighter! An adveturer! I have no time for such things!", Kane felt a little bit helpless in this situation. He threw an appealing look at Dr. Jabanijan, but he just smiled at him warmly and stuffed the last remainings of his tobacco into his pipe and lit it up.

Kane felt awful to be that kind of helpless against them both. The one, who needed someone to feel save with. The other one who loves and desires to be loved by the beloved person. He should have had more social contact with people in the past, so that he would know what to do now. He has been on his own for a long time now........

Kane just stood there and waited patiently until they would let go of him.

Family would be the last adventure I'd like to come through!

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Lan pulled away from Kane quickly, and wiped away the tears that kept forming in her eyes. She knew how Kane felt, about being a fighter. She was a fighter too. That's all that she had ever known. Nothing more.

Love was something that happened to other people, it was a waste of time from her point view. But sometimes there was one who felt special. Really special.

She looked at the princess shyly. Trying to keep herself from blushing. Her attempts failed and she turned away.

Jeez! Why do I always blush right when I don't want to?! You are such an idiot Lan!

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Please read this post completely, a major event is taking place.

Still walking around, dawn was coming. I haven't slept yet on El-Hazard, probably won't for a long time.

I head a loud roar of thunder from the sky, I looked up but there was hardly any clouds up in the sky. It was incredibly strange to me, but, that might just be how it is on El-Hazard. I looked away and started walking.

A few minutes later, a louder roar of thunder startled me. I looked up, and a huge swirl of clouds. It looked liek a portal of some sort, I could hear lightning from it... It was a portal of some kind. Maybe the same one I came through?

I was staring at that portal for quite some time, then something emerged from it... Coming in fast, it was huge... I was able to quickly identify it was a ship. As soon as a half of it came out, I could Identify the ship.. It was a Bretonia capital ship!

Right afterwards, I noticed that it had caught on fire... Fires are deadly on those ships... But wait those fires are staying, it's leaking something flammable...
It hit me, THe reactor was overloading, the capital ship was out of control, gaining speed and starting to pitch down!

If that ship lands to hard, the reactor will breach, this city as well as it's surroundings will get annihilated!

I looked closely where it would land. Just for a few seconds, the only thing I knew is that it would land close enough. I've gotta warn Kane and the others, we can't run for it, maybe we can hide from it.

The Clinic is on the other side of the city, I dont' know if I will warn them in time!

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Some time later Kane and Yumi started to clean up the mess while Dr. Jabanijan went into the kitchen and began to prepare something to eat. He was too old to do this kind of physical work. Kane suffered from pain because during the fight with his sister one of his rips got injured badly but he didn't let it show. He didn't notice what the others were doing, because he concentrated in moving carefully, so that it wouldn't hurt too much. The only thing that could reveal about his injury was the fact that he was sweating more than usual under this conditions.

Only Dr. Jabanijan had a serious look at him as he returned from the kitchen to bring in the food. He was the only one who knew how serious Kanes wounds were, but he also knew not to harm the young mans pride and kept it secret.

Then there was a sudden roar of thunder from outside...(the first one!)

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Lan jumped at the sound of the thunder. It had been ages since there had been a storm, but this didn't sound like a storm, it sounded different.

"What's going on?!" Lan yelled over the noise, "First all these people appearing and now," She was cut off by another thunder bolt, "this thunder!" She shrieked over the noise, it was sometimes amazing how loud thunder could be.

She looked at the princess to see if she was alright.

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Dr. Jabanijan steped to the window and had a look outside. He gasped when he saw the huge shadow in the sky caught up in flames. It seemed that it would appear out of a whirl of clouds. "Oh my god! What is this??"

Yumi hasted to him and had a look herself. She squeaked in a high voice and put a hand on her lips out of surprise. Then she suddenly rushed out of the clinic.

Kane looked at her slightly confused, then he droped the stone he was holding in his hands and followed her. He met her standing outside and staring up in the sky. There were a lot of people standing in the streets and doing the same, some were pointing into the sky, some were yelling something he couldn't understand. He looked up into the same direction and his breath balked.

Suddenly he got hugged and snaped back to reality. His Eyes met Yumis concerned look.......

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Lan continued to watch the princess, she felt a strange compassion for her, something she had never experienced before.

She turned when she heard Yumi scream, then she saw her run out of the half-clinic. She watched as Kane followed, but knew better than to follow them. She didn't need to. She smiled to herself as they disappeared round the corner.

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Running for a decent amount of time I looked back at the ship. It was completely through the clouds, this was insane.

I looked back to where I was running and saw kane and Yumi out in the distance (finally). "Kane! Hey Kane!" I shouted, but he was still looking up in awe. "KANE!" I yelled, I finally got his attention as he looked at me. I stopped in front of him and was katching my breath, but before he was about to speak, I spoke in distress.

"Kane, that ship, it's gonna kill us if we can't find a place to protect ourselves!" I was speaking so fast I couldn't even understand what I was saying.

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"Wow! Calm down first! I can barely understand what you are saying!" He waited patiently until Miles cought his breath. Then Miles repeated it."What? Are you serious?", Kane looked at him wonderimg about what he just said. "But why? I don't understand!"

Yumi grabed his arm. "He'll explain later. C'mon we have to warn the others!", she looked at him desperately and pulled him towards the clinic entrance.

Kane had a last look at the huge ship in the sky, then he hasted into the clinic now pulling Yumi behind him.

"Everybody get out! We have to find a safer place!", he shouted as he entered the clinic.

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OOC: I apologize fo not writing any posts in a while, I have been waiting for Rosh to return ^_^;; But here's a short post to acknowledge the current turn of events.


Suddenly, a loud rumbling noise filled the grand hall, catching Nolan off guard as he looked through the a window to see what was causing it.

As he looked looked outside, he felt his jaw drop: a large ship-like '[thing' was hurtling through the sky, and from the loooks of it, it was apparently on a collision course with the ground!

".. This.. is NOT good..." blurted Nolan, running back to the startled princess.
"Your highness, we've got trouble!"


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Lan turned around quickly, as soon as she heard Kane yell,

"Well," She said hastily, looking around at the others, "WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?! I don't wanna stay to find out what's going to happen!" Lan grabbed her cloak and swung it round her shoulders quickly. But she forgot about her staff...

"Kane..." She looked at him as she tried to drag Fio out of her chair, "What's going on?" She looked concerned,

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"That huge object that appeared in the sky is about to drop down and Miles said we should better hide somewhere where it is save! Grab everything useful and lets get outa here!", Kane ran to the place where he droped his belongings while he spoke. Then he had a look around and saw that Dr. Jabanijan still stood at the window and looked up in the sky.

"What is it Dr. Jabanijan! Get going! We have to get out of here!, he swung his backpack on his back and looked at the doctor.

Dr. Jabanijan looked at him sadly and shook his head. "I'll stay. There nothing I could do by running away. I'm too slow anyway. All I ever possessed, all I have worked and lived for would be left behind. Then I wouldn't be ever happy again...too many memories....lost..."

"FATHER! Please! Come with us! If really something happened to the clinic, we could build it up again! I'm sure Kane and the others would gladly help us. Please don't throw your life away! I need you!", She had a look at the others, tears stood in her eyes.

Kane just nodded. He knew how Yumi felt, he felt the same. Dr Jabanijan has always been like a father to him. And if really something bad happened and the doctor got killed, he'd never forgive hiimself for leaving him here.

Dr. Jabanijan looked at him seriously. He seemed to read his mind. "Don't worry about me. I'm old and I lived my life. I raised a beautiful daughter and that's all I had to fulfill im my life.", he staped over to Kane and layed a hand on his shoulder. "Kane, please take care of Yumi. She loves you and I know that you also have feelings for her, although you try to hide them. And I also know that you are trustworthy and that you would give your life for hers. Protect her as I have protected her for so long. And for the case that we won't see each other, I wish you luck and a long and healthy life."

Kane returned the doctors serious look and nodded. "I promise that I'll protect her, doctor. Farewell, we may see each other again one day." They shook hands and had a long look at each other. Dr. Jabanijan had a surprisingly strong grip.

Then Dr. Jabanijan smiled warmly. "That's my Kane. I knew you would be the right one from the beginning. The first day I saw you as a boy I knew it."

Kane smiled and hasted through the clinic to get some things for Yumi

Yumi ran towards the doctor, bursted in tears and hugged him. "FATHER! Oh, father! I won't leave you! Why.....", she couldn't end the sentense. She layed in his arms sobbing like a child.

"Shhhh......calm down Yumi. Be strong and go with Kane and the others. I know you are. I'll never forget you my child and always love you with all my heart.", he petted Yumis head while he spoke in a calm voice."Go now you have to hurry!", he kissed her head gently and pulled her close to him once again, then he let go of her.

Kane steped behind Yumi and pulled her away gently. She had her face covered with her hands and cried. "C'mon Yumi, we've got to go!"
Kane had a last look at Dr Jabanian who now sat at the table and had a glass of some kind of alcoholic drink. Then he left the clinic with Yumi and met Miles outside.

Dr. Jabanijan sat there and watched the others. "You'd better hurry to keep up with them. Awww......what a pitty. Why did I have to run out of tobacco right now."

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I was stunned at the mere sight and thought of what would happen. I just kenw I was doomed and the city around it. This wasn't going to end well.

The ship was burning red hot, it would nto be able to take the landing. THe first thing I did was look around me, there was nothing I could use, but an idea hit me...
The wall I broke. That didn't take much to break it for some reason.. Maybe.. Just maybe I could stop teh ship from landing hard, who knows, probably throw it back into space or at least someplace remote.

I looked back at teh ship that was heading for me, only to notice it was about 1/3 of a mile away from me. That ruined my concentration, I could only think of 2 words, "Oh !@#$" I burted out running away from it as fast as I can, but soon after I tripped and fell into a ditch. I just put my arms to cover my head and waited for the inevitable.

There was silence at first, but then I could hear it, It passed right behind me, the sound that it made when it wooshed by, the fires, the alarms... Then it hit. I could hear it land, I felt the ground shake, dust,sand,and rocks roared over the surface hitting me along the way, then, there was slience again. The dust soon setteled, but no big boom.

I stood up, my body was soar from all the debris and rocks and whatnot hitting me. I saw the path the ship had left, it looked like it plowed through the plains. THe ship obliterated every structure that was in it's path, including one of the palace towers.

I ran over to the beginning fo the path it made, my god, it wasn't very pleasant to look at either. Finally I saw the ship, it was in a nearby lake, which was a good thing because it extinguished the fires. But I noticed one more thing that terrified me. The clinic was ran over as well, with Dr. Jabanijan... I don't know how everyone will take this, it didn't affect me much because I hardly knew the guy.

I wondered where the others had went, but I was clueless. I just hope they weren't in the clinic.

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Lan stopped running, "My staff! It's still there! I have to go back!" She turned and ran back towards the burning debris of the clinic.

When she reached it, she started climbing over the rubble, or what was left of the rubble.
"I can't leave it in here!" She pushed some of the rocks to the side, leaving burn marks on her hands, but she didn't care, she had to get the staff back. If she lost it then...

