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Author Topic: Ch.3 - The Week After.  (Read 8515 times)
« Reply #45 on: November 24, 2003, 07:40:12 PM »

"Alrighty then!" With that Nolan got back into the drivers seat of his car and sped back as fast as he could to the group. Miles was close behind in his WANZER.

Soon they had arrived back, and everyone took a double take at Miles' contraption. It sure was a sight.

Nolan stopped the car and went to turn the ignition, when he realized that the keys were in his pocket. He frowned. "Next time he drives my ride, he's gonna use the keys." he spewed as he took the keys and put them in the ignition to turn off the car. He also shut off the stereo as he stepped out.

"We're back. Now what?" he asked. Though everyone was still watching Miles' in his WANZER as he climbed out to greet everyone again. Nolan watched as well.

"It's... like a monster.." commented Mia, visibly confused. And ever-so-slightly scared...

(end of post)

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« Reply #46 on: November 24, 2003, 09:07:28 PM »

As Kane watched Nolan and Miles leave he stared after them and clenched his fist where the stim was he caught. He crushed the stim within his hand and droped it on the floor. He didn't want any help of this traitor.

Then he turned to the others and watched them. Calya walked over to him laying her hand on his shoulder. "I know how you feel right now, Kane. I feel quite the same. But I think we should give him a chance. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't have an eye on him, but we shouldn't be cruel to him as well."

"Giving in that easy, sister? What happened to you? You feeling sympathy for that traitor?", he still stared at the car shrinking in the distance.

Calya looked down and didn't knew what to respond. Then she looked at Kane again. "I just think we shouldn't be that coldhearted, that's all."

"Fine. If you think so, I do not! You may make up with him, after all what happened, but I still don't trust him and I won't! Your weakness, disgusts me, sis.", with that he turned to Calya and glared at her. Then he turned to the others and joined them.

As Kane turned his back on her she had a sad look in her eyes. She rose her hand and wanted to stop him. "Kane I.......", she broke off and lowered her hand again. It was useless. She felt like she'd betray Kane by trying to convince him.

Shayla stepped behind Calya and layed her hands on the young priestress' shoulders. "It's okay, let him be. He knows what he's doing. I can understand you both. You're the type who is a little more used to be around with people. Kane is not. He's a maverick. He always was since I sent him to his journey."

Calya nodded. "Yeah, you're right. But What about you?"

"About me?", Shayla asked taking off the lamp of fire and handing it to Calya. "Well, I don't trust that guy either. I never met him before. And the fact of fighting you both and trying to kill you is reason enough for me to distrust him till the day I die!"

"I see.", Calya replied, quietly equiping the lamp again.

They both returned to the group and waited for Nolan and miles to return. During this time Kane didn't speak a word to Calya. He didn't say a word to anyone in fact. He just sat down under a nearby tree and suffered alone in his pain. It didn't hurt that much anymore, but now it started itching, what was driving him insane.

After some time he saw the two guys returning. He spotted Nolan's car in the distance followed by a huge......thing! He slowly got to his feet again, watching them getting closer. Shayla and Calya walked over to him, eying the two vehicles approaching. "What the hell is this?", Calya asked slightly concerned. Kane just shook his head. "I dunno."

The three returned to the group, who also had already spotted the incoming robot. Then the car and the 'steel monster' reached them. It looked impressive and seemed to be equipped with loads weapons. Then the giant bowed down and something opened. Miles jumped out and greeted them all again.

"It's... like a monster.." commented Mia, visibly confused. And ever-so-slightly scared...

"This new toy of that lil' wimp is surely quite impressive.", Kane mumbled quietly as he stared at that 'monster'.

Shayla was also impressed. "Woah! It will definitely cause a sensation, if that 'thing' will be standing near the Shinonome diner, don't you think?"

Afura, who was standing next to Shayla, just nodded. "And it'll scare Nanami to death for sure....."

"I think that's worth seeing.....shall we go?", Shayla responded with a slight smirk.
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« Reply #47 on: November 25, 2003, 11:17:38 AM »

Lan tugged at her hair, and gave Jinnai the evil eye.

"Green." She said, "You dyed my hair green. I'm never going to speak to you agian once this is all over."

"You love me really."

"No," Lan said, plainly, "I don't."

