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Author Topic: EL-Hazard: The Travelers (A new PBE RPG)  (Read 432 times)
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« on: May 18, 2003, 08:44:51 PM »

Hello again friends.

Another posting from the El Hazard Fan Club Yahoo! group I thought you might be interested in.  Looks like an EH RPG is starting up there in Neil's neck of the woods.  Given a number of you are gamers I thought you might want to check them out.


Mark Engels

To: el-hazard@yahoogroups.com
From:  "Nik" <zerotoleranceex@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 17 May 2003 22:32:54 -0000
Subject: [el-hazard] EL-Hazard: The Travelers (A new PBE RPG)

ElHazard: The Travellers...
a statless, diceless freeform PBeM slightly based
on "ElHazard"(though you do not need to know it), in general
following the lines of the "dimensional exile" type of plot.



The world, as you know it, does not interest you anymore, you do not
want it anymore. Maybe you are running away from reality, maybe you
are wrongly accused for a crime you never did. Maybe you are a
lawyer, who lost everything when the stock market crashed, maybe you
are a slave, forced to work in the field. Life, the way it is, is
bad, you know that, and your wish becomes to get away, change it.

And then, your wish is granted. After coming into contact with an
antiquity, an old item in a shop, or a thing that has been in your
family since generations or one just exvacated from earth. Light
fills your vision, and then...

After your eyes had opened again, you are confronted with a totally
different scenery. Animals you have not seen before roam the forest,
the trees are unfamiliar, and even the birds come in shapes and
colors you have not known. The air smells fresh, free from the smells
the place you had been before had had. And as you leave the forest,
in a state of disbelief, you lay your gaze on a city you have never
seen before. As if taken from a picture from Arabian Nights,
piccoresque towers raise into the sky. This palace. looming over the
beautiful city below, is covered with green, flowers and even trees
growing on the several platforms. And the city itself, it definitely
deserves a closer look, big, bustling with people minding their
There no sign of anguish anywhere, it looks as if it had been cut out
of a movie or dream.
There are things in the air, looking like small ships, flying slowly
to the port close to the palace, carrying people from afar to this
city. Although appearing rather medieval in labor, there are signs of
technology, these ships, the -skimmers- being one of them. They live
in harmony with themselves, and nature. There is even a thing like
magic, used by the priestesses of Muldoon, strong willed individuals,
widely respected, the few signs of a religion.

But then a shadow falls over the city. A huge, hulking thing slowly
creeps over the sky, a huge structure, resembling a sphere made of
menacing in its size. Even in this place, not only that thing, the -
Eye of God-, but more shadows lurk over the land. Humanity lives in
permanent danger from the bugrom, an insectoid race living on another
continent, that is at war with humans longer than history remembers.
Led by a humanoid Queen, this race is a constant danger, causing the
human nations to remain allied in a fragile alliance. But there is
more, a third group is hiding in a veil of shadows, beings of fairy
called the shadows or phantoms, humans with blue skin, shapeshifters,
scheming for their own reasons, with goals contradicting the ones
both of the bugrom and the humans...

Welcome to ElHazard, the magnificent world!
Stranded in a new world, an endless road of possibilities has opened
up before you, a new chance to start again. Will you take it, will
you try to influence the fate of this world for its or your benefit?
Or will you just try to get back somehow, or are you merely curious
about the world, wanting to discover its secrets? What about the
secret of your own, the power a person like you is rumored to gain
upon their arrival?
One has increased strength, another has
gained an aura inspiring emotions, and there are many other...


ElHazard is a PBEM Roleplay focusing almost exclusively on
interaction. While there will be some combat, the game by all means
does not center around it, so characters do not need to be strong in
this terms. While the GMs will start plots, this game is very open to
your input and ideas. The world is shaped every player, and so you
can make your own native NPCs for your sub-plots, when you feel need,
or interact with the other players. The world as such is defined, but
only vaguely, to keep enough freedom for the individual authors

This is not a game for people who just want to powergame or play a
Mary Sue, as while we would allow stronger characters(with
weaknesses!), we do definitely emphasize roleplaying, not roll-
playing. This is a game for people who like to interact with and form
relationships to other characters, players who are more serious about
acting out the character than just wanting to hack and slay.

By all means, that does not mean that you have to be a professional
to join, we - five players that already have assembled - are glad to
hand a helping hand or two.

Play a traveller from another world - even a world different than
earth - or a native of the world and join the adventure in ElHazard...

If you want to know more, like guidelines of character creation, or
more on the world, feel free to take a visit on

We are happy to meet new players, so we can start the game with a
cast of interesting characters, with their own strenths and
weaknesses... =)

Posting would be atleast once a week, or around that, and definately
not too
short. A few pragraphs or so, maybe more.

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« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2003, 11:11:16 PM »

Well, "gamers" is a broad term.  And actually, I've been noticing quite a few of my members are of the older age bracket.  *nudge nudge* ;D

It's nice to see things like this start up.  However I myself am not terribly interested in "PBE".  And the way they've designed it (if I read it right) we're going to see all fan characters and all fan-based plot.  The concept is El-Hazardy... what helped me like El-Hazard in the first place way back when whilst I was depressed was the thought of escaping into another world where my previous life meant virtually nothing to the world.  But freeform fan-characters gets hard to follow sometimes, at least in my experience.

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« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2003, 01:28:59 AM »

I'm so there :D
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