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Author Topic: Ch.3 - The Week After.  (Read 8523 times)
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« Reply #165 on: February 15, 2004, 01:08:32 PM »

Lana made her way to Jinnai's "Throne".

"Why are you doing this?" She asked. Her voice striaght and unwavering. "Why would you hurt so many people, just because you are angry with me?"

"You want to know why, little girl?"

"Don't call me that." Lana glared.

"I'll call you what I like, because, as you can see, I have the upper hand here.

Lana glanced around. She hadn't noticed just how many Bugrom were in the room. Well over fifty. "Maybe so, but you know that they wont hurt me."

"Are you sure?" Jinnai laughed, "Just take a lil' check here, who's the one without a weapon?" Lan looked down at her hand. Shit. She must have left it in Fiore's room. If she could call it too her then...

"Lana, dearest," Jinnai stood up and took a couple of steps towards her. "Not only are you unarmed, but this room, thanks to a little spell I found out about, if magic proof. There is no way for you to get a hold of your precious staff." He put a hand on Lana's cheek pulling her slightly towards him. "And I have an army of over fifty bugrom at my expense. Honey, you're gonna die."

"You were always the nice one. Weren't you?"

"Of course I was."

"But still, you haven't answered my question. Why are you killing everyone because you're annoyed with me?"

Jinni clicked his fingers, a couple of bugrom stepped forward and took hold of Lana's arm, holding her back.

"I'm not killing everyone. Just the people you care about." He smiled at her and turned his back. He knew Lana wouldn't try anything yet. "All your friends, like Allan, Kane, Yumi, Nolan etc. Keora, the queen, the servents here. Have you seen anyone cleaning recently?"

Lana thought back. Come to think of it, the halls had been empty when she and Allan had been heading for Fiore's room. "You bastard."

"Now, now, Lana, mind your language." He tutted. "Oh, I almost forgot one." Jinnai turned back to face her, "Your darling Princess Fiore."

"You leave her alone!" Lana growled, trying to pull herself from the bugroms arms, they held her tight, so she couldn't escape, but none the less she tried to attack Jinnai. She tried to run forward, and succeeded, dragging the bugroms with her. "You lay so much as a finger on her and I swear I'll..."

"What? Kill me?" He laughed again. "Lana, you always had a reckless streak. And I always knew you hd a thing for the Princess, but this much? I'm thinking about leaving everyone else alone, and just killing Fiore, now."

"Jinnai..." Lana choked back a couple of tears, "Don't hurt her...please...I'm the one you're angry with. Just punish me and leave the others alone."

"But I am punishing you. If I kill the princess, it'll be like torturing you with hardly any effort envolved." He grinned cheesily at her. "I'll set a couple of my warriors on her now." He clicked his fingers again. A few of the bugrom near the back shuffled out of the room.

"Meanwhile, you can go to the dungeon. Bye, bye, Lana. I'll be speaking to you later." He waved as the bugrom holding Lan dragged her down to the dungeons.


Jeez, that has to be my longest post so far. *slumps down on her bed and falls asleep*

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« Reply #166 on: February 15, 2004, 04:12:07 PM »

A few moments later, I had regained consiousness. My left shoulder was hurting like hell. The room was dark around, I oculdn't see much, I was on the floor. As soon as my brain started functioning correctly again, my first thought was "How the hell am I still alive?" My second thought was "Better yet, how the hell am I still awake!?"

I sighed out of exhaustion, giving me some strength to lift up my shoulder. In the process my left hand started tingling as blood started to circulate through it again. My hand was drenched in my own blood, but that's what caused me to stay alive. "Talk about dumb luck." I thought to myself. I pulled out a piece of cloth from my pocket and wrapped it aroudn my shoulder. That had stopped the bleeding, and I was able to get up onto my feet.

Now that that was over, I could keep moving, but it wasn't much longer untill I heard the cement-shoe pattering again. I ducked behind a corner, to find 2 bugrom carrying someone... I couldn't recognise her, she was sort fo struglling but when she wasn't, she was limp and being dragged. "Jinnai you are a world class SOB" I said quietly, then proceeded to draw out my pistol and shot them both in the head. It was after this that I could Identify who it was they were dragging.