She shook her head, and tried not to think of the consequences. She pushed a couple more rocks aside, and saw it. Untarnished, it was alright.

She sighed and pulled it out from the rubble.
She stood up to leave, then saw what looked like a person underneath the rubble, she wwalked over carefully and knelt down next to it.

"Doctor? Are you okay? Are you still alive?" Lana bent over, she didn't want him to reply, but at the same time she did.

"Doctor...please answer..." Lana sat next to him, she put a cheek just above his mouth, he was still breathing.

"Lan..." Dr. Jabanijan grumbled,

"What?" She asked, sadly.

"Am I alive, or did it kill all of us?" He stuggled to get the words out,

"You're alive, but you look like you're in a lot of pain."

"I am." He coughed, then tried to move, but to no avail.

"What can I do?"

"End it."

"I can't. I've killed enough people in my life, I don't want you on my list as well."

"Please, I'm in too much pain to live."

She took a deep breath. "Very well." She looked at him. If Yumi found out she'd killed him...well, yumi would probably try to kill her too. But living in pain was worse than dieing.

She struggled to decide what to do, then she placed her hand firmly over his mouth, and held his nose closed with her other hand. She waited until his chest stopped moving, and took away her hand. She checked for any signs of life, but it was over. He would at least be more comfortable now. He wasn't in pain anymore.

She stood up, picked up her staff and walked away from the body, and the ex-clinic.

Yumi watched her as she came back,

"Is he okay?" She asked, tears streaming down her face.

"No. He died. I'm sorry, Yumi."

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Kane opened his eyes and looked up into the clear sky. He must have passed out while total chaos raged around him. The only thing he could remember was, that he, Yumi and Lan hasted out of the clinic and that the huge ship crashed just a few seconds after they had left. He jumped forwards and shielded Yumi and Lan with his own body. Then he felt that debrits and rocks were raining down on them and that he got hit severel times pretty badly. One rock hit him into the side and broke his injured rip completely. The pain rushed through his entire body and then it all went dark and quiet....

He looked around. Just 20 meters ahead of him there was left a huge path where the ship ran over anything that came into its way. Then he saw the others standing at the remainings of the clinic. Yumi has fallen to her knees and cried. Lan stood in front of her and just watched. And where the heck was Miles??

He tried to get up, but the pain was unbarable. So he just layed down and waited for the others to help him.

Jepp! And that's the point about having a 'long and healthy life'. If this goes on I won't even survive the next morning!

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Lan ran over to Kane when she saw him fall down again.

"Oh my god, your hurt!" She bent down over him, "Where does it hurt?" She watched him for a moment, then looked aorund, "Where;s Fiore?!"

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"It hurts everywhere. But the worst is my darn rip. It's broken!", he replyed with a huddled voice. "I dunno where she is. I haven't seen her since we left the clinic. Let's hope she survived that and is save."

He suddenly winced and spit out some blood. Then he tried to smile. "Well, it seems that it's your turn to get me to a healer, huh? What about Yumi? Is she allright?"

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Itamar Lowe studied the books in front of him intently. His eyes ached at the effort of reading in such dim lighting, but he was determined to succeed. He had already absorbed the rudiments of the written language used by the Shadow Tribe, but was still a long way from mastering it.

Suddenly, Itamar could hear the sounds of shouting coming from outside of his home. Alarmed, he leapt to his feet and hurried outside.

Into a nightmare.

The shouting he had heard could now be differentiated into two kinds of sound - angry yelling, and tortured screams. Fires burned everywhere he could see, and unmoving bodies littered the ground. The people who were still moving were running for their lives.

Itamar looked to see who they were running from, and his blood chilled. They were humans! Humans like himself. No, he chided himself, they were nothing like himself. These humans carried long spears and bright lights to illuminate the darkness. Whenever one overtook a blue-skinned tribesman, the unarmed victim was slain without mercy.

Itamar watched in horror as a young girl, certainly no older than seven, tripped and fell, the doll she'd been carrying tumbling from her hands. A human soldier loomed over her with a twisted smile on his face. "No, don't hurt her!" Itamar cried, horrified.

The soldier glanced up at him in irritation. "What are you getting so worked up about? She's nothing more than a blue-skinned animal, just like the rest of these vermin. The sooner they're all dead, the better." He punctuated his remarks with a downward stab, pinning the girl to the ground through her chest. The blue-skinned girl shrieked one last time, and then was silent.

"You monster!" Itamar roared, lunging forward and striking the man across the face. He had been training with Aereala and her fellow Hunters in hand-to-hand combat, and there was some skill behind his blow. The soldier was flung backwards to the ground.

He stood angrily, and wiped a bit of blood from his mouth. "What are you - some kinda Phantom sympathizer? I'll kill you, too!" He roared and rushed at Itamar, spear outstretched.

Grimly, Itamar stood his ground and waited for the attack to connect. The experiments the scientists had engaged him in over the past few days had given him confidence in this strange ability, and he trusted it now. Sure enough, when the spear impacted his chest it splintered. The surprised soldier staggered a few steps, completely surprised.

Without hesitation or mercy, Itamar attacked him, landing blow after blow. Soon, the man lay unconscious on the ground. Itamar was sorely tempted to find a spear of his own and finish him off, but there were others that needed saving. It was too late for the young girl, but she was not the only one fleeing in terror.

Then, the fires disappeared. So did the bodies, and the soldiers, and the lights, and the destruction. "What...?" Itamar asked, confused. "What is going on, here?!"

"I am very sorry," a familiar voice called from behind him.

"What? Aereala?" Itamar whirled to see his friend gazing at him sympathetically.

"Where are the soldiers? The fires?" His eyes focused on a now empty spot of ground. "The little girl?"

"They were all illusion," Aereala replied. "I neglected to inform you, but today was the Day of Remembrance."

"The Day of Remembrance?" Itamar repeated, confused.

"Yes. Every year, the Phantom Tribe uses its abilities to reenact the most horrible slaughter our people ever faced at the hands of our enemies. It happened three centuries ago... The people of Roshtaria discovered our home, and attacked us. We numbered ten thousand. Of that ten thousand, less than five hundred survived. Warrior or scholar, man or woman, adult or child, we were cut down without mercy."

"Horrible," Itamar swallowed.

"I'm sorry you had to endure that," Aereala said eyes lowering guiltily. "Believing that it was real."

"No," Itamar replied, voice a little firmer. "It was for the best. Now I know firsthand what your people have had to face in the past. There is no way that such a slaughter could ever be forgiven!"

"Even if we brought it on ourselves?" Aereala asked in response.

"What? How could you have possibly brought something like this on yourselves?"

"Our leader at the time was a... vengeful man. He was filled with spite against Roshtaria for the crimes they had committed against our people in the past. He especially loathed the way that they used the Eye of God to keep us cowed and in check. So, without the knowledge or consent of our people, he arranged the assassination of one of the two ruling princesses of Roshtaria - the only ones who could control the Eye."

Itamar blinked. That was surprising to learn, given all that he had learned so far about the peaceful natures of the Phantom Tribe. Then he chided himself for his short-sightedness. The Tribesmen were people, too, and undoubtedly had a few bad eggs among them.

"The queen was enormously popular, and her people were enraged at her murder. It was clearly the work of the Phantom Tribe, and nothing short of war would appease them." Aereala sighed. "It was the beginning of the most thorough manhunt for our people we had ever faced. Eventually, we were found. And we were slaughtered."

Itamar mulled over this a few moments. "It does not matter," he breathed, finally. "The death of one woman does not warrant the murder of an entire race. It still cannot be forgiven." He flashed Aereala a smile. "Thank you, though, for being honest with me. I could easily have forgotten that your people are not without flaws, and your enemies are not without virtues."

Aereala returned his smile. "We are really not so different from your kind. I often find myself wishing, though, that your kind were as tolerant as you, yourself, are."

"Aereala, report."

"Itamar now knows of the Massacre, and of the reasons behind it. He remains sympathetic to our cause."

"Excellent," Nahato replied.

"My lord, may I ask a question?" Aereala's leader nodded for her to continue. "Why did we tell him the whole story? Wouldn't it be better for him to believe our complete innocence in that incident?"

"Perhaps at first," Nahato answered. "But what if he were to discover the truth himself? He would feel betrayed, and likely lose all sympathy for our cause. No, it is best that we feed him our history in full. But slowly, and in the order most likely to secure his trust. Eventually, he will need to be told the story of my predecessor, for our enemies will surely tell him if we do not. Knowing that we have, at times, had leaders with... poor judgement will soften the blow."

Nahato's expression was very stormy, and Aereala knew better than to press him further. "It is as you say, my lord," she responded. It was no secret that Nahato had greatly admired Lord Galus. It was undoubtedly galling to him to imply that Galus might have been insane. However true that might have been.

"Aereala, I believe that our guest will soon be ready to fight on our behalf. Continue his training, and await further instructions. You are dismissed."

Aereala nodded, and departed.

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I stared, assessing Lana on what she was doing to Dr. Jabanijan. First it looked like they were talking to each other, but then Lana did something, then she left, the Dr's body was still lying there, prefectly still. That lead to a suspicion.

I ran over to Dr. Jabanijan and the ruined clinic. Just by assessment he was dead, but how I was still not sure of. I examined his head, no bad bruises, then I noticed the legs that were bloodied, the rest of his body was not badly hurt, there was no sufficient evidence of him dying on his own unless.. Lan killed him.

I was wondering why, but I did remember that she used to be with the bugrom and lana attempted to kill princess Fiore I believe. I have no idea why she would do that though. I looked around and saw Kane and the rest, including Lana.

She was right there, if she had not told them, she would be there...

I walked over, and instead of approaching this 'conflict' directly, I took a rather different approach.

"Oh there you are," Kane said with a slight smirk. "I was beginning to think you were dead." I just ignored him. "Yumi.." I said softly. "May I borrow you for a sec." It was no use, she was still sitting there, crying. I wouldn't be suprised, her father died, but for some reason I just didn't care.

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Lan knew Miles knew that she had killed Dr. Jabanijan. And she wasn't going to stop him from telling everyone. The Doctor had told her to do it. She was carrying out his wishes. She hated seeing people in pain, and that was helping Dr. Jabanijan with his pain. She had stopped it. Although she wasn't proud of herself for doing so.

"Well," She watched Miles as he took Yumi slightly away from the group, "I'll see what I can do. Enough people are in pain, I don't want you to be one of them." She didn't plan on hurting him, killing kane was the last thing she wanted to do. She put an arm very gently underneath his shoulders, and another under his knees, and lifted him up carefully. "We'll take you too a healer. You, of all people, don't deserve to be in pain."

She looked for Fiore as she began walking, she knew she couldn't carry Kane for long, but it was the best she could do. She was careful not to crush his chest, in case it made his rib any worse.