"What about the clothes, what do you think of them?" He beamed at her.

"Truthfully, if I wasn't doing this, I would never wear them." Lan felt like hitting Jinnai. "Now, I need a name."

"Hmm..." Jinnai thought, "We could call you Diva."

"No! I'm not getting named after your grandfathers wife! Anyway, it would be too obvious."

"I suppose."

"What about...Kyra?"

"It'll do."

"What do you mean, 'It'll do' ?! I always wanted to be called that!"

"Okay, it's a lovely day, darling..."

"Call me that again...and I will kill you."


Lan looked down at her dress. "I can't believe you're making me wear this."

"It suits you darling."

"That's it..." Lan ran at Jinnai, it wasn't easy because she was in a dress.

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« Reply #48 on: November 25, 2003, 04:16:26 PM »

Allan stared at the giant machine that was in front of him... He saw it was quite a sight but he wasn't sure if he hadn't seen stronger on El-Hazard before.

"Nice toy, Miles!" he shouted

As soon as Afura said they were go to the Diner, Allan remembered Yumi as he thought of the people who'd be going.

"Uhh... I think I'll just stay with Yumi. She seems to dislike being alone anyway."

The car would be full with all the people, Allan didn't feel like asking Miles to take him there in that massive thing. He had no other option.

"... Yeah. I'm gonna walk."
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« Reply #49 on: November 25, 2003, 07:41:20 PM »

"Hey Allan! Are you sure you don't want a ride? this thing may be bumpy, but there's room for another!"

Alas he still walked off. I'm not sure if he trists me or not. Either way I shouldn't force him. I have enough problems with people as it is.

I observed how many people there were.. Nolan... Calya, Shayla, Kane, and the young girl who was oddly silent thorugh this whole point. Nolan's car was a 4-seater... It will be cramped in the back and as far as I can tell, those seats were uncomfortable....

"Anyone want a ride in this? It's gonna be cramped in the back of Nolan's car!" I asked eyeing every one of the people that I could see at first.

Nobody respoded for a while, but then Calya spurted her had up and sayd "I will!", and it's only like Kane to start babbling on about not trusting me, but I wouldn't interfere. At some peoint she won the dispute, nothing sad but Kane just pretty much gave up at some point.

"I really want to know what it's like, from where they are from, their technology.." She said this walking forawrd, looking at Project WANZER.

"Calya!" Shayla shouted. She looked like she lost a fight and was still mad about it, same look as Kane. Calya turned her head around. "Be careful, I don't trust him and neither should you. I swear, if you had some sense, you would be going in Nolan's car."

Calya clentched her fists then slowly released them. "Shalya.... I don't... I'll be fine, I've got the lamp of fire with me, if he does anything I'll fry him and the machine!" Shalya had a slight nod, then signaled everyoen to get into Nolan's car.

Shayla turned her head back around to me and said "What now?" I turned my head back around to the WANZER. "First we get into the cockpit in there." I started walking towards the left leg of the WANZER, and climbed up onto it. As soon as I got up, I noticed Calya flying up to it. "Oh yea, you can fly.. That's right.. Be there in a sec!" She stood on the edge of the clockpit entrance wating for me. I had one last jump to make, and it was the farthest. I leaped, but couldn't make it on my feet, I stretched out my arms and grabbed onto the edges, and climbed up.

"Ok, there's some room behind the seat, can you get back there?" She nodded, then looked into the cockpit, She was somewhat stunned, but then worked her way to the back. I hopped into the seat, closed the clockpit entrance, and started up the reactor. It was a loud roar however, which Calya probably got scared of, I could tell she wasn't used to this.

"Don't worry, this thing is similar to Nolan's car. It makes a loud sound when it starts up. Now then, I'm gong to move this thing to a standing position. Might wanna hang onto something."

First thing I moved was the torso. I moved that to an upright position, then I jammed the reverse pedal all the way to make the WANZER stand up. She was hanging onto the chair, there was nothing to hold on to back there anyway. I could hear her sit down in the back.

"Is there any lights than you can turn on?" Suprisingly she asked in a calm manner.

"Mmmm... Nope sorry. I don't suggest sitting down either. It's somewhat of a bumpy ride."

"That's ok, I'll stand."