"Lana! What happened!?" I asked as I ran up to her.

« Reply #167 on: February 15, 2004, 05:47:47 PM »

Kane struggled to get rid of the Bugrom on his back. He Finally managed to get to his feet again, grabbed the arm of the Bugrom and threw him over his shoulder. Then he stomped his left foot on it's neck and twisted it. A loud crack could be heard and the huge insect remained silent on the floor. The second was down, three to go! (so Kane expected!)

He let go of the Bugrom's arm and turned to face the next one. Then he got aware of Hitomi kneeling on the floor and a Bugrom advancing towards her. Shit!, he dashed towards the attacking Bug and tackled it with his shoulder. He felt an unbearable pain and the bone of his wounded arm shattered, he screamed out loud in pain and fell to the ground with the Bugrom. He landed on his back and rolled to the side......right to the feet of another Bugrom. It kicked him hard into his stomach and he bowed forwards gasping hard. The Bugrom grabbed his  face with it's claws and lifted him above the ground. With a triumphing cry the Bugrom smashed his head on the ground again. Kane was knocked out for a few seconds. Suddenly he felt himself lifted again and got thrown down the stairs. His body crashed on the ground and rolled down the stairway hitting it several times. When he reached the lower level, he felt pain all over his body and he wasn't able to move a muscle. His vision was blured and he could only see silluettes of the creatures comming towards him.

Kane closed his eyes and tried to focus his mind again. There was only one option left to him. He'd use the rest of his power to do his final despaired attack. He felt the energy running through his veins and gathering within the center of his body. "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!", suddenly he jumped to his feet again and unleashed his maximum aura! Flames exploded around him in a circle and wiped the Bugrom around him off their feet.

"NOLAN! HITOMI! RYANNE! RUUUUUUUUN!", Kane yelled while the flames rushed through the hall. Bugrom all around and dropping down from the ceilling where hit by the blast and thrown through the hall. Then Kane fell to his knees. He overestimated his condition a little too much. The fight against Xan and the blood loss had been too grueling and now he was totally exhausted. The hall around him began spinning and he got giddy. Slowly his vision got darker and darker and he fell over. "All of you..........run!", he gasped and with this Kane passed out.

Nolan and the others now had a little time to escape the situation. He didn't notice anymore that several Bugrom now where walking towards him again......


Meanwhile Calya almost had reached the palace and could see flashing red light through the windows of the great hall. It seemed that someone was fighting in there.

I have a bad feeling about this!, she thought and hurried to get there in time.....



Kane now is supposed to get captured by the Bugrom while the others may escape now, so better use this opportunity and run like hell! There shouldn't be a way to rescue Kane at the moment (please!) ;)
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« Reply #168 on: February 15, 2004, 07:50:32 PM »

Hitomi sturggled to her feet her head lightly spinning as her sense return to see Kane falling down the stairs, she tried to go after him but was cut off by 2 of the bugrom on the stairs  movign back slowly she knew she could not take both on in the state she was in.  She had used up to much of the little power her body absorbed from somewhere to litterally blow a hole through the bug laying right infront of Nolan now.

Hitomi would not give into the need to rest she knew the bugs had to be stopped by anyone who could mange to hold atleast 1 of them off.  Picking the smaller one she ran into it pushing the round bug down the stairs it rolling taking out a couple of other bugs as it rolled.  She huffed and looked up at the bigger bug, it turn back to here when the stairs themselfs shook.

Looking past the bug Hitomi saw a number of flames raising the stairs gluping she heard the shouts of Kane turning to run back up as fast as she could the bug behind her panic for it's life also as it ran tripping over the last step.  The flames caught the bug engulfing it Hitomi looking back saw this the bug then getting pushed forward by the force of the flames.   Hitomi race to the door as fast as she could to escape this but the bug hitting the now uneasy ground casued her to stagged the flames touching her upper arm.  Hitomi yelled in pain feeling this jumping foward as far as she could.

Landing serval metes to the left of Nolan she whinced from the pain of her arms burn shakly getting to her feet the flames now slowed to enter the room

"We... have to get out of here now...........Kane is down..........there is nothing we can do for him...." she gasped holding her burnt arm sure it was not the smartess idea but she could keep it still that way.