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"Well, where should we go now? Dr. Jabanijan was the only healer I knew here. There might be some other healers around, I don't know. But what I know for sure is, that the best healers are at the palace. But you wouldn't like to return there would ya?", Kane grinned. He regretted it a little that he had visited Floristica that rarely in the past 5 years or so.

He looked at Lan. She had recovered fast and she seemed to be a person of strong willpower. She really had something of a fighter inside her. But the strained expression in her face made her look even a little cute. Or should he say cuter? He still couldn't believe it that she should be working for the Bugrom, she seemed so nice and innocent. He looked at her seriously. "Are you returning to the Bugrom forces after this?"

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"I wouldn't return to them even if my life depended on it." She looked pained. "I had a terrible time there. The current leader of the bugroms, well...lets just say...he liked me too much." She shook her head and tried not to think about it.

"I don't know any healers in this area, and I'm not taking you to the Hive, so unless Yumi can help you, then I think you're in a bit of trouble." She put him down gently, and pulled him onto her back, where she could carry him more easily. "My medical knowledge is sort of limited, I haven't had many experiences with injured people wanting my help."

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"Yumi, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to come with me to see your father's corpse." I said, a bit tensely. "But I don't want to, I can't stand to see my father's dead body! I just can't!" She kept on rambling on, I couldn't exactly stand a girl crying so bad, even though i've seen it so many times before... That was it, I grapped her arm, hoping she would pay more attention to me than her father for a while.

"Yumi, I know this is hard to take, but, what happened to my father was even worse."

"How can it be!? That can't be right you're a warrior in the military!"

"I am NOT a warrior, I am a soldier, there's a difference between them." Yumi turned her head, being ignorant as if I am wrong. "I'll at least tell you this, my father was caught in the middle of the war. Now, fufill yoru duties, there was something strange about his death, please, follow me." Still, she was hesitant.

"His wounds, it doesn't look like he died from the ship crash, the wounds prove it." "What? Are you saying he was murdured at the last minute?" "Could be, but I'm not sure, you know more than I do, you have a look."

She got up with her legs shaking, but once she put her head up, I'm sure she saw the clinic, then broke out crying again, falling on me, crying on my shoulder. Finaly she had the courage to speak again, but it was faint. "Who do you think murdured him?" She said with anger.

"Lana." I answered.

"RRrrrgh, that bitch!" she shoved offa me and looked mad as hell. "Wait a sec she--" "SHUT UP!" That was.. Unexpected but... This is best left in their hands, I've interfered too much.

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Yumi turned around and glared at Lana. She saw her just dragging Kane away from here. Flames of hatred flamed in her eyes as she picked up a bar that was lying within the debrits. "And now she tries to steal Kane from me! Maybe to kill him too?? I won't allow this! You will regret this you little bitch! You'll pay for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!", Yumi dashed forwards inflamed with rage.

"I guess so!" Kane replied on Lanas comment. "Well somehow this feels stange. It seems that we have switched places this ti.....", he was cut off by Yumis cry. He looked over his shoulder and saw Yumi dashing towards them holding a bar in both hands and with furiousness in her eyes.

"What the....!!", Kane gasped.

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Lan turned round, and saw Yumi running towards her.

"Eep!" She began to run away from Yumi, being careful not to hut Kane in the process. "She's gonna kill me! This ain't good!" She put Kane down, and pulled her staff from her belt.

"If you want a fight, I'll give you one!" The staff transformed into a long, silver sword. "You wont kill me, you know you can't!" Lana stood and waited for Yumi to come.

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"What the hell is going on??", Kane yelled as Yumi zoomed past him.

"RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!", Yumi didn't respond. She lifted the bar and attacked with a sequence of blows against Lan.

"Yumi! What's going on with you? Are you out of mind? STOP IT!, his whole chest began to hurt when he yelled at Yumi and he was cut off by a fit of coughing. He spit some blood again. He tried to get up, ignoring the pain that rushed through his body. "Lan! Please don't hurt her! I beg you! Do you hear me? DON'T HURT HER!!"

He got to his feet and lurched towards them....

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Yumi was fighting out of pure rage. Knowing her I thought she wouldn't. She seemed too nice. I ran up to Yumi and grabbed her left arm, the arm that the pole wasn't holding.

"Yumi stop!" I yelled, she stalled, but she responded, "Stop!" she said, then... I don't know how but so fast, that metal pole.. She turned around and swung at my head. Knocking me unconsious on the ground.

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"Yumi! Stop this!" Lan screamed, "Look at what you've done! Look what you've done to Miles, and think about the pain that you're causing Kane. Neither of them deserve this!" She dropped her sword, which made a clattering sound as it hit the ground, then transformed back into the staff, and walked up to Yumi, "Kill me if you must, but I bet you don't have the nerve." She sneered, "I did what I did because he told me to. I wouldn't have done it otherwise." Lan closed her eyes and waited for Yumi to strike.

She listened to Kane coughing, then she heard something begain to move towards her, she opened her eyes again, and turned, "Kane! What are you doing?!" She said, alarmed,

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Kane walked past Lan and positioned himself between her and Yumi reeling. First he stared at Lan, then he turned around to Yumi. He was out of breath and just looked at her gasping.

Yumi stared at him confused. She didn't know what to do. They were standing like that for about a minute.

Then Kane slowly reached for Yumis hand and grabed the bar. He took it from her hand and droped it on the floor. Then he reached for her and pulled her close to him.

Yumi layed her head on his shoulder and began to cry loudly hugging him. "Why! Why....?!"

It was unclear for Kane what she ment. But he had the feeling that she asked why this all happened and why he was protecting Lan. He couldn't find an answer for both questions. It was like that. He couldn't proove if Lan spoke the truth or if Dr. Jabanijan could have been helped, but he wanted to let that matter rest for now. It was all too late anyway and there had been enough trouble for today. He wanted to rest......a moment of peace.......and then came the darkness, he gladly let go.....and passed out.

Yumi felt Kanes body suddenly flagging. She tried to hold him, but her legs gave in and she fell to her knees. "Kane? Kane! What's wrong with you? Kane??", She looked at him in panic. Then she realized that he was unconscious. She layed him on the floor and investigated his body. "Oh god! He's seriously wounded! He must have inner bleedings!" She looked at Lan, first despicably, then objectively. "We have to get him to a clinic! I can't do anything for him here! You have to help me carry him!." She looked over her shoulder to Miles. "We have to wake him up! He isn't injured badly and we can't let him lay around like this!"

It seemed that the doctor has awakened inside her. For the moment she had forgotten all the fury and desperation.

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Lan watched Yumi for a moment, then bent down to help Kane,

"You're right. We have to help him." She bent down and pulled Kane onto her back, with the help of Yumi. "See if you can wake him up," She nodded towards Miles, "Take the water out of my bag, it should still be cold."

Yumi took the water from Lans' bag, and ran over to Miles. She opened the keg, and threw it in his face.

"Good job Yumi," Lan laughed,

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(Yep, Allan's back, I breifly caught up on everything)

Allan was scrubbing some walls of the Palace as he was whistling, they insisted he didn't help out but he couldn't help it. Suddenly, a huge craft came moving across the sky.

"Eh...? What the?"

He noticed it was heading directly for the City.

"(What kind of thing is that?! Is Nolan something to do with this? The Princess... Nolan... There's no time!)"

Allan dropped the stuff and ran all over the Palace but he couldn't find them. It was over with.

"I come back and see this... Oh well, at least I'll die in my Home Town..."

A big light came and consumed Allan's senses, he laid down still. He then woke up to find himself in the lowest Dungeons (where he was before the explosion) covered in dust, he got up and coughed.

"What a day... I know Nolan's still around, something's wrong here... Something worse than the trouble that damned Amethyst gave me (details at the end of the post)."

He ran amongst the place, nothing seemed to be in serious damage, just a little bit wasted. He continuesly ran until he reached the Grand Hall where he began to kick up the rubble and broken rocks in hope of finding Nolan somewhere.

"Nolan! Keore!" he said as he desperatly dug into hopelessness.

(end of post)

Sorry about being away for so long, I guess I did miss a lot. But I did get a wee thing or two done on my Laptop on Vacation when I was bored ^_^;...

A picture of Allan, I don't like it much (the eyes and mouth) but it's a more-or-less thing:

Small Fanfic, I was really bored and wrote this all in one night, dont kill me :P

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*cough* "What the hell?" I realized I've been pured with water, but uncertain why, but it did wake me up.

I looked up, and I saw everyone, including Yumi, who has a bucket, and looks ready.. to... strike... "Oh shit!" I said, on a moment's glance at her, I couldn't tell whether she was mad or glad, but I ran away not willing to take any more chances.

I ran passed the first pile of debris and went behind the 2nd, from there I rested. There is total chaos going on, but I'm not afraid, but I am somewhat homesick, and confused. I paused the thoughs in my mind for a second, then focused my attention on the Bretonian ship.

I ran over to the edge of the lake, which was very close to the ships. I gaze all around the ship, then I notice some activity from the top, I was able to quickly identify them as soldiers!

Finally! Some people I actually know!

After a while gazing at them, they noticed me, They just glared at me, which I sorta find.. disturbing. Nonetheless they know I'm here! I start waving my arms frantically (or whatever) while shoulding stuff like "I'm here! Hey over here!"

THey gazed at me summore, then they started talkign to each other, but soon after, a VTOL dropship started coming, it picked up the soldiers, flew down to my position, and landed. However, I wasn't exactly greeted very well, the soldiers all jumped out and surrounded me with their guns pointed at me.

"What the hell is going on?" I said, but all they did was tense up, they were ready to pull the trigger in a split second. I have no idea what they wanted, but they wouldn't say anything. I guess i'm gonna be stuck here for a bit...

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Lan watched Miles run off into the distance.

Yumi watched as well.

Lan looked at Yumi...

"Is there something wrong with my hair?" She said, trying to see her short brown hair, but failing.

Yumi shook her head.

"What are we gonna do? We can't just leave him there." Yumi said, "Who knows what could happen to him."

"Frankly, I don't want to think about what might happen too him, but I'm the only one of us that can actually carry Kane, I can't carry him, and go after Miles. What are we going to do?"

"I'll go ahead." Yumi looked slightly angry, and had a determined expression on her face.

"Yumi...Had the death of your father screwed up your brain or something?! You can't go out there! You have no weapons! You have no food or water! Nothing! And I bet you can't even fight to save your life! We have no choice! We have to leave Miles to fend for ourselves, or you prove to me that you can fight, which probably wont happen, so can we just concentrate on helping Kane!?" She screamed,

Yumi looked really angry now. "First you killl my father...now you say I can't fight?! What kind of sad, self-obsessed person are you?!"

"Yumi! I'm mearly pointing out that we are all going to die!" She bent down to pick Kane up again. "We've lost the princess, she could even be dead, I don't know. Anything could happen to he...I mean us."

"See! There you go again!" Yumi yelled, "All you care about is yourself and the princess! No one cares about any of your mad love affairs!"