She grabbed onto the seat and pulled herself up, from there she was peering over my shoulder. The only light that came from anywhere was through the windows.

"Say..." She turned her face towards me. "What does this thing do?"

I turned my head towards her. "Well, not much. This is a war machine and somewhat meant to be mass-produced in the future. It has a gun on the right had that fires solid metal cylinders at a fast rate. If anyone got hit by one, it wouldn't be tretty, if you get hit directly all your limbs could just be blasted off."

She started to look worried. I knew why.

"Then again, I don't have it on because there's nothing to shoot at, so it's not on. Want to see something neat?"

After telling her the gun was off, she relaxed a little. "Yea, but what?" She still acted like she was worred.

I flicked a few switches that were close to a circular glass screen. It turned on. I adjusted with a knob.

"This is what is called a radar. It's fairly sophisticated. The dot at the center is us. The oval blip just ahead of us is Nolan's car," I spun the knob to zoom out a little, just enough to see outlines of certain things.

"and this, is the buildings. And the bar that keeps on going around the dot is a sensor. I think that's pretty much it. If you want to, you can watch and see how this thing is driven."

"I... Suppose..." That was her response. I couldn't tell the way she acted, if she was scared or embarrassed...

"Hey Calya... Does your brother always act over-protective?"

She smirked, then responded. "Yea. For half of his life, he was sent on a journey someplace. He didn't meet or see anyone for a long time. It was to assassinate the bu.. Er... Someone..."

"I see.. That's alright. Might wanna hold on to something because Nolan's car si starting to move. Here we go."

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« Reply #50 on: November 26, 2003, 01:43:46 PM »

Lan looked up at the palace. Her resume had already been read, and Jinnai, in disguise, had got her the job.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. If i get caught I'll be killed..." Lan hitched up her skirts, and headed towards the kitchen entrance. She knew her way around well, but if she was to show that she did, people would begin to suspect...

You said that last time when the poor martyr ended up at the infirmary because the gates of heaven refused to open. -- Vallier
« Reply #51 on: November 26, 2003, 04:54:26 PM »

Nolan looked back at Miles' WANZER, which undoubtably had everyone's attention by now. He sighed and sweatdropped as he walked up to everyone. He looked at the mecha with everyone else, and then spoke.
"Bah. It's been done." he muttered sarcastically.

"Woah! It will definitely cause a sensation, if that 'thing' will be standing near the Shinonome diner, don't you think?" asked Shayla.

Afura, who was standing next to Shayla, just nodded. "And it'll scare Nanami to death for sure....."

This jogged Nolan's memory: Nanami, the caretaker of that restaurant he and Afura had passed by days ago during his first trip to the palace.
"We're going to Nanami's?" he asked Afura. She smiled and nodded.
"She would no doubt be happy to welcome newcomers, especially fellow Earthers."
"Yeah!" interrupted Shayla enthusiastically " She'll love to provide us with some of her trademark food."
"For a good price, no doubt.." said Mia matter-of-factly.

"Eh?" quizzed Nolan.
"Oh nothing!" replied Shayla. "Let's just get going!"

"Anyone want a ride in this? It's gonna be cramped in the back of Nolan's car!" asked Miles' from up in his mecha.

To Nolan's surprise, Calya volunteered. "I Will!"
This led to both Kane and Shayla pestering and nagging Calya to reconsider. Since the two of them were taking Nolan's car, it seemed only natural that Calya would accompany her. But she didnt relent.

With that, Kane and Shayla sat in the back, while Hitomi and Nolan sat up front. They had managed to squeeze in Afura between Kane and Shayla. While cramped, it was tolerable. At least that's what Afura kept telling everyone..

Hitomi was enthusiastic as well over heading to the Shinonome diner, if only to eat something. She couldn't recall when she had her last meal, and her stomach kept reminding her that it was probably a great deal of time ago.

"I'm so hungry..!" she sighed, rubbing her stomach in anticipation of the goodies to come.
"I could really go for a Big Mac right about now.." muttered Nolan.
"A what?" asked Shayla.
"Oh its just a type of hamburger." replied Nolan. This didn't invoke the response Nolan had thought.
"What's a hamburger?" she asked again.
"Ahh..... I'll explain later." he replied as he turned the key to the ignition. Once again the Roshtarians tensed up as the car rumbled to life. To liven thigs up Nolan turned on the CD deck again, this time popping in a more 'soothing' style of rock. Nolan's Roshtarian passengers bore looks of tolerant bemusement as A Perfect Circle played through the speakers in the back and front.