Looking to Nolan then to Ryanneshe gritted her teeth slightly wubbly ajsut back to after her second fall.  "If........we don't get out of here either more bugs will get us or........Kane aptempt to buy us some time will"

"I know that laugh and it's not a happy one....."

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« Reply #169 on: February 16, 2004, 02:06:14 PM »

The bugrom dropped Lana harshly into one of the cells. Jinnai wasn't bothered baut the other powers that could take advantage here. He was only blocking Lana's. And if anyone tried to get her out...the consequences were not pretty.

Lana pulled herself up, so at least now she was sitting up.

"Miles..."She coughed a little, wiping her hand on the clothes to hide the blood that she had spluttered out. "Hey..." She coughed again. "Jinnai's not a ince guy. If you can, get the others out of here ASAP. He'll kill you all...this place is protected by a spell. I can't get out...but..." She coughed once more. "You guys can." She smiled a little before breaking into a coughing fit. This time it was too bad for her to hide the blood...


Internal injures. Oh joy.

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« Reply #170 on: February 18, 2004, 06:50:14 PM »

OOC: I think its time to introduce a priestess of water. We havnt had one introduced yet, so here she is! (near the end of the post)

Oh, and I apologize for my late post. Gomen!


Nolan and Ryanne looked at eachother, then Nolan moved towards Hitomi.
"We'll Let's get the hell out of here!" he said as he carefully lifted Hitomi into his arms, taking great care not to irritate her wounds in the process.

As he did this, he felt a flash of energy invade his mind, as if he was watching a movie on fast-forward in his mind. A girl playing in an ocean. A family eating a meal together. A young lady crying desperately in pain...
It took Nolana  few seconds to realize that the girl in most of these images was Hitomi!

He almost dropped Hitomi, but quickly regained his composure. Almost as suddenly as they appeared, the vissions stopped. Bewhildered, Nolan shook his head and continued with the task of raising Hitomi into his arms.
"Thank you.." she said weakly, taking the opportunity to essentially pass out.

Nolan turned back to Ryanne. "We have to get out of here!" he said with a serious look.
"I know.. and I think I know the best way to go!" replied Ryanne with a sudden bit of enthusiasm. "Follow me!"

Nolan and Ryanne fled the carnage, leaving Kane to fend for himself. Nolan couldn't help but look over his shoulder as they ran, wondering what would happen to his friend..
"This isn't right.." he said out loud. Ryanne gave a solem look.
"There's nothing we could have done.. We aren't strong like he is." she said in an attempt to reassure him of their actions.
Nolan sighed deeply as they slowly ran down a flight of stairs. They continued to run for a while, finally coming to a long passageway. It ended in a large open foyer, devoid of anybody, human or bugrom alike.

"I need to stop." Nolan said as he and Ryanne slowed down. Ryanne nodded. They both stopped by a fountain in the far right corner of the foyer.
"I can help her a little. Her wounds, I mean.." said Ryanne.
"Do what you can alright?" Nolan replied.
Nolan gingrly lowered the injured Hitomi onto the floor and Ryanne began to look over her wounds. Nolan meanwhile sat down on the fountain edge exausted.

As Ryanne worked on Hitomi, Nolan pulled his pocket pc from his pocket to inspect it for damage. He had forgotten to leave it back at Yumi's place the night before. He turned it on and fiddled with it for a few seconds. Seeing everything was okay, he gave a sigh of relief.
Nolan then looked back towards the passageway they had come from. As he did he began to think about the chaos they had just fled from. He found himself transfixed on the mental images he had of Hitomi fighting the bugrom. Nolan couldn't believe how powerful she actually was! He knew Kane was apparently trained in various fire-magic, but Hitomi..
'She must have been trained in some elemental magic too.. I think' Nolan thought. 'And yet..'
As he though this, images flooded into his head of the thoughts and visions he had experienced when he had touched Hitomi, both the first time they met and just now.
'Why am I seeing these things.... what does this mean..?!" he struggled to find a logical reason in his head, but failed.

Suddenly, Nolan heard a female voice call from across foyer.
"Hey Nolan!"
Nolan turned to look, and say it was Calya. She must had heard of the chaos an had came as fast as she could to help. Mia was with her as well. The two ran to the fountain.