"LOOK!" Lan scread in Yumi's face, happy she didn't have bad breath, "STOP ARGUING WITH ME! KANE NEEDS HELP NOW! AND IF YOU KEEP ARGUING WITH ME..." Lan's voice went slightly faint, "He'll die." She looked upset. "And I'm sure you don't want that."

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I heard some radio chatter from the soldiers helmets, they were wondering if I was human or not. I felt like I should tell them I'm human, but I felt I should keep my mouth shut.

The next thing I heard over the radio was to scan for brain implants. My recollection of when they did this was to drill a hole in your mind at the precise spot, if you did it right, you would live, did it wrong, or had no implants, you would die instantly.

I never liked pain, I saw a soldier approach me so all I did was just tense my head up and gripped my fists together, but the next thing I knew, the soldier said "He's clean."

I turned back, wondering what he was talking about, the tool in his hand wasn't a drill, it seemed to be a scanner of some sort.

A new figure stepped out of the dropship, his outfit seemed to resenble one of a high-ranking officer, possibly the captain of the ship, then I looked at his face.

His face caught my attention and led me to stare at it, I couldn't help but know that he seemed very familiar to me...

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"Commander Miles, correct?" The officer said. "Yes, who are you?" "Your brother, David."

What the hell was he talking about? My brother is 26 years younger than me, but he looks older!

"Yea right, who are you really?" I said.

"I told you, I'm David! Your... Brother."

"I don't believe you."

He sighed and paused for a minute, then started talking. "Miles, you went MIA 50 years ago."

"Bullcrap." I never did trust people, not those who I don't know anyway.

"Miles, 50 years ago, you disappeared from Tanis base's sensors, just like poof. There was also a wormhole detected in your immediate area, likely that is why you disappeared."

I felt uneasy as he knows how I had disappeared, he knows about the wormhole and the base I last departed from, as well as the one I was closest to. With him knowing that, I believed he was my brother then, but just to be safe, I tested him.

"Why did my... Our father die at the research station at the beginning of the war?" I asked.

"Because.. The station was the first to go, the first target for the aliens.

He answered corrrectly, only the relatives were told how and why they died.

"David.." I said quetly, "Why did you join the military?"

It took him no time to answer, and just sputtered out "Because I wanted to look for you, it was the whole reason I was in the military."

"Well, I need to ask you a favor, there is someone, my friend, who needs help, he is badly wounded. He is a native on this planet, but he still is human, suprisingly."

I pinted to where Kane was. "His name is Kane, you'll tell who he is because he's the only one hurt."

"Alright," he said, soon after he talked on the radio requesting an evac team to get Kane onboard the ship.
"Would you like to come onboard the ship, it's still operatingsly suprisingly." David said, I took a look at the ship, it seemed somewhat different up close, I just decided to come in, and, I was right, It was alot different the last time I came in.

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Lan looked at the figures, slowly coming towards them.


"Yes?" Yumi looked up,

"Who are they?" Lan pointed,

"Erm...they don't look familiar."

"Well, then Ineed to practise my fighting skills, this'll be a good enough opertunity." Lan Began to lay Kane down.

"Lana! We have t oget Kane away from here! He's too badly wounded to get cought up in a worthless fight! Forget your instinct to fight and lets move!"

"But I..."


"Yes ma'am." Lan saluted with her free hand, and pulled Kane back up onto her back. "Well, we need to move fast then. They ain't stoppin' by the looks of things." Lan nodded in the direction of the figures.

"Good point." Yumi placed a hand on Kane's arm, as if to help carry him, even though she wasn't helping at all.

Lan shook back the hair out of her face, and continued to walk.

We have to fight them. There is no way that we can outrun them at this pace

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He toured me through the ship. It seemed less 'weathered' the last time i've seen it. Bumps, cracks, rust... This ship wasn't fit for combat anymore. Soem of the hull was warped as well, possibly from teh crash or.. Like I said, weathering.

David had lead me through several sections of the ship, most parts I remember, some parts were just faint in mind or I didn't recognise at all. THe last stop was the vehicle bay. I saw many new vehicles, as well as old ones, mostly disorganized.. Most likely they are outdated.

"This.. This is what I like... The vehicles of the future are quote astinishing. Infact, they're more fun than... well... ANYTHING!" His words caught my ear, I always did love driving vehicles just for the fun of it. And because of what he said, I eagerly asked him a question. "Can I have one?"

"Sure, but which kind?" He asked, scratching his chin as if he had a beard. "Oh uhh, you know.. Something fast.. 1 or 2 seater.. No weapons... Something like an ATV."
"Ah yes." he said with a grin. "Follow me"

We didn't have to walk far, the vehicle bay isn't VERY big.

David stopped in front of an oddly shaped vehicle. "I introduce you, to the finest ATV ever built. THe XGS008 prototype ATV. This baby goes over ANYTHING, FAST! No weapons, no nuttin, but just a radio, the best engine around, a place to hold stuff, and of course, it's accessories.. Unfortunately this doesn't come with any accessories.. But it's still yours!"

My eyes gleemed with delight. I was no doubt happy. But just then, David's radio went off.
"Sir, the person you told us to brign back onto the ship?" I could hear slahing.. and gunfighting.. and possibly a metal pole but I wasn't sure. WHat I did here though was fighting, that was obvious. "Yea? What's going on there?" "People are protecting him. 2 women are fighting back, and it isn't a pretty sight." "Affirmative... Hold on a sec," He clicked off his mic and turned to me. What do I do? These are your friends." "Hah, I hardly know them... Tel everyone to cease fire and fall back to the ship. I'll head out there."

I prepped the vehicle as he gave orders. Once I got it started.. I didn't know where to go... Which way was out? "David, open the door." I said abruptly. And without hesitation, he opened the door and I went out of the vehicle bay at lightning speed.

I landed in the water and I was still moving forward at a great speed. This was better than any other vehicle I had. I soon hit land and went straight for the marines running back. I soon passed them with awesoem speed and stopped right in front of Lan, Yumi, and the injured Kane, and out of all the other things I could say, I jsut said

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*OOC: Yey! Thanks Fuji! ;D*

Lan stared at him. "What's going on? Who are these people?" She was angry. Really angry. She had dropped her staff a while back, and was now glowing red with fury.
Strangers were here, trying to take over El Hazard, and she didn't like it one little bit.
SHe began to calm down a little though. The glow faded, and she bent down to pick up her staff.

"Why are all these people here? And why are they trying to take Kane into the ship...thing...?"

*OOC: Sorry it isn't very long.*

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Lan slowly seemed to have calmed down, for a while. THen tensed back up. "Miles, what is going on here!" She said, holding her sword as if she is ready to strike.
"I sent these men to HELP Kane, not to harm anyone. It is their nature to defend themselves.. I mean, who wouldn't?"

"Listen, there's a place on the ship where they can fix Kane up.... Just go over to the group of soldiers by that craft, and they will take him to the place.." I explained, but still hesitant, she asked me one last question.
"Can I come along with him?"

"Sure, I see no problem with that. You might want to hurry though," I turned to Kane's slightly pale face. "Kane might not make it if we just sit and talk. Go, they're wating for you.

With a sigh of relief, Lana put down her sword and walked off with Kane. The men watched her closely, I raised my hand to them to signal everything is ok.

I took a deep sigh and sat down on the dusty ground, pondering... Untill I heard a voice. "Miles?" That was easily recognised as Yumi's 'seductive' voice. "Oh Yumi, I had no Idea you were here." I said sheepishly. "Are you alright?" She asked, walking over to where I could see her. "Are you sure the whack I gave you isn't throbbing or anything?" She asked shyly. "Whack? You didn't whack me." I said puzzled. "Oh uhh eheheh sorry my mistake." She gave a small smily while scratching her head... "Women... They are weird." I muttered to myself.

I went from sitting to laying on my back. I couldn't help but think about all of this... I thought any person would have gone insane by all of this right now... But... Maybe I'm not normal, I dont' see howso.. Myabe it's my implants, but I dont' see how that works...

I pondered a few more facts for a while, but, seeing as I was laying on the ground, rather comfortable., I quickly snapped to sleep.

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A dark shadow lies upon the land and the pitch black silhouette of the palace seems to be crumbling away, bit by bit against the horizon. An unknown force stirkes against El Hazard. Nobody knows where it came from or what its intents are. But it seems to be dangerous, very dangerous! Nothing seems to be able to stop it and its power seems unbreakable. Something unknown......something dark minded.....awaits to awaken and rage against everything that crosses its way.......poisoning.......evil.......

*beep.......beep.......beep* A strange beeping sound that seemed to come from the distance soaked slowly into Kanes mind. His body felt weak and floating, but it felt warm and comfortable as well. His senses were  numb. His breath was slow and regulare. He slowly opened his eyes, vision milky, then got clearer and clearer. He slowly realized where he was. He was inside of some kind of tube filled with a clear, slightly greenish fluid. The world outside looked strangely distorted. Strange silhouettes were moving outside the tube. Then suddenly the cognition stroke him, like a hit in the face. I should be drowning!! He paniced! He just had one thought in his mind. GET ME OUTTA HERE!!! He tried to scream, but no sound came out of his mouth. He struggled and tried to break the glass with his bare hands, but his movement was strangely slow and it felt like he would try to swim through some kind of stringy mucilage. Then he saw that some of the silhouettes got closer and he just hoped that somebody would finally come and rescue him.......

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Lana looked at the tube. She blushed when she remembered that Kane was naked inside that tube.

"Will he be okay in there? He doesn't look too happy." She said, concerned, "How would you feel if you woke up in..." She looked for the right words, "That thing?"

"He should be okay." A passing medic said, "Although, he does look a little stressed."

Yumi barged in, "A little?! He looks as if he's about to have a heart attack!"

"She has a point." Lan said, staring at the tube. "Maybe you should do something..."

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A dark and gloomy place... Filled with these half-dead trees with black and red leaves... This place filled my senses that we were in a dark an evil place...

Me and a small squad of soldiers were walking through this dense forest at night with little moonlight. The soldiers had their lights on and were all chatting quietly as if there were no problems at all. I was leading the party, but at this time of night I wouldn't be suprised if someone or something was stalking us.

A soldier had approached me from teh left asking a question, but, soon after, he was pierced, by a trap, made of stakes in the ground. Everyone had stopped once they ahd seen the soldier lying dead. "Turn off your lights and stay silent." I commanded. They did just that. We were now guided by moonlight.

We did not yet walk, we waited, listened, and looked around. The sounds of the wild animals was scary and fierce... We waited untill one team member was shot by a glowing arrow, which had literally pierced through the soldier's armor, and, screamed, fell to the ground, and lay motionless. It obviously killed him.

Bushes moved in front of us, obviously, out of instinct, I fired at the bush. Several rounds tore through it, and then, out came a corpse of a giant bug-like creature.

I walked forward, slowly, untill I got up to it. Purple blood oozed out from him. I was attempting to examine it more closely, but before I could crouch down, another Bug-Liek creature attempted to attack me fromt eh shadows. It had a pole-a pike to be exact. I was stunned, scared possibly, because of this I just stood there, and got shafted.