"Okay... Let's go stuff our faces!" said Nolan enthusiastically, to which he was greeted by equally enthusiastic cheers. With that, and a little directional help from his 'guests' Nolan's Tempo made its way back towards the inner part of Floristica, and to the infamous Shinonome diner.
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« Reply #52 on: November 26, 2003, 05:09:03 PM »

Allan had been running for quite some time now.

"(... Argh, it didn't seem so long in Nolan's car and that thing wasn't moving so fast.)"

He was tired, thirsty and felt like falling down for a second or so. He then fell to his knees and tried to catch his breath again.

"... I wish I had gone with Nolan after all."

He got back on his feet and began his run again which looked more like a jog, he was also panting insanely. He went quite a while until he reached the house which there had been a fight in. He struck his hand at the wall and held on for a while, facing the ground.

"(I know there's exercise but this is a bit extreme... What I make myself put up with is incredible.)"

He got back up and now just walked towards the Castle. Slowly, slowling walking. Hopefully, at the Palace, he'd find something to drink in there. There'd be some people who'd recognise him, it seemed good.

He kept on walking, sweating stupidly and still trying to catch his breath.


This is quite a long walk he's gone through, I might to have to skip a few posts for a while just to make sense timeline-wise.
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« Reply #53 on: November 26, 2003, 05:44:37 PM »

"Stuff our faces, sounds good to me but umm, we're gonna have to pay right?" Hitomi paused and he stomuch growled quite loudly  "I've not really got any money on me.........in fact all I have is the clothes on my back" she said

"Oh don't worry I am sure once Nanami hears who you are she will do nothing but feed you" Afura added to the of this with a small chuckle.  It was ture Nanami was more happier when she found out about Makoto and Ifurita's child and treated her much like a neice

Hitomi nodded back to her then looked to Mia "I hope Roshtaria's not changed much, I've not been there in ages you know, all the old places still there?"

(Not much of a long post ^^ just getting Hitomi back into the main group again from me being away next few will go back to normal length)

"I know that laugh and it's not a happy one....."

« Reply #54 on: November 28, 2003, 10:18:07 PM »

They were driving through the streets towards the diner, followed by the huge robot cleaving his way between the houses. Miles mastered navigating the robot although some passages were dangerously narrowing.

Kane felt unpleasent. It was really crowded in the back of Nolan's car, he barely could breath. He tried to calm himself by watching the houses passing by outside, but he felt the unease rising inside him and so did his pulse. The ride seemed to be endless, while they just had been sitting back here for about 10 minutes. His breath went faster and he slowly felt hot.

Shayla peered at him from time to time in a slight concern. She had a hunch about what could happen, but as long as it didn't happen, she didn't want to harass the others.

Kane began to sweat and his breath turned into a hushed wheeze. He heared his puls whirring in his ears.

Afura looked at Kane. "Are you allright, boy?"
Suddenly she could feel the temperature rising beside her. "Is anything wrong with you Kane?"

Kane's breath turned into an obvious wheezing now, sweatdrops were forming on his forehead. It's poky in here! I can't breathe! Danmed, get me out of here!!!

Shayla looked at Kane concerned. "Nolan? Would you mind to stop for a moment?"

Panic rose inside Kane he tried to move, but there was no room for any movement. "Get...*pant*.....get me...*pant, pant*........out of here.....", his eyes widened and he stared into Shayla's face, he went pale. "Please....*pant*....let.....me......pant*....out!"

The temperature was perceptibly rising in the entire car now.

"Nolan! HURRY! It's getting serious now!", Shayla said and was already opening the door while the car hadn't stopped, yet. And dashed around the car. I knew it! It's happening again!

Kane grasped the doorknob and started pulling it in panic. "LET ME OUT DAMNED!", he yelled.

Shayla reached the door and pulled it open, grabed Kane and pulled him out of Nolan's car.