Mia gasped as she looked at the battered Hitomi. "Dear gods, what happened to her?"
"Bugrom happened to her.." Nolan interjected.
"Looks like she put up quite a fight." said Calya.
"I'll say! You should have seen her! And Kane-"
"Kane!? Where is he??" interruped Calya anxiously.
Nolan looked down. "He's...well.."
"Well!? What!!" Calya yelled, shaking Nolan by the collar of his shirt. "Where the hell is he!!"
Seeing Nolan's plight, Ryanne took the opportunity to make her presence known.
"He's with the bugrom.. He risked his life to give us the opportunity to run to safety.." she said in a sad voice.
"And just who the hell are you?!" asked Calya angrily.
Visibly shocked, Ryanne spoke. "I am Ryanne Jhanar, ambassador of Alania, and you will NOT speak to me in that tone of voice!" she replied indignantly.
This only made Calya angrier "What!? Why you.."

Unbeknowest to the group, another young lady was approaching them from the far side of the foyer. Nolan noticed her first.
She had short bright blonde hair, and wore a long blue dress with a fancy looking crest across the waist. She was running at a fast pace.
"Who's that?" asked Nolan, pointing to the girl.
Calya and Mia turned their attention to her. Mia, realizing who it was, smiled and waved to her.
Calya on the other hand had the opposite reaction.
"It's about time you showed up!" she yelled to the girl as she slowed to a stop in front of the group.
The girl bowed deeply. "I'm so sorry! I must apologize for my tardyness." she said.
"Yeah well you should be!" replied Calya angrily.
Mia shook her head. "That's the 4th time in two weeks. You need to work on that."

The girl nodded and then looked over the others, visibly curious. She looked at Nolan, noticing his odd clothing and the unusual object in his hand.
"I don't believe we have met. Who may I ask are you?" the girl asked.
"Ah.. I'm Nolan." Nolan replied. "You?"
"I am Cerin Meyahn, priestess of water and servent to the theocracy." she replied, bowing honorably as she spoke...

(end of post)

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« Reply #171 on: February 23, 2004, 10:27:36 PM »

"Jinnai... I ran outta lines.." I said. "Lana, I don't know what to do, I dont' have any medical supplies with me, I'm also no surgeon... Just rest here and hold on tight. I'll be back, but just hope someone else will be before me, It's gonna be a long night..." After that I ran off to find Jinnai. I ran back up the stairs, and it was shortly after, I finally found him.

"What the?" He said, turning around. "You fell from the top of the palace! How could you survive!?" He said with an engered expression, holding up his fist. "It wasn't easy." Is all of what I said. He had snapped his fingers to order the bugrom to attack, but they were all easy targets for my sidearm. One nice hole in each of their heads.

"Too easy." I said. "Of course it was, now for the hard part." He clapped his hands, and out of the shadow came an odd Bugrom, I took a shot at it, but the bullet ricachaed off his head. "Try getting passed this one" And he let out  alaugh that I could not stand. "Well Shit.."

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« Reply #172 on: February 24, 2004, 01:31:12 PM »

Lana grunted and coughed into her hand. "It's okay, you go have fun." She forced a small smile, then passed out just after he had left.

She didn't dream.

You said that last time when the poor martyr ended up at the infirmary because the gates of heaven refused to open. -- Vallier
« Reply #173 on: February 28, 2004, 05:11:22 AM »

"I'm out of ideas... You?" asked Allan

The Bugrom continued to take its steps, the kind of thing you'd expect to see in a horror movie... As if it wasn't already, if this was the power of a single Bugrom, several would be much stronger. Allan realized why Jinnai's army was well-feared.

Fiore grabbed for something she had with her and readied a pose. The Bugrom gave a confused face and Allan was trying to work out what as going on... Then a "FWA-SHING" noise came and Fiore slashed at the Bugrom with her newly found blade. The insect creature fell dead and Allan fell suprised.

"I forgot you were a swordf-... Where did you get THAT?!"

Fiore was holding Lana's staff, converted into a sword.

"This? I found it when Lana left the room... It's as if Lana just left it behind."