"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. My eyes opened, and I found myself laying on the ground, looking up at the beautiful cloudless sky in the daytime.

"Whew, it's just a dream.. That was scary as hell." I said to myself. I quickly got up. Noone was out anymore. Not even the city folk.. It was strange.. Although they.. It is possible they all could have died, but I doubt it.

I noticed that my ATV was still there. I hopped on, started it up, and the engine roared for a while, then went calm as it idled out. I drove straight to the ship, thinking about that dream. It was definitely a crazy one.

I boarded the ship, and my first order of business I could think of, is check on Kane. I quickly went to SickBay, went through the door, and looked around to find Kane. I couldn't see well through the tubes what I did see Lan and Yumi.

"So, how is he?" I asked them from a distance, waiting for a response.

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"Oh, you're back." Lan struggled to smile. She was worried, she still hadn't seen the princess. "How's he doing? Well...What do you think?" She pointed to the tube, Kane was still writing about. "They wont let him out. Poor guy, he's gonna give himself a heartattck."

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"I'll have a quick look" I said walking up to Kane. I took a quick look at his face, obviously he was alive, active, but very frightened. That was normal since noone here on El-Hazard has seen one most likely.. "Stupid primitive world." I muttered to myself.

I took a look to the readongs beside the tubes. Every major function in his body-heart-neural-blah blah blah was functioning normally.. "Yep, time to let him out. Where is his clothes?" I asked. Yumi pointed to where a rack was, it had his clothes but they were torn up severly. "Ok.... How about we try something like... A crewman uniform? Hey doctor!" I shouted across the room. "Yes?" He responded with a slight tense tone. I wouldn't be surpised this accident has to have SOME injuries.

"I need a pair of clothes for this patient right here." "The best thing we got is casuals." He said, starting to reach over to a locker. He pulled out a gray shirt with black shorts and tossed them over to me. "This will have to do I guess." I held the close to the tube to see if they would fit. "He's not gonna get much privacy here." I was holding up the clothes to the tube ready to open it up but.. I thought about the ladies behind me. Just for a laugh possibly.. Hmm...

I turned around. Had a slight smirk, and said "Maybe one of you would like ot give him his clothes?"

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Lan glared at him.

Yumi jumped at the chance.

All lan could do was switch her glare to Yumi.

"You weirdo." She said, standing up, and leaving the room. She stuck her head round the door. "I think maybe we should all give him some privicy..." She said, matter-of-factly.

"But I wanna..."

"Heel!" Lana yelled. Yumi ran beside her. "Good girl."

Several memebers of staff stared at them...

"Wha...?" One of the doctors blinked.

"Well, if you want anyone in this damn world to do anything, you have to do something about it." With that she left, returning to the room she had been given.

Technically it wasn't her room, seeing as she had to share it with Yumi. And Kane when he was well enough.

She slumped down on the bed (yes, the bed. There is only one...:P). "Am I cursed Yumi? Or is just everyone else around me, and I'm the only one?"

"Umm..." Yumi didn't know what to say.

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Me watched at what happened when the 2 left...

"Ok.. That was different." I turned around dowards kane, then back to the console. I first started by draining the fluid from the tank, then, opened the tank. I turned around because I didn't think he wanted anyone to see him naked. I help otu the close behind my back hoping he would take them. He didn't for a second.

"Put on these clothes.. You aren't gonna get any privacy here."

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When the fluid got pumped out of the tank and air got pumped in, Kane had to vomit and coughed for a while. He realized that the strange fluid had not only filled his lungs, but also his his stomach. The first breath he took burned like hell and he coughted uncontrolledly. He fell to the ground when the tank opened and seemed to cough his lungs out. Then he slowly calmed down and had a look around. His sight was blurry and he just saw fuzzy silhouettes. He blinked several times and his sight got better. Someone was standing in front of him, handing him something. A dull sounding voice said something to him he couldn't understand. He snatched at that something and felt some soft material. Clothes? He got up and shook his head rapidly until he could hear clearly again. Then he stared exertedly at what he was holding in his hands. Clothes. Then he stared at the person that was standing in front of him. It was Miles.

"You don't have to turn your back on me. I'm not the shy type. We're both men you know so there is nothing you wouldn't have seen yet.", he said with a croaking voice. "But thank you anyway."

He put on the shorts as he suddenly realized that not only the wounds he suffered from recently were gone, no, even the scars he had before were gone! "What the hell.......?", he stared at his body and touched every place where there had been a scar before. Then he stared at Miles. "What happened to me? And where the hell am I here??"

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RIght after his 2nd query I turned around, stared at him oddly, but then I knew why.

"DOn't you like your refreshed look?" I said, but he probably wanted to know a bit more. I glanced down at my watch. "Just to let you know, you've been in that thing for 2 hours. YOu would have died most likely if you got treatment from this world's inferior technology."

"Listen, if you want to know, we are definitely a highly-advanced race. Possibly from a different part of teh galaxy but who knows. Actually I am astonished that there are human forms here."

I could instantly tell by the looks of his expressions that I wasn't telling him what he wanted to know.

"THe reason why you are here is because #1)You were in need of sereous medical care. #2)Lan brought you here. Now put your shirt on and I"ll show you to your room here onboard the ship. Your previous home might have been swamped by this ship when it crashlanded.

Actually, I think I'll go ahead and give you your access card." I pulled out a keycard from my pocket the captain had given me passing by and gave it to him. "Head down the corridor to the left, it's nto a far walk, keep on walking untill you reach Civilian quarters room 303. You'll have to share a room with Lana and Yumi." I stopped for a moment thinking of what kind of trouble that would cause. I gave a slight smirk and continued "I hope you don't mind. Now if you excuse me I need to speak with my bro... The captain of the ship."

I hatily walked out of the room. THis was all too much for me. I don't understnad what's going on, but at least I'm not alone.

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Lan sat in her room, facing Yumi.

"Go fish."

"I don't even like fish! Why do we have to play this dumb game anyway?!"

"Because I'm bored. Got any threes?"

"Go fish." Yumi said, glancing at her deck. "I wonder how Kane is."

"You have a two track mind." Lan stated. "Track one: Is Kane okay? Track two: be angry at random person, presumebly, Lana."

"Grr." Yumi stared at Lan. They got on...sort of...they could probably stick each other for at least the next thirty seconds, then things might start to get a bit hairy.

Fifteen seconds later:

Yumi: I don't think I can take this any more.

Another fifteen seconds later: "Argh! Yumi! Stop trying to choke me! It's not my fault I didn't have any sixes!"

Yumi stopped.

"Sorry. Natural reflex."

"What? Choke your apponent so that there is no way you can loose to them at a game of Go fish?"

"Well...you got the choking part right."

Lan stuck out her tongue at Yumi...

Yumi pulled a face at her...

This continued for a while...

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Kane put on the shirt and followed the corridor. He had a look around. Everything looked so different to anything he had seen before and all the people around him were wearing the same strange clothes like Miles did. It seemed that he was inside that huge ship thing that fell from the sky before. And yes, how long has he been unconscious? He didn't know. The only thing he could remember was that disturbing dream he had back then.

He reached the door with the number 303 on it and opened it. He was absorbed in thoughts that hard, that he even didn't realize that he already stood in the middle of the room and had the attention of both women who were sitting on the bed.

Just as the door was opened Yumi reacted and turned her head. Half a second later she recognized Kane, jumped on her feet and leaped towards him with a loud "KANE!" She hugged him that gustily, that both of them fell backwards through the door into the corridor.

Kane was surprised. "WOAH!" *TONG!* After a short shock moment Kane found them both lying on the metall floor of the corridor, Yumi right on top of him hugging him in tears. "There, there Yumi! You don't want to knock me out again, do you?! I just woke up a minute ago!", Kane grined kindly.

"I was so worried about you! I was so afraid that you would die! Kane! You're back!", Yumi cried in relief.

"Okay, okay! I'm fine!I.......", Kane broke off as he saw Lan sitting on the bed watching them. After a few seconds of staring at her, he looked aside and blushed slightly. "Erm.........."

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(OOC: Well, I'm gonna keep postin ^_^ I'll just let my character enter into yer story arc, from where I left off back in page 8)

"You're highness, we've got trouble!"

Before Nolan could even finish the previous statement, he noticed the Princess being ushered away by her servents, but he could tell she was anything but calm at the moment. She seemed to be mouthing for him to take cover, but she was now too far across the hall to be heard by him.

Now it was just him and Afura. She, meanwhile was eying the strange burning ship as it made its way across the horizon.

"Well, that was quick of them" said Nolan as he turned and pondered what to do. Then he realized something.

"My Car!"

This got Afura's attention, she turning to face him "What is it?"
"My car, Its all the way back in that garage place! I hafta go get it!"
Seing the urgency in Nolan's eyes, Afura nodded. "I will accompany you, but we must hurry! We need to-"

In mid sentence, a loud BOOM was heard from outside. It wa sthe sound of the ship smashing into the ground off in the distance.
"That... didnt sound good.." stammered Nolan
A look of horror spread across Afura's face "We- We must go help! Many may have been injured!"
"We can take my car there, it'll be fast I swear." replied Nolan.
With that, The two raced back the way Allan and Afura had originally led him.
As the two left, the great hall and the hallway behind them began to crumble behind them, covering the ground with rubble from a nearby tower that had colapsed. It seems fate had saved them from serious injury. Or death..

After a few minutes, they had arrived back at the barracks.  Climbing into the vehicle, Nolan started the engine as Afura entered the car. Almost mercifully, it started on the first attempt.
"Here we go.." said Nolan, stepping on the gas. The car made its way through the barracks entrance, out the palace gate avoiding various people running to and from the mayham they were headed for, and down the street.

Nolan had to make an extra effort to steer past the chaos unfolding all over as he and Afura made their way through the streets. While Nolan steered and drove, Afura could only keep her eyes on the smoke and flames off in the distance.

Finally, they arrived at the crash site, and Afura was astonished at what she saw through the car windows:

All around the 'ship' were strange people in what appeared to be strange dark clothing. They appeared to be scouting the area surrounding the ship. They seemed to be in as much shock as Afura was at their current situation.
Even Nolan was shocked at what he saw.

"What the hell is this?" he spewed as he slammed on the brakes bringing the Tempo to a stop in front of what appeared to be an entrance to the ship. Some soldiers began to head towards them.
"I.. I think they're heading towards us" stammered Nolan to an anxious-looking Afura.
"It would seem so" she commanded.
As the strangers stepped closer, Nolan opened his driver door and stepped out, anticipating the coming encounter. Afura did the same...

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Lan looked up. "Mornin' sleepy head!" She smiled, "How do you feel?" She remained seated on the bed.

"Oh Kane!" Yumi could be heard screaming, although, it was kind of muffled as she had her head buried in his shirt.

"Yumi!" Lan yelled, "Watch where you through the cards! I went through alot to get them you know!" Lan began gathering them up. She replaced them in the box, and put them in her bag.

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"Erm......I feel great! Thanks!", Kane replied and smiled at Lan.