He stumbled a few steps forward and screamed, stroke out and punched a big hole into the wall in front of him. Then he fell to his knees and hung his head, gasping like a maniac.

Shayla kneeled down beside him and laid her arm around his shoulder. "It's ok, it's ok! You're outside again! Calm down now and catch your breath, boy! It's ok!"

Kane tried to calm down. He concentrated in breathing regularely and to slow down his pulse again.After some time. He was able to think clearly again, his breath calmed down.

"Still your old problem, Kane? You haven't gained fully control over it, have you?", Shayla asked.

Kane shook his head. "No.........not yet. In most situations I can handle it.......but not in all.......I......still keep up the practice.....But I guess that our little secret is out now, huh?"

Shayla smiled and nodded. "Yeah, it seems so..."


*OOC: Now Kane's weakness is known. He tried to keep it secret even from Calya. Only Shayla and Kane knew about the fact, that he suffers from claustrophobia. He has been practicing to get the control over it for years, but sometimes it still cleaves it's way.  ;D

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« Reply #55 on: December 02, 2003, 07:30:07 PM »

"What the hell?" I noticed a door opening from the car as it was moving. The car stopped and everyone got out. Shayla was pulling Kane out, his body has a glossy shine to it, he was sweating like crazy.

"What's happening to Kane!?" Calya yelled as she stuck her head more forward so she could see. I stopped the WANZER and pitched teh torse down a little. He punched the brick wall right in front of him and made a hole in front of him and he collapsed to the floor, panting like mad...

"Is it Insanity?" I said, but he soon calmed down. He rose to his feet afterwards and started talking to Shayla...

"He doesn't look insane Miles." Calya had a worried tone. If he calmed down like that it wasn't insanity. If anything I've noticed that most things in El-Hazard have a lot of room, Nolan's car didn't have much in the way of space...

"No Calya, I think he's Claustrophobic.." I said, releasing the grip on the joystick. "He's Claustrophobic? Why didn't he tell me?" She stood back and looked at me. I thought it was common sense but, guess not. "If I was Claustrophobic, I'd keep it to myself." I tapped in some commands and opened the door, got up, and peered out the door.

"Hey Kane! Want a ride in this? It's got alot more space!"


Hey, someone's gotta make a post :/

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« Reply #56 on: December 03, 2003, 01:44:03 PM »

Lan had managed to enter the place, without anyone recognising her. She now stood in front of an oldish looking man, who was apparetly in charge of hiring servants.

"So," The man said, "You have never previously worked in  a job like this, have you?"

"No sir, the only thing even remotely similar to this job was when I cleaned the house everyday for my mother. She was ill, and the house had to be kept spotless."

"I see." He looked puzzled, only slightly though. "And why are you asking for this job?"

"Well, I have brothers and sisters too look after, and because my mother just died, I have to look after them. My elder brother worked for a while, but suffered an injury, so he now stays at home looking after our siblings. I have to work."

"Ah, right." The man made a note on a small peice of paper.

Kar spent the next half an hour, making up a life for herself, and telling the man why she needed the job, and what her qualifications were.

The only thing that worried her, was the other servants finding out who she was.

"Well, Kiara, I can see that, although not much experience is in your hand, you are capable of taking this job. You start in an hour. Go meet the others, and get your clothes changed, there is no way you can work in those, you'll melt."

"Thank you, sir!" Lan bowed, and lef the room quickly. "One down..."

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« Reply #57 on: December 07, 2003, 04:30:56 AM »

Nolan watched as Kane punched the wall with a ferocity he hadn't seen from him before. It was totally unexpected.

"It's ok, it's ok! You're outside again! Calm down now and catch your breath, boy! It's ok!" said Shayla in a calming voice. Nolan raised an eyebrow.

Nolan stepped out, leaving Afura and Hitomi in the car.
"Kane...?" muttered Nolan quietly "What was that about?" he asked puzzled.
Shayla simply turned to face Nolan. "He's had this for most of his life. He is claustraphobic."
"OH!" exclaimed Nolan loudly. He then quickly calmed down and simply said "oh...". Kane was still panting quite a bit.

Meanwhile Hitomi was curious as well. She thought she knew what was wrong with Kane, but she kept dismissing the idea, given the guy was a fierce warrior. Afura simply sighed and shook her head.