"Lana NEEDS that! We've got to deliver it right away!"

"What about Keora...?"

"She's a tough girl, she'll be fine."

Allan grabbed Fiore by the hand again and ran out of the room with her, slamming doors and running through dark hallways. She was after Jinnai so Allan assumed she would be in the throne room. Fiore and Allan didn't get far before ending up somewhere in the hallways.

"Lana!! Lana!!" the two shouted

"ALLAN!!" came a loud male voice from the distance.

"Huh?" said Allan as he turned around to see a man emerge from the darkness.

Arsyn Reaves, the man in Miles's force came into the hall. Alone. His clothes look heavily torn but he was standing and walking better than ever. He had a lot of weaponry on him.

"Arsyn...?" Allan sighed "Don't you look in top shape today?"

"Where is Miles? Where is he!? He's been gone for a long time! Apparantly, he's allied with you!"

"Is that my fault that he chose not to hurt people?"

"... The truth is, I don't want any of it either."

"You what?"

"I don't want a war, I don't want power... I just want to go back home."

"Once on El-Hazard, I don't think that will be happening any time soon... At all. Until the Eye of God blinks again, your chances of going home are minimal."

"Well, if you El-Hazard guys know a lot more about how to go back than we do... So I'm fighting with you this time. And I don't mean against you.... So, what's the recap so far?"

"Jinnai has taken over the palace with his insect army. Miles is taking them out. Lana, the lethal one, is missing her staff, we have it but she doesn't, we're trying to return it... Hell knows what Kane's doing... Oh, and I'm trying to keep the princess out of harm's way."

"Let me take over. I can act as a better guard."

"... Are you sure I can trust you?"


"Okay, another thing- Try to find another Princess, Fiore should recognise her. Protect them both."


Fiore walked over to Arsyn, she seemed to like his attitude. She tailed behind him as he walked on obidently... At least he didn't have to grab her by the arm everywhere he wanted to go. Allan watched them as they left.

"(As for me, I've got a staff to deliver.)"


I've been away for a few weeks. Forgive me if I messed up on the story at all. :P
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« Reply #174 on: March 23, 2004, 01:43:46 PM »

*you didn't ruin it at all to my knowledge. I needed some company! ^_^*

*Jeez, what happened to you guys? Why isn't anyone posting anymore?!*

Lana continued to coughed, her lungs hurt, she could hardly breathe and someone had just used her power. It was hers! Not anyone elses! And when other people used it...it probably wasn't a good thing.

She felt weak. But tried to pull herself to her knees at least. But to no avail.

"This is..." She coughed violently. "Crap..."

She slumped into a heap on the floor and continued to cough.

She wanted free of the invisible chains holding her down. But there was no way to get out her without her staff...

You said that last time when the poor martyr ended up at the infirmary because the gates of heaven refused to open. -- Vallier
« Reply #175 on: April 04, 2004, 07:39:24 PM »

"I am Cerin Meyahn, priestess of water and servent to the theocracy." she replied, bowing honorably as she spoke.
"She's also tardy." added Calya sarcastically. Mia frowned disapprovingly.
"Ahah" replied Nolan. "Wel its nice to meet 'ya, Cerin."
"The pleasure is all mine!" said Cerin in a perky voice, smiling brightly. Nolan couldnt help but smile as well.

Though the moment wasnt to last "Can we skip the pleasantries here? We need to get to Kane!" interrupted Calya. She grabbed Nolan by the shoulder and pulled him with her as she started towards the nearby hallway.
Mia and Cerin rolled their eyes as they watched their fellow priestess drag the poor earther along. They then tended to Hitomi with Ryanne.

"H-Hey!" moaned Nolan as he was dragged along "What about Hitomi? We can't just leave her here!"
Reluctantly, Calya stopped. She gave an irritated look to him.

"Oh, Mia and Cerin can handle that! Or is there some 'other' reason?.." she asked, glaring curiously.
Nolan was taken aback. "Bwha? What are you talking about, Red? I'm just worried for her safety!"
"Oh, and what about 'me'? You would make me go after Kane alone!?" Calya snapped angrily.
"N-No!" Nolan snapped back quickly.
"Well?! Lets go then!" she said, grabbing him by the wrist and dragging him along, her cheeks slightly flushed. Nolan simply gave up protesting and resigned himself to his fate...