Yumi turned to Lan, sniffing and wiping her tears away. "Sorry Lana. *sniff* But I'm just so glad to see Kane hale and hearty......I didn't realize that I might be messing up anything....*sniff*...I...I'm really sorry....

Meanwhile Kane sighed and tried to get up again, pulling Yumi with him. After they got up, Yumi examined Kane from head to toe. "You look good! Everything seems ok! They really did some good work." Then she frowned and looked at him again. "Something happened to you! You look different somehow! Hmmmm.........."

Kane just stood there waiting and grinning slightly as he watched Yumi examining him again.

"Wait! I'll find it out in a sec!", Yumi said, walking around him.

Kane slowly walked into the room and had a look around. "One bed!", he mentioned while he looked after his belongings. Then he turned to Lan, grasping his blanket. "That means that I'll sleep on the floor and you two on the bed.", he said, now spreading the blanket on the floor, while Yumi still eyed him intensely. "By the way, I could use something to eat. I'm starving!", he looked at Lan. "Do you know where we might get some food?"

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Walking down the hallway, I pondered on what the captain was talking about. All that has happened 50 years ago. The aliens had started glassing planets, no matter who was on them. HE even showed me a sattelite image of what the aliens had done on some planets... THey gathered every man on the planet to one location and ripped them apart with some sort of machine. That was incredibly gruesome even to my eyes. Normally I'm a cold-blooded killer but, that was insane.

Ponderign this summore, I just stopped walking. I couldn't help but cry, why would anyone do this? Why are the aliens this ruthless? It is not understandable, but it is for them.

If I ever get back to where I was supposed to. I would most likely face an incredible enemy. I hope that the human race is still alive there. If I ever get back...
I'm gonna blast those sons of bitches into oblivion!
I punched the wall next to me with all my might, which only left another dent in the warped wall.

I finally had cleared up my mind and continued walking around the ship. After a while I felt hungry. I haven't had anything to eat sicne I got here.. Or that time I Ate at that stranger's house. Maybe Kane and the others would like something?

I stepped onto an elevator which took me to the medical deck, and shortly after, found room 303. I heard a bit of fussing in there. Obviously they're arguing with who gets the bed or something. My stomach growled from hunger, which immediately led me to knocking on the door. Patiently waiting for someone to answer it.

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"I'm not sure where you can get any food, but i guess you can have this," Lan held out what would look like an oxo cube to the people of earth, and to the people El Hazard...I have no idea...

"I'm not stopping you from having the bed kane, I mean, you just went through other worldly surgery, you deserve somewhere reletively soft to sleep." Lan crawled off the bed and onto the floor.

Yumi looked like she was still swooning over Kane.

"Yumi, give it a rest."

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As the various 'soldiers' approached the duo, both Nolan and Afura could feel the fear rising inside of them. After all, neither the new earther nor the former priestess of wind had ever encountered something like this in their lifetimes. It was all very surreal.

Just before the first group of men could reach the car, out of nowhere a gust of wind swept in, almost like a sudden whirlwind that kicked up the surrounding sand and debris. Nolan had to cover his eyes, and the various soldiers followed suit as the wind grew more intense. It was as if it wasn't natural at all.

Then suddenly, as if almost instantly, the wind died down.
Visibly confused, Nolan opened his eyes "What next?" he said. As he looked around, he noticed some of the men had fallen onto their backs, and numerous quilts and cloths were scattered throughout, remnents of a destroyed linen shop.

Turning to Afura, Nolan noticed that she did not share his confused look at all. In fact, she seemed to be... smiling?
He then turned towards where she was facing, and there he saw what, or rather who, Afura was smiling about.
Off to their left was a young woman, probably no more than Nolan's age, dressed in a long brown dress with green sleeves and sporting a maroon headband. Her long hair matched the colour of her headband and flowed all the way down to her waist. In short, Nolan could see she was indeed quite lovely.

There was an akward silence, untill Afura spoke up.
"Priestess Mia, it is always a pleasure." she said, smiling.
"Likewise!" replied Mia in an upbeat voice as she began approaching them gracefully.
Nolan broke his silence. "Ah.. You two know eachother, do you?"

Mia looked at Nolan, slightly curious as to why the great Afura Mann was being accompanied by a young man, in a strange machine no less.
"I'm sorry, we havnt been formally introduced have we?" she asked.
Afura stepped in. "This is lord Nolan, a newcomer to Floristica. And much more..."
Mia raised an eyebrow "Whatever do you mean?"
"I'm affraid that this young man is in fact... Not of this world. He has arrived here in El-Hazard by some act of the gods. You must have learned of the famous travelers from Earth during your time at the temple, or at the Royal palace?"

Mia nodded "That I have.." She approached Nolan and looked him over intensely. "So... you are from Earth as well, sir?"
Unnerved by Mia's intense staring, Nolan blushed as he spoke. "Y-Yes... 'Fraid that I am. I guess you could call me a cosmic castaway.. heh" he chuckled at his last comment. Mia didnt seem to get it though.

"Mhmmm... Well, I think we can discuss this at a more appropriate time, mmm?" she replied with a smile, now turning her attention back to Afura. "So.... back to bussiness. What exactly is THIS?" asked Mia, motioning to the strangers scattered around the square, as well as the large ship that they were close to.

Afura shrugged "I'm affraid I am as much in the dark as you are..."
Just then, a young soldier approached the three of them. He spoke in a reserved, ye somewhat threatening voice
"Miss! I am Lieutenant Jayce Corning, Division 6 Reconnaisance team. I demand that you inform us just exxactly WHAT is going on around here?!"

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"No! I don't mind! Really, You both may have the bed! I can't take those soft surfaces! I'm simply not used to it!", Kane tried to vindicate. And the thought of sleeping next to Yumi on the bed harassed him additionally.  ^^;

By the way, grandma taught me to be nice to girls, he thought to himself.  -_-

Then he stared at the cube in Lans hand. "Erm...what's this?", he asked distrustfully.

Knock, knock

Kane turned to the door. "Yes? Come in!"


*Meanwhile outside the ship*

After bandaging her injuries that remained from the fight against Kane, Calya was asked to investigate the crashside of that strange object with the other priestresses. She also was told that Mia already was on her way, too.

So she was running through the streets towards the crashside. When she got closer, she suddenly realized something terrifying.

Oh my god! It seems that the strange ship crashed on Dr. Jabanijans clinic! Doctor! YUMI!............KANE!!

She finally reached the place. The sight of all the devastation was incredible! Then She got aware of the men in their strange uniforms that obviously weren't inhabitants of the city.

Calya went beside herself with rage! "RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAH! YOU BASTARDS KILLED THE PEOPLE I LOVED! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS! DIE, DIE, DIEEEEEEEE!" She ran towards the men, who were astonished for a moment, and powered up! Flames frisked around her as she jumped and launched a firedragon against the strangers........

*OCC: Damn! I really feel sorry for this guys! First Mias entrance and now this!!!  ^^;

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I opened the door, likely there was the 3 of them. Kane was standing, Lana was on the floor, and Yumi was on the bed. I stared for a moment...

"This is about the bed isn't it? Oh well it doesn't matter. Hey listen I'm hungry. There's a Mess Hall 2 decks below this one. They usually have something good to eat."

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Lan looked up at Kane once more. "This? Oh, it's just a pack of cards I scrounged off some rich guy in the palace a while back. I was trying to teach Yumi how to play Go Fish, but she didn't quite get the hang of it."

Lan grinned. Yumi had been pretty good company until she had attacked her.

Miles opened the door.

"Yes, it is about the bed." Lan shrugged. She turned to Yumi. "Listen you, you are sleeping on the bed, I am sleeping on the floor and Kane, you're sleeping on the bed with Yumi. No dirty talk, no arguing, just do as you're told!" She said, firmly.

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"But I.......", Kane wanted to contradict, but then he saw the expressions in Lans and Yumis face. He saw Lan glaring at him a little angry and Yumi looking at him somewhat sad and disappointed. So he just sighed and noded acquiescently.

"So, after this is cleared, let's go eat something!", Kane turned to Miles and made an inviting geture towards the door. "Lead the way my friend!"

Yumi jumped of the bed and grasped Kanes arm smiling. "Kiiiiiiiiiih! We gonna have dinner together! Let's go!", she said giggling girlishly and huddled against him.

Kane stared at her wondering. What's gotten into her??, he thought to himself. She's scaring me! She has never been like this before! I think I should ask Lan about it. I'm sure she knows more about such stuff!
They went out of the room. As he passed Miles Kane looked at him appealing so that Yumi couldn't see it.

His look said everything! Help me! I can't overcome the situation!


*outside the ship*


The firedragon wiped some of the soldiers off their feet. They were screaming in pain and horror.

"RAAAAH! YOU'LL SUFFER! SUFFER FOR ALL THE PEOPLE YOU'VE KILLED!", Calya yelled. Tears were pouring from her eyes.

She ran towards one of the stunned soldiers and ramed her fist deeply into his stomach so that she lifted him a few inches. "YOU BASTARDS! DIEEEEE!"

Mia and Afura stared at the scene shocked. "CALYA! STOP IT!", they yelled at the same time.

"It isn't said that Kane and the others are dead! CALM DOWN AND STOP IT BEFORE I HAVE TO STOP YOU!!!", Mia tried to calm her.

But Calya didn't listen.........

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Now, it was totally official: Nolan had officially lost touch with reality.
First, he had magically been brought to this strange world. Then, he had met both a former grand pristess AND a princess. THEN, he met a current priestess that could not only fly, but manipulate wind, and NOW here he was watching some nutcase of a female running around the scene, beating the living snot out of the soldiers that he and Afura had only just come in contact with.

"YOU BASTARDS! DIEEEEE!" she yelled.

Then, the girl used an attack that seemed to be themes off of fire. Nolan gawked as the flame took the shape of a dragon as it struck some of the soldiers, tossing them like toys.
"Christ, what a f--ckin pyro!" stammered Nolan as the girl continued to beat and bash her way throuh the scene.

"It isn't said that Kane and the others are dead! CALM DOWN AND STOP IT BEFORE I HAVE TO STOP YOU!!!" yelled Mia to the newly arrived young lady, apparently in an attempt to calm her. She seemed to know who this person was, and so did Afura as well.

They continued to yell and hollar, but Nolan could tell this was having zilch of an effect. He then saw that Mia looked ready to jump in and end it. Then Nolan made a split-second decision.

Throwing caution to the wind, Nolan ran into the fray directly towards the psycho lady.
"No Nolan!!" yelled Afura as she looked on in horror. Mia shared her look as well.
Nolan dodged past those men who had fallen and those who were fleeing for their lives. His eyes were fixed on the girl ahead of him. As he reached close, Nolan flung himself towards her.
As the girl turned to attack another soldier, she barely caught a glimpse of Nolan before he was on top of her.
With all his strength, Nolan grabbed hold of the girl in a bearhug and tackled her to the ground, the two of them landing with a thud on the grass.
Both Afura and Mia looked on in shock, as did many of the soldiers.