"Only we know about this. Not even his sister is aware." said Shayla. Nolan nodded. "It must have been alot of work to hide such a.. fear.."
"Actually.. the situation never really arose." she replied matter-of-factly. "It is rare for him to feel this way."
"Guess the car was too tight fer 'em". replied Nolan. "Will he still come to the diner with us? Or would it be best for him to walk.."
"I think it would befor the best." replied Shayla, helping Kane to his feet. He seemed to be recovering quite well.

"Okay.. I guess.. I'll meet you two at the diner?" said Nolan. Shayla nodded and smiled. Kane simply grunted.
Now that everything was sorted out, Nolan climbed back into the Tempo and slammed the door shut.
Hitomi bore a look that said 'Well? What the heck is going on?'. Afura simply smiled nonchalantly.
"Kane and Shayla are going to walk the rest of the way. Kane is... ah... not accustomed to riding around in a car." stated Nolan. Hitomi raised an eyebrow, clearly still curious but remained silent.

With a press on the gas pedal, the car made its way down the road, off to its intended destination..

"Say..  What kinds of food can I expect to see and taste at this Shinonome diner anyway?"
Afura and Hitomi, enthused by the question, began filling Nolan in on all sorts of El-Hazardian dishes, as well as many 'Earth' ones they had tried as well. Nolan did have to correct them on the pronounciation of Pizza, which made him smirk.
Nolan grinned brightly when Afura mentioned that Nanami could make a so-called 'Canadian' style pizza. She obviously had remembered his nationality from when they met, and knew that he would definately love to be able to eat something from his homeland. Though Nolan didn't know how it would be possible, given that Canadian bacon wasn't exactly a tradeable commodity here.

Hitomi was clearly getting very hungry, what with all the talk of food. Afura was as well, though she was much more reserved about it...

(end of post)
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« Reply #58 on: December 07, 2003, 05:34:14 AM »

Kane watched them when the car continued it's way to the diner. He'd definitely prefere to walk now. He didn't want it to happen again.

"Hey Kane! Want a ride in this? It's got alot more space!", Miles yelled from his robot.

Kane turned to him and stared at the huge machine grimmly. Damn! That wasn't supposed to happen, especially not in HIS presence!

"I'd prefere to walk, if you don't mind. You better move it to keep up with them!", he said scornfully. With this he turned to Shayla and nodded to her. She nodded back, understanding what he ment and both of them leaped up a wall and on the next roof. They would take the 'expressway' over the rooftops. So they both made their way over the flat houses of the city, jumping across the streets beneath them.

Kane was wondering how agile and swift Shayla still was. It seemed to him like she'd do her daily dozen. But he enjoyed it. It has been a while since he had trained with his grandmother. Kane was leading the way having a slight smile on his face. Above the streets he felt free and hilarious and although it has been a while sine he had been to Shinonome diner, he could find his way blindly.
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« Reply #59 on: December 07, 2003, 03:22:08 PM »

A scornful response... At least it's better than all of his other vengeful replies.

I got back in and closed the door. Calya was pestering me about Kane like I knew about his problem this whole time. I never knew he had it but I knew either 1, a temporary treatment was an anesthetic stim, very mild dose, or 2, a permanent treatment that involves mental excercise, which is very hard....

Project WANZER went back into motion, catching up fast to the car. Kane and Shayla were jumping from roof to roof, not to mention those tall structures...

"Hey Calya, want to give them a little scare?"

"Is it wise?"

"No, I'm not gonna do anything bad, just fly over them a bit."

"This thing can fly!?"

"Oh yea!"

I activated the experimental jumpjets and maneuvered myself straight over Kane and Shayla, I couldn't see what they were doing but apparently they didn't stop because the radar showed no tiny dots.

"Must be loud for them." I ginned in an evil way. "Watch this."

I tilted the torse of the machine forward, the angle made the jetpack propel me forward, from there I could turn it, it was sorta like maneuvering a sluggish jet fighter. I zoomed passed them, turned around and went as low as I could go over their heads. Calya was hanging on for dear life, I wasn't suprised. I set Project WANZER down about a mile away from the car, which wasn't a long ways because the machine ran as fast as it could back to the car. Now I was back, going slow behind the car, pretending like nothing happend.

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