(end of post)

Exe: You can do a Calya post if ya like ^_^
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« Reply #176 on: May 20, 2004, 05:16:09 PM »

(Alright, time to get this back on track)

The bugrom dashed towards me with a staff in his hand, It had great speed, I didn't have a chance to move.. So I tried blocking it with my arms... It worked, sort of.. The bugrom was not only fast, but very strong as well, it broke my arms. I let out a scream due to the pain and hunched up, still standing. Oddly enough I was still holding onto my sidearm.

Jinai was laughing this whole time, which made me very aggravated, wanting to bash his head into the ground and send pieces of his brain flying in all directions...

I got myself too distracted, and a furious kick came from that bugrom landing on my skull and flinging me backwards... THe pain was so damn harsh, I just finally gave out and passed out...

(Get Arsyn's ass up here, he has heavier weapons than I do)

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« Reply #177 on: May 21, 2004, 11:58:39 AM »

*OOC* It's been so long...I think I've forgotten who I am.  :-[*

Lan stared up at the stone roof. It was cold in here. And she couldn't feel her legs.

She decided to stare in the direction of her legs and will them to move.

"Move! Damn you!" Lan screamed at them. One of them twitched. "That's better."


You said that last time when the poor martyr ended up at the infirmary because the gates of heaven refused to open. -- Vallier
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« Reply #178 on: June 18, 2004, 11:45:51 PM »

*casts Raise Thread* :D (Gee, I haven't posted since... February?! Filler just to get the thread active again, but hopefully this'll lead into resuming the main arc soon.)


Several hours passed. Xan forced himself to meditate, focusing his mind on anything other than the constant prickling sensations throughout his body while the healing device did its work. He wasn't angry-- no more than usual, anyway; knowing, as he did, that his opponent 'Kane' was no doubt in much worse condition and with no similar way to regenerate-- but he was frustrated. One of his elders had locked him in a glass coffin-- or so the cylinder appeared and felt-- for a quarter of a day. He rarely slept that long.

Time slowly passed by, and the assassin's thoughts focused mostly on the humans he'd seen-- and one he'd sparred with-- that night. The was a reason they were outside, especially as a group; he doubted it was for a walk. Although the crisp Roshtarian nights are much more pleasant than their days....

He had nearly fallen asleep, having finally adjusted to the steady, dull ache of technological healing... when with a click and a hiss the lid slowly rose, and the machine quietly hummed as it powered down. The assassin gave a deep sigh and swung his legs over the side, then dropped to the ground.

"I knew it." he muttered, clenching a fist. Those scientists-- they're certainly not 'doctors'-- planned it. Yes, lock the tired assassin in a bottle... make it so he can't sleep... and set it to end just when he finally adjusts to it. "I hate science." he said, walking over to a desk where-- he'd been too injured to notice at the time-- his sword had been placed. "I'd kill those senile old men, but I owe them for helping me out. ...well, perhaps some 'severe lacerations' would be enough, and then they could sample that bloody regenerator--"

"You must be Xan." called out a woman's voice from the gloom, and the assassin abruptly stopped.

"I... apologize." he said after a moment. "My... frustrations were with the scientists."

"Yes, they can be like that, can't they?" she replied, stepping into the harsh glow of a ceiling light, voice higher than her original sarcastic tone. "My name is Senali... though I would prefer if you called me 'Sena.'"

"Xanas Antares, although 'Xan' is sufficient." He half-smiled. "One of the madmen mentioned you... you're a huntress?"

She nodded. "And a skilled one... or so I would like to think, at least."

The assassin looked her over after a short nod. She looked the role, at least... attractive, with an impressive figure that her outfit, a low-cut green vest and slightly darker leggings, only accentuated. She was more muscular than many female Tribesmen he'd met, and as she was roughly his height, and, he estimated, slightly older; they would be more evenly matched in a fight than most.

"Do you like what you see?" Sena quipped, and Xan averted his eyes elsewhere in the lab. "Do you know how badly you stare? I wasn't sure if you were checking me out or trying to figure out a way to kill me."