Regaining his composure, Nolan held as tightly as he could to her. He could feel her beginning to resist.
"Wh-What the hell do you think you're DOING!?" she stammered, squirming around.
"I havn't a clue what you're problem is lady, but I think this is for your own good!" yelled Nolan.
The girl's anger grew as she gathered her strength. At first it seemed to Nolan that she was admitting defeat and giving up. At first... but then Nolan began to feel himself getting hotter. And hotter..

To his shock, the girl began to emmit a strange aura around both of them, followed by what appeared to be a reddish hue. While Nolan was clueless to what was happening, the two women watching them knew what this was all too well.

Mia began to ran towards them "Dear gods, Let go of her!" she yelled. Afura followed.

Nolan let out a faint cry as he felt pain spread throughout his body. It was almost as if his skin was.. being burned?..
The surprise was not over either, as the girl began to lift off the ground, dragging Nolan with him. "What the f--k!?" he yelled. He had had enough. He finally released the girl, falling onto his back on the ground below. To this, the girl smirked.
"Prepare to feel my wrath, FOOL!" she yelled as she closed her eyes and began to concentrate. Then, without so much as a warning, she let loose a blast of flame directly downward at Nolan's sprawled out body...

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"Right this way Kane." I said, he walked out, then jsut to amke sure ther were no followers, I used my floot and slammed the door shut, and punched out the opening mechanism on the door, rendering it useless.

"I think you didn't want any followers right?" I aksed, then started walking to the elevator and went to the Mess Hall.

I showed Kane over to one of the terminals to.. get food. "Now then," I pointed at the screen. "If you speak the same language as I do, you should be able to read this. Pick what you want, we dont' have everything, mostly basic stuff."

"Captain! Captain!" THe radio I had takenf rom my brother was still with me. "There's a hostile in the area. She's taking everyone out! It's insane, she's on fire, literally, and she's using it against us!." The transmission stopped from there. "This is Miles, I'm on my way"


In no time I got on my ATV and strolled on out as fast as I can. Once again, I got to the area in... no time.
There was one girl, up in the sky, she was on fire like the soldier said. It was astonishing. Was it magic? Was there magic in this world?

I stopped those questiones and handled my rifle that I had gotten on the first day I landed here. I switched to stun rounds and fired a shot. It missed.

The blue projectile had passed her right next to her face. From a distance she looked as if she was scared by that. I paused too, hoping she wouldn't notice me but instead she just stood there floating... FInally I just got to the thought of;
I guess stun rounds work this way as well.
And I fired another shot. It missed again.

This time she knew where it came from, and headed straight for me. "Oh ****, oh ****, OH ****!" I had sworn like mad, she was coming at me very fast, and panicking I fired 3 shots at her, THANKFULLY only one hit, if another had hit she would have surely died.

She then fell to the ground, unconcious.

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A soft, almost surreal silence shrowded the scene as the great priestess of fire, Calya-Calya, fell to the ground and lay there, mere feet from the wounded and burned Nolan.

The first to jump into action was the other resident priestess.

"CALYA!" yelled Mia as she dashed frantically to her side.
Afura ran to Nolan's side to inspect the damage. His clothes were badly burned, and numerous burns ranging to second degree were scattered across his arms and neck. His now cinged pants and shirt had inadvertantly saved his other extremities. Nolan was unconcious, but given all he had just gone through, was in decent shape.

"Wake up Calya-san!" Mia was on the verge of hysterics as she raised Calya's head and began checking her for injuries. At first she didnt appear to be physically wounded. At first. Then Mia noticed a small hole on the shoulder. It was as if something had pierced her skin.

"Afura! She needs healers!" Mia stammered to Afura.
"So does young Nolan, Mia." she replied in haste.

Both of them were too preoccupied to notice a man carrying some sort of firearm, the one who had wounded Calya in the first place, approaching them...

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When Kane heared that strange device speaking to Miles about some girl on fire taking out everyone he shrugged. "Calya? Is he talking of CALYA!? Oh shit! I have to do something!!"

He dashed after Miles, trying to keep up with him to find the way out of the ship. Chasing Miles through the corridors Kane had some trouble to follow him, while he had to dodge passing people and didn't know where to go. Then he bumped into a man wearing a white coat, carrying some strange device in his hands. Both fell to the floor. "Hey damnit! Watch were you goin' man! This is a sensitive medical device! If you damaged it you......", the man yelled. Kane got up immediately, stammered an excuse and tried to keep up with Miles again.......but he lost him. So he wandered around, swearing quietly and it took him some time to ask his way through the ship to the exit. He arrived at some kind of loading bay where a lot of weird vehicles stood around. The gate was opened and so he got out. He looked around and decided to follow the trail of tires until he reached the place where the a lot of people where standing around. There were two vehicles, one of those that stood in the loading bay and another white vehicle. From the distance he could recognize Miles, Afura, Mia....and CALYA! She was lying on the floor.

"Oh my! What happened?", Kane asked himself while he ran towards them looking around. He saw people lying around whimpering in pain, burned badly. Then he reached Miles and the others. He directly hurried to Mia and Calya.


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Lan smiled happily. She still had her old tricks.

She looked at the door. Miles had just slammed it shut.

"WAIT FOR ME!" She screamed, throwing open the door again.

"Hey! What's going on!" Lan turn to Yumi, "Yumi? Where's Kane going?!" Yumi was ignoring her, she was too busy trying to work out which corrider Kane and ran down. "WHY WON'T ANYBODY LISTEN TOO ME!!!"

There was a loud bang from the area of room 303, and a loud scream.

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"This is your sister? She doesn't look anything like you!" I said, I looked at the body again, anything that attacked me I would like to have seen killed.

"This girl attacked my soldiers as well as me, I had no other choice but to shoot her down.. Non-lethally of course."

I secretly changed the magazine from stun rounds to lethal ammo, I could tell she wouldn't be happy whenever she woke up, but if she did attack again I will kill her.

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Kane looked at Calya lying there on the ground. He kneeled down and picked her up, carrying her on his hands now. She seemed to be sleeping deeply. And except of the bandages (he knew where they came from) and the small wound at her shoulder, she seemed not to be seriously injured. Then he looked Miles straight in the face. "Will she be ok?" When he saw the expression in Miles face he calmed down.

So did Mia.

Mia looked at Kane. "Kane. Long time no see!", she eyed him from head to toe. "Nice outfit you have there. Is this your new summer look?"

Kane stared at Mia. "What?"

"I mean this!", she pointed at him standing in his shirt and shorts in front of her.

"Oh!....Erm....no this clothes I got from Miles here, while my own clothes got torn up. Anyway, nice to see you again Mia!", then he turned to Miles again. "I'm sorry about what happened Miles, but I think my sister had a proper reason to do this." He knew, what he said was wrong. Calya would use any reason to pick up a fight. She was like that and he was sure that she hasn't changed a bit eversince.

"She thought you, the doctor and Yumi were dead. That's why she ticked off like that",Mia said.

Kane stared at his sister in his arms. So there was a reason after all. Sis.....you tried to avenge our deaths....I never knew.......thanks. He looked at Mia again. "Well, except of Dr. Jabanijan we are all alive and kicking."

"Poor doctor. I really liked him. But I'm glad to hear that Yumi is save! What a relief!.......... By the way, who is your friend here?", Mia replied. She looked at Miles.

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"Oh me? Uhh, Miles! You can tell because me and Kane are wearing the same outfit..."

I took a deep breath and looked at Calya once again.

"Y'know, back at the ship, they're gonna find this inexcusable and something's gonna happen. I hate protocols at times, but... She's best not taken to the ship.

I looked back at the soldiers, they were returning back to the ship, some of them had charred skin... This really would have been bad for Calya if she came onboard.

"Listen, Calya can't come onto the ship, she's best treated someplace else, possibly out of this city... If there is a place."

I looked all around, trying to identify the city boundaries.

I turned around, and helt something heavy in my pocket. I remember it was a wake-up stim.
I gave it to Kane and said
"Use this, she'll be awake in no time, I just hope she doesn't incinerate me."

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"Thank you!", Kane said smiling at Miles. He used the wake up stim on Calya and waited patiently. "Don't worry, this time I'm here to stop her. You may blame me if something happens again!"

After some time Calya began to move a little in Kanes arms. She moaned quietly and opened her eyes. She blinked a fev times, then she just stared at Kane.

"Nice to have you back, sis", Kane grined.

".....K....Kane. You're alive! You're ALIVE!", Calya suddenly hugged him.

Kane looked at Miles. "Erm....tell me, do you think I have that effect to women or what?? Will this ever stop?"

Calya jumped off Kanes arms, but almost fell to her knees. Her legs where shivering like hell. "What the...?"

Kane propped her up so that she wouldn't fall again. He took her arm and laid it over his shoulder and slung his right arm around her waist.

Calya looked at him thankfully, then she glared at Miles. "What have you done to me!?", she yelled at him.

Mia looked from one to the other, waiting how it would go on now, but always ready to step in between them if something was about to happen.

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Allan was on the Balcony of the Palace Ruins. His breaths followed the wind as he looked down onto what used to be his Home City.

"... I came back home expecting to live normally again but now everyone is dead, the city's in ruins and I can't do a thing about it... And to add to it, I'm talking to myself."

He stared at his bracelet as he suddenly noticed Cayla moving at high speed towards where the clinic would be. Allan jumped off the Balcony onto the other parts of the Palace's front until he reached the bottom safely and ran quickly after her but wasn't fast enough. And climbing through ruins didn't seem to help either.

Once Allan had caught up, he could see a giant Ship in front of him and there was Kane and the others around Cayla's just awakened body.

"... *sweatdrop* Did I interupt in something?"


I was away for quite a while and tried to catch up on everybody's stories (thanks to Shayla'sRaven who summed up the story for me earlier).  I breifly read through everything. If I messed up on anything, tell me so I can change it.

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As everyone gathered round Calya, Mia noticed that Nolan had just woken up himself. He slowly sat up, rubbing his arms gently.

"ugh...." he moaned. "alright, who ordered the char-broiled Nolan?"

Both Mia and Afura turned around. "Nolan!" stammered Mia as she lowered to her knees and helped him sit up properly. "Are you okay?" she asked with concern in her voice.
"I'll hafta get back to you on that one..." said Nolan in jest as he gathered all his strength and stumbled, slowly, to a standing position. With the help of Mia of course. "ARG! Watch the burns!" he said through clenched teeth.

He then noticed the 'pyro girl' laying on the ground to his left, being held by a man that looked to be almost related. If anything his equally red hair was a dead giveaway.
Nolan noticed a small gash on the girl's shoulder. Looked eerily similar to a bullet hole, he thought.
"Is she okay?" he asked.
"She seems to be incapacitated, but okay" replied Afura tentatively.
Nolan took his time as he slowly got on his knees beside the girl. "I ah.. apologize for the tackle." He shrugged "Seemed like a good idea at the time though.."