"A little of both, actually." he replied dryly, and she laughed. "I was curious... I haven't met many women combatants... not in the past years, at least."

"You'd rather I be in the kitchen?"

"I'm not sure. How well do you cook?"

Sena laughed again, and Xan made a thin smile. "Well enough, but only because I can't stand the taste of rations. And I enjoy hunting, so I sort of had to learn." She nodded toward Xan. "How about you?"

"No. I tend to live on rations or foraging. Actual cooking is a woman's job."

The huntress began to laugh again, but Xan's tone indicated he wasn't joking, and she crossed her arms, frowning. "I'm sorry you think that way, Lord Antares. Shall I get your jacket for you as we go upstairs? Or should I stay down here and sweep the floor?"

Xan likewise crossed his arms. "I meant no insult to you, Miss Sena. In fact, I'm certain you're a fine warrior, for a woman."

"For a woman!?" she repeated, nearly yelling now. "I bet I could gut you, you chauvanist pig! We have centuries of history of women fighting just as well as men in the Tribe and you think you can come along and--"

"If your offer to take my coat still stands, Sena, I think I will be going up to speak with the doctors now."

The woman halted in mid-sentence. She stared at Xan, shock and disgust crossing her face, then slammed her hand into a nearby shelf. "Get your own bloody coat!" She stormed through the door, slamming it shut behind her; and to add insult to injury switched off the laboratory's main lights as she left.

"Women." Xan murmured, shaking his head as he took the door handle, noting where it was earlier. "Never controlling their emotions properly. One might think I had unfairly insulted her or something." He shook his head and slowly ascended the stairs after her.


"...something tells me you two didn't hit it off." said Kai mildly, looking over a Roshtarian light energy rifle in his lap.

Xan shrugged. "Women are strange and unpredictable. How was I to know she'd react like that?"

Tulkata stared askance at the young man, then shook his head, putting his hand on top of his white hair as part of the gesture. "I... well, I suppose I can't blame you. You're... what, exactly, twenty?"

"Nineteen, but nearly that, yes. I don't see what that has to--"

"I think that's enough." chuckled the old scientist, who stood, rifle still in hand. "We do have more important matters to concern ourselves with, and Sena will get over it."

"Assuming Mr. Antares doesn't treat her as a maid." retorted Tulkata. "Senali is among the most skilled and well-trained Hunters I personally have ever seen. She is dedicated and cunning--"

"You left out her charming smile and hot body." joked Caeus, and the younger doctor rolled his eyes.

"...and she has seniority over you, Xan. I suggest that, if you're going to remain here, you put aside your outdated prejudices and try to get along."

Xan glared at Tulkata. "Then I shall not remain here long, Doctor."

"Are you both finished?" cut in Kai, voice firm. "Because if you are, we have payment to discuss, Xan."

The assassin arched an eyebrow. "Really? After your treatment of me, I had been considering charging you. Taking an assassin prisoner--"

"You weren't going to earn any blood money in your condition." snapped the older Tribesman, his tone unusually cold. "We did you a favor, and now, young man, you owe us."

Xan crossed his arms, and turned his gaze toward Kai... but the old scientist didn't flinch. He sighed. "...very well. What do you want from me?"

"It's simple enough." answered Tulkata, sitting down, and picking up a note in Sena's careful handwriting. "Senali was at the Palace of Floristica this morning. She reports there was a Bugrom invasion on the premises, and while the Royal Family is reportedly secure... there are a large number of casualties. A group of humans attempted to restore order but with, so far, no success." He removed his thin-framed reading glasses. "Kai personally investigated, and apparently two of the three Great Priestesses-- Water and Fire, fortunately for us they enjoy being color-coded-- are in the city."

"That is convenient," Xan replied, "...given that it would be too great a distance for help to be summoned and then provided in so short a time."

"Isn't luck always with whomever fights the Bugrom?" Kai joked, and the younger scientist chuckled.

"I suppose so. ...in any event, Xan... our request is simple. We want you to eliminate the Bugrom in the palace and, if possible, their leader... Sena reported that it was a young human male, so there are no unforeseen complications."

"There are always complications." Xan countered, but he nodded. "That's acceptable. Further... if I remember correctly, the man I fought earlier is probably related to the Fire Priestess."