Calya looked to Nolan with a heavy frown on her face. She obviously didnt approve. "You're just lucky you didnt end up as an extra crispy entray..."
Nolan laughed nervously as he continued "Yeah well... heh, 'Someone' needed to get yer attention." He smiled.
To this, Calya looked down at the ground, her cheeks flushing slightly. She was pretty embarressed over the whole thing
Nolan rose to his feet, with the help of Mia and Afura, and faced Miles. "So... I don't think we've been introduced as of-Hey.. wait a sec..." Nolan's eyes widened "You're the guy that impaled himself on my windshield, arent you?!" he stammered.

Miles seem to widen his eyes at Nolan's words. Afura soon realized what he was refering to as well. Meanwhile Mia looked very confused.
"Wind Shield?" asked Calya curiously, looking towards them. "Mia, since when have you started training males in the art of wind?!"
Mia huffed indignantly "I have Never done 'anything' of the sort, sister!" she replied.
With a sigh, Afura stepped in "Its not what you two think..."

(end of post)

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"Ok ok, Calya, first off, I gave Kane a wakeup stim. I gave it to him so you know at least what's going on, unfortunately you haven't fully regained your strength..." I paused for a second, just thinking, then I remember Nolan's query.

"I remember crashing onto something... Something sharp that punctured my stomach. You drive a klunker don't you? I could tell by the way how the engine died out." I said sheepishly. I directed my attention to Calya once again.

"Calya, it's best if you lay low. Don't come anywhere near the ship or the soldiers. They are likely to attack you. I don't want those soldiers hurt," I looked back, thinking the soldiers were there, but they had left. "Or you hurt, but I doubt that's gonna happen."

There was still one mroe thing on my mind...

"Calya... One last thing. The clinic. Everyone but Dr. Jabanijan is alive. Kane, Yumi, Lana... I don't think you've met Lana? I'm not sure.. The way how he died was," I took a good look into Calya's eyes, I could easily see sadness and depression. I cuoldn't help feel remorse that I made a girl sad... "It's best I not get into details." I said, I probably should have kept my mouth shut, the more I spoke the more depressed she got.

Untill she decided to attack me. She spring out an arm and grabbed onto my neck, attempting to choke me, but she was still too weak. Her arm and her grip was trembling fiercely. Untill she finally gave up. She let loose her grip, her arm flopped back down, and she started crying. Something told me she was a warrior, not a crybaby. She could fight well, she shouldn't be like this... I... She...

At that moment I became aggravated and slapped her across the face, my slap, however, sounded more like a punch than a popping noise. I guess women do it better.

At that moment everyone except Calya was looking at me angrily. I ignored them and stared into Calya's eyes with an unfriendly expression. "What are you doing! I thought you were strong! I know you are! You fried half of a platoon!" At that point, Calya hung her head low. She was silently crying, she only made faint noises as if she was holding her hexpresisons in. "STOP YELLING AT HER!" Mia shouted at me, but I blew her off and still looked at Calya... But I just couldn't stand this anymore.

"I've interfered enough," I said. "I'd suggest, if you can, take Calya into room 303. Noone is allowed in another's cabin. If you need any help.. Wait for me, I'll be back." After that I took off on my ATV, headng straight for the woods, I flew off of a jump and landed halfway into a ditch and I was then out of the other's sight.

*OOC: I wont' post for the next few posts ebcause all i'm doing is takign a stroll in the woods. Just ta let you know. (i'm gonna pop up at the worst time possible :)

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Kane watched Miles leaving, then he looked at the others. Calya was still sobbing quietly, but she struggled to regain the control over her emotions again. Mia was watching her with a concerned expression in her face. Allan appeared out of nowhere now looking at the whole situation a little confused. Afura was kneeling in front of a man just watching the scene. And that man was still sitting on the floor.

Kane, still holding his sister, eyed the man. "Whoever you are, I apologize for what my sister did to you. But it was very careless of you to attack her like that, except if you really WANTED to kill yerself!"

"It's all right, Kane....", Calya interrupted. "I can apologize for myself." Then she turned to Nolan "Sorry 'bout attacking you. I didn't mean it, Mr....."

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"Ah.. Nolan.. My name's Nolan. And I'm sorry too, miss.." replied Nolan apologetically. "Heh, on a side note, you did solve any tanning issues I had in one quick move" he smiled and laughed a little. This cheered Calya up a bit. Though she still felt a little guilty for the burns scattered across Nolan's arms and his upper body.

"I dun think i've seen you before.. Though you look eerily like her" said Nolan, motioning to Calya. "In fact, I dun know either of your names."

Calya decided to begin the introducing. "I'm Calya-Calya, priestess of-"
Nolan jumped in "Don't tell me: Fire, right?"
She nodded "Yes... and this man is my brother, Kane."
Nolan nodded to Kane "Pleased to meet you guys." Kane nodded as well, and Calya smiled slightly.

Meanwhile, watching the three exchange greetings Mia seemed a little indignant. She didn't like being left out of the conversation, and not one to let things irritate her, she decided to jump in.
"Ahm what about Calya's injuries? Shouldnt we treat them?"

"I suppose we could take up Miles' offer..." replied Kane. "The strange doctors they have in this ship are very skilled."
Calya raised an eyebrow "How would you know, lugnut?"
"Hey, if it wasnt for them I'd probably still be unconcious and dying!" he replied, slightly annoyed.
"Oh.. Sorry.." replied Calya in a low tone.
"Dun worry 'bout it sis" Kane smiled. she smiled as well.

"But, how are we supposed to find our way around this... well, this!" asked Mia, staring blatantly at the ship.
"Didn't Kane come from inside of it? He could probably lead us to the doctors, considering he was being treated by them, right?" asked Nolan. Kane nodded in agreement.

"Someone is going to have to carry Calya though" said Mia matter-of-factly. "Can't have her hurting herself any more than she already is"

Calya huffed indignantly "Oh I can manage just fine thank you very much!" Putting her words into actions, she attempted to rise to her feet.

Unfortunately, she found that her legs were just too weak to stand on. No sooner had she risen, she began to tip backwards. Seeing her dillema, Nolan stepped up to catch her in his arms, which he did.

Calya looked up, visibly embaressed "Ahh... ehm.."
Nolan flushed slightly "Eh... I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I'd hafta say that you're gonna need help."
Calya, admitting defeat, sighed and nodded slightly, her cheeks slightly red.

Mia looked rather annoyed. "I think we should go now! Lets get a move on!" she stammered. Afura rolled her eyes, and proceeded towards the ship entrance. Nolan nodded to Mia, and with him supporting her, Calya followed Kane, Mia, Afura, and a handfull of soldiers as they entered the ship, into the strange unknown...

(end of post)


OOC: Kane's lines were shown to executor first before I posted them, so dun worry about me speaking for other people's characters. Id never do that without permission ^_^

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CH1 is FAR overdue, we need to move on to the next chapter. This friday, I would say around 5PM -8HRS GMT that this trhead shall be locked and a new chapter will unfold. We all did primarily what we were supposed to do. Round everyone up, all the player characters anyway. So then. Just a notice. This thread will be locked after the time I designated above, and a new thread with the designated chapter will begin. More characters are allowed to join in now if they please.. :P

GJ so far guys!

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Kane led the group to the loading bay. It was still opened. They passed the huge hall with its vehicles and entered the corridors of the ship. Kane had some problems to find his way through the ship so that he had to stop sometimes at the crossings to get his bearings.

"I don't like that.....I really don't like that", Mia got a little nervous.

"What do you mean by that?", Calya asked.

Afura looked around distrustfully. "She's right!"

Calya looked from one to the other, slightly confused, then she understood what they ment.

"Kane!", Calya said to Kane, who was busy pathfinding all the time. "Kaaaaane!"

"Huh?", Kane turned to Calya. "What is it?

"Have you noticed that we haven't met any other person since we entered the ship?", Calya said.

"This ship is that huge there have to be at least about hundered people around here or maybe more....", Afura mentioned.

"Now that you mention it. It has been pretty crowded when I tried to get out of here......!", Kane looked around. "Hmmm......."

The group reached the mess hall. Kane activated the switch to open the door...........and stood still.

The room was filled with soldiers aiming at the door. Suddenly Kane and the others heared footsteps from behind. Mia, still supporting Calya with Nolan, turned her head to look what was there and got aware of another group of soldiers that have cut off their way back.

"I think we've got trouble over here", Mia said.

"Same here", Kane replyed.

"It seems that you have been right about it, Sarge", one of the Marines in the mess hall said to the man in a strange unform next to him.

"Corridor secured, Sergant!", one of the Soldiers yelled from the corridor.

The man in uniform just grined. "Yeah! Like the rats in the pot."

Kane glared at him angrily. "What's the meaning of all this?"


Meanwhile, two decks above, another squard of marines secured the area around crew quater No. 303.....

Yumi stopped in motion and turned around. "Huh? Did you hear that, Lana?"........

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Drving around teh forest, barely averting the trees, I was thinking about all of this. I wonder how Calya is doing. She must have... Hmm... The temptation of the technology, it must seem like another form of magic.. Addicting magic to them. I just hope they are wise enough to do SOMETHING about it....

My thoughts were cut short at the sound of the radio. I STILL haven't returned it yet. "Miles, return to the ship immediately. We have something to discuss. Don't bother contacting me through the radio. Out."

To my ears, that sounded like David's voice. He didn't sound very happy either... I bet it was Kane. I muffled a bit more, then turned around and headed for the ship.

upon arrival to the vehicle bay, a small squad of marine soldiers were leveling their guns at me. David was in the middle of the group. I dismounted off of my ATV and went to speak with him. "Miles," he said with a grim face. "you have been committing an act of treason. A member of this planet's inhabitants, who I should say harmed several soldiers, has entered this ship, likely by your help. You are the only one who hame communicated with the EL-Hazardians, therefore you are held responsible." He had stopped there, He cocked an eyebrow, I remember when he did that, he always wanted an excuse or a response.. Or at least waited for one.

"Calya... The woman did not come onboard with my assistance. By any chance was there a group of individuals with him?" I asked, thinking about Nolan, Mia, and especially Kane.

"Yes. They have been placed in teh detention center of the ship, restrained. We have no idea what powers they hold, other than the fire-woman." The 'fire-woman' description sounded lousy, and somewhat offensive for some reason. I corrected him with her actual name.

"Knowing her name... Listen, the soldiers say that when you went to take out Calya, you had incapacitated her with a stun round. She has presumably made somewhat of a recovery, but the soldiers noticed that you were conversing with them. This points to the fact that you told them how to get into the ship." I thought for an excuse, a legit excuse...

"There was one that had been on the ship before... He has not committed any offenses." David suddenly tensed up. He was obviously thinking hard, but then relaxed. He then game me an option.

"You can either investigate them, one by one, or... We execute them. They are not to be trusted by us. We have no idea what secrets they keep from us." He walked away without a word, the marines had followed him. He disappeared into the darkness of the enxt door. I went the other way, the way towards the bottom of the ship, the brig."

Chapter complete!
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