"Business first." cautioned Caeus, wagging a finger comically at the assassin. "No killing anybody else until the palace is secured."

Xan half-smiled. "Fine. ...two things, however. First, why do you-- since I know you haven't received any orders from the enclave-- want the palace saved? And second... do you happen to have any chemicals that kill Bugrom? Poison doesn't work effectively on them and I would rather not melee them in numbers."

"Well, we want to preserve the status quo. If the Bugrom take over Roshtaria that easily, it'll topple the balance of power across the entire continent." Kai shook his head. "And if the Bugrom win...."

"...we lose." finished Tulkata. "To that end... we do have toxins designed against the Bugrom, but most are air-dispersal and designed to work in contained spaces, like rooms in a hive. The palace is, largely, open to the air... and, well, it wouldn't help. Not sufficiently enough to weaken the big ones, anyway."

Xan opened his mouth to speak, but this time Kai cut him off. "Have no fear, young man. Your 'senile' elder has an idea." And saying that he held out the Roshtarian rifle with both hands.

"...an RPG3X?" said Xan, unimpressed, looking at the weapon. "A Roshtarian pulse gun would be remarkable if it gave a Bugrom second-degree burns. Even their cannon batteries don't help much against them." He raised both eyebrows, another thought coming to him. "...if you want me to die on this mission, you could have at least come up with a better joke. You never know... with this I could conceivably hit one with the butt and break its anten--"

"No, but you're tempting me." growled Kai, and he took back the rifle. "...I picked up two. One of them I've already taken apart... examined its power cells, blast coiling, and so on. Apparently, the humans that adapted this technology didn't know proper ways of focusing an energy beam... hence the weakened pulses and slow rate of fire. But the power they generate is potentially lethal...."

"...if it were properly adapted." Xan supplied, his turn to finish the old man's thoughts. "I suppose so, and weapon and gun design is one of my non-combat skills...."

"Yes," said Tulkata, half-joking, "...you didn't seem to be the sort who was into pottery or dance."

"Or oratory... but then, talking a man to death is the domain of a scientist, not an assassin." Xan quipped, and Kai grinned.

"Well said. Now, let's see if you're as skilled in gunsmithing as you are at repartee, young man. I've done most of the hard work already, but actually converting the rifle to a short-range high-power pistol... well, it's something I wouldn't want to mess up."

"...alright." said Xan, loading the rifle, parts, and his gear onto a tray and heading for the laboratory again. "...I estimate an hour or two, with these tools. It's not difficult work, for one who knows how... as long as nothing goes wrong."

"Then for your sake, I hope nothing does." said Tulkata, soberly. "The regenerator will need several hours to recharge."

Xan nodded as he went back down. There was nothing quite like the threat of death to focus one's mind intently on the task at hand.


OK... I should be ready to go [with new and improved Bugrom blasting ;D] whenever someone involved with the main plot posts again. Apologies for the length; but I wanted to get all the extraneous stuff out of the way. :]

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« Reply #179 on: June 20, 2004, 12:11:32 PM »

Lan was slowly regaining strength. At the rate she was going, she'd be out of here in an hour or so.

For some reason all her strength was returning. She didn't know how, or why. It just was. probably somethingt o do with Jinnai.


An just under an hour later Lan had managed to pull herself to her feet, and was holding herself up by help of the cell bars.

"I'll kill him..." She coughed violently again.


There was an explosion.

Lan walked easily out of the cell.

"Jeez, what lously metal. They really should try harder."
The guard who had been outside her cell now lay dead.
She shrugged and headed out of her room.

Her first goal was to get hold of her staff.


She wandered the long corridors alone. It was quiet, so she kept silent so as not to attract anyones attention. She had to hide and cough every now and then.

She thought she had heard someone round teh corner. She looked for something to fight with. She grabbed an ancient stone vase. It was better than nothing.

The voices came closer.

She got ready to throw the vase.

The people rounded the corner.

"Jeez." Lana sighed. "You two really shouldn't do that. You'll give someone a heart attack."

She put the vase back on its stand.


*OOC* This is a cue for Fiore and Allan. Please post or I'm stuck forever! And I would quite like my staff back too.